Saint John, New Brunswick
Tall ship, Saint John, New Brunswick

Miller Brittain, Artist

    Miller Brittain ( 1912-1968 ), born in Saint John; artists; interest focussed on subjects of social or religious interest, using both realist and surrealist styles; earned label " the Canadian Breughel " for his sympathetic depiction of working-class life.

Paris Crew

   Paris Crew (1867-1871), were a famous Canadian rowing team from Saint John, N.B. A four-oared rowing crew consisting of Robert Fulton, Samuel Hutton, George Price, and Elijah Ross. Went on to be world champions in 1867 till 1871. Saint Johners were so confident in the teams abilities that they wagered $100,000 in a race against the famous Oxford and Cambridge teams in Paris and walked away with the purse.

   Nathan Cummings (1896-1985), founder of the National Tea Company (Consolidated Foods of Chicago). Business interest included, Electrolux, Sara Lee, Fuller Brush and General Dynamics.

   Dr. Abraham Gesner (1797-1864), inventor of kerosene. Known as the "Father or the Petroleum Industry." First New Brunswick geologist and founder of the New Brunswick Museum.

Charles Gorman

   Charles Gorman (1897-1940) Charles Gorman was a popular man in Saint John throughout the 1920's. Although suffering serious leg wounds during world war II, Charles still became a three time World-Record holder in the 1920's. In 1926, thousands of residents gathered around the banks of Lily Lake to see Charles Gorman take home the 220 yard and 440 yard medals in the World Speed Skating Championship.

   Jack Humphrey (1901-1967), an internationally known painter of the 1930's and 40's. Renowned for his watercolour paintings of landscapes and people, using Hans Hofman's cubist and expressionist techniques. Mr. Humphrey had lived in Saint John, N.B.

K.C. Irving

   Kenneth Colin Irving (1899-19 ), one of Canada's leading industrialists. His companies include virtually all aspects of the business world: oil, lumbering, shipping, shipbuilding, pulp & paper, media, manufacturing and food processing.

   George King (1839-1901), born in Saint John; lawyer, judge; represented Saint John in House of Assembly from 1867 to 1878; introduced Free Schools Act in 1871; appointed judge of Supreme Court of New Brunswick in 1880; appointed to Supreme Court of Canada in 1893

Walter Pidgeon

   Walter Pidgeon (1897-1984), Hollywood actor, best remembered for his startling role in "Mrs. Miniver" - a war time classic. Walter was born and raised in Saint John, N.B.

Dan Ross, Author

   Dan Ross (1912-), Dan Ross of East Riverside, has over 325 novels in print. He's the author of both national and international best selling novels. His book "China Shadows" sold over 2 million copies.

   Did you know? - Ragweed, well known to hay fever suffers, is extremely rare in the greater Saint John area. Pollen counts indicate an average index of 0.23 (when the index is below 1, the rating is excellent.) Each year many hay fever suffers spend the summer months in our city.

   Donald Sutherland (1934-) Hollywood actor original from Saint John, N.B. Star of hundreds of TV and movie productions such as "Casanova", "Eye of the Needle", "Klute", "M.A.S.H.", "The Dirty Dozen" and the Academy award-winning "Ordinary People."

Reindeer Steamer

   Benjamin Franklin Tibbets Invented the world's first practical compound marine engine, used in the steamer "Reindeer." The Reindeer was the fastest steamer in the 1820's on the St. John River. It once made it up to Fredericton in under six hours.

Variable Pitch Propeller

   Dr. Wallace Turnbull (1870-1954), invented the variable pitch propeller, and built the world's first wind tunnel, which revolutionized the aviation industry. He was considered a genius of aeronautical engineering and inducted into the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame in 1977. He was a resident of Rothesay, N.B.

   Did you know?- Canada's first automobile, a three wheeled horse-less carriage, was driven down Saint John's cobblestone streets by Thomas Turnbull, in 1851.

   Royden Foley According to the "St. John Public Service News, "St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, Mar 1, 1923 "was the first man to pilot an aeroplane from New York to Philadelphia in 1913. He was born July 7, 1891 to Charlotte Strang Foley and James W. Foley. He was the eldest son of that union. James Foley was the owner of the pottery company bearing his name until his untimely death in 1904. Royden was educated at St. John High School and then attended Pratt Institute in N.Y. to study engineering. He was very interested in flying and while in New York, he worked for the Wright Brothers at Mineola Field in N.Y. (I have been unable to verify this information) He was at Pratt from 1913 to 1916 and he flew the first flight in 1913. He joined the military in 1916, training in Toronto and became a flight trainer for them. He went overseas to join RAF in 1917. He flew patrol duty over the North Sea and missions over western Europe. In 1919, he married Kathleen Owbridge and returned with his bride to Canada. He took a job as the superintendent of the Government Automobile School for returning soldiers on City Road until he established his own business at 300 Union Street where he opened an agency for Ford cars. Henry Ford sent his motors from Detroit to have them reconditioned at Roy's shop. In 1926, he sold the business to K.C. Irving and moved to Hamilton Ontario. He opened an agency for Chrysler Cars, boats etc. In WWII he was a Commanding Officer in the Air force Training Base in London Ontario. He died March 18th, 1958 from ill health. He had one son Paul, born in 1920.

   Did you know? - The first penny newspaper in the British Empire, the Tri-Weekly, Saint John News, was established in 1838.