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   Project Manager, Bob Coes, would like to acknowledge the building of the deck houses by eight students at the Tobique First Nations Reserve. The Marco Polo Project would like to greatly acknowledge the volunteer work the Carpentry Training Center of NB and the Tobique reserve did and the work of Loyalist City Towing in assisting with the delivery of the cabins. The work that they have done can be seen in the photos that follow.The deck houses will be stored until the ship is ready for them to be raised into position and fitted to the deck.
    Bob has several photos describing a variety of work during the last few weeks. Most of the volunteers are included in these pictures, however, Gerald White, Martha Peters and Bill Covert were away when these photos were taken. Bob will do his best to have them included in the next communiqué.

Bob Coes Project Manager

   We still need lots of support to keep this project moving ahead, if you'd like to help us out with a donation please contact Barry Ogden at 849-4650.

August 30/2008
Just click on the pics for larger view.

1. The lap joints are being cut in the deck house carlins 2. Mark Brideau in the foreground and Lou Doyle standing are fastening the port quarter bottom plank.
3. The deck houses delivered by Loyalist Towing, are being unloaded at the work site. 4. The deck houses will be stored near the replica awaiting installation.
5. Here one can see the vertical siding aligned with the centre of the windows. All drawings and details for the Marco Polo Replica, including the deck houses, have been prepared and drawn by Bob Coes .
6 to 9 The next four photos show the interior details of the framework, which in boat building, are as important as the exterior.
10. Starboard side all planked to bottom.
11 & 12 Stealer plank being fitted at the sheer line near transom
13 & 14 The stern as seen in these two photos illustrates the dramatic change in the ship's lines in this area.
15. Top decks as seen from the stern. 16. The main deck beams and carlins are in progress.
17. Bob Coes on the left of the photo and Kevin Robertson on the right are standing next to the port bow. They just finished the last of the bottom planks. 18. Left to right, David Peters, Ken Sparks and Jim Henderson on the main deck taking a break from work on beams and carlins.
19. Main deck looking aft with Bob Coes at the aft deck house opening. 20. Ken Steele is squaring off beams and frames.
21. Steve Kerzner checking beam and frame bolts. 22. Left to right, Mark Brideau and Jim henderson setting up deck boards around skylight.
23. Front to rear,Kevin Robertson and Mark Brideau laying down decking. 24. Left to right, David Peters and Jim Henderson finishing off decking short of beam ends.
25. Bob Coes setting up stanchion on port side. 26. Left to Right, Wayne MacEachern and Lino Celeste positioning stanchions adjacent deck beams.
27. Left to right, Larry Cosman and Lou Doyle adjusting stanchions. 28. Main deck looking forward. Remaining deck boards will be laid after all stanchions are completed both port and starboard.
29. Ken Sparks is fairing off planks next to the bow stem. 30. A bow shot with most of the planks faired by Ken Sparks.
31. Port side view showing stanchios clamped in place with the ship's frames fore and aft.

   Bob and the Marco Polo Project volunteers have been busy. Usually several jobs going on at the same time. Boat building demands a unique collection of skills, most of which are learned in working with Bob throughout the course of the project. The men and women working on the Marco Polo Replica are a special group who take tremendous pride in their work.