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Guest Book Entries from 2003 - 2004

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Man yous guys should get the populations for the cities on this site. Because i'am doing a project on new brunswick. But couldnt find the populations of the cities which i needed, i mean i know the population of NB. Well i just thought you would like to know what could make this site better for people like me!!
31 December 2004 - sizx nations, ontario

Kevin Sawyer
Nice web site however New-Brunswick is multicultural and that needs to be reflected here; especially in the photos.
29 December 2004 - New Brunswick

Priscilla Anderson
I love the way you make New-Brunswick seem so GREAT and awesome...I guess it is a good and quiet place after all.NEW-BRUNSWICK RULES!!(Lol)
27 December 2004 - Balmoral (YEAH!),NB

Cindy Fowler
I love what I have seen so far. I am a graddaughter of Ernest "Shorty" Fowler who was on the Voctoria Hockey Team Campbellton NB Champions NB Hockey Team 1913-1914.
25 December 2004 - Columbus Ohio

Roadside Motel
Wishing A Merry Christmas
And A Happy New-Year, To all of the costumers who stayed at the RoadsideMotel in Fredericton,NB
23 December 2004 - Canada

andrew jandreau
this is a very good site and alot to see in new brunswick I love it I go there often
19 December 2004 - woodland maine

Julie Gallant Pelletier
I Want To Wish A Merry Christmas
And A Happy New-Year, To Everyone
Who Is Responsible For This Wonderful Site.
19 December 2004 - Dalhousie,New Brunswick.Canada.

mary johnston
I would like to wish all my friends and relatives a merry christmas and all the best in 2005. Love you all from Miramichi to saint john N.B. Love Mary Johnston (Sullivan) email me if you know me.
19 December 2004 - Calgary Alberta

I would like to know if anyone knows where Wheaton Settlement is in New Brunswick. If so please email me @ Thanks so much
17 December 2004 - Ottawa
Rita O'Dea
Hi, I once knew a guy from St. Johns.
M. Lacelle. Heard all good things about this place. Galway send greetings and good wishes to you all.
17 December 2004 - Galway, Ireland

My best friend,Andrea, once lived in Canada.She says it is a lot of fun.I hope I get to go there some day!
16 December 2004 - Omaha,Nebraska,U.S.ofA.

Kool Kid
Thank-you for the information on this province. It will be used in a report
16 December 2004 - Canada

i am searching for my old friend virginia butler. she use to live in limestone maine. last known to be married to a gentleman named arice. I became ill...lost her address in moving and i have been searching for her since.
13 December 2004

Shawn Arsenault
Good Site Moncton is the best place ever
11 December 2004 - Moncton - New Brunswick

Nathan Willett
Your website is very interesting. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9 December 2004

this site is helpin because i am doin a project on New Brunswick and there is alot of information of it on here...well i think there is:P
8 December 2004 - Inverness,Canada

The truth about the good people of Grand manan has yet to be published but is being written. The name of the book is Grand Manan Island ( Island of Perversion ).
The island is no different that the hills of kentucky !!!!!!.
Don't beleive me ask some people there.
8 December 2004 - New York

My best friend emigrated to Fredericton earlier this year, we are going over to visit for Xmas 2004, soooooooooo excited about seeing them and checking out Canada!
7 December 2004 - West Sussex, UK

Michelle Langill
Here we are living in British Columbia now...but Fredericton is where my parents met, married...a special place indeed! Never to be forgotten...
And were returning for Xmas 2004...showing our son the Beautiful City of Fredericton...
See you all then!!!!
5 December 2004 - Courtenay , BC

This site is great cause i have a project on it
3 December 2004 - Chrisney, Indiana

cool man
2 December 2004

Thanks for the great site!!! I have to do a project for school on New Brunswick and this was perfect!!!
1 December 2004

yo dog, waz up in the hezzie 4 rizzle dizzle, bark if u hear me dogg

peace out g-money
30 November 2004 - getto

I really like your site. It has a lot of information for me to use. It is also very resourceful.
30 November 2004 - Canada

Lisa Carroll
I was just wondering how I could add a photo of St. Andrews Harbour.

Please let me know.

28 November 2004 - St. Andrews, NB

Frank Kuehn
I wish New Brunswick was annexed to the
United States.
27 November 2004

Annette Kieft
Hello: My married name is Annette Kieft. Both my parents grew up in Newbrunswick. My mother's name was Darlene Quinn (nickname Bunnie)grew up in Glassville, NB along with 12 of her other siblings. My Father's name is Armond Henderson (1 of four children) grew up in Bristol NB. Anyone that knew any of my two parents is welcome to contact me with memories and or chats welcome.
25 November 2004 - Bristol/Glassville NB
Gerry Mazerolle
Hello everyone,

Kent County, New Brunswick, CANADA
has to be one of the world's best kept secret. It is bordered by the sea to the east and is made up of small villages, farms, forest, brooks and rivers.I have lived here all my life and would recommend it to anyone.The purpose of my website is to promote the area and to offer quality rural properties for sale on the internet. I hope you enjoy your virtual visit and please come visit in person.
25 November 2004 - Bouctouche River Valley

Dean McAllister
Currenty reside in Ottawa, and was surprised to see that Miramichi is not included in you community write ups??? What's with that?

24 November 2004

Judy MacNeil
I so appreciate all the free genealogical info you have on your site. I am a former New brunswicker who has now lived on the opposite side of the country (Vancouver Island) for the past 30 yrs. Wow has it been that long! Anyway it is nice to visit your site and see and hear about familiar places.
23 November 2004 - Vancouver Island BC

Wayne Huber
Intended to visit your area last month during a vacation up to Maine. But I forgot to bring along a copy of my birth certificate to go with my photograhic ID.
It sure is a lot tougher to legally cross back and forth across the border than when I was stationed at Loring Air Force (1975-1978)and I used to go back and forth regularly when I was dating some girls from over there. Next year I'm going back and will have the right paperwork. What a shame the way 9-11 has changed something that used to be so easy and informal as visiting Canada.
Heres to better days ahead-Hopefully
22 November 2004 - Biloxi, Mississippi

Callie pokorney & Jasmine Lenz
Hey, were doing a report on New Brunswick and we just wanted to check out ypur site.
22 November 2004 - November 22,04- Manly, Iowa

19 November 2004 - EDMONTON, ALBERTA

krista ogachockie
I am doing research on the very beautiful town of Stanley,NB! My name was actually Stanley before I died! I would really appreciate it if you add Stanley to your towns/cities sectin under infromation NB. thank-you
18 November 2004 - carwright

Brooks Hill
Seeing your site makes me itch for travel! I will definately make it to your beautiful province in the near future.
18 November 2004 - State of Nevada

olli (28)
Hallo im from brunswick (Braunschweig) Germany
i will visit your town next yaer !!!
to be thrilled of your country.

