A Passage in Time
A special thanks goes out to Mr. Robert Hart for sending us a copy of this wonderful diary.

The Diary of Sarah A. Wilkinsons   Through the generosity of one of our viewers we have just recently received a copy of a diary by Sarah A. Wilkinson. The diary is of her voyage on the Marco Polo from Melbourne, Australia to London, England. She also goes on to describe some of the sites and people she visits when she lands in England. Her story brings you an enlightened look of the era from one persons perspective.

   The diary was hand written so we had to transcribe it as best as we could into type. My wife has taken on this task of interpreting Sarah's hand writing and has been very careful to keep the translation as accurate as possible. Please note that some locations noted in the diary were very hard to interpret. If you see a mistake and know the proper spelling please let us know at MarcoPolo Project

   So read on and enjoy the adventures of one lady's experiences on the famous ship Marco Polo and the era in which she was "Queen of the Seas."

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