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Guest Book Entries from 2005 - 2006

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Joyce Armstrong
Searching the Duguay or Dujay families!!!!!
23 December 2006 - NewBrunswick Nova Scotia!!!!!

Gary Chamberlain
Need info on the East Coast First Peoples Alliance Card.How to get one ,an E-mail address/ address.
23 December 2006 - Hamilton,Ontario

maribel calagui perciano
hi i've been surfing for noel sanjose's e-mail address but i couldn't.only his mailing address @ 11 wedgewood pl, maple,ontario & tel#905-417-1710.i'm new here in canada & no relatives.kuya noel is known to me by name only thru his family in phils, where we lived before.if anybody knows him,please tell him about this message or e-mail me.
19 December 2006 - toronto,ontario cp#:647-885-3495

Julie Mersereau
why did the first nations come to Fredericton why didnt they go any where else is it because of the saint jonh rivere?

plz reply its for school
19 December 2006 - Fredericton

Sackville has a University named Mount Allison.The town is small and very quiet.Old style buildings. It's 30 minutes from Moncton by car, the best place to shop in NB.
18 December 2006 - North Country

Jennifer, how can we email u. You left no email address. please contact me gblessin@nb.sympatic
14 December 2006 - new-brunswick canada

New Brunswick is one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited - bar none! My wife is from the Campbellton area and we visited there last summer. Awesome scenery and wonderful, friendly folks. I would like to have retired there, but your health care is not as good as Ontario's, soooo, here we stay!
14 December 2006 - Wasaga Beach, ON

Hi all! I am a youth in the province of New Brunswick, and really excited to currently be in this beautiful province. I stumbled across this website tonight and am really excited to see what it has to offer. For anyone reading this outside of the province, definitely consider coming to visit or live in New Brunswick - it has so much to offer. Also, check out the New Brunswick Advisory Council on Youths website at as it is a great organization I am a part of. Thanks to all who are visiting this site, and for being interested in such a great province!
14 December 2006 - University of New Brunswick: Fredericton, NB
Hi, I'm from FREDERICTON!!! I was wondering who is the prime minister of new brunswick, I don't know.
11 December 2006

My name is Jennifer Raposo, my maiden name is Gaundroue. I have been searching for my father for the past 6 years maybe longer off and on and since I haven't had any luck so far thought I'd try leaving a little message here to see if I can find him or anyone who may know him. His name is Robert Lyons (or Lions not sure of the spelling). I was born in fredericton New Brunswick July 26th 1982 but as far as I know left with my mom when I was 8 months old. I don't know much info about him and my mom says she doesn't remember much about him. I really would appreciate any help at all especially with it being close to christmas and all. If you can help that ould be great please email me
11 December 2006 - winnipeg Manitoba

Kasey, Hallie and Ruby
Kasey: I like to come to this site for homework. It has all the information I need.
Hallie: This is a cool site and it told me alot about my favourite place in the world--NewBrunswick!
Ruby:I enjoy coming to this site. I am glad it is so popular.
9 December 2006 - Proudly from New Brunswick!

Julie Levesque
I'm from Dalhousie NB and it was nice to see all the pictures because i haven't been to visit for 22 years Thank you
7 December 2006 - Ontario, Canada

Emma && Julia
hey this site is sick mon it totally rocks our socks.chris is sexy from emma
6 December 2006 - ontario

4 December 2006 - LONDON

it looks like it would be fun to visit New Brunswick. I have a couple questions is there anything unique on grand manan Island, what is the environment/ forestry like?, is there any endangered speices?, thing s there to protect?, is it accessible and what is the landscape like? thanks if you could send me info that would be great this is all for a geography project and was wonderin if i could have some info by the Wednesday December 6th, 2006
2 December 2006

Frank and Janice Galbraith
New Brunswick is by far the greatest province in Canada with the greatest people, we are counting the days until we can move back home!
1 December 2006 - Edmonton, Alberta

Melissa C.
I would love to live in New Brunswick!!
1 December 2006 - Nebraska

i love new brunswick so much it was so much fun. love going to the races there all the time.
29 November 2006

Mike Richardson
thank this site has everything that i needed to do my porject im a grade 8 student at DMS and where doing a dutch project with Holand well im having fun so far thank
23 November 2006 - Dalhousie NB

Michelle & Tom Craswell
Born and raised is Campbellton NB now living in Edmonton but missing the water and family and friends lefted behind but going home to salmon festival summer of 2007. Take Care everyone
22 November 2006 - Edmonton Alberta

Hello im Jessica i live on the hall road i like the town of hampton all except the garbage all over the streets and over the days its getting to look better and nicer all the new place being built the only big dumpy looking part is by Pizza Delite.
21 November 2006 - new brunswick

margaret diamond
I miss living in Lower Brighton. I moved to Saskatchewan in 1977 but I will always think of New Brunswick as my home. Hopefully someday I will come home for a visit.
11 November 2006

Stewart Family
Saint John is a great place for a holiday. We loved it, there is so much to see & do. Check out the Reversing Falls Speedboats - awesome!
10 November 2006 - Colchester UK

wow i miss saint john sooo bad but sence im in the miltarty i can only vist there looking at some of these pics is awsome im comeing home soon miss ya;s all i live in petawawa ont so im only 14 hour drive
9 November 2006 - petawawa

I love zoos i have never been to this one but i know it is great. Keep saving animals.
9 November 2006 - New Brunswick Canada

Living and working in the states. From St.Stephen New Brunswick. Miss my family loads.
9 November 2006

Wow, i had to do a homework assignment, and this site had EVERYTHING that i needed!! This site was incredible! Thanks, made my life easier.Nice job on the site, thanks for the information!
7 November 2006 - Nova Scotia

S. Murray
Glad I stumbled across this site! We moved from NB to BC a year and a half ago and haven't been back yet. Nice to look at the pictures. We'll be back for a visit soon!! I'll be adding this site to my favorites.
6 November 2006 - Fort St John BC
Hannah Toffanello & Michaela pollon
You peoples rock! Me and my friend (michaela pollon) wish we could be there! Shout- out to my cousin jo! Miss you! Welll byes
1 November 2006 - Timmins Ont.

rolly baker
hi, this web site is great, i'm from Perth-Andover N.B i was wondering if you ever heard of Tilly take out!! lol ==the best place ever
1 November 2006 - Perth-Andover

santana watling
hey cool website for projects my family is from nova s cotia and new
31 October 2006 - ontario

Kirk Knowles
Great website. Nice to see where I came from. Need more Bathurst stuff. Jokes are hilarious.
19 October 2006 - Ft Myers, FL

A Vance
My little boy is into sharks from FINDING NEMO. This totally cool site will allow me to answer his questions.
19 October 2006 - London

Autumn Culver
Hi i am 11 right now and i am doing a lot of reseach on New Brunswick. I think New Brunswick is a pretty cool place. There is a lot of things about New Brunswick. I wish I could live there.
11 October 2006 - Prince Rupert

Janice Dornan (Hay) please email me. Would like to know how you are and what path you followed. Still singing?
6 October 2006 - USA

eric welsh
i have a girlfreind who lives in st john.but i live in ohio .I LOVE YOU BRITTANY!!
27 September 2006 - cincinati ohio

Marion Hobbins
Enjoying your web-site.My family have enjoyed many lovely holidays in Moncton
and your province.I have a younger brother and his family in the Moncton area and also an older brother Donald Trigg,(no longer with us,)does any one remember him, he was a wonderfulperson and musician.?We love Canada-fullstop !!!
27 September 2006 - Prestatyn North wales Uk

Shelley Mager
Wow, it looks like a really pretty place to live. I live in Winnipeg and there are a bunch of guys here (working on poles)that come from NB, so I thought I would check out the site and see where they come from. It looks very nice!!!
25 September 2006 - Winnipeg,Manitoba,CANADA

Paul Cunningham
I am trying to trace a lady called Sharon Duguay(Maiden Name) who visited Halifax in West Yorkshire in the early 70's and stopped with one of her aunts. I have since left Halifax and now live in Plymouth in Devon but I know Sharon has been back. I believe Sharon was brought up in a town called Shemogue or something sounding similar apologies for the wrong spelling. I would be grateful if any one can shed any light on her whereabouts.
24 September 2006 - Plymouth

Marion Hobbins
I visited the zoo many years ago from Wales UK.I sent info; to your then Mayor suggesting they start an adoption scheme to help children and adults appreciate your wildlife,who are very precious.Iam so happy you have the idea going well.Thankyou Moncton and the zoo.
23 September 2006 - Prestatyn North Wales UK

Cristina Ayer
message for John Keith DeWolff Sr.I also went to Petitcodiac school and have a cousin,Donna in Steeves Settlement.I live in Ontario now.
19 September 2006 - Ontario

Colleen Harding
I recently moved out to alberta and i miss the down home feel that we have. You never really know how much you'll miss home until your gone
14 September 2006 - calgary alberta

Corean Eatmon
Our family is planning on selling everything just to move to N.B. I know I have lots of relatives out there. Please if you can inform us of any pre-travel tid bits it will be appriciated.
Hope that we get out there to watch the first snow fall.Anyone want a summer home where I've lived?
13 September 2006 - Ontario

I am here on the Miramichi, New Brunswick. Was born here, its a beautiful place. I live in the country and the Miramichi River runs by It is the best Atlantic Salmon Fishing River in the Province, People come here from many countries to fish during spring and summer. Its quiet and peaceful and people who come to visit here go home with great memories.
28 August 2006 - Miramichi NB

Thank you so much for the information on Ministers Island! it will help alot to convince my father to take me there!Thanks Again
28 August 2006 - Sussex, NB, Canada, North America, Wester Hemisphere, Earth

Vanessa Bell-Smith
What a lovely site. I grew up in Dalhousie and although I'm in Florida, New Brunswick will always be home. I look forward to visiting. I'd love to hear from old friends at
20 August 2006 - Naples, Florida

Sarah Pond
I live in WAASIS new brunswick.and it is kick ass if i do say so myself :) all the hick-ness and stuff SHOUT OUT TO MERYL
17 August 2006 - Waasis, New brunswick

Dany Robichaud
i come from n-b this is the best place to grow up i lived there until my 17th birthday and i miss it so much now that i'm in montreal .hugs to all the familly i got back there shippagan,lameque,ca
13 August 2006 - Montreal,Quebec
Norm Murr
Would dearly love to be able to contact my daughter Dayna Lynn or her mother Sandra Joan in Saint John before it is all too lat.
11 August 2006

Thanks so much to everyone who has worked on this site! It was a very good help when I did my school progect on New Brunswick1 The information is very interesting!
11 August 2006 - Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi to the folks in petitcodiac,killams mills & havelock.Went to school in steeves settlement & Petitcodiac
9 August 2006 - saskatchewan

my aunt trudy told me about this site and i have spent many hours exploring it. its great.
6 August 2006 - TRURO,NOVA SCOTIA

Hi! Does anyone knows someone who offers homestay in Sussex?! please write me at lilyurdiales@hotmail
3 August 2006 - Monterrey, Mexico

i have lived in moncton all my life and could not imagine living outside of N-B it's so beautiful and friendly.
2 August 2006 - moncton

Amy Brewitt

I'm sorry for the loss of your grandmother.

