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Guest Book Entries from 1999 - 2000

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My sixth grade students are studying Canada, and I was browsing to see what information was available on the internt. Your web site is very well done, and I will recommend it to my students. Our family has made many trips to Canada, but I have never been to New Brunswick. After viewing your web site, I hope to visit your beautiful and exciting province.
Ron Skupien <>
Altoona, PA USA

this page is awesome!it had everything i needed to know about new brunswick to complete my i.s.u.(independent study unit) i would definately recomend this site to everyone who wants to know everything about new brunswick and more!
guess who!?!? <>

I grew up in NB and most my family still there. Been gone for 15 years, too long so going back. Moving to Hampton. You site was a great place for my kids to find out what kind of town we are moving too. It really helped them to be more confident and not as scared to move.
Chantal Smaggus ( Thibodeau) <>
Ottawa, ON Canada

Just a little hello to my fellow Miramichiers
Kathleen Gray <>
Lethbridge, AB Canada

Neaaat informational site.
Eric Smith <>
Seattle, WA USA

iam offally home sick..... born and bread in FRED TON.could you put more pictures of my city on your site. please. please. please.or

OR EMAIL.......

lisa .e. <>
vancouver, b.c canada

We've visited Canada many times over the last several years and have never been disappointed. Been to most of the Provinces but really loved the Maritimes and especially New Brunswick. So much so that we are buying a home near Chipman. You have good reason to be proud of your beautiful country! We are eagerly looking forward to our next visit.
John & Cathy Kelly <>
Parkland , FL US

Wow, what a beautiful site!! I have lived in Sussex, NB all my life except for the last 2 years as I have been out West. I am moving to Regina, Sask at the end of Jan '2001 as my fiance is being transferred. I plan to go home sometime this fall. I haven't been there for over 2 years now. It is time as I am missing it so much.
Thanks for a beautiful site.
Gina Miller <>
Edmonton, AB Canada

Great Site and nice pictures. My parents live in Bouctouche, N.B. sind 1985 and although I am German and still live here, New Brunswick is a litte bit "home" to me. So, any time I need to relax I visit the pictures of Kouchibougouac and imagine to feel the wind of the atlantic ocean, the sand beneath my feet and breath the salty air.
Kirsten Klomfass <>
Stuttgart, Germany

hi ,I had to do a report on New Brunswick and your WebSite was very useful.
madalyn <>
ok usa

I just wanted to say great page. I even found one of my cousins from reading your guest book. I didn't even know that I had a cousin by that name but he has the same name as one of my Uncles so I decided to send him an e-mail. So thanks to you I found one of my family members.
Alison Trott <>
Saint John, NB Canada

How's she goin'? Your site is cool; it's great to see some familiar images from back home (hometown: Miramichi). Hopefully I'll be back this summer for the high school reunion (James M. Hill Memorial High School, graduated June '91). I'm also looking forward to spending some time on the beaches in Kouchibouguac, Gardiner Point (clams!) and Escuminac; I'd like to make it back to Cape En Rage in Fundy and Tetagouche Falls near Bathurst. Plus, there's 'Summer Survival' in Bay Du Vin, The Irish Festival, The Whooper (Ben's Hamburgers in the parking lot after she closes)...I could go on and on...
Brian Dickson <>
Ottawa, ON Canada

I spent the entire month of July 2000 touring New Brunswick, after having been away for many, many years. It will always be home to me.
Carol Ann LeBlanc <>
Sechelt, B.C. Canada

I have lost contact with Carla Betts if you see this would you get bac to me at
Dorothy Craig Vout <>
Kemptiville, Ont Canada

I was doing a report on New Brunswick & i found alot of information on it!! I think your website is great!
Brooke Croneberger

ray couture <>
armstrong, b.c. canada

Great to see such awesome informative pages from the province I was born in . I was born In st. Irenee N B . Approx. five miles from Tracadie and get to visit every couple of years . Keep up the good work
Doug Drysdelle <>
Toronto Ontario, Canada

My father in law visited New Brunswick in 1947 and so we visted the site to see how it changed and he was very pleased to see some familiar sites in the photobook.
Thank you.
Stephen Gregory <>
London, England

this place kick the most @$#
phillip tigley <>
milton, ont canada

Excellent NB Content.
James <>
Riverview, nb Canada

great site,good to see so many people taking an interest in our picture province,with so much to do,fishing,canoeing, ect, and we have some of the best whale watching in the world,
country haven outdoor adventure miramichi <>
miramichi, NB CANADA

Nice site. Good to see this must interest in NB from others that have left.
Dave Dolan <>
Kamloops, BC Canada

cool site since im an acadien and french from nb

catherine <>
edmonton, alb canada

i like this site
Doni Surya Awanjaya <>
Surabaya, Indonesia

Great site, I was born and raised in Dalhousie and really miss it. I hope to visit next summer during the Bon Ami Festival.
Daniel Cook <>
Prince George , BC Canada

Hope to visit sometime. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Save Our Sundays.
David <>
Halifax, NS Canada

Genealogy is great need NOLAN-LONG-DIonne
Brenda <>
Auburn, Me USA

I found this site very informative. I myself will be staying in Moncton,NB soon. I would appreciate any other links/sites with images of the Greater Moncton area. My fiancé will be working in Moncton. My stay there is estimated to be from 3-4 months. I would love to explore the East Coast. I have never been outside of Ontario very much. The further gone outside of Province was west (Vancouver,BC) I beleive that since I will be part of the East coast, that I should at least explore it as I may never get another chance. We leave at the end of December'2000 from Toronto,ON & will be in Moncton,NB till end of March 2001. I would greatly aprechiate anyone who could send me some info on Moncton. I am quite anxious to see the East Coast!!! :) Thank you for your time & consideration,

Manon Rhéaume <>
Toronto, ON Canada

Thank you! I couldn't have done my research project with out you!
Katie <>

lived in riverview for18 years
Judy MacDonald <>
Edmonton, AB Canada

Congratulations on a well done site. I graduated from FHS in 1978 and lived in the city for many years. Just made it back for a visit for the first time since 1985 after joining the RCMP and leaving the east. The City of Statley Elms has to be one of the most beautiful in the country.
David Doncaster <>
Yorkton, Saskatchewan Canada

How do you access the Labillois Genealogy Book listed by Irene Doyle
at GenNB/trees.htm?
Guy Dubay <>
Madawaska, ME U.S.

I've lived in New Brunswick all my LORNE to be exact..the greatest place on earth.....pretty cool place,New Brunswick...good site!!
Misty Murphy <>
Moncton, NB Canada

Hello My name is Carolyn and I am taking a Hospitality and Tourism and Technology course at Atlantic Busniess College in Moncton.I've lived in New Brunswick all my life. I am 45 minutes away from the bay of fundy. I do not have to go to Fundy National Park because I have a beach basically back at my door. Although it is an extremely beautiful place. I would not have pick a better place to grow up.

carolyn dalling <>
Sussex, NB Canada

I've lived in New Brunswick all my LORNE
Misty Murphy <>
Moncton, NB Canada

I love New Brunswick, but I love Nova Scotia better. This site is a good new brunswick site. Keep up the good work.
Dr. Nathan W. Hagerman <>
Moncton, NB Canada

I would appreciate receiving information about your city. It is very pretty.
Evelyn "Sheila" Collins <>
Newnan, GA United States

My son did a report for school, and we found your site very helpful.....Thanx
Chell <>
Altoona, Pa USA

iove you
rtrt <www.lisa>
gh, ontoro


I am doing a project on Canada and was given Saint John for research. I am in fifth grade in Batavia, NY at Saint Joseph's School. I need historical, geography, and current event information on your town, especially newspaper articles. Please send me any information you might have on your town so I can complete my project. It is due on December second, 2000. Thank you. Kara.
Kara San Fratello <>
Batavia, NY USA

I'm doing a report on New Brunswick and I came here to find information. Hope I can find some info!!! - Brett Bedel
Brett Bedel <>
Omaha, Ne North America

I enjoy this web site because it's a little bit of home away from home. I visit every year and have been visiting since Iwas a child. My Mother was born in Miscou and my brother lives there now. Lucky him!
Gladys Sides <>
Montreal, Que Canada

you should have more info on granite!
Jenna Justason <>
St.George, N.B Canada

I am originally from Fredericton N.B., and am now living in Ottawa. The NB Now web site has been a great way for me to stay informed on what is new in my home town. Keep up the good work!!
Bonnie Doyle <>
Ottawa, On Canada

Great site. We run a fish store that sells online and ships overnight via FEDEX so we are always looking for recipes. We have two mirrored sites and We also have a toll free number 877-LOBS FLY. Please check us out when shopping for seafood.

Paul <>
Greenwich, CT USA

A co-worker of mine grew up in your town and moved here two years ago sussex is the town. Great pictures
James Weir <>
toronto, on Canada

Arrived in Moncton 1st November, raining like mad and rained for the whole of my trip with only a few short breaks in the rain, but despite the rain, I had a wonderful time, I found Moncton to be a very relaxing place and the people so friendly I was almost constantly smiling for the whole time I was there.
Diane Standing <>
Manchester , England

I am very disappointed with this web page. A Hampton page should include pictures of HAMPTON under their "pictures of Hampton" category!!!! I grew up there and I can't show anyone what it looks like! Their should be pictures of the downtown (main street) area, the Kennebecasis River, ect. Thanx!!
Sonya Furlong <tournequetmm@yahoo>
Toronto, ON Canada

Wonderful site. I will put a link on the Canada tour on my website, so everyone can visit it.
Jan Kersten <>
Eindhoven, NB Netherlands

I moved here from Sussex in '93 and I must say I sure miss it although I get down every Christmas. I'm glad there is something on the net to look at to remind me of home. I must say though that you must add more pictures. Thanks for the memories.
Stephen Spicer <>
Brantford, ON Canada

I love your website.. It has to be my favorite one of all of Canada..I am planning to tour New Brunswick next year.

Cindy Harder-Burke <>
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

i love canada!!!!!!
draganna (a wolf)

My mother was born and raised in Boisetown. the family name is Carr (Helen/Girlie). i am trying to find history of the family and plan to visit the area next summer. thanks.
Timothy Coons <>
Gainesville, Fl USA

hi everyone,
i have spent my summers on miscou island, up the very tip of the province all my life. anyone out the like to talk , give me a shout
thanks, ken
ken rogers <>
newton, nh. usa.

Jim <>

Nice website. Greetings! from Skramstad Internet Advertising & Website Promotion <>
Los Angeles, CA USA

Hello I used to live in Sackville,NB and I was born in Moncton,NB and I love the province it's just extroidinary I would love to come back for a visit soon to see my relatives and the countryside. Thank you for your time and this website is great.
Crystal Richard <>

I lived in Petitcodiac N.B for a year when I was 17. This was in 1995-96. It's really nice to be able to visit this site and remember that year and this beautiful province. Hopefully I'll return someday.
Erik Kähäri <>
Örebro, Närke Sweden

Spent some time time in Saint John this past summer, and drove through other parts of the province. The scenery is beautiful. My husband works out of Saint John and tends to take the scenery for granted....LOL
Deena <>

Loved your site gave me alot of information on your project for social studies ! THANKES
amy < >
mount pearl, nf canada

cool web site, i like seeing things on the internet about the place where i was born, the only thing i didn't like on the web site was that you didn't have anything on my hometown specifically , my home town is cambelltion so that kinda dissapionated me that you had nothing on it,ok well anyways your web site was still cool but could you please try and get some information on cambelliton please. thanks a bunch
melissa <>
toronto, ont canada

plz if you go to a jenks school email me im bored
Conner <>
jenks, ok usa

Beautiful pictures..sure has changed a lot since I left in 1962! Brings back nice memories.
Alison Suchostawski <>
Mississauga, Ont. Canada

Renee AND sarah

The maps here are old a VERY outdated. PLEASE get some better maps, real soon!!!!!!!! Many of the maps, on this site, are from 15+ years ago
Rebecca <>
Moncton, NB Canada

Hey i love the site, but the pic were old but good and i was wondering why there wasn't anything on John Petters??? I would like to know more about Him! thank you!
Sarah <>
Hampton, NB Canada

Being born in Fredericton N.B. and moving to Ontario several years ago i appreciate sites such as yours. I have visited St.George on many occasions to visit relatives and friends and hope to do so again soon. Thanks again for a great web site.
Jerry Brown <>
London, Ont Canada

You have a nice web site keep up the good work
David <>
Halifax, NS Canada

hello.awsome web site it roks
Theresa Smith
Cambridge , n.s. Canada

whats up?
Jennifer Walford
Berwick, n.s.

I am trying to locate the Campbellton, N.B. newspaper, I believe that it is a weekly paper. Please advise as to where I can locate it on the web.
Gordon MacNair <>
Kanata, ON Canada

Would love infor on Clark Falls. I want to bring my dad there this spring. He is 81 and his grandfather came from there.
Susan Murphy <>
Falmouth, MA USA

I found this web site very resourceful for my political science project. It makes me to want to visit New Brunswick in the near future.
Alanna Mamakeesic
Thunder Bay, ON Canada

I married a sweet girl from the Hampton. I love the area,province, and people.
Malcolm Jones <>
Brampton, Ont Canada

How come you don't have links to Blacks Harbour, St. Stephen and etc.?
Me <>
Blacks Harbour, NB CA

Est-ce le N.-B. la seule province officiellement bilingue au Canada???
J.S. <>
Ottawa, ON Canada

Shediac cop shot 5 times left to die in 1981 - still has not seen Justice in this matter. Come and read what happen that June 2 when he was setup, shot and left to die at L.J.R. High School in Shediac.
Clarence <>
Shediac, NB Canada


I just wanted to stop in and say what a wonderful, well informed site,
Shirley Harding <>
Near Moncton, NB Canada

Your page looks great. I would you to also visit my site about the recent happenings of Head Harbour Light Station
Dwayne Fitzgerald <>
Wilson's Beach, NB CANADA

I am formerly from Blackville, NB. Accidently found your web site and I was throughly surprised and so pleased to find it.Thanks for making so many people like me happy and pleased about finding information and people from back home. Thanks Again!!!
kathy(parker)smith <>
mississauga, ont canada

A very dear friend of mine forwarded this beautiful web-site to me through ICQ. It was a delight to browse through these very informative and elaborately laid out web pages. I specially liked the information on Moncton....that's where my sweet friend lives. I was amazed to find out that so many golf courses are available in and around Greater Moncton. An avid fan of golf, I will love to play golf with you, L.B., according to my own rules of the game, Inshallah *wink*. I pray to Allah that He keeps the New Brunswick and the Greater Moncton areas and their residents in His divine protection and peace, Amen!!
Saif Khan Sumbal <>
Lahore, Pakistan


Hello, I was born Edward Munroe. There was an adoption. I am looking to find (not necessarily to contact) my natural brothers and sisters. Their names are (I believe) George, Ralph, John, Betty and Shirley ?? Munroe. I was born 1944 in Saint John. Any one who knows any (no matter how small) information please E-mail. Thank you.
Edward Munroe <>
Toronto area, Ont Canada

C. WILT <>

I am looking for information about New Brunswick.
Ricardo Luiz da Silva <>
Montreal, QC Canada

You have a great looking site but needs more options
Martin <>
St Antoine, N.B Canada

We, a bus group Metropolitan United Church, London, Ont visited Fredericton on Monday evening August 21st, 2000 and had a step on tour guide Patrick, gave us a grand tour of Fredericton. What a beautiful City. It was a pleasure to have him as our tour guide. Also we visited Hopewell Rocks. You must be proud of your "Province". Keep up the good work. William L. Whitlock London, Ontario
William L.Whitlock <>
Londo, On Canada

this was very groovy baby
raymond theriault
halifax, ns canada

I am 22 and attend Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, Tn. but my parents live in Chattanooga. My mom and her side of the family are from Blackville, NB but they were born in Fredricton. I would like to visit my maternal home soon. Her maiden name is Sturgeon and my grandmother's maiden name is Coughlin. You may know my great-aunts, Murna and Mamie Coughlin. Please contact me if you are a distant relative
Billy Campbell <>
cookeville, tn usa

Actually, I'm not from Sackville anymore. We moved to toronto, but Sackville will always be my true home! Love NB it rocks!
Sarah Gram <>
Sackville, Nb Canada

My gg-grandparents (McDonough)immigrated from Ireland and settled in Sheffield, NB at abt 1850. They had 10 children. I would love to get in touch with any family members still living in the area. They were farmers. Are there and books written abt the farmer on the St. John during the 1850-1900 period?

Love to visit Sheffield someday.
Chuck Oliveira <>
Shirley, MA USA

We have been gone from Sussex for eight years now, and still miss it very much. We will be back soon for holidays though
Brantford, on country

I still miss New Brunswick were I was born. Would like to hear from family there,April Reid ,fathers name Gorden Brooks mother Buelah Craig
Dorothy Craig Vout <>
Kemptville, ont Canada

Being from Fredericton its nice to go to a site that reminds me of home.Sometimes you dont fully appreciate a place until you are far away from it.Im pround to say Im from N.B.and always truly will be.
Keith Veno <>
Bend, OR USA

Born and raised in NB so therefore I loved those pics you have put on this web page. Keep up the good work!

Sylvie Boudreau <>
Dartmouth, NS Canada

If any one goes on line from the good old days and would like to chat email me.It has been twenty years this year I have lived away .
marlene firth <>
toronto, ont canada

Looking forward to visiting for the first time this month,
Lorraine/Robert Caris <>
Toms River, NJ USA

I found your web site while doing the Lirette family geneology research. I found the New Brusnwick web site fascinating, informative and very interesting. The best web site I've found ever. Thank you so much....
Charles J. Lirette <>
Houma, LA. USA

Hi, My name is Marie Marguerite Hockin (LeBreton) I just recently recieved a East Coast First Peoples Alliance Card. I was told that I cannot use this card in Ontario, only in New Brunswick. My mother side of the family were Mic-Mac Indians. Please Help. Need Information On this.
Thanks A Bunch M. Hockin
Margaret Hockin <>
Toronto, On Canada

hey were from hampton don't ask why were on our own sight ok . we just though we would sign in we have never seen trees and stuff like in those pictures but theirs probably stuff like that up here somewere.well GOODBYE
shelly and SHEILA
hampton, N.B CANADA EH!!!!!!!!

Hi! I love your site! I was hoping to find new businesses that want to expand to Asia/Pacific region. I represent canadian companies that would like to do business in the Philippines. I am from the northern part of the country where the weather never goes higher than 26 degrees. This area in the Philippines is known as a summer capital due to it's cool weather. I am hoping to hear from your businessmen. Thank You.
Arturo A. Reyes <>
Baguio, BN Philippines

Beautiful country, we were through there 2 years ago and want to return again someday.
Max Reneau <mpreneau@iland>
Warrensburg, MO USA

ce site montre tres bien au gens la réalité du n-b!!
Melanie <>
Ottawa, On canada

Great Site!Hope You Soon Get More Detail Around The Tows Of Quispamsis And Rothesay In The Kennebecasis Valley!
Brian M
Quispamsis, NB Canada

Enjoyed visiting your site...
KT Racing Team <>
Nokomis, Sask. Canada

My Mother lives in West Quaco,and I have been to old home week once,my daughter however has been several times and even won a trophy for the decorated pram race one year,you have a lovely little city and I hope to visit it again soon.
Lynn Rochon...
Lynn Rochon <>
Montreal, QC Canada

I've lived here for 20 years, love the peace and quiet, its a nice little town....saturday nights at TAP'S are the best.....
campbellton, nb canada

Hey !! I love living in New Brunswick, they have a giant Flea Market every year , it's in August. Thanks L8ter
Christine <>
Dalhousie/Campbellton, NB canada

Very tastefully done, I live in a relatively dry area of Australia and to see the contrast is very refreshing, I hope to visit this beautiful area soon.
Shane Pilkington <>
Emerald, Qld Australia

Great Site!
Laura Valliere <>
Toronto, ON Canada

steve <>
Saint john, nb canada

i am from bristol n.b but live in the states now all my are there would love to hear from old friends
v sanderson <>
kinston, n.c. usa

I really liked this web page. Although I wish there were more pictures. I used to live in Cambelton (new brunswick) and I absolutely loved it and I miss it very much.
Kim Valade
Kamloops, B.C. Canada

I love your web pages on new brunswick.I lived in saint john for 18 yrs and came back to live in england last year.I would love to hear from anybody who lives in saint john.

