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Guest Book Entries from 2001 - 2002

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My friend wanted to see, on the map, where I was from. I stumbled upon this wedsite and LOVED IT! Good Job...I'm Proud!
Joanne Richard <>
Fort McMurray, AB Canada

mF?>ENtfklhskjnm gjhjbnnAKB.jh
montreal, quebec canada


ashlee taylor
miramichi, nb canada

Very nice site.
Canada Fishing Trips
Ontario Canada

Very nice site.
Canada Fishing Trips
Ontario Canada

Im doing a project for new brunswick. I hope i find stuff!
delta, bc canada

Very Nice
Shayne Mullin
SouthEsk, N.B. Canada

Nice pages
Samantha Williams <>
USA, none USA

Your site is excellent!

good site, good info, and the jokes were terrific. We go up North several times a year, most recently to NB and Quebec. This year we are looking at returning to Newfoundland or PEI........thanks for the info on Grand Manan Island, Gloria
Gloria <>
Alexandria, VA USA


We enjoyed visiting your site and learning just how unique and special our province is. We are studying our province in Social Studies.
Grades 3,4,5 Millville Elementary School - Maxine Brewer, Teacher
Students of Millville Elementary School <>
Millville, NB Canada

Very factual and ture information. I would like to actually come to New Brunswick because of the intresting information. Thanks a lot
Elise <glitterchick_67>
Courtenay, BC Canada

Great informative site! Will be visiting Fredericton in August.
Mike Weepie <>
Cedar Rapids, IA USA

Just found this page by accident. Great review of where we came from and how GREAT the people are down there. Enjoyed the comments from all ex-N.B.ers. We are from the following towns: Carl - McAdam N.B. & Doreen - Doaktown.

Take care 'cause we care! ! ! !
Carl & Doreen <>
Calgary, Ab.

very nice.
Randall Allhands <>
Sun Prairie 53590, Wi USA

I luv your place and I hope one to live there and have 10 kids with my boyfriend.
Ofellia Dicky <>
Deer Lake, NF Canada


Great site. Hope to visit some time in the future.
Brandon Andrews
Happy Valley Goose Bay, NF Canada

Great sight interesting maybe a few more pictures.

Good Job
erin Smith <>
New-York, N-Y United States of America

It looks beautiful, hope to visit someday.
Hackensack, New Jersey USA

Very nice site.
My compliments.
Nestor Falls, Ontario Canada

hey canada is the best check out my site if u like system of a down
j-watt <>
saint john, nb canada

very good site!! see ya later!bye
Brandi-Lee Holloway 7C <>
Sussex, NB Canada

Nice way to go with this site


NIce site.




I grew ub in NB and being out west makes me aprieciate it all the more!I love this contry but no one does it like nb's north shore!! JACQUET RIVER RULES!!
Megan Elsliger <>
cochrane, ab CANADA

I,m glad I have found your guest book I.m sure that I will like it
Andrew Jandreau <>
woodland , me usa

Hi there! I had a chance to do some camping last fall in the Sackville area. The land has its own unique beauty. As a native New Brunswicker, it was a part of the province I had never seen before. My two favorite areas were fort Beausejour and a hidden gem called the Wheaton covered bridge. Very nice experience!
Mr. K. Clark <>

Hey I really like your site. I have found some of the information here helpfull. Thanks :) Joe D.
Joe <>
Memphis, TN US

i was born in saint john nb.most of my family lived in hampton nb.june 17 1946.hope to retirer back their soon.boviards and browns are family.

roland scribner <>
vancouver, bc canada

hi i live in the moncton area and if you ever go there its the BEST theres soo many things to do like swimming skating roller blading skat boarding!and the have evreyhting!magic mountain zoos!you should go!its awesome!
kelsey macdonald <>
moncton, n.b canada

I miss the ocean, trees, trails and my folks. And Sammy. But change is good. See you in a couple of years Hampton.
andrew <>
Regina, SK Canada

Hooray for Hampton! What a great site. I miss home so much, I can hardly wait to retire and move back home. I was just so happy to find this site. Hello to all my friends in "HAPPY TOWN". Love you, miss you lots. Dee-Dee xo
P.S See ya this summer for Uncle Davids wedding.
Deatra Nicholson <>
Victoria, BC Canada

Nice site, needs more info about NB music though!
Crystal McGraw <>
Moncton, NB Canada

Kind of flat, and I can't find the ocean.
Pete Danells <>
waterloo, on canada

I like your site but you should show some sharks on the shark page but otherwise your site is good.
Aurora, , colorado

Cool site but it needs more facts.....
...... <>
Markham, on Canada

I have just visited your site keep up the good work.
Luke Levis <>
Timmins, on canada

Would just love to visit,stay a while and see a ton,especially in our hot summertime. I would really love to see all of your seasons! I grew up for a while in upstate NY in ther 60's. Thanks for such a pretty sight on-line.
Sherry Huth
Pear Vallery, Texas USA

Anyone looking for fishing trips accommodations while visiting new brunswick we have a good site with lots of info on miramichi river and fishing new brunswick
Byzie Coughlan <>
miramichi, NB Canada

Nice site.
business news wire <>

In our class we were having a debate about the landfill in 1997 on Crane Moutian and what it can ruin u helped me alot.Thanks
Emma Players <>
Ancaster, Ontario Canada

Hello and goodbye this sight needs better pictures!! I am doing this for a report
Sam Verhage

I am from Saint John, but i have been out west for 11 yrs. I miss the ocean and often think of bueatiful St. Andrews.
It is a magical place to be and experience. I would love to be there again soon.

Tracy Childs <>
Creston, BC Canada

I'm a Newfoundlander first and foremost but I want to make it clear that I have a soft spot for New Brunswick and her people. It is a highlight of my journey when I drive home to NF every year from ON to pass through and take in the scenery. Most NBers I have met were here in ON but they are my friends for sure. See you this summer.
Josh Sinclair <>
Perth, ON Canada

Really, this place is like the pics, wonderfull.
go to there.
Tomás Martínez Barrios <>
Cienfuegos, Cfg Cuba

Lots of info here, to be sure. Just a couple of corrections in the "hall of fame", though. K.C. Irving was born in 1899, not 1923, and Walter Pidgeon died in 1984, not 1934. You might want to update this info.
Robert N. Ward <>
Kingston, NB Canada

just want to say hi and thank you to all my
friends and relatives in new brunswick for
your hospitality during our vacation in the fall.
we had a wonderful time and hope to retire there
sometime in the near future. you can take the girl
from the country but you cant take the country from the girl.special thanks to my sisters elva and judy for
the fiddleheads you made me for supper.
marion mcsrtavick <>
toronto, ont canada

Comming to visit NB for two weeks end of May. Looking to retire here. Any advise is welcomed.
Jack Eslien <>
Eau Claire, WI USA

Great site. I grew up in Hampton but moved away 15 years ago. My family still resides in Hampton. I look forward in visiting real soon.
Dennis <>
Port Elgin, On Canada

Justbecome friendly with Lucille in |N.B
is there any one else who would like to get to know me about New Brunswick it sounds a realy great place to live, From the old country all the best for 2003 .Mike
mike noon <>
Loughborough, United Kingdom

If anyone out there knows the location of ANY ghost towns in New Brunswick, could you please contact me with your information.
Ryan Hill <>
Exeter, Devon United Kingdom.

My favorite Canadian province! The scenery and hospitality makes a trip to New Brunswick worth the while!
Ryan Hill <>
Exeter, Devon United Kingdom

I have a Bible entry stating "Hugh McDonald died March 31 1861 at Salmon River NB, aged 32 years"

Can anyone provide me with the location of Salmon River NB?
Any additional information on Hugh would be appreciated
Ben MacDonald <>
Glendale, AZ USA

Like soo many!,I'm a Miramichier off on a life journey.
Love my home town & will return to share with my friends
my life away from heaven! Pound for pound our salmon rule!

Originally from Dalhousie by the Bay, now residing in Saint John by the Bay, I wish to extend Season's Greetings to each and everyone!
Lise Noel <>
Saint John, NB Canada

I visited sackville this past summer it is such a beautiful place
cherie hillier <>
St.Anthony, NL canada

I love your web page! NB is SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO cool!
Jennifer Godin <>
-, NB Canada

I enjoyed your web pages. My wife and I are planning a trip to your area next fall.
Dick Wilson <>
Webster City, IA USA

I think this site is wonderful! Thank you New Brunswick!
Maureen Stephen <>

i have been lookin every for that poutins recipe i was so relived when i finally found however i cant get to a printer so i would like to ask that u guys could mabey send it to my email it would be greatly appreciated
nicky <>
ma usa

I'm doing a project on NB, and ur website helped very much, thank you!
Matthew <>

Hey-I reside in edmonton but go to Blacks harbour NB everfy summer to visit my dad and I LOVE nb-its SO beautiful but is there any way to find pics of smaller towns like blacks harbour and beaver harbour?
Crystal <>
Edmonton, AB Canada

Greetings from Saskatchewan.
I would love to hear from any old New Brunswick friends.
You have an excellent Premier in Bernard Lord !

I am going to NB for Christmas to see my new family! I cannot wait, It looks so Beautiful!!
Lexy Correa <>
Kingston, ON Canada

i think that was fun to read
Alissa Hirsch
Sparta, WI United States

Good job I should have signed the last 3 times sorry triiied to get you on radio this is a good sight. cu Lloyd


We are planning to visit Saint John In Jan. Cant wait to see the Beautiful things there and the Reversing River
Wayne & Barbara <>
Louisville, Ky United States


Brett Corey <>

I just wanted to say that I love you guys so much
Heather McCullough <>
Frederiton, NB Canada

Is there an AVA-IVV type walking tour of St. Johns, NB.
Bill Zimmerman <>
Norfolk, VA USA-23507

Chris <>
Hamilton, ON Can

I was wondering if there is any way that I could contact Mrs. Dathan by email. Thanks.

Luke A. <>
Rockville, MD Guess.

this is a very good looking site
matei laurentiu <>
timisoara, ro romania

I like ths website because i am doing a "report" on New Brunswick.

T.J. <>

Great Site! I Enjoyed It.
Bart <>
Brownwood, TX USA

This site helped me with my project... thanks!
~!~!~ <*~*~*~*~*>
Ontario, On cAnAdA!

We were impressed by your site. Lots of information and easy to navigate!
Mark Visser <>
Burlington, ON Canada

I was Born in Saint John. Great site. Lots of memories.
Just one question on your famous people from NB. I didn't see Louis B. Mayer (MGM) from Saint John. He didn't just star in Hollywood...he built it. Best regards; JMC.
John Chisholm <>
Calgary, AB CANADA

Mmmmm I haven't visited this "one of kind" guest book in some time. Sorry for that, I deeply am. Now, I plan to be visiting in the near future. The reason being, the most amazing woman alive, Leah. I love her more than anything and she means the world to me. So I'm really looking forward to this trip. Now, question I have....... Do you have the show M*A*S*H in New Brunswick? This question may sound ridiculous but it's very important. So if you can let me know, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you and I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH LEAH!!!!!!!!!
Drew <>

this site has a lot of good info and pics i had to do a research project on New Brunswick and i got most of my stuff from this site keep adding more stuff to your site!

P.S. i told all my friends about this site
Woodbridge, ON

Just checking to see if I could get a trace on our ancestry and came across your web. I beleive you and i are related. Is your father Calvin? If so I know you - well. Contact me sometime at your convenience.
Carl B. LaKing <>
Calgary, Ab. Canada

We lived in Saint John all our lives. We moved to Ont. 6 yrs ago
Anthony and Kelley Brothers
Windsor, on

Although I have lived in Florida for 3 Years, New Brunswick will ALWAYS be home. I grew up in Moncton, graduated from U.N.B. (Fredericton) in 1995. Seeing the pictures off New Brunswick certainly makes me home sick.
November 15th, 2002
Tony Agnew <>
Tampa, FL U.S.A.

What a great province!!!!!!!!
Sahyne Rideout <>
Berwick, N.S. Canada

Hi I am searching for anyone who may know the family history of the robichaud and young family on grand manan n.b.I am the mother of laqurecha young and stephan chevarie the desendants of redford young of grand manan his parnets names are alberta robichaud young and deceased father everette young brothers robert eric Michael died at 18.sister shirley other siblings unknown.
michelle chevarie <>
St John, N,B canada

nice site it has help me in my studies

I was on this site to find a biography on sir samuel leonard tilley for a school project on canadian confederation
mitchell <>
brantford, ont canada

This is the best website for information on N.B.
Leah Seal <>
Bay St. Louis, MS U.S.A

I was born in Woodstock in Feb 1944, and lived in Canterbury until moving to Woodstock in 1959. I joined the Canadian Navy and retired in 1986. I have managed the Esquimalt Dockyard Branch 172 of The Royal Canadian Legion for the past twelve years. Presented the Queens 50th Jubilee Medal Friday Nov 8th 2002. Nice to see NB again.
Doug Grant <dougjgrant>
Victoria, BC Canada

I was born in Black's Harbour but grew up in Fredericton from the age of 14. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or Fredericton of the 60's and early 70s. I left Fredericton and moved to Ontario in October of 1976
Gary Wayne Walsh <>
Toronto, ontario Canada

Some of my family come from Back Bay and L'Etete. My family names are Tucker, Holmes and McLeese. This summer I very much look forward to visiting the parish of St. George.
Pamela <>
Tucson, Arizona

I need information on the Appalachian Mountains economic activities. My project is due Thursday and it is now Tuesday. Thank You if you can e-mail the info I require by tomorrow.
LJP <>
Fort McMurray, AB Canada

i found this helpful for homework assignment i learned a lot about new brunswick i foun it interesting and would like to travel there sumtime
Alana <>
Willmar, MN USA

Fayetteville, GA USA

I am thinking seriously in purchasing a home in New Brunswick your site was very helpfull, Thanks
Best Regards
Dr. Jacob-Pierre
Dr. C Jacob- Pierre <>
Coral Springs, Fl USA

Nice to come aboard your web site guest book.
John Kitsco <>
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Thanks for the help with my Canada homework. Your site was very helpful with my research requiremnets.
Stephanie Pruett <>
Montgomery, TX USA

I Love my country of Canada and am a proud Canadian. I met some proud New Brunswickers in my city of London Ontario during the 2001 Canada Summer Games.I found that the people from New Brunswick were very patriotic and very friendly, and they loved where they came from in New Brunswick and were glad to meet so many Canadians during the Games and we could all be together to share many stories about our country and cheer on so many athelet's from many provinces, especially from New Brunswick. The New Brunswick people have a good friendly spirit.
Lori Lee Boyd <>
London, Ontario Canada

i have a lot of of ancestors in new brunswick I was born in monton new brunswick
ken maynard <>
london, ontario canada

Very nice site, settled down here after an Armed Forces stint, and now working for the state as a corrections officer. I grew up in Restigouche Que.,went to school in Campbellton and left for the states in 76. I miss it and good sites like these make me feel homesick.