Your grandfather Jack Leslie Tozer was my grandmother's cousin.

Please contact me at ABrewitt @ cs . com
and I can give you more information.
27 July 2006 - Toronto, Ontario

shannon stroh-nicolle
this place is pretty cool im going down here to visit my dad for a month and i cant wait! the senery is awsome!
25 July 2006

Frank. L
My wife and I Just spent a week in St. Martins NB, right across from the sea caves. It was so easy falling asleep to the sound of the ocean every night, we miss it already!
23 July 2006 - Norwich, ON.

Anna Grant
My kids and I moved to Guelph Ontario 6 years ago. We love it here, but we do miss our friends and family in Codys, Sussex, Saint John, Fredericton, Hampton and surrounding area. Hope to get back some day with my husband Chris for a visit.
19 July 2006 - Guelph, Ontario

Jeff Guitard
I was born here but moved away to montreal. Even though i now live the big city life, its nice to come home.
12 July 2006 - Montreal

I can't wait to go down home for a visit, the ocean stays with you, even when you move away.
10 July 2006 - Ottawa, Ontario

The Nor'wester
New Brunswick is the best place to grow up and go fishing ever, just today i caught two trout. I Love it here
25 June 2006 - Miramichi, NB

Newbrunswick is an awesome place to grow up always something fun to do with your family and friends there is good friendly people here.
23 June 2006 - Oromocto

I'm coming home for holidays and I heard something about a 'SALTY JAMM' being held in Saint John July 13 - 15, 2006. Nothing mentioned about this on your site, so any news about bands performing & ticket venues would be helpful for all interested. I heard Colin James was to perform at this event? Thank You
20 June 2006 - Calgary, Alta

Nancy Whelan
We are Californians, planning to visit July-Aug. 2006. I can't wait; it looks like a fun and beautiful place. I've been learning français, so I hope I can use it! We have 2 weeks to spend between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Any advice?
16 June 2006 - Santa Maria, Calif.

James Cook
Appreciate the detailed info on the site
15 June 2006 - Palm Coast, FL

C DeWolfe
Hello to everyone from our hometown, Miramichi, NB. No matter how far away you go, there is no place like home.
15 June 2006 - Kingston, Ontario

Mike Corey
Hey Anyone looking to connect to some NB'ers out in Calgary or Northern BC around Dawson Creek or even Grande Prairie email me at
15 June 2006 - Calgary Alberta

Just when you think you know some history,New Brunswick has a rich history,and a lot of my dead relatives.
13 June 2006 - Charlotte County Florida
hey there, im from NB and just moved out west. I miss home so much, theres nothing like NB!!!
13 June 2006 - Saskatchewan

Jacque Gray
Thanks to all NB'ers for making my vacation so memorable. I found NB to be almost like home and filled with some of the friendliest people I've ever met. I hope to return in the fall and learn some winter sports. Thanks again!
12 June 2006 - Raleigh, North Carolina

this is great! i needed information on the bay of fundy, this really helped!
12 June 2006 - nova scotia

Mike Corey
AHHHH how i miss the maritimes, a born again Albertan with my whole life ahead of me i seem unready to burden the financial burdens these young albertans so reaily embrace! not only do i feel like i come from another PLACE - I feel like I come from another TIME and PLACE
12 June 2006 - Calgary Alberta working all over northyern BC

I'm in Grade 3 and needed pictures for a school project ~ They are great. Thank you
7 June 2006 - Terrace, British Columbia

you guys. oops and girls rock and have a awesome site and should make another with alot of enteresting facts.
5 June 2006 - canada

I am seeing a lot of scenery in New Brunswick but would really love to see street views of the communities which include the houses and architecture and a feeling for the neighbourhoods.that old world charm
2 June 2006 - Nanaimo, BC

Michelle Fleury
I LOVE NEW BRUNSWICK!!! Was born there and now live in Cambridge Ontario, it will be 10 years this July.I always make time to go back every year. Nothing is better then walking down Lorne/Charlo area and smelling the ocean in the air. Would like to say hi to everyone in New Brunswick, and can't wait to see all those friendly faces this July and all the July's to come!!!
2 June 2006 - Cambridge Ontario

elizabeth bailey
hi all i would love to come to new brunswick so i can meet new friend and see my family again
31 May 2006 - annapoils county

Good info on the flag and its origins. The picture of the Moncton skyline at night in the gallery is reversed. The Assomption building should be to the left of the NB Tower.
29 May 2006 - Toronto

Kali Irwin
i loved you site it helped me alot with my project on NB for the hall of fame

kewl (cool)
29 May 2006

hi i would love to come down and stay for a long time so i can visit my family that i miss a lot
29 May 2006 - annapoils county

John Bennell
I plan to visit New Brunswick in September to visit Grande Anse where my Grandfather, Albert Frenette, was born.
27 May 2006 - London, England


R.J campbell
love your site brought back some memories. i grew up in fredericton.But i now reside in edmonton alberta.i will see you again sometime fredericton.
23 May 2006 - edmonton alberta

Dasia Morris
Ello! people in case you dont know what ello mean sit means hELLO get it. Well any way i'm doing a project on New Brunswick and i also go to New Brunswick eveery year to visit my grammie and grampie
22 May 2006 - ontario

allo, my name is le rock voisin
19 May 2006

Hi, my name is mary-lou and i like to get in contact with dutch people who live there.
My husband is a truckdriver and we are thinking about moving over there.
Lot of love
17 May 2006 - Netherlands

Trysten Howe
I live in Alberta but i might be moving to sussex and i herd it is an amazing place to live and grow!!!!
15 May 2006 - TurnerValley Alberta

miranda hayden
hi i use to live in dalhousie and now i live in . i think dalhousie is a great place but should get more things to do
15 May 2006 - dsalhousie nb
debbie butler
Left the miramichi 8 years ago.Moved to Alberta and became a construction worker.I miss home some day i hope to visit again.if my old school mates would like to talk to me I'am on line.
13 May 2006 - alberta

i think you should advertise other cities not only the big ones,what about edmundston
11 May 2006 - edmundston nb

Jordan Snodgrass
hey everyone enw brunswick rock last time i signed this was 2 years ago and i found my post from it it was cool NB is the best place in the world
11 May 2006 - Oromocto

Abigail Corey
Hi my name is Abby I am from Saint John and I lived in Grand Manan for about 5 years with my grandparents Lywood aka Jim and Linda Grandpa works on the boat the red boat and Grandma works at the dentist office I reccomend Grand Manan to any one!!!!!!!!!!Grand manan Rules
10 May 2006 - Canada

Bonnie Bahna
My grandfather lives up there in Campebello Island. Darrel Chute is his name and we try to visit him there often. It's such a beautiful country and we can't wait to get back.
9 May 2006 - Denver, Colorado

michael martin
my grandfather was born somewhere in new brunswick, came to britain during ww2 met my gran, back to new brunswick where they had several children including my father,returned to england in the 50,s, i would love to here from any Martins who may know of Jean Baptiste Martin,to see if we are related
30 April 2006 - Sheffield England

In 12 days, I'll be coming to NB for volleyball nationals. We play in Moncton and I can't wait!:D Go Burlington Blaze!
29 April 2006 - Burlington Ontario

Ur site really helped me to get a lot of info for a project thanx
25 April 2006 - M.B canada

SCOTT country mouse
I am looking for a friend.SCOTT (first name) he lives in Flatlands,NB. He looks a bit like Micheal Moore.I have no news about him.from Sylvie,city mouse
25 April 2006 - Flatlands.NB,Canada

Cristina Ayer
Message for Sue-Being from Petitcodiac,I remember The Steeves family,in fact we may be related as it shows in my family tree.
24 April 2006 - Ontario

Little One
Very informative site! I even learned something about the history of where I'm from.
21 April 2006

IliveinHampton !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
! !!
21 April 2006

Looking for a friend i met in Moncton on April 8, 2006 his name is Brian, he lives in Fredericton originally from outwest
20 April 2006 - Fredericton

Elizabeth Watier
I am looking for my natural mother. I was born in New Castle New Brunswick Oct. 26/1959. My birth name - Margaret Sandra Vienneau. I know there is a Margaret Vienneau - I think in Chatam. I don't want to cause any problems I just want to thank her for giving me life. I have had a pretty good life by the way. I have been very lucky. I am living in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Please contact me. Great site by the way. I love NB. What is Chatam called now?
17 April 2006 - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Adam - I remember the old butter and ice cream factory in Sussex! I spent all my summers there and my friend worked there! I'm related to those millions of Steeves from Hillsborough!
13 April 2006 - Boston

hey i live in ste.rose, manitoba n i think tht ur site is preety awesome i have o do a whole project on new brunswick n ur site gave me lots of info thanx
11 April 2006 - Ste.rose, Manitoba

Rob Swan
Have been living out west for years now, but long to move back home to Harvey Station NB. NB has given me more a sense of what life really should be like. Will be back there soon i hope. Cheers to you all.
7 April 2006 - Calgary, Alberta

john mccarthy
This for the gentleman who is looking for someone who new the Strugnell family. I attented High School in Moncton in the mid 80's. Wendy Strugnell was a student at the same school. I did not know her personally she was a friend of a friend. That is about all I know of the Strugnell family.
7 April 2006

Peter B. Mc Roberts
Searching for information on Grand-Father, David Leslie McRoberts, born March 24, 1874
31 March 2006 - South lake Tahoe, CA 96150
30 March 2006 - Perth-andover