so long
olli (old brunswick) :-))
17 November 2004

Regina Hudon
Hi to all.Im from Bathurst now live in Devon Alberta.I miss my home town and will always be proud to say that Im acadian.Im really proud to say that New Brunswick is a beautiful Province.I miss my family very much and do hope that Iwill visit my home town and family soon.Ive been gone forseven years already and want to see all the changes thats been made.I want to thank every one in connection with this site. Good luck.Thanks again.
17 November 2004 - Devon Alberta

Jerika Brooks
This is a good site.... but I cme here looking for the most popular tourist attractions. there were only lists for specific towns... but I wanted stuff for the the whole province. Think about that.
14 November 2004 - Florenceville, New Brunswick

lenaerts wilfried
I have been 16 times to the US. on vacation and didn't know where New Brunswick is said to my wife where in the hell is ? so found it on the internet the where looking there for truckdrivers? and they are all nice pictures so we will visit it oneday?
13 November 2004 - Belgium

Connie Bolt
Meet some cool people on internet from here. Looked it up on internet and its a beautiful place.
12 November 2004 - Alberta, Canada

Devon Sheldrick
i love this site but theirs only one the citys of forgot to enter important town right beside quebec...
12 November 2004 - Toronto

This site is amazing. i'm from Saint John and actually moved away for about a year and finally came home. and i think everyone from NB can agree that we are very proud of our province. It's a great place to live and i seen people from other countries sayin how they want to live here and i would tell them to do it. The nicest people in the world live in this provience.
11 November 2004 - Saint John

Jill Lantz
I am obsessed with New Brunswick! I LOVE Moncton! it = the beesssttt! And i live in the boring Nova Scota..but i LOVE Halifax to:)! Whatta great site you have here i love it!
9 November 2004 - halifax, ns

Jaana Sihvo
You have nice sites here. Only good memoreis of NB! Visited there summer 2003.
7 November 2004 - Europe, Finland

Kaitlyn Mcleod
heyhey this is a great site i got lots of god reciepies for a project off here!!LYL!!Awsome site!!
5 November 2004 - Canada

Jeniffer MacLeod
hey i go to n.b every summer and it is grate i hope i see some of u ppl there
4 November 2004 - Halifax

Just found this site today as a result of corresponding with a local resident. Very informative site with beautiful photos of your town.n Lots of history! This is a charming location!
3 November 2004 - Tallahassee Florida
hey, i'm living in New Brunswick and i found its one of the most interesting place in the world...Thanxs to UNB...where im studying now a days...If anyone interested in knowing much about it,plz mail me at mr_canada2005@yahoo.c
2 November 2004 - Saint John

Baba Guy
30 October 2004 - TOGO

Dan Cyr
This is a good site.
But while talking about our nice province ....why in the world would you not have photos of our wildlife.
We got nice Mooses,Bears and Deers,etc .
This would had up to this site.
Hey have a nice day .
29 October 2004 - Edmundston,N.B. ,Canada

Maurice Duguay
You can check my site for Memramcook Valley Hockey League scores.
28 October 2004

ummmmmmm this was ok i guess i live in saint john so i no bout freddy-town!
25 October 2004

Hi if anyone sees this can you please contact me at with any informative sites about NB thanks !!
25 October 2004 - Canada

this is a really good site very informative
25 October 2004 - Canada

This is a really good site!!!!!!!:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25 October 2004

Birgit Baasner
Teh best wishes from Germany
24 October 2004 - Germany, Nordseeinsel Borkum

OK THURRR PPLE OF NB!!! u may have a pretty nice province but ull NEVER top NEWFOUNDLAND!!! AHAHAHAH!!
21 October 2004

Kayla Wood
I love this sight it makes me want to move back home to The Mighty Miramichi,i just recently moved to Lumby,BC in Aug,1st,2004 i miss the Miramichi!!!!!!
20 October 2004 - Lumby,BC

Cheryl Towers
I love the zoo i get to see all the cutesy little animals and feed the ducks and the deer
oh by the way hello kimmy
19 October 2004 - Memramcook

Catherine Baillie
I am looking for a childhood friend, Colin McCarty, orginally from Padstow, NSW, Australia who I believe is living in Canada. He would be around 39 years of age. If anyone knows Colin could they please ask him to contact me.
Kind regards,
18 October 2004 - Australia

18 October 2004 - RAYNHAM,MASS. U.S.A.

Hey!! I like the website it helped me alot with my project except put some more things about confederation in new brunswick and history of new brunswick like back to the confederation because that is what i need most and most grade 8s do
17 October 2004 - sorry can't tell

Joan Pearman
Found this site looking for map - I am coming to Nova Scotia June 2005 - my gandmother born Halifax - she married my grandfather from UK and came back to UK - am having a great tour arranged including part New Brunswick
looks marvellous
17 October 2004 - U K

colin ingram
I find the site unhelpful. I just wanted to find out what airlines flew to New Brunswick, and from where, and the site did not give it - 'tourism information' for example just had a lot of stuff about the flag
15 October 2004

luvin Canada...My home country, it's a great place to be...so0o0o0o anyway.
Just thought i'd say
15 October 2004 - perth-andover N.B

14 October 2004 - NIGERIA

Owen R Cormier
Love Boutouche, the prettiest town anywhere. The next's one Cocagne.
14 October 2004 - Waltham MA U S A

Tonya Francis
I was born in Eel Ground.
13 October 2004

pute dla vie
yo..jvit la moi!! une ville top rock au boute sa la
13 October 2004 - CANADA ALL THE WAY

Lynn K.
I lived in New-Denmark(which is outside Grand-Falls)for 21yrs then in '97 i moved to Manitoba for 6yrs and now the past year am in California,USA where i met and married my husband,my maiden name was Bonenfant.Let me tell you,the differences between here and NB are not comparible..the slower paced,laid back ways of people in NB make me miss the town and people all the more and someday i will visit home again.
12 October 2004 - El Dorado Hills,CA

hey hey this site is the bomb for projects and all this stuff! im doing a project on your capital and this is the best site so far i think i've read that has the best information. anyways thanks fer everything! xo'z
8 October 2004 - Canada

-Ellen Williams-
heyhey this site rocks like omg its like new brunswick wow this is the kulest thing i think iv ever seen like og im like wow flipping htis is s interesting!!1 hha!! well gota go later xo I LOVE U NEW BRUNSWICK!!!
8 October 2004

jebo me
are you kidding?
8 October 2004 - Fellow CANADIAN

Craig Barton
Here is my email for 50th wedding anniversary interest there will be invites sent also. To be held in Cambray then boat cruise dinner TBA $$ etc. FOr Bruce and Isabel Barton nee Duncan. Lets try to make it a Family reunion at the same time.
5 October 2004 - Cambray

Duncan Craig Barton
Hello to eveyone in Flatlands, Dalhosie, campbellton, and area...Duncans and extended family!!! 50th anniversary for Bruce and Isabel Barton June 11th 2005...Celebrate long weekend July
5 October 2004 - Cambray, Ont.

