Loyalists of the Maritimes

United Empire Loyalists Database (Ancestry.com)

Advanced Institute for Loyalist Studies

Fort Havoc

Loyalist Collection (UNB Harriet Irving Library)

Muster Rolls & Statement of Troops
Loyalist Muster Rolls (Online Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies)
Index to many Loyalist muster rolls. This includes the Maritime Provinces: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.
Loyalist Muster Roll Index (On the Trail of Our Ancestors)
Loyalist muster rolls for New Jersey Volunteers (1777-1781), Loyal American Regiments (1778-1782) and New York Volunteers (1778-1781).
Roll of Officers of the British American or Loyalist Corps: 1775-1783 (Fort Havoc)
List of loyal or British American regiments serving in the Revolutionary War and many officer rolls.
1777 3rd New Jersey Volunteers (Family Heritage)
Muster Roll for the company under Capt. Peter Ruttan's command.
1777 Prince of Wales American Volunteers (Kings County Mallery's/Mallory's)
Muster Roll for the regiment under Montford Browne's command. In September 1783, this regiment travelled from New York on the ships Montagu and Elizabeth to the Saint John River area of Nova Scotia where they disbanded. This is present-day New Brunswick, Canada.
1783 4th New Jersey Volunteers (Family Heritage)
Muster Roll for the company under Capt. Peter Ruttan's command.
1783 Loyalist Settlers in Conway Township (I Dream of Genealogy)
List of Loyalist settlers in Conway Township.
1785 State of the late Corps of Pennsylvania Loyalists (Fort Havoc)
List of known locations of disbanded Loyalist troops.

Loyalist Pensions (NB GenWeb)
List of New Brunswick Loyalist Pensioners.
Records of Old Revolutionary Soldiers and Their Widows (Provincial Archives of NB)
Seachable database of New Brunswick Loyalist pension benefits & continuance to their widows. Includes free access to 3000 document scans!

The Kings New Brunswick Regiment: 1793-1802 (Fort Havoc)
Comprehensive outline of The Kings New Brunswick Regiment, including history and soldier returns.

Returns of Persons
New Brunswick Census: Central Access (NB GenWeb)
Comprehensive portal to all census information for New Brunswick, its lands prior to formation of the Province & its once-disputed border areas, including several Loyalist Returns of Persons.
1782 landing of Return of Men, Women & Children Arrived at Annapolis from New York (Fort Havoc)
Census-style account of persons.

Misc. Info
Kings Landing Heritage Settlement (Heritage New Brunswick)
Heritage site located in Kings Landing, York County, New Brunswick operating as a world class living history museum bringing to life the story of early pioneers and United Empire Loyalists of the St. John River Valley.
Ninety-Six, SC - Loylist Bicentennial
Overview of Ninety-Six, South Carolina Loyalist Bicentennial.