Veronica Lake
This is in regards to me looking for my dad. If you have any information pls email me at seme1nite@sympatico.
ca Thank you
29 March 2006

My grandmother Lillian Tozer died this year on January 23. She was married and divorced to a Jack Leslie Tozer. He died in the late 80's. They came from Kirkland Lake Ontario but settled in Toronto and Niagara Falls in the late 40's
28 March 2006 - Toronto

just got come for a visit. especially after rick mercer report on wireless cities.
27 March 2006 - langley, bc

NB is pretty sweet come to Grand Manan
27 March 2006 - Grand Manan

Kyle Elliott
I left NB in '95 and would go back in a heartbeat! We'll wait and see what the future brings!
25 March 2006 - Winnipeg, MB

Laurence Strugnell
I am looking for anyone who knew the Strugnell family. They lived in Moncton New Brunswick
25 March 2006

Veronica Lake
Looking for my dad. I was born in Fredricton, NB and lived on Watters Dr with my mom (sheila Lyons)My fathers name is William Brown and he's in his 50's I beleive and he also lived in Fredricton, NB if anyone has any information please contact me. Thank you.
22 March 2006

i live here. i was wondering if you have any pictures on the waterfront bed and breakfast in st martins?
22 March 2006 - canada

muriel steele
looking for gardiner craig who graduatedfrom port elgin schoolin 1956
17 March 2006 - school reunion july 2006

I'd like to see pictures of the riverglade mx park in riverglade.
17 March 2006 - Yarmouth,NS

heyhey i love new brunswick,riverview and moncton and dieppie r the best places in the world i love branden
17 March 2006 - canada

I'm originaly from St-Leonard NB and one day I'll go back to my roots I now live in Ottawa and belive me there is no place like HOME
16 March 2006

kaitlyn jean
Thankyou! I was doing a project on flag of new brunswick and i got good information! I got an A+!
16 March 2006 - Bathurst New Brunswick

mike maskell
Hi, I am looking for anyone from JMH High School grad class of 1978. Would like to hear what others have done in the past 28 years.
15 March 2006 - winnipeg

justin cummings
New brunswick is definatly a nice spot, i miss it there, but Theres too much money in the oil n gas industry here to wanna leave
13 March 2006 - edmonton, alberta

Webmaster comments   Justin, make all the money you can
Then come on back and spend your golden years here in New Brunswick.

Stepheny Vautour (nee Rocks, McIntyre)
My husband and I both are orginaly from Chatham, and I was so Happy to come across the Recipies on this site, living now in Ontario I only come home every 6 motnhs.and this is a great way to teach my Ontario friends what living is all about,Hubby is also form Chathtam!
11 March 2006

Janice Dornan (nee Hay)
Whoever was looking for Pat Kyle, Pat Chatterton and Janice Hay.well here is one of them! Chanced upon this by accident! And recall all the names.
9 March 2006 - British Columbia

Fredericton is such a beautiful city. I miss my home town so much!!!!
9 March 2006
John Walthers
God i Miss New Brunswick and my uncles camp on Caledonia Mountain. No place like albert county. Hope heaven's like Albert County!!
7 March 2006 - Onterrible

your website made me think 2 about the enviroment!i am a teacher and i teach NATURE's a great subject!!!i'm proud of you youngings caring about the enviroment!your amazing!!! :
5 March 2006 - California,

Christina Ayer
I am from New Brunswick.It's a beautiful province.
5 March 2006 - Ontario

Veronica Lake
I was born here in Fredricton, NB. I love the city, hope to visit soon. I now live in London ON.
4 March 2006

I love Sking at Poley Mountain in Susex! It is so much fun!
4 March 2006 - saint john n.b

John Bickerton
Wonderful site, being born and raised in the Sussex area, the stories told really hit home, pardon the pun.
4 March 2006 - Gambo, Newfoundland

Lisa Mitton
i thought your website was very educational.i am a teacher i should know!! good job!
3 March 2006 - brazil

I enjoyed this site but i think u should talk about the old cheese and butter factory in sussex
1 March 2006 - Sussex

Mizz Jade
nice site i had to do a report and it helped so thanx new brunswick is more exciting than i thought thanx to this website
1 March 2006 - tacoma,washington

I luv New Brunswick and I luv living in New Brunswick there are so many historic places and different thing!!!
1 March 2006 - New Brunswick

sharon fitzgerald
Great site.Been there a few times,I have cousins in Sackville and Riverview,Fitzgerald
's and T RAVERSE'S.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.Hope to visit your towns soon.
28 February 2006 - Placentia NL

Martha Collier
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Finding your article on Sir Phillip Grant Suttie made my father's day. They became friends while working at the Harmon Air Force Base in Stephenville, Newfoundland. Quite an interesting story from my Dad and I was glad to fill him in with the rest through your article.

Thanks again and Congrats on a wonderful website, have never been to New Brunswick but would love to visit sometime.
26 February 2006 - Newfoundland, Canada

i am from brunswick, germany.
while i was looking through the atlas i found the province new brunswick.i found it very interesting that a province in canada has the same name like a city in germany where i live. if you have time maybe you can visit the homepage of our city

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
26 February 2006 - Brunswick, Germany

Rochelle Marsman
Thanks for the beautiful website.Our family is visiting this summer and my son is doing a homeschooling report on N.B. and it was very helpful.
24 February 2006 - Nanaimo B.C.

Great site! New Brunswick has so many great things to see and do its not near as promoted as much as it should be. From Lighthouses to Covered Bridges to Waterfalls, Parks, to Suspension Footbridges, we hreally do have lots to see and do here!

New Brunswick Lighthouses
New Brunswick Covered Bridges
New Brunswick Suspension Footbridges
New Brunswick Waterfalls
24 February 2006 - New Brunswick

I live on Grand Manan, and I need a place to rent if you have anything or know of anything please let me know...
20 February 2006 - Grand Manan, nb

Just wanted to say hello and that I am looking forward to my upcoming vacation to your beautiful country. I have never been to Canada before but have heard that it is through others. Again, hello and see you later!
17 February 2006 - New Jersey, USA

Elsie Lewis
I am from Saint John N.B. and miss it very much. I wish I could find phone numbers I need on the net.
13 February 2006

Pat Wheaton
Hello! Saint John,I have lived in C.R. B.C.For years now, and I still like N.B.I sure would like to hear from you!
12 February 2006 - B.C. canada
just wanted to say I think you should update your site a little bit more often. In your NB profile, you talk about Louis-J.-Robichaud, who I believe, among many others, is a great man. You did not specify that in 2005, he passed away, after leading an amazing life in the political field. I would apreciate it if it were changed, somewhat in his honour.
11 February 2006

Visited NB 32 years ago and haven't had the chance to get back. I loved it so much, I said I would retire there.....only 13 more years to go! The dream is still very much alive! Coming for a visit in 2009 to pick my spot!
9 February 2006 - Mission BC

Susan Harrigan
I moved away from NB when I was 12...naturally I was curious about all the friends I had when I lived there. I posted a message on here years ago and sure enough one person came across that message and emailed me. Then, just recently another came across the message and also emailed. I wanted to say thanks for having this website and letting others know that you are looking for them.

8 February 2006 - Victoria BC

hannah toffanello
Hi peoples in New Brunswick!! You guys rock!! wish i was there but im going to say hi to my cousin.Hi jo!!!
8 February 2006 - timmins

N.B rocks !!!!!!!!!!
7 February 2006 - Fredericton

TJ dumke
I did my project over New Brunswick and this web site was the best
6 February 2006 - United states

I did my project on miramichi so many things i found about it
5 February 2006 - New Brunswick(canada)

Brenda Hilton
Hi,from Alabama I have a friend who lives in NB and have been there to visit...I love it there!
4 February 2006 - Hartselle,Alabama

Yesterday I has been sad, where I can find answer to my question??? I have search in whole Google and have found nothing correct, just something not needed and not usefull information. And finality I have found your site! I don't remember how done it, but feeling lucky and I'm really happy with your site now.
From first step of my walking by this site I can see that people making great work here and trying to show whole interesting, correct and needed information here. I'm with you.
4 February 2006 - Internet

my teacher gave me a social studies project. This is the province I got and it's so hard to get info on, that's why i like this website, but i'm CONFUSED
4 February 2006 - Ney York, USA

What a pleasant surprise to zero in on this impressive web site and see a reminder of "home"...Saint John thru'
1961. Miss it? You bet!
2 February 2006 - Doylestown, Pa.

i didint want to do a project on newbunswick but my teacher made but nb stands for nathaniel bear so its great!
31 January 2006 - saskactewan

Alfred R. Warren
I grew up on the St. John river just below Woodstock with my Grandparent who had immigrated from Scotland in the 30's. My Uncle Murdo worked at King's landing. Some of the best times of my life was in New Brunswick...Al
30 January 2006 - Kingman, Arizona

History teacher are we?
29 January 2006

Holly Shattuck
WOW NB is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. This site makes me want to visit there. Great job.