Robin Mitchell <>
Phillipston, Ma U.S.A.

You certainly have nice scenery for taking photographs, all the photographs are good, good luck with your site.
Beryl Turner <>
Wigan, lancs England

bin latin

tell me about campbell amusments
campbellton, nb

I'm quite amazed at the amount of people who have signed this guestbook. Would just send out salutations to everyone. Namaste
I do graphics & art... check it out

Orion <>
Fredericton, NB Canada

I love this site, it helped me alot on a "5 themes" project we are doing for Geography in 7th grade. I found every thing for all themes.Thankyou lots!!!
Jordan Natalie H. <>
Tampa, FL USA

Doing a project on New Brunswick for my 6th grade class. Thank you for a nice site.
Chris Coleman <>
Jackson, MS USA

Stopped in your fair town twice in August very nice place! Can someone give me phone nbr of Sears Store & gift shop in St George?
Dave Kenney <>
Dedham , Ma USA

Hi anyone out there attend mcAdam Composite from around 1969 to 1973, sure would love to hear from any of , especially those who stayed in McAdam area. Please get on touch.
Pam Hood {YOUNG} <>
Fort McMurray, AL Canada

This site is goog for info
find out your slf <>
bluffton, Ohio U.S.A

I visited new brunswick this summer, I had a great time.
Jenna Jameson <>
Scotts Dale, AZ US

super site ,interesting and informative . NB is lovely lived in Hamilton ON couldn't wait to get back here.
judi michaud <>
bathurst, nb canada

i have visted the zoo many times, and the only way to get there is I have to walk there. But I don't walk all the way from PEI. i just park my car at the bottom of the hill and just walk up!

Emily jackson <>
PE canada

im a Volunteer fire Fighter/First Responder
Sandra Mc Eachern <>
Salisbury, NB Canada

Jennifer I believe your name is..from Ontario,you called your birthfather first name Arthur..about 3 years ago, and I would ask you contact me at this address...I am a contact for your birth siblings who want to meet you
LM <>

i was born in newbrunswisk.
emmanuel hanna <>
belfast n/ireland,

Born in Saint John N.B. Moved to Victoria B.C. 1987 been here sice miss Saint John alot.
Also looking for my sister Bernetta Ramsay.
Please reply to E-mail.
Don Ramsay <>
Victoria, B.C. Canada


hey everybody
lilian <lilianei>
fredericton, N.B

I love NB I lived thre for 4 years I love it and miss it.
Goose-Bay, Labarador Canada

our province is beautiful!!!!
pam shannon <priss02ca>
fredericton, nb

i hate new brunswick but i had to do a project on it and your site proved to be right for me
zach and jake <kingofkings2121 or kipsipz3>
dexter, mi united states

Nice work! :-)
ON Canada

Great site & great pictures. Very well done
Bill Gregory <>
Kentville, NS Canada

I think your web page is awsome it really helped me in my french project THANX A WHOLE LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christa <>
Kitchneer, ont Canada

Just returned from a trip to your beautiful province. What a spectacular time! Excellent ferry ride on the Cat, great accomodations, and friendly people. Excellent whale watching,too (many Humpback and Finback). Thank you Canada and New Brunswick.
R. Gaston
Lancaster, NY USA


Thank you for the resources.
Keep up the good work!
Joshua Bris <>
Troy, NY USA

We are looking up info on New Brunswick for a school project thanx for a good reliable source !!!
Jesse Tiefenbach-Todd Nieszner <>
Moose Jaw, sk Canada

Thanks to (Monique I think that was her name at your government branch where Birth Certificates are obtained. I applied in Ontario unaware that I could not, and the employee taking the applicatiion not smart enough to pick up on the fact that I was born in New Brunswick. After waiting for one month they informed me by mail that I had to apply in N.B. I faxed everything to Monique and she had my birth certificate in my hand in 48 hours. Way to go. Thanks again
Ann Sisk Trusler <>
North Bay, On Canada

i am so lucky to be able to move to N.B. to be with the love of my life. I have never been to N.B. but it looks like an amazing place. due to the fact i love photography i hope to make quite a few postcard pictures. my sweetheart is opening up a all natural country store in Penobquis and we hope to bring a little extra smile to peoples faces.
doug ouimet <>
cambridge, on

very nice
high prairie, AB canada

i have lived in hampton for 15 years and we need more places for teenagers to hang out at
debbie saunders <>
lakeside, nb canada

From Kings County New Brunswick, currently working in the U.S.. Great website and great to read the many posts here by natives, and by visitors.

If anyone has never been to Belleisle Bay, you don't know what you are missing. You grow up near a place like that and years later you move away only to return there to spend your vacation! I'm sure other New Brunswickers can relate to that.

I would like to suggest a much needed revision to the paragraph about New Brunswick's Heritage:

New Brunswick is a province with a diverse and fascinating cultural heritage. Micmacs, Maliseets, Loyalists, Acadians, Scots, Danes and Germans all played a role in creating the New Brunswick we know today."

There is no mention of the Irish contribution to New Brunswick. At one point following the Great Famine, Saint John to use an example - had a majority Irish population and today is still regarded by many as Canada's Irish city. I grew up less than 20 miles from where my ancestors settled in the 1820's. They made the trip across the ocean, moved inland and cleared and farmed a rocky scrap of land in Queens County. I'm baffled that we can remember the Germans and Danes but forget the Irish. Noone ever forgets the Loyalists or the Acadians, but let's also put the word "Irish" in that paragraph.


Jeffery Kelly
Jeffery Kelly <>

a nice place to live.
tom b
ont, ont canada

We used to live on Sandra Drive in Quispamsis until moving back to Alberta in 1997. Alberta has been good to us but we miss our home and friends. Web sites like this lets us keep a part of the Maritimes with us
Ron, Karen Kel & Rob Mills <>
Bonnyville, Ab Canada

New Brunswick is the most beautiful place in the world.
Betty T
betty theodoropoulos <betty ann theo @ hot mail .com>
thornhill , ont canada

I love all of the photos. However; I was a little disappointed that there were no images from Miramichi. I hope to see some in the future
Sean McGraw <>
Miramichi, NB

I miss NB! Its official. Restigouche the friend, my hero. hehe Yup. NB is great. plan to visit soon. :)
Alison <>
Trenton, ONT Canada

I am originally from New Brunswick and was looking for extra Acadian recipes and found your site. Thank you for such an impressive and informative site.
Clare O'Connell Noon <>
Manotick, ON Canada

A little more info in general would really help. That way, if someone came on to do a school project, they could get info quick and easy.
Jessica <>

u should put in the newbrunswick flag and code of arms because because!!
Katelyn <>
ns canada

Hello my name is Cisco. English language is my second language . I visit sites like yours to learn new english vocabulary words and improve my english grammar . I hope to have effective communication and business communication for a new job in US. I learned a new word of the day from your site. I plan to be public speaking and business writing better now from your site. Thank you.
Bogota, Putumayo Colombia

Hey people, just stumbled on to this site when I was looking for job opportunities back home (originally from St.Stephen) *wink*wink, if anybody knows of any IT (networking) positions, my ears are open. Once you move away from NB, you realize how easy it was to take the good things for granted. I moved away to get experience out of school, now that I have eyes are set back east again. Best place in the world...people, weather, outdoor never ends...Hi everyone back in NB..hope to see you soon
Chris <>
Ottawa, ON Canada

ndi guy plz comot i do enter ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh""
okeke markdonel <>
new york city, usa

I lived in Grand Falls for three years and I now consider this town to be home. It is a beautiful place with great people. I miss it dearly. I look forward to returning there someday, again.
Richard Kenney <>
Shipka, On Canada

I was born in Perth in 1954 the night of Hurricane Hazel and have lived many places since then and am now going back to GOD'S COUNTRY to settle down. I've been everywhere man and there's no place like HOME! See y'all soon!
Sadie Woodruff (nee Davenport)
Victoria,, B.C.

Wow~ I lived in sussex, new brunswick for a year as a visa
student 5 years ago. Now I'm back in my country but I always thinking about sussex. It's a beatiful and peaceful town.
Sue Kim <>
Seoul, SK South Korea

Very Good site but i found out it is too out of date.
Matthew Scott <>
Quispamsis, NB Canada

My father is from Black's Harbour & all of my relatives still there; I like to visit every couple years & just love to watch the sea
Andy Noddin <>
Bradford, Ontario, Canada Canada

Am currently dating an Ontario woman who is half French Canadian and half Mic Mac. Her family is from New Brunswick (St. John, Allardville, Bathurst, Tracadie). Looking forward to spending time in your beautiful province as we travel there to visit family.
Karl W. B. Schwarz <>
Little Rock, AR USA

hay people what are u doning .
jerome brewster <>
tyner, ky usa

I wish that our province looked like that!!!!
Krista "D" <>
Moncton, NB CANADA

Saint John is a nice place to visit.. foggy at times... nice and cool for tourism.
Melissa Evraire
Pembroke, ON canada

Great to see all the people who add to the guest book have so much great things to say about New Brunswick,We also hear it from people from around the world each day,makes us all proud to be from New Brunswick.
Miramichi Outdoor vacation <>
Miramichi, NB CANADA

Hi Tony.
I hope I'm not to "bold" in writing to you. Just wanted to say you have a very nice web site.
Tom Boucher <>
Musquash, NB Canada

Hi from Waterloo Ontario. Beautiful Site. I am from Fredericton NB, moving back, been in Ont for 6 years. Looking forward to that beautiful and peaceful province.
Mae Gullison (Lemmon) <>
Waterloo, ONT Canada

I enjoyed your site. I was born in Black's Harbour, New Brunswick but grew up and went to school in Fredericton. I now live in Toronto but plan to retire to Fredericton some day. It would be nice to talk to anyone from Fredericton who remembers me.
Gary W.Walsh <>
Toronto, NB Canada

We used the internet at two of your tourist information centers. It was great to be able to check in with family and friends on are way to Newfoundland. Thanks...
Debbie Burrows <>
Rochester, NY US

My sister and I with our 2 children recently visited New Brunswick (almost all the towns). We spent two weeks driving around and staying at the very best Inns and Hotels and eating the best foods that the towns had to offer. We went on as many tourist sites as we could and did whatever fun things we could. Two weeks was not enough. You have a beautiful province and I am very proud of being a Canadian. The people are so friendly, kind and helpful and I would love to live in New Brunswick. I want to buy a home in either Sussex or Beresford and just spend the rest of my life there in peace and quiet amongst nature. It is truly "Heaven on Earth". Is relocation to New Brunswick difficult from Richmond Hill, Ontario? Are there any obstacles that I would have to overcome? I am quite serious about moving there. I have just started a small export/import company and I am sure I will fit right in. pls. reply me thanks.


visited your website thought it was great i was over in St John NB many years ago for 6 weeks holiday loved it I would like to bring my children and granddaughter over some day
If anybody knows the whereabouts of susan or thomas Macillwraith they lived in st john nb i would be very grateful i have lost contact with them over the years

vivienne howell <>

I am very disappointed in your site. I can't find any camping sites and no information about the ferry to NS.If any any information is availble please email me. We are coming down your way Aug. 23/02
Sincerely M.Warner
m.warner <>
ON Canada

I was born in NewBrunswick and moved when I was only young. I've been back there only twice, but had the time of my life both times. I was there just this summer, in Fredricton. That place is so beautiful! Thinking of moving there next summer. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!
Everyone should visit, it's great!
Bon Knight <>
Grand Falls-Windsor, NF Canada

moi ej trouve que le Nouveau-Brunswick est le coolest ever!! NeW-bRuNsWiCk iS tHe CoOlEsT pRoViNcE aRoUnD!!! NeW-bRuNsWiCk iS tHe CoOlEsT pRoViNcE aRoUnD!!!
Check Part dans le, NB Canada

I lived in New-Brunswick all my life...(was in Rogersville, now in Fredericton) and it rocks!! New-Brunswick is the greatest province in Canada!! The people, the wild life, the beaches, the great bluegrass festivals, the...i could go all night!! NEW-BRUNSWICK IS AWESOME!! WE HAVE TWO BEAUTIFUL LANGUAGES!!! FRENCH AND ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm proud to say that I proudly speak both of them!! I would never trade my home for the world... NEW-BRUNSWICK IS THA BEST!!
thank you!
~*~Baby Girl~*~
Fredericton, NB CANADA!!!!

