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The story below was taken from the Times Globe, Friday, June 5/98

Loyalist Burial Grounds

One Man's Story
Fleeing the United States during the American Revolution, Conradt Hendricks wound up in Saint John, where he remains to this day ... in Loyalist Burial Ground.


   As you drive past or walk through the Loyalist Burial Ground, have you ever found yourself wondering about the people buried there? Who were they? What were they like? What did they go through those many years ago?

    I can't tell you about everyone buried at the scenic cemetery, but thanks to. Dr. Andrew A. Hendricks of Lumberton, N.C., I can tell you a bit about the first person buried there of whom there is still a reminder.

    An article written by the late Dr. C. McN. Steeves in number 16 of Collections of the New Brunswick Historical Society states: "The first burial of which there is a reminder today was that of Conradt Hendricks, who died July 13th, 1784, a little over a year after his arrival here ... His tombstone was probably erected when two other members of the family were placed beside him."

    Based on Dr. Hendricks' research, we know that Conradt Hendricks was born in Middletown, N.J., and baptized at the Reformed Dutch Church (Old Brick Church) in Marlboro, N.J., on Aug.27, 1738. His parents were Johannes Hendricks and Sarah Mesier who owned large tracts of land and mills in Monmouth County, N.J. Johannes was the son of William Hendricks and Wilhelmptje Laen van Pelt who settled in Monmouth County, N.J., as early as 1693 after moving from Albany, New York to Flatbush, Long Island, N.Y., and then to Middletown, N.J. His great-grandparents were Hendrick Willemsz and Gisseltje Bradt of Rensselaerwyck, now Albany, N.Y.

   Conradt Hendricks was a captain of the New Jersey Volunteers for the Loyalist cause and was forced to flee to Canada in 1783. He died on July 13, 1784.

    His first wife was Mary English, who he married at Tennent Church, Tennent, N.J., on June 18, 1759. They had one child, Elizabeth Hendricks, baptized Nov. 22, 1761, at Tennent Church. She died the following year and is buried at old Tennent Church. His second marriage was to Mary Knott on June 17, 1763, also at Tennent Church. He married a third time probably after 1770 to Ann (Nancy?). His third wife later married John Sinnott, a gentleman of Saint John. She recovered damages as Ann (Nancy) Sinnott from the U.S. government for Conradt Hendricks' confiscated property near Whale Creek, Matawan, N.J.

   Conradt Hendricks had three sons, John, James and David, probably by his second wife. His son David stayed in New Jersey but his other two boys moved to Saint John where James Hendricks was a prominent merchant (his papers are in the New Brunswick Museum). He also had another daughter, Sarah Hendricks probably by his second wife. Sarah died on July 29, 1795, at age 19. She is buried at the Old Burial Ground in Saint John.

   Conradt's Son James is thought to have married Lana or Lenah Stillwell in 1807. He was a merchant in Saint John. They had at least one son, Conrad John Hendricks, who married Charlotte M. (?), He was a farmer in the Parish Norton, Kings County. Their possible children were George N. Hendricks, Charles J. Hendricks and Conrad J.Hendricks.

    Johannes Hendricks and Sarah Meiser, the parents of Conradt Hendricks, inherited the Messier farm and mill in 1784. This is the present site of the World Trade Center in New York City.

   Another interesting fact is that the 1750s Dutch farm house of Conradt Hendricks' first cousin, Hendrick Hendricks, in Holmdel, N.J., is open to the public for tours. It is run by the Monmouth County Historical Association.

   This family is an example of how the American Revolution divided families. At least one of his brothers, Abraham, and many of his cousins fought on the American side in the American Revolution.

    Dr. Andrew A. Hendricks is descended from Conradt's brother, William Hendricks. He would appreciate any information that is available on Conradt Hendricks and his family.

    If you have any additional information on Conradt Hendricks, you can write him at 102 West 27th St., Lumberton, N.C., 28358. Or reach him by phone at 1-800-245-7154(work) or (910) 738-1911 (home). Or E-mail to DrH@carolina.net.