Holly Shattuck, Oklahoma
27 January 2006 - Durant Oklahoma

We just got a new project 4 socail studies to pick a province in canada to do and i picked nb and boy do i love it!!!its awesome and i also love brunswick soup!!
27 January 2006

Ashton Donovan
New Brunswick is so COOL!!! This is a great website to!!! I just started going on it in school but its great!!!( there sure is alot of pics )!!!
26 January 2006 - Renous N.B

to hampton--just read your page and
wonder why you don't mention the fact
that Princess Louise, the mascot of the
8th canadian hussars , the famous horse rescued by the regiment on a battlefield in Italy and by the astute abilities of the regiments soldiers was brought back to hamption as a hero.she was buried with great honours in Hampton after giving the regiment many
years of service.-----she , and her
famous regiment, should be mentioned in
the history and historic places mention in Hampton.
25 January 2006 - st albert, alberta

Just letting you know that i think this web page on new brunswick is great.I'am from bathurst and miss it very much,hope to move back some day in the future.
25 January 2006 - Kitchener Ontario
moncton is the greatest city with a population of something like 150,000 pples
24 January 2006 - canada

manuel clavette
hey im frome grand fault im 21 and im gone go back i live in ottawa but i miss my town and the ppl but one thing its the best and im coming back but if ppl like to know stuf you can call me at 613 880 1424
23 January 2006 - grand sault

michael pastirik
i love NB
23 January 2006 - saint john

Taylor Brooks
New Brunswick Rocks. Thanks to this web site I got my project on N.B finished.
23 January 2006 - Fredericton Junction

I can not wait to visit New Brunswick, It should be a good time. Hello Tanya G I miss you lots. Tam
21 January 2006 - Alberta

charlie snodgrass
hi, if u remmber me please email c_snodgrass@rogers.c
20 January 2006

Sujie Kang
I'm Sujie kang who live in Korea.
I have no idea and visited this site.
But this site is so nice.
This site has information which is useful.
19 January 2006 - Korea

yo this site is a awesome place to get info
18 January 2006 - ottawa,ontario

Chantelle Jadot
I need your help , I am looking for Andre Laforge. If you are out there please find me in Edmonton Alberta. 690-9014. I need you and miss you so much.
18 January 2006 - New Brunswick

cora dubach
hey are you? how is new brunswick treating you? well i have been in hampton on an exchange..and i loved i am looking for the homepage of the hampton high school and i can't find it....really annoying..can anybody help me? yould be nice...thanks....all the best from switzlerland!!!
18 January 2006 - switzerland winterthur

Trevor Tozer
Hi my name is Trevor Tozer and I am looking for family in the Newbrunswick area. My grandfather and grandmother lived in Sussex NB.Enest(Pearly)Toze
r and Lillian Tozer(Grangfather & Grandmother)father Enrnest Tozer, Eva(Dunham)Tozer. If anyone can help me out that would be great. I am now 29 years old and I am wanting to know more about my family since my father has been very vague about our family when questions are asked about them so any help would be great.
18 January 2006 - Brampton Ontario

brenda lombard
never been there but want to go right away very nice web site
17 January 2006 - digby ns

Rene' Barnes
Looking for old school mates from St. Rose's School 1961 - 1969. I miss N.B., the people and it will always be home.
17 January 2006 - St. Albert, Alberta

Annette Rutledge/ Mason
Hello from Tennessee, and I am from NB. I miss it a lot, brag about it to all my friends and family. I miss the beauty that is home to me,,,, and want to move back one day. thanks for the website , the allows me to visit. if only on line...sussex was my home, nothing like it anyplace, for its beauty , its good people, and its everything..... A.Rutledge.
12 January 2006


stephanie couture
hi people
new brunswick is cooltil
11 January 2006 - tilbury ontairo

Russell Loveland
Love the web site,My wife is from sussex area.
9 January 2006 - New York ,USA

Ashish Samdariya
Hi,I am coming to new brunswick by this summer. Any body can help me by telling me about Accomodation fares...veg. food....
means to say how much I have to spent for 3 month stay there...what r visiting places there..& near by new brunswick
7 January 2006 - India

Christina Ayer
Happy New Year New Brunswick
2 January 2006 - Ontario
Ron Mills
Merry Christmas to a buddy of mine back east, Barry Watson
31 December 2005

Ron Palmer
I was so impressed with New Brunswick that I bought a home in the Woodstock Area. The people are very friendly, the Traffic is light, the Air is clean and you can see stars at night. Not to mention that it is a sportsman paradise.
29 December 2005

David O'Keefe
Left Moncton for England with my parents in 1973 when 13 years old. Unfortunately never been back,still miss it desperately and will get back one day. Always be home to me.
28 December 2005 - Nottingham, England

Ron Nixon
very nice webbsite enjoy it very much
27 December 2005 - Rothesay NB

wilfred lemay shannon
have happy holiday's every one if any of my rlitives want to reach me in montreal quebec find this phone number carole bourassa 360 thompson #1 h4n1c3 this is my maling add ok i like this site verry good
27 December 2005

Lori Marsh
Hi everybody back home in Miramichi, Merry Christmas, Happy New Years! E-mail me! lol
26 December 2005 - Moncton, N.B

Jörg Weller
i am from gremany and i have been at Grand Manan in 1988 and i will nerver forget this nice place in the world. now i found the web site of the compass rose where i had very nice days in this familiary hotel. greetings from germany and a wonderful christmas time to all those wonderful inhabitants of this beautiful island.
21 December 2005 - Germany

sweet girls
new brunswick-ians.. uuhm were sum grade 10s in thunder bay ontario doin a culminating activity(huge project). what are the annual/ usual events/ festivals that go on in places in new brunswick. ne info would be useful..thanks tunss.. luv robin nd sarah
19 December 2005

Julie Gallant Pelletier
Merry Christmas, New-Brunswick People.
Merry Christmas Canada.
18 December 2005 - Dalhousie,New Brunswick.Canada.

Neil Vibert
Hey people... I posted a message last year when I was 13 ( currently 14 ) Last posting I ask for any one's help for any golf course junior tournaments. Im still looking into some golf tournament here in New Brunswick ( Of course I will only be able to play next golf season in 2006 ) I tried at for the Bathurst High School Golf team and missed out by 1 stroke. If you don't believe me, contact me at school any time. I'll be glad to pull out my golf rival who tallied the score. If anybody would wish to contact me for any golf tournaments for next year, contact by my email address which is vibertneil@hotmail.c
16 December 2005 - New Brunswick - Canada - Bathurst

great site
15 December 2005 - manitoba

Hello I Just Wanted To Wish Everyone A Merry Christmas And That This Website Is Very Cool Well Gotta Go See Ya
14 December 2005 - Norton New Brunswick

John Squeri
I'd like to wish all people of New Brunswick (specifically the Hoar Families of Waterside and St. Andrews) a Happy Healthy Holiday Season and a Happy 2006.
12 December 2005 - North Haven Connecticut USA

Dan Jessome
For an Island that attracts so many people for it's SCUBA Diving, you would never tell by the tourism page. Probally one of the best spots in the Maritimes and couldn't find any mention of it.
11 December 2005 - New Maryland, N.B

Roger Amos
Just want to wish all the great People on the Miramichi a very merry Christmas and all the best in the new year
10 December 2005 - Chilliwack B.C

Hey,André What's Up?
8 December 2005 - goderich, ontario, canada

jan kersten
I found your site when looking for information about New Brunswick. Very nice and informative. I made a link
from my website, so everyone can enjoy it. When placing this link is a problem, please let me know and
i will remove it from my site.
You can find my webiste at:

Greetings from Holland

Jan Kersten
8 December 2005 - Eindhoven, Holland

In a previous post Ellen replied to Melanie Thomas
from West Wales. Just wanted to say that West Wales is not England! Wales is a separate country.As for moving to New Brunswick, go for it Melanie, West Wales can get pretty bleak in the Winter!
5 December 2005 - Wales

Jocelyn and Angela
Hey everyone, you no that you guys all have to love this province of canada. Who wouldnt love Anyways much love from us. Love you guys ttyl xo'z
5 December 2005 - Nova Scotia
troy cameron
hello st stephen
1 December 2005 - vancouver bc

Doug Baston
In the humble opinion of this Yankee, NB is Canada's underappreciated treasure.
30 November 2005 - Alna, Maine

joanne charlebois
hi to0 my dad his name is manford robinson, have not seen him in some time well hope you are doing well , dennis says hi and all your 8 girls have a merry christmas dad love joanne , i hope you get this ,,,....,,,,,
30 November 2005 - hamilton

jeremy keenan is a great website to attract tourism in new brunswick
30 November 2005

Tony lyons
Hi I am Tony Lyons currently living in Oakville Ontario but at heart always a NewBrunswicker. drop me a line if you know me or if you are from my neck of the woods. doaktown . take care
29 November 2005 - oakville , ontario

Michelle & Tom
miss campbellton for family and friends lefted behind. miss you all
28 November 2005 - Edmonton Alberta

Nice site! Good info.
26 November 2005 - poland

Michelle and Victoria
We have to do a project on Moncton, so we visited your site and found a lot of interesting information and photos. Thanks for your help
25 November 2005 - Newfoundland

Brenda Wiseman
I think the site is really cool
24 November 2005

Jenna Grieve
I live in ***New Brunswick*** and it ROCKS!!!!!!!!
23 November 2005 - New Brunswick : ) Harvey

Maggy Biggs
hello! in Rome good weather!
22 November 2005 - Rome

Hi! What are the provincial teams of NB i am doing a school project on it and can't find then anywhere!!
16 November 2005 - alberta

Dina Ebotoke
I have found a lot of information on this website for my project on New Brunswick, Thanks a lot!
16 November 2005 - Halifax N.S

Laurie Dickson
I grew up in "Chatham" AKA Miramichi City, NB... We now live in Ottawa, but we sure love to go home & visit! When I was home this summer I saw some photos by a girl named Sherry Alison, they were gorgeous! I’ve been looking everywhere for some prints & can’t seem to find her on line. Do any of you know this photographer? She takes photos (the ones I’ve seen) of beaches and of antique architecture & artifacts. If you have any info I would greatly appreciate it…

You can e-mail me at
13 November 2005 - Ottawa, ON

Sue Keirstead
Lovely to encounter your site whilst surfing the net. Freddy Beach is my home town, however for the last 13 years I have been living in Australia. I will enjoy being able to visit many of the places that I experienced while growing up in N.B.
13 November 2005 - Taree, located on the Mid-North Coast of Australia

your site is beautiful
8 November 2005 - ireland

heather nelson
canada rocks im studing about it in school i live in u.s.a ,oregon but i'd love to live in canada my favoret show is filmed in canada "degrassi" hope everyone likes canada bye
6 November 2005

Patricia Dawson
Hi: I'm looking for anyone who knew my mother, her name is Linda Downs and she grew up in Flatlands New Brunswick. She passed away in 1980 and I would like to talk to someone who knew her when she was younger or a teenager?
She went to school in flatlands. I am her daughter.
write me at
6 November 2005 - Canada

Justice Clancy
i'm a student in grade six in iroquois falls and i'm doing a project the star of the east and i was wondering if you would be able to email me some information. i will greatly appreciate the imformation. your site is thums up!!! thats you
3 November 2005 - canada ontario iroquois falls

Miss everyone in Campbellton and St. Andrews International Business, Latin American Studies course. Biskit, i lost your email! I live in Alberta now, juss thought id post my email address! Miss you NB
2 November 2005 - Edmonton, Alberta
Keith Nagle
ive just discovered this site and am very glad i did,i come from LUDLOW,my wife and i spent two weeks in N.B. this summer and visited many beautiful towns and villages on the fundy coast,of course we had to cross the bridge to P.E.I. anyway would love to hear from old friends and for now.
31 October 2005 - Brampton,Ontario

