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    This update shows the planking that Bob and his volunteers have hung since his last submission. Planking in the stern is completed to the sheer strake. There are only four rows left to go in the forward section. Bob has sent along several photos describing the detail below decks. Bob's drawings pay a lot of attention to the interior of the vessel as well as the exterior. Wooden ships, unlike most other structures, integrate the framework more closely with cover boards such as decking, deckhouse trunks, beams, and hull planking. Special consideration is given to construction methods and joinery and how they relate to the overall design.

Bob Coes Project Manager

   We still need lots of support to keep this project moving ahead, if you'd like to help us out with a donation please contact Barry Ogden at 849-4650.

August 29/2009
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Port Qtr. Only sheer strake left at stern deck. Port side looking aft. Planked to main deck. Six strakes to go.
Bow shot. Makeshift outer stem template hung in place. Stbd. Qtr. Ken Steele preparing to plane sheer strake.
Stbd side near bow. Lou Doyle planing and sanding the hull. Port Qtr. Don Bangay and Gerald White clamping sheer strake.
Below deck shot looking aft. One can easily see the detail in all of the structural members. Aft cabin opening backs on to stern deck. Aft cabin detail and layout - designed by Bob Coes. Specific joints were used to conceal mechanical fasteners.
Shot of stern deck from below. Aft cabin looking forward. Companionway is blocked for safety.
Lower deck looking forward. Side bulkhead of fwd deckhouse. At this point Bob has fitted the deck houses to the deck, compensating for camber and sheer.á The volunteers fastened them in place.
Fwd deckhouse looking up from lower deck. One can see the spacing of the beams in the deckhead in relation to the framework in the bulkheads. Halflap joints are visible at the sliding hatch opening. Inside detail of main deck and hull is shown in this shot. Bob plans all of the details, layout and assembly procedures for the project.
Lower deck looking fwd. Bracing in place to support frames during planking. Work in progress on sheer planks in stern. Left to right: Ken Steele, Don Bangay, Gerald White and Kevin Robertson.
Don, Kevin and Gerald at work on port side at stern. Shot between deck beams under stern deck athwart ship. Camber can be seen where beams meet decking.
Left to right: John Pickel and Ken Taylor at work cutting openings for stanchions in deck board. Deck board cut and laid in position around stanchions.
Close-up view of deck board. Moving aft opening narrows closing the gap. John taking measurements for his next cut.
Shot looking at inner stem where bow sprit enters foredeck. Joinery at top of stem completed by Bob Coes. 8 inch square block between frames substitutes for bow sprit during the fitting process. Stbd view shows planks to top of inner stem. 8x8 block in place to match slope of bow sprit.
Bow shot. Most planking completed. Frames adjacent bow sprit opening shown in place next to inner stem.

   These last few weeks have also involved work in preparing for the outer stem, rudder and foredeck framework. It has been a busy season. There is still much to be done. Bob is hopeful that he and the volunteers can complete the general construction by October.

Bob Coes
Project Manager