    I would like to express my appreciation to Dr. Hendricks for sharing this story with us.

   By the way, plan a stroll through the Loyalist Burial Grounds. Stop and take time to read the inscriptions on the tombstones. We are fortunate to have such a place of beauty in the centre of the city.

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   Oram - Gardiner:I am searching for information on the Oram and Gardiner families. My great-grandfather, John Oram, died Dec.17, 1895. He was married to Bridgett Fitzgerald and she died June 7, 1881. They had eight children: Ellen, married John Roberts; William Edward; Edward; Lena; Agnes; Esther; Grace; and John Leo. My grandfather, William Edward, married Katherine Elizabeth Craig and they had nine children: Mary Eleanor; Thomas; William E.; George Henry; Ellen Agnes; Joseph Leo; Grace; Herman Joseph; and Margaret Eleanor, who married Roy Gardiner. The Orams lived in or around Saint John. The Gardiners lived on a farm near Enniskillen, where Camp Gagetown now is, and in Massachusetts. If anyone has any information on the Oram or Gardiner families, please contact me:
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   Elliott - Smyth - Brown: I am looking for information on my ancestor, Thomas Smyth, born circa 1815 in Northern Ireland. He lived in Alma Parish, Albert County, and married Rebecca Elliott. She was born circa 1831 in Ireland, but is listed as a spinster from Saint John on her marriage bond dated Oct 1, 1860. Thomas's son, Hugh Smyth, was born circa 1836. He married Martha Brown, who was born circa 1848 in Saint John. She was the daughter of Joseph (or George) Brown and Ann Elliott. These Smyths may be related to another family named Smyth who lived in Waterborough Parish of Queen's County. Any information on the Smyth (commonly spelled Smith), Elliott or Brown families mentioned above would be greatly appreciated.
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   Wills: I am searching for the descendants of William Wills. He was born Nov. 24; 1836, and died July 22, 1907, in Saint John, N.B. He was married on Nov. 29, 1858. My grandfather was David Wills born Nov. 9, 1859, and died March 3, 1942, in Saint John, N.B. I am looking for information on his brother George Frederick, who was born April 9, 1876, in Saint John, and died sometime before 1923. His wife remarried in 1923 to Capt. Daniel F. Grady in the Assumption Church in West Saint John. William Jr. was not living in Saint John when his father passed away in 1907. He was born about 1864 and married Laura Almeda Akerley on July 29, 1884, in West Saint John. Henrietta Wills and Frank Day lived in Lower Lincoln and Hampstead and had seven children. Some of the children moved to Brooklyn, N.Y., and some settled in Saint John. Temple H. Day, Lawrence Grenville Day and Harvey Day were three of their sons. Any information provided would be appreciated.
    - Gordon C. Cameron, 145 Coldbrook Cres., Apt. 5, Saint John, N. B., E2J 3Z3.

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   Cassista: I am looking for relations of Alphee Alfred (Brass) Cassista. I am a Cassista and he was my father's greataunt's brother. I would like information on his family.
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   Barnes - Westray: My research has given me quite a clear path back to George Barnes and his wife, Elisabeth Westray. They arrived from Carlisle, England, in 1813, probably with his brother, Richard C Barnes. George Barnes petitioned and was granted property in Barnesville. I am now trying to establish the paths of the siblings along the way. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I am more than happy to share what I have gleaned.
- Judith Baxter, 1326 Route #845, Clifton Royal, Kings Co., N. B., E5S 2B9. Or E-mail to gbaxter@nb. sympatico. ca.

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   Blair - O'Neill - Russel - Johnson: Michael Joseph Blair was born in Belledune, N. B. He was the son of Michael Blair and Catherine Russel. He married Isabelle O'Neill, daughter of Daniel O'Neill and Catherine Johnson, in Saint John on June 19, 1918. The witnesses were Frank McGinnis of 335 City Line, Saint John, and May McDermott of 15 Drury Lane. Michael and Isabelle had a baby girl, about three months be fore he died. Her name was Josephine Florence, born May 16, 1919. This is the person I am trying to find.
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