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    Bob Coes and his volunteers are back for another season of work on the Marco Polo Replica. Welcome to the veteran volunteers, those who have been with the project since 2007 and even 2006! They are a group of dedicated individuals. I would especially like to welcome our new volunteers: Bill Covert, Steve Kerzner, Wayne MacEachern, David Peters, Martha Peters, and Kevin Robertson. With all of their help we expect to make good progress in the weeks to come.
   Work began in late May.The main focus thus far has been in two areas. They are the main deck and planking. The photos in this communication concentrate on the upper deck beams, carlins, and sheer clamps. Planking at this time is below the waterline.

Bob Coes Project Manager

   We still need lots of support to keep this project moving ahead, if you'd like to help us out with a donation please contact Barry Ogden at 849-4650.

July 14/2008
Just click on the pics for larger view.

The first photo shows the main deck looking forward. The large open area is where the forward deck house will be positioned. The smaller open area at the bottom of the photo is where the skylight will be installed. In the second photo one can see the deck beams positioned on the sheer clamp on both sides of the frames. The sheer clamp is bolted to the frames. Deck beams and frames are being prepared for drilling. They will next be bolted together with 7 inch carriage bolts.
The open areas, also shown in the third photo, will have carlins added. The fourth photo looking aft, one can see the crown in the deck beams. The crown, also known as the camber, has a 3 inch rise over a 13 inch span.
The next photo shows the fastening of the sheer clamp to the ship's frames. The deck beams on the sheer clamp are fastened to the frames as well. The sixth photo describes the quality of the 2x8 spruce used for the deck beams.
This photo shows the double carlins cut and fitted for the skylight. The next photo is of a similar view showing the mid-lap joints used to carry the deck beams at the carlins.
In this photo we can see the beams attached to the carlins both port and starboard. Next we can see the complete skylight in relation to the main deck beams both fore and aft.
Here we see the main deck looking forward. The framing for the deck house in the open area closest the bow will be similar to the skylight only larger. In this photo the starboard quarter is almost entirely planked in to its lowest point.
Another photo of the same area allows us to see the lay of the planks with a moderate rise towards the stern. Still on the starboard side looking forward we can see the ship's lines through most of its length.
Here we have a view of the port quarter. One can appreciate the challenge of maintaining the ship's lines wit the dramatic changes in shape in the stern area.
In the last photo the frames showing below the waterline in the bow will be planked over in the days to come.

   Bob and his volunteers have been busy. Usually several jobs going on at the same time. Boat building demands a unique collection of skills, most of which are learned in working with Bob throughout the course of the project. The men and women working on the Marco Polo Replica are a special group who take tremendous pride in their work.