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Polly Woodside
Ken Shewan standing in front of the Polly Woodside used during the ceremonies for Marco Polo Day. Ken has lectured all over the world on the Marco Polo.

Sand Sculpture of the Marco Polo
This sand sculpture exhibit of the Marco Polo was constructed at McAllister Place Mall Saint John, N.B. It's made of 15 tons of sand, is 8 feet high and has a base of 16 sq.ft. It is part of a 5 month awareness & education program on the Marco Polo (1851-1883).

Marco Polo Day cermonies in Australia
Official ceremonies on the deck of the Polly Woodside in Melbourne Australia celebrating Marco Polo Day

Coast Guard Model of the Marco Polo
Built in 1989 by the Canadian Coast Guard, Saint John Base, the 22 foot reproduction of the famous 19th century square-rigger. Photo by R. Stears for the Postcard Factory®

Silver Tea Set
This is a close-up of an inscription on a Silver Tea Set presented to Captain Charles Ferguson. It reads as follows " Presented by the owners of the Marco Polo to Captain Charles Ferguson Harbour Master of Melbourne Victoria. To mark their high estimation of his invaluable services in rescuing their favourite and far famed ship from her perilous position when stranded in Port Philip Bay in January last. Liverpool July MDCCCLIV.

Grave site of James Nicol (Bully) Forbes
This is a picture of the tombstone which marks the resting place of Capt. James Nicol (Bully) Forbes in Liverpool, England. He was one of the famous Captains of the Marco Polo.

wet landing

fill me up!
These next pictures are of the Marco Polo Hot Air Balloon owned by Doug Shippee of Saint John, New Brunswick.
Was a local favourite at the annual Atlantic Balloon Fiesta held in Sussex, N.B. every September.

soft touch down

Australia's Postal Services special collectors edition of the Marco Polo stamps displaying both stamps on a special collectors envelope.

Model of the Marco Polo in Ottawa
This model of the Marco Polo demonstrates her under-water form admirably.

Canadian Post collectors edition of the Marco Polo stamps from Canada and Australia set on a special collectors series envelope.

S.S Antelope
The S.S. Antelope left at the same time as the Marco Polo in 1853 and the world awaited the results of the ‘race’ to Australia. The Marco Polo won handsomely.

Model of the Marco Polo
A fine model of the Marco Polo in the Merseyside Museum in England.

One of the many beautiful oil paintings of the Marco Polo, this one painted in 1852 by Smyth.

Capt. James Nicol (Bully) Forbes
Artist rendering of Capt. James Nicol (Bully) Forbes

Statuette of James Baines
An extremely accurate statuette of James Baine owner of the famous Black Ball Line of Liverpool.

Artist rendering of James Smith, builder of the Marco Polo.

The Marco Polo - making a passage by Peter M. Wood
Making a Passage’
by Peter M. Woods.

Stern Carving of Marco Polo
Here is another image of
the carving in color

Painting by D.M. Little
A black and white version
of D.M. Little's painting

Stern Carving from the Marco Polo
A beautifully preserved
stern carving from
the Marco Polo with the explorer dressed in eastern costume.

A portrait of James Smith
hanging in the NB Museum.

This photo of a stern carving of Marco Polo in western costume was recently supplied by Gilbert R. Clements

Another View of the Model
The model of the
Marco Polo in the museum.

Model of the Marco Polo
The model of the
Marco Polo in the museum.

Anchor off the Marco Polo
One of the 3 anchors
that were on the Marco Polo
when she went down.