I lived in Stmartins and Saint John area for some years in late thirties and during the war.Just remembering old times
John Howard <>
Toronto, On Canada

I really enjoyed everything - I found all sites very informative. My only negative comment - and as a French speaking New Brunswicker - was the error on Fredericton's home page. It was bilingual - Welcome to Fredericton - but the Bienvenue au Fredericton should read Bienvenue a (accent grave) Fredericton. This is pretty basic French - the preposition "a" always goes before the name of a town or city. Had to be so picky! Loved everything else!
Joanne Duguay <>
Grand Falls,

New Brunswick is a beautiful place and whale watching is alot of fun. God Bless keep up the good work David !
David <>
Halifax, N.S Canada !

--N O T I C E--
I'm looking for people from Grand Manan. This site wasn't much help cause the Guests weren't organized. Oh well. I'm just bored. Feel free to write me an e-mail.
Luke Atkinson <>
USSR Canada(of course)

Nice Site!
Mark Trueman <>
Miramichi, NB Canada

My dad was born in Florenceville N.B. Canada. I have been ther many times and love. My sisters live in Canada, one in N.B. I would love to hear andy coments on my family tree. My dad's name was Herb Smalley. Other names are Kilpatrick, Waugh and Tompkin(s). Thank you, Vera
Vera Konold <>
St. Paul,, MN.

I am researching my family tree and trying to find a family called HORSMAN. They lived in St. John in the 1950s - 60s. If you know them or can point me in the right direction, please e-mail me. Thanks very much!
Pam Denton <>
Durham, NC USA

Hi, I grew up in Saint John, New Brunswick. I use to live on Garden Street and attended Prince Charles Elementary School in the early 60's. I would love to hear from anyone who would remember me. I am now living in British Columbia.
(Barbara Hall) My last name now is Donald <>
Vancouver , BC Canada

Nice web sight. I'm looking for anyinformation on events weather etc., that happened in New brunswick in the year 1925. Can anyone help me?
Cathy O'Neill <>
Grand Manan Island, NB Canada

Jerry Kolenich <>
Clevland, OH USA

It was 40 years ago that I visited your beautiful Province for a very short time. I was a sailor aboard the Destroyer Tender USS ARCADIA. We tied up at St. John and I was able to spend some time ashore. I remember the tranquility of Lily Lake and the friendship of the folks in St. John. Sadly, I have never had the opportunity to return. Your website has given me great pleasure. The pictures are wonderful! Thank you for affording me the chance to re-live one of the nicer times of my youth.
Ed Reuther <>
Palm Bay, FL USA

Greetings from Key West. I loved the pictures. Thanks.
Sager Soloman <>
Key West, FL USA

I was born in Sevogle in a log cabin overlooking the river. The cabin is still there and visit the area whenever I visit Chatham. My grandmother "Wyld" took care of a lot of people who were ill during the early 40's. She is buried in the church cemetery in Trout Brook. I have fond memories of my childhool and the wonderful families who reside in the area.
Diane Garinger (Wyld) <>
Granada Hills, ca USA

What a wonderful web-site!!!! Was wondering if anyone knew a Carrie Davis, from Sussex. He used to be the editor for the Kings County Record, in the 1940's . His wife was a great aunt of mine. They had a daughter, Marion, who taught at Sussex High, married a soldier and moved to Toronto. Also knew a Bart Wttewall. I lived in the Millstream for 3 years and went to Sussex High , Gr10 and 11, and graduated in 1943 . They used to hang the graduating classes in the school hallway and was wondering if someone from Sussex, who see's this entry, would take a snap-shot of the 1943 graduating class and mail to me. I certainly would love to have a copy to show my grand-kids and great granddaughter. Address is; Frederick Roach, Kamloops, B.C. V2B 4K3. Thanks kindly, in advance......... Fred
Frederick Roach <>
Kamloops, BC CANADA

CRAVENS, trying to find obits: Mr. and Mrs. E. Craven and find Eleanor(Craven) Mosher/married to a Henry Mosher. Thanks, hope someone can help. Robert C. Brown, 274 Southwood Drive, Kitchener, Ontario N2E 2B1 _ 519-745-4932.
Bob Brown <>
Kitchener, Ont Canada

I'm getting ready for my summer trip to Tracadie-Sheila. I'll be there for the Acadian festival.
Michele Brideau <>
Yorktown Heights, NY USA

Very nice site - In 1981 while on routine patrol a police officer was shot and left to die on the grounds of L.J.R. High School. Nineteen years later and no one has been identified. From go, I believed and claimed there was a conspiracy of silence that remains to this day. Come and read what happen back in this small east coast town - Come and visit my webpage and read the many news articles and see.
Clarence <>
Toronto, Ont Canada

Looking forward to being apart of the new area, and anyone with info to help me out will be a big help. Pictures of sights, or even a over view picture of NAS Brunswick.. Thank-You
Philip Christian <>
Virginia Beach, Va USA

My apologies for not taking the time to comment on your web sight. It is very well thought the point where I think many others will try to take part for their own design...the best form of complement?
Jerry Lang <>
Vancouver, BC Canada

I can't wait to visit NB again! Mom is from Cocagne area (Arseneault) and Dad was from the Jacquet River area (Gallen/Babin); moved away in 1953. The funny thing is that Mom couldn't speak English and Dad couldn't speak French! Leaving tomorrow for a week's vacation in Grande Digue!
Marlene Bruce <>
Pembroke, ON Canada

If anyone has knowledge of a supplier of fiddleheads in the spring (or when they are available), I would appreciate a message on the email. I am looking to purchase a large volume. Thanks JL
Jerry Lang <>
Vancouver, BC Canada

Just found this great page on New Brumswick I worked at Mount A in sackville and realy met great friends Any one Know my Name Please E-mail me.Had some great times there. Lots of great Partys In a place called Midgic Worked there for Ten years And I liked it like home
Ray A Boutilier <>
Halifax, NN,S Canada

Beautiful site, well presented, born in Grand Falls and just down the river, a beautiful view of the Wells a rock from our home. attended john Caldwell High school . I will go back for your Potato Festival and your beautiful town . keep up your progress. Its worth it coming back home.
Sam Ouellette <>
Aylmer, QC Canada

My wife and I are going to visit your wonderful province.
Earl Broussard <>
Texas City, TX USA

Nice site. I came here to find out what place "New Brunswick" was named after. Can anyone tell me??????
Jim Smith <>
Truro, NS

I was looking for full pages of pictures on the Internet, something to share with my friends and found this site. It is what I have been looking for, full page photos of around New Brunswick. Thank You Your site is fantastic.
Joan <>
Miramichi, nb

After alot of searching, I found a site for Moncton.I am trying to find a local newspaper with classifieds. Unfortunately I cannot view anything on your Moncton page because there is nothing there to view. Very poorly done! I am not impressed.
Sheila Bates <>
Parrsboro, NS CAN

Iwas born in Sussex,1965 last name Ricketson. My brother was born 1955, but have never met him.If any one has information on any one named Ricketson past or present in the Sussex area please contact me.Family was into garden marketing in the area and may still reside close by. Thanks for the Web site. It helps people find people and information.
Trudy Irene Ricketson <>
Edmonton, AB Canada

I grew up in Moncton. Great place to be from and even better to visit, Unfortunately I haven't been back in years. I would love to be back at Parlee Beach for the summer.
Dan Morrison <>
Edmonton, Ab Canada

A really teriffic web site with lots of information .. and the pictures are great.. We have been away from New Brunswick for 12 years and really miss it .. Keep up the good work
Margaret & Don <>
Prince Albert, Sk

Hey!! i lived in Grand Bay my whole life , all 15 years of it, and i luv it here it is so fun. Your site was very nice, but i think u should have more pictures of Grand Bay and Saint John....
Lisa DesRoche
Grand Bay, NB Canada

Great site! Hope the lobsters are doing well. Visit the CAST-A-LINE at St. Martin's wharf and say hello to my Dad, Norman Ferris!
Shelley Ferris-Knott <>
Mayerthorpe, ab

C.J. Gernt <>
Jamestown, Tn USA

I am researching the Trenholm, Allen, Dobson, Wells, Gardner, Noiles(Niles), Bennett families. I would like to get a detailed street map of Westmorland County so that I can visualize all the places I'm reading about. Where can I get one?
Glenn B. Ray <>
Callahan, FL USA

born in Drumond lived in Grand Falls, live in ont.from 1949, nice site keep up the good work.
Ephrem Albert <>
Claremont, ont. canada

My ancestry is from Miscou Island New Brunswick. I hope to visit soon. Your site is very informative and beautiful. Thanks.
M.J.Cote <>
St. Augustine, FL USA

It was great to go to Grand Manan site and be able to plan our entire vacation from the info. Little things like the cost of ferries sure help. It was superb. Thanks and will get back to you when we return from vacation
Yvonne <>
Mineville, NS Canada

Great site. I wonder If someone could send me some info on Dipper Harbour, I am planning a visit in August and would like some info on B&B's and anything concerning the town. Please let me know!!
Margriet <>

You should really have a lot more information on little places like Bristol,Florenceville,,and all of Carleton county because there are no other sites on the net about these places and we usually do reports on the places in school,which makes it hard because no one has a site on these would be extremely helpful if you did this.
Shannon Mann <>
Bristol, nb canada

Cool Website lots of information Sarah R. Starks
Sarah Starks <>
Sussex, NB Canada

hi, just looking with interest, hoping to visit soon
carol elliott <>
durham, england

Even though it's only been 5 years since I left and I'm just down the road in Fredericton, seeing some of the pictures makes me really homesick. If any SRHS grads of '95 or there abouts read this, drop me a line.
Jason Thorne < or>
Fredericton, NB

I enjoyed your website very much. My wife was born in New Brunswick near Harvey Station, and while she was alive we visited New Brunswick about every 2 years. Ted Williams, one of the greatest hitters in Base Ball and a member of Base Ball's Hall of Fame, came to New Brunswick to fish for Atlantic Salmon when he was a spokes person for Sears Sporting goods. He and I were in some of the same classes in Hoover High School in San Diego, Cal.back in the 30's We attended a 60th Class reunion a few years back,and he said he has always had a soft spot in his heart for Now Brunswick. I have always looked forward to my next trip to Canada. It,s about 3800 miles each way by car, but well worth the drive. Don Garwood.
Don Garwood <>
Santee, , Ca U.S.A.

Your web site is outstanding.
Robert R Zucchi <>
Manomet, MA USA

Great site! The pictures are very nice. We didn't realize that there were so many things to do.
Linda and Laura Sellars <>
Pennfield, NB Canada

GREAT WEB SITE and GREAT PROVINCE. Born and raised in Baie Ste Anne and returned after 35 yrs away from home, now have a great place on the coast, you are welcome to visit do drop in.
Joe McIntyre <>
Baie Ste Anne, NB Canada

The site on Magic Mountain isn`t very detailed. It wasn`t much help for the project that I did on that particular place. Please upgrade your site. Thank you.
Rachelle MacDougall
Fredericton, NB Canada

Great site!
PMM Assurance & Services <>
Edmundston, NB Canada

Loved the site. Just found it today. I haven't visited Saint John in about 20 years. I was actually able to pick out a few street names on the maps. It was great remembering some of the places I have visited. I now a few people who live there but haven't seen for 20 years or more. Would like to know how they are doing. If anyone reads this and knows where I could get in touch with these people please e-mail me. Their names were Carr's(specifically Roy Joesph Carr Jr. and his parents as well. Thanks
Bonny Kaulback <>
digby,, n.s. canada

We are planning on visiting New Brunswick in July. Are looking forward to it. Any information concerning special events, places to see, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
Nancy J. Young <>
Essex Junction, VT USA

I have been here and I think that it is a good place to come. I stayed in New Brunswic for 4 days and it was worth the stay. It's a lot diffrent from Maine, though a lot diffrent.
Sueann Sanborn
WestBaldwin, ME United States

Born and raised in New-Brunswick,still have lots of family there including my mother......I'm here in B-C but my heart is in N-B....I'll be back soon.....promise.
Wayne Hawkins <>
Victoria, BC

We have visited New Brunswick Many times over the years and were happy to learn that the Princess Cruise Ships stop at St.John while on their New England Fall Colors Cruises. Hope to join one next Fall.--Don Garwood.(San Diego County) California.
Don & Mary Gaarwood <>
Santee, Ca U.S.A.

Please send a tourism travel guide for this year.
Thomas G. Lynch <>
Truro, NS Canada B2N 3R7

We had a chat over the internet recently with a girl, living in St John. We have become good friends since and were curious to find out more about the place where she is living. While surfing over the internet we found your site. Great! Gives a lot of interesting information. We think we will surprise our new friend soon with a visit! Is there an airport in St John, or maybe one of hte readers could inform us about other means of transport to go there? Kind regards from the other side of the ocean
Gerard and Ria van de Weerd <>
Obdam, Netherlands

First N.B. page I've been on-well done & informative. Tks.
Tom MacDonald <>
Cape Breton, N.S. Canada

I was just looking over the site with the towns and cities, and was quite surprised to see that Woodstock was not listed. Even though this is a small town, it is highly a place which people often visit throughout the year. I am originally from Woodstock, and to me it is a town that should not be overlooked. Thank you and have a nice day.
Ellen Hillman <>
Dartmouth, NS Canada

nice site, looking forward to visiting your Province again in August!
Max & Pauline Brown <>
Cartwright, NF Canada

Looking for relatives, Great Grand father George Cuthbertson
Brian Cuthbertson <>
on Canada

I am shopping around for kitchen cabinets. Can you help?
Shawn Ellis <>
Woodland, Me USA USA

I read the articles on my family - the Grant-Sutties. It is always nice to have my cousin held in high esteem, and I am proud to have a most interesting grandmother and Uncle! I think I will have to visit Sussex again. Smaller places like Sussex always have the most wonderful charm. So until our paths cross again, may you all keep well. Susan A. M. Grant-Suttie
Susan Grant-Suttie <>
Calgary, AB Canada

I visited Grand Manan Isl.29 years ago.This fall I wish to come back again with my husband for our 50th wedding anniv.We plan to do this come fall-Sept.2000 .Just need to be updated ref:lodgings,eating places etc.This web site is great and we hope to draw some plans from it.We would appreciate any info on lodging either near North head or near ferry to White Head Isl. Thank You for any info ref:the same.
Frances Saunders <>
Williston, Vt Usa

Nice website!
Vicky <>
Toronto, ON Canada

I looked up my brothers name (Sir Philip Grant-Suttie)on the internet, and found the write up on him as well as one about my mother Marjorie Underhill called Twin Pines. I am surprised to hear that so many people remember our family! The nice thing about this is that I found such a interesting site! We lived in Sussex for a short time out of our lives, but I am pleased to see we were not forgotten. I remember some wonderful times in Sussex and visited it afew years ago for old times sake. Hope to make another visit to New Brunswick soon.
Ann Luitwieler nee Grant-Suttie <>
Terrace, B.C. Canada

My ancestors were from New Brunswick. I am coming to the Sussex area in June, hoping to continue my genealogy on the Folkins- Smith line ( Sarah Folkins 1832 m. Joseph Smith) I think they were married in Studholm Parish. I look forward to visiting New Brunswick for the first time. Thanks for the excellent website. Elaine Smith Mullane
Elaine Mullane <>
Richmond, Me. U. S. A.

Hi! I was born in Moncton but my family moved away in 1970 when I was two years old. I have lived in Kingston, Ont., Camp Borden Ont., Camp Gagetown N. B.,and Vancouver, B.C. which is where I just moved back from. I am happy to be back in Moncton to live with my mother Karen King. I have one son, Danial who is 9 yrs. old. I hope to find work soon. Moncton has changed a lot since I last saw it in 1985 when I had returned to Oromocto to attend Fredericton High School where i graduated. Will be looking forward to seeing some of my od friends if I can locate them. By for now. Patty.
Patty <>
Moncton, N.B. Canada

A very nice site! No wonder Canada is so Great! with the New Brunswickers all over it! Was posted to Camp Borden back in 51, retired in Barrie, but always come back home! I sung this song in school "MY OWN CANADIAN HOME" How many remember it? Hope to visit this summer. Ralph & Reta Cathline

Reta & Ralph Cathline <>
Barrie, On Canada

Bathurst residents:...I`m trying to locate the name of a christian book store in Bathurst.I met the owners in Tronto a few years ago at a book sellers convention.My new book, "Look Homeward ANGEL",set in Nova Scotia is now on the market and I want to let them know about it.The book is a historical romance set during the Arcadian struggle and is a great seller down here, but I do not know how the distribution is up there. If anyone knows the name of the book store or the name of the owner, please email me or have them contact me. Thanks...I hope to get to your beautiful province this summer, I dearly love Nova Scotia...the people are wonderful.
Peggy Darty <>
Tuscaloosa, AL USA

love new brunswick!!!!!!!!
tony and tracy frank <>
oshawa, on canada

I am the youngest of the Anderson clan. (SARAH & CHARLES--ALLIE ANDERSON) Recenty moved back to Moncton after many years absence. (Kingston, Camp Borden, Ont., Camp Gagetown,N.B., Vancouver B.C.(N.W.,Port Moody). Glad to be back with my oldest daughter and one grandson. youngest daughter sti in B.C. Sisters Joan, Jerry, Kitty, Lnda n B.C. Sisters Eileen & Norma in Toronto, Patsy in Sask., brother bud in Hamiton,Peter & Jimmy in Moncton. (Paul & Margie deceased). Moncton is sti a great little place-love it! Karen.
Karen King <>
Moncton, N.B. Canada

Looking forward to visiting my future in-laws in NB!
Jenn <>
Westwood, CA USA

Have just found your pages. What a lot to look through. I shall really enjoy learning all about New Brunswick. I like the maps, pictures and will have to allow plenty of time to read all the interesting info. Thank you very much.
Lesley Fowler <>

Bonjour a tout le monde de Tracadie!!! I was born in Tracadie and raised in Montreal. But spending my summers in N.B. got me to love this province very much.I would move back to Tracadie tomorrow if I could.Si il y a quelqu'un de Tracadie qui aimerait communiquer,mon adresse electronique est la!
Gaetane Hache-Wigglesworth <>
Courtice, on

A friend has a painting from G.T.Taylor dated 1888 apparently he was a photographer for "Field & Stream" back in the late 1800's or early 1900's. He is a Canadian artist, lived in Fredericton,NB. Our friend would like to know where we can find out more on this person, can you help
Robert Vanderaegen <>
Langley, BC Canada

Just found this website tonight and I think it's wonderful. I'll be back again tomorrow for sure as there's so much to see.
Marilyn McLean <>
Powell River, B.C. Canada

Your site is fabulous, especially the Hampton site! It sure made me homesick. What a wonderful job you have done. I grew up in Hampton, then on to East Riverside and moved to Calgary in the late 60's, but New Brunswick will always be my home. Keep up the good work!
Heather Cameron <>

good site
Jay Guthrie <>

Moved here a couple months ago, originaly from Salisbury. Always good to be able to look at familiar pictures of home.
Chris Gladstone <>
Baton Rouge, LA United States

It is a really nice Website but there aren't any pictures of Campbellton, and thats where i'm originally from. Canpbellton is part of NB too. I would really like to see and read more about Campbellton.
Jo-Ann DeGrace <>
Toronto, ON Canada

Hello I am looking for relatives of my paternal great Uncle Angus Mc Rae. He passed away recently and I belive that his family is in New Brunswick possibly near Dalhousie or Campbellton. If anyone knows anything please e mail me.
Donna <>
Vancouver, BC Canada

Nice site, however, timely to view some areas (famous people, maps, etc) Maybe, you could have a place where people looking for camp sites, or bed & breakfasts.... Best Regards, Andrew
Andrew Carroll <>
Beeton , ON Canada

I plan on coming to see this woderful city and ihave never been there before
Bernitha Williams <>
clearwater, fla pinellas

I have five painting by New Brunswick artist Daniel Price. I was wondering if he is still painting. I bought them in the late 70 in Frederiction Mall at a gallery there. Does anyone have contact information about him. Warmest regards Jack Scott ( Mother was Bourgeois ). Truly Acadian 1642 vintage.
Jack P. Scott <>
White Rock/Vancouver, Canada

Hello from a niece of one of your former townsmen, Stanley Jellyman. Unfortunately my uncle died a few years ago, he stayed on in Moncton after the war to run a bar I believe and I didn't get to visit, but hello to Moncton anyway!
Christine Monk <>
Derby, England

I'm looking for information on my family,John Fitzsimmons and Ann Dow were married in new Brunswick Canada.They lived there in the 1800's they are my great grand parents,Their Parents also lived there,My G.G.grandfather came over from Ireland To New Brunswick 1700's or 1800's If you can find out or know any thing please let me know. Thank you Mary Fitzsimmons-Tibbetts
Mary Fitzsimmons-Tibbetts <>
Portland, ME Cumberland

Hey, I just wanted to say that Sussex is the best town ever I grew up in Norton and was a grad of 99 from SRHS I also worked for POLEY MOUNTAIN its the best hill around.
Amber Teakles <>
Saint John, NB Canada

Check out "Atlantic Canadians in Economic Exile", a site by, for and about people who have left the East coast behind.
Lloyd Ravn <>
Mississauga, ON

i was happy to find your web site. i was raised in juniper and would like to see more on our town. i would like to communicate with old friends via your site. sure miss home.
huguette desjardins <>
thornhill, bc canada

Was born in St. George and move to penticton. Now live in victoria. Have been back to St. George twice since i left in 1958. Took my dad Bill Coutts back a few years ago to be buried their. Love the country side and the people. Would love to hear from anyone. Just email me.
Neil Coutts <>
victoria, BC

Great pictures,moved from Fredericton recently to Vancouver,,looking forward to going home for a couple of weeks in July------anyone from Freddy Beach, drop me a line!
Brent Reed <>
Vancouver, BC Canada

a great site i have left a query on your site i hope someone will help thanks
anne cheshire <>
cardiff, uk wales

This will be my first visit to your beautiful province. I did not have much information about your province so I thought I would research it on the internet, to my surprise I saw the most beautiful and peaceful pictures one can imagine. I can't wait to come and visit. Maria Serino, Montreal, PQ
Mary Serino <>
Montreal, PQ Canada

I moved from New Brunswick 10 months ago, I miss it there so much, I am always talking about the wondrful province, I am so excited to return in only 52 more days! This site is excellent, I will show it to everyone, excellent job!
Carmen Gunter <>
Poplarfield, MB Canada

Just passing through.....great site. Best wishes, Janet
Janet Little Boston, MA United States

your site is great!! I'm doing a project on NB and yours is the only site with the proper information! THank you!
Katie S <>
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

my husband and i are coming to visit you in june,i am really looking forward to it and staying at the all looks so lovely.
lorraine arruda <>
woodbridge, va usa

Jennifer Greene
Sussex, NB Canada

Sarah Jacques
Sussex, NB Canada

Although I live far from New Brunswick, I still miss it and wish I could visit often. My mother's parents were from the province (Shemogue and Bayfield) and I often visited my grandmother at her homes in Sunny Brae and Moncton. I am from Gloucester, Massachusetts and although I have lived in California for more than 30 years, I stay for economic reasons. If I won the lottery I would love to move to New Brunswick or one of the other Atlantic provinces and retire. Thanks for an enjoyable visit to your web site.
Earle Collins <>
Carpinteria, CA USA

enjoyed it much,, very interesting
john matthews <>
suffolk, va usa

Great site !!!
N.B. is a beautiful place....I was born in Acadieville and moved from there with my parents and siblings in 62 to Leom. Mass.. Have gone back for a visit almost every year. If you want a trip to remember forever'' go to New Brunswick! ''
Lucille Doiron <>
Sherrington, Qc.

