Saint John New Brunswick
Mask carved by the artist Ned Bear, New Brunswick Museum, Saint John

Local Artist Forum

   Welcome to our local artist site for Saint John, New Brunswick . With this site we are hoping to give local Saint John & New Brunswick artist some free exposure. Saint John and New Brunswick has always had a huge pool of talented and gifted artist, we take great pride in displaying some of their work. In the future we hope to add more and more samples of Saint John's and New Brunswick's talented artist. So come in and enjoy the "Greatest Little City in the East", Saint John, New Brunswick!

   Any local artist interesting in submitting their work to this page can do so at no charge. That's right, its FREE!! so just contact us at anyone of the Webmaster addresses noted throughout this site. Who knows, this could start you on the road to fame!

   If you would like to see more of Saint John's local artist, be sure to check out the Saint John Art Club

Laura Love
Original Artist, Paintings

My name is Laura Love and I begun my art journey since I was little. Below are a few samples of my work today. If you would like to find out more about my work you can contact me @ Laura Love http://just.laura.love@icloud.com

Susan Wall
Original Artist, Paintings

   Born and bred in Saint John where I live along the Bay. Every day I am inspired by the beauty of Saint John and all our Maritime glory. I love to paint landscapes, buildings, and animals. Self taught, enthusiastic, and a late bloomer - painting is my passion and my sanity. If you would like to find out more about Susan,s art work you can reach here at: Susan Wall sannewall@hotmail.com

Calm Forest

Thor & Zara


Heading Out


Little Shed in Redhead

Chantal Giroux
Original Artist, Bear Designer

   I'm a professional, original artist, bear designer specializing in one-of-a-kind, fiber creations made of crochet and yarn birthed from my own patterns. I also create fabric bears from mohair, upholstery, and faux/extreme furs. All my bears come straight from my heart to your home. Chantal is based in Saint John and if you would like to learn more about Chantal's one of a kind bears, be sure to check her out at: http://chantalbears.jigsy.com/

Sheila Howell
Original Works

   Sheila Howell has had a lifelong interest in art and has been painting full time for a number of years. She has her studio at 146 Germain Street, Saint John where she paints, hosts events and holds private showings by chance or appointment. Before opening the studio she had shown her work in both commercial and artist run co-operative galleries. Her work has been shown in both group and solo shows and is included in private collections across Canada, The United States, Taiwan, and England. She can be contacted at (506)654-6812, email artofsheilahowell@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/ArtofSheilaHowell or www.facebook.com/ArtofSheilaHowell
 or www.artofsheilahowell.com
   Artist Statement: "I paint what excites me. Sometimes, I just want to say, "Look at how wonderful this is!". Oftentimes, especially with my more abstract work, I need to express my feelings or reactions to my life and surroundings. To me, painting is a form of communication and sharing my work is a vital part of the process. I'm grateful for the wonderful support I receive. It keeps me going."

Stephanie Wallace Williams
Visual Artist

   Stephanie Wallace Williams is a visual artist working in Fredericton area.She is taking classes at the University of Maine at Presque Isle in fine art ,working at completing an Associate of Applied Art .She works mostly in acrylics but does some watercolours and figure drawing also. She has work on displays at The Creek Village Gallery and Cafe in Woodstock.N.B.

Maureen O'Neill
Shared Talents

   Maureen O'Neill's career has involved being a Police Officer, Correctional Officer, Addiction Counsellor, Supply Teacher, and Case Manager for Social Development.
   Mrs. O'Neill born and raised in Saint John, has 7 brothers, 3 sisters with 23 nephews and nieces. She has a love for many passions; Golf with two Provincials under her belt, is a runner who has completed a half-marathon in 2010 and her first Full Marathon in the year of 2011 (at the Age of 50). She discovered her hidden talent four years ago. Since then, Maureen hasn't been able to put the paint brush down. Her love of Art is Abstract (self-taught), because there are no mistakes.
   Believe in yourself, have determination and never ever give up. Maureen's message is Talents that are not shared are not Talents, therefore I'm known as Shared Talents. I am on Facebook under Shared Talents Maureen O'Neill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faSlrv0K824

Blue Period City of Montreal
City of Reflections Lost in Thought
Shutter-Delay Zen

Dianne Davis
Acrylics on Canvas

   Painting is a necessary part of my life. Although I have travelled ,lived and taught across Canada ,I was born in the Maritimes in Sackville, and received my primary education in N B ,and acquired my education degree in art and education at UNB, Fredericton.
   Now I pursue painting offering weekly art instruction in my studio overlooking the Saint John River. I am an invitational guest instructor for workshops and judging art shows and fairs.
   I am selling primarily in Canada with the occasional painting traveling to other countries. I have been published in local papers and periodicals in NB, BC, Alberta and Yukon.
   I paint in acrylics on canvas with knife and /or brush .I am working on a series of coastal scenes thought I enjoy portraits and variety of subject embracing colour.
   I feel it is time to further propel my work .