Terri-lynn Bouzane
5 October 2004 - kitchener ontario

Rachel and Laura Black
We've lived in Miarmichi our whole lives.. it's the best!! Alot of people think that it's just a little hick town but it's not! Well actually it is but It's really cool!
5 October 2004 - Miramichi, N.B. Canada

Rachel and Laura Black
We've lived in Miarmichi out whole lives.. it's the best!! Alot of people think that it's just a little hick town but it's not! Well actually it is but It's really cool!
5 October 2004 - Miramichi, N.B. Canada

Paul L'Homme
I was stationed at Loring AFB Maine for 6 years traveled to NB many many times.
3 October 2004 - Florida

Yo! This is a Hello from Alberta....1 1/2hrs from Edmonton i'm living in Thorsby
Sup!? How ya'll doin' thats nice well this is an awsome site see ya'll soon maybe bye :) :) *hugs**kiss*
30 September 2004 - Canada,Alberta

I would love to visit New Brunswick sometime.
29 September 2004 - Brownwood, Texas

rachel baskin
hey the town of sussex is the best i lived there for 16 years then i moved out of the town. i miss it and it is kool.. it may be small but on well i loved living there.. everyone is nice to you and they treat you well.. so ya i am talking about the town i am going to go back there sometime. my family and friends are all from there.. well if u want to e-mail me then u can at smiley16_26@hotmail.c
27 September 2004 - sussex nb

hey this site is awesome needs more pictures but it has helped me with many school projects through the years now i am 16 in grade 12 and i have never failed or been passed ahead a grade my greatful thanks goes to all who helped make this page as great as it is
27 September 2004 - saint john new brunswick

Tozer Suzuki Ltd®
Wow, This site has great historic value and is something very great for our communities! This is just great.
27 September 2004 - Miramichi City

stephen meyer
my parents used to take us to St. Andrews every year for vacation. We used to stay in a place we rented from Blain Holmes and his brother. We used to go to smugglers warf for ice cream.What a beautiful place. I will be back with my own family one day.
24 September 2004 - Rock Hill, SC
Gilberte Boudreau
I was born Comeau. in NB. I am looking for my cousins Claudette Claude Carmen Frennette from Petit Rocher, there father was Joe. and there mother Anastasia ( i think). please if you see this contact me.
22 September 2004 - Woodstock Ontario

Cristina Stewart
Born in New Brunswick.Came to Ontario in 1950.My maiden name is Ayer.Would love to hear from anyone who knew the Ayer family in Petitcodiac.
22 September 2004 - Ontario

born in Moncton, NB, moved to White Rock, BC, I come home every summer to visit family and friends and to enjoy the special atmosphere from the people that live there. The easy going and friendly people known as Maritimers!
21 September 2004 - British Columbia

Dora O'Donnell
Didn't know this site existed, glad I found it,Found names of some people I may be able to give some info to about their families.
21 September 2004 - Doaktown ,New Brunswick

After returning after 10 years away all I have to say is I'm glad I'm home. Nothing beats the smell of salt air in the morning, compplete strangers saying hello and the serene feeling of relaxation you get in this fine province we have the pleasure of calling "HOME"........
21 September 2004 - nEW bRUNSWICK

Nicholas Estabrooks
Born in moncton. I live near Sackville NB. Wow NB is awesome, but hopefully soon ill see the west coast. I want to see Amber M. again.
21 September 2004 - Westcock, NB

It would be nice to have more information on new maryland sence it is apart of fredericton. Also Fredericton's and New Maryland's flags. Also something for the New Maryland United Soccer Club and FDSA. Thankx
18 September 2004 - somewhere close

Hampton is a really good place to live. The education services there are awsome! You will get what you need to succed especially in the very clean and proper high School. The teachers and staff there are fantastic and teach you alot of what you need to know
15 September 2004 - Hampton

m prosser
proud to be from saint john nb
15 September 2004 - saint john nb ca

Mike Newton
Hi New Brunswick. I'm hoping to retire to your beatiful province and have already looked at property listings. Should be visiting nearly next spring and looking forward to trying some of your world famous sea food.
9 September 2004 - Chesterfield, England

Ho Sung ,Eum
I'm scheduling to have an emmigration interview on this coming Oct.I have to decide which town is most convinient for my family while I'm staying then.
It's my pleasure to find this web site to catch all information about N.B.
I'm eagerly to see this beautiful province soon.
Please help me to decide easily.
2 September 2004 - Seoul,South Korea

connie london
hey guys. i used to live on the westside of saintjohn nb. loved it there. miss everyone dearly
29 August 2004 - now livin in edmonton. ab

Candis Cooke
I am living in Calgary now But Back Bay N.B . will always be home to me.
29 August 2004

Alex A
Hi kids,
I'm going to be in Dalhousie next spring with my group, so see you then! I'm looking forwards to being in the beautiful province of New Brunswick!
22 August 2004 - Vancouver, BC

Steve O'Brien
Well being from Fredericton,this site is the closest thing to home for me,hello to everybody at MLH.
21 August 2004 - Barrie,Ont.

jack gee
I forgot my email so here gos I hope to hear from lot of people my email address.
Jgee55@shaw ca

17 August 2004

jack gee
I have seen all those messages so will write I lived in what was called Lancaster I drove bus for S M T and started to work for C P Rail and retired out here in Calgary alberta I have been back to st john a few times on holidays their are still a few things that I miss but age as a way of catching up to you so you stop traveling as much.
It is nice to read all about people and where they are from.

17 August 2004

Neil Vibert
Hey! I'm 13 years old. I want to get into some golf tournaments before I am 18 years of age. (Because then I'll be in collage and all.) If there is anyone that can help me out with my issue, please contact me. My email address is below. Thank you!
14 August 2004 - Big River, New Brunswick Canada :)

Jean-Robert Godin
I am looking for the present name of the place once known as Anderson Mills in NB.
14 August 2004 - Riviere-du-Portage
Julie Gallant Pelletier
I check your site everyday, wonderful site, keep up the good work.
13 August 2004 - New Brunswick.Canada

I was lucky enough to visit with my wife from Australia to visit our Canadian Family. Loved it and still miss it
12 August 2004 - Australia

jeannie maddox
hello, if you are looking to move to nb. I have a farm house for sale, with the view of mars hill moutain Maine, just a mile from the usa. contact Holly Maclean at all seasons realty, she is selling it for me, it has lots of extras
7 August 2004 - new brunswick

Mark Burhoe
I sure do miss my home town ... how about putting some info of Hampton on this site huh? what do you think?
4 August 2004

Charlotte County NB is beautiful. Where is Frank Smith these days and is he still playing at the Market in Saint Johns?
4 August 2004 - North Wales UK