David Ormandy
Great Web Site. I do miss my home town hello to every one. Hope you all are doing well.
30 October 2005 - Calgary ,Alberta

Not sure why you would want to leave Beautiful England and move to a French country!? Fredericton is the best city to choose in NB. I live in the North End of NB and wouldn't convince any English person to live here. (Tough getting a jog if your not bilingual!) Hope you like lots of snow too!
27 October 2005 - Lords little Ghost town

Melanie Thomas
Hi, have applied to emmigrate to NB, Canada and would welcome any comments, tips and views anyone has of New Brunswick, in particular Fredericton. Currently live in the UK so would welcome an honest view!
26 October 2005 - West Wales, United Kingdom

This webisite is beautiful, seing is as it is my hometown I really love to see people do a good job on somthing such as this. Anyways, Keep up the good work get more senery!!! Its so cool to see beautiful pictures such as those on a website. Take care thank you for the learning experience! Ill be back to check some new updates soon!
25 October 2005 - Alberta

Hi Dan, what part of new brunswick are you from? I am looking for relatives from saintjohn! Last name Cyr!
25 October 2005

Kelly Carroll
Salute, You really know what you are doing!!! Cool, informative and simple! That's how it should really be! Webmasters, respect! I only wish that all website owners can realize that! Hi, it is really nice resource. I think, i'll see this site again.
24 October 2005 - USA

Hi to all my old friends in SUSSEX, I left town in 1961, with the Canadian Forces. I now live in ALBERTA and have lived here for over 30 years.I would love to hear from my old friends please drop me a line by E-Mail.
Sussex is still one of the greatest little towns in Canada.
23 October 2005 - Medicine Hat Alberta

Jeanie Brew
This is a very good site. It assists me find lots of information on one site. Usually when I am surfing I can find nothing of the kind I want, but this site, gives me lots of ideas on whatever I need to know about him. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful site i see that you created it going the whole hog!! Thanks for the great site.
23 October 2005 - USA

Manny Savoy
I love the internet. What a great site. You all sound so young. I hope I can make contact with some of the older set that have found this site.
I was born in dalhousie in 1939 and grew up there thru to 1954. I attended 'Sacred Heart Convent' at the top of 'Convent Hill' circa 1945 then Notre Dame HS when it opened on or about the early 50's. Names of people I grew up with are Sherman Fraser, Aubrey Winchester, Michael Cole, Howard Sploude, Dotty Oulette, Hector & Morris Parent, Earl Harquil(?), Richard Brown, Michael Carter, etc. My brother is Gene Savoy (Brophy). It was tough growing up back then (especially the winters) but most of didn't know that because we were having too much fun. Keep up the good work.
18 October 2005 - Regina, sk

i thought the pics were very nice, but i did notice something. i noticed that there wasn't ANY of the Miramichi. the last i checked, it was part of NB. Miramichi has alot of nice sights to see.
17 October 2005 - Miramichi

Webmaster comments   Your right Tara, the Miramichi is a site to see, you can check out some pics at I hope to add more pics in the future, enjoy!

I'm going to be there in 3 months...I want to learn the prices of toefl exam preparetory courses in netherland.aproximate
ly prices is going to be satisfactory.if someone answer my question I will be very glad...please help me my email adress is aydincicek2003@gmail.
17 October 2005

15 October 2005 - waasis,Nb

i can not wait to go to poley mountain i am a snowboarder.
14 October 2005

Marion Frail/ Toronto,Ont
hello to all my relatives and friends in sussex,norton springfield and st john. special hello to my sister Florence Keirstead of Norton who just celebrated her 80th birthday. congratulations.
13 October 2005 - Sussex


Cheryl Edwards
We are headed to NB in 2006 to visit friends. We from Oklahoma and can't wait to visit your lovely country.
12 October 2005 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA

hi i was raised in gondola point went to rothesay regional in the sixties now in toronto driving an ambulance toronto family lived next to the quispam rd we had cottages main rd scott bros bought our property call me.
12 October 2005 - toronto ontario oct 13 2005

Kath Thompson
Trying to trace my husbands ancestors who we have found on the 1881 Canadian census and seem to originate from Musquash, New Brunswick.

Does anyone have any information on them that may help us break through a brickwall??

We are looking for information on the following people:

CHARLES THOMPSON b 1851 NB (believed to be a seaman)

their children

HARRY L b 1888 NB
WILLIAM HENRY b 1890 (husbands grandfather)
and MATTIE J 1892 NB.

WILLIAM is believed to have come to UK during WW1 and married a cornishwoman; EVELYN GRACE RICKMAN. he settled and lived in Bristol, England. Willian died in 1950/51 in Bristol.

does anyone know anything at all about this family?

Would appreciate any leads

12 October 2005 - South Wales UK
nice site
12 October 2005 - Casablanca City In Morocco Country

Agata Tatar
Friends, this site has changed all my life. I want to thank you guys for getting such an informative site. Excellent design and it is easy to navigate. Good day, Thank you for your nice work! Agata Tatar
11 October 2005 - USA

Lauren Owen
What a nice site, been surfing on it for the whole night and day and i neva got bored for a single minute. Keep up your good work and all of the best in everything you do! :-)
11 October 2005 - USA

Matthew Sriver
Greetings to everyone visiting these pages. Wonderful and informative site, well written, easy to navigate. I like your site very much! Great work! I’ll be coming back for more information
9 October 2005 - USA

john rose
first cable ferry in the world???,

hi, im writing a book on cable ferries and chain ferries and am bemused by your claim that a certain mr.pitt invented the cable ferry in the early 1900's. presumably the rope, cable and chain ferries that existed in europe from the 11th century onwards (that are all well documented and illustrated) as well as those designed by leonardo de vinci are all to be dismissed??. 1831 saw the worlds first steam driven chain ferry invented by the celebrated british engineer james meadows rendel. steam propulsion had also been applied to cable ferries in the united kingdom by 1878. certainly rope ferries, cable ferries and chain ferries were in existance at least 900 years prior to your mr.pitts birth.........maybe he introduced the idea to canada but no way can he be acclaimed as the inventor of a system that in all probability dates back over more than 1000 years!!...get it sorted please, regards, john rose
8 October 2005 - uk

Webmaster comments   Hi John, you are right about the cable ferries, I believe our comment ment to say it was the first in Canada, but to stop any further disagreements I've removed the comment. Thanks for your assistance in this matter.

James Hamilton
Hi, I live in Niagara Falls Ontario now but i was born and raised in Campbellton ,New Brunswick.There is no place like home...See you next year at the Salmon Festival.
8 October 2005 - Niagara Falls Ontario

Roger Amos
Always like visiting this site to see whats new in N.B. I moved to B.C about 10 years ago but still miss it every day
8 October 2005 - Chilliwack B.C

Alicia D
Hello Im a Gr.9 student in Newfoundland and im using ur website to help me get information on my socials project..this site is great and ive been to New brunswick 4 times and its so great! thank you and bye
5 October 2005

Alana, Renee, and Carly
Great Website! It had a lot of useful information for our project on your awesome province! Proud to have you in our references! Thanks again!
4 October 2005 - Alberta, Canada

Christopher Rich
Halloa, my name is Christopher Rich, it is wonderful to find intimate souls. I have devoted all life to it. Nobody understood me. My reasoning caused only sneers. People considered, that I only waste time. You have returned me to life, having collected on your site the most interesting information and the most interesting people. Hooroo, my name is Christopher Rich I’d be happy to work in such command!
3 October 2005 - USA

micha vucelic
hi,i love you! you look great & someday i visit you...
30 September 2005 - serbia - belgrade

Heather Brookes Posten
I lived in New Maryland till 1964 when we came to California. I would like to get email from anyone who lived in New Maryland that year. I was 14 at the time.
28 September 2005

hi! i enjoyed very much N.B back in '79

planning to return soon!

28 September 2005 -

Callum MacLeod
Last visited New Brunswick in 1997 when I enjoyed a great trip with three night stops each in Monkton and St Andrews by-the-Sea. Your excellent web site is stirring my memories and tempting me back - well done.
28 September 2005 - Fearnan, Loch Tay, Scotland.

Bob Wosner
Hello. My wife and I just came for a visit to NB. Unfourtunately we only made it to Edmunston. The town and area is very beautiful. We found a lovely campground called Iroquois River. It truly was one of the best we have ever been to .Absolutely loved our short visit and will be back soon.
28 September 2005 - Winnipeg ,Manitoba

Natasha Blackett
hey your website was awesome! it was fun to look at all the cool pics!
28 September 2005 - new brunswick

hey i love you website lol it's awsome!!!!!
28 September 2005 - canada

Ross Keough - Sept 2005
Great to come across your website. Very helpful as I am visiting Saint John next month for the 1st time. Really looking forward to it.

Thank you :)
27 September 2005 - Richmond BC Canada

Phil Matthews
I have been chasing some ancestors in NB and have been searching for relatives ( Ancestors ) of Thomas Matthews who married Susannah Bray - I understand he came from Sussex Vale and wonder if there is any information on him in your town.

I have visited NB a few times and will return again - next trip will include Sussex.

