Sarah A. Wilkinson
The Diary of Sarah.A.Wilkinson

Transcribed by
Debbie Arseneau

March 14th

    I and Papa start in coach from Hobard from Launceston, have a long day, arrive at the Club Hotel 8 o'clock tea then bed.

March 15th

    Have breakfast then out to the top of a hill & have a fine view ot the town. Call at Bell's Auction. Pa sees C. Bell. Have tea at 1/2 past 8, go on board steamer for Melbourne- very showery, find ladies preparing for bed-into berth- leave wharf at 10 pm.

March 16th

    Sick very early – plenty of rolling about – pass Black Swan – sea very rough.

March 17th

   Longing for land, good news, entering heads. After some time manage to dress – then on deck and see the splendid Bay. Several large steamers passing & many vessels at anchor, arrive at 4 o'clock. Papa goes on shore with Major Stevenson to find lodgings. We Henry Fraser, go in car to unpleasant place. I Misses S have table to ourselves in private room.

March 18th

   An unpleasant night Papa goes out I with him, in afternoon to Botanical Gardens, have a long walk back, ready for Henry at 6, with him by train to St. Kilda- Rebecca very kind, offers me to stay there. See A. Heath and I. Pearson

March 19th

    I go by train with Henry hear that Uncle John is in Geelong. Papa starts for there at 1. I go back to St. Kilda with Rebecca to other house. After tea to school room to hear children sing. See pumpkin weighing 100 pounds.

March 20th

    Very hot day. Papa & Uncle come to St. Kilda P.stays to tea. Uncle leaves for Geelong. J.P. comes, music. Mr Gedham also there.

March 21st

    Very hot, almost devoured by mosquitoes, go out with Fanny find Mrs. Jackson, Papa comes with lotion for my bites – Mrs Whitney calls. After tea Rebecca & I go to Mrs. Gronch's.

March 22nd

    Write to M .J. go in by train with Henry, meet Rebecca in afternoon, go to Gardens. Miss Henry shopping & then back to St. Kilda.

March 23rd

    Sunday go with Rebecca to St. Kilda Church morn hear Mr. Lam preach, Papa comes to dinner- after Mrs. Jackson's- back to tea then Papa and I go into Melbourne to Lonsdale Church, coming home to see Mrs. Halson, ( late Cadden ) Harry & John P there. Have a long talk to Henry and Becky of days gone by.

March 24th

   In by train. Meet Pa. Go shopping, telegraph to Uncle John- home - Harry there.

March 25th

   Very busy making dress- to town afternoon. Receive telegram from Uncle John. R. Stephen coming.

March 26th

   Papa & I go to Geelong by 4 train. Sleep at hotel.

March 27th

    Papa & I go to see Mrs. Cameron, to Bowdens to dinner back to Mrs. C. to tea. Spend a very pleasant eve. Misses Bowdens, Hugh & Young Fraser there, very poorly, to the Hotel to sleep.

March 28th

    Up early- had no sleep- start in Coach for Streatham. Dreadful journey-very sick. Change seats with P. meet Uncle with carriage. Call at Mr. Ritchies, meet Miss Gray there reach Yalla Y Poora- very tired about 7. Aunt very kind.

March 29th

   Rest in all day- Aunt M & Miss Gray very kind.

March 30th

    Sunday rather stormy. Aunt M reads walk.

March 31st

    Ritchies & families. There for the day. As soon as they leave Mr. Robertson & Mr Fritz, a German come..

April 1st

   A very fine day- Uncle getting in cattle - We walk & after have music.

April 2nd

    Mersus R& F leave. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson call- after Mr. Megaw scotch clergyman comes, have service in eve. I play harmonium.

April 3rd

    Thursday Uncle Aunt M servant & baby in carriage- Miss Gray, Pa & Annie in buggy- start for Ararat go over the rises- have beautiful view. Reach Mr. Megaw's at 5, to tea - I, Miss G, Pa & Uncle to dorm to sleep, very windy & rain.

April 4th

    Rain. I Miss G to Mr. Megaw's. Then shopping- to Mr. Saunders to dinner at 6. After tea Aunt, Mr. & Mrs. M. come to Inn to sleep.

April 5th

    Rain I Miss G to Mr M's shopping, back then to dinner- after I go with Mr. M to visit the Goldfields. It is Saturday, the men have left off work- leave Ararat at 4, call at Mr. Langley's get home by dark very cold - Mr. Saunders comes horseback.

April 6th

    Sunday Aunt M reads. All go for walk.

April 7th

    Mr. Saunders leaves after breakfast. Uncle very busy sheep washing.

April 8th

    Start for Uncle Joe's - receive telegram from Edward. Leave Yalla Y Poora & all dear ones there after lunch, reach Mr. Austin's at dark, only Mr. Albert at home, he seems very kind. See many relatives.

April 9th

   Leave Mr. Austin's after breakfast, reach Barwidgee at one , hear that Edward has left 2 hours, dine there with Mr. Stockman. Then on to Minjah- hear Bab is in bed & Uncle & Miss Jennings gone to Warrnambool. Miss Aljoe there, Uncle comes late.

April 10th

    Poor Edward- birthday- he gone to Jellalabad to meet us. I, Pa, Uncle, Bab go to Amelia's - Call at Mr. Whiteheads- Amelia looks very well has such a fine little girl- Tom is much changed- looks very bad, leave at 4 o'clock.

April 11th

    Edward comes back is looking very thin. Amelia & Tom call on their way to Warrnambool. In eve Mr. Stockman calls have a pleasant eve.

April 12th

    Start early, call at Mr. Hood's lunch, walk to Mrs. Robinson's travel through bush, rises and over plains. Reach Jellalabad at 7. Selina & Jane come out to meet us, also Charles, have tea, after, music and games. Mr Loyd there, Miss Jennings came with us on our way to Uncle John's.

April 13th

    Sunday, after breakfast take a walk round the Gardens then to the place where poor Uncle George was killed. After go with Jane & Selina to river's side & sit down until dinner. Jane, Charlie, Miss T. & Mr. Loyd go for a walk, back to tea, after pace verandah- hear from Selina all about her intended, have music & singing- harmonium.

April 14th

    Monday at Jellalabad Mr. L. leaves after dinner. I & Aunt in buggy, Mrs. J Pa & Tom in carriage, start for "???", reach it at 4, go over house, building's garden, make beds- have a nice tea.


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