Sackville is a beatiful place!!
Courtney <>
Calgary, AB Canada

Coming to St. John late September. My mother's family (William Scheid) moved to St John during WW I because of her father's Germanic roots.
Don Schell <>
Pittsburgh, PA U S A

Just want to publicly thank my best friend Shelley and her husband Chris for being such wonderful hosts during my recent stay in Moncton. Shelley just moved to Moncton from outside the Toronto area. We are keeping in touch through email and messenger and will be friends forever. Thank you guys for making us feel so welcome, miss you lots, can't wait to see you again! Hugs and kisses! xxoo
Kim B <>
Toronto, ON Canada

My husband and I have returned from our 2 week vacation to NB and PEI and we had an amazing time. Did so much I don't know where to begin...anyone who hasn't been to the East Coast of Canada MUST go! It will get in your blood and you will long to return. We travelled throughout the southern part of the province staying in Fredericton, Saint John, Sussex, St. Andrew's and Moncton for one or two nights, it was just wonderful. The scenery, the music, the seafood, the sights and adventures...We had a blast!! Thank you NEW BRUNSWICK for being such a great, clean, warm and friendly province. We will miss you but have great memories to cherish and hopefully we will be back soon!
Kim B <>
Toronto, ON Canada

Just counting the days until my hubby, Wayne, and I are moving back to St. George (specifically Lake Utopia Road - Rte. 785). My hubby was born in St. Stephen and raised in St. George. Visited there last year (my first time to the east coast), and I fell in love with the people and the lifestyle there .... I am counting the days to my retirement next year (sooner, if I win a lottery), so my hubby and I can move back to his home country of St. George. Just love it there!!
Mary Harris <>
Whitehorse, YT CANADA

I would love to make friends in NB, am hoping to move to the East Coast one day and enjoy early retirement there. It looks more European than the West Coast and I believe I would be happier there. (I am from Europe...:))) Would love to here from you...somebody, please answer!
Magdee <>
Vancouver, BC Canada

Nice site and I hope to come to New Brunswick soon Thank you
Jim Littlefield <>
So. Berwick, ME United States

Well to prove I have visited, this site, Its as close as I can get at the moment. Miss you. JAMES XXXX
James Bond <>
london, England

i justa came froma new yorka and went toa hamptona and ia liked it a here HAMPTONIONS ROCK!!!!!

I came to view sussex and there's barely anything about it just covered bridges people don't want to move to a place with just bridges we need to know about your 2859 rcac(Royal canadian army cadets)and Sullys and the pool and all thatv good stuff
nelly dier <>
saint john, n.b. canada

St. Martins is the one of the prettiest communities in N.B. The Fundy Trail is amazing and has been built since I left it was quite a thrill. St. Martins will always be home.
Sharon Lambert
Kitchener, Ont Canada

What a beautiful country!
Zell am Ziller, Austria

Fine place. I came, I saw, I played. Even with a few faults here and there, the park is most enjoyable.
I'll be back. =-)
Jerimie Turner <>
Halifax, NS Canada

born and raised in sussex ,thought i would check out your website, found it most impressive , will check it out further when time allows,
dave patterson <babybear@nbnet,nb,ca>
miramichi, nb canada

i feel the cages that you provided for the Large Cats (Lions, Tigers ect.) seem a bit small. the cages that you provided for the femail Peacocks i think are a bit large for the birds. What i am suggesting is that you move on of the large cats to the femail Peacock cage and you move the Peacocks into the large cat cage! I also think the Tigers don't have enough water to swim in, you might want to either give them more or give them the bigger cage, it's common knowledge that Tigers like to swim.
thanks for listening!
Kathryn B. <>
Harpswell, ME U.S.A.

Can you make a site just for magic mountain?

I was born and raised there until 1999.
Stephanie Godin <>
ottawa, ont

hey, i lived in sussex, nb, for 16 years,it's so beautiful,, good page it's nice,,,
alison ashworth <>
Bonnyville, Alb Canada

Hi from Williams Lake B.C. Looking at these pictures makes me realize what I am missing. Been in B.C. for 23 years and am really considering moving back home. Orginally from Mcadam. Beautiful pictures on your site. Glad I found it. Thanks alot.
williams lake, bc canada

hello from the beautiful b.c. both gary and I were born and raised in plaster rock. we have been living in b.c. since 1969. nice site you have.
gilda & gary edgar <>
terrace b.c., b.c. canada

very nice site^^ but i was wondering, what time magic mountain opened?
Katie <>

I like your web site very well. I am originally from dorchester but i have been living in sackville for 22 years now.
Danny Elliotte Webb
Sackville, N.B Canada

Hi, I like your web-site very much. Sometimes I life in Renous, NB and my husband an I love it very much to life there. Many greetings to all the lovely people in NB.
Heidi <>
ratingen, NRW germany

hi your website is so awsome, Since I was born I live here in New-Brunswick Canada and its an awsome place, lots of people come visit our falls in Grand-falls!! cool place!!
Canada, N-B grand-falls

I am trying to get dates for family members in Greenwood, Cedarhill,& Fernhill Cemetries in the St. John area, can you help me with email addresses for them? thanks. I grew up in St. John.
lou jones nee Danells <>

I am presently walking down TransCanada on foot to protest ontario governments Childrens Aid Societies not allowing former foster kids to have access to their files. See my site for more info.
john dunn <>
Toronto, ON Canada

I am a Canadian living in the States but I grew up in St. Stephen, NB and long to return. There is nothing to compare to the beauty of New Brunswick with the coast and forests. My heart will always be there. The web site is great. It makes me homesick.
Cindy Stuart Jaso <>
Austin, TX USA

We spend our summer months here, at Cap Lumiere each year. Love this Province. Have been summering here for the past 40-plus years, and have seen it get lovelier and more accomodating for the tourists each year. Keep up the good work.
Don and Stella Charette <>
Auburndale, Fl USA

I LOVE this site !
Jerron Hawley ! <>
Port Hood, N.S Canada

This site wasn't that helpfull because I wanted to find some information on water parks and amusmant parks but I couldn't find any.But orther than that I thought it was a good web site.
Athena Nicholson <>
kingston, Nova Scotia Canada

spent 6 years in new Brunswick....I'm a military brat...loved it there...can't wait to get back!!!!

I am from New Brunswick. My parents live on the Miramichi River. My one set of grandparents were lobster fisherman from the Northern Eastern shore above the Mirimachi River. My other Grandparents and family were farmers and country store owners from Chipman New Brunswick.
Frances Mawdsley <>
Ridgeway, ont Canada

i have met the most wonderful person in the world, and she resides in new brunswick.
billy <>
brisbane, qld australia

In 8 days my wonderful love is coming to me. I've been waiting for this moment forever!!!!! Not a minute goes by that I don't think about her and how wonderful she is. Day by day I grow more insane and crazy just thinking about it. CONSTANTLY, it goes through my head. This last week of waiting is going to be pure hell but once it's over, my love will be in my arms. She's the most amazing, wonderful, awesome, beautiful, hilarious, PERFECT person I know. I love everything about her. Her smile is the most beautiful site that I've ever seen. I can't help but to smile when I look into her eyes. I melt when I hear her amazing laugh. Leah, I'm truly in love with you!!!!
Drew <>

i have a very very special over here that i like very much
billy <>
brisbane, qld australia

Love the site!! Am researching family tree and am having trouble finding sites containing cemetery records for St. Mary's (old) Newcastle, St.Thomas in Red Bank, St. Michael's,Chatham, and also St. Bridget's RC Church in Renous, N.B.Can anyone please advise me on how to contact any of these. Thanks for the grat site!! Kris
Kristie Foran-Schatz <>
Lodi, CA USA

My parents, sister and I visited NB about 4 years ago. Something happened to me while I was there and has been with me ever since...I just love this province! I will be returning to NB for a week this summer and I will bring my husband this time so he too can experience all that beautiful NB has to offer. The friendliness of the people, the beauty of the scenery and the excitement of all there is to do should be experienced by all at least once...or twice. A truly wonderful province. Can't wait to see it all again!!
Kim B. <>
Toronto, ON Canada

The kamakazi is soo fun and scary at first and I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
miramichi, N.B. wonderful fantastic lovely CANADA!!


MAGIC MOUNTAIN IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Grandfather grew up in Moncton. I still have relatives there whom I haven't met. I'm traveling to Moncton in Sept with my Dad (my grandfather's son). Is there anything I should make sure to see? Also, how would I go about finding the gravesite of one of my great-aunts. She was a nun (Sr Eva Teed)and died about a year ago. Any help would be tremendously appreciated. In case anyone from Moncton is reading this, my maiden name is Teed.
Maureen Reddy <>
New Lenox, IL USA

Verrrrrrrrrrrrrry Informative site!! =)
Thanx! =)
Kombash!! <>
Kombash, KH Kombash!

I am looking at all home sites of Canada´s provinses, and this is the most pretty one so far, hope to go to NB someday:-)

P.S, congra. Canada:-)

Tommy Jespersen <>
Thisted, Denmark

no comments
Kelly Smyth & Cory Lee <>
Halifax, NS Canada

Great page, I enjoyed the visit very much. Your page provided me with so much information about your great country.
David Braga <>
Falmouth, MA United States

You have a beautiful website. However I was looking for more information on the history of Kellys beach because my grandfather and my father lived there before it became a park. Could you please e-mail me if you get more info on it.


Nancy Kelly
Nancy Kelly <>
Thunder Bay, Ontario, on Canada

Very nice page. It is nice to see pictures of home again. Makes me long to return...
Peter Oursien <>
Calgary, Ab Canada

Keep up the good work! Been looking for NB links and related topics to add to my NB page......nice to see someone work hard for good ol' NB.
Dan Hunziker <>
Arnprior, On Canada

Most excellent golf courses in New Brunswick;
"Golf Deals for Canadians"
D.A. Butcher <>
Halifax, NS Canada

Your site brought back many memories. My parents took me to New Brunswick several times camping as a child. Your province left a lasting impression on me - the people,the towns,the beauty,the "down east home feeling"has left a longing in my heart to return. As a 12 year old I informed my parents that someday I would return and live there and it is still a dream of mine. Your site highlighted all my favorite places and I highly recommend that everyone should visit at least once.

Kristi Kerr
Wiarton, On

Good site!, If its possible could you please send me some imformation on Magic Mountain, the camping grounds near by and also the tourist attractions in that area. We would like to plan a small vacation, but need some more imformation.
Thanks, Tara Cottreau
Tara Cottreau <>
Yarmouth County, NS Canada

A veritable storehouse of informations ! Especially for someone who never been there ! What a beautiful place ! The credit goes to the well designed website. Looking forward to be in NB soon !!! Thanks to your great site info, now we know what to look for !
Dominic Lee <pouchong1@rediff,mai>
Kolkata, WB India

Hi Nadia thanks for the web address. Your Town Look cool for the Photo's of the sight.
Louis <>
Bloemfontein, 9300 South Africa

"Close your eyes, let me touch you now. Let me give you something that is real. Close the door, leave your fears behind, let me give you what you're giving me. You are the only thing that makes me want to live at all. When I am with you there's no reason to pretend, that when I am with you I feel flames again. Just put me inside you, I will never ever leave. Just put me inside you, I will never ever leave you." I love you so much Leah!!!!!
Drew <>
Yorkville, IL U S of A


Dear Folks:

We will be in New Brunswick in July. I am searching for my great grandfather's birthplace. I cannot find it on any map. The place is Moores Mills, St.David's parish. Any help would be appreciated.

Sincerely, Wayne Snelley

wayne snelley <>
pepperell, ma usa

We're coming to the Province at the end of July and would really appreciuate some tips on B&B's in the Funday area.
Have a great summer. Thanks
The Drummonds <>
Guelph, Ontario Canada

Grand Manan Rocks! New B. is the best province... :)
Hazy <>
Ottawa, on Canada

Nice feature of the link to find airfares.. too bad it is in American Dollars. I'll be looking elsewhere.
Mary Galley <>
Guelph, ON Canada

Enjoyed photos! My sister and her husband
will be visiting area soon.
B.White <>
Blackshear, GA USA

What can I say adout this Web site that I haven't already said? It rocks! I've lived here all my life, and plan 2 live here 4ever! Norah Kennedy (Loves Candy), and Shannon Davidson (Loves Tojer) live here 2! If they ever visit this site...HI!!!! to them!!! And I'll b in trouble 4 telling u who they like!!!
Catherine Cowe
Fredericton, N.B. Canada

Very well represented! I'm gald to have a Web page like this representing my province! (The best province in Canada!) :)
Cathy Cowe
Fredericton, N.B. Canada

I returned from Moncton in Sept./01 after spending two years down there, and I can say that I miss it terribly. New Brunswick is a beautiful province, and Moncton is a growing, lovely city. The beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. I hope one day to go back there to live permanetly. Karen King
Karen King <>
New Westminster, BC Canada

Doyou Know where Grand Falls Is cuz that is a kewl place!!
So is New Brunswick!!!
Shayne Rideout <>
Berwick, NS Canada

This site is great, I Have lived in NB (Doaktown), forever. All those coming to visit will have a blast its a great place to be!!!!
Tammy <>
NB Canada

sup sup? just chillin lookin at new brunswick stuff for a french project.. nice to sign this book
kevin lavoie <>
Plaster Rock, NB Canada

I was born in Plaster Rock N.B.January 7 l922, lived in Wapske.My Father and Mother, Harold and Edith Green. Would like to hear from people that knew us.
Jesse R. Green <jesse&>
Burnaby, B.C. Canada

Please e-mail me if you know what the Phyographic Regions of NB. I would really appreciate it!
Brittany` <>
Wells, ME USA

où est la version française de ce site? Le Nouveau-Brunswick n'est-il pas une province bilingue???
Nathalie Bourgeois <>
Grande-Digue, nb Canada

I like your site and I loved brunswick. I think that I must visit brunswick in my first holiday :)
conratulation :)
suat duman <>
adana, turkey

Hello to my Family and Friends down in Perth Andover. Congradulations to Melodie McKay and Paul Ruff on your upcoming wedding. Congradulations Melody on the new shop.Can't wait to come home and see u all. Love Darla, Jesse, and Terrance xoxo Most of all look out Bingo Halls cause me and Maggie are a commin. lol...miss u mom!! I love u brother Joey. xoxo
Darla McKay <>
Langley, B.C.