Terri T
great place to be is on the miramichi
3 August 2004

John T. Regan
I am trying to locate Rita or Grace Windle. Mother Mary Ann Windle - died in 1948. I know Grace Windle lived in Fredericton at one point in time. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
3 August 2004 - Nepean , Ontario, Canada

HI I like your page You can e-mail me wrtie back
31 July 2004 - Iam from Waukesha

Please E-mail me. Add me on your MSN
27 July 2004 - Canada

Nathan Paton
I visit Moncton nearly every year.
Tons of fun. See ya soon
27 July 2004 - Canada

The Earl of Swan
Your land is brilliant. Needs more moist sponges and sombreros
27 July 2004 - Philipines

Andrew van Geest
Sussex is a great place.I really enjoy working at the agricultural museum.Oh and if you are in Sussex or are planning to visit don't hesitate to go check out the Agricultural Museum of New Brunswick,located on Perry St. in Princess Louise Park.
24 July 2004 - way back in the sticks

Joseph Normand Grinnell
This is a cool website. I live in Connecticut full-time, but I have a camp just across the St. John River in Maine from Ste-Anne-de-Madawaska, N.B. I think New Brunswick is one of the world's best tourist sites, but it is hardly advertised in the states. :(
24 July 2004 - Connecticut full-time; St. John Valley, Maine, part-time.

Stephen Steele
see you soon mom and dad love yas
21 July 2004 - Drayton Alberta

Tommy Granberg
Bra websida,kommer att återvända till den när det "drar ihop sig"
21 July 2004 - Sweden

Dika, Paul
HI i love new brunswick i went there all summer 2003 and I can't wait to return in 2004, im originally from moncton wait till Im done
16 July 2004 - Shediac, New Brunswick

for the summer of 2003 i went with two friends to st. andrews. we had the best summer ever. everyone is so nice and welcoming there. i would definitely go there again. 'twas worth it. drink is cheap.
30 January 2004 - the emerald isle Eire

Its a good website but, you should have "flash maps" , like theres a great ns website i cant recall, but you can find everything, restaurants, attractions, activities, you name it, flash maps are the best
27 January 2004

Heidi Russell
I think you have a wonderful site here keep up the good work...
25 January 2004 - ontario canada

jacqueline reek
well i think its a beatiful site.
i saw beatiful pleases and pictures.we are dreaming to come and live in canada and work there.thanks.
25 January 2004 - nederland
you people need to get a "got question?" spot on thi website!!!
22 January 2004

Christine Shaw
I lived in Woodstock and I loved it I also lived in Moose Mountain so they call it!!!It is a great province
22 January 2004 - Nova Scotia

g-day my husband and i are from australia, we have met a wonderfull couple in newbrunswick and we are going to be there in august i really cant wait to get to your country it looks great.
14 January 2004 - australia

Alside Kerfont
born/raised in Newfie, want to retire in Southern New Brunswick. The Maritimes has always been the best place in Canada to live. Married a great Gal from Manitoba 35 years ago. Want to go home to Maritimes.
8 January 2004 - Sudbury, Ontario

Ted Morrison
I Was Born In Newcastle NB And Then Moved To Moncton NB ,I`ve Lived In NB All My Life ,I Don`t Plan To Move Out Of This Beautiful Province That I Love So Much , I May Move Back To The Town Of Newcastle ,Where I Was Born , When I Retire...But Never Will I Move Out of Such A Beautiful Province Like New Brunswick.
8 January 2004 - Moncton NB.

Paige Thomsan
Born in New York City I love kitty cats ooh they are so cute
7 January 2004 - New York City

Cheri Brinkman (Maiden name: CARD)
I was very pleased to see a website for NB. Makes me wish I was there home with family and friends... I miss you all ALOT!!!! After grad. in '96 I went to school in St. Louis, Missouri, got married and now live in Wisconsin. We have a beautiful little girl that will learn alot about Sussex, and other places in NB. I can't wait to share this beautiful home with her...Bye.
3 January 2004 - 36439 West St. Whitehall, WI (USA) 54773

Tay Davis
I love your website and Information I'm doing a project on New Brunswick and the Information you've given me will certainly get me a A+!
3 January 2004 - USA

Born in Sackville, made Moncton my second home, now living in Ontario. I'm coming back home in another 2yrs. Miss home too much, NB is the best place ever. No place like home. Really enjoy the site, wonderfully done. Keep up the great work.
3 January 2004 - Peterborough, ON

A. M.
Met a couple of people from NB this past summer and have kept in contact with them and have heard many amazing things about your province (especially the Miramichi area). Hopefully some day I will get a chance to make the trip!
3 January 2004

I was born & raised in Sackville 40 years ago & they say that there's no place like home. It's so true. I have been living in Alberta for 20 years now, but I still have the Martimes in me. I loved your site. It was nice to see that some of the stores where I use to shop for gifts for my Mom are still there. Like The Crofter, that store is a little gem. Definately a store to go to for anyone who visits Sackville. Thanks for the great web site. It's good for anyone who is a little home sick.
1 January 2004 - Alberta

Donna Marie Noble , Waasis, N.B. CANADA

Only recorded video. My Cougar
1 January 2004 - Waasis, NB.

Karen M. Pelkey
I remember my very first trip to your beautiful province. Way back in the 60's. Newly married my husband took me to his HUGE family farm. Wow, I never thought I'd have so many relatives. I spent 2 months there, getting chased by a pig, a goose, trying to pump water from the well and trying to light the wood stove, all to which I couldn't do, but I DID enjoy the scenery and all the most friendly people in this wonderful province!!!
1 January 2004 - Hamilton, Ontario

Bob Purvis
I am going to move back there I am trying to find a reliable real estate agent. Or general contractor
1 January 2004 - Calgary , Alberta

Brenda Price
I lived in woodstock NewBrunswick for 14 years.I would like to information on how to find info on the town and Newspaper there. I will be coming to visit NewBrunswick this summer in 2004 I will be going to Woodstock. Looking forward to it
28 December 2003 - Calgary Alberta

Doug Drysdelle ( Drysdale )
Hi! Great site and keep up the good work.
I am originally from St. Irenee N.B. Presently live in Toronto ON. Always look forward to revisiting your site and the greatest province in Canada.
looking for return E:mail from someone in the area.
27 December 2003

I am a french citizen living in New Brunswick since 2 years and even with the cold winters I really love this place.
27 December 2003 - Quispamsis

I met an extrodinary young man on the internet who is a musician in New Brunswick. I lost touch with him and can't seem to forget. In looking for him online Ive come to know so much about New Brunswick! Now I feel so drawn to N.B. I may just go on an adventure to find him. If anyone wants to help e mail me...
27 December 2003 - chicago Illinios