The Town of Nackawic would like to be part of your site. Could you please advise how this could happen. We have a variety of pictures on our web site and invite everyone to visit us at
Town of Nackawic <>
Nackawic, NB Canada

verry good site iam trying to make my first page and i dont have qlue so for now iam just making a link page . and i linked to your page, hope that is ok.
paul livingstone <>
Maple Ridge, bc canada

Used to live in N.B.. Just checkin' to see how thinngs are going since the last 5 years.
Matthew <>
Edmonton, Ab Canada eh?

Hi I checked out your wedsite, Its nice that you have information on Tabusintac Old Home Week. I am a native from Neguac and look forward to being at your festival year 2000. I was at the last festival 1995 and truely enjoyed it. I look forward to your festival.
Brigitte from B.B.'s Body Art.
Brigitte Brown <>
Orono, ON Canada

A great site! I was looking for driving distances, and I found them here!
Connie <>
Nova Scotia Canada

I'm 13 years old and i got a A+ on my project very cool site.

Nathaniel Steeves <>
Petitcodiac, NB Canada

very good info! Good home page.
Maverick Cove <NONE>
winnipeg, MB Canada

You don't have that much on your homepage that I was looking for! But you have a pretty, pretty good home page I must say!!!

Diandra Bowden <>
Edmonton, Alberta Cananda

We were in Sussex in mid-August three years ago and there was a giant flea market happening. Do you do that every year? Is it happening this year? If you know, please inform us. Thanks/Merci
E. Kavanagh <>

Great web site's extremely hard to find the lottery booth !...I'm still looking. PLease make it more accessable Thanks!
Lynn < pfg1>
Saint John, NB Canada

Seeing this web page gives me great pride in the town of sussex where i went to school and grew up. have a nice day and again thanks.
David Beattie <strictlybaseball@home .com>
Calgary, AB Canada

Thank you for providing Saint John with such a wonderful site for everyone to see. The Marco Polo pics are amazing. I have lived in Saint John all of my life and by seeing a web site such as this could make me stay even longer!
Michelle Bernier <>
Saint John, NB Canada

Interesting site, and great to see Moncton progressing.
B Charuk <>
New Zealand

I will visit New Brunswick the coming summer !!!!!
Dorthe Pedersen <>

Hey-- If anyone reading this attends/attended Bethany Bible College, I would like to chat with you. I am really interested in what you think of the school. Thanks!
Dee <>
East Troy, WI USA

Love your web site. I used to live in Berwick (6miles from Sussex) and attended SHS in 1942 and graduated in 1943. I have many fond memories of those days and am trying to get a copy of my graduation picture, that they used to hang in one of the hallways of Sussex High. If possible, a snap shot of the old picture , would be so much appreciated.
Frederick ROACH <>
Kamloops, BC CANADA

Nice web page it brings back memories of when i lived there.
Bridget Berry <>
Toronto, ON Canada

I visited this site for information for a 5th grade class project on New Brunswick. Thanks for all of the great information. I'm 11 years old and attend Kernersville Elementary School in Kernersville North Carolina USA
Chelsea Thompson <>
Kernersville, SC USA

Was born in Sevogle and have many fond memories of the beautiful people; maiden name Wyld
diane garinger <>
Los Angeles, ca usa

Thanks to your website, I found my dad's family. And well the insane chance that my cousin William happened to come across my note that scribbled on there. The odds, that he even looked at this site are like being struck by lightning, even less than winning the lottery, but better than winning the lottery. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, infinfinity times over.
donna <>
Vancouver, BC Canada

good page.found lots of information for!
I don't want to say my name
st stephen, nb canada

What an excellent site !! Many thanks for the great efforts that have made so much great information available. My wife was born Martha M. Henderson, in Charlo, New Brunswick and we have returned to the Dalhousie-Campbellton area quite a few times to visit. We do hope to manage at least one more visit even though retirement has restricted our travel budget. Keep up the good work and thanks again for your efforts. Martha & Duane Goertson
Martha & Duane Goertson <>
Sardis, BC Canada


Nice website. I noticed that one of the pictures in St. George's website must have been taken from my deck! It's the picture of the salmon cages under "Fundy Tides". Interesting!
Robyn Little <>
L'etete, NB Canada

My great grandfather was one of the founders of the St. George granite company so I am very pleased to see that St. George has such a fine web site Stephen Coutts
steve coutts <>
kelowna, bc canada

Hey, I love this site! I am from sussex Nb out by the drurys cove area. I am living in Sask now, and its nothing compared to home! Every summer we come back for a visit, so I can't wait until this summer! Keep up the good work! Thanks.
Charlee <>
Melfort , sask Canada

I was born in Woodstock NB 46 years ago.Only lived there 2 years! Anyone recognize my name, drop me a line. We lived near Canterbury, Lake Skiff.
Rick Foulke <>
Kempton, PA USA

I like the poutine recipe.
Gerard Leblanc <>
Danvers, MA USA

In only a couple of weeks I will be moving to New Brunswick from Newfoundland, and I hope to make it my new home. Wish me luck starting a new in New Brunswick!
Springdale, NF

Born and Raised in Dalhousie. Left in 1968 and haven't been back since. But I surely miss the place dearly, hope to retire there soon. Would also like to hear from someone in those part to catch up on (old) news.
Gerry Poirier <>
Whitecourt, AB Canada

I love the web page. but most of all I cannot wait to come over to see your beautiful town.
I really enjoyed surfing your web page. Thank-you. Ian :-)
Ian Mason <>
Ayr, QLD Australia

We are from N.B. and go down once a year for lobster and golf. Great sight.
Emery & Argentine Aube <>
Barrie, On Canada

My husband and I were born and raised in Moncton, Ian Scott(MHS'75) and me, Ginny Millett(HTHS'77). Have been in B.C. since '77. Get Back to N.B. almost every year. But only in the summer, save the winters for B.C. weather. Hello to Mike Granville at H.T.H.S., my grade 10 English teacher Miss my home province.
Ginny Scott <>
Port Moody, B.C.

Just looking around for stuff about home. I hope things are going well for everyone. Take care,
Kevin Legacy <>
Edmonton, AB Canada

I'm from Campbellton and after being away many years I still have fond memories. I attended Lord BeaverBrook school and can still remember the times I had there. Great website.
Arnold Astels <>
Ponoka, AB Canada

I used to live in NB-not very far from Grand Falls-not far from St. Leonard-My grandparents were Robert and Lise Martin-uncles Harry-Pat and Zeno Martin-I also lived in Edmundston with my aunt and her husbanLily and Jos P michaud-I have many cousins-children of William and Alphonsine {Cyr} Martin of St. Leonard- Would like to hear from anyone in these areas-I am 75 yrs old-so it was a long time age.
Lillian Fitzgerald Parry <>
lake worth, fl US


excellent website enjoyed the whole tour and hope to tour your great province in the near future
jake wynne <>
norwood, on canada

Can't wait to be back for old home week to visit family and friends many of our family members are coming from near and far - USA, the west and the north !!! August will be here before we know and arn't we glad !!
Ross and Kendell Hall <we are getting one soon so stay tuned>
Thorndale , Ont Canada

Please someone e-mail me back
Clinton <>
N.S Cheticamp

It's back to New Brunswick I go. I have been back many times since I left in 1962. I was lucky enough to meet my Wife there in 1959 and married her after she won First Princess Miss N.B. in 1960. You have a great page that is very helpfull to travellers like myself.
Larry Pascal <>
St Catharines, On Canada

Just jumpin' around the net! Very cool site!
Shanda <>
Harrison, ark USA

I found your site very interesting and informative in all the locations that I viewed.
Corliss Okerstrom <>
Moose Jaw, Sk. Canada

Your site was very interesting and informative.
Dennis Petersen <>
Moose Jaw, Sk Canada

Great site. Very user friendly.
Al & Lynn Light <>
Sarasota, FL USA

If anyone remembers me get in touch. I lived in Moncton.Im 27 and I went to Harrison Trimble.
Derek Prosser <>
Clearwater, Florida USA

I was looking in that photo album thing-ama-jigee but the pictures weren't labeled and I found that very annoying because I want aa picture of Moncton and I didn't know what was what.

Fantastic site!! Have spent 4 hours looking at all your wonderful info and pictures. Hope to visit in the next year.
Jan Tow <>
Somers, MT USA

lived in oromocto 1963___1971, anyone remembers me better drop me a line
laurie ward < (or)>
london, ont canada

I'm looking for anyone that is related to the RICE'S from Bear River in Nova Scotia I hope this GUEST BOOK can help I think this is great
Jennie Pauline Pettie (Rice) <>
Hoyt, NB

What a wonderful site! I was raised in Sussex. and your site made me wish I could just pack up and visit again. It brought back so many wonderful warm memories.I want to bring my teen, to see why I love NB, and its natives. Warm , friendly, and home to me! Thank you so much for giving me a place to visit, if only in my heart.God Bless.
Annette <>
Murfreesboro, Tn. USA

Does anyone know where a small town called Scotchsett is??? Please help, I am trying to find my other half of my family. My grandfather's name is John Andrew Henderson and his wife Elizabeth Henderson from Charlo, NB. I am looking for their off spring, Betty(Elizabeth), Edith, and Alexander. I have two aunts and an uncle I have never met, gods knows how many other cousins I must have.
Donna <>
Vancouver, BC Canada

I am looking for relatives of my Paternal Grandparents their names are John Andrew Henderson, and Betty Henderson. They lived in Charlo, New Brunswick, and had four children. John, Alex, Elizabeth(Betty), and Edith. It is believed that two of them Betty and Edith live in New York City, and most likely are married have children. So that means I have three aunts, an uncle, and god knows how many cousins, I do know that both my grand aprents are dead, and probably buried in Charlo. If anyone from the Dalhousie/Charlo area could help it would be appreciated.
donna <>
Vancouver, BC Canada

Does anyone know where a small town called Scotchsett is??? Please help, I am trying to find my other half of my family.
Donna <>
Vancouver, BC Canada

Getting information for my project.
B. Thorne <>
Ajax, On Canada

Just trying to find some nice pictures of Dalhousie and there does not seem to be any available. Would be nice if someone up there would publish some pics from that town. Thank you Sam Harquail
Sandra Harquail <>
Moncton, NB Canada

I love the Miramichi. I spent my childhood summers there. I swam in the river every year. I love Newcastle, Nelson, Douglastown. I have relatives in Newcastle, Williston Rd, Douglastown, South Nelson ; down the hill from the ball field. I will never forget the time that I spent in this great community. Where did JUDY's Restaurant go to? She had the best Onion Rings. You must try Mom's clams. My heart will always belong to the Miramichi River, and all of my Craig and Creamer relatives. I will always go back.
Kevin Craig
Oshawa, ON

I was just poking around my computer and found this site. I am originally from New Brunswick and would like to find more people from there to chat with.
Tracy <>
London, Ont Canada

Hey, just looking for some info on NB for my Can. Geo project! I'll be visiting NB for the Atlantics on Feb. 17/00! See you all then! he he! Nice site!
Kristen Butt <>
Manuels, NF Canada


Thank you to the province for such a heart touching collection of photographs. I really needed that But now I want to come home.( some day ) Hello!! To all the people of Charlotte County, and Saint john. I really, really enjoyed looking at this site. I have been looking for a web page for anything about New Brunswick. I moved from NB in the early spring of 1997 and have not been back since labour day weekend in 97. If there is one thing I can tell to any maritimer, It would be DON'T ever move from such an amazing province. I know we all said at one time or another that we were bored, or that NB sucked well Every time I hear anything about NB I get a lump in my throat It feels like a peice of my soul has been ripped out,litterally I would give anything to move back but life will not allow that right now (Baby). But believe me when I say I will be back some day. To all the tourists you will never regret going to New Brunswick it is the best choice you will ever make. So much to do and see I promise you that you will never regret going but you may regret not staying longer. So please if there any people from NB reading this please feel free to send me an e-mail I would love so much to hear from you.
Joe Hubbard Jr. <>
Near Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

I love New Brunswick, it is pretty!!
Buffy Summers <>
Sunnydale, CA USA

I work presently in Germany on a NATO assignement. Every two years all the countries put on a display for "Culture Fest" It is a big event an some 5,000 people participate in the Local area of Geillenkirchen. So in order to promote our land i need some help from you. Any Pins, Maps,pamphlet,books,tour guide etc... would be appreciated. We will display them and answer questions for three days. We use a Canadian Postal address to make it easier. Thank You for your co-operation !!!
Andre Bernier Sgt
Postal Address
Andre Bernier
Slot 4160 Box 5053
Belleville Ont

Andre Bernier Sgt <>
Belleville, ont CAnada

Great site . Glad to find information on N.B. Would like some information on Havelock NB. please Email me thanks.

Cathy West <>
Garden Bay, B.C Canada


My cousin recently informed me that our Great great great grandfather was from Sussex,he married a DYER and their son-Arthur Henry went to Newton, Mass in the 1880's. I would like to hear from other Boyd's to see how far back I can get on the Family tree. Looks like a trip to visit your beautiful area is forthcoming. I ride a Harley and your roads look like great cruising country.
Jack Boyd <>
Sulphur, La USA

This time I will try not to sound to much like I am advertising. I was born in Baie Verte,N.B. The lovely scenery in these webpages,well;brings home to my heart. The waterfowl photo is right accross the highway from a quaint little trailer park that my grandfather owns. So you see you brought home to my heart.Thank you
Carol <>

Marshview Trailer Park and Howard Throop, are beautiful.It is a clean and just nicely off the highway,gettaway.Howard is great people too, a family man with a great family.
Carol <>

I really like this site.Keep up the good work..
Guy Richard <>
New Berlin, Wi. U.S.A.

well nice guest book. :) i hope one day i will get to meet enrique that would be cool and I know he would want to meet me later, samia
samia <>
masury, oh

great site well laid out, hopefully it will help in my search for maritime cuisine for CJ 2001 for scouts Canada, get in touch with me if you got any recipes.
David Stead <>
Strathmore, AB Canada

I had the privlige of living in C.F.B. Gagetown(Oromocto) for 5 yrs. It has been 20 yrs. since I have last visited your lovely province. I hope to be back soon.
shaun judge <>
kanata, on

I think this web site is great. To see people talking about Tabusintac is great. Of course our Old Home Week that only happens every five years. Lots of activities to look forward to. It is great fun for all.
Lenore Godin <>
Néguac, N.B

Originally from Richibucto!
Gerard Daigle <>
Oshawa, ON Canada

THANX 4 MAKING THIS SITE! I have been looking EVERYWHERE 4 info on New Brunswick 4 a report! Your sites been the best so far!THANX:o)
JaM <>
Charlotte, NC USA

thank you
alice hardesty <>
north pole, ak usa

it was great visiting your site it's beautiful there
Jerry Madore <pennysangels>
Tucson, az usa

What do you think about "Blair witch project" movie? The site is great
Omar Kudovic <>
Konjic, Bosnia

I had the great privilege of visiting beautiful New Brunswick about 1 1/2 years ago...was there in the fall when the leaves were changing so beautifully....I have wonderful friends there and someday it is my dream I can return for another visit.. thank you for this lovely I visited it today, my heart was full of fond memories!
Texas USA

really loved youre site .i am from tide head originally,would have loved to see a few more pictures of that area,campbellton,ulpsaquitch dalhousie.great to read some of the guests names and what they had to say about our great new brunswick.
jeff taylor <>
oshawa, ont. canada

I grew up in Rogersville, NB and thought it was the best place to PATRY!!!!

Christine Blacquiere <>
Calgary, AB Canada

hi born in new brunswick left in 69,like everybody l will always go back as often as can ,i love new brunswick gerard daigle
gerry daigle <daigle&>
oshawa, ontario canada


Thanks for the site, loved it, keep up the nice work please? I was searching for my birth son when I came across your website about New Brunswick, that is where my son was born and put up for adoption, CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE? he was born september 28 1971 Thanks again for this site about New Brunswick From a acadien who will allways have Moncton in her heart ! E-mail is ICQ # 28326741
Josephine <>
Montreal, que. canada

I am 13 years old and have to make a travel book for my social studies calss about New Brunswick and this site really helped me. I am visiting here this summer or in canada. If you have any information that can help me please feel free to e-mail me. Thank you
Sarah <>
West Caldwell, NJ USA

Just visiting the old hometown.
Andre St. Pierre <>
st. john's, nf.

Nice page but not enough pictures, a picture is worth a 1000 words they say visit our Restigouche Naturalists' Club and see some nice pictures of the area. Also visit my other two web site which you will find LOTS of info and pictures of the Restigouche.

Irene Doyle <>
Campbellton, nb Canada

Great site
Colin Edwards <>
Dalhousie, NB Canada

shawn brown
barrie, ont cnd

We are going to visit the USA and Canada this year - New Brunswick looks like a beautiful area to visit!!!!