This site the wicked, But i hope more info will put on it and pictures.
ApocalypseIV <ApocalypseIV>
Toronto, on can

Hi everyone,
I'm originally from PERTH-ANDOVER NEW BRUNSWICK, I now live in Toronto, Ontario However, I still love N.B. and will return to live one day.
Leitha Henderson <>

This web-site is awesome!! Its so much help 4 my project! wow, all these projects in grade 7! thanks!
Ont Canada

I orignally am from Fredericton, NB. This site is great! I plan on taking my wife for a visit in NB someday soon, take her for a drive all around the province.
ci vediamo!

Joel Andews <>
Cervignano del Friuli, UD Italy

Ilove your site! There is everything there. I plan to do more reasech on your site.
cassie surrett
woodisde, N.B Canada

The Guest book is GREAT!!! I have showed all I know in Holland and they all say it is great. If anyone has a copy of the St Crioux courier with the announcement of Rene Boerboom and Maureen Wanda Beal Gray in it can you please scan and email a copy of it to us at this email address. Thank you to the paper for putting it in there for my mom Lois Libby Stevens.!
Maureen Wanda Beal Gray <>
Zevenaar, Holland

hi my name is natasha and i was bron in New brunswick and now i live in calgary whit my mom i don't like calgary at all.I love new brunswick and my dad lives in new brunswick. and i am going to live whit my dad for a year and it is going to be my best year in new brunswick whait my dad.
Natasha <>
calgary, ab canada

I plan to spend some time in NB during late August and this site is helpful !
Don Kelso <>
Lennoxville, Qc. Canada

This site was very helpful for my project.....
Daphne Boone <>
Fredericton, NB Canada

can you please send me some information on New Brunswick for a school report thank you very much jo jo
jo jo Quarvo <>
oregon, wi usa

bobby <>
saint john, N.B canada

What a nice site with great graphics. I hope you can visit my new Seniors Safety site and let me know what you think. have a great day Brian Skakun from BC.
Brian Skakun <>
Prince George, BC Canada

Superb website with interesting information. I'm looking for information on Paquetville, N.B. and Miscou Island, N.B.
Evy <>
BC Canada

We found your web site interesting and informative, We're planning a trip there and we're looking for info on populations of the cities but couldn't find it.
Wendell & Cecile Mills <>
Rgina, SK Canada

Thank you, this site has been much help in a project I'm doing on Canada, I really appreciate this site with all it's usful information!!!
Alexandra Gary <>
Orlando, Florida United States

I don first enter this garden to work oo.
Donatus Anyanwu <>
Ala uzoagba, Cotonou

George Dolan <>
Waterloo, Ontario Canada,

I now reside in Newfoundland but was born, raised, and resided in Fredericton until June 1993. Each year I make a trip back to my hometown which I miss terribly to see my family, friends, the farmers' market, the malls, the research station, walk to train bridge, and revisit my old childhood haunts (raised in Devon)!!!!
Stephanie Duncan <>
Lourdes, Nfld Canada

Have genealogy on McFarland's Of Grand Manan, will exchange info to add more deces. of Robert McFarland
Earl MacFarland <>
King William, VA USA

Me and my family were posted for 3 years in Gagetown,my youngest daughter was born in the Everett Chalmer Hospital.
Now the militairy time is over and we live in Germany and we will always remember the good times in Fredericton.
Desjardins Roland <>

Hello to everyone who worked at the Algonquin hotel during the summer of 1998. Hope you are all doing well.

Mike Reid <>

Thanks for the site.
Hugh McKee <>
Atlanta, GA USA

This site really helpd me with my project thankx

Autumn Sproule <>
Deep River, ONT Canada

Just wanna sau hi to all my partners in business.

albert lawrence <>
michigan, michigan usa

I am from Mactaquac. Way homesick as always; so come to see the scerio. I moved to the USA two years ago. I must go home soon. I still hear Mactaquac has no Interent Access?
Yte I hear it calling me gently, but serene. You should try to the resort Mactaquac Park I have met some fine people there as a child.
Marlene S Thornton <>
Chicago, Illinois usa

I came to your site to find some information on new-brunswick and it really helped me alot---- thankyou
Alyssa :)
Alyssa Pelletier <>
trenton, ont Canada

went camping at the bay of fundy np.had a good time.It was strange walking on the ocean floor. thank you.
saw an eagle in the wild for the first time there.
paul L
Epping, NH usa

Great site! I'm doing a project on the atlantic coast of Canada and this the best site I've found
Durham, NC USA

brian bourgeois
moncton, N.B canada

I'm interested in spending one day in either St John or Moncton on the way to Nova Scotia and I am interested in knowing which City has the best attractions.

Can someone help?

Rene Boudreau <>
Stoughton, MA United States

Stumbled across you page via, your listed high in google. Cool Stuff!
Los Angeles, CA USA

For our 20th anniversary in 1993,we flew from our home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to Boston. We then rented a car and drove to New Brunswick, PEI, and Nova Scotia. One town we visited and loved was St. George. We are hoping to return this summer. The website pictures of the covered bridge and the bicyclists brought back memories of when we rented bikes in St. George and rode out to the bridge. We loved the entire trip and highly recommend it to anyone.
Jane and Rob Lowe <>
Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

Hi there,great site i think!Would love to visit you some day!Seems to be good fishing there!! Sweden says HELLO to you all Canadians!
Hans-olov <hans-olov.jansson@spray>
Gävle, Sweden

this website rocks:)

Brian and Shane
moncton NB, N.B. Canada

I use to live in Saint John miss the ocean very much, but it is a great site to look at things and remember the good times I had there growing up. Also miss the friendly people.
krista <>

helpful page about saint john, thanx!

Great site! just checking out N.B. for a possible move there for work prospects.
jim <>
gander, nf

My Mother is from Tilley, New Brunswick and I don't understand why she would have wanted to leave such a BEAUTIFUL province. I have lived in Ottawa all my life and would love to spend the rest of my days in a province rich with such wonderful people and countryside. I have many wonderful memories of vacationing in New Brunswick. Maybe one day I will retire there. Who knows?
Lorna Lemire <>
Ottawa, ON Canada

I needed to do a report for school on NB. I found it fustrating that I needed the information in French and it wasnt available (I couldnt find it)Maybe you can email me and tell me how to convert the text from English to French! Thank You
Jasmine Hebert <>
Sussex, NB Canada

Nice Site, making me more homesick by the minute!
Dave Burchill <>
Calgary, AB Canada

I like your webb site.
celine tracy <>
St. George, NB Canada

Great sights
Linda Sidor <>
Grimshaw, A.B Canada

Billy Bob Joe
Nowhere, ja

Stephanie teed
saint john, NB

Your site is very informative!
Charlene <>
Riverview, NB Canada

Love the site.
Joanne White <>
Saint John, NB Canada

It's been over a decade since I left 'Freddy Beach', and I still remember all of the spots pictured of the old stomping grounds. Great site folks! Visiting this site has deepened the yearning to return home...and cast one more line into Baker Brook for old times sake.
Pat Keegan <>
Kelowna, BC Canada

homesick for the mirimachi
dave <>
omemee, on canada

jacques pelletier <>
grand-falls, N.B. CANADA

great site, great provice , great places, beauty country. Maybe someday somebody invite me to visit this place. GREETINGS FROM POLAND TO ALL CANADIANS.
Peter Chmura <>
Tarnow, POLAND

We are looking back to very fond memories of St. Andrews and New Brunswick in general. In 1965/1967 and 1968 we had taken our three sons to your beautiful area and were camping at the then "Kiwanis Club" owned campground.In 1979 we moved from New Jersey to Switzerland, where I am originally from. Two days ago our oldest son, still living in New Jersey informed us, that the "Pansy Patch" is in the internet. Needless to say, we immediately looked at it, as we remembered the brass plaque by the gate saying: "Pull the string, lift the latch, welcome friends to Pansy Patch".
It certainly would be nice to be back in this serene environment.
Richard & Brigitte Demmerle <>
5616 Meisterschwanden, Aargau Switzerland

enjoyed this site I am planning to visit saint john in june to look up my father's birthplace. Also trying to track down family history. Would appreciate any help you might be aware of. thank you.
frank watson <>
east islip, ny united states

Can't wait to visit New Brunswick in July, really looking forward to it.
Pembroke, ON Canada

Iam looking for any single men for descret fun. You can come introduce yourself to me at the bar The Well. Iam a bartender there. Hope to see you soon!
Saint John,

rheal cormier is the best and i got some stuff on him will he is my moms cosin so my grandma and grandpa are his god parents they have been to some of his games maybe like one but we all go to new brunswick every summer if ne cormiers read this were r the best
brittany < >
london, ont canada

Congratulation on the lovely commercial running on our TV's . It's better then some of the regular program. It's beautifully made.
Owen R Cormier <>
Waltham, MA USA

interesting site--just homesick for boiestown, hello to the miramichi.
omemee, on canada

If anyone would like to visit the Grand Falls, website,just click on my link. Hope you enjoy and also hope that you have a great time in New Brunswick. If you need any more info on NB,just contact me.
Mike <>
Grand Falls, NB Canada

This is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I must visit New Brunswick! Great job on this page.
Ana Estrada <>
Orlando, FL USA

Would you be able to sen me information on fredericton in french for my project. P.S I loved your site. Most of my information is from this site. Thank you Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith <>
Niagara Falls, ont Canada

i was looking for info on wild bill hudon. the boxer. he was my uncle. but i cant seem to find anything.he was in the boxers hall of fame. but i cant find anything. he was from bathurst .maybe you have a web site i can go to to find it. thanks so much>
wheatley, on canada

Had a great evening checking the site out. So interesting. Thanks! Wilson
Wilson Hare <>
Miramichi, NB Canada

My name is Lewis Burstyn and I am planning a trip in the middle of May 2002 to your beautiful province. I am looking for information of Lower Derby - I would very much appreciate it if you could provide me any info

Lewis Burstyn <>
Toronto, Onario Canada

Hello everyone:
i am originally from Moncton, living in Windsor,Ontario for the last 35year`s,i do vacation in the Moncton-Dieppe area every summer for about 3-week`s,i wouldn`t miss the lobster season so help me,you have a great site and nice to read all the beautifil comment`s in regard`s to Newbrunswick,i certainly will be retireing to the Moncton area in a couple of year`s,i am also in ham radio and i normally have contact`s with a few of my personal friend`s in Newbrunswick every weekend,i attended good old Moncton,High many year`s ago,well keep up the good work and i will visit your site again real soon and also read a few more comment`s from your guestbook.

Best Regard`s,Laurie Leblanc VA3LL
Windsor,Ontario Canada.
Laurie Leblanc <VA3LL@AOL.COM>
Windsor, Ont Canada

Just surfed in doing some genealogy - really enjoyed your site. Lots to look at and well presented.
Debra <>

C'est un site merveilleux mais laisse a disere,il n'y a pas de link a la meteo et au centre d'emploi.
Martin <>
Moncton, N.B Canada

What a well done website. It is great to be able to sit at my desk and have a virtual tour of the interesting, and very beautiful locations throughout this great Province we call home.
David <>
Woodstock, NB Canada

I am origionally from New Brunswick, and I loved the web site. Seeing all the beautiful pictures made me very homesick and I'm looking forward to coming back for a visit soon.
Darcy <>
Calgary, AB Canada

as a very young naval officer in 1943 my ship called on a few ocassions into st.johns and the hospitality which we received from the people was tremendous, being a scott i was welcomed into many homes and one in particular was at 94 waterloo street,the name of the family was holder and the daughters name was audrey. anyone with information of that family will have my grateful thanks. thank you in anticipation.
ian duff <>
milnthorpe, england

Love that picture of low tide at Campobello. I miss the water and even the fog of the Maritimes. Great site, I come here often to just take a look. Have found some old school pals.
Marion (Eccles) Ricker <>
London, ON Canada

Very nice and interesting site.
Len Vanderlinde <>
Fort St,John, British Columbia Canada

i love this site it helps my get my school work done for projects and stuff!!
juliana <>
moncton , NB canada

Great to visit your site. My Wife and I will be visiting NB for the Pioneer Celebrations in Oromocto this summer. Please say hello if we are out and about (which we will be) during that time.

We are really looking forward to our visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Terry Stubbings <>
Lincoln, England

MMmmmm well I'm reclaiming my guestbook position. Yeah you cant get rid of me. Well mainly I just want to say, I love you Leah! You are completely amazing and I am so very much in love with you. I love you sooooo much!!! Hehehehehehe meet you in the cornfields. Hehehehe. Love you Leah!!!!
Drew Klimczak <>
Yorkville, IL U.S. of A.

I just wanted to say that your updated site is better than ever. We visited New Brunswick a year ago and are considering moving there.
Melanie <>
Windsor, ON

I had no idea that you have that many and variety of whales visit the Bay of Fundy. Awesome site !!
Compton Bird <>
Moose Jaw, SK CANADA

New Brunswick rules everybody go to sussex its the best
Erin Dunfield <>

Planning on spending time this summer up there. Thanks for the info - Jens ;)
Best Rate Merchant Accounts <>

We spend our summer vacation in Grand Falls N.B., It"s beautiful in Canada .
Don Melanson <>
Bristol, Ct. U.S.A.

