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Mailing List Etiquette (NB GenWeb)
Outline of a few rules of thumb to remember before posting to a list.

New Brunswick
This is simply "The List" for researching New Brunswick with over 1000 extremely helpful New Brunswick researchers subscribed. If you are researching NB, get on this list and break down those brick walls!
New Brunswick Obits
A mailing list for the posting of obituaries and requests for obituary lookups pertaining to individuals of or from New Brunswick, Canada.

Canadian Mailing Lists (Genealogy Resources on the Internet)
Directory of a many Canadian mailing lists.
Canadian Mailing Lists (RootsWeb)
Directory of a many Canadian mailing lists.

Acadian Cajun
Mailing list for anyone with Acadian-Cajun ancestry worldwide.
eGroup for Canadian Acadian researchers to get together and share information, ask for help, or just chat about whats new in the search for our Acadian roots.
eGroup for information exchange regarding Acadian families of North America with an emphasis on the Maritimes in Canada. This list is for anyone interested in tracing their Acadian roots as well as stories and history regarding the Acadians.
Boston States Migration
Mailing list for genealogical interest in the migration between the Eastern Canada and New England/New York.
British Home Children
Mailing list for genealogical interest in the immigration of British Home Children.
British North America
Mailing list for exploring the 'British' character of Canada and is for anyone with a genealogical, cultural or historical interest in those persons who emigrated to North America during the period of British influence.
Canadian Orange
Mailing list for discussing genealogy, culture, and history of persons who came to Canada as members of the Orange Association and their descendants and followers.
Canadian Ulster-Scots
Mailing list for discussing genealogy, culture and history of Canada's Ulster Scots, those persons who came to Canada from the North of Ireland whose ancestors were from Scotland.
German Canadian
Mailing list for discussion of issues concerning the settlement of German speaking immigrants coming from anywhere to Canada.
Irish Canadian
Mailing list for discussing genealogy, culture, and historical contribution of people who emigrated from Ireland to Canada.
The Ships List
Mailing list for interested in the ships our ancestors migrated on. Subjects include emigration/immigration, ports of entry, ports of departure, ship descriptions and history, passenger lists and other related information.
eGroup for a chat room for The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies
United Empire Loyalist
Mailing list for genealogical, cultural or historical interest in the United Empire loyalists who came to Canada from the United States during and after the American Revolution.

eGroup for people interested in or who had family members in the 26th "New Brunswick" Battalion in WW1.
American Revolution
eGroup for general discussion list focusing on the events, persons, and places associated with the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783). Topics are not necessarily restricted to the "American viewpoint" as there was obviously a British and a Loyalist position in this conflict.
NEW!!! Boer War
Mailing list for those interested in the Boer War.
Great War
Mailing list for those interested in the World War I.
NEW!!! Korean War
Mailing list for those interested in the Korean War.
War Brides
Mailing list for those interested in putting WWII war brides and their children in touch with others.
War of 1812
Mailing list for those with a genealogical or historical interest in the War of 1812. This includes veterans of this war and all the battles from 1812 to January 1815.
World War II
Mailing list for those researching the genealogy and service records of family members who served in the armed services during World War II (1939-1945) and the history of the units and organizations in which they served.

People & Places
County Genealogical Mail Lists (RootsWeb)
Albert County
Carleton County
Charlotte County
Gloucester County
Kent County
Kings County
Madawaska County
Northumberland County
Queens County
Restigouche County
St. John County
Sunbury County
Victoria County
Westmorland County
York County

Canada GenWeb
Mailing list for those with an interest in general Canadian genealogy and research as well as those who may not know which Province their ancestor came from.
Canada Roots
Mailing list for discussing genealogical interests in Canada.
eGroup for people who are originally from or still live in Dalhousie, New Brunswick to get together and share stories, pics, etc.
Grand Manan
Mailing list for genealogical interest in the Island of Grand Manan, New Brunswick.
New Brunswick Family Research
eGroup for New Brunswick, Canada genealogy.
eGroup for anyone of any age to come in and talk, post pics or links, anything, as long as you are from New Brunswick, Canada.
eGroup for dedicated to all things related to the city of Saint John. Be it the Saint John Flames, common council, your beef, your comments, your upcoming events, etc.
eGroup for descendents of the original Lord Selkirk settlers to exchange genealogical information.
Surname: Bulyea, Belyea, Bilyea
eGroup for Bulyea, Belyea, Bilyea (and all other forms) of this surname is being set up to coordinate research on this name as it applies to the descendants of Hendrick Belyea (Loyalist to New Brunswick, Canada).
Surname: Sisk
eGroup for genealogy research into the Sisk surname. James Patrick Sisk emigrated by ship from Bandon, County Cork, Ireland to Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada with his wife Hannorah Murphy in the late 1820's. They then walked from Saint John to the North Shore of New Brunswick and settled in Black Rock.
Surname: Walker and Palmer
eGroup for genealogy on the WALKER surname in Dumfriesshire (Scotland), and Prince Edward Island & New Brunswick (Canada); also the PALMER surname in New Brunswick (Canada) and New York (U.S.A.).
eGroup for those who have roots in the New Brunswick Canada area or any ancestry links you may have or inquiries on these families you are welcome.

Canada Cemeteries
Mailing list for anyone searching for their ancestors in cemeteries in Canada or interested in preserving historical information about these cemeteries.
Canada Census Campaign
Mailing list for discussing efforts to have post-1901 Census information in Canada released to the Public.