Marichen Venter <>
Durban, Kwazulu Natal South Africa

does any one know freddie peterson e-mail me at

kevin hall <>
sussex, nb canada

i am doing a report help please
barbara ruggs <loro78>

nice site, I am anxious to visit your beautiful country in Aug of 2000 when I attend the reunion of Kierstead/keirsteads in Sussex. My late husband's grandfather Arthur T. Kierstead and his great-grandparents, Menzie Isaiah Kierstead and Jane (maiden name of Evans) were also born there. Jane's father was Robert Evans and I believe there are still relatives there in Saint John that I would love to locate. Looking forward to my trip in August. Jan Wages
jan wages <>
eagan, mn usa

I graduated from Mirimichi Valley High School in 1989. I moved to Edmonton that same year and now I've been in Calgary for a year. If anyone recognizes my name I would love to hear from you. I miss my family in New Brunswick and would love to hear from someone from my home town.
Susan Zylenko (Jessiman) <>
Calgary, Ab Canada

Great Site! I would like to have some new pen pals around this old world. If you will please e-mail, and Happy New Year 2000 and God Blees you all.
Jude Steeves <>
Petitcodiac/Elgin, NB Canada

Can't wait til Old Home Week in Tabusintac
Dwight & Lisa Harding <>
Barre, MA USA

I travelled round N.B. in September of '99 and loved the place very much. We stayed in St.Andrews with some friends who had immigrated. The scenerio was amazing and the whole time was very relaxing. We even went camoing in fundy, this was a great experience until the weather turned very nasty and very cold. We are coming back again this August. Can anyone recommend a good B&B to stay in St.George from there we are going over to the east coast to Miramichi and travelling down towards Moncton and then ?. Can anyone recommend some good places to visit for me and my family with 2 young girls. The web site has given me some great leads and info... will be using this site alot over the next few months.
Dave Cornthwaite <>
manchester, england

See you soon in Welsford, NB
Carol-Lee Hall <>
Manchester, UK

Left message, but don't know how to access to see if it is okay. I used Southwest as best location to post. Am looking for family named Grattan. Any help would be great since I don't know the geography of New Brunswick.
Elaine Miller <>
San Antonio, TX USA

My whole family lives in N.B. When I met Curtis I just had to take him there to meet everyone. He loved it so much this past Christmas he asked me to merry him and move out there to be with my family. Of course I said yes and we are moving to N.B. in the spring of 2000. I can't wait to live there I've been there every summer since I can remember. The wedding is in Aug. Best province love it there Crystal & Curtis
Crystal & Curtis <>
Brantford, on Canada

Just love New Brunswick. I have lived in Ontario, But they drive too fast. Elgin is small but it is beautiful in all seasons. You should see our Living Christmas Tree in our church as it the best.
Judith VIoletta Steeves <>
Elgin/Albert County,, NB Canada

My North American ancestory is primarily in Caraquet NB. I have been there at least once a year since 1935 and it feels like home even though I was born and brought up in the states. Don't get me wrong I like the states but I feel there is something missing . My dad was not an American citizen when I was born and I have been told that I could have a dual citizenship. Can someone tell me how I could achieve this. Then I would have the best of both worlds. I enjoy your web site it has a lot to offer. Thanks alot.Edmond Gionet Lincoln,NH.
Edmond Gionet <>
Lincoln, NH. US.

I was born in Moncton and lived in Halifax, Alberta, Massachussetts, and I think I'll stay put. The other places were ok, but not home. Like they say, we maritimers move, but generally always come home.
Maria Thebeau <>
Moncton, NB Canada

I haven't visited Sussex since I was 16. It was nice to visit today. We are planning a Keirstead reunion in Sussex for August 5 and 6, 2000. Please email me if you would like to attend or help plan.
Valerie Keirstead <>
Long Island, NY U.S.A.

I really injoy seeing the web sites from the east coast. Being born in Moncton and looking at this site makes me want to go home,and it just so happens we are going for Christmas. Can't wait to get there.
Winnipeg , MB Canada

the best province in the world
larry albert <>
saint john, nb canada

After looking for information on NB for a school project over 30 minutes, we found no good sites. then we came upon this one and completed the project in 15 minutes! My son and I want to compliment you for giving us the chance to learn about NB and thank you for providing us with such a wonderful site.
lynn and corey
Lynn Hess <>
Homer City, PA USA

I am currently living in Edmonton, but my family is still in St. Andrews. The article certainly makes me homesick. I worked at the Greenock Church as a guide a few years ago as well I worked as an interpreter at the Ross Museum and Sherrif Andrews house. It brought back many memories! :)
Maureen A. O'Neill <>
Edmonton, AB Canada

New Brunswick is one of our countries nicest provinces, If you use MIRC as an chat line go to the dalnet server and a channel #nb_addicts this channel brought my wife and i to new brunswic and we made some very special friends Thanks Cable-guy & ^^Trouble^^
winnipeg, mb Canada

Verey cool
Cloud Strife <>
Calgary, AB Canada

This is a great site! My niece married a Sussex native, and I wanted to see a little bit of where he's from. If you know Kerry and Carole Allison, tell them hello for me!
Laura Stanley
Howard City, MI U.S.A.

neat pictures. i am doing a project and this site helped a lot...
kered <>
San antonio, tx usa

I would love to all around our beautiful province and see everything we have, but most of all I love meeting our people that live in our province. So if anyone would like to e-mail myself I will e-mail you back. Merry Christmas 99 and God Bless you all in the new year that is coming in the year 2000'.
Jude Steeves <>
Petitcodiac/Elgin, NB Canada

I think this is a good site but you have a lack of towns.I have looked everywhere for a picture of my home town and I can't find any. In my home town we had a National monument and that is the only picture of Rogersville I've found.
Christine Blacquiere
Clagary (used to be Rogersville N.B.), Alberta Canaa

I like the web site a lot. I think that it sould have a pitcher of the flag. I'm doing a report for my class and I got a lot of info. off this web site. THANKS!!
Zach McCabe <>
boulder, co usa

I am visiting your beautiful town for the first time in May 2000 and am looking forward to meeting new friends and sampling the local hospitality, all thanks to the internet, and meeting a local person from your fair city
Kerry Morley <>
sheffield, England

Iam a native of saint living in baytown is nice to be able to see all the sights again.been living in baytown for 7 years now.sure do miss my hometown.
Ron Mac Donald <>
Baytown, Tx USA

looking for my past/family
portsmouth, va usa

very good, but need more info on the land itself.
Kyle James <michael 221/>
Merritt, BC Canada

Attempting to make contact with N.B. Frazee named families
Jerry Frazee <>
Austin, Tx USA

Was searching through the site with my Mum looking for info for a school project. Found it hard to get info on the provincial flower. Nice pictures.
Aimey <>
Nerepis, NB Canada

Enjoyed the web site very much , very thoruogh and interesting. Also looking for ancesters of the Robichaud family in NB. My grandfathers name was Felix Robichaud from St Charles NB. If anyone has any information on this subject would you please e-mail me. It would be greatly appreciated and if anyone out there has any old photos of Rexton sports could you e-mail me copies. Thank - you in advance.
Gerald Robichaud <>
Rexton, NB Canada

Nice job with this site. I was impressed to find Wishart's Point on the map of Tracadie. Spending many summers in Tabusintac with family, it is a treat to read people saying the nice things about New Brunswick that make us keep going back. I'm looking forward to "Old Home Week" in the summer of 2000!! Any relatives of the Wishart clan, please write back!
Catherine White <>
Plainville, CT USA

Great site!Really love the whale site.But the main page is exellent.I've been surfing the web for good sites, and this is better then most! Congadulations on the 100,000 hits!I trust you deserve it!=)
Saint John, N.B. Canada

My name is Chelsie. I'm doing a research project on the province of New Brunswick. If you have any information about New Brunswick (landforms, climate, vegetation, soil, population ie:deaths, births, natural resources, industries, transport, cities and tourism, environmental problems and history on the province) would be greatly attpriciated.
Chelsie <>

I like what you had say.
conaly markham <conaly>
Harker Heights er, texas usa

Just browsing and found this site. Wonderful job! I am originally from St. George and couldn't believe that it was even listed in the site. Take care, all of you maritimers. I am home quite often. Probably too often. Anyone wanting to send an e-mail - feel free.
Lori French <>
Calgary, AB Canada

Good Morning, My name is Siranee Dendee. I am Thai. I stay in Bangkok. Nice to visit you. My English is not very well. So thank you for the beautiful screensaver Bye
siranee Dendee <>
bangkok, Thailand

plenty of info was needed, as I`ll be visiting in 18mths time
ken williams <>
swansea, wales uk

i am originally from St. George, and thought I would just check out a site about home. I was impressed that St. George actually made it on the site! It made me homesick. Hopefully I can come home for a visit soon.
Tara Moeller (nee Frye) <>
Norfolk, VA USA

Hey.. I came to this page to find info on New Brunswick but there's like nothing here. That sucks.. Well anyways. I like the page! bye!
Heather <>
Mount Pearl, NF Canada


Hi, I am from newfoundland orginally but I Moved to Sussex in my Junior High days. It is nice to here from some fellow maritimers. I have fond memories of Sussex, falling in love with my first love (to this day have no clue where he is but if he reads this, he knows who he is (Big Ben). Meeting my husband, who is now the most important man in my life. I have many friends and family still there and hope to move back some day
Lori Byrne
Toronto, ON Canada

I live on the Kingston Peninsula, and did not even know this site existed, it is done very well, and I think the Kingston Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places, especially the Kennebecasis river. There is lots of history here, and I collect articles on it and pictures. Also any info on the Waddell's, love for any one to drop me a line..
Ann Waddell <>
Kingston, NB Canada

Hi Northern Neighbors, Your country is beautiful and someday maybe I will be able to visit. Your web site is beautiful and I enjoyed seeing your country from your eyes. Feel free to correspond with me. God Bless
Merriel "Merry" Thomas <>
Milton, NH USA

This was a very good place to visit.
Eric Furmanek <None>
Hatley, Wi U.S.

we enjoyed researching your province and we had fun. sincerly, James and Mike
Mike MacInnis and James Gallichan <>
Lwr.Sackville, ns canada

Connie's ancestor was John Harding who died in Saint John, N.B. in 1899. His daughter, Mary married William John Shannon and returned to the British Isles. John Harding is buried in Saint John. Does anyone have any other information on the Hardings?
George & Connie Ferguson < or>

we really enjoyed reaserching your province for our school project it was very interesting and full of life and the tourist atractions that new brunswick has is unbelievable our pesonal favorite was magic mountian and magnetic hill it was very cool,so thank you for taking care of your province so well thanks again from heather clarke,jannifer thorne,james gallichan,and shaun kean. sackville heights junior high,grade 9 mr.johns lwr.sackville nova scotia
heather and jennifer thorne <>
lwr sackville, ns canada

I am looking for a brochure on N.B.'s Kouchibouguac National Park. We plan to spend next year's holidays with friends in your province and plan to camp; but, we're also looking for a nice cabin near this park. Our activities will be getting to know your province and having a good time. thanks
Pieter Wyminga <>
Colborne, ON Canada K0K 1S0

Born and raised in Sevogle, New Brunswick (and I wanna go home). Great site! Will be back for sure.
Loretta Hedquist <>
Nanaimo, BC Canada

Looking for historical information about CAMPOBELLO ISLAND that includes names of SIMPSON, FLAGG and/or DUNPHY. All from 1800's. Researching my tree. Love this site but have not found anyone else in chat room! Come on you guys, let's talk!

Buffy <>
Cincinnati, OH USA

Love all things N.B.
Mike Breen <>
Calgary, AB Canada

Hello; My name is Monique Boudreau, I was born in Moncton,N.B. and I'm very glad to be visiting this site. I got on this site because I was trying to find a site of a female artists from Moncton. Her name is Yoland Boudreau, she is actualy my mother but I was unsucsessful. If you might have some Information on female artists I would be very pleased for some help. This would have been around 1985-1989. Thank you:)I really enjoyed your site.
Monique Boudreau <>
Moncton, NB Canada

HI! I'm here because I am doing a report on the climate,vegetations,economy and natural resources of New Brunswick Canada. It's due on Monday. I was just wondering if you have any information on the climate, and cultural activities within your region. Thanks a lot! Please e-mail me what information you can lend me! Thank you so much! ALyson Angell Kansas- United States
Alyson Angell <>
Shawnee, KS United States

Always a pleasure to return to new brunswick (Siegas) to be specific people are great and we always have a good time. I am a native of that region and love to come and brows. We are planing to go visit in may of 2000. Would love to hear from anyone from that area...The scenery is georgeous and the hospitality wonderful...
marie odette hall <>
ridgecrest, ca usa

Plan to visit in the spring YAHOO
Mark Eaton <>
The Woodlands, Tx. USA

Well i am just visiting to do a grade 8 history project!! Thanx for the info!
Melanie Copeland <>
Miss., ontario canada

Hi Everyone: I used to live in Bathurst.Sure do miss home.Looking for an old friend I used to go to Junior High with. Rene Swalek if you see this message contact me ok. Hope to be going to Bathurst this summer. Bonjour.
Robert Wayne Duguay <>
Owen Sound, Ont. Canada

Hi everybody :-) What could I say ? One dream is to visit canada next year, your region. Best wishes :-) ks
Kirsten Steden <>
Zürich, CH Switzerland

You need info about boats from N.B. to P.E.I
Niagara Falls, Canada

Nov.6/99 9:30pm. Did like your 1-800. Could you please send me imforation on pivate&provicial camp grounds&imformation on all of your provice . I like to spend the month of July there,see all my wife&I can. Thank you.
Barry Broughton <non children have it>
Windsor, Ont. Canada

great info. for my project
PA us

Great Site for Info On a Project I'm Doing. Thanks.
Jessica Nelson

I am looking for family history (Babcock) from New Brunswick.
Tara Babcock-Ruttan
Fort St. John, bc Canada

I am originally from Saint John N.B, And I was thinking of how it used to be so I decided to go see if i could find anything on the internet about it. I'm happy to see that there is. now when ever I'm missing home I can come here to remember. Thank you
Christina Krumrei
Edmonton, AB Canada

I'd love to be able to find suitable work back home. Talk to you later.
Lorraine Stiles <lstiles>
Cochenour, ON Canada

My son and I used some of this information for his project. The only information that we could not find were waterways, provincial flag, provincial flower and native indians. Maybe you do have some of that information on this site but we could not find it. I thought the section on Historical and Interesting was fantastic. I did not know that New Brunswick had so many famous people, inventions etc. That was the best part of the site. Thanks, I (mom) really enjoyed reading all about your province.
Jacquie & Michael Taylor <>
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

I am looking for any infomation i can find in your town in regards about my long lost uncle whom i have just learned about.His father died when i was a year old and my long lost uncle waas found dead in your ttown on april 21, 1976.his name was Eldred Allison lucas .Also known as Eldon lucas.He was admitted to a facility called The Provincial Hospital in Saint John.He disappeared when they took him on a field trip.He was missing from Aug,12,1974 thru April 21 1976 were he was found dead in a pound neqar Chapel grove I believe.Any info you can find for me please write to me at (
dave lucas <>
port st.lucie, fl usa

Cool site,I got lots of info for a project. THANKS!!!!!! Nick Parker
Nickolas Parker <>

Very nice web site. Lots of information and pictures.

Tom <>
Musquash, NB Canada

Salut tout le monde du N.B!! Je veux vous dir que j'ai eu la chance d'aller visiter votre beau coin de pays et je le trouve FANTASTIQUE! IL ma fallut au moin 21/22heures de train pour m'y rendre, ca a été long! mais je le referais demain matin! Les gens sont chaleureux! le paysage incroyable(j'ai vue la mer et j'ai meme mis les pieds dedan!wow!!)durant mon séjour j'ai demeuré a Oromocto, une très belle ville, AVEC PLEIN DE BEAUX MILITAIRES!! J'èspère de tout mon coeur pouvoir y retourner cette été. En passant je voudrais dir Bonjour a mon cousin Marc Charette et ca petite famille!
Roxanne Chalifoux <>
Outaouais, QC Canada

je suis né à Bathurst, et j'aimerais bien y retourner vivre un jour. Le N.B. pour moi est la plus belle place qui peut exister. Si quelqu'un de Bathurst ou des alentours me lit j'aimerais bien que l'on communique. J'aissai de voir en meme temps si il y aurait pas du travail par là pour moi. Salut Bathurst et salut à ma grande Chum CAMILLA. Bonne fete bientot ( le 19 nov.) De Thérèse
Thérèse Hachey <>
St-Hugues, qc canada

I'm studying New Brunswick in school and came to this site to find info on your beautiful province!!!!!!!! Your scenery is very nice! (I saw it in a book.) sincerely, Ian :-)
Vancouver, BC Canada

I went to Fredericton on July 1999:lovely weather,great enviroment, amazing city, friendly people...:what else could I ask for? I'll be back..........
floriana guerra <>
verona, vr italy

Awesome info & pics. Anyone with any NB info can send it to me ASAP!! Or before November 15, 1999.!! Thanx!! Or if anyone wants to talk they can just email me, I'm hoping to meet a nice guy!!
Manda McQuaker <>
Emo, On Canada

Great Website! I'm originally from Pennfield and love the opportunity to keep up with my heritage.
Tracy (Muise) Erickson <>
Corning, NY USA

saint john is my home town glad to find this page
barbara connolly <>
kingston, ont canada

Thank you for your great web site. I am doing a report for school and the site is very useful.
rita takahpolis <>
seattle, w usa

I have fallen in love with St. Andrews by the Sea, after visiting there two summers in a row. I would like to get some real estate information on homes for sale there, as we would like to buy an old home there in the next couple of years. Thank you very much.
Fran Hopkinson <>
Moorpark, Ca United States

Hi Everyone. 10 years ago I moved to Ontario, that was my only regret in life. I now am returning home. We are moving back in 3 weeks. Never will I be homesick again.
christienna mcleod <>
muskoka, ontario canada

I am glad that someone told me about this web site as you learn alot about our own province and tell other people about it too. I was born in Forest Hill and lived in Meadow for 18 years then we move to Brampton, Ontario. We my Dad, Mum and brother lived up there until 1984. But my brother died in 1972. We three moved back home in Elgin. But this place called Meadow is a must to see, as I think ist is the prettiest place all around. As it is in a valley with mountians all around. Thank for having this site on the web.
Judeth Violetta Steeves <>
Elgin, Albert County, NB Canada

I was borned In New Brunswick, In a place called Mitchell Settlement,the family moved to Sudbury in 1956, I,ve been back a few times since and enjoy it very much,the people there are so very friendly. The whole family is going down HOME again this year[2000]and stay for a while Pat
Patrick Doyle
Sudbury , ON CANADA

Great web page but all new brunswick needs is a website for restaurants.My class had to do a travel project on new brunswick and couldn't find anything on restaurants but everything else we completed and got off this webpage. Thanx a million for making our project a huge success.i found out a lot of cool fact plus great places to go.Keep up the great work!!!! Luv always from, Nova Scotia
Silke <>
Bedford, NS Canada

Jimmy Clarke <>
Tallahasse, FL U.S.A,

I love new brunswick, especially St. Andrews. I haven`t been there for about 10 years and I miss it. My mother Jeanette McLauglin is from there, and my sister Susan McLeod, lives there, and my goal is to see her again, so I hope to be back there soon. Debbie Cachia, Harcourt, Ontario.
Debbie Cachia <>
Harcourt, Ontario Canada

The Atlantic provinces have by far the best web sites I have seen. Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
Dawn Burton
Mississauga, ON Canada

I enjoy reading the guestbook . It is interesting how many people one remembers when you read the comments and names.
George Patterson <>
Hamilton, On Canad

Hi,I'm Jeff and I'm visiting this sit because I'm from here and I beleave that I should show some respect to my province page.I'm also hoping that some girl is going to come see this and look this up.I go on all chats such as yahoo,cheeta,hear me,and icq so I'm easy to find look for speedy_69_80. Well hopfully i'll be talking to ya. BYE
Jeff Clark <>
New Brunswick, Woodstock

hi i just visited site very nice if anyone would like information on spednic lake or the st. croix river they can contact me.
walter lounder <>
st.croix, nb canada

Ahoy Grand Manananers: Just found this lovely web site and hope to see you this summer. Sisiter sarah says there were orcas off the Swallowtail point when aboard Dana russell's whale watch excursion..! wow. really sorryI missed that voyage,, Gotta go. Keep reading the Island Times. thanks.
David T. Romig <>
Grand Harbor, NB Canada

beautifull province
stan muise <>
yarmouth, ns canada

Tres beau!
Stacy Boudreau <>
Calgary, AB Canada

Very nice web page. I am doing my homework for school. I am in the 4th grade and we are studying New Brunswick, Canada. I hope I can go there someday.
Leslie Carpenter <>
Berea, KY USA

October 1999 - Fall - the MOST beautiful time of the year in New Brunswick - breathtaking scenery. I love seeing all the visitors at the web site! Hello to everyone *smile*
Debbie O'Blenis <>
Bathurst, NB Canada

I'm trying to find more info on NB and I hope to see your province someday.
Mélanie Saindon <>
Québec City, Qué Canada

Hi everyone at home those who read this I miss u all a lot and hope to come home for the summer . I hope you all have a great Christmas . PSSSS. I am GETTING MARRIED SOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by for now
Crystal Nealis <>
Edmonton, Ca

I really enjoy visiting your website. I am visiting it on a school assignment. I will most likely use it for future reference.
Kevin <>
Edmonton, AB Canada

Greetings, though I have lived in Saskatchewan 20 years and have been away from New Brunswick 25 years my 'heart' is still in good old NEW BRUNSWICK.....places like Miramichi (Newcastle),Stanley,Lincoln and Oromocto. This is a fantastic website and I found it tonight. If you remember me from the 'past' please e-mail me.
Michael McCafferty <>
Regina, SK Canada

Great site.
Naila <>
meadille, Pa USA

I visit this site alot because I grew up in Saint John and I really miss the place. I even miss the smell of the pulp mill. This site really helps me when I am longing for Saint John. I keep trying to get back there. If any one knows of a job for a third class power engineer can you email me and I will direct my husband in that direction. Thanks everyone!
Mary Boudreau <>
Chilliwack, bc

Thanks for all the info on NB. Very helpful for school projects.
Pat and Stephanie Rosewell <>
Guelph, ON Canada

You need TONS more infomation on this web site!
Allegra Green <KEBHORSE@AOL.COM>
Lexington, Ky U.S.