I live in New-Brunswick and I think it's just great!!!! Goodbye everyone and I wish you the happiest of times here in New-Brunswick!!
Chantal Cormier <none>
Dieppe, NB Canada

Thx for the map
kent <n/a>

Great site! It helped me with a school project. I never left the site for other information. This site has EVERYTHING that has to do with New Brunswick!
Chris Williams <>
Hooksett, NH United States

Where can I get a road map of province
Gary R. Morris <>
Gansevoort, NY USA

I was born in Moncton, Nb, graduated from Riverview High in 1991. I currently travel from Moncton, to Atlanta, Ga, where my special someone lives. It's nice to have pictures of my home to show people. I would like to see more pictures of the whale watching in Grand Manan, if that's possible... The web site is beautiful!!! Thank you
Heather Steeves <>
Moncton, Nb Canada

Ton photos sont EXELLENT!!!:)
Au Revoir!!
(your pictures are great!)

SMO <>
Burlington, ON Canada


I just stumbled on this site, looking up info on "sussex gingerale". You can't get it anywhere here in Virginia. It is just one of the many things I miss about New Brunswick. For anyone who has moved away from NB, I recommend purchasing the "Anne of green Gables/Avonlea" boxed video tape set. The sounds of Maritime wildlife are peppered throughout, and it will be music to your homesick ears! To those responsible for this marvellous site, I salute you!
D. Hauck <>
va usa

Salut mes amis and others :) Ginette, Germance, Rino et know who you are :) Miss you guys tons..From Grand-Falls but live in Florida now..Site is so beautiful makes me miss home even more :( Love you all eh ..WE WON THE HOCKEY GOLD!!!!wouhouuuuu!!!!
Booger/Diane <>
Grand-Falls, NB Canada

hi was born in sackville n.b on march 26 1970.was born under name michelle dawn legere daughter of madeline and david legere.put up for adoption in janurary 1974.anyone with information on my family tree please e-mail me at
michelle chevarie <>
blacks harbour, n.b. canada

Hello, there. Hope all is well with you. As a graphic artist had to say yours'is smashing
Catherine Lake
Los Angeles, CA USA

I am doing a province report on New Brunswick and have used this site for most of my notes...thank you....
kacie <undisclosed>
Chelan, WA U.S.A.

Seafood never tasted better. I had an excellent time!
Scott Colehouse <>
oakville, on Canada

nice site........ I will visit in person one day
Dinosaur Valley Mini Golf <>
sudbury, on canada

I was very impressed with your graffics
Carla Castanya
Shrewsbury, England

I live in New Brunswick all my life,but was born in Gaspe Quebec,i came to N.B,when i was just a momth old,that was where can to and live a place called Lily Lake,french name is LacDesLys and then my family moved to Vald'Amour and moved to Campbellton,in spring of 1958 thanks Shirley Coffin

This is a great site you have. I used to live in Maine, and was looking around and found your site by accident. I bookmarked it as a favorite.
Bob Maples <>

I used to live in NB (10 years) and one of my FAV places i king's landing, i used to live in Geary, my name is Charlotte, anyone think they no me, e-mail me. You should have a search link. :)
Charlotte Kelley <>
halifax, NS Canada

well i live in NB and i like the place but now i live in acolle if some one no my name i would like them to write to me i miss alot of my friend i love new brunswick may rose
may rose allain <>
lacolle, QC

This is a very nice site to see..... Somebody is doing good work
Campbellton , NB Canada

I enjoyed your site, but not much is mentionned about the tip of New Brunswick, we have a house in Bertrand NB it is the town next to CARAQUET..... Located at the very top of the map a bit on the left side,40 miles from Bathurst. It is so picturesque. We are actually from Massachusetts and we bought a house there a year ago wanting to make it a B & B.... my sister lives next door and she was going to give it a go, but has since been taking care of my mom who has altzeimer, so instead and for hte moment she is just renting rooms, it is a very nice house you can see it on the site and if ever you wnat to visit that part of the world give us a call....... my url is
Have a great day everyone...... JoAn
JoAn <>
Bertrand, NB Canada

i love your recipes,living in ont. orginnally fr. nfld
gertie <>
mississauga, ont canada

JE PENSE SOUVENT A MES AMIS ET AMIES.Beautiful Province with all it's trees and bridges...
Laurent Francois Joseph Boisvert <laurent f>
Scarborough, ON Canada

I was born on Grand Manan Island and would like to be able to email some of my relatives. My mom and dads names were Lois and Heber Beal. I am the youngest one in the family. I am living in Holland now and get lonesome so if you are related to me please email me and I will answer back to you immediately.
Thank you
Maureen Beal Gray
Maureen Wanda Beal Gray <>
Zevenaar, GLD Holland

I used to live in Oromocto NB, and I loved it so much, the small community, the friendly people, i hope to move back there, it is an awsome town, and i miss everyone there, including my uncle paul, cousin dan, aunt judy, boyfriend darren, and all my friends at ohs!!
luv always
Melissa Melanson <>
London, Ont Canada

Hey i was born in Grand Manan Island.... Nice to see that it is on the net...My dad was Heber Beal!!

Thanks Maureen!
Maureen Wanda Beal Gray <>
Zevenaar, GLD Holland

nice !
Uebersetzen Russisch

I love this website because it has helped me so much. I'm doing a report on New Brunswick in school. Most of the info I found here. Thank you so much for creating this website.
Huckleberry Muse Jr.
Los Angeles, CA United States of America

Hello There!
I just wanted to say a big thankyou for having this site. I am from Montreal,Quebec Canada, but visited parts of NewBrunswick when I was aprox: 14 years of age. I know that I have relatives living in parts of NewBrunswick that I hope to locate one day. With you having this site, it may help me to do so. I am very grateful & I appreciate that you have this site. NewBrunswick is certainly a beautiful place!
Thanks once again.

Joan <>
Ontario Canada

I would like to say hi to everybody in Newbrunswick. You have a really nice web site. I have been in Newbrunswickseveral of times and I think it is a beautiful Province. I am from Bonavista,NF. you can visit our web site I met two sisters from Northern NB. (Bathust I think) Chantal and Menno in 1980 in Nanasivik NWT.I am not sure of the spelling of Menno,we were about 11years old then,I would like to know where you are
and how you are doing.

rodquinton <>
Bonavista, NF Canada

Just reading some comments from people who love their homeland. I know that everyone will say that their hometown is the best because that is human nature. But Sussx, New Brunswick is as beautiful as any place on this planet!
Michael Baxter <>
Tokyo, Japan

The site is great but I'd like to know what the weather is for tommorrow.It should have a local weather link.
Martin <>
Moncton, N.B

I couldn't find anything on the Hideaway club and who their bands are going to be in the next little while.
Joanne Howe <>
Fredericton Junction, NB Canada

Here we are in Feb 2002 sunny but freezing cold. I am checking for newspapers from N.B. and find your site.
My wife is a former Sussex native and we spent our "Honeymoon" in Sussex 42 years ago. we have plans to visit again this year to visit very good friends "the Mc Nairs". Sure looks like Sussex has groiwn in 42 years. JF

John Fry <>
Kingston, Ont Canada

are you the Ellen(Drury)McLaughlin maried to GEB if so I would like to hear from you guy`s
aurele jr labelle <>
belleterre, qc canada

I'm originally from Richibucto, New Brunswick and I miss New Brunswick very much. I only have a few years before I retire and when I do, I'm coming home. It's a beautiful place to live. I love to keep in touch with the people from New Brunswick. I go back there every year for my holidays, but I mostly stay in Moncton at my daughter's place. I still have to spend some time in Richibucto with my mother and sister, but I like Moncton better. I'm sure that's where I'll retire. Anyway HELLO to everyone from down home. Great website!!!
Yolande Roy <>
Toronto, ON Canada

great site! lived in sussex for many years
aurele jr labelle <>

Hi New Brunswick, what a treat to find this site. St John is my birthplace but I've lived in Australia all my life.These are the only real pics I've seen of 'Home'...yes, I still think of it as that and I'm just so glad you provided this great site. Love it! :)
Kathy Haley <>

Just checked out the photo gallery at your site.
Great shots. Impressive.

Andrew Petrie <>
Moncton, NB Canada



I was born in Chatham and lived there till spring of 1979 and then lived in Napan till 1998 when me and my now husband moved to Scarborough, Ontario.
These pictures helps me remember all that is good about growing up and living in New Brunswick and I must say that these pictures put a smile on my face when I need it most.

Mary Langguth (nee McLenaghan) <>
Scarborough, Ont Canada

Just Wanted To Say Hi To All Newbrunswickers.
David Carr <DavidGCarr@HotMail.Com>
Frederiction, NB Geary ,Oromocto

Just strolling through and found your web site very enjoyable and I will be sure to come again......
hope you visit us in sudbury one day soon. josee Rainville

Dinosaur Valley Mini Golf <>
greater sudbury , ontairo Canada

enjoyed my visit to your site. maybe one day I shall be able to visit with you. may I send greeting to you all from london uk. regards peter moore TOWN CRIER TO THE MAYOR OF LONDON.
peter moore <>
london, uk great britain

Wonderful site - one of the most comprehensive on New Brunswick
Alan Moore <>
Alma, NB Canada

I was from Nicholas Denys N.B. Moved away 21 yrs. ago still got family and friends in the beautiful Maritime. if anyone remember me contact me. I like to hear fr: Claudette, Carmen,Claude Frennette, my cousin, my maiden being Comeau
Gilberte Boudreau <>
Woodstock, Ont

Hi, this is a wonderful sight. I really enjoyed the pics. I am from Sussex. I moved to Alberta in 1993 and it is nice to check out my home town on the internet when I get a bit home sick.

Ellen (Drury) McLaughlin <>
Alberta, NB Canada

Hello!!! Again, nice site and one more time I have to say that I love Leah and she is the greatest person ever!!! New Brunswick is lucky to have her!!!! Love you Leah!!!
Drew <>
Yorkville, IL United States

MTA rocks! I'm out in BC -- feeling very homesick. Besides the land, I also miss the people (not much in the way of humour out on the west coast). Most annoying thing -- they always get NF mixed up with NB, ah well...
J Blair <>
Victoria, BC Canada

I am currently the reigning Miss New Brunswick and I thought this site was great! It would be great though if you could try to get more of the festivals that will be coming up posted well before their date so people can make plans to go. YOu should also offer more reasons to come to New Brunswick and try to show to others just how beautiful this province is! I say this because I was crowned Miss New Brunswick at Old Home Week in Woodstock and I think it would be great to let people know some of the things that go on during Old Home Week! You may not be able to get the exact dates but you could start with just listing some of the events! I just would like to say that I ove being from New Brunswick, it is truly a beautiful province! Keep up the good work, I was so happy to find this site on New Brunswick! I will reccommend it to my friends!
Melissa Wilson

Melissa Wilson <>
Pennfield, New Brunswick

Hi there!!! I am looking for my father Keneth Wayne Lutes who lives in Moncton. Any one that knows him please contact me.
Thanks Sue Lutes

Susan Lutes <>
Thunder Bay, On

Hi there!!! I am looking for my father Keneth Wayne Lutes who lives in Moncton, any one knowning the where abouts please contact me,
Thanks SUe

Susan Lutes <>
Thunder Bay, On

great site.
ezguy <>

g`day nice pic see ya
sorry so short


Hello I live out side Miramichi Good work not enough information on the Mirimichi.
Like pics,info, and much more
Good bye

Amanda Dunnett
Halcomb, N.B Canada

Very nice site! what is New Brunswick known for?
oshawa, ont canada

Hi everyone!! I am from New Brunswick and very proud of it. I am now living in Sudbury, Ontario, but I know it won't be long and I will be back home again. You know what they say, "You can take the girl out of New Brunswick, but you can never take New Brunswick out of the girl". By the way, I am from Boiestown, NB, the very centre of it all.
Tina Spencer <>
Sudbury, ON Canada

Ummmm yes the site was pretty good. I just want to say that I would come there for one reason. This reason being Leah. I love her!!!!! Well thanks for the screen savers too. I love you Leah!!!!
Drew <>
Yorkville, IL United States

Love this site,i am in MLM marketing and people are joining from all over CA.& US. and no matter who i talk to if they are orgininally from NB. or just visited our great province they all want to come BACK. We are people helping people here,and look out for our neighbour
Richard Madore <>
Villeage, Minto, NB. Canada


This was a great site ppl! I loved the thing tho maybe you could add more maps of just all of NB...GOOD WORK!
~*Christina*~ <>
Toronto, On CANADA

I'd just like to say there just needs to be more pics in here of the actual town. And for all you other people who are reading this, I'd just like to say the Sussex is the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD, come down and take a look for yourself. And while you're there in the summer time, go to Sulley's at the train station because they have the best ice cream in the world and they give you a lot for your money. SUSSEX ROCKS
Craig Oberemeier <>
Sussex, NB Canada

I have lived in Ontario for almost 7 years and love to visit this site to look at pictures from "home". I don't get to visit very often so this site keeps me in touch with my roots!
Vanessa Cotterell <>
Guelph, ON Canada

I have family in New Brunswick, Canada And i am looking for them i was woundering how i could find them and contact them there last names are LeBlanc
Kristy <>
Millbury, ma United States

Hi all! I was born in 1961 in Saint John, NB. I attended the following schools: Dufferin Elementary - West Side Elementary(by Martello Tower) - McDonald Consolidated(Kingston Penninsula) - Saint Peter's Junior High(yuk!) - Saint Malachey's High. My name before adoption was "Carvel". If you remember me, and would like to reminisce, drop me a line. =O)
David Dolan <>
Kamloops, BC Canada

i need it for school opk bye it time for me to lave wewe
jasmine Al, <>
huntington park, CA u.s.s

Love your site. I was born in Fredericton and spen most of my first 18 years in Minto,left there when I was 18. Sure do miss N.B. The best place in the world to live. Things I miss Parties at Grand Lake (Bomb Fires).Delux Fish and Chips
,Pool Hall,Beautiful Girls,Fredericton Exapition,and some of the Best People in the world...Love you N.B.