Elvis Kyle
Hi. I was born in Petitcodiac and lived in and around that area utill I was about 17. At that time I moved to Alberta (Edmonton) and have been here since 1975 and I love Alberta very very much but I do miss my home buy the bay of Fundy every now and then so I visit this site and remember the great thing of home and things seem to get better and I smile again. Like they say " You can take the boy out of New Brunswick but you can't take the New Brunswick out of the boy. God blessed me with living the greatest country in the world but he sent me from heaven...... New Brunswick.
26 December 2003 - Edmonton Alberta

I lived in New Brunswick for 14 years then moved to Alberta and lived here for 6 yrs.N.B is a beautiful Place can't wait to come back. I am from the Day family if anyone knows the Day's or is a Day Please contact me....
22 December 2003 - Edmonton, AB
Christina Stewart
I grew up in Petitcodiac NB.Maiden name was Ayer.Like to hear from anyone who remembers the Ayer family.
19 December 2003 - Ontario

Beverley Simpson
I was born in Saint John, and grew up in Hampton, which was a little slice of paradise! I now live in the United Kingdom, in a job that allows me to travel all over Europe. I have yet to find any place as special as New Brunswick, and I hope that someday I can return "home" to live. I would love to hear from anyone who went to KVHS (I graduated in 1990), or anyone from Hampton.
14 December 2003 - Glasgow, Scotland (at the moment)

I like your website.
10 December 2003 - South Dakota

Lindsay Paulin
I'm From Moncton and now living in New Zealand, so its nice to look at the photos when I'm homesick!
9 December 2003 - Auckland, New Zealand

mike mcdonald
this is a cool site because i'm talking to a nice girl form deer island and i can see where she live's and see how big it is and what's on it because i'm from newfoundland
8 December 2003

i am wokin on a project on bew brunswick and this is the best site for it
5 December 2003 - USA

good site
5 December 2003 - can

Amelia Uh Can't remeber
I was in NB for a vaction and the tide nerely killed me. i was walking back to shor when i was takin a walk wit my b/f (4 all those old foggies thats slang for boyfriend.) so we were walkin back to shore when the tide came rushing up and started pulling into the bay of fundy. we had to swim to shore by. the the time we got all the way back it was around 7 and it was dark and we coldn't see. good thing this blue hair say us and gave us a ride to our trailer
1 December 2003 - Whats it to ya

tenacious d
wow! i was doing a study on N.B. and this website really helped me out!!
i'll have to go and visit N.B now
30 November 2003 - Stony Plain/Alberta

Jorut K Petersen
I got a friend(Franny) through internet,
and i got curious about your great land.
Very beautiful and I think one day I will pay a visit;=)
28 November 2003 - Denmark/Aalborg

Gil Tennant
Very nice site. I'll be advertising with you for my 2004 season in St. Andrews. Keep up the great work.
HI to all my graduating classmates of SJDA 1980. See you again in 5/2004.
22 November 2003 - From Whitby, Ontario (grew up in St. Andrews)

HEy hey i think new brunswick is kool cuz im doing a research on it with my friend France and we have family there
20 November 2003 - Canada (ontarion)

hello my name is eden. evil leprechans have killed me so now i am a gohst plotting death to all leprechans. if u can please help me find some it will be greatly appreciated! thank you!
19 November 2003 - China

hello people of great and wide new brunswick! my name is dani and i have to do a school project but i am gay so i need help thank u for making ur site i love it and want to marry it buhbye
19 November 2003 - ont

J. Lovelace
Just found this site and think it is great. I will definitely be returning to it often.
18 November 2003 - Ludlow, NB

ayssa drake
this helped me alot for my school project
16 November 2003 - canada

Gavin Naicker
Thank you for all the information you have on your web site. I'm doing research on the Atlantic Region for my grade 5 social studies project.I hope to visit your province some day.
12 November 2003 - I live in Edmonton, Alberta.

laura hache
i used 2 live in fredricton n now i live in windsor,ontario-it's kool but of course i miss new brunswick!!!! now i gotta do an essay on somewhere n of course i picked N.B!! thank 4 all the info n stuff!! great help on the essy miss u guys!!
12 November 2003

i am doing a report on new brunswick! i found lots of stuff! it was fun. i hope i can visit new brunswick sometime! :-)
8 November 2003 - Salem, Or USA

Wonderful photos! Great contributions on the last page. Love the dog....
6 November 2003 - Ottawa
Wazzup? Hope to visit soon!
5 November 2003 - Boston, MA, USA

I miss living is Saint John!!! Saint John is one of the best places to live!!! It will always be my home town. I hope to go back and at least visit again sometime soon.
2 November 2003 - Alliston, Ontario

nicole snow
i have been to new brunswick lots of times it is kool!!! i was over there in the hospital and i met lots of new people one time i met a girl with lukemia and we have been long time friends ever since new brunswick rox!!!!!!!
27 October 2003 - new brunswick

Ice breakers-mints + gum
this site rocks! No doubt!I am glad I got New Brunswick for this project instead of Ontario, or British Columbia! ?-Do you have sites on other territories? I would like my friends to know. Ice Breakers is PIMPin'!
27 October 2003 - Chupa cabra, New Mexico

i think New Brunswick is a great spot to stay for summer relaxation. And i go there every summer to visit family and near the river
24 October 2003 - im in Toronto

angela robichaud
hey!!!!! I used to live in N.B. it rocks! totally!!! i moved to ON ,london FREDERICTON ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23 October 2003 - Ontario, London

danny grover
i love new brunswic, there is many frendly people,i like that
23 October 2003

Eddie Greer
I have come to know New Brunswick quite well through an old school friend Bob Terry, who lives in Fredricton and has sent me lots of Information on your city. It seems to be very beautiful with a vast contrast of scenery.
22 October 2003 - Adelaide South Australia.

Juliana Letourneau,Gilby
I live in Whitby ontario now, but lived my early years in Dalhousie N B. Hi to old friendsI miss the nice salt air! Hi to carol ann, joy, patsy, illeen.
21 October 2003

Dirk Stewart
I LOVE NEW BRUNSWICK but to be On The River! in Miramichi is a treat for the soul and spirit!
19 October 2003 - On The River

Molly Wondering
I have found a French British Patent, Made in France. It says (with a word missing at the top that ends in "S") 5 COMET FRENCH BRITISH PATENT MADE IN FRANCE
It is an oval shaped thing (as far as i can tell seeing as the top is scraped off. It is some sort of metal that has been rusted-green. My guess is brass or bronze. I am wondering what it may be, So please let me know if you have any information. (it was found while looking at Ministers Island just on the shore at low tide.
14 October 2003 - Canadia

Where are you Kim?
9 October 2003 - Saskatchewan

Sharon Doyle
Just came across this site and I think it is great. I come from the Miramichi and would like to hear from anyone from there. I would like to find some cousins that I have lost touch with. One is Judy Vienneau who I think lives in Mississauga Ont. and the other one is Van Martin who was living in Saint John but now I'm not sure. I love to hear from people from home when I'm so far away. I'm living in Northern Ireland.
7 October 2003 - Castledawson, N. Ireland

jamie symour
really miss n.b,now living in calgary,hope to be back soon.cheers to all
5 October 2003 - calgary