My folks live in Moncton. I hope to vacation in NB next year

Ivan - California
Ivan Steeves <>
Half Moon Bay, CA USA

Dear sir,
Please provide information for new immigration policy for permenent residency visa to be obtained for the New Burnswick & Labrador. What is to be done to get the application kit for the same and from where its avialable. In india where the more details can get for the immigration. I am professional Civil Engineer. Thanking you, with regards, Yours Truly, Rashmiraval.
Rashmikant Raval <>

I have been to Newbrunswick many times,mostly to Grand Fall. But it is alot easier to do it this way. My son wanted to do a project on New Brunswick because my wife is from Grand Fall. Thank You for the info.
Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada

hi, my wife,8yo son and i are going to be visiting your area of the world in may-june 2001 as a surprise for my wife's 40th birthday (hence the c/- address).If you have any travel guides you could send me it would be much appreciated. i currently have no info on accomodation and would like info on touring nb.thanks and i think your web site is pretty cool.
Paul Riley <>
Sydney, Australia

Cool site... lots of useful information.
Amy <>

Nice web site
mike corbin <>
lakeside, ca usa

New brunswick rock
st. albert, ab canada

I was hear visiting on your sit and some one sent me a E-Mail thank you for a Beautifull Scenery I am Looking for any family on Theriault Mrs Alice Goudin Lemay
Alice Goudin Lemay < &henryplemay@netway,com>
Andover, US Mass

Hello!!Minto...would love to hear from anyone from Minto. My mother was born and still lives there as well as my husbands family to which are all still there. We were down this summer and didn't get to see too many of our old friends. Please drop us a line...anytime.
Kim Bartels <>
Chelmsford, On


Im studing New Brunswick in school.
Leaping Liz
Ithaca, NY USA

We have relations in ST John New Brunswick wich we may visit one day.We are just browsing through your information on the internet.Looks a lovely place.Hope to here from someone out there.
Michael&Maxine COOMBER <>
Shoreham by sea , sx England bn 43 5fr

your site saves a lot of typeing to explain about new brumswich to people from away
dale porter <>
st.stephen, nb canada

My fathers grandmother was born in NB and I am interested to learn of my Canadian heretage.
Wm R. Arsenault <>
Charleston, wv US

I was born in Saint John, New Brunswick. I visit once or twice a year. There is no place like the Maritimes.
Patricia Perry
Ottawa, ON Canada

I have always been interested in the Atlantic Provinces for travel and possibly relocation. Your site is very informative and interesting.
Michael McClaskey <>
Dayton, OH USA

As always i enjoy reading about NB and all the things that the other people have to say.
Donald F Lockhart <>
Lisbon, NY USA

Soy venezolano, escritor, artista plastico, estuve en Montreal varios años (4) y hablo frances pero siempre quise conocer esa provincia.. Estoy muy interesado en conectarme con amigos en New Brunswick- que quieran aprender español, o hablamos en frances. Mi ingles es deficiente. me gustaria tener una exposicion de pinturas alla en New Brunswick y tambien pintar sus hermosos paisajes. un abrazo fraterno. Freddy
Fredy Ramon Pacheco <>
San Salvador, El Salvador

The most beautiful site on the internet. Congratulations!
Roland Cyr <>
Edmundston, NB Canada

I was fortunate enough to have been able to visit your beautiful Province in July. I was so impressed with the friendly, helpful people and the beautiful scenery. After doing some research on my family, I find that I have a deep roots in New Brunswick and as a result of my visit there, I located several relatives. It was a trip of a life time for me and I plan on returning.
Bunni Haslerud <>
Superior, WI USA

i think u have done a good job on your site. it has helped me a great deal in my school project. thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!1
jeremy noa <>
atlanta, ga united states

Was very impressed with your screen savers, if possible i am interested in an indian screen saver. E-mail me when and if you add one to your site. thank You, Fancy Face
Tricia Mccarty <>
converse, IN United States

great info.
muddy41 <>
ausstin, tx usa

I am orginally from Plaster Rock.I visit once a year and it is still as beautiful as ever.You have a great web page. Keep up the good work.
Andrew Robertson <>
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Been back in the UK four weeks, I`ll be back though next week, of course my other half`s there too!
Robert Grieve <>
Newquay, Cornwall UK

I am happy to see this website. My family is originally from Fort Kent, Maine and in pictures, New Brunswick is on the other side of the river.
Gloria Pelletier Buergey <>
Eugene, OR USA

Daniel Michael <>
fl usa

Good Good Good Good Good Good. I Love It!!!!!
Fredericton, N.B Canada

I lived in NB for 12 years before moving to Victoria, BC. Although I love living here, there are times when I long for the Fall colours in the Saint John River valley. If I ever moved again, it would be to return to Fredericton.
morag masterton
victoria, bc

Great work
Steve Brown <>
Calgary, AB Canada

I visited your beautiful province 2 weeks ago. I had a wonderful time, saw six whales, and am planning to bring the whole family back next August. See you then. Your people are wonderfule.
Emily Doyle <>
Southaven, MS, MS USA

Bernard G Ahearn <>
Olean, NY USA

Hi!! I have had a great time reading all the comments in your guest book. What a great site! I was born and raised in Centreville NB(Carleton Co) and lived there till I was 35, when I then met my now husband online and moved to Missouri. Last month (Aug.99 ) we went back for his first visit to NB. We had a great time seeing all the sights. The only low spot in the vacation was the one night my husband spent in the hospital in Bath after getting food posioning from the scallops when coming home from New River Beach ... however, I was very pleased with the great care and attention we both recieved from the wonderful nurses at Northern Carleton Hospital. Thanks Denise and Karen. Best of all, my husband got to see his first real live moose just a day or so before we left to come back to Missouri. Keep up the great work on the site here ... I am looking forward to checking it out often. Would love to hear from anyone in the Centreville area or near by. I am also hoping that some of my fellow NB'ers will get on the chat site. I checked it out but as one other reader commented, there was no one in there. I will keep checking though, as I would love to have others to keep in touch with "back home". Hi to all my family, my 2 sisters and their families, my parents, my son, and many friends back there.
Carla Betts
Carla ( DeWitt )(Reid) now Betts <>
Owensville, MO USA


Originally from Richardsville, N.B.(next to Campbellton), born and raised, great site for fellow herring chokers to visit. You just have to do a little more research on other Towns & Villages. Found Campbellton in a site map, the map was inacurate. But all in all keep up the good work.
Don McGrath <>
Kingston, On Canada

john hatheway was born in plaster rock new brunswick beautiful country.
john irene hatheway
fort saskatchewan, ab canadajohn was born in plaster rock new

I was born in N.B. and live in Saint John until the navy took me away.I hope to move back as soon as I retire.I go up to SJ as often as I can.
John P. Trott <>
Datmouth, NS Canada

Hi, I grew up in Riverview. Been away 26 years!Hi to the class of 71, RHS. Does anyone have a recipe for Fried Clams? We can't get them here. HELP!
Patty Simpson <>
Burlington, ON Canada

What a wonderful site. I have enjoyed by tour of your islands immensly and wish I were able to visit in person, it sounds so delightful and restful.....Thank you for sharing
Margie <>
Fairborn, OH USA

Looking for information on sites to see on our next trip through your Province on the way to Prince Edward Island. Public Gardens are of interest to us....Historic sites, too.
Mary Ellen Fish <>
East Longmeadow, MA USA

Thanks for the free whale screensaver.....!
Linda <>
Littleton, co usa

You guys have a great website, it was interesting and informative. My friend and I are doing a project on New Brunswick for school and it really helped us!!!!
Andrea Jarman <11170@Highland>
Comox, B.C. Canada

Great page
Bob Brown <>
Whitman , MA USA

Looking for hunting regs.
Paul F. Valiquette <>
Brockton, MA USA

I am very proud to be from NB. We have great beaches, seafood, breathing fresh air and very nice places to go camping. I lived in Ottawa, On. for 2 years and was very very happy to return home. There sure is no place like home.
Annie Roy
Bathurst, NB Canada



I love canadians, they are so nice! I have lots of friends in New Brusnwick, and i will be there visiting for Christmas!!
Hirjalda Gallardo <>
Guadalajara, , Jal. Mexico

I plan on visiting the Maritimes next summer and I found your website very usefull.
Eugene O. Bergh <>
Camrose, Ab Canada

Hi there!!!!,
I'm looking for the Frolich Bed and Breakfast web site! in New Brunswick and am unable to find the site if you have the address for the web site could you send it to me thanks

Elisa <>
On Canada


Born in Caraguet, New Brunswick. Moved here in 1961. Also enjoy going back to visit parents. Great web page.
Clarence Blanchard <>
Athol, Ma United States

I am a native of Saint John and have been living out West for the last 5 years. I really miss the Maritimes and know there is no place like home! I hope to find a job back East so I can get home soon!
Stacey McCarthy <>
Vancouver, BC

Looking for camping info on Grand Manan Island. Going there 9/7/99. Know it will be great. Thanks for any help.
Jim Dailey <>
Jefferson, ME USA

Raised in Penobsquis, N.B. Great page
Nina Boyd <>
Kingston, ON Canada

Awesome website. Terrific pics of N.B. This website was well made, and packed with info. Easy to use. Very creative. I wish Alberta would display it's province as nicely as New Brunswick did. Keep up the good work!
Roger <>
Ft McMurray, AB canada

thank you for free screen savers ....
jimhouser <>
redoak, ia usa

Like what I saw looking forword to visiting your great country next month.
robert b sapel <>
plattsburgh, ny US

I'm a former New Brunswicker (Saint John) who just surfed in. What a great web-site. Thank you! And be PROUD! PEACE
Dave Lefurgey <>
Ballston Lake, NY USA

Marvelous site - well presented and the graphics are great!
Liz McCoombs <>
Halifax, NS Canada

I was born in Dalhousie and miss the Maritimes terribly. Browsing through your site has filled a place in my heart.
L. Comeau
Mississauga, ON Canada

In the summer 1998 we visit the "Hopewell Rocks" in your province.That was very great!!With kind regards:W.u.M.Breuer,Germany
Waltraud and Matthias Breuer <>
56459 Haertlingen, Germany

I was born at Sackville, now retired and live in Lethbridge, april to october and Yuma Arizona October to April email in the winter. A special hello to Russel Bowes in Dorchester I believe. Would like to hear from Glenn Estabrooks as well.
Carl and Shirley Mitton <>
Lethbridge , A.B Canada

Very well presented and informative
Carl Mitton <>
Lethbridge, AB Canada

I received the August 15/99 Toronto Star and to my surprise in section K was a beautiful picture of the Restigouch River. I looked at an knew that I knew that place. I could not believe my eyes. I honestly did not believe that the world knew of the beautiful place that I called called home for 22years. It hosted an incredible article about the fishing lodges, river, people. Incredible. I was truly amazed still at the beauty. It really is the best kept secret in Canada. New Brunswick the beautiful. My heart still belongs to you and its people.
Mary Jean Jones <>
Toronto, On Canada

i am looking to purchas grandmannam/Dulse for a very kind and nice neighbour of mine that is from st.john's nb anyone out there that can help me.... i am going to nova scotia shortly...
sharon <>
windsor, on canada

Moved to Alberta 13 years ago from little town Juniper, N.B.Would like to hear from Laurie M.. If you remember me.
Janice Lewis Crabbe <>
Bowden, Alberta, Alberta Canada

great website,i was born and raised in juniper N.B.moved to alberta 13 years ago
David Crabbe <>
Bowden, AB Canada

Great Web Page New Brunswick
K M Johnston <K_Merritt_J @>
Vancouver, BC

Would like to find a place to view puffins.
Robert Jones <>
Baytown, TX USA

We're looking forward to visiting Grand Manan Island later this summer.
Sue Gillis <>
South Easton, MA` United States



Will be coming to NB in three weeks or so, looking forward to seeing Gods creation there and Prince Edward Island. Need airport infomation and maps!
Aline Bilodeau <>
Moravian Falls, NC USA

Looking forward to seeing all the baseball fans in Chatham, NB. My first trip out east and am ready to eat some lobster.
Roman Kula <>
Toronto, Ont Canada

Great Job on the NB Page Guys!! It's looking better then ever. Very impressive! I'll know who to recommend when someone wants a homepage built.
Ben Donaldson <>
Saint John, NB Canada

Excellent site, very informative.
Sandra Karesle <>
Ionia, MI usa

Really missing Dalhousie and surrounding areas!!! Coming home for a visit this fall ..(lookout Mom and Dad!) just in time for the fantastic fall show!! Congratulations on winning the Canada Winter Games 2003!! Everyone will just love NB as the people are the best!!
Monica (Poirier) de Moss <>
Trenton, ON Canada

Great site...very informative :o)
Deanna Doyle <>
Miramichi, NB Canada

i have been up in canada a couple of time and a short while in n.b. maybe this time i will stay.......
g.t.s. <>
ft hood, tx us

This was the only web site I could find with a wolf screen saver. Besides that it was free! Thanks
Matt Szulanczyk <>
Bushnell, FL USA

found this site helpful for finding activities for the children while we are visiting your province
steve mabie <>
nepean, on canada

Hello Canada: My wife is a former native of Edmonston N.B. Canada. We married while I was in the US Air Force. We go back often and will be going this year for a family reunion of her four sisters. This is the first time in years they will all be together. I love that part of the worrld and if anyone from Edmonston remembers Rollande Therrien, please write to us. We would be glad to hear from you.
The Lawrence's
Raymond Lawrence <>
Ithaca, NB US

Tim Mark was very kind and answered my inquiries about traveling in New Brunswick very fast and I am grateful he told me about this site so I can finalize our plans for a visit in your country
Nadia gould <>
New York, NY USA

My husband,s parent,s came from New Brunswick,So they have a lot of relatives there.
The last name is Hennigar.
Mr. and Mrs Roy and Joan Hennigar <>
Newmarket, On Canada

I used to raise and breed the hybred 9wolves) and am surfing to find any good wolf screen savers. I like what you have to offer
Faith Whitfield aka The Fairy Wolf <>
Denton, TX US of A

Very nice, informative site. I am planning to go to New Brunswick in August and this site has helped me to see where to go. Thank you.
Susana Santiago <>
Montreal, PQ Canada

nice site-hopefully we will be visiting there in september when we go to caribou, maine-will be doing genealogy mostly-anyone out there with information on: KELLEY-PARKS-PARLEE-PERLIER-DRAKE-GEERING-TAYLOR would be appreciated.thank you
diana rundstrom wooding <>
greene, ny usa

We're looking forward to visiting you!
Christy Russell <>
Southington, CT 06489-2177

Were planning a trip to New Brunswick and looking forward to seeing Fundy National Park
George Buzzell <>
Kittery, Me USA

Planning a visit soon..Your web site convinced me that it is a must see vacation...Thanks
Herbert and Nellie Brewer <>
Laurel, IN USA

HI, We will be visiting our friends, Larry and Francine in Maces Bay in Aug'99. We have heard lots of wonderful things about the area. It will sure be nice to get out of the oven (Houston). Has anyone made the Ferry rides to NB from Maine? We would appreciate any feedback on that issue. Is there anything that we MUST see? Thanks in advance. Ron and Merissa.
Ron Cooke & Merissa Langford <>
Houston, TX USA

I have visited N.B.Canada 3 years ago and I have Family in Fredericton on Boudreau side and looking For Theriautl Family Sydefry Theriault &wife Maie Anne Lanry Agnes Anne Marie Theriault there Daughter M to Philp A Godin(Goudin my Grandparent any information on Death -M- Res: Maisonnitte N.B.Canada
Alice Mary Goudin Lemay < &>
Andover, MA USA

Hi Dalhousie! Miss ya.
Angela Poirier Tadema <>
Trenton, On Canada

Attractive site. Very informative.
Colette Williams-Dooks
Jeddore, NS Canada

Hello New Brunswickers!
We are leaving Friday for our annual trek to your lovely province. We'll be at Hopewell Cape on Sunday to see the rocks. Then on to Shediac. We will be visiting family in Notre Dame (the Poirers) on the Cocayne River. Our daughter has never made the trip with us (she's almost 28 years old) and this will be her first exposure to the prettiest place I've ever been. Looking forward to seeing family again and enjoying the best things to daily lobster dinners. Take care,

Judith Bilodeau
Jude328 <Jude328@AOL.COM>
Worcester, MA USA

Well, I just sort of came to this page while doing a little research on New Brunswick. I've never been there, but I know this pretty girl who just moved back to New Brunswick from Vancouver. I thought that it would be extra impressive if I could find out everything there is to know about her home before the next time I speak to her. So: If you know anything about the town of Quispamsis (historical info, current events, cool stuff that is happening, etc)please fill me in. I need all the help I can get. You don't want me to have to come out there, now do you? Thank you in advance, and I hope to see all of you lovely people very soon. CB
Christopher Boswell <>
Vangroover, BC CaNaDa

I'll get there one of these days; I have a friend there. She is an excellent tourism rep.
e shivor <>
calhoun, la usa

This is the most beautiful website. I visit it often and enjoy it so very much. Thank you for allowing me. I think Canadians are great and hope to visit New Brunswick someday.
Peggy Osborn
Conway, AR USA

I was born in New Brunswick and moved out to BC in 1970, I have been home a few times for visits. I sure enjoy going through this site and reading up on NB. There is so much to learn and everytime I come back here I find something new.
It is a very informative and well laid out web site.
Kaltha Hoard <>
Prince George, BC Canada

I'll come and visit New Brunswick
Aldo Apricena
Florence, Fi Italy

Am visiting my brother for the first time in New Brunswick. Can't wait to see it (and him).
Jackie Coon <>
Toledo, OH USA

I'm interested in visiting New Brunswick next spring to visit my son who will attend UNB this fall. Your website will help me learn about the province.
Diane Peterson <>
Bothell, WA U.S.A.

Just got back from visiting New Brunswick, loved it & the scenery. Would love to go back in the fall though, great web site. Keep up the good work!
Kathy <>
Toronto, On Canada

Surfing site, attempting to locate a wedding location in New Maryland. Just checking your site to determine if I can easily find the location.
Harry R. Courtois <>
Hampden, ME U.S.A.