Bevery McMann <Big Boat No>
Boston, Ma USA

needs more hitory on tourism attraction

cathy montgomery
campbellton, NB canada

Excellent site. Lots of information well presented. Thank you. I think your province is awesome. I have put your link as one of my top five for the next two weeks then it will go into my link page.
See Awesome New Brunswick : Millenium series 31

Mary Ellen Bradshaw <>
Vancouver, , BC Canada

New Brunswick is indeed a picture-perfect example of an atlantic wonderland.
Have lived here all my life and have no plans to make anywhere else my home.

Chris Ramsay <>
Bathurst, NB Canada

Missing the Maritimes every day of the year! Can't wait to get out of Ontario and back home to beautiful country-sides a slow pace of life, friendly people, and plenty of good times! :)
Christie Little <>
Kitchener, ON Canada

I think the site is nice but can you please send me the population of Saint John for my school project! Thank you!
Ashley ingersoll <>
Saint John, nb Canada

very nice looking at the pictures of my area and trying to guess what it was i was looking at....(laugh)....I hope to see more of our native background displayed....thou i am not native i still would like to learn and see there way of life here too..but other than that very good site .....4 thumbs up ..
Tracy Tremblay <>
St-Ignace, NB Canada

Very impressive site! I will admire this!
Karl Von Pupp <>
Los Angeless, CA United States

Hello Everyone back home, I am over in the Netherlands for a year on an esxchange program. The family that I am staying with here signed the guest book as well. It is great to see pictures of home being so far away. I will see everyone in little old St. George in about 6 months. Take care. I love the site.
Tania Gowan <>
St. George, NB Canada

I kinda like it. Thanks!
Cherrie Nelson <>
Tacoma, WA USA

I was born and raised in Grand-Falls,N-B.I've always missed it at Christmas time.The winter here is nothing like New-Brunswick.The city rush is now getting to me after all these years in Ontario.You have a beautiful web site.It brings me closer to home.

Bernadette <>
Hamilton, Ont. Canada

I was born in Saint John, but grew up on Fairmont drive, just off Lakeside Road. I now live in England, but will always consider Hampton to be home. I was able to return home for a few days this past summer, and it was lovely to see that the town has been able to grow and expand, but still maintain that "little town" feel.

If anyone remembers me, I would love to hear from you. (KV grad class of '90) e-mail me @

Beverley D. Simpson <>
Stratford-upon-Avon , England

Great to see all the transplanted Maritimers showing respect to their roots. I'm from Sussex, N.B. and can't wait to get home for Christmas and go to the Thirsty Mule. You haven't lived until you've been to the Mule. Yeeh haaww!
Jeremy Duguay <>
Kitchener, ON

great and cool site ever seen in my browsing.Its amazing and really informative
jack <>
lasvegas, CL USA

Wonderful information, great photographs and information packed neatly into one site!!!!
Jennifer Mears <>
Cobourg, ON Canada

Some nice work.
Andy Eldridge <>
Lockport, TN USA

I like this site. Keep it up!
Leanne Collins <>
Oakville, ON Canada

great and cool site
rick <>
cranford, nj usa

Great site, will be bookmarking for future reference
Teresa Godkin <>
St. Catharines, on Canada

this is really cool especialty the pic
Jasmine Alfaro <JasPooh2001>
Huntington Park, CA United states

Hey!!! This is the Hampton High School Cheerleading coach!! I just wanted to say your site is just great, you have done a great job!! I am working on a web page for my team also and I was wondering if you could soon add a link to it..
Cheerfully Yours
Aimee Hachey

Aimee Hachey <>
Saint JOhn, NB Canada

On September 11th i was on route to New York when the horrific events unfolded in the USA. My family and i were diverted to Moncton where we were met with overwhelming kindness which will stay in my heart forever. Joseph Smith and Steve Kenney took us into their home and treated us like family. Moncton should be immensely proud of it's community.
Claire Pendleton <>

Hi there! I just bumped into your site, and I kind of enjoyed it. Keep it up! :-) Au revoir! Take care!
Jean Duvalle <>
New Orleans, LA United States

Great. Thanks!
Ilona <>
Buffalo, NY USA

neat. i like the site.
garry <>
Toronto, ON Canada

Hello! great site

Hi from Canada!
Mila Jackson <>
Toronto, ON Canada

I love this page! It was very appealing as a viewer to see. I think you have done a great job and provided good information.
Anita Titus <>
Digby, NS Canada

I misspelled my email address on my last mail to you. Anyways, keep the site up!
Eldon Barclay <>
Collegedale, CA USA

You will be hearing from me soon. Thanks
Milton Lewis <>
Lake Charles, MI USA

Good web with cool info. Thanks.
Everd Linten <>
Henderson, KY USA

Good job! Thanks!
Gary Shafer <>
Naches, NY USA

Excellent site. Thank You!
Michael Jackson

Could you please tell me whether the municipality of St. Andrews allows the use of sewage containment facilities in order to have high-density residential developments within non-serviced areas of your town? And, if not, why not?
Thanks, Donna Hicks

Donna Hicks <>
Bathurst, NB

I am an a 11 year old student at Calvary Christian Academey. I have been to Nova Scotia before in 1999. I was looking on here for info for a report. It is a very nice site.

Beth Anne Mason <>
Ridgeley, WV USA

Please advise where I can apply for a travel guide.
I am planing a road trip in the spring of 2002 and would love to read up on New Brunswick in advance.
Thank You in advance

Gerald Cooper <>
thornhill, ontario canada

Were's the picture of Virginia
Mike Beemer
Bradford, Ont. Canada

Grew up in Moncton. Been living out west for 21 years. Things I miss about N.B., I miss Parlee Beach, Gould's/DeLuxe Fried Clams, Parties at Caisse Cape, May long weekend drags in Oyster Bed P.E.I., Fishing Salmon on the Miramichi, Golfing in St. Andrews. Great place to be from, and to go back to. Excellent website, keep up the great work.
D. Morrison <>
Edmonton, AB

Good job! Your site is great!
Li Wei-Ho
United States

love this site
tony <>
San Clemente, CA USA

I am doing a canadian notebook on your province and this website has been very helpful.
Jarrod Coomer <>
louisville, ky united states

I found your site very interesting. Thanks!
Engineering Jobs <>
Salem, United States

Hey this is a kool site to find pictures of new brunswick!
Jessica <>
Green Bay, WI United States

Hey this is a kool site to find pictures os new brunswick!
Jessica <>
Green Bay, WI United States

Could you please include some data on native peoples and their languages, and also the bird population of NB?
Nikki (again!)

Thank you to all the people in nb friends chat room,who all help me. I will use this site to its full to find out more about their area they live

London, England

Very nice and informative site.
Rachel Bordage <>
Miramichi, NB

A special thanks to all Canadians who helped my fellow countrymen in their time of need. We will never forget your kindness and support.
gina <>
pearl river, NY United States

I used to live in Sussex back in the seventies. I wanted to say that I think it is a lovely website. I hope to visit Sussex itself
later this fall or early winter.
Clifford Duffy

clifford duffy <>
montreal, quebec canada

I miss NB, if there were any jobs there I would move back in a second!!!

Edmonton, AB

hello to everyone back home(lynn & ester). I've only been gone a little while and I'm feeling a little homesick. I love to look at the pictures so keep them coming!
sreid <>
london, on canada

Hello to everyone back home.(Miscou Island & South Tetagouche) I am curently in the forces and I am posted in Petawawa Ont. After looking through your site I think we might go home for Xmas.
Enjoyed it very much. Drop us a line.

Robert & Brenda Vibert <>

This site is......wahtever...I didn't like it cause I was looking for quick facts of New Brunswick and not about who invented ice-cream

Enjoyed the site. Reminded me of how much I miss New Brunswick. Keep up the good work!
David Dolan <>
Kamloops, BC Canada

New-Brunswick is the best and i wouldn't for millions move from this beautifull place. The people are friendly and the guys so good looking.
Hi to everyone from this faboulous province and to those looking for a great vacation spot n-b should be your first choice. The city of moncton is tha best

Chantal <>
Balmoral, n-b canada

a great site to find out lots of info on New Brunswick. As there is so much to see and do in our beautiful picture province
miramichi outdoor vacation <>
miramichi, NB CANADA

We have just returned from our third holiday in your great province in the past six years. It is our intent to change that to once every year starting in 2002. We cannot say enough about the country and the people.
Ian and Reina Keen <>
Prince George, BC Canada

I have met this very sweet girl, and I hopefully will get to go to Sussex to see her. It is such a beautiful place by the photos and i will have to take this 1 step at a time.
Nick Prosper <>
Corner Brook, NF Canada

Moving from the very west coast of Canada to the very east coast of Canada...can't wait to get to NB!

Liked the site. Thanks!
Felicia Boutin <>
Toronto, ON Canada

That was interesting. Thanks!
Andrew Jones <>

That was interesting. Thanks! <Andrew Jones>

I am on my way to see N B
Thomas Dillon <>
Ottawa, on Canada

Hi from france !
trance mp3

Good site! Thanks!
Rosa Alex <>

why is it impossible to get a good overview map of Fredericton.....all your offerings are either 30000 miles up or two feet off the ground...... a nice clear readable bird's eye view would be so helpful....hard to know how to get fron airport to whatever when no maps show the airport.....why?
paul theriault <>
ridgetown, ON

Absolutely fabulous area, can't wait to come and spend some time.
Anne Campbell <>
Clark Mills, NY USA

This is absolutely a great site, it give's a chance to everyone to see the beauty of new-brunswick espacially those who dont live here.
Everyone who is looking for a great place to visit your first choice should be new-brunswick it is really a great place and you definatly won't be disapointed.

chantal <>
balmoral, n-b canada

Hi everyone
im from new-brunswick and i've lived here all my life. It is the best place to be. We have beautifull beaches and the best looking guys what else can a person ask for.
New-Brunswick is totally the best place to be in the world.

Unknown <>
Campbellton, N-B Canada

Congratulations on an excellent site. I am formerly from Blackville, New Brunswick but am living in
Mississauga, Ontario and working in North York. My family moved from Blackville approx, 30 years ago to
Ontario. I come home every year but can't wait until I can spend more time in N.B.
I am planning to come to N.B. next month.
Would like to hear from anyone from home.

Kathy Parker-Smith <>
Mississauga, ONT Canada

Nice site...
clipart <>

I think this is a very nice thing to have. I did not know that it existed until 2 days ago.
julie armstrong <>
Apohaqui, NB Canada

As an ex-pat now living in the states, I have to admit I was pleased to see such a great representation of my home province. Keep up the great work! Sincerely, Dan Miller, Merchant Account Associates
Merchant Account <>

Daniel Mark Wheaton <>
Royalton, NB Canada

Jennifer Barteaux, if you read this, I'm still thinking of you...
hope to hear from you again in future.
love Rene

Rene Lacroix <>
Cadier & Keer, LIM the Netherlands

Was in Saint John,N.B with my son and took family out to Billy's seafood,was alot of fun,to hang out with tha family and see friends from the past and present.Love your site.

Glenn McAllister,
Round Rock,Texas

Glenn McAllister <>
Round Rock, TX USA

Lived in Moncton for 7 years
Wade Le Coure <>
Brampton, on Canada

I am going to a Whale Camp on Grand Manan Island. Thank you for the map of it. This is a nice site.

We will be visiting New Brunswick the first part of September on a tour and am looking forward to seeing your Province.
Marilyn Peterson <>
Cheyenne,, WY USA

Your site is very nice and informative...
Carole <>
Campobello, NB Canada

As an avid whale enthousiast, I've been on one of your whalewatch outings before & found it one of the best I've yet to experience. I plan to return in late August, so hopefully, the weather will cooperate.
Dawn LeBlanc <>
Moncton, NB Canada

I have been following the sad story of College Brook. The Mayor, Les Hull, and council are planning to fill in this
special little brook. That's disgusting, and it shows a complete lack of vision for the city.
I went to university in Fredericton, and I remember the beauty of that corner of Fredericton. I walked by
College Brook every morning and every night. To fill it in shows that Fredericton has lost its way under the
leadership of Les Hull. Kudos to all the citizens who are fighting for the brook,s survival.


i just want to tell everyone that iam out of the closet.
iam gay.
thank you

jayson magee <>
saint john, nb canada

It is a very good side, for to get all kind of information !!!
We are just looking around because we want to know a little bit of the neighbourhood and country where our exchange student for the school year 2001 / 2002 is living.
She wil live for a year by us in the Netherlands and she is living nearby in St. Brunswick.
Until so far, Frank Aben.

