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   Another work season has come to a close. Bob's pics in this communiqué were taken on Oct 30 and 31. They sum up the work to date as well as the laying up of the boat and the work site for winter. As you will see in the photos that follow, most of the planking is complete. The main deck beams are in place as well as the sub-deck. The deck beams for the stern are ready to install. The deck houses are in position and will be fitted next spring. Other preparations are already in the works and hopefully will progress during the winter months - such as : mast and yard arm fabrication and the materials and equipment needed for finishing the hull, deck, and deck houses.

Bob Coes Project Manager

   We still need lots of support to keep this project moving ahead, if you'd like to help us out with a donation please contact Barry Ogden at 849-4650.

October 31/2008
Just click on the pics for larger view.

Starboard (stbd) side preparing the boat for winter lay-up Stbd quarter (qtr) all frames aft of stern deck house reinforced only two planks away from raised stern deck and rail
Stern & Stud side most work completed in this area Bow looking aft near waterline
Port side staging still in place to allow for covering the boat Bow looking aft along main deck
Stern & stbd side boat and work site secured for winter Stbd side when planking is complete to foredeck the rails will follow
Stbd side when planking is complete to foredeck the rails will follow
Port side looking aft one section of staging left in place for winter access
Port qtr near waterline the turns in this area have come together nicely Stern from port side
Stern from stbd side
Volunteer dinner Nov 6 left to right Ken Sparks, Barry Ogden, Jim Henderson, Dave Hudson, Ken Steele, Martha Peters Wayne MacEachern, Larry Cosman, Gerald White, David Peters, Bob Coes, Lou Doyle

   Most of the volunteers were in attendance at our end of season dinner, however, Mark Brideau, Lino Celeste, Kevin Robertson, Bill Covert, Tom Creamer, Joseph Poirier and Steve Kerzner were not able to attend. Plaques were presented to the volunteers at the dinner in appreciation of their hard work and dedication to the Marco Polo Project. Thanks to Barry Ogden, who on behalf of Marco Polo Project Inc., planned the dinner and the plaques for the volunteers.
   Bob would like to point out that working in a volunteer environment is a challenge, especially with different people each day of the week. For these individuals to take on a tall ship replica and attain the quality of work we presently have, represents an achievement we can all be proud of. Thanks to everyone for your hard work. Thanks to others, who on occasion, lent a hand for an operation that required expertise and equipment beyond our capability. Bob says that these past months have been very rewarding and that he is looking forward to the return of the volunteers next spring for another season in the building of the Replica of the Marco Polo.

Bob Coes
Project Manager