Ghost Stories

   New Brunswick Ghost Stories are written by various authors in and around New Brunswick. All though some of the stories have been proven to be not so mysterious some you will find quite spooky. So if you have a weak heart or find yourself unable to watch old episodes of Hitchcock Presents without leaving the lights on I would suggest that you might want to do the same with New Brunswick Ghost Stories....

These first stories were taken from the New Brunswick Reader in celebration of Halloween.

This next story was written by a local budding author, F. A. Dincorn. The story is a little longer than our usual short story entries but I think you'll agree it's well worth the read.

    These next stories were taken from "Ghosts, Pirates and Treasure Trove" The Phantoms that Haunt New Brunswick. A book written by Stuart Trueman in 1975. Published by The Canadian Publishers, MacClelland and Stewart Ltd. If you appreciate the old ghost stories of New Brunswickthis is the book to read!