Dianne 10
I had to do a project about New Brunwsick and I found everything I needed here. I found ALL the info I needed and ALL the pictures for my photo essay. This is an awesome website. I could only find a few facts on one website and a few on another, but on this site it was all here. Thanx!
4 October 2003 - Plainview, Texas

Amber Jane Hayes
Think you have abeautiful place there. I currently live in Las Vegas, but have been yearning to take a trip back east to New York and up in to New England, and then ofcourse into canada. I think canada is beautiful, and your neck of the woods is absolutely breathtaking. I am originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.
29 September 2003 - Las vegas, Nevada

Kevin Mclean
I think you've been looking for me! A friend told me that you had tried to fing me on this site i'll give u my phone number through e-mail i can't believe it still we need to meet soon respond to my message soon sincerely Kevin Mclean
26 September 2003

Sherry Menard-Follett
Hi there. Im a proud Newbrunswicker who grew up in the Dalhousie area. Mostly Charlo. Looking to hear from any old friends who remember me. Like to find out what they been up to all these years. I go home usually once a year, to visit my family. I've been residing in Brampton for the past 5 years, and the rest of the first 8 years in Mississauga. Now have two beautiful children 6years and 1year old girl and boy. married for 3 yrs to the most wonderful man on earth. I hope to hear from anyone who may still know me real soon. Cant wait to go back ther's No Shore Like The North Shore Thats For Sure!!!.
24 September 2003 - Dalhousie (Now in Brampton On.)

Justin Brown
Im Working on a prodject in TEC class and needed some pictures. I found em here. And Harvey Rules man. Campbellton doesnt however.
19 September 2003 - Campbellton, NB
Greg Robinson
Hi, I live in new brunswick but havent been home for 14 weeks because im in the military. I just want to say that i miss new brunswick a lot.
15 September 2003 - St.-Jean Sur-Richelieu, Quebec

Denny Hansen
Just wishing Wayne & Cathy the best of everything as they move back to Hampton from Camrose, ALberta. These 2 people are wonderful and if you get to meet them, you will only find that your life is better for it. God Bless you guys. WE LOVE YOU. MISS YOU.
15 September 2003

In August I visited St. Andrew with my 7 year old son and infant. All my older son talked about was going whale watching so we went on boat called Retreat Charters. We were EXTEMELY disappointed with the owner, his staff and the whole experience. Although I would recommended going whale watching you should definitely try a different charter company.
13 September 2003 - Toronto

Marion Chase
Last Thursday evening, Sept. 4th, the CBC-Tv news mentioned a 93 year-old retired pilot who was the first Canadian pilot to break the sound barrier. I believe he lives in Moncton - it showed him mowing his lawn. I would like to learn more about him. Can you help me?
9 September 2003

Hi, I live on the other side of the word and I have been chatting to a new friend I discovered through ICQ. He lives in New Brunswick which I didn't know anything about -shame on me! - so I thought I would check it out. Looks fantastic and I found out some interesting facts!
30 August 2003 - Tasmania, Australia

Hi! I've been trying to order info. for our vac. next June/July and am
running into difficulties with the webpage, such as fields misssing and java errors.
If anyone gets this message, please contact me to get my address to
send info. on N.B.
26 August 2003 - Ontario

It was really nice to see a website for New Brunswick.It reminds me of Canadian teacher in Africa,now I live , work and study in the USA.I don`t know Ijust like Canada,that`s why I would like to marry a Canadian lady aged btn 24-29,nonsmoker,under
standing etc.Iam a 30yr old handsome,intelligent&
business-minded African guy.I mean life-time marriage and happiness that`s all.Come on Canadian Queens e-mail me on
21 August 2003

My friends and I unexpectedly happened upon Moncton a few weeks ago en route from Maine to PEI. We were wet, dirty, tired and bedraggled from several days of camping in the rain, so we decided to get hotel rooms for the evening. We went out for beer at Doc Dylan's, had a lovely night's sleep following hot showers, and a lovely breakfast at Cora's the next morning before continuing on our journey. In that short time we fell in love with Moncton and plan to return for a longer stay sometime. Until then, we comfort ourselves by saying "We'll always have Moncton!" Thanks!
20 August 2003 - Vermont, USA

I live in Harvey NB.Maybe you should visit it sometime.
12 August 2003 - Harvey NB

W Rogers
It would be great to see more information about, or some links to web sites about, other major trail systems in NB on your "Trails and Riverways" web page. Some of the trail systems that tourists want to know about are: Sentiers Péninsule acadienne, Grand Manan trails, Fredericton trail syste NB Cemeteries, if one is not already on this site. I wish when NB sites mention Rusagonis, Lincoln, etc. that they would not forget Waasis :) we were here as early as 1763 from a Nova Scotia Landgrant. The first.


11 August 2003 - Waasis, New Brunswick, CANADA

Chris Bronley
I am very glad you had a link to the NB Genealogy page. It was very helpful in finding information regarding my wife's ancestors. I would like to see a map of NB (detailed if possible - or lost of cities) on your site. That would also help. Thanks!
15 June 2003 - Colorado, USA

N. Gilbert
Enjoyed your site, but am very disappointed that we don't see any photos of northern NB. You haven't seen New Brunswick until you've seen the beautiful Bay of Chaleur and Restigouche River. Sugarloaf Mountain and Sugarloaf Park is awesome and the scenery here is second to none. Come on up!
15 June 2003 - Campbellton New Brunswick

Doug McQuinn
Hi, your website is a fabulous resource, and has wonderful links. I think it's great that WebWise is promoting our province at its own expense, and on its own initiative. However I object to a large number of the jokes. Many are off color, or demeaning to minorities, and they certainly don't belong on this type of website, especially since they reflect poorly on our province and on WebWise. It is obvious from the guest book that many young people visit this site, which is great, except that it's one more reason for cleaning up your jokes.
15 June 2003 - Quispamsis, NB

Was sent this site by an e-mail friend in New Brunswick. I can not believe what a beautiful place she lives in. She is so fortunate. I love your site and your area.
15 June 2003 - LaVista, Nebraska (U.S.A.)

