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    Here are the latest photos sent to us from Bob Coes, Project Manager taken on July 30/06. This group of photos focuses on the stern section and the dramatic changes in the ship's lines from the keel area near the stern post aft to the transom. For Bob Coes, lofting and building these frames were both challenging and exciting.
   Be sure to check back often in the coming months, we hope to have lots to show.

July 30/2006
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    The first photo taken directly astern illustrates the rapid rise in elevation where the frames join the horn timber. This is most evident between the stern post (vertical timber off the steel beam) and the transom. The second photo further illustrates this transition. As well, this picture is an excellent view of the ship (almost) from stem to stern. The arched beam above adds an element of perspective to this photo.
   The next image, also taken from the port side, shows the bow area looking aft.

    The next group of photos include two of our key volunteers. Both Ken Sparks on the starboard side, and Brad Matthews on the port side are busy making adjustments to the frame assemblies attached to the horn timber. These pictures provide a good description of the detail involved in the design, building, and fitting of the frame assembly.

   These past few weeks have been especially active. Four volunteers: Al Sweet, Don MacGowan, Ken Sparks, and Brad Matthews have all assisted in the building process. Their help is much appreciated.

   Wood donated by Harry Dunfield was planed for planking at the Hunter Lake Lumber mill. Transportation to and from the mill was provided by Loyalist Towing. Logistec at the port strapped, loaded and off-loaded the lumber at our work site. Thanks to all of these companies and their staff for being so helpful.

   On more than one occasion Klaus Klausen, manager for Wolseley Industrial Products in Saint John, as well as Terry Bishop, the company's purchasing agent, dropped by to check on our progress and to offer their assistance. Wolseley has been a contributor since the building of the frames in the Fall of 2004. Joe Richard accompanied Klaus on one visit and has expressed a desire in assisting in his field of expertise. Joe is a skilled craftsman in ironwork.

   On another visit, Lewis Golden, the business manager for Wolseley for both New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, and Steve Judge, an accomplished sculptor and carver, with a keen interest in wooden sailing vessels, accompanied Klaus. Lewis has also expressed a desire to help us with the project. It is most gratifying to meet with individuals who are not only eager to offer their assistance, but who also possess unique talents which could add a whole new dimension to the finished replica of the Marco Polo.

Project Manager/ Builder
Bob Coes