Dianne Davis
7567 Hwy102 Browns Flat
Tel 506 468 2138
Cell 506 647 2515
Email: diloc@bellaliant.net

Kathy Thornhill

   I have developed my technical skills as a photographer through university and community college courses. I have developed my artistic skills though workshops with several professional photographers including Courtney Milne and André Gallant. After attending the workshop with André Gallant I have seen a dramatic change in the focus of my work. There is a move toward more daring compositions and more artistic presentations of my photography.
   If you would like to see more or purchase some of Kathy's works you can contact her by email: Sparrowhawk Photography kathy@btlens.com

Lorain Ebbett-Rideout

   Lorain Ebbett-Rideout is a New Brunswick born artist/photographer who uses stone and wood for her canvas. Lorain paints with acrylics and her whimsical creations have found their way into homes here in Canada and abroad. Lorain has participated in art gallery shows, appeared in both newspaper and magazine articles along with television and radio interviews Besides her art work Lorain is a photographer whose images are featured in magazines across North America. For more information on her current creations please contact Lorain at email lebbettrideout@gmail.com

Cynthia Dunbar

   Our latest entry to the site is Cynthia Dunbar a struggling artist trying to get some of her works some exposure and decided we maybe able to help. I think the work speaks for itself and I'm sure our viewers will agree that Cynthia has a look to show us!
   Cynthia Dunbar has had a love for animals her entire life and began drawling as so as she could hold a pencil . Cynthia study at NBCCD and majored in pottery but could not turn away from her true passion for animals and her ability to express it through her art in soft pastels ,you can find Cynthia on face book under the name Pet pawtraits. You can contact Cynthia Dunbar email:petpots@nbnet.nb.ca

Gayle DuJohn

   Gayle DuJohn began painting landscapes and seascapes in the late1960s and has since broadened her skills by experimenting with a range of styles and medium. Her professional development includes several local arts workshops, summer sessions at the "Phoebe Flory School of Watercolor, New Hampshire (USA) and at Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB. In her words: “Learning to see the world around us from a creative perspective is the greatest reward art bestows upon both the painter and viewer”. Gayle's contribution to our page includes a painting of Uptown Saint John and images of some commissioned works. She can be contacted at: TheDuJohns@rogers.com

Uptown Saint John Fundy National Park Amphitheatre 5th Anniversay
Sussex Hotair Balloon Festival Fundy National Park Pointe Wolf
MSV Vessel entering Saint John Harbour Fundy National Park Laverty Falls

Ken Dennis
Abstract Ink Art

   Ken Dennis is an artist from Saint John New Brunswick .His style is provocative abstract ink art. He injects conscious and subconscious thought into his art work. Seeing his work you feel his sense of freedom and a knowing of his cryptic signature.
   To see more of Ken's work you can check him out at Here is a link to some of my work http://kennyd31.deviantart.com/

Home Please-no-touching The Real Rose
Mr. Bones Now and Than Reality

Yvonne LeBlanc
Folk Art

   My name is Yvonne LeBlanc. I presently live in Nauwigewauk, NB. I grew up most of my life in Quispamsis, NB. When I was in Elementary School I took an interest in the Arts but chose to go the Home Economics direction and became a seamstress. Sewing for myself and family. I am married and have two grown children with three grandchildren. I enjoy motorcycling, sewing, crafts and now acrylic painting. My husband decided to introduce me to oil painting as a Christmas present in 2011. I tried to find class but there wasn’t anything available at the time so went to Michael’s and took acrylic classes. I have been told that my style is Folk Art. Maybe so. I am still working on that. But I do love tree’s.
   If you’re interested in seeing more of Yvonne’s work, purchasing or asking me to paint something for you please email me at chasleb@rogers.com

Wolfgang Brehm

   I was born in the beautyful old city of Lüneburg in the north of Germany in December 1961. I grew up in a small village close to the city. I started very young to draw. When I was at my grand parents, my grandmother gave me some paper, a pencil, and a small porcellan dog which I should draw. I still have that dog! Drawing became a kind of language for me. In my pictures I could say things without using any words. I went to shool and later became a car mechanic. In the following years I worked in varity of different jobs, but I never stopped drawing. In the late 80`s I began to work with an airbrush. Since September of this year I have lived in Dipper Harbour with my Spouse. (We are immigrants) We love Canada.
   If your interested in seeing more of Wolfgang's work you can email him at: Wolfgang Brehm wolfgang.brehm@yahoo.de

