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Canadian Air Photo Library (Natural Resources Canada)

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Historic Maps
1500s ~ Map of the voyages of Jacques Cartier (Canadian Heritage)
1662 ~ Map of Early Eastern Canada (Canadian Heritage)
1702 ~ Map of Acadia (Canadian Heritage)
1700s ~ Map of Acadian Isthmus (Canadian Heritage)
1755 ~ Map of Bay of Fundy (Canadian Heritage)
1783 ~ Map of British/America Treaty (Canadian Heritage)
1785/86 ~ Map of Land Grants for Cape Ann Association in St. David Parish (St. David Parish Gen Web)
1841 ~ Map of Canada (Canadian Heritage)
New Canada Union with counties and electoral ridings.
1857 ~ Map of New Brunswick (Family Heritage)
1865 ~ Studholm Report Map (NB Gen Web)
Settlement areas for pre-Loyalist settlers.
1875 ~ Atlas of the St. John City & County (Family Heritage)
1878 ~ Atlas of the Parish of New Maryland (Family Heritage)
1878 ~ Atlas of the York County (Family Heritage)
1895 ~ Map of Maine and Western New Brunswick (Charlotte County Gen Web)
Very large file but has over a third of NB charted from the border.
Land Records for Carleton County (Carleton Co. Gen Web)
Contains 18 cadastral maps for the county as well as other useful info for finding records.
NEW!!! New Brunswick Population Pattern Maps (Hammond Parish GenWeb)
Contains several population maps from Acadiensis for the years 1824, 1851, 1861.

Maps For Sale
Centre for Topographic Information (Natural Resources Canada)
Agency responsible for the acquisition, management and dissemination of topographic information for the Canadian landmass.
Family History Homestead Maps
Provides homestead maps for New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.
Maps & Atlases For The Family Historian on Atlantic Canada (Global Genealogy Supply)
Listing of historic Atlantic Canadian maps and gazetteers for purchase.

Recent Maps ~ New Brunswick
New Brunswick Regional Maps (
Constantly growing listing of NB city and area maps.
Map of New Brunswick Parishes (Arnie Krause Genealogy Home Page)

Charlotte County Maps

Map of Kent County (Kent County)
Click on county and it enlarges to show communities.
Map of New Brunswick First Nation Communities (First Nation Information Project)
Shellfish Classification Area Maps: New Brunswick
Very detailed coastal area maps.

Place Names ~ New Brunswick
Canada's Official Geographical Names (Natural Resources Canada)
Find the origin of Canada's geographical names or query a 500,000 place database by geographical name or by coordinates.

Albert County Geography Class 101
Text tour of the entire county along with interesting facts.
Flags in Madawaska: Then and Now (New England Journal of Vexillology)
Outline of the history of the Madawaska Republic with several definitions of place names.
New Brunswick Parishes (Charlotte Co. Gen Web)
Place names in Charlotte County (Charlotte Co. Gen Web)
Large listing of places within the county, as well as, which Parish they belong to.
Place names for Queens County (Queens Co. GenWeb)
What's in a Name (
Contains a brief overview of the origins of 16 NB communities.