Marco Polo Project Saint John New Brunswick

Marco Polo Project Saint John New Brunswick

The Marco Polo Project


Marco Polo project well underway - Construction of the 27-metre long replica ship will cost an estimated $300,000

Island model builder hopes to sail mini version of Marco Polo.

It 's all hand's on deck as students 'Ioft' ship

Marco Polo replica project .. . gets injection $10,000. Project less than $60,000 away from fundraising goal

The build is on! Barry has informed today that the lumber is stocked and the government has granted the funds to pay for a Project Superviser. Keep a close watch as the ship takes shape we will be adding photos to the Project Gallery so all can see the undertaken as it proceeds.

Marco Polo replica project moving indoors – by Sandra Davis

High school students get hands-on experience building replica of world's fastest ship – by Sandra Davis

History taking shape east of Port City Harry Dunfleld chains a felled white pine for yarding. - by Mike Mullen & Jamie Roach

Marco Polo Dream Lives On 17-year quest to replicate clipper inches nearer to reality – by Sandra Davis

Family letter provides insights into Marco Polo history – by Ruby Cusack-Family History from the Telegraph Journal and
Researcher seeks details on those connected to Marco Polo – by Sandra Devlin - Missing Links from the Telegraph Journal

The Trials of a Gold Rush Immigration Officer – by Mr. Darren Watson of the Victorian Office of the National Archives of Australia

"Proud Heritage - Marco Polo" by Capt. C. (Bud) Robinson

Saint John's second Marco Polo is worthy of the first. a review by Fred Hazel, on the folk opera by composer Jim Stewart.

N.B.'s legend of the High Seas comes Home The latest article on the Marco Polo comes from the Reader.

Marco Polo sets course for hearts of Russians MUSIC: Folk opera's world premiere goes next month at Imperial Theatre

We have just recently received yet another Whale Tooth Scrimshaw - possible by the same Seaman, Jack Sharkey

Marco Polo coins proves top seller read about the success of the coin dedicated to the Marco Polo.

The Hector's a go: How about the Marco Polo? Read all about the success story of the Hector, in Pictou, N.S.

Courage of shipbuilder cited as coin unveiled – Marco Polo hologram adorns $20 keepsake

Booked Passage on the Marco Polo with a little help from one of our friends downunder, you can now chwck out the register for family who might of sail to Melbourne on the Marco Polo.

Mint marks Marco Polo Anniversary with Coin check out the latest in the Marco Polo story!

The Jeanie Johnston A full scale replica of a Canadian-built three masted barque was launched on April 19, 2000 in Tralee, Ireland. The Jeanie Johnston's goal is to spend two years visiting over 20 ports in Canada and the United States, to recognize the assistance the Irish immigrants received, and to help appreciate the efforts and contributions of the immigrants and their descendants towards the development of both countries. Her first North American port of call will be New York in the summer of 2000

Rock message stands Test of Time CHANCE DISCOVERY: A Seattle researcher is intrigued by the Saint John whaler who chiseled a message on a deserted Pacific island in the 1840s.

Whale Tooth Scrimshaw - By - Seaman Jack Sharkey An interesting story of a man and his search for a link to the Marco Polo.

Tallships 2000 A Glimpse back at the Past.

Feds mulling new Marco Polo plan 'DON'T EVER GIVE UP': Cabinet minister Claudette Bradshaw's office is getting involved in talks to build a replica.

Slow talks sank Marco Polo, says developer LOSING OUT: Barry Ogden says the project may have received millennium funding if the city was further along in its waterfront plan.

Marco Polo Plot Thickens Ottawa doubted final $200, 000 could be found for $1.2-million replica project.

Out Of The Blue The latest in on why our government felt it wasn't the time to support the Marco Polo Project and how the kids of Saint John feel on the same subject.

Feds Say No to Marco Polo Bad Luck strikes again for the Marco Polo Project, find out the latest on our government ruling for funding of the Marco Polo.

Maritime Heritage – A Look Back Local Maritime Artist Dusan Kalec captures the era of the Tall Ships in the Maritimes.

The Jeanie Johnston Sets Sail The latest news on another famous tail ship. A replica of one of the busiest vessels of the Irish Famine period is almost ready for its Atlantic crossing and a stop in Saint John. Also read about the stamp dedicated to the Jeanie Johnston.

The Great Voyage In March 1853 the clipper Marco Polo left Liverpool on what was to be a record-breaking passage to Melbourne. Edwin Bird was aboard. Here is his journal of that voyage, with its brawls, music, dogfights and deaths, all part of normal sea travel at that time.

March 1/2000 - A Secret Revealed A letter recently uncovered telling of a secret passed on from generation to generation, about the Marco Polo!

February 22/2000 – Letter from the Past A hand written account of the inagural voyage of the Marco Polo to Australia.

January 11/2000 – Council agrees to chip in $600,000 for ship replica and Mint says no to Marco Polo Coin

    Welcome to our archives. Due to the overwhelming abundance of information we have collected in the first year we felt the need to add this section for the folks that might not of had a chance to read all the articles we have had on the site. We believe that information is an important thing to keep and felt that this was the best solution for storage. The archives will be a storage area for all information collected on each year.

Tales from the Past

Past News

July 28 - New Display for the Marco Polo

   The Honourable Sheila Copps, Minister of Heritage and the Honourable Andy Mitchel, Minister of State for Parks Canada have announced the development of a new interpretive display in the form of a interruptive panels which will be on display at the Cavendish National Park in Prince Edward Island. These will encompass images of the ship, informative text and a strong message on the protection of this important site.

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