Thanks - Phil Matthews
27 September 2005 - Readfield, Maine

I think you guys should put a place where it shows what you are famous for
27 September 2005 - Ottawa Ontario
Gisele Gauvreau
The good place to be is in Dalhousie.Have a great Bon Ami!
My trip was great and we will see you next year.
with love
20 July 2005 - Laval quebec,Canada

Gisele Gauvreau
Je suis fiere de notre province et de son peuple.Bonne chance pour le concours de la plus belle baie.Dans mon coeur la baie des chaleur est et sera toujours la plus belle.
19 July 2005 - Laval quebec

Angie Lafleur
An elder girl would be happy to find nice friends around the world. I love Canada so much. Please write to Thank you in advance
19 July 2005 - Germany

Hey everybody i'm just telling you that i visited Belleisle,new brunswick and it was one of the most beautiful places in the whole of new brunswick i meen it's just a little community and there's not much to do except swim or golf but there is a place for trailers so you no if you don't have time to stop just drive though you will be amazed just at the sceanery espacially in the fall and early spring as you can tell i love to visit there all the time and it's quite a trip from where i live! so you know just take some time out of your vacation and visit belleisle! and tha balleisle bay it's wonderful swimming at the warf!
18 July 2005 - Missouri

Chelsea Miller
HEY i live in Saint John and it ROCKS i LOVE IT there is sooooooo much to do here :) its so fun :)
18 July 2005 - Saint John New Brunswick

18 July 2005

Colleen Montz
My grandmother (Ada Anderson) was from Musquash New Brunswick. What county is that? I definitely am coming to NB. I had no idea you were such a gorgeous area. I can't wait!
18 July 2005 - LaVerne, California USA

Kim Gallant
I've really enjoyed your site, and can't wait till our family comes to visit in August 2005. We have always gone to the Miramachi, which we will do again this year, but we're also looking forward to exploring the St. George, Bay of Fundy area.
17 July 2005 - London, ON

I found this site by accident, but I'm glad I did. I have been using the Internet for several years and so many sites are confusing, but not yours. Thanks for the chance to sign your guestbook. It's nice to see how many people stopped by and posted a message.
17 July 2005 - USA

Darian Peter Paganelli
Very well done web site. Looking forward to visiting New Brunswick, Canada. If is is half as pretty as portrayed on the website, it will be verrrry impressive, indeed.
17 July 2005 - West Suffield, Connecticut USA

hi i was wondering if i could have a list of the most popular attractions in New Brunswick cause me and my family are planning to go on a roadtrip and we don't have much time. We would like to make our trip worthwhile and be able to view the beautiful scenerys in NB. thanx =]
12 July 2005 - Ontario

Margaret (Doucet) Green
I was born in Dundee, NB on August 15, 1940 by a mid wife Mrs. Joe Engleharte (?). I went to a one room school. I remember Viola LaClair (?) and the Merciers
9 July 2005 - Yellowknife, NWT

Patti Rose
Great site... beautiful country. I could live there in a heartbeat!!!
7 July 2005 - Connecticut -USA

Bill Allen
Saw an ad on tv last night raving about bathurst and Campbellton, but in between these two is Dalhousie, the nicest of them all which celebrates its
100 anniversy this yr..too bad it wasnt mentioned...but a must to see.
6 July 2005 - Charlo N.B.

Natali Hill
Just wanted to say hi and tell you I enjoyed your site.
5 July 2005 - Amsterdam

I've just seen the photos, we will be in N.B. soon (august 2005). I would like to be already there.
It is a very good site for tourists
5 July 2005 - Lyon France

Phoebe Robertson
I have never been to Magic Mountain but I am going tommorrow. My friends say it's great! I look forward to going!!!!
1 July 2005 - Sackville, N.B.

Andy Noddin
Great site, my Dad is from Black's Harbour & I enjoy going back & visiting!
30 June 2005 - Ontario, Canada

Karin and Ian Ferguson
Hello everyone. Maybe someone could answer a couple of questions? We are thinking of moving to SUSSEX to retire? Can anyone put us in touch with someone who might know the cost of RENTALS for 2 or 3 BR Apts. there? Also the availability?
We'd so appreciate a letter with some information..
Most sincerely.....
28 June 2005 - Belize, Central America

agnes chamberlain
hey everyone if there is anybody from bathurst NB drop me one at
and maybe we know one another..hope to here form someone soon
27 June 2005 - toronto,ontario

Louise Ahearn(Hanson)
Will stay in Perth-Andover in July . I was born there and moved to Ontario when I turned 17. I try to come back home when I can as my father is buried there. Arnold Hanson. Does anyone remember him?
26 June 2005 - Hamilton, Ont.

A. Melanson
Nice site. Just to keep your website up to date. Dieppe official website is now
25 June 2005

george smith
i see sussex is still as dry and boring as i remember.beautiful though....i still keep coming back though.GOD knows why.see yall later.
24 June 2005 - halifax county

Ben Johns
Your site is great!
I've bookmarked it
22 June 2005 - USA

this is a wonderfully, interesting site, love it.
20 June 2005 - Debec, New Brunswick

Sabrina S
I live in Quispamsis, NB
I think it's an awesome place!!! This site is so good! Great Job!
16 June 2005 - Quispamsism, NB

If anyone makes a trip to Perth-Andover, Grand Falls or Plaster Rock, NB make sure you stop by Tilley Take-Out. It's a 10 minute drive from Perth and it's a 20 minute drive from Grand Falls and Plaster Rock. Everything is Bigger At Tilley Take-Out. You come Hungry and Leave Full with money still left in your wallett. Stop by Tilley Take-Out Today open Monday to Thursday until 10 pm and Friday to Sunday til 11 pm. Stop By Today!
13 June 2005 - Victoria County, NB

Robert Porter
I am using your web site to find accomodations in St John. Have you ever clicked on the icon for booking accomodations advertised on your site? Well, it has no idea what St John NB is. Too bad!
12 June 2005 - Honolulu, HI

Webmaster comments   Your problem is your spelling, it's Saint John NB not St. John. Enjoy!

Kenneth Maki
My wife & I recently visited New Brunswick, it has alot of beautiful communities except for Saint John which we found very run down & very depressing unlike Moncton & Fredricton which are clean,vibrant & exciting.
We would visit your province again,but we'll never go to Saint John again.
11 June 2005 - Montreal,Quebec

george smith
i would like to here from old friends from town.i have not lived in sussex for 20 years.i do visit rarely.i like to look at photos of town @ this site.keep up the good work.
10 June 2005

Ebony McLellan
I was lucky enough to be an exchange student in 2001 and spent 6 glorious months in this wonderful part of the world. The people everywhere were so amazing and accomodating. One place i truly did love and cannot wait to go back there one day!! Well done everyone : )
10 June 2005 - Northam, West Aus, Australia

hey nb rox. oh ya babe!!!!!
8 June 2005 - f'ton

Check out this site:
There is information on pageants for young ladies residing in Charlotte County!
6 June 2005

Hey New Brunswick....cant wait to move there for school in the Fall!I know that i will like it up there then i would be liven right where im at!
5 June 2005 - Novia Scotia Canada

I love New Brunswick. I have been there many times. My husband is from New Brunswick province. We visit St Andrews and Beaver Harbour a lot. The Area is very relaxing and fun to hang out.
5 June 2005

Andrea Hitchcock
This is a really well designed site with thorough coverage of New Brunswick.I love it and would recomend it to anyone,whether they are from New Brunswick or not.You can learn a lot. I am proud to say that I am from this province!
3 June 2005 - New Brunswick ,Canada!

i love
2 June 2005 - canada

karleane morrow
hi my name is karleane morrow!nice sight!!!i visited this sight because im doing a project on fredericton and this is a great sight to get info off of!thanx for the help!
31 May 2005

leon denny
This is a relly nice view of Forstry
31 May 2005 - Elsipogtog
it is a good site
30 May 2005 - are u from

Melissa Graham
Nice sight I work in Real Estate now in St.John's Newfoundland but grew up in Upper Queensbury NB (went to school in Nackawic). When people want to know about my home province I send them to this sight. Would like to see more pics of the area I grew up in just to show around.
27 May 2005 - St. John's Newfoundland

Geoffrey Dahmer
hey guys im GEOFFREY DAHMER and i live in Ontario, i visited this site because i am doing a project on New Brunswick, and i think that it is a great site
27 May 2005 - Ontario

theresa mccarthy
first time on the site, i am from cape breton,i love all different receipies.keep up the good work
25 May 2005 - nova scoti,cape breton

«Thanx for this site.» «You've got an interesting site... but I like it:)»
25 May 2005 - NY, USA

Joy Lillian Lyle
I had the opportunity to visit Woodstock in mid April this year and had a wonderful time meeting distant family for the first time!Thanks you to the Porters, the Buntings, and the Bolgers for making me feel so welcome!
Seeing the giant icebergs on the St. John River was amazing! If anyone wants to share info on the Slaters and Buchanans of Eel River and Brown's Flat, NB, please contact me!
25 May 2005 - Boston, MA

I would really appreciate it if somebody could let me know of an apartment in Shediac.Preferably close to the Barry Group lobster plant. Between $300- $500/mth. Thank You in advance for any help that you may give.
24 May 2005 - Newfoundland

I really enjoyed looking at your website i am doing a report over it it is an exam for history at school i think were going to come visit there and stay for a year and come back to the USA it was really cool.
23 May 2005 - USA

I have some friends that live in NB but I have never been there. I hope to visit someday in the near future and maybe even move there...?
23 May 2005 - Colorado, USA

Michael McCafferty
Greetings from Saskatchewan. Back in the early 1960s I lived at the army base at McGivney, New Brunswick and had a friend named Janice Hepburn. We went to school at Stanley. Later she went to Fredericton Hign School. I would like to find her. I am told she still lives in New Brunswick. Thank you.