Deb Trevors
Great web-site ! I send it to my daughter in Cape Breton; N.S. & to my other daughter and granddaughter -"Raven "-in Melborne ; Australia.
Proud to be from beautiful New Brunswick!!
14 June 2003 - Miramichi ; New Brunswick; Canada

james hicks
i think your website is the best i love sharks im a shark resercher.
14 June 2003 - england

Thanks, what a wonderful site, loved the photos and recipes, just makes my wish to live in Canada all the more intense, greetings from Australia!
14 June 2003 - Australia

Linda B.
12 June 2003 - Peterborough,Ontario

Hey,Got a lot of great info from this site.It helped with my research project.Thx a million.
11 June 2003 - P.E.I.
Stephanie Donaher
Just was looking for some pictures. Not too many of my home town. Moncton. But still a great site. Brings back memories of living there for 15 years. Keep up the good work.
9 June 2003 - Edmonton, Alberta. Not the same as home!

iwas born and raised in new brunswick and i love it so much im in british columbia at the moment but plan to move back to zealand new brunswick very soon just wanted to let people know how great new brunswick is
6 June 2003 - british columbia, canada

Great site!! Greetings from New Zealand :)
6 June 2003 - New Zealand

Marilyn Middleton
Every time I turn to this site I get lonesome for NB and anxious to visit. Wonderful web site, current and up to date, and the jokes are a nice touch. A terrific Province! P.S. I'm from Grand Manan originally.
5 June 2003 - Brandon, Manitoba

Great site. Really helps to locate areas of interest.
3 June 2003 - Massachuesetts

Don Palmer
Anxious to get back to my place of peace and quiet near the St. Croix River in St James Parish. Aah - solitude .
3 June 2003 - New Hampshire, USA

Mandy Krasnicki
I think this is a cool website. I know i will visit newBrunswick again. With all the new upcomming events. I used to live in WoodStock NB i enjoyed it. But now i love in London ON. my family might be moving back and i cant wait. Im looking forword to the cool events in NewBrunswick and i know i will enjoy them and i hope yiu will too.
3 June 2003 - Canada London Ontario

Cindy (Richard) Lockwood
Wow!! This is so cool. I didn't know ya"ll made this site. I used to live in Blacks Harbour, It was a great place to grow up. Still have lots of family there, See you in July 2003. Love ya'll

Cindy Richard
1 June 2003 - Lehigh Acres Fla

this is one of the great websites that i,ve been to so far.
31 May 2003 - preston, england U.K.

Terri Doucette Pecchia
Hi to all my relatives/friends in Springfield,Sussex,No
rton,St.John,,miss you all,great site,,made me homesick.
29 May 2003 - Toronto Ontario

Lloyd Miller
I have visited New Brunswick numerous times and always find something new to do. I always go to see the Reversing Falls at St. Johns and the Tidal Bore at Moncton. These are two of the most
awe inspiring places in N.B.
My trip ends in P.E.I. where my family is from. This is the most beautiful area in the world. Everyone should go at least once in their lifetime.
29 May 2003 - Dracut Ma.

just trying to find old friends, if anyone knows me please email anytime, also if there is a Leila (Hammond) from grande manan, N.B. anyone know of her please email me. She used to live there years ago, an old friend of mine. Thanks
28 May 2003 - Newfoundland

this site isnt too good cuzz it doesnt have enuff stuff bout hampton in it and hampton is the best part of new brunswick! get more stuff bout there and you will have a lot more guests!
27 May 2003 - p.e.i

Joe Gregoire
My Parents, Paul and Betty Gregoire live In Miramichi, New Brunswick. I am currently serving a 6 month tour with the Canadian Forces in the Middle East (Sinai Peninsula, Egypt). I was searching the web and found your site. I think it's great. My Father served at CFB Chatham. I spent many years there as a child. To give you a hint of how long ago. The Portage Resturant was then the Gremar (Gregoire & Marquis) RV & Trailer park.
27 May 2003 - Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

douglas parrett
you refer to the HOney Tree Farm in your article on covered bridges. It is at RR 2 Petitcodiac near Havelock. I would like to get in touch by phone or web page. Could you please forward their phone number or web page? Thanks for your assistance.
24 May 2003 - ontario

Great webpage-tks for all the info
20 May 2003 - Moscow

I absolutley love New Brunswick! Such nice locations to go and great food.
19 May 2003 - North Carolina

LOL my email address is
19 May 2003

looking for 2 old friends of mine whom I have met in Red deer Alberta who are from Miramichi, the names are Jerry Foley and danny legresely (not sure how to spell danny's last name. Jerry's family own a store called Papa joe;s, any information on how to get in touch with either or both of these guys , please contact me at the email below
19 May 2003 - miramichi new brunswick

Looking for Pat Kyle who lived on Leinster Street in the '60's as well as Janice Hay and Pat Chatterton. All went to Voc Annex. Also trying to find Al Logan who played in a band called "The Fox". Thanks for any help.
18 May 2003
Kevin Crannie, Esq.
Beautiful website protraying New Brunswick by its rightful name "The Picture Province." As a former New Brunswicker, now living in Toronto, New Brunswick will always remain a special part of my life, especially Codys, New Brunswick, where I lived for thirteen years.

Thank you for listing my personal website, Codys, New Brunswick, on
18 May 2003 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Betty L
born in Chatham stumbled onto this site
very well done!!!!
15 May 2003 - Fredericton

Your web site needs game`s and cany bars and give out free N64 games for each personne that enter`s this site!!!!!!!!

This web site is knowlogde and games.
15 May 2003 - Canada

hey watz goin on to everyone in f'ton n on st.maryz
13 May 2003 - fredericton

claire cool kiely
i just wanna say that new brunswick is the coolest place on earth! u should win the cool prize!!!
12 May 2003 - zimbabwae

hi to new brunswick
11 May 2003 - Canada

l was here looking for the name and address of the Museum in St John that has the Bricklyn car in it. l am going to be here in the province for a few more months and would love to see one. l had hoped that the NB website would be some help. l found no links to museums, but if l wanted to find the phone number of EVERY school in the province, it was here for me. The fun facts area was a nice touch, but l was hoping to find info on the Bricklyn here.
11 May 2003 - Oromocto

I clicked random link on the search engine and ended up on your site. Nice site & good job and hello.
10 May 2003 - Winnipeg

Angie Letourneau
It's a Great Place!!
8 May 2003 - New Brunwick

Being from that area, it is nice to see the site and sights! I sure do miss it there!
7 May 2003 - Ontario

6 May 2003

Bobby Joe
i am visting nb soon after graduation with some friends...
6 May 2003 - Saskatchewan

david crabbe
hi i was born in juniper now live in alberta
4 May 2003

Gilberte Boudreau (Comeau)
Hi! Again. I am fr: Nicholas Denys N.B.I would like to find an old friend from there who move away to Montreal. He is Gilbert Boudreau. Gilbert ci tu lie ceci contact moi.
4 May 2003 - Woodstock Ont Canada

Gilberte Boudreau (Comeau)
I am fr; Nicholas Denys N.B I am now leaving in Woodstock Ont. I would like to find my cousins. There parents were Joe Frennette & Anastasia Comeau. There name are Claudette , Carmen Claude. They were fr; Petit Rocher N.B.
4 May 2003 - Woodstock Ontario canada

Ty Curtis
Hello New Brunswick-- I am doing a report on this province for school! was just e-mailing to say that u have a very interesting province! thanx so much ---
1 May 2003 - Mitchell, SD--USA

i'm from srilanka but now i live in canada ontario. i like to visit new brunswick . i like that
1 May 2003 - canada