Andrea Brewing
Photograher/Creative Works

   My name is Andrea, as you have probably guessed!. I am a happily married mother of 2 boys, ages 8 and 20, and I have an extended family of 3 gorgeous step daughters who have blessed us with 8 beautiful grandchildren; 7 girls, 1 boy. My husband, my youngest son and I live in Baxters Corner, New Brunswick, a small community just outside the city limits of Saint John. Now that my oldest son is out on his own in the Navy, and hockey looks like it is a thing of the past for me, I have a little spare time to do some of things I enjoy, like photography. I work full time, so this is a nice distraction for me at the end of the day. My Favourite things to photograph are nature and my family. My aim is to capture both at the same time, providing something unique to portrait photography. I also have a creative side where I have combined my photography with sewing to produce potholders, placemats and memory quilts.
   My website for photography is www.andreabrewingphotography.webs.com and for my creative work is www.thepersonaltouchbyandrea.webs.com.

Carl Bryan Parker
Modern Impressionist Painter

   Carl Bryan Parker Born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. I took an interest in art during childhood. In my twenties, I began painting landscapes. I enjoy being collected in Canada and USA. I am a self-taught modern impressionist painter. I still reside in Fredericton.
   If you would like to see more of Carl's art be sure to check out his website at http://carlparkerart.weebly.com and you can contact Carl at linesandshadowz@hotmail.com

All Things Great & Small Cerulean Sky Beautiful I
Seen and Unseen The Brave Ones Two

JC Cormier
Amateur Artist

   My work is abstract I use different tools mostly to obtain the images I like. I've been painting for almost a year now. It all started with meeting a girl last summer who was really into painting and we got right into it. So she was my starting point and I haven't been able to stop since I’m starting to run out of wall space. I was born in Saint John and have traveled around and now reside back in the city. I love art and how its so expressive in so many ways. I do different types of art besides just painting I make jewlery..and also play the guitar and take odd angled photos and have thrown pots to. Contact email: eturnalsunshine@live.ca

Valerie Biebuyck
Art Photography

    Valerie began taking photographs at the age of six when she was given a Brownie Box camera for her birthday. She now uses digital SLR cameras, further processes her photographs on her PC and has them printed on fine art paper or canvas. Her formal and informal training and experience was in the fine arts and many of her images intentionally look more like paintings than photographs and express her deep spirituality. Her subjects cross the geographical boundaries of Africa, Europe and North America where she has lived, travelled and worked. She immigrated to Canada in 2007 and lives with her husband and two rescued border collies in New Brunswick on Darlings Island on the banks of the Kennebecasis River. Since arriving in Canada, she has been inspired by the art photography of Freeman Patterson and Andre Gallant. Photographs taken in Saint John and along the Saint John and Kennebecasis Rivers were displayed at her first solo Canadian exhibition at the Hooper Studios Art Gallery in October and November 2009. In June 2010 her studio, in a recently renovated barn, was featured on the King’s County Studio Tour. She is scheduled to exhibit at The Saint John Arts Centre in August through October 2011. She attended the inauguration of ArtLink NB at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in September 2009 and became one of the first members to join. She is also a member of The Saint John Arts Centre, The Beaverbrook Art Gallery and The Word Guild of Canada.
   For more details go to www.phototropical.com or visit my studio 20 minutes from Saint John city centre on Darlings Island on the banks of the Kennebecasis River.

Early Morning River Dance

Early Morning Clarity

ThiN Place between Heaven and Earth

Waiting for Tomorrow

Yes I Can

Vegetables Speed Delivery

Heather Rice
Abstract Works

   I've been painting and sketching since I was very young. I remember taking art class very seriously in highschool. It wasn't until I moved to Portland, Maine to finish my undergrad that I started to take on painting as more of a serious hobby. I paint with acrylic on canvas, abstract pieces using bright colors. I believe in the power of paint as a reflection of your mood and an expression of situations in your life. This is how I paint, I use feelings and music to really bring creativity out of me. Every piece I paint I can look back at and think about exactly how I felt at that time. Now living in Saint John, New Brunswick I hope to remain loyal to my love of canvas and continue to create pieces that truly are a reflection of who I am as an artist.

Sarah Gautreau
Original Works

   Sarah Gautreau is a Saint John native, and a full time registered nurse and part time artist. During her days off, she enjoys spending time with arts and crafts. Whether it's wood burning, jewelry making or gardening she has taken a profound interest in creating art. Sarah has been sketching for 15 years and has recently been experimenting with different mediums such as oil/acrylic paint, charcoal, and pastels. Everything she has done in her 26 years of life has been self taught, although her pieces are notably amateur, she is proud of what she has accomplished and has the greatest hope that one day will create wonderful pieces. Having no formal training or art classes, Sarah hopes to enroll someday to expand my knowledge and skill level.