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Births & Baptisms

NEW!!! Restigouche County Cemeteries (NB Cemetery Project)
Comprehensive directory containing location info & links to online/offline data for all cemeteries in Restigouche County, New Brunswick.
NEW!!! PANB Cemetery Database (Provincial Archives of NB)
Searchable database of cemetery transcriptions for Restigouche County, New Brunswick.

NEW!!! Kempt Road Cemetery (The Restigouche & Kempt Road Area)
Headstone transcriptions/photos for cemetery in Kempt Road area, Restigouche County, New Brunswick.
Old Athol House Cemetery (Restigouche County GenWeb)
Headstone transcriptions for cemetery in Atholville, Restigouche County, New Brunswick.
Cemetery Inscriptions (Diggin Up Bones... Genealogy and Cemetery Research)
List of available printed volumes of cemetery inscriptions for Gloucester County and Restigouche County, New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Census: Central Access (NB GenWeb)
Comprehensive one-page approach to all census information for New Brunswick, its lands prior to formation of the Province & its once-disputed border areas.


Deaths, Obituaries & Probates
NEW!!! Obituaries (
Obituaries (2001-present) for deaths in Restigouche County, New Brunswick.
Restigouche County Deaths: 1826-1860 (Irene's Genealogy and Family History)
Deaths for Restigouche County, New Brunswick.

Deeds, Directories & Land Grants
1870-71 McAlpine's Maritime Provinces Directory - Restigouche County (Our Roots)
List of names, professions and addresses of Restigouche County, New Brunswick residents.

Restigouche and Gloucester Land for Sale 1831-1854 (Restigouche County GenWeb)

Some land listings for Rstigouche and Gloucester Counties, New Brunswick.

Marriages of Restigouche Co. performed in Gloucester County 1826-1841 (Irene's Genealogy and Family History)
Marriages for Restigouche County, New Brunswick.
Restigouche County Marriage Index of Registers (Irene's Genealogy and Family History)
Index for marriage registers for Restigouche County, New Brunswick.

Military Services

Tax, Voter & Misc Lists
1840 Acts of the General Assembly of New Brunswick: CAP LIX || CAP LX (Marlene's Heritage - People and Places)
An Act to appropriate a part of the public revenue for New Brunswick county services. Many names and locations listed.
Mayors of Cambellton (Restigouche County GenWeb)
Listing of Mayors, with pictures and career overview, for Cambellton, Restigouche County, New Brunswick.