Family Aben - Naus <>
Roermond, Limburg Netherlands

I was surprised that Bathurst wasn't mentioned on your Website, although much "lesser" towns and cities were mentioned....too bad! I was born there and surely would like to hear from anyone from the Bathurst High School Class of '63. I left that year after graduation and lived in Montreal till 1969 when I moved to the USA, and have been here ever since. Love that city, especially during lobster season. Looking forward to hearing from anyone from that era. I lived in South Bathurst and still have plenty of family there. And of course, my heart is still there! Let's hear from you...
Jean-Guy (John) Bourque <>
West Milford, NJ USA

Looking for Pat Kyle, Pat Chatterton or Janice Hay from Saint John. Went to Voc Annex in late 60's. Also, Heather J. Campbell from North End.
doubled1 <>

Hi guys, ... great to see Hampton on the web... I'll be back to visit more often... keep everything current... see ya'.
David F. Watts <>

I am trying to trace my family from Knowlesville to the present... Any Ideas????? John & Abigail (Roberts) Gayton

THanks for everything


Falcon <RoJayEnt@Aol.Com>
Jefferson, CO USA

It is Barachois not Baracois. There are many interesting things going on at l'église historique de Barachois. I am surprised to see that they are not listed.
Michelle <>
Moncton, NB Canada

My father is in the military and I use to live in Monton back in the late 1980's. But have spent most of my child-hood growing up in Newcastle(now called Miramichi). All my relatives live there like grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, counsines, the list goes on.

This is one beautiful and friendly place. Keep up the good work ;-)

Tanya Quinn <>
Ottawa, Ont Canada

My New Brunswick Home.


Vicki Leigh Noble <>
Waasis, N.B., NB

If anyone is planning on using the New Brunswick Trail system in the Victoria County area of N.B. you had better think again.This section is overrun with All terrain vehicles. Lastweek I was hit by someone on an ATV and they did not stop after hitting me.The trail system is for walking and bicycle use only,yet the all-terrain vehicle owners think that it is their own private road.In my opinion the only way to curb this is to seize their machines and sell them and use the money to keep the trails in good condition for the hikers and those on bicycles.

Douglas McCarty <>
Weaver, NB Canada

Very nice site. I had to check it out for myself.
John J. Humphrey <>
Wilmington, NC U.S.A.

Seeking travel distance between Bathusrt NB and Nash Creek or Cabellton NB.

Aloso looking at bed and breakfast facilities on arrival in Bathurst NB August 26th 2001 (1 evening only).
Quote price for one person only on motel/hotel or bed & breakfast.
Destination next day is Baie Des Chaleurs ( Quebec)
Town of New Carlisle.

Robert LaBrie <>
Edmonton, AB Canada

My husband, Wayne, was born in St. Stephen, N.B. and raised in St. George with 6 brothers and 7 sisters. He left New Brunswick in 1978 for British Columbia. I accompanied my husband, Wayne, back to New Brunswick for the first time in 23 years. I had never been to the east coast. I absolutely fell in love with New Brunswick, and particularly, the St. George/St. Stephen/St. Andrews-By-The-Sea area. I am planning to retire in 2 years (or less - hopefully, if possible), and my husband and I are moving to New Brunswick. The people are wonderful and the country is beautiful. It felt like home there. My husband missed a lot with family in 23 years, and it's time for him to move home - to beautiful, beautiful New Brunswick.
Mary E. Harris <>
Whitehorse, YK Canada

Hey all you turning 40 this year, HAPPY BIG 4 0 !!!! YIKES ARE WE REALLY TURNING 40 THIS YEAR!

New Brunswick is a georgeous Province!
P. Michael Bingham <>
Avondale, AZ United States

My wife, who is originally from Balmoral,N-B loves her hometown area. I have absolutely fallen in love with the area. We travel to Dalhousie as often as possible to visit family. We are constantly looking for an opportunity to move out there from Ontario. As far as I'm concerned, New Brunswick is the most relaxing place in Canada!
Dave & Mireille Friars <>
Windsor, On Canada

Hey, y'all! I just love looking at your site. I go to Bethany Bible College in Sussex, and it's nice to be able to see a little of where I spend most of my year when I'm back home. I miss it very much, and can't wait to get back! And if anyone wants any information on Bethany, I'd be glad to talk to ya! God bless all!
Tammy Craig <>
Stuart, Florida United States

Great Site! I enjoyed discovering Sussex last summer while visiting a friend in the area. Enjoyed meeting so many nice people. Even got in on some projects at the museum. Your countryside is incredible...especially with the lupines in bloom. I really loved the time I was in your area...miss you all...any email friends??
Beverly <>

great site!
kamal <>

It's June 27/01.
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.
drop me a line. Aaron

Aaron Bolan <>
calgary, ab

We just finished taking a virtual tour of NB on your site. It was really neat. We liked listening to the whale sounds and learning about sharks and whales in the Bay of Fundy.
Grade Three McCarey Payne Tallahassee Community SchoolEastern Passage NS

Grade Three McCarey Payne <>
Eastern Passage, NS Can

My compliments for one of the best tourist sites I've seen. You're country is beautiful, and you've showcased it in an interesting, user-friendly manner. Can't wait to see all of New Brunswick!
Arlington, VA USA

Thankyou for taking us in, I honestly didnt even think about getting mugged, and your golf course at St Andrews is a national Treasure. Thank the staff at the St. Andrews Motor Inn.
Quentin Clark Talbert <>
Holmes Beach, Fl USA

This is a wonderful site. We are looking forward to visiting later in the summer and I have found some great ideas. Thanks.
Mary <>
Fredericksburg, TX USA

It's always nice to go back home (Perth-Andover) - Fredericton was as close as I could get! Thanks.
Jane Royle (nee Kukurski)
Kelowna, BC Canada

~ Great site; and the links are cool too. Hope to return from Wolf races of Show biz ( west) sooner than later.
David (TR) Manan <Fundy>
Malibu 2, NB Canada

Hey ... thanks for keeping up the link to Hannah Guitars
Rod Hannah <>
SuperNatural, - CANADA

We always enjoy your province. The people are always pleasant to us.
ken fagan <>
houston, tx U.S.A.

this was a good site it helped me alot cause i'm moving to nb thanks
Teaisha <>
brampton, ont canada

I needed to check out the St. Johns "hotel reservations" and came up with a blank screen. Very frustrating. Hope this is not indicitave of our trip to Canada this summer.
Melida Sottong <>
Arnold, MD USA


Amanda Lee <>
Brantford, ont canada

great site!
rajini <>

thanx for the info for my project in french. :)

jamie <>
new waterford, ns canada

votre page es merveilleuse , sauf il n`y as pas beaucoup de chose et d`evenement inscrit pour la ville d`edmundston ..

France Bouchard <>
edmundston, nb canada

just wanted to say HI to everyone back home...

geoff lewis <>
calgary, ab canada

you are the weekest link

Kim Crazi <>

New Brunwick is A great place to live and vist. Great food, great places to vist. C-ya this summer!
Sammie Bonkers <>
Frediction, N.B Canada

Will be travelling through N.B. this summer en route to N.S., looking forward to staying overnight and seeing all the familiar sights!
Maralyn Quinton <>
Pembroke, ON Canada

I was just doing a project for my class about canada`s provinces i choose new brunswick.I was amazed that i found all the information i needed and then some.I say keep up the good work! !

Joe_Cool <>
winnipeg, mb canada

You should write what the picture is under the pictures.
Lucas <>
Montreal, Quebec Canada

Currently in Wainwright Alberta, but coming back home this summer. I was born in Cap Pele, & my wife's from Murray Corner. Posted to Gagetown in July & looking forward to it - can't stand it here! See you all in a couple of months.
Ernest Pothier <>
Denwood, AB Canada

my poem better stay on this web site 4 ever bye
Saint John, nb canada

Great site, I'm looking for a family that used to live in
Inuvik, NWT. The last time I spoke to the Harnish family, they lived in Oromocto. If anyone knows how I can find John & Elaine, Cheryl, Cindy & Crystal please let me know or ask them to contact me. I really appreciate the assitance, thank you. This family was stationed with the Canadian Armed Forces up in Inuvik in the early 80's but then left Inuvik to NB.

Lynn <>

I lived in Sackville 5 years ago, and I'm looking for Edmond Dawes email. He's working at the university.
Rebecca MCAndrew <>
Atikokan , Ontario Canada

Beautiful country, beautiful people...i would know i'm from there!!!
Renee McGraw <>
Toronto, on canada

I was born in Saint John and later moved to Gondola Point (now Quispamsis) and couldn't imagine living anywhere but my native New Brunswick. My sister and I have been researching our ancestry and this site has proven a valuable source of information. Thanks so much. Keep up the great work. And drop by my site and say hello.

Joan Hall Hovey <>
Quispamsis, NB Canada

I have been researching my family in Belledune N.B. If anyone has any connections to the Russells of
Belledune N.B. please contact me. I am intersted in learning all I can about my ancestors. The earlist date
I have found for my ancestors in Belledune N.B. is of my gg grandparents
john Russell and elizabeth Murray married abt june,11,1827
It has been said that my gg grandfather john Russell was the son of Lord john Russell and marie joseph
Bergeron,it is said Lord john Russell settled in Quebec,he married marie josephe Bergeron and at some
point they moved to N.B. Canada
please email me with any information or leads on how to keep searchin for my ancestors at
Heidi Russell

Heidi Russell <>
Mississauga, ont Canada

Looking for beach to swim in northumberland straight in New Brunswick.
jerry murphy <>
williamstown, ma usa

hi....we are touring all the maratimes by car...with a couple from calif.....could you please send me 2....tour packages........if this is not the write dept....would you please forword this request...for me


chuck desnick

chuck desnick <>
minneapolis, mn usa

What a lovely site. Beautiful job. However, my only difficulty with it is that I would like to
relocate to the St. Stephens, St. Martin, St. George or Sussex area but I cannot seem
to find any information on realtors or homes to rent/buy. Could you please help.
Many thanks in advance.
J. McPartlin

JanetAnn McPartlin <>
Gilmour, Ont Canada

I love the write up on Pokeshaw Island. I was born and raised about 5 miles from the Island in Pokeshaw New Brunswick. And went to school with many of Ms. Coombs relative.
Marjorie Gray <>
Belwood ,, Ontario Canada

I found that this site is very usefull for all people (residents and visitors)

Almira Kalajdziski <>
Fredericton, NB Canada

I will come to University of New Brunswick for Master's degree this fall and would like to know more about NB. This site is wonderful and the pictures are very beautiful. I am looking forward to be one of you and experience all beauties in NB. I hope to make many friends in NB and have a good time here.
Mingyu Xue <>
Beijing, CHINA

What? No info on Woodstock? How can you get to Houlton, Maine without visiting Woodstock? As someone born as a "Newbie" I was hoping for more enlightening info from the place I was born. I miss my family and the relaxed atmosphere of the Maritimes.
Laura Grzesik <>
Calgary, Ab Canada

I lived in Riverview NB from 1980 to 1982 and had a lot of fun there. I'm trying to locate one certain Craig O'Neil (age 32) whom I have had contact with as late as 1993. After that I lost his address etc. and I would like to contact him. If any one knows his email or address please let me know. Thanks a lot

Tapio Korhonen <>
Kotka, Finland

My father was born in Sussex. Raised in Penobsquis. I remember when I was a little girl (50 years ago) my dad use to take my little brother for a drive to Sussex to visit our relatives (all farmers) On every visit, dad always stopped at a little farm, where this old gentleman made the best ice-cream in the world. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to reflect on some beautiful memories of my childhood. If you get a chance, please come and visit my genealogy site, The Hall's of Sussex, NB.

Diane Hall <>

cool site

just wanted to say hi to everybody
mandie dean <>
bangor, p.a. us

I live in northern Ontario and have not been home to Riverview in 3 years. This is a nice site to see so I can, at least, get a taste of home. Keep up the good work!
Mike Reibling

very nice site. wish you hade information on lornville. am lookng for ewarts from there
sandra kasse zellman <>
concord, nc usa

Let me just say that I have been all over Canada in my short 26 years and I believe that New Brunswick is the most beautiful part of our country from the coast of British Columbia to the coast of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. I was born in Newcastle, but have lived most of my life in Ontario and in Calgary. After all I have seen if it were possible (work wise)I would pick up my family and move in a heartbeat. The people of New Brunswick should be so proud to live in such a beautiful place.
Robert J Ward Sr <>
Calgary, Ab Canada

This is a great site. I really enjoy seeing others love my province as much as I. Hope things never change!
Monique Savoie <>
Fredericton (but from Miramichi), NB

Class of 1982. Formerly of Chipman. Now living in Montreal!!!!! Hello NB
Shawn Smith <>
Formerly of Chipman NB,

neat site. Love new brunswick especially on the miramichi where we do our salmon fishing
Byron Coughlan <>
gray rapids, nb canada

I would like to say hi to family down on Grand Manan Island. I wish I could see everyone down there. Bye for now. :)
Sarah <>
Trenton,, Ontario Canada

Hello everyone; I was just looking for a hockey card about my uncle Robert Copp who played for T.O Leafs. So if you know anyone who has one let me know please. Otherwise this is a great site
Adam Copp
Adam Copp <>
Calgary, Alb Canada

We Plan to spend our vacation in NB near Moncton. It is where my ancestors came from.


Born and raised in Moncton. I moved to Florida in Jan. '00 to further my career in Accounting, to get away from the cold and to see more Professional Sporting Events. The many pictures on this web site make me very homesick. Nicely done to everyone that had a hand in making this web site it was greatly appreciated.
Tony Agnew <>
St. Petersburg, Florida U.S.A.