Richard Bevan
I visited New Brunswick in January and enjoyed my stay very much, looking at a number of properties in the area. I am going to come back again on 24th May hopefully buying myself a place and maybe gaining residency someday.
21 May 2005 - UK

~~~~This is a nice site but needs more pictures of different places, such as Murry Corner, NB!
I like this site throught and will be visiting later on in life!~~~~
21 May 2005 - New Brunswick

Who invented the Ice Cream Cone??
19 May 2005 - USA

hey why didnt u accept mine?thats rude
15 May 2005 - saint john ,new brunswick

Marianne Breault
Perhaps the Province of New Brunswick should consider adding Mr. William (Willie) O'Ree, the first black player of the National Hockey League to the web page list of notable residents/citizens. He is from Fredericton, now resides in California.
15 May 2005

Webmaster comments   You are probably correct in you comment but this is not a government site. We will try to obtain info on him so we can add him to te list. Thanks for your suggestion.

omg nb is like so totally awesome!!!1111 seriously tho. ri girls rhode trip!!!! yeah we're only going so we can booze and make out without our bf's getting mad. awesome!!!!111 like, totally!!! nb is teh awesome
14 May 2005 - rhode island, us

I love living in New Brunswick, who wouldn't? I must say that some of the towns here aren't as nice, but it's not the way it looks or the things to do its the people who live there that make New Brunswick worth visiting!!
12 May 2005 - Dalhousie N.-B.

looking for info on the Rolling Stones
10 May 2005 - debert ns

Webmaster comments   The latest I've heard is that it is at Magnetic Hill on Sept. 5

Jackie Green
I come down to St. Andrews pretty much every weekend to visit a friend of mine attending the community college there. And i absolutely love the area, the people, the activities, the night life, the parties, everything. All my best goes out to shaker, bill, kate, little phat, and anyone i have had moments with i love you all
9 May 2005 - Saint John

I have enjoyed browsing your site. I will be on holidays over in Canada at the end of the year and your site and the beauty of the province has been very helpful.
9 May 2005 - Redcliffe,Queensland, Australia
Tracy Brunetti
Hello, very good site, good content on site! Thanks
8 May 2005 - USA

ses un bon site mais maiter une page de photo,map kk ses juste sa que javais a dire
8 May 2005 - canada

Carmen Novak
What a nice site, been surfing on it for the whole night and day and i neva got bored for a single minute. Keep up your good work and all of the best in everything you do! :-)
6 May 2005 - USA

i`m doing a report on NB and i went to your site and i`m getting some jot notes written down and your site is sweety
5 May 2005 - SK

I love the Sussex area, the covered bridges and the people living there
4 May 2005 - Germany

This site has helped me alot for my homework.I got a good grade too!
3 May 2005 - NY

I was born in Fredricton but left when I was still a baby. I have not yet come back but the pictures are gorgeous and I hope to one day come back. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba
1 May 2005

Tim and Natalie
All the great pics made us homesick. I am from French Village and my wife is from St. Martins. We have been living in Edmonton for 6 years now. Time for a visit home we think!
30 April 2005 - Edmonton, Alberta

Roz Corey
Good site; was looking for accommodations for honeymoon night August 13, 2005; getting married in New Brunswick!

Been living in Ontario for 10 years now; born in Sussex, grew up in Havelock, school in Petitcodiac, university in Sackville at Mount Allison, worked in Moncton. Shediac (Sandy Beach, Parlee Beach) is awesome in summer as is Kouchibouguac National Park. Fiancé was born in Woodstock, his family lives between Plaster Rock and Grand Falls.
26 April 2005 - Pickering, Ontario, Canada

narin smith
24 April 2005 - Canada

Very interesting site :)
23 April 2005 - Poland

Jeff Martin
That really isn't Hampton, it is not near as exciting or nice as that made it look, I cant wait to leave here
22 April 2005 - Hampton

kiporis girl
Very informing, cool site
21 April 2005 - USA

s'up dog
20 April 2005

Jacob Stackhouse (age 11)
I am very proud to live in such a nice city
17 April 2005 - Saint John N.B.

There is really "No Place Like Home". Does anybody run the river anymore? Has anyone reading this ever been to "The Camp" in Tide Head? Memories!
17 April 2005 - Oshawa, Ontario

i love ontario, it is sooo much fun!!
Does new brunswick actually have sand dunes???
14 April 2005

Bov and Riler Bobatte
great site. love the pics. may move here . PENNY IS SO COOL
13 April 2005

Steve & Penny
We loved NB so much we are up rooting and moving there. May 05
13 April 2005 - UK

Mary A.Taylor
absolutely loved your galore inspired me to start saving again..I Want to See New Brunswick
12 April 2005 - Queensland Australia
erin mckiel
this site sucks were is the news about the strike and stuff
12 April 2005 - saint john

Webmaster comments   Hi Erin, sorry your disappointed in the site but please keep in mind that this site is not political. We developed this site for folks who would like to get a look at the province and for those ex-patriots how are looking for a glimpse of home.

Robert Goodies
To find a map of cambridge or route maps is a disgrace.No one has a link unless you pay the sob's.
Think I'll look at PEI
12 April 2005 - New Brunswick

Webmaster comments   Hi Robert, try going to this page and clicking on the Kings County section of the map.

Paula Oppermann
We will be traveling to NB this summer.
Your site is beautiful and very helpful. We are very much looking forward to our trip
11 April 2005 - Seattle Washington

I am doing a essay on new brunswick and i find that this helped me alot. you have a very nice sit but i think you sould have pic of all of new brunswic i lived in new brunswick for 8 years and i liked it a lot
11 April 2005 - Truro Nova Scotia

THIS WEBSITE IS SO KOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 April 2005 - Canada

Good information on your website! I will be visiting NB in August 2005 on business and staying awhile for pleasure!
10 April 2005 - Oklahoma City, OK, USA

u need sum pics of the north end
7 April 2005 - saint john nb

Madeline Dynimate
this is the best site I have ever been on in all my life and I have been on alot of sites in my days.
7 April 2005 - New Brunswick

Hott Chick
I Luv N.B
6 April 2005 - N.B Canada

New Brunswick is amazing, I used to live in Moncton!! till last year. Before we moved me and my parents went around to almost every tourist attraction it was great everyone should do it!!
6 April 2005 - Summerside PEI

i'm doing a porject on new brunswick and i need things from new brunswick like paplets , maps , pictures,( est.)
3 April 2005 - mb,canada

I love new brunswick,pass through often
always stay for a few days ,hope to move
to your province some day.
1 April 2005 - labrador

John Freeman
I love to study about Nb and i Love Trucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30 March 2005 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

hello friends! Nice site! Visit my site:
29 March 2005 - uk

Cristina Ayer
I visit your site often.I miss my hometown,Petitcodiac.
28 March 2005 - Ontario

Daniel Ray

I don't know anyone with the name McDonald personally in NB, but I do remember reading an obituary 10 or so years ago about a Mr. Ronald McDonald. I believe he was either a respected politician or an important figure at the University of New Brunswick. This may be a good place to start.
26 March 2005 - Utah

Denis Cormier
I miss my hometown.Shediac,NB it is a cool beach town
26 March 2005 - stuck in Banff,Alberta.

Julie Gallant Pelletier
Just want to wish everyone a happy easter.
25 March 2005 - New- Brunswick, Canada

Hi, I may be moving to Saint John New Brunswick within a couple of months for my job. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it is easy to find a great house for rent that allows 2 old labrador retrievers in the city. Or if anyone knows of the best place on the web to look for rental units?

24 March 2005 - Canada

moyra mccullough
I am looking for an old friend by the name of judy chase, where are you!!! she graduated from teachers colledge in frederiton I beleive and the last I heard she was teaching up north somewhere. If your out there judy contact me I would love to meet up with you again, its been way to long since we were in colledge together about 30 years or more!!!!
23 March 2005
I am studying this wonderful province for a socila studies prject in school and I never knew it was such a beautiful place with so many famous people and landmarks, it is fab!
22 March 2005 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Tim Wright
Love this site lot of beautifull pics. Thank you for sharing them
21 March 2005 - im from Kentucky ( southeast part)

Jennifer Ayers
I grew up in New Brunswick but have lived in Texas for the past 13 years. It was so nice to see such beautiful pictures of home!!!
20 March 2005 - Cedar Park, TX

Helmut Ebert
I am checking you web site because it is our itention to prepare a German language Internet tourist guide for your beautiful provice.
I recommend that you divide your web site in a sreictly French ond a nd a strictly English one.
Right now the navuigation is not the coldest beer in the fridge.
20 March 2005 - Ontario

Cheyenne Haskell
I was born in raised in Saint John, N.B. Right now I live in Kingston, Ontario. Anyway...I've been looking for some information on my cousin Emanuel Cooke. He died in 2001 and I would like to find out if anyone can help me. I love him and miss him so much. I don't have much to remember him by because when we moved we only took what we could. If anyone has pictures or...anything they can scan...and send me...i would be forever grateful. Thank you so much.
19 March 2005 - Kingston, Ontario

18 March 2005 - FREDERICTON NB

cindy legacy-klinck
hi there everyone i am home sick for bathurst . i was born there and some day hope to go back there.
16 March 2005 - iam now in saskatchewan

My father was born in New Brunswick. I visited there when I was about 10. (in 1975). I live in the states.(Utah). Does anyone know any McDonalds up there? I think I still have relatives there.
13 March 2005

Arthur Snodgrass
Hi all, born in Saint John, from the East side. went to Voc. joined the military and have served for the last 20
years, was a member of 1691 RCACC at Barrack Green Armoury. Live in Oromocto and still in the military.
12 March 2005 - CFB Gagetown Oromocto

Robert M Leavitt
Please update your map, which is out of date. It doesn't show the new Trans-Canada Highway. Thanks
12 March 2005

Hello!! i just wanted to let you know that your site is pretty cool!! I was looking for a schedule of times and i found one!! Thanks a lot!!
11 March 2005 - Russia

yo dawg ur site is dope
10 March 2005 - Ontario

I had to do a projet on a proince and NB was the first one to come to mind!!!
Well i g2g c yea
10 March 2005 - Delta,BC, (Canada)

Day for day I surf around in net to meet interesting people and international places. It's great to see
that it really works.
9 March 2005 - GER

hey im doing a project on new brunswick and was bored so i thought id right somthin...well..g2g..
.Polar Bears Rock!!
6 March 2005 - grand marais, michigan

I have looked all through your sight. I think it is wonderful. I was in Dalhousie last fall and fell in love with it. I hope to soon return there and live. All the people there are wonderful and loving. To anyone who reads this, this is truly God's country! And to Dave, love ya!
5 March 2005 - was southern california

kim wright
Looking for old friends from the lower west side. Also from westfield and milligeville north high
5 March 2005 - Calgary AB

hey hay!!! i am doing this Social Studies research on New Brunswick Canada and all!!! so ya i thought i might want to tell you that your site gave me all the info i needed need to have the pictures of the Fredricton Flag because i cannot find it anywhere!!! so ya!! thanks for reading this!! xoxo love ya whoever is hot and works at this site!!! peace out!
