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During the fall of `98, on a trip back home to New Brunswick, I noticed an old envelope on my grandmother`s kitchen table. When I asked Nan about it, she told me it was our family history, which Ancil Colburne, her cousin, had worked on for years prior to his death. She had recently found it & thought I might want to look it over. For more than two decades our genealogy had patiently waited for someone to open it & ask one simple question, "Where did we come from?". Now in the Age of the Net, several connected researchers have nurtured Ancil`s tree of a few hundred relatives into an online database of thousands. And we`re all still searching for the answer to that one simple question!

These efforts are dedicated to our Scot, Irish, German, Dutch, English & French immigrant ancestors who settled & prospered througout the Canadian Maritime Provinces & beyond. Access one of the main family surnames being researched through the upper left menu. Access family pictures & documents by clicking on one of the appropriate icons in the upper right corner. If you find a connection to this tree, please contact the research group of the surname & help us to better understand how we all fit into our extensive & ever-growing family.