Nice site and very imformative great work. We loved it. I was born in Balmoral NB and I left in 1959 to work in Labrador NFLD .In 1965 I moved in Ontario to work because the weather was a lot nicer here. I still missed my home town in Balmoral and the surendered area which I visit every year. If anyone want to send me an E-Mail or a note Go for it I will respond to each one. Thank you for given the chance to sigh your guess book it was a pleasure.
From Ron
Ron & Lorraine Arseneault <>
Sarnia Ont, Canada

my mom and dad come from there when i was a kid they took me there every summer last year i took my kids there and they loved it cant wait to come back
stephen henry

Hello to all from BATHURST NEW BRUNSWICK Great Site! Great Pics!
Brian Kenny <>
Bathurst, NB

Greetings from western Canada! I've been living in Alberta for about 3 1/2 years now. I sure do miss living in NB where I spent 27 years (on the Miramichi). Looking forward to going "home" again for the month of July.
Lisa Quinn <>
Cold Lake, AB Canada

great site

hey we re looking to do any live kind of live shows, or parties. we have some pretty catchy songs and love playing live
if you want to check us out visit it includes pics, music, contacts, and more...
from chris. h.
chris. h.

I was stationed at Plattsburgh AFB from 1983-1986. I went to New Brunswick many times, a beautiful place. Does any body have and Email or addresss for a Joseph Miller or Jack Morris they both reside in Plattsburgh NY.
David W. Welch <>
Anchorage, AK

I received the sad news the other day that that wonderful 150 meter covered bridge over the St. Nicholas River was destroyed by fire. I haave driven over that bridge a few times several years ago. I haave many fond memories of fishing some of the brooks for native brook trout, and also fishing for haddock and cod in the bay off of Deer Island in the 1950s and 60s.---I think you have a greaat web site, and a beautiful collection of photographs of New Brunswick.
Santee 92071, Ca U.S.A.

from saint john now live in the states. Your site was great and I'm homesick.
kelly frawley-durand <>
ft.myers, fl usa

Visiting NB in June 2001.
Charles Cummings <>
Goose Creek , SC USA

Hey people, great site, keeps me in touch with my real home. There is no place like the maritimes (Sussex in particular). If you recognize the name, drop me a line, I would love to hear from you. Cheers!
Jeremy Duguay <>
Kitchener, ON

miramichi rules thats all
nic k cooling
miramichi, nb canada

Looking for a birthparent for a child born on Feb.5, 1970(white male, blonde hair, blue eyes). Possibly born in New Brunswick.
Bonnie Clarke
Ottawa, On Canada

Great Site. I am from Newfoundland, living here for 2 years and I found out some stuff that I didn't know yet.
Keep up the good work and pleae keep the site updated with timely information, events and pictures.
Terra-Lee Hoddinott <>
Saint John , NB Canada

Thank you for the new brunswick site, I was born & raise in Moncton, and the pic. from your site of main st. in moncton is now my desk top picture. thanks again
Josephine Goguen <>
Ormstown, pq Canada

Thanks you for the new brunswick site, I was born & raise in Moncton, and the pic. from your site of main st. in moncton is now my desk top picture. thanks again
Josephine Goguen <>
Ormstown, pq Canada

Than you for the new brunswick site, I was born & raise in Moncton, and the pic. from your site of main st. in moncton is now my desk top picture. thanks again
Josephine Goguen <>
Ormstown, pq Canada

Very much enjoyed looking around our beautiful province through technology....just wished there were more pictures.
Laurie Cunningham <>
Woodstock, NB

This is a wonderful site that will help promote our beautiful province. I was born in Hartland and raised in a little village of Coldstream. I now live near Florenceville and for the past 2 years have been President of the New Brunswick Chapter of Parent Finders. We help adoptees find their birth parents and birth parents find children given up to adoption. If you know anyone who would be interested in our services please have them contact me.
Marie Crouse <>
Hartland, NB Canada

I am checking out this site as we have an application of Permanent Residency in progress. We are looking at New Brunswick as our destination. I work in IT supporting AS400 & Unix systems, so if you know any employers looking for my skills please email me, thank you
Guy Ward <>
Peterborough, UK

amy <>
toronto north, ont canada

I grew up in Woodstock and moved away for college. I've travelled to many different states and throughout Europe but there is no place like NB! She has everything!
Erin Crisp <>
Indianapolis, IN USA

i enjoyed your website.needs more action
samantha <>
toronto, ont canada

Visited ST Johns in 41 on merchant ship Mv Skiensfiord aged 17 1/2 my 1st foriegn port was
impressed then now 77yrs and seeing it on the net times do change from those no heating straw mattress ship days.
Regards to all Ernie

Ernie Dibb < .au>
Kardinya, W.A West Australia

Good website.
Bradley MacDonald
Miramichi, NB Canada

I love your site. It reminds me of home[Deer Island]. Although I did not find a lot of information on Deer Island.
Maureen Montoya <JPORKEY @AOL.COM>
Pawtucket, R.I. U.S.A.

Just came across this site for a school project...Quite a bit of info....:O)
*Ginny* <>
New Brunswick Canada

Retail workers view this url and hear to what we have to say concerning the Sunday Shopping issue-

Retail Workers
David <>
Halifax, NS Canada

I live in Montreal for the winter and find your site very interesting but I am lonesome for my Island (Miscou). If anybody wants some information, contact me.
Lincoln <>
Miscou Island, N.B. Canada

Le site est très intéressant avec beaucoup d'informations, bravo. Je vis 6 mois à Miscou et 6 mois à Montréal. J'ai toujours hâte d'y retourner et de retrouver les belles plages. Si vous désirez en savoir plus sur l'Ile Miscou, vous pouvez me contacter et je vous donnerai les informations demandées.
Lincoln Hachey <>
Ile Miscou, N.B. Canada

Great information & pic's... We were trying to track down pic's & info on the old vocational school as well as the old general hospital in Saint John, NB but didn't have any luck. If anybody has web site's where I can find same, pls. forward me what you have!!! Thanks so much.

Brian, Jerry & Sharon McGaghey <>
Chilliwack, B.C. Canada

I lived in Cambelton N.B. for about a year and a half before
I moved to kamloops and I have to tell you, I had to leave some really good friends behind and I would do anything to see them again. This is a beautiful site!
Kamloops, B.C. Canada

Networking Pagans and Witches of the Greater Saint John area, to the world of cyberspace...

Tom Forfar <>
Saint John, NB Canada

Cool site! Email me
Rachel <>
Grand Rapids, MI USA

Just a reminder that Nackawic is still a Town in NewBrunswick and we would like to hear from any and all with interests in our fair community
Bill MacLean <>
nackawic, nb canada

I HAVE TO GRAND FALLS A LOT OF TIMES WHEN I WAS grandmother is from grand falls.her name was viola[mccluskey]madore. anyone know her? i still have family there.
shaun madore <>
r.r.trenton,ont., ont. canada

I'm originally from Charlo, NB where I grew up for 22 years of my life. I just recently moved away from home and
realiize just how beautiful NB really is. There is no place like home!
Kelly Mclaughlin <>
Belleville, ON Canada

I was born and raised in Saint John, NB. All my ancestors are from New Brunswick. (Fredericton & Saint John) If you get a chance come and visit my genealogy site. I attended Prince Charles Elementary and Intermediate in the 50's and 60's - if you think you know me...drop me a line.
Barbara D. Hall <>
Vancouver, BC CANADA

I think your site is great it gives lots of inf. of your fine province and i hope to visit soon thank and see ya soon
Wayne Lacelle <>
sudbury, ont Canada

Hi it is fun learning about New Brunswick in class.
Crystal <none>

hi how are you.
Krystal <none@>

love see what the old place of newbrunswick and see bathurst name again
darlene <>
ottawa, on canada

Im in Korea now, teaching english, and I can tell you that I miss my little village very much! I've been for the past two month and I cant wait to see my friends and family!
Carole LeGresley <>
Neguac, NB Canada

Thanks for the great pictures, I'm using them in a Social Studies project in my 3rd grade class.
Dylan Lange (3rd grade)
Chilliwack, BC Canada

Marie-Josette Roy
Campbellton, NB

Marie-Josette Roy
Campbellton, NB

New Brunswick is a beautiful country. I have many relatives living there and hope to go visit soon.
Dale Doody Coombs <>

originaire de St-Basile, comté de Madawaska
Auguszta Retfalvi <>
Montreal, PQ Canada

Worked in Sackville building the women res and Jenning dineing hall and Compation hall I was supertend with Foundation at that time .I wonder if there is any who remembers then It was a great place and the people was just wonderkul Memorys that I will never forget had great times And great people to work with If any remembers please E-mail

Ray A Boutilier <>
Hacketts Cove , NS Halifax

Yo bro!!!!!!!1 sup! yeeahhhh keep it real yo!! alrighty peace!
Caryn O'Connor, and Anna Cotroneo <>
Winnipeg , Mb Canada

I've enjoyed scanning the posted comments. It is heartening to find so many from fellow New Brunswickers concerning their province. I was born and raised mostly in Moncton, but left for here in 1982. I have relatives still in Riverglade, Saint John/Rothesay and Shannon.
I brought my wife and kids back for visits in 1993 and 1994, but since then my mother and sisters upped and moved to Hamilton/Burlington. Commitments to them as well as to in-laws prevent a return any time soon for us. Still, it was an awesome sight to see the cloud-shadows across the valley on the farmlands opposite us, as we drove the highway from Saint John to Sussex (on the return trip we spotted a Buck and two companions in the early morning -- it looked like an insurance advertisement!). You just don't get the same kind of scenery in Florida.
Things I miss include Riverglade Speedway, Harveys cheeseburgers, Dulse, Crunchie bars and Dill Pickle chip dip. Sorry to hear about what's happened to Eaton's. I'm 42, and I still remember the old Eaton's department store, Woolworth's, the Met, Zellers and the old library in downtown Moncton. I was around when they demolished the old, old City Hall (the facade of which went onto the museum), and my mother worked at the replacement as well as the current one. My grandmother worked at Number 5 (the supply depot on John street). I remember when you didn't have to pay to coast uphill at Magnetic Hill (before they ruined the visual effect with that waterslide), and places where there still were tiny neighborhood stores, and the rugged beauty of Albert County, across the river. Unfortunately, New Brunswick doesn't get as much Press as it deserves around these parts, but I did see a NOVA charter bus the other day, with a picture of The Rocks on it.
Gotta go now -- hi to Moncton High class of '76!
Andrew Deacon
Pinellas Park, FL U.S.A.

Very nice site!
Chantelle Mitchell <>
Fredericton, NB Canada

You have a few broken links on your site like booking ahotel or on the county
Phyllis <>
Summerfield, Fl USA

Sackville NB is THE best, wish I could be there in person every day instead of visiting through technology. To all the friends I've met there, hello, and hope to see you this summer!
Chris Ritchie <>
Danielsville, PA US of A

Alot of information is on this website

What a wonderful City!!! Have been looking for and old friend, Paul St.Pierre. Must be working too hard,haha. The web site for Moncton is beautiful. Choi
mae clausen <>
Lac La Hache, bc Canada

I miss my little town, been out west for 4 years and not lived home. what a great place

bruce jackson <brucejackson55@hotmail>
hampton, nb canada

A great website, showing all the thrills of the Maritimes. Having visited Moncton several times in the course of my work, I've finally made the plunge & will be moving to Moncton shortly.
Excellent place, Very polite people!
Karpal Soora <>
United Kingdom

Excellent resource you have! Quick, clean and no clutter.
Fred Joly <>
Moncton, NB Canada

This site is well put together.I found alot of interesting facts I had'nt known before.
Emma Prestwich
Victoria, BC Canada

Hi , we from Blankland, but we are him Goose Bay ,form 3 years we move in july2000, but we got back in Blankland after 3 years, We like in Goose BAY N.F . Greg used to work for nbpower in Dalhousie n.b , hope that some people will write to use. bye
Jeanne Roy & Greg Good <>
Goose Bay, n.f canada

Hi guys. Could you please give me some info on the Whittle Family of ST Johns.We are doing a family tree.My fathers name was Ted,My Grandfather was Thomas& my GrandmotherWas Elizabeth Fleming All were from St Johns I think there was 5 boys,1 was adopted by a Parker Family.Any help would be very much appreciated.Thks Terry
Terry Whittle <>
Blairmore, Alta Canada

Sabastian <>
MEOW, NB Canada

HI, just stop in to let anyone down there,that ever lived in Uranium City Sask.There is a reunion coming up in Aug.
Pete R <>
Medicine Hat, al Canada

i loved your site because i was doing a research project on the miramichi river, and found a lot of info that was good to use!
Kyra <>
ON Canada

Thid is a chris from alberta just wanting to say hi to all the wonderful people of New Brunswick. Fell free to e-mail me at my adress if you wanna chat about the maratimes.

Love Chris
chris <>
Edmonton, ab

Well I moved out west almost three years ago and got married, my husband has never been to the Maritimes since he was little so I decided to take him home this year! My entire family is from Fredericton Junction, though I grew up in Saint John on the lower west side! Everytime I tell someone I'm from the east coast they automatically say something about Newfies and fish???? He's is going to see how the east coasters live and have fun, cause lord know we know how to have fun!
Jill Irwin (ne: RUMSON) <>
Edmonton, AB CANADA

Born in Edmundston moved to Campbellton New Brunswick, Left and travel through Europe with the Armed Forces,returned to Oromocto for two years and only visit once in a while, miss it very much. Living in Calgary AB. now. Makes me proud to be a New Brunswicker to see your fine web page. Thank you
Robert Dunphy <>
Calgary, AB Canada

this is great!
K. Corcoran <>
miramichi, NB CANADA!!

I love this site!! The only problem is that I'm homesick now! hi! hi! Beautiful pictures and awsome info! I am from a little village called Neguac near the Miramichie. See you this summer New Brunswick!! Can't wait to have a feast of lobster!
Isabelle Breau <>
London, on Canada

Both my grandparents were from NB. If you want to share some geneological info, contact me.
Marcia Winn Lent <>
Woodbury, CT USA


Mt. Allison University is the best!~!
Andrew <>
Sackville, NB Canada

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