4 March 2005 - Ft.Wayne IN 46845

Thomas Arsenault
You have a wonderful site.....Query:
Why do you not have a few web cam sites for people to view? New Brunswick is very beautiful and many people would love to see some real time images..These are provided in most provinces..
4 March 2005 - Prince Edward Island

Eze Mgbada
A very nice site keep it up.
4 March 2005 - Lome-Togo
Ben Higgins
Hello I was looking at your site and I saw the baboons.I was amazed and i was wondering if you could send me a complementry baboon to live at my house.I want to start a baboon farm of my own or a even a zoo to show my friends. It would be greatly appreciated sincearly your great baboon admirer
3 March 2005 - I LOVE BABOONS

Laurel Reid
How does a registered NB business get listed on your site?
3 March 2005 - NB

Hi, I needed info for a school project on new brunswick this was a great help NOT IT DIDN'T HELP ME WITH CLIMATE LOL jk
2 March 2005

Ellen Mallard
wow kool site i needed to look for a map of Newbrunswick and well i got it here!!! thanks

2 March 2005 - newbrunswick

lisa waz ere buzzin lyk a bee lvin matty .a. till eternity!!! lisa n leoni waz ere in i.t doin r sharkz data base !!!! yea wateva lol !!!!!
2 March 2005

hey it megan i would gust like to say the irving nature park is awsome! and that i have coosen to do a project on this place!
28 February 2005 - Canada N.B Quispasis

Hey this is Jennine from Newfoundland! I was just looking at your website and it looks beautiful up there....I will be moving up in 2 months! can't wait to see it for myself!Hopefully I can find a job before i come up so I have something to look forward to:)
28 February 2005

I'm doin' a report on NB... loved the site!
28 February 2005 - Mich

...I'm planning a fall drive to New Brunswick probably in October; where should I go first?
27 February 2005 - Michigan

another Hamptoner
Hampton is the greatest place I've ever been, it's a wonderful town to grow up in and spend time. Small town people, with so much friendliness!
27 February 2005

Sherry Comeau
To Gilberte (Comeau) Boudreau: I am a Comeau researcher and I am very interested in your family tree. Please contact me: sherrycomeau@rushcomm
25 February 2005 - Stewiacke, Nova Scotia

Eric Manuel
looking for old friends of mine who remembers me from Saint John and at Vocational School
24 February 2005

Kevin J.
Hi, good to see another great site promoting New Brunswick!
For mor einformation on our scenic lighthouses visit: NB Lighthouses
Tons of photos, historical information, driving direction, current projects, groups, de-commissioning status, and more!
24 February 2005 - New Brunswick

Miss it there can't wait to come home!!
24 February 2005

Kelsey Cross
Im serching for animals of NB
23 February 2005 - Pasadena New found land

hey hey whats up?love New brunswick!lol!Halifax
rocks 2!lol!Imon this website cause im doin a project on it in Schum!lol! luv ya Canada!
21 February 2005 - Miramichi

Pat MEDFORD (mazerolle)
Nice site
I was born in chatham.
Miss Chatham a lot.
21 February 2005 - Langley B.C.

i moved to calgary and i miss all my friends =(i want to move back to New Brunswick but i'm just 13 what can i do?

well later
20 February 2005 - calgary

Hey yo! whats going down?! This site is off the chart! Ah-mazing! i just love to watch sports, only i don't play them in fear of breaking a nail. Baha
20 February 2005
watch American Idol.
19 February 2005 - America

Thanks for your help, it wont help me a bit with my report. Maybe you should add some things about the largest shark in the world "a whale shark".
18 February 2005

heyhey awsome site but u should have stuff about the Escuminac Disaster on there!lol!cuz i need info ya well ttyl!buhbyez!get some info!
18 February 2005 - Miramichi

Barney/Robin Wilson
We moved to Woodstock from Ont this October. Just the best move we have done. Now we have problem. We have friend visiting us in March Break and end of may. What do y suggest we do and see in a days travel. I know Kings Landing is closed March Break but being new we need your advise. Thanks
18 February 2005 - What do y require ?

I think you did a good job on this site. Tells alot about our town of Sackville.
16 February 2005

This website is cool.
16 February 2005 - Canada

Really good work. I found a lot of profound information which can help me to go on. Thanks for all this input.
14 February 2005 - GER

Jonathan Swan
I did a project for school and I found alot of things here.
13 February 2005 - Chatham Ontario, Canada

Elizabeth Gibson
My husband and I are planning a trip across canada and would appreciate it if you could send brochures on New Brunswick we will be pulling a 30ft travel trailer plan to leave here in May
13 February 2005 - B.C. Canada

love to visit someday, looks nice
13 February 2005

Becum Greenleaf
I love visiting New Brunswick! It`s a beautiful province! This is a great, informative site that helped me with my research.
12 February 2005

Great site!

9 February 2005

Excellent site! For my english course, I had to do a research on the new brunswich and I found all the informations on your site! New brunswich seems to be cool and I would like to visit!
9 February 2005

Jean Paul
nise site,when everything is ok i come to Canada to live end work there ass a trucker.Now i live in Holland,nise country but not nise to live anymore.Canada is become my dreamland.greeds Jean Paul
7 February 2005 - netherland (Holland Drunen)

I need help on a gr.9 project on agriculture in the maritimes.
6 February 2005 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

hey, i visited there this summer, im from Hawaii!
4 February 2005 - Hawaii

Newbrunswick rocks. We are the best.
4 February 2005

Hello,i cam from Brunswick too.
But i cam from Brunswick (Germany).I have found the site her by accident.I like the nice pictures from New-Brunswick.It is a funny site, compliment.Maybe i cam to visit New-Brunswick eventually.

German: Dies ist eine schöne internet seite,mir gefallen die fotos sehr gut.Ürgendwann einmal werde ich Neu-Braunschweig besuchen kommen.Aber ich muss doch schon mal sagen das es mir hier im Original Braunschweig doch ganz gut geht.Kommt doch mal das Originale Braunschweig/Brunswick besuchen.Ist schön hier.

Best wishes from Brunswick/Braunschweig (GERMANY)
2 February 2005 - Braunschweig/Brunswick (GERMANY)

im 14 and i may be moving to freericton , im juss checking out the site to see whats it like
31 January 2005 - Saint John New Brunswick

Bob Wattters
From Little River, East Saint John, down Red Head way. Anybody out there remember me? I'm Retired now and living in BELIZE. email
The Site is nice but I find the maps lacking. A good programmer is needed to zoom in on detail and expand the area maps. (Just constructive critisum).
30 January 2005 - BELIZE

Scott Richardson
Left Campbellton Live in Toronto
29 January 2005 - Toronto, Ontario

sorry about ur tiger dying.
28 January 2005 - Prince Edward Island

Mount Arrowsmith Novel Writing Contest
International novel writing contest open to writers in English. Prizes-$1000/$250/$150. Fee-$10. Closing-15May2005. Theme-open. Recommend 80-120 pages one side double-spaced. "There's no shore like the north shore and that's for sure." See web site for full details.

28 January 2005 - Vancouver Island, British Columbia

punk rocker
HI I am soo bored(i'm supposed to be doing homework) and I thought I'd shout out to... all the other punk rockers out there!!! ROCK ON, DUDES!! (why i'm posting it here, I have no clue but, ey, whatcan ya do?! later
26 January 2005 - the middle of nowhere

I just moved back "home" to Saint John this summer - and I now wonder why anyone would ever leave - the best and friendliest people live here.
26 January 2005 - Saint John, NB

Tamara,( baby sister)
I love NB, specially Fredericton... There live people who I love and miss sooooooo much.
Miss you sister, socpe!!

26 January 2005 - Switzerland, Bern

Every year my cousins come to new-brunswick for a visit, to see the tall ships in Halifax
25 January 2005 - Moncton NB

Linda Wright
My parents emigrated to New Brunswick when I was 7 in 1957. We lived in St John for 3 years before we returned to England in 1960. They were such happy years and moving around your site reminds me of that time. I often wonder what happened to all the friends we made. Thanks
25 January 2005 - England

Darryl Johnstone
Sackville Combines website - scores/stats/video/st
andings from around the Memramcook Valley Hockey League
22 January 2005 - Sackville NB

Anna (Speakman) James
I wanted to thank you for this site! I've been living in England for a few years now and I often visit your site when I get home sick. Reminds me how lucky I was to grow up in New Brunswick. It's a beautiful place full of good people!
21 January 2005 - Wickford, Essex, England

My name was campobello and i was come from german and i was born in italy also is taht my island
20 January 2005

I am CANADIAN! And i also live in new-brunswick!
18 January 2005 - New Brunswick (perth-andover)

I'm Working Hard on a Grade 9 Project, and this website has great pictures. New Brunswick is a very interesting idea for our next vacation!
18 January 2005 - New Zealand

Hi. I am writing from Yellowknife. I have chosen NB to do a project on for my grade 3 class. I visit NB every summer and love it !
17 January 2005 - Yellowknife

amanda davis
hello i was just looking up where i am from and it looks like a place i may go visit some day.
17 January 2005 - canada

google guy
Hi friends!
11 January 2005 - UK

I am doing a project on New Brunswick. I was wondering if you had some maps on your site.
10 January 2005 - Canada
hello I am doing a project on New Brunswick.I would like to no what celebrations you like to do in New Brunswick?I like your site.
10 January 2005 - Canada

Gary Musson
New Brunswick. What a beautiful place. I can't wait for my next visit.
9 January 2005 - Derbyshre, England

Heather Bean
Happy New Year from British Columbia
8 January 2005

julie and andreia again!!
guess what? i don't know. but this is weird. my friend and i would like to say that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and my grandfather is a lepricon. we're not dumb blondes but i'd like to say we know that apples grow out of the ground and potatoes grow on trees. and bananas come from an alien monkey from space. and other places but oh well. plus new brunswick is really cool. and rocks our teacher’s socks, which are up to his knees. his belt is even higher. it is about ten inches above his head. so we don't see him very often. thank goodness gracious lovely dovley ... um.. good bye you donc.
7 January 2005 - yo mama

Lindsey, Tiffany, and Candace
We are a few girls from Deer Island, NB and wanted to say a quick hello out there to our fellow New Brunswickers....Proud
to be from "The Rock"!!!!
6 January 2005 - Deer Island

mary vegelahn sullivan
Hi to all Graduates of Richibucto Senior High 1973. Hopefully we'll see you all in 2008, our 35th yr. reunion. Will keep you posted.
4 January 2005 - RICHIBUCTO, N.B.

your website was great in helping me with my school project!!! thanks
4 January 2005 - newfoundland canada

Mike Robertson (Fredericton 1975- 1982)
Best wishes for 2005 to all Frederictonians. If you are interested in acquiring an original Gertrude Duffie oil painting of Officers Square (1981) see current eBay listing.
3 January 2005 - Fig Tree Pocket, Queensland, Australia

Marc Arsenault
I would Like to wish everyone from the Rogersville and Richibucto Areas a Very Happy New Year, It's been a while.
BLMS CLass of 1979 when is the next reunion????
1 January 2005 - St-Bruno De Montarville, Qc.

Wendy Flemming
I am searching for Wilfred D McPhee or his family, He served in England with 514 squadron in ww2.
Crewmembers looking for him.
1 January 2005 - Alberta, Canada

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