Great site! I love the Screen Savers...
Connie Wynne <>
Dallax, Tx USA

We'll be visiting you in October 1999. Please send maps & brochures. Merci.
Joseph G. Richard, Jr. <>
Baton Rouge, LA USA

What a site! Job well done. Keep up the good work
Harold Dore' <>
London, Ontario, Canada Canada

Family roots go back to Marysville NB, St. John NB, Norton NB.
John & Theresa Pomer <>
Lyndeborough, NH USA

We are planning a trip to the coast of Maine and hope to spend a few days in New Brunswick. I am sure you website will be of help to us.
Margaret Bloomberg <>
Tulsa, OK USA

Hi - I graduated from Saint John High School in 1974-5. Have been away since then but miss Saint John.... It was fun to find this web site and would love to hear from anyone that I went to school with -
Amy Smith - Orlik <>
Nepean, Ont Canada

My best friends live in New Brunswick - awesome people, awesome place.
Elizabeth Colley <>
London, UK

I was born and raised in Ste Anne of Madawaska and miss it very much. My family still live aroud there. My father's name was Fidele Godin.
Jacqueline Godin Owens <>
Columbus, Ga USA

I still think that Saint John is the "Greatest City In The East"...of course, I'm partial! I was born in Saint John and spent many decades there. There are a lot of wonderful people there. I hope to visit soon.
Rev. Stephen E. Gough <>
Salisbury, NB Canada

St.Andrews is a very nice and quiet place to visit.
Ulysse Leblanc <>
Richibouctou, N.B. Canada

I have moved from Thunder Bay Ontario to Hamilton Ontario for those who would like the new e-mail.
George Patterson <>
Hamilton, On Canada

Thank you for having this site. I was born & raise in moncton N.B. this site makes me lonely for my home town. N.B. is the place where you'll alway find a friend and very nice people. Thanks again for your site. have a nice day, Josie
Josie <>
montreal, pq canada

I love going to NB. It is just so calm and peaceful. I really enjoyed St. Andrews. I was there when the Wharf caught fire. I have it on video. It was horrific. I was happy to hear that no one was hurt. I went back two years later but they still didn't know what they were going to do with it. If they had the funds. Too bad.
I always enjoy going to the Village Acadien. The little restaurant they have in the village is just fabulous.
NB has wonderful B&Bs and wonderful people.
I truly enjoy my experience when I go.
Brigitte Goyette <>
Burlington, ON Canada

Aloha, Just thought I'd check things out at home. I live in Maui now and was surfing the net instead of the waves.... found this web site and why not?
Jon Krickler
kihei, hi usa

I thought I would come back to visit again. I am from Sussex, but I moved here to Ontario. I like coming back to this website to see pictures of home. I really miss it. Since we are moving again this summer i won't be able to come home, wich really sucks.
I really enjoy coming back here and I am sure many other people do too, so keep up the good work!!! :) :) :) :)
Bu Bye. :)
Charlee McLaughlin <>
Schreiber, ont Canada

Nice site, Could you please send a road map and tourism guide to Merrill C kaiser, 150 Alfred Street, South Portland, Maine 04106-6701, USA
By the way I have a younger brother living in St John, New Brunswick
Thank you.
Merrill C Kaiser <>
South Portland, ME USA

Awesome Province would love to visit more often.
Jackie Long <>
Winnipeg, MB Canada

We just finished "vacationing" in our own home province. It was a real treat and made me proud to be a New Brunswicker to see such diverse beauty and terrain in such a small province.Most everyone we met was most kind in helping us to learn more about the beaufiful province in which we live. Thanks New Brunswick!!
Kathy White <>
Darling's island, NB Canada

Just got home from visiting our Son in Rogersville our third trip to Your Province really enjoyed our trip and the hospitality will be returning.
Bud. & Ruth Durham <>
Stroud, On. Canada

It is great to be able to access the information I need to make my vacation plans.

Coleen Beaton <>
Toronto, ON Canada

I enjoy this site, it brings me back home to NB. I am from Jacquet River now living in Montreal 30 years
Janie Frenette Pagliuca <>
Montreal, que Canada

I am going to be visiting NB in August, its our first time, and I cannot wait!!
Shannon Arthur <>
Grimsby, ON Canada

Great site!! I can't wait to go back home to Richibucto, N.B. to visit the maritimes once again.
Mona Landry <>
Calgary, AB Canada

I would like a map.We would like to drive to your country, coming from Boston, Mass
Betty Yarbrough <>
North Little Rock, Ar US

Our family is planning a holiday to the East Coast and we are looking forward to it.
Paul Parise <parise54@onlink. net>
Wawa, ON Canada

Sorry to see that the city of Saint John does not Welcome small ships to our "Canada's Oldest City" . In a port city there are no facilities for visitors arriving by yacht.. Not even a mooring ball. Thanks Mr. Bill Grant.. Chair of the Saint John Port Development Corp..
Bernie Wilcox <>
Saint John, NB Canada

First time visitors in September, 1997 but only had a few days. Going back this Auust for at least 10 days. Great country.
Ian G. and Reina L. Keen <>
Prince George, BC Canada

Returning home for a visit later this month. Only second time home since leaving in 1968.
Kevin McNamara <>
Chugiak, ak USA 99567

Planning a visit in June of 2000 to Shediac...Cant wait !
Theresa Mary Lee <>
Essex.Jct., VT. USA

great site. found everything i was looking for.
Scott Schnare
Halifax, ns canada

Visiting for the first time in July. Staying on Campobello Island. We are very much looking forward to our visit.
Denise Robinson <>
Concord, NH USA

Happy Canada Day! Looking forward to our visit later this month and those incredible Fundy tides. All the best.
Joseph W. Mathews <>
Manchester, VT USA

Very nice site, how do I get written information about New Brunswick
Larry Farrington <>
Rockland, ME USA

We are looking forward to a trip to New Brunswick next spring.
Rayene and Jim Sperbeck
San Diego, CA USA

any body want to say hi to an older eastern?
ginny <rvsmith@bconnex,com>
orillia, ont canada

i just wanted to see one of new brunswick's many web sites. this one is very informative and entertaining...i hope that's what you were going for. keep up the good work..NB is worth it
Moncton, NB canada

I am from Saint John, I was born at Saint Jo's and lived on Kennedy Street. Know I am in the country up in Sussex N.B.
Joanne Henderson <>
Sussex, N.B.

I was born in Richibouctou Village in 1954. I have a great time each time I visit.
Huguette Marie (Boucher) Maillet <>
Leominster,, MA USA



Im Looking for people with the last name charette that live in Perth Victoria,Co Please email me if any one has information.
Dale Redding Sr <>
South,Salem, OH USA

I was from Ste-Anne Co. Mad. N.-B.. I left Ste-Anne in 1973.
Barbara G. Gentry <>
Arrington, Tn U.S.A.

Hi New Brunswickwick.... My little family and I will be visting you this summer, can you send me your "Tourism Guide" To: Ron Boyle, 1737 Des Seigneurs, Terrebonne, Que. Canada, J6X 2K5
Thank You
Ron Boyle <>
Terrebonne, PQ Canada

You have a great site. Could you please send me some sites or phone numbers of Kayaking Outfitter's in New Brunswick. We are going to be there the first week in August and want to film some footage for our television show "On the Water".
Thanks for your help............Kitty Ellis
Kitty Ellis <>
Toronto, ON Canada

Great site, nice screen savers,
Ken MacDonald <>
Fort McMurray, AB Canada

Super site!
Nous vous visiterons en moto la semaine prochaine. J'ai l'impression que nos vacances seront formidables cette année.
À bientôt
Claude Paquin <>
Montreal, QC

Bonjour mes amis en Nouveau Brunswick!
I had good occasion to marry into a family whose Mom was born in New Brunswick - Notre Dame to be exact. Several years ago this wonderful and active 78 year old woman, my mother-in-law, Aurore Poirier Bilodeau took me and her son, my husband, back to Notre Dame. I have wonderful pictures of my mother-in-law and me BUILDING a dam over an old logging road (she used it to walk to school each morning)so our mini-van could cross a washout. My best vacations have been with the most hospitable people I have ever met. We are going back at the end of July and I cry when I have to leave. I recommend a vacation in New Brunswick for any "jaded" American. It is just breathtakingly beautiful. Au revoir.
Judith Bilodeau <>
Worcester, MA USA

Great looking site!!
My parents were both born in New Brunswick and I went to Rothesay Collegiate in the 1950's. Doing genealogy on the late Gordon McKinley who was married to the late Mary Richardson. They lived in Woodstock. Could be lower or upper. Any info much appreciated. I have info on the Flemming, Mitton, Allen genealogies on my side. My wife is a Morris from Petit Pabos, Gaspe.
Peter Flemming <>
Guelph, ON Canada

does anybody know Ian
ian <irwin_555>
drayton, ont canada eh

We have an opportunity to purchase a home near St. Stephens but are having some 'second thoughts'. Any encouragement or advice about living in the] area during our 'golden years' would be appreciated.
Greg <>
Toronto, ON Canada

I been to New Brunswick and I would like to know if there is a Better Business Bureau or simmilar to in New Brunswick. Thank You
Luther Allen Jr. <>
East Prov., RI USA

Great web site
David S. Turner <>
Purcellville, Va. USA

Hello everybody!!!! This is an awesome site. I love the province of N.B. I was there just last week. My dad was from Miramichi (Boom Road). We try to visit every year. Keep up the good work on this site.
Arlene Gibbons <>
Stoney Creek, ON Canada

Hi I was born and raised in Richibucto. Love the site anyone from Richibucto visit here?
Darryl Carter <>
Dundas, Ont Canada

Very interesting, I'll come back soon
LABAT Didier <>
Quimperlé, 229 France

Nice site. Just happened to " stumble " upon it. I would like to see more info on my home town of Woodstock. Maybe mention Old Home Week which brings ALOT of " Woodstockers" home.
Angela <>
Westfield, NB Canada

Interesting site
Margot McAdam <>
Arnprior, ON Canada

new brunswick is the best ever all my family lives there and i'm coming
back this summer can't wait to get there!

tessa robinson <>
barrhead, ab canada

Great Site - I'd love to visit. I know much more about your beautiful province and am very proud that we both belong to Canada.

Suzanne Gautreau <>
Hamilton, Ont Canada

I'm doing a school project on where my family is from. It is called adopt a country. I am in the 5th grade. This is the coolest web site I've seen...Love it. I needed information on traditional foods of the area. I have to cook up a dish and serve it to my class mates.I got all the info I needed. Thanks. Hope to be up your way this summer!
Jillian MacLeod <>
Hingham, ma usa

I am doing some research for my Grade 4 social project. I am comparing Alberta and New Brunswick.
Jennifer Lough <>
Calgary, AB Canada

Great site. I was born in St. Stephen but have lived here in Phoenix almost 20 years. We try to get back home every year to visit family. New Brunswick is still the #1 vacation spot for us.And for me, it is always home.
M.L. (Giddens)Brooks <>
Phoenix, AZ USA

Josh Bell <>
Thunder Bay, ONT Canada

Foster - Davenport Family Reunion Muniac Provincial Park, Muniac, N.B. July 3 & $, 1999. Camping Available. Looking for Descendants of Thomas Foster & Suzie Clark, Alex Foster & Joanne Hartsgrove, Timothy Davenport & Sarah Clark, Thomas Foster & Catherine Davenport. Contact me at: for more information.
Cindy <>
Slave Lake, AB

I was brn in Fairvale NB, came to US when 4 yrs.old. still think of Canada as my home. Very interested in Family Tree. Ned help in finding info aour the Humphrey Family,fro Model Farm, My Mother Was Chris Humphrey,Grandfather James Hmphrey, I wass born Julu 1, 1920. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
William Harold, Parks <>
Amst erdam, NY USA

Good Day! I have precious friends that live up in New Brunswick. We have heard so much about it that we are very excited about visiting there. We hear that it is so beautiful. Please send any Info. that you can, (with lots of pictures), it will be very much appreciated.
Thank You, Gene
Gene Williams Jr. <>
Peoria, AZ United States

david j rennebu <>
kapolei, hi usa

I would like to recieve a Tourist guide for NB. Please send it to me before July 10. My address is: Dumitru Gheorghe, 332-6915 Fielding Av., Montreal (QC) H4V 1P4, Canada
Thak you.
Dumitru Gheorghe <>
Montreal, QC Canada

Wery beautiful your city. Somebody speake portuguese there
uwe heinz schmidt <>
balneário camboriú, sc brasil

I was born in St.Stephen and have always felt a part of New Brunswick is always with me. I can remember going to St. Andrews as a child for lobster. My mother was from Woodstock and my father from Jacquet River. Her name was Alice Troy and his Vincent Dempsey. New Brunswich is a beautiful province.
Charlene <>
Kingston, ON Canada

Nice province, excellent roads
Roger J. Gallant <>
Summerside, PEI Canada

As a young citizen of New Brunswick, I enjoy my surroundings and I am proud to live in New Brunswick! I was born and raised here from Moncton-Fredericton, and from Fredericton-Doaktown.. I have moved 3 times.. and have seen a majority of our beutiful province and enjoyed every bit of it!
--Ryan Estey, Age 16--
Ryan Estey <>
Nelson Hollow, NB Canada


I grew up in New Brunwick and have many fine memories. Haven't lived in the east for over 20 years, and still have moments of missing it. Thank-you for putting together a very nice site!! I went to Oromocto High School from 1976-79, anyone who wants to chat or re-connect can e-mail me at
Lynn Stewart <>
Redway, CA USA

I was born and raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Mother was Genevieve Allison from near Bath (Johnville). I have a beautiful photo of Johnville hanging over my desk. Very easy to look up and remember the fun visits I had to all my family in NB over the years. Would like to hear from anyone with whom I may be related. Family names, Allison, Gormley, Mahoney.
Paul Hoffman <>
Bellevue, NE USA

We are checking out some places in your province in the hopes of moving there in the next few years. Wanting to buy a home and maybe start a new business. Would like any infor regarding areas around the Bays.
Darlyne Cook <>
Langley, BC Canada

Thank you for the screensavers.
Bob & Eleanor Hele.

Just surfed in and wanted to say that NB is a great place to live. I've lived in St. George all my life and now I'm raising my kids here. Very friendly people, and wonderful scenery. Close to the ocean, close to lakes, close to the city, close to Heaven! Come visit St. George on your next trip to New Brunswick, it is worth a look!
Vicki <>
St. George, NB Canada

I am wondering why St. Stephen is not mentioned on your page of towns and even named a place as small as Deer Island. St. Stephen is a wonderful town that is growing bigger with every new shop or road, our up and coming town square which is being built at this very moment. My town has a lot to offer and even more in the near future...please don't exclude us.
L. Estey
St. Stephen, NB Canada

I want information about St-Andrews region. I purpose myself to stay some day in this city during my holidays.
Nadeau Jacques <>
St-Georges, Qc Canada

I was looking for a reference to the location of a specific city. Could you try and get a map of NB for future reference. I enjoyed the 'Top 25 things you won't hear a Maritimer say'.
Tracy Broadbent <>
Campbellville, ON Canada


Looking for information on the HOVEY, GRANT, RENNIE, AULD,HARDY and GILKES families from New Brunswick. Can anyone tell me were Bar Island, NB is located? I believe that these families were located at some time in Bathurst, NB.
Kenton C. Ward <>
Noblesville, IN USA

Found you website today (6/7/99) Found it very interesting. The color maps were beautiful. Enjoyed looking at all the different regions.
Ann Houser <>
Bradenton, FL USA

Want to spend a few weeks in your province this summer, group from Ottawa did last year ad enjoyed it very much
Marcel <>
Ottawa, Ont Canada

Love your site. Cant't wait to receive map and am interested in the Boundry Creek area.Plan on a vacation there around august. looking forward to seeing the areas where my forefathers lived. maybe I'll see you there
corbett dean boudreaux <>
scott, la usa

I really like the web site but I would really appreciate it if you can send me some information on New Brunswick because I am doing a report on New Brunswick
Nicole Fischer <>
Syosset, N.Y United States

My Stepmother has relatives in New Brunswick so I thought I'd check it out. Great site! Would like to add some Canadian people to my E-mail address book and ICQ for occasional chat and message sending. ICQ# UIN29274593. Been to Canada a few times and just love it. Seeking internet friends. Aloha!
Gene Morrissette <>
Belmont, NH USA

just would like to say hello to all our friends back in perth andover
jeff & sherry boyce <>
greenwood, ns canada

I grew up in Dorchester, moved to Ontario when I was 9. Planning a trip back to "God's country" in July with my family. My father, Albert or Bud Burnett was from Saint John. I am interested in hearing from any Burnett or Speight family, still in the Saint John area! Also wondering about fares on the Saint John/Digby farey boat?
Ianthe Stringer <>
Picton, On

In July, we're coming down to see you - first time ever in the Maritimes. Have a son in Moncton anxiously awaiting our visit. Got lots of maps and info from your website. Know we're going to have a great time.
Gil & Beryl Frederick <>
Winnipeg, MB Canada

I'm trying to locate information on Boisetown, NB. My late grandfather, Hedley Snow was born and raised there. Doing a bit research! I would appreciate any information anyone has on this particular area. Thanks very much!
Sandra Semple-Nelson <>
Rowlett, TX US

I was born and raised in Madawaska, ME--just across the river from Edmondston (missed by 5 minutes drive or 125 years since Aroostook was ceded)--and spent so much of the best of my childhood in NB. I want my Iowa-born husband to fall in love with NB, too. He still can't tell the difference immediately between Quebequers and Acadians; I'm still working on it....We're moving closer every year or two...
brigette therriault butler <>
burlington, vt us

Contemplating a visit to New Brunswick in early August, just looking for info on activities in and around St. John's
Berniece Ladanyi <>
Kemptville, O Canada

Was reading the section that listed the cities and wondered why Miramichi was not listed with the others.
Colleen Steeves
moncton, NB

Me and a guy named Shane are doing a project on your beatiful Province
Logan Waugh <>
Summerside, P.E.I. Canada

Hi, from Ben and Pearl Clausen. We've been in the Northwest Territories for seven years now,and miss New Brunswick our home province.We have been across Canada and the USA and New Brunswick is the most beautiful place to see, that is why we are planning to retire in Bathurst NB next year. We miss the beaches, the friendly people, the food and most of all our families. To all of the New Brunwickers, we love you and miss you. We will be vacationing in Bathurst July 13 to 27th. Can't wait. Hope to get a feast of lobster.
Pearl Clausen <>
Yellowknife , NT cANADA

Great looking area, we hope to vacation there soon, also some good recipes.
Mike and Wanda Somers
Oak Ridge, Tn USA

Can't wait to visit your province!
Brian Hill <>
Manilla, ON Canada

It was very nice.
Paul Lataille
Narragansett, RI

Both I and my wife were born in Saint John, and although we away years ago, we still visit each and every year. It's still a bit of heaven to us.
Gerald C. Ekstrom <>
Gananoque, ON Canada

Nice Site. Thankyou from some long(20yrs)-lost 'DownHomers'!
John WD Ross <>
Sherwood Park, AB Canada


Love your web site, it is very user friendly.
John W LaTour <>
Barnum, Mn. U.S.A.

Very interesting, we hope to visit in Sept. 99.
George Davis

Wonderful site full of great stuff! I am going on a family trip to NY this July and we're going to make a trip up the New Brunswick too. I'm sure it will be breathtaking!!
Tyler <>

Great site Looking to get maps and information to visit in Aug
Ron Poirier <>
Kenora, on Canada

Love the Maritimes in your country. Last year we visited St. Andrews by the Sea and then took the ferry to Grand Manan. We had such a relaxing wonderful time, we are going to make the same trip this summer. Such beautiful scenery and great people!!
Jim and Lynn Terra <>
Coventry, RI USA

Feels good surfing through this site. Brings back memories. Lived in Memramcook, N.B. for 18 years. This is Gods country!
Mark Landry <>
Waltham, MA USA

Just surfing and found your great site. I was born and raised in Saint John and am in economic exile in Hong Kong. Sure miss home.
Adrian <>
Hong Kong, China

Looking forward to visiting your beautiful province this summer. Hope the weather is good for it.
Kathy Edwards
Peterborough, ON Canada

I just thought I would say that I LOVE NEW BRUNSWICK. I have lived here all my life and I wouldn't give it up for anything. There is one problem...I have a hard time finding information on the net on my own County, which is Carleton, you know the Woodstock, Hartland, Florenceville area. For those who haven't ever been to New Brunswick, you really don't know what it is that you're missing, from the snow man in the winter, sunny skies in the summer and back to the beautiful leaves in the fall...if you haven't been here, you had better find a way.
Thank you
Jaime <>
Fredericton, NB Canada

Linda and I visited Fredericton about two weeks ago and enjoyed it very much.I was very impressed by the people I meet while visiting there.We only had a one week vacation but we are hoping to spend more time there this summer.We plan on visiting st John this time but we will visit many other places while there.I am looking forward to my next visit and I know I will enjoy it.
Bill & Linda Layden

Fine informations about your beautiful province. We have visited New Brunswick 3 times, because we have family all over the province, in Fredericton and New Denmark. We hope to come againg.
Preben Kloster Nielsen <>
Vejle, Denmark

Will be visiting NB in Aug/Sept and looking for info on a cycling vacation.
Peter Parker <>
Southampton, Bermuda

bien!site belle!
argrel co.1999kkn1497 sirs <withheld>
delta, bc canada&RUSSIA1999.

I grew up just outside of Moncton in Boundary Creek. My family comes from all over the Maritimes. I've been in Toronto for 13 years now and I was recently back on an 8-month contract. My Wife grew up in Toronto and instantly fell in love with New Brunswick, particularly the Saint John River valley. N.B.
is truly a place worth spending time, living, culture, art, and even the farmers market's are enchanting. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures and memories. If you ever need more write me, I have tones mostly from the Kingston Peninsula.

