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Sporting Intelligence

    A sweepstakes of Ten Guineas was made up in the Saloon on Tuesday to be decided by the day of our arrival inside Port Phillip Heads. There were twenty one subscribers and the dates of tickets issued extends from 13th Jany (January) to 2nd February inclusive.
   The betting fever has prevailed with great violence during the week, heavy odds have been given and taken as to time of arrival. One bet of some consequence has been made that we shall enter Port Phillip heads within 64 days from Liverpool. The general impression is that our voyage will not far exceed seventy days from Liverpool.

The Marco Polo Chronicle

Original Poetry

Our Christmas

We cannot pluck the Holly Branch
or Mistletoe today
To decorate as we were wont
The di-- (dear) Homes far away
We cannot pile the Christmas log
Nor round its joyous blaze
Delight in songs or tales of mirth
or Hymns of holy praise

We cannot join the circle bright
Where friends and kindred greet
Nor gather round the festive board
where well known faces meet/

But e'en (even) our souls in fancy now
the joy of home can share
And catch the magic once of life
That breathe our names in prayer.

Thus memry (Memory) shall renew the scenes
That other years have known
Till distant voices o'er (Over) the waves
Seem mingling with our own.

So may we spend in thought at least
a Merry Christmas here
And on our gallant bark commence
A New – a Happy Year.

2nd Cabin — 24/12/53 — Freddy Free

   We sincerely thank Freddie Free for his elegant and touching lines and wish he would write often.