Linda Doiron
I am from Chatham N.B. and am new to the computer and was just wandering around and found this site.My aunt Lillian Willcox lives here somewhere.I now live in Edmonton Alberta.Great site...
30 April 2003 - Edmonton,alberta

Wayne A. Vance
My compliments to the webmaster of this site, for a job well done. Makes a person very proud to be from this area. Keep up the great work.
27 April 2003 - Utopia, New Brunswick

Diana Wilcox
I was looking for info on another town, came across this site. Excellent site and full of information.
27 April 2003 - Utopia, New Brunswick
i'm doing a project on nb at i filled my book up to the top thats i hope to visit it agin!
25 April 2003 - winnipeg

Great Site, doing a project on New Brunswick. This site has lots of good information. Hope to visit some time!!
22 April 2003 - Strathroy , Ontario, Canada

Nathalie Toussaint
Love this site! The photos are beautiful and the information about the province very informative.
21 April 2003

Dave B.
Great site, truly Canadian! I added you to my site!
21 April 2003 - Ontario, Canada

We visited New Brunswick in July and September, 2002. Truly a beautiful part of God's creation with wonderful people.
QUESTION: I am making a cross-stitch of the New Brunswick tartan. I would like to know the significance of the various colors that make up the tartan. Can you help me find this information?
17 April 2003 - Satellite Beach, Florida

Helen & Kevin McMurren
Wonderful website!!!!!!!!. Brought back alot of fond memories of our stay there. Lived in St. George from 1981-1988. Look forward to one day returning for a visit to your beautiful province. Hello to all our friends out there!
16 April 2003 - Thompson, Manitoba

Laurie Belmont
Nice website, found it through Google as my sister and I are doing geneology and have ancestors that lived on Grand Manan Ialand. I would love to come visit!
14 April 2003 - Washington state, USA

Great Site - tons of info
12 April 2003 - LV, NV

Dan Daley
Good website. Originally from Saint John, I've been 'up here' for almost two years.
8 April 2003 - Hamilton, ON

S. Sisco
Being born and raised in Boiestown, NB I can appreciate this site. Lots of nice info and pics.
7 April 2003 - Fredericton, NB

Yo!! Nice site here, I visted Fredericton just last year in summer!!! Well keep it up!!!
4 April 2003 - Toronto, Ontario

Jeff Neathway
Graduated from Fundy in 79, been back a couple of times, its still as nice as I remembered, I get a little homesick now and again but have to stay where the work is.
1 April 2003 - Kamloops B.C.

what are three interesting land marks of new brunswick for a school project.
by the way great site
31 March 2003 - new brunswick

Elizabeth Pedersen
Great site. Do you know where I can get the names of people who perished in the 1825 Miramichi fire? On of my ancestors was supposedly working in the Miramichi at that time and was never heard from again. Thank you.
29 March 2003

John Rose
The N.B. website states... 'The Gondola Point ferry, where Captain William Pitt invented and first introduced the cable ferry'.... Anyone like to elaboare on the subject and contact me at

22 March 2003 - uk

Randi Dodding
Iam going to New brunswick this summer to vist my family i havent seen for about 3 or 4 years my dad and my brother and sister.
22 March 2003 - Quesnel Bc

Jan and Graham Ions
We lived in New Brunswick 1989-1997 and miss it sooooo much! We will return!!! In the meantime a great site and hi to all our friends.
22 March 2003 - England

~Renee Dwyer~
Hey ther people How is everyone?... I visited newBrunswick in 2001 and i enjoyed it alot i attended a army cadet training course for 2 weeks this summer i will be back again for 6 weeks i can't wait it is such a great place. I am now doing a project in school of magic mountain i would love to attend it. I am from newfoundland. Well hello and Great place.....
19 March 2003 - Newfoundland

Daphne Mercer Earle
I lived in Riverview, N.B approximately 32 years ago. I'm 46 now. Had a lot of friends there. I'm searching for anyone who remembers me. I lived on Monroe Street with my family.
19 March 2003 - I live in Newfoundland now

i love your web sight...i live in ontario and now i want to visit new brunswick!!!! looks like its fun there!!!
18 March 2003
18 March 2003 - GRAND FALLS

Jim Fayle
I grew up in Campbellton New Brunswisk, at least for the first 21 years of my life. I enjoyed every second I had in N.B. I joined the Canadian Forces in 1982 and have traveled all over the world and you know there is still no place like home (Campbellton).
18 March 2003 - Gananoque On.

Chaz Rainy
Is this the Deer Island that is owned by the "Skull and Crossbones"?
15 March 2003 - Florida

I like your great site
Wish one day i could reach here
event thought i'm so far away............
15 March 2003 - Malaysia

Warm Horse
I like the guestbook.
14 March 2003

Yasnay Figueredo
I have visited Fredericton in 1998. Now I am here enjoying your lovely web.
13 March 2003 - Barcelona, Spain

Dave Quinn
You never know how much you appreciate New Brunswick until you have to move away. No other province can match the friendliness, slower pace of life, or the charm of New Brunsiwick. Only the other Atlantic Provinces come close. I come "home" every year for vacation. I may live in Ontario......but Moncton is "home" and always will be.
13 March 2003 - Guelph, Ontario

i like birds
13 March 2003 - birdland

I think that new brunswick is very boring i live in fredericton and well i tihnk that people aren't noticing fredericton as much as people would probably like too anyway lincoln rocks!
11 March 2003 - canada

Peter H.
Hi, ever one ! I gone move in May to NB with me Wife Bertha, i like this Web Site I and Love to move here, hope to meet a lot of you!!
Best wihes to ever one who read than.
10 March 2003 - Stuttgart- Germany

Andrew Wylie
Saint John is "home" to my wife and I, and while we miss our family very much, a winter like 2003 is just another reason why were glad were not there. Sorry!
10 March 2003 - Toronto

George L. (Dickson) Otty
Hi I am a retired serviceman now living in B. C. My family originated from Hampton and our family burial plot in at St. Pauls Anglicamn church. I have been a member of your Historical Society for several years now. Happened to come across this very nice sight from GOOGLE Search
9 March 2003

Patti Arsenault
The information on this site has been a great help for my 11 year old son's project on NB.
8 March 2003 - Your neighbours PEI

Geneveive S.
i'm going to moncton's a great place
7 March 2003 - Montrel

Miss you New Brunswick...great site
6 March 2003 - British Columbia

Hi I am a girl and I am 12 years old.
Last year I went visiting St John I really loved the reversing falls.
6 March 2003

Wayne Warren
Hi there.We are from a little place in New Brunswick call Green Hill.We now live in a little town in sask called Maymont.My family love to play gospel bluegrass music we are called The Warren Family.Come and see us at our web site and please put your name in our guest book..Yours in Christ Wayne Warren
6 March 2003 - Maymont Sask Canada

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