Mark Bernard <>
Toronto, On Canada

We really enjoyed Fundy National Park and look forward to visiting again this year.
Rosemary Killeen <>
Kanata, ON Canada

New River Beach and Rothesay, NB are just about my two favorite places on earth. And Maritimers are just about the healthiest, hardiest, and most genuine fun-loving people I have ever met.
Carol W. Anthony <>
Villanova, PA USA

wow i am so glad i found this site !I used to live in chatham.My daughter needs pics and info for her homework.
This is great!
Debra Cunningham <>
Carberry, MB Canada

raised in st.stephen and find this sight helps with the homesickness. was thrilled when i found it. the maritimes are special!!!
cj guy <>
spartanburg, sc usa

Je recueille de l'information en vue possiblement d'une visite en juillet.
Jean-Claude <>
Trois-Rivières, Qu Can.

I agree With Ryan of Canada N.B. .
N.B Canada

Please consider putting ghost sounds on your site.
N.B Canada

Planning to visit in August. Starting to gather information.

Phil Pendleton <>
Titusville, FL U.S.A.

Visiting the web site for a school project.
Port Moody, B.C. Canada

I am planning to visit New Brunswick again this summer.
Lynne Street <>
Plainville, MA U.S.A.

I was raised in NB and have lots of relatives there, but i have lived in Alberta, now for 20 years and my heart is still for NB. I visit every 5 years and i cry when i leave, i hope to retire with my husband back there.

Ann Fletcher <>
Cold Lake, AB Canada

Looking for information around Doaktown. Population, School, Recreation, Distance from Major city (Moncton)
Jerome Jeans <>
Port aux Basques, nf Canada

Nice pictures on the web page. I just ordered the tourism guide.
Callie Brynn <>
Bristol, VT U.S.A.

Great web page!!
Molly McEachen <>
Bristol, VT U.S.A

didnt have the info i needed
shannon <>
pgh, pa usa

Very nice home page and informaion
David Creamer
Quisipamsis, NB Canada

I think we will be coming to your provence this year for our vacation. It has been 25 years from last visit.
Bill & Vi Rozell

Bill Rozell <>
Fort Erie, ont canada

My maiden Name is Rhonda Popkie. I am looking to find a man by the name of Jim Adams. He has a daughter named Tracy and a son named Richard. Last I heard he lived in Cambellton NB. If anyone knows his where abouts please email me. Thanks. Rhonda
Rhonda Czech <>
Pembroke, On Canada

Hello Campbellton!! I work for a Mystery Shopping Company in Toronto, and we are looking to recruit new shoppers in Campbellton and Miramichi. If you are looking to earn some extra money in your spare time, then please call Lisa or Maura at 1-800-866-2624 or check out our website at We need shoppers in these areas ASAP. Please call soon! Thank you.
Lisa Neale <>
Toronto, ON Canada

looking to come to your area and enjoying your site. Thanks for the info.

Marion Stone <>

As a native of Sussex I enjoyed the NB site very much. Is there anyone in cyberspace from Sussex High School, class of 1953? If so give me a shout.
B Charles W Alexander <>
Burlington, On

Great site! My family and I are visiting the East coast this summer. We are staying in Edmunston on the first night. I have been trying to do some research on our vacation via the internet, the only problem is I can't find anything on Edmunston. I checked the map and Edmunston is in NB. When I clicked on the link for cities, Edmunston was not listed. Why is this?

Wondering in Ontario

Chris Toope <>
Cobourg, ON Canada

Cool website guys
PeeWee <>
Mount Pearl, NF Canada

I really enjoyed my stay in your beautiful capital city of Fredericton. I would like to come back next
Enrique Eglesias
Madrid, Espana

I would like to thank you very much for the information tourist package received this week. We intend to travel East this year, and with your guide and especially the revised map, we found the correct roads.
Again, many thanks!

Gerard Verret
Gerard Verret <>
Edmundston, NB Canada

edmonton, ab CANADA

n surrounding area originaly from the maritimes
john perry <>
edmonton, aab canada

Hello to all our friends and family at our home in Saint John. We have been living in Calgary for almost two years and are planning on moving home to our family and our house in Saint John in August 1999. Claude is seeking employment in the electrical field, he is a journeyman electrician and would be interested in employment with a residential home builders. He has been employed in Calgary with Scenic Electric and was employed in Saint John at the Drydock building the frigets. If anyone knows of any opportunities, please send an email to our email address. Thank you. Saint John is one of the most beautiful Atlantic cities and everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. My name is Trisha Boulanger, Claude's sister, and I to live in Calgary for the past 14 years, but miss my home in Saint John also. Thank you for such a beautiful site to visit on the web.
Claude & Elaine Boulanger <>
Calgary, AB Canada

A good spot for homesick eyes. Keep up the great work, very impressive.
Pastor Richard Howe <>
Guelph, ON Canada

We are planning a trip through Easern Canada and yours is the best website we have found yet.
Great job.
Dale Stingley <>
Fayetteville, AR USA

The site was great! Found a lot of interesting things to do in your GREAT province. Hope to visit there soon.
Wilderness Medical Associates Canada
Ancaster, ON Canada

My wife is from sussex. I would gladly move there if I could get employment. work in computers, 15 years. Can ya tell me how to get info on the employment status in sussex or other cities nearby. Great page , visit often.
Victor <>
Murfresboro, Tn USA

I am so glad that you have a page I can visit. I cannot get home , and so its nice to look at. born in NB, and am often home sick. Thanks for sharing the beauty that is NB.
Annette <>
Murfreesboro, Tn USA

Love the site!
Lisa Davies
Barrie, Ont Canada

It's an interenting page, but you should add information about
Saint Quentin
Argelia <>
Aguascalientes, Mexico

albany, ga usa

Looking forward to touring Bay of Fundy in August.
Charles W. Smith, Jr <>
Baltimore, MD USA

i love this province would never leave it is beautiful year round
heather adams <>
saint john, nb canada

we would like to have the travel guide of n.b.(in french,if it's possible)
please,reply to or mail it to :6664 briand,mtl qc canana h4e3l3
brigitte richard <>
montreal, qc canada

I hope to gain knowledge for our vacation trip to your Province in June this year. Thanks for the web site.
William E. Simon Sr.
Newport, KY USA

Great Site...but why can't you get travel information sent via the internet....I need some info mailed to us for a vacation in July?
Marianne Bourgaut <>
Rutland, MA USA

Great to visit this amazing web site, I was in New Brunswick for a long time and I hope to go back . Oh and just in case you happen to know the Cawthorpes give them my best.
Antonio Banderas <>
madrid, madrid España

I need info for my project on canda and this is great stuff. I think your sight is great. I liked the ghost stories. Are they all real? If so e-mail me. and other people to. I would like to have some more info on new brunswick or just canada alone . Please send some before MAy 6,1999 thanks from Angel
Angel <>
Brunswick, ME U.S.A.

Great site and even better province. I lived in Saint John for a while when I was a kid. Hello to all the Browns in Saint John!!!! I'd move back if I could get a job up there!!!
Mike Powers <>
Pocasset, MA USA

Wood and canvas canoe builders of New Brunswick interest me, as do its canoeable rivers and estuaries. I understand that Chestnut Canoe Company continues in various guises as do other builders as well.
Rasjid Pullom <>
San Diego, CA USA

beautiful province
roy shereman <>
stoneham, ma. u.s.

Looking for information on new brunswick.
Todd Davis <>
Cartwight, nf Canada

Thank you for this site! It is bringing me closer to my e-mail friend in Moncton!
sandy wiggin <>
Boscawen, nh USA

attractive web page. I wanted to see more of NB, and this is where I am looking for reference. Thank you!
gene Hiler <>
Miami, FL USA

I'm doing a major report on Canada that accounts for 30% of my geography grade, and I just wanted to thank you for existing.
Pam <>
San Jose, CA USA

Is there a french version of your web site ? How is it available ?
Jocelyne Melanson <>
Edmundston, nb

Can't wait to move back to NB this summer!!! I'll be living in Saint John, but originally a Back Bay rock thrower! See ya soon!
Kerry (Hatt) Giesbrecht <>
Fort ST. John, BC Canada

Many many years ago I spent some time at St. Steven in a Penticost Church I`m not quite sure if that was in St. Andrew where I saw a canon mounted along the site on the sea. Hoping that I didn`t bore you with that story Sincerly W. Jud
werner jud <>
Urdorf, Switzerland

I feel you need more info on population!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trevor Bartlett
saint john, nb canada

Your website is very detailed and well presented. Unfortunately, I was extremely disapointed with the dozens of spelling mistakes in the French text. Please clean this up as it looks very bad, especially since Moncton will be hosting the World Francophone Summit.
Ginette Mazerolle <>
Halifax, NS Canada

Excellent website - could find just what I needed. Looking forward to a long exploratory visit in 2000, hoping to retire there in 5-10 years. Haven't been there in 20 years, but I found it is charming, inviting and alas, t'is the ocean that Central Canada lacks. See you soon.
Barrie Braiden <>
Toronto, ON Canada

Nice work, keep it up canada
ALBANY, ga us

I have been to NB many times - I have family there. Great Province.
carolyne fagan <>
middletown, ri usa

There is alot more infor then I thought there was on New Brunswick. My class and I would like to take a trip Canada
Jennifer Williams <sjj2217 @>
Casper , Wy U.S

Informative and interesting. So glad I could visit even if it wasn't exactly in person. Thank you.
Jennie Bromby <>
Hull, England

please send me info on camping fishing hunting and seafood wholesellers
jimmy georgacoulias <>
kanata, ontairio canada

I really loved your web site. It was alot of fun reading it.
Christina walsh
new york, N

Very nice and well constructed site. Lot's of information.Say "hello" to everyone in Perth-Andover and by-the-way, where is their website?
Brian Golder <>
Brampton, On Canada

I enjoy the web site, particularly the recipes. However, I would like to be able to print off just selected recipes without getting them all.
Marg Bennett <>
Kanata, On Canada

I wanted to add to my original comments. Your web site is lovely, but there is one area that I found to be missing. You do not have any information about you Native American people. There are quite a few bands of your providence and I for one, would like to know more about them. Could you include this information in the future. Please?????
June Beyal <>
Kansas City, MO USA

love your web site! i am originally from new brunswick and will be visiting soon.
June Beyal <>
kansas city, mo usa

Just found that my GGrandparents were born in Chatam and I will want to look into the genealogy data for them. Thanks
Gerald Wright <>
Portland , OR USA

You have a very interesting and informative website.
Paula Zielonka <>
Tampa, FL USA


Awesome website. My daughter is doing a report on New Brunswick and we've learned so much about your great province!! Thanks!!
Janet Mitchell <>
Tillson, NY US

Nice web site. Hope to come visit you in person someday soon.
Walter Bond <>
Nashville, TN USA

I lived in Fredericton from 1986 - 1990. Studied at UNB. Things I loved about your lovely city; the warm and friendly people, the history magnificent old buildings the farmer's market on Saturday mornings, pace of life It was just an incredible experience. So far the best years of my life. Would love to come back for a visit with my wife and daughter. long walks along the St John River Kingslanding the Art Museum oh, there are so many things NB Theatre Thank you for giving such a great time and opening my mind.
naren krishnan <>

I am doing some genealogy research and have relatives from a town called Glen Cove in New Brunswick. The last nadme is Gildart and he was born in Glen Cove in the 1870's. Can anybody help with info? Does this town exist? Did it? Thanks!
Bridget <>

Great page! Kind of makes me a little homesick! It's nice to be able to visit my home province again - even if it's only per internet. I grew up in Tabusintac but my husband, our 3 sons and I live in Munich, Germany now. It's nice, but not quite home. If there is anyone from New Brunswick living in Germany, just send us an e-mail.
Helena Stevens <>
munich, Germany

Verna LeCLAir <>
nb canada

Nice site, am visiting in early august, St. Andrew's area, anything I should'nt miss?
Robin Lowe <>
Lancaster, Pa USA

I have distant family in NB, would love to visit someday. Can someone give me some info about Fredericton and Woodstock, these two towns are where the majority of my family lives. Any info appreciated!
Kim Milligan <>
Boston, MA USA

Hello very interesting site, lots of information, I would like to know how many kilometers from Sask to New Brunswick.
Lorie L <>
Melfort, SK Canada

Cool site. It's alot of help for us students needing a good site to get some information on when our Canada books don't have anything about New Brunswick.
Kii <>
Boise, ID United Sates

Born in grand falls , went to grand falls high school would like to be contacted by any school mates ,,
Vern Carroll
vern caroll <>
montreal, qc

Hoping to get into an elderhostel there this summer!
Bobbie and Ralph Gilkerson <>
Tucson, AZ USA

Nice page!!!
Sue Anders <>
Milwaukee, WI US

Great site, thank you! My family and I are looking forward to visiting NB for the first time in July. I would welcome any suggestion on what we should not miss.
Anita <>

I just wanted to sign in again and say hello to the folk in New Brunswick. In particular I want to say hello to family and friends in Sussex. I have heard from some folk since I started signing the guest book. I would enjoy further contacts.
George Patterson <>
Thunder Bay , Ontario Canada

Hi I'm doing a research of this province and its a wonderful place I would certainly like to visit. But I am looking for car rentals and flights through the web and I cannot find any. Anyway hope to see the beautiful place soon.
Joann A. Persad <>
mississauga, ont canada

Awesome site... Great job... I was born and raised in Saint John (Randolph/Milford area) and it's real nice to be able to go back home virtually... I moved away about 11 years ago and I am still homesick... I have been living in Edmonton, AB for about 6 years now and it's a great place (but there's no place like home)... If anyone out there is from N.B. and living in the Edmonton area, I would love to hear from you... SAINT JOHN RULES...
Barb Ouellette <>
Edmonton, AB Canada

We are heading to NB in late May early June and I was wondering what there is to do there and what could be interestgint to see
Kristina Dolinsky <>
Winnipeg, MB Canada

Hi .. would like to have some information on camping in New Brunswick... we are travelling through new brunswick on our way to pei.. would like to arrange for some camping between st.stephens to shediac area...
Ray Poirier <>
Natick, Ma USA

loved the site. Looking for something different for my son and I during his spring vacation.
Joyce Babonis <>
Cutler, ME USA

Nashua, NH USA

Love the sight, makes me almost home sick. I lived in Northern Maine, and two of my sister's married Canadian.
Can't wait to come home to visit.
Tori D. <>

Just came across your web site on my way to looking for information on my family that used to live there. My dad Charles White grew up in St.Stephen. I was able to go to St. Stephen and St. John with him when I was about 10 yrs.old.Lovely country, fascinating people. Love my heritage!!!
Belinda (White)Glaude <>
Newbury, VT USA

i met friends online from new brunswick and they recomended i visit the peovince,so i'll be visiting soon.cant wait
James bunting <>
milwaukee, wi usa

Iam from NB and you did a wonderful job congrats, made me homesick
Stephen Brown <>
Calgary, AB Canada


I am currently working towards a degree in Marketing & Research for Tourism at Georgian College (1st year of a 3 year program). My parents are moving to Moncton this summer and I would like to know if I can transfer to a college there in a similar program? I would so very much appreciate hearing from you soon. Thank you.

Melissa Godin <>
Barrie , ON Canada

hello NB love to talk to someone call at my email
paul brown <>
millville, nb canada

We have been to your lovely providence and to Fredcericton. We have alot of friends there who have also been in here to visit us. We think they are some of the best people in the world. Hope if any of them see this, they will contact us. Especially some who went to a middle school that came to Atlanta in l982 and l983 with a travel club.
Charles & Mary Frances Robinson <>
Canton, Ga USA

I'm coming to the Maritimes for the first time in September. So, I need information. I'm on hold on your 1-800 # for your tourism book.
Margaret Baptie <>
Richmond, bc Canada

My husband and I will be visiting your province this summer. We are planning to bring along our thre small dogs. Do you know of any motels etc. that will accept pets?

Ronda DeBrusk <>
Waterloo, Ont Canada

My husband and I will be visiting your province this summer. We are planning to bring along our thre small dogs. Do you know of any motels etc. that will accept pets?

Ronda DeBrusk <>
Waterloo, Ont Canada

this is a really cool site you did a good job
Ginette Daigle <>
Richibucto, nb canada

I am planning a trip to your beautiful Province in July to do a little genealogy research. Between now and then I am looking for as much information as I can...specifically cemetary location.
Bunni Haslerud <>
Superior, WI USA

please put more info for things like project.

Emily Parker <none>
?, N.S. no tell

Please note that the following URL has the word FRANCOIS instead of FRANCAIS (for French information).
Alcino P. Roque <>
Fredericton, NB CANADA

Please could you send me your free copy of the Guide to New Brunswick as my wife and I will be visiting there in August. The address is PO Box 1445 Roosevelt Park 2129 South Africa
Keith Bartleet <>
Johannesburg, South Africa

Great site to reminisce about home, see you again the end of August!
Pamela Burchill <>
Dublin, Ireland

Formerly from Grand Falls, lived next door to Zolondeks about 50 years ago!(submitted Mar.30,1999 )
Jackie Whitmer <>
Crown Point, Indiana U S A

Hi formerly from Moncton area living in Florida for past 18 yrs
I visit Moncton every year
Francis J Boudreau <>
Orlando, FFl USA

lovely page. like to thank tom and margaret findlay for telling us where to find it.

keep it up guys

stuart galbraith <>
jhb, gp south africa

Hope to study spruce bud worm in your thriving forests!
Sal Hansen <>
Okemos, MI USA

Planning to visit in late June and looking forward to it!
Jeff Snyder <>
Kent, WA USA

Like your web site. Not commercial (congratulations), generally good taste. Information not sales pitches. Nice and refreshing. Will be visiting this summer.
Gary Hartland <>
Toronto, on Canada

Hi Just surfing and came across my province's site.. great site and added it to my Favourite list.. not much snow this winter great for getting around spring is here now and got some seedlings started in the house can't wait for the warmer weather. I live on a dairy farm in a valley surrounded by hills, rocks and trees... beautiful spot... bye for now..

Judy Dalling <>
Waterford, N.B. Canada

Thanks for all the info, it really helped on my school project!
Date of Birth:8-8-87
Fav. color:green
fav. month:april

Gillian C. <>
Poulsbo, WA USA

I really liked your site gives lots of info and really great pictures
great job guys!!
seth downing <>
new brunswick, canada

Just surfing, looking for tourist information. We are planning to visit New Brunswick in June/July 1999. We have a wedding to attend in or near Hillsborough and are looking forward to it. Hope to see a lot more of your beautiful province.
Wendy Shoebottom <>
Parry Sound, Ont. Canada

This website helped me so much on my report! Your province sounds so beautiful and I am determined to visit New Brunswick in this coming summer!!
Katrina <>
Westminster, MD United States

Ihope to snowmobile in your beautiful province next year if you like to snowmobile lets here from you .
Tom Thayer <>
Lebanon , nh usa

Un gars de la place qui s'ennui de ses racines et qui a hate de retourner visiter l'endroit.
Michel Michaud <>
Jonquiere, qc

Your website was full of info and very helpful on my report. Thank for all the links. New Brunswick seems to be a beautiful province. I hope someday I can leave my state of Pennsylvania to visit New Brunswick. Thanks again!
Kim Barone
Womelsdorf, PA United States

You are different. NB is heaven on earth. I hope to visit this wonderful land in my lifetime. I found a wonderful girl friend in NB
Kannan <>
Fremont, CA USA

Great site! Lots of helpful information. I have visited the Saint John area twice in the last 3 months and find it a very warm and friendly place. I find the people there to be extremely friendly. My children and I were just there during the snow storm, in the Moncton area and we just loved it, especially since we do not get much snow here in the deep south, USA. We are planning to relocate to Saint John the first of June. I will be marrying Steven Bastarache from Saint John in September and we will be living in the Saint John area. Your Provience of New Brunswick is very beautiful. We even went across the Confederation Bridge into PEI. I was fascinated. Can't wait to see all the beautiful country side in the summer.
I guess we will have to quit saying "ya'll" and start saying "eh"....That will take some getting use to. See you in June '99.
Donna Gray <>
Columbus, MS USA

I have an aunt living in New Brunswick, and i always have a great time when i vistit because the folks in nb are just great.

abbbotsford, B.C. CANADA

Ai vécu a Chatam 4 ans.Armée de l'air.I had bought a new house in Kerr's subdivision(no 10 if I remember well.
De 1972 a 1976.
Victor <>
Montréal, Q Canada

The website gave me everything I needed for my project I had to do for school. Once I looked on the website Ifound this province very neat. I especially liked the maps.
Meghan Guiler <>
London, OOO Canada

cool place but to much snow
bellrene <>
bathurst, nb canada

Fine Province ,long time no see ,from my days in the army ( R C R ) 1950's
Fred M. Kugel <>
London, ON Canada

I was born in St. John but left while still an infant. I'd love to see the city and surrounding countryside someday.
Marion Elaine Smith

Hi, I'am originally from New Brunswick (Ste-Anne de Madawaska), I think your site is really nice. I miss my hometown, hope to be back soon.
Anick Morin <>
Toronto, On

HI!!!! I'm dumb!
Dumbo Joe <Dumbo@simonfraser.csbe>
Calgary, AB USA

I know what New Brunswick is like. I lived there when I was a teenager and I know that one day I'm going to bring my family there.
Monica Joseph <>
Montreal, QC Canada

What a great guy that Ross Mavis is.
bob sommers <>
qualicum beach, bc canada

Enjoyed the website. It was fun going through the places. I am planning a trip in June of 99 to PEI and Halifax and the see the reversing falls, so the information was helpful. Thanks!

