The Marco Polo at full sail

Marco Polo Project Saint John New Brunswick

The following is a transcript of the original paper, due to the quality of the original we had to reproduce it this way for ease of reading.

The Marco Polo Chronicles

Christmas in the Indian Ocean

    Christmas is with us once more. Hoary kind old Christmas, the Sabbe of the year. In all minds there are fond associations with this festive season on our island home by many a cheerful fireside while the yule log burns brightly on the hearth we are thoughts of Christmas is there.
    Families are reunited, hearts estranged by worldly tasks and cares through the live long year now warm towards each other. Friends sundered by travel and divers interest meet now to share their joys and learn to forget their sorrows.
    Soilworn artisans gather their families about them, and are made happy, they have struggled long and hardly through the Year sunrise has found them at their toil and midnight has surprised them fagging at the work bench.
   Still they have looked onward with pleasurable anticipation to the joys of Christmas like the storm tossed sailor to the beacon that speaks of safety and the wished for period has arrived.
    The loved and loving are assembled fond faces that have gladdened their energetic souls in trial and adversity now share their mirth aroung the festive board..
   Old age enjoys the hour with peaceful smiles.
    Youth mingles in the sport with boisterous merriment.
   Sorrow is banished save when thoughts are turned to the absent. Then all hearts yield their sympathies to those who erstwhile share their happenings.
    In such circles we are remembered. A thousand fancies haunt their teeming minds fair would they penetrate the mystery of our whereabouts and the manner and means of our enjoyment for none shall doubt that we will make our Christmas joysome and in the deepest recessed of young and trusting hearts tender thoughts well up though silent, wonderful prayers are urged for the far off wanderer on the mighty deep..
    There is ecspatic pleasure in the thought. Our blessings on them all rightheartily. Do we recipricote their kindness. May Christmas be joyous to their hearts, may-our reunion be speedy and cloudlike - and may our own happiness be ever tinctured by the pleasant consciousness that we are remembered.
    Kind readers, a Merry Christmas to ye all.

News of the Week

    An accident that may have proved fatal to our esteemed chief officer, Mr Oxner occurred at an early hour on Wednesday morning.
    The hands were engaged setting the top gallant studding sail, it was blowing very strong at the time when the sheet carried away taking Mr Oxner with it. For some few seconds he was in imminent danger of drowning but calmly watching his opportunity he loosed his hold and fell across the top gallant sail. We regret to add that he was severely bruised by the fall.
    The curious in ornithology have had an abundant opportunity of indulging their predilection during the first week. Mother Carey's chickens, better known as Stormy petrels, have been frequent visitors. Cape hens and Cape Pigeons have been very numerous, and fine specimens of the majestic albatross encircle us rising and swooping in all directions in glorious style.
   On Wednesday afternoon a beautiful specimen of the Snow bird settled on the fore top mast studding sail boom disturbed there it slowly winged its way to the cross jack yard arm when an ineffectual, though clever attempt was made to catch it. It again returned, and settling on the mizen topsail yard chapter decisively at its pursurer. The tiny wanderer then flew from its trecherous resting place.
   Its plumage was of snowy whiteness contrasting gracefully with the bright pink of its legs and bill.
   The monsters of the deep are very sparing in their attentions. Whales were in sight on Tuesday last but at considerable distances. Could these stately leviathans be made aware of the deep interest taken in their appearance we fancy they would surround the ship in double quick time.
    Considerable dissatisfaction prevails among the Ladies on account of the non appearance of sharks whales and other eketerces (creatures) of the ocean.
   Strong winds have prevailed during the week and our progress has been highly satisfactory.
   Our starboard foretopmast studding sail boom was carried away by a squall on Wednesday evening. Our Royals were furled immediately, but within twenty minutes a new boom was shipped and our Rovals shaken out again.