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   The photos in this communique were taken over a six week period - late August to mid-October. I am pleased to report that considerable progress has been made on the construction of the replica of the Marco Polo over the last five months. This concludes our work session for 2009. Considering the short work season, we were able to complete most tasks in the general construction of the ship. The photos that follow describe the work that has taken place in recent weeks. The volunteers and I are very pleased with the results of our efforts and look forward to wrapping up this stage of the construction in another season.

Bob Coes Project Manager

   We still need lots of support to keep this project moving ahead, if you'd like to help us out with a donation please contact Barry Ogden at 849-4650.

October 29/2009
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#1 (2267) Klaus and family, August 27/09. Left to right: Dorit Christansen - visiting from Denmark, Klaus' mother Jenny Klausen, Klaus' wife June Klausen, his cousin visiting from Denmark - Ove Christansen and Klaus Klausen. Ove was especially interested in seeing the Marco Polo replica as his father, Knud was a wooden boat builder in Denmark. He passed away in 2001 of cancer.
#2 (2271) Outer stem template overlaying 5 1/2" sq. timber sections.
#3 (2269) Here we can see the six timber pieces with the pattern outline drawn in preparation for cutting. #4 (2268) The first piece of the assembly is the full length of the inner stem. All of the pieces will be bolted to each other.
#5 (2275) This stbd view of the Marco Polo replica shows the progress made to late August. #6 (2279) Left to right: Ken Taylor and Walter Colwell hanging a plank near the stbd mid-section.
#7 (2280) & #8 (2283) Getting ready for work on frames in preparation for sheer clamps.
#9 (2282) Sheer plank in place just forward of aft deck house. 2 x 4 will be left in place for protection till such time as we are ready to install cover board. #10 (2284) Ken and Walter hanging sheer plank opposite forward deck house. Next planking will take place in bow.
#11 (2281) Photo looking aft on port side. 2 x 4 will be removed and stanchions trimmed to suit when rail is installed. #12 (2285) Stbd side. Most planking completed.
#13 (2289) Port sheer clamp in place. #14 (2290) Sheer clamp was steamed as it is bending and twisting in three directions.
#15 (2292) Here we can see the port sheer clamp fastened to frames. Stbd sheer clamp in foreground ready to be hung in place. #16 (2291) Stbd sheer clamp.
#17 (2297) Lou Doyle working on frames in bow area. (Thursday) #18 (2294) Ken Sparks is shaping the frames for fit with the aid of a batten. (Wednesday)
#19 (2295) Larry Cosman sanding the stanchions on the port side. (Wednesday) #20 (2296) Wayne MacEachern sanding on stbd side. (Wednesday)
#21 (2298) Ken Steele doing some finish sanding on port side. (Thursday) #22 (2299) Gerald White sanding on stbd side. (Thursday)
#23 (2301) Bill Covert working near forward deck house. (Thursday) #24 (2303) Sheer clamps are bolted to frames. Deck beams are positioned on the clamps and bolted to both sides of each pair of frames.
#25 (2304) All deck beams are installed in pairs to form a boxed beam with decking above and cover board below. #26 (2306) The ends of the beams and tops of the frames will be trimmed when the installation is complete.
#27 (Canada 344) Left to right: Klaus Klausen and Bob Coes - Marco Polo Project Manager. Klaus has been instrumental in helping with supplies and services since we began the project in 2004. Klaus recently retired as Regional Manager of Wolseley Industrial Products Group. #28 (2311) Last Day, October 16, 2009. With deck beams in place, the forward bulkhead has been completed. This shot was taken after the plastic cover was placed over the ship.
#29 (2312) Shot aft alongside forward deck house on stbd side. Here one can see stern bulkhead at end of main deck. #30 (2314) Similar photo on port side.
#31 (2315) Stbd bow. Planking near completion.
#32 (2316) & #33 (2217) Deck houses are barely visible with Marco Polo's rail line.
#34 (2319), #35 (2320) & #36 (2321) Stern shots: Stbd, aft and port. All three photos give the appearance of a finished hull showing the craftsmanship of Bob Coes and his team of volunteers.

   The volunteers have been actively involved in the construction of the Marco Polo Replica for four seasons (2006 - 2009). During that time we have added to our roster, while in some cases others volunteered for shorter time periods. A few volunteers have been with us since 2006. For 2009 we have had a high number of repeat volunteers. This factor underlines their commitment to the project and the pride that they have for their work. The experience that they acquired in past seasons has also been very beneficial in our daily work.

   I would to like to outline a brief description of the backgrounds of the men and women, most of whom are retired, who have and are presently volunteering on the building of our replica. The following descriptions are in no particular order and are intended to give our readers a sense of the variety in backgrounds of our volunteers.

  • millwright
  • electrician
  • coast guard personnel
  • accountant
  • business management
  • sales
  • teacher
  • airline personnel
  • real estate associate
  • physician
  • diesel & heavy equipment technician
  • farmer
  • chef
  • steelworker / welder
  • millwork - lumber, pulp & paper
  • lawyer
  • refinery personnel
  • corrections administrator
  • fireman
  • ---- no carpenters or boat builders

   Some of our volunteers have acquired woodworking skills: mostly of an avocational nature. Their interest and desire to learn new techniques have made what we have accomplished possible.
   Finally, I would like to both acknowledge and thank someone who delivers my communique to you on his web site so effectively. His expertise, both in managing and maintaining the Marco Polo II site plays a major role in keeping you informed about the progress we are enjoying. Tony Arseneau is to be complimented for his contribution to this project. Thank you.

Bob Coes
Project Manager