I hope to visit New Brunswick this summer. I just moved to Maine and have always wanted to see the Bay of Fundy.
Thomas Fitzgerald <>
Bucksport, ME U.S.A.

Hi, I'm prettending to move to NB, I'm from Mexico and loocking for a Job Oportunity in your City....Is beautiful and full of things to do and learn, your site was very helful to me and take my decision...Congratulations...
Humberto Morales <>
Seattle, WA EUA

Keep up the good work
gary foss <>
Sussex, NB

Enjoyed the site, very educational, informative and have requested the Poutine Rapees recipe that I have already enjoyed while I was in the Province and let us not forget the fiddleheads (Yum Yum).
Gil Gareau <>
Greely, ON Canada

Would like to bring my son to see the whales
Debbie Sutherland <>
scarborough, on

This web sight was very imformational.
Rochelle Feldmann <>
Oxford, MI United States

Looking forward to a nice visit this summer
Louise Lanouette <>
Belleville, ON Canada

my father lives in bathhurst.just browsing.......
Guy Hache' <>
phoenix, az usa

We're coming this summer
Nick Huizenga <>
dorchester, on canada

Nice place. Just love living here!:)
Mandy Norrad <>
Holtville, NB Canada

I enjoy screen savers that involve animals, nature, and scenery. Thank you for sharing this.
Judy B. <>
San Antonio, TX USA

We should all be really proud of our wonderfull province and this site shows how we take pride in our home.
Julie Gautreau <>
Fredericton, N.B. Canada

I think that new brunswick is a beautiful place and i would live there.
pat leyland <>
london, ont canada

I am proud to be a New Brunswicker and call this beautiful province home.
Gordon Pitre <>
Bathurst, N.B Canada

Dalhousie, NB CANADA

Very informative site. It has helped me locate a few places iwas looking for and given me much needed information. First time I have visited this site. Kepp up the great work.
Dale Williams

Great site! Hope to visit more Canadian provinces --I've been to 3 so far---ALL BEAUTIFUL! I am researching an old company named "Maritime Black Foxes, Ltd" that may have been located in Fredericton sometime in the 1910's. Can anyone tell me anything about this company OR the name of any agency, office, or person who might be able to help me locate more history of this company??? Any help would be appreciated!!! PS I tried to leave a message on the NB message board but I could never get my message to submit, so I will post this here for now. Thank you!!!!
Bev <>
Brookings, SD USA

Thank You!!
canter <>
Vancouver, WA USA

my harley ride i'm planning in 2 years will go through mi,the "soo" and east to NB (saint john), back down to va.
beautiful website.
ken (bear) plas <>
newport news, va usa

Looking for contact information on government and private fishing lodges on the Restigouche River. Can you direct me to a site which contains this information? A map of the river with the lodges indicated would also be helpful.

Rob <>

Hi, excellent site. It's good to see us promoting our fair province. We have a web site that focuses on Moncton NB, our city; however, we are presently building a New Brunswick Link off of our Travel & Recreation page. Exchanging links, banners, ???? would be of interest. Great job on the site. Hope to hear from you. We welcome you in both official languages.
David & Linda <>
Moncton, NB Canada

Jim Allen <>
Wakefield, ma USA

You are different. That is why I like you sooo much. I'm also doing a class project on New Brunswick. So far I really like New Brunswick.
Bridget Pickett <Cat Power>
Marriottsville, MD Sykesville

For the past three years we visited Grand Mannan.. Beaitiful island.. restfull..
Normand <>
Lewiston, Me usa

most interesting- hope i can visit with you sometime.
Alfy burch <>
Mechanicsburg, pa usa

Planning on visiting this summer. Web site great - lots of useful information for planning vacation.
Shelly Upton <>
Hanmer, Ont Canada

Very wonderful site, please keep up the good work!

Val Stevens <>
Coles Island, NB` Canada

Hi to all New Brunswickers and Canadians. Several times I stayed in the lovely place of Moncton and Shediac Cape. The Ladies and Gentleman are very kind and friendly, the nature is marvellous. Jens
Jens Eybaecher <>
Stuhr, Germany

hello...i've enjoyed looking around the makes me miss home even more! i'm from Moncton, and am still a 'maritimer' at heart. i hope to be living back home soon! (not many of my friends down here could figure out 'mritmr'!)
Kristie <>
Chattanooga, TN

I'd love more information. Please e-mail me everything you have.
Ken Bell <>
Almonte, Ont Canada

I loved the site and also the pictures!
Maria Luiza Drummond <>
Porto Alegre, RS Brasil

Awsome site man!
Dee Bee

My ancestors settled in the New Maryland area in 1820 having come from (Dumfries/Galloway),Scotland. My Gr,gr,gr,great uncle Alexander "Sandy" Haining had quite a reputation as a quite a caligrapher. Are there any records which could be purchased through the provincial records? Some Hainings moved to Saskatchewan,Manitoba,Ontario, our strain moved to Minnesota, by way of Idaho(?). We may have cousins in Oroville, California also. Frank A Haining, my greatgrandfather and my grandfather,John Allison Haining, moved to Minnesota. Grampa married Mattie Emma Shaw of Maine. A Presbyterian Church in Nasonworth maintains the graves of my ancestors and I am gratefull for that. I've camped,canoed and tundra-trekked in Quetico Provincial Park,the Churchill River in Manitoba,and the Hoarfrost River in NW Territories,
I love Canada,eh.
Bruce J Haining <>
Florence, KY USA

Power Puff Girls <hello>
Bellvue, Wa USA

Looking forward to visiting St Andrews this summer.
Bill Fitzgerald <>
Milwaukee, WI US

My husbands father was born in New Brunswick and there are still Hennigar's living there Hope maybe can hear from them or anyone that knows any Hennigar's You cna e-mail me at
Roy and Joan Hennigar <>
Newmarket, On Canada

born in grandfalls. related to zolondeks.
a.summers <>
almo, ky us

Just moved home and I could not be happier.I live in a great city in a great province.Unfortunately, it took leaving to appreciate this I'm back for good and I hope more young people will decide to stay and help improve our collective quality of life.I'd rather be poor by an ocean than rich by a lake!
Roger R.
Saint John, N.B. Canada

This is where I am from
Larry Kostbade <>
Oak Island, NC USA

Your site is wonderful,,,,, am thinking of relocating to New Brunswick,,,,, your site very helpful,,,,, would love to get in contact with someone locally to ask questions ??

Tried your chat area,,,, no one there,,,anyway, looking forward to getting more information on your wonderful province jack
jack baillie <jack_baillie@sympatico>
Barrie, On Canada

Always a great site to visit
Donald F Lockhart <>
Lisbon, ny USA

I think the same as Andre Robichaud from Moncton, I'm from Caraquet to! Great place since it's "la capitale de l'Acadie" and don't you forget it !?!
Pascal LeBlanc <>
Ottawa, Ont

Great site, makes one wish they were still in NB.
Paul LeCouffe <>
Regina, sk

We are coming up to New Brunswick approximately Feb.24. I called the dept.of tourism 3 weeks ago to send me information but as of today,Feb.16 have received nothing. We are interested in dogsledding sights,as well as cross country skiing,snow mobiling and sight seeing.Any chance you could send me information ASAP? Our address is as follows: 565 B Spring Mills Rd Milford,NJ 08848 Thank You!
Kathy Summerer <>
Milford, NJ USA

We have been to New Brunswick a number of times and have enjoyed it very much. We have alot of family in New Hampshire that visit quite often, we always bring them to New Brunswick, they also love it.! Our son is comming here to visit around March 7th for a few days. Could you possibly e-mail us to let us know what the nearest good size city is the closest to New Brunswick, so that we can visit while he is here? We would really appreciate you help, Thank you 2\16\99
Rachel & Lester Gould <Gould>

Can anyone give me some background information on how the town McGivney got its name? Who was the founder and did he come from County Cavan. I visited your Province last August and thoroughly enjoyed my trip - it was just too short.
Carole McGivney <>
Cortlandt Manor, NY US

very nice website
Nicole Jean Beyea <>
St. Andrews, NB Canada

I'm looking up information on New Brunswick for a school project, any additional information you could provide will be very helpful.... some of the information I need is province, territory, capit5al, area in square miles, etc.
Joshua Burge <>
Berrien Springs, MI

Although I live in Jasper, Shediac will always be my home.

Linda Boudreau
Jasper, AB

Planning a summer vacation to Atlantic Canada this July, we are planning on St. Andrews by the sea, Cape Breton (The Cabot Trail) and PEI Cavendish etc . Planning on a two week driving holiday with two small children, would appreciate receiving more information on getting into the culture of the provinces rather than all the commercial attractions. Thanks!
Christine Martysiewicz <>
Oakville, ON Canada

I am helping our youngest son Scott,with his Grade 4 Social Studies project,it is of course on the province of New Bruns wick. It looks as you have provided him with all the inform ation he will need. We found your website (the first choice) by some software (Canadian) we have that amazes us every time we use it,it is called COPERNIC99+,by Agents Technologies Corporation in Quebec. Originally we had the free COPERNIC98 version,then when we registered the Freeware version (COPERNIC98) we were upgraded to COPERNIC98+ (just for $29.95 US,which is avery small price to pay for this ULTIMATE SEARCHING SOFTWARE,and we have tried the FERRET'S (WEB etc.) they can't even come within miles of now COPERNIC99 (AGENTS TECHNOLOGIES have already upgraded us to COPERNIC99 Beta,upgrades and updates and support are always FREE. I am sorry about my verbosity on my feelings for COPERNIC SOFTWARE (MANY SEARCH ENGINES RUN AT ONCE,currently there is NOTHING BETTER,if there will be it will be COPERNIC as well. I have absolutely no affiliation with AGENTS TECHNOLOGIES,just a delighted customer. Thankyou
Bruce Sherwin <>

this is a really different thing that you can browse your own province.I just happened to stumble upon it.thank you for taking me down memory lane
katie <>
Saint John , N.B. Canada

" Great Website"
Edward J Aubie <>
Bathurst, N.B. canada

I am originally from Chatham, NB and currently am living in Alberta. I sure miss the beauty of New Brunswick. Look forward to visiting again really soon.
Lisa Quinn <>
Cold Lake, AB Country

Good, but you should have more local talent listed.
Prince Albert, sk Canada

Hello everyone in God's country!! I was born in Sackville and lived in Dorchester until I was 9 years old. I spent almost every summer of my childhood in Saint John, where my Dad was from (Buddy Burnett). Planning a trip "down home this summer with my husband and children. We will be camping and hope to cross the new bridge to the Island. We will be camping and I can't wait for my kids to see the shore at different tide levels!! Something we never see in Ontario.
Ianthe Stringer <>
Picton, Ont

I love my province. I will never move. Nice to see this page up and running I would like to say that we must continue to preserve our heritage and do well at our stewardship. Fundy I love you!
Carla <>
Chipman, NB Canada

Hey,any Parlee relatives out there?This is your cousin Mike Wright challenging you to get in touch!
Mike Wright <>
Ribstone, Ab Canada

Hope to discover that you have more of those marvelous bicycle trails made out from old railroads. We have experienced the one between Rivière du Loup (Qc) and Edmundston, and are looking for more....
Lorraine <>
Carignan, Qc Canada

please send me some information about new brunswick by the end of this week (2-13-99)
brittany bergstein <mrsjqz>
midland, MI michigan

It was nice to visit your web page.

I am studying Canada in my 5th grade social studies class. Your country seems to be very beautiful! I would like to visit someday!
Shanna Wilson <>
Boone, NC USA

One of my sons will be at New Brunswick University next term, I have planned to visit this side of Canada during summer.
Jesus Granados <>
Monterrey, NL México

This site is great. Just thought I would check it out as I was just surfin around tryin to find some info on skiing. The Saint John site was very well done. I would like to see more about Moncton and Fredericton on this site as well.
Jason Lyttle <>
Saint John, NB CANADA

Enjoyed your site Great///
Howard&Joan Lyons <>
Prince George, B.C

Great Site! Lets tourists and visitors really know what New Brunswick is all about, keep up the great work!
Mark LeBelle <>
Miramichi, NB Canada

My family is planning a vacation to the Maritimes this summer and I am interested in finding out more about the area and the attractions we should take in!!
Michelle Peters <>
Hamilton, ON Canada

We're checking out your site,because we're coming to visit in the spring!
Toni Ebling And Joanna Graham <>
ridgely, md usa

I was born in Edmundston, N.B. and was disappointed to find out that you don't carry any information on my hometown. Please add more info on Edmundston. Other than that I really enjoyed reading the info on all the other towns and appreciate that you do have our province on the internet
marguerite hoppaugh
Bossier city, LA usa

Great, doing research because we are going down east this spring
Lyte <>
Parry Sound, On Canada

i am going to fredricton and it looks like a great place
jessicahayes <>
mount pearl, NFLD Canada

Hi. I really enjoyed your webpage. I had a presantation on Powerpoint to do for my class on NB Tourism Attractions, it was very helpful. Thank you.

Louisa <>
Miramichi, NB Canada

this is really handy for school work thanks
carriage srest
renton, wa usa

Congratulation for this nice iste!
Joanne Dery <>
Quebec, Qc Canada

I really liked looking at your New-Brunswick web site, but I was a little disapointed to see that you haven't advertised the nice places to visit in Bathurst. I was surprised to see in "cities and towns" that you mentioned Dalhousie and not Bathurst. Since Bathurst is one of the main town in NB, it really surprised me. On the other hand, I find that you should correct your french mistakes. For a bilingual province, I think you should have put a lot more time into that. Thank you.
Mélanie Roy <>
Moncton, NB Canada - Monday, January 25, 1999 at 13:16:35 (CST)

We are hoping to add more info on Bathurst but I have yet to get enough for a site, if you have any suggestions drop us a line at WebWise Inc.

i am so sorry to find out that there is nothing about Edmundston on your page and a lot have to be said for it and it,s environment
Jacques Emond <>
Edmundston, Nnb Canada - Monday, January 25, 1999 at 08:40:03 (CST)

We are hoping to add more info on Edmundston but I have yet to get enough for a site, if you have any suggestions drop us a line at WebWise Inc.

i would just like to say that i was on the site for the first time and its awesome.... NEW BRUNSWICK RULES!!!!
Meghan <>
Quispamsis, NB Canada - Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 20:19:55 (CST)

I enjoyed your site.
Karen Jones <>
Hannibal, MO USA - Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 18:05:30 (CST)

Thank you for putting New Brunswick on the internet. I have a big report to do and you gave a lot of information on this web-site that helped me complete my report. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spring Grove, Il U.S.A. - Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 17:12:45 (CST)

I applaud you for putting New Brunswick on the internet. Please give more information on Moncton, Shediac and places in NB that are not as well known.
Keep up the good work!
John W Baxter <>
Franklin 37064, TN USA - Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 16:14:43 (CST)

I enjoyed the sites on the internet pages you have, but I was looking for my hometown of Newcastle and could not find any info on it. Can you please put some info on my hometown that I was born in, as I would appreciate it.
Fayth Estey <>
Kelowna, BC Canada - Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 01:17:35 (CST)

Great site.

Would love to receive more information about New Brunswick. Planning a visit there this summer
Christine Allen <chris.allen@sympatico>
Russell, on Can - Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 15:56:16 (CST)

New Brunswick RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Henderson <>
Fredericton, N.B. Canada - Monday, January 18, 1999 at 16:59:10 (CST)

This is great
Nikki <none>
Beaver Harbour, N.B. Canada - Monday, January 18, 1999 at 15:51:29 (CST)

Very nice page- well done. I have plans for a tour of NB this summer & this page was very helpful. Thanx
Jillian Carr <>
Penobsquis, NB Canada - Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 19:39:17 (CST)

we will be visiting new brunswick in july
barbara burns <>
thunder bay, ont canada - Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 18:05:32 (CST)

Very nice page. I would like permission to use your snowmobile trail map on my snowmobile section of my personal web page.
Thanks John
John MacDonald <>
Moncton, NB Canada - Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 07:18:57 (CST)

Joey <JOEBRY1012>
VANCOUVER, WA U.S.A. - Saturday, January 16, 1999 at 20:05:09 (CST)

Saw your site from a search on New Brunswick Cities. Your site is nice but took a long time to load! Others may not stick around to wait. We were looking for information on the "Mckay Bridge" can't find anything!
Jacob Cook <>
Camlachie, ON Canada - Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 20:58:09 (CST)

Nice province!!
Meg Schellenberger <>
Sundridge, Ont. Canada - Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 18:50:09 (CST)

All my family live in Hartland and Frederiction
Maxine Prosser Plumley <>
Milton, WV USA - Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 18:43:16 (CST)

Looking for information for school project.

MILTON, ON CANADA - Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 17:53:36 (CST)

Great web site!
Melanie Lamb <>
Toronto, On Canada - Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 12:28:53 (CST)

Married to Sheila McDonald from Chatham
Oivind Fladeby <>
Norway - Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 07:48:11 (CST)

This is a great page I found eveything I needed for my report on New Brunswick! Thanks!
Erin <>
South Bend, IN U.S.A - Monday, January 11, 1999 at 17:45:50 (CST)

first time visitor

r. astolfi <>
stuart, fl usa - Monday, January 11, 1999 at 15:39:21 (CST)

Looking for information regardding sheet music sales please help.
Brisbane, Qld AUSTRALIA - Monday, January 11, 1999 at 04:46:27 (CST)

I enjoy the bay of fundy and the reversing falls very much. I was there about 13 years ago. I also was at a place called magnetic hill but can not remember where it was. thank you very much
frank morrison <>
connellsville, pa united states - Monday, January 11, 1999 at 02:37:29 (CST)

Now, I find it very nice to see you talking about tourism and all, but in your list of towns and cities u seem to have forgotten the very important region of the north called l'Acadie and i suggest you look it up because it attracts a lot more tourists than u think. I'm french and i come from that region, Caraquet to be exact and i noticed a dramatic increase in tourists in OUR region too, so... and we are making the effort to greet them as best we can but you do not mention us much(except for the route map i think) as far as i can see, and i think u should put up this event in your events the 15th of august we celabrate our culture and there are shows, party's and all...i'm saying were not getting the exposure that we are due...thank you for reading my message!
(Please get information and put it on your page you won't regret it!!!)

Bonne journée! Sincèrement, André Robichaud.
André Charles Robichaud <>
Moncton, NB Canada - Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 16:50:16 (CST)

An e-mail friend told me about your site and I have enjoyed the visit very much. I look forward to being able to spend a holiday in your beautiful Country.
Mike <>
Manchester , England - Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 12:27:23 (CST)

Beautiful Place
Kim Bradford <>
Glencoe, Ont Canada - Thursday, January 07, 1999 at 21:04:42 (CST)

Looking for information for history project
The Shantz Family <>
Stafford, VA USA - Thursday, January 07, 1999 at 18:53:56 (CST)

Our family is planning a trip to Fundy Nat Park the first two weeks of June. We have a son (11 years old) and daughter 13. Any maps, event/activity schedules for that time, camp ground listings would be appreciated. Thank you.
14523 Diplomat Drive
Tampa, FL 33613-2112
Dan VanderSchuur <>
Tampa, FL US - Thursday, January 07, 1999 at 17:32:08 (CST)

I am interested in any Real Estate literature, especially the Sussex and also the Fredericton areas. Hope to retire in N. B. in the next few years. Thank you
Terry Kane <>
Fort McMurray, Ab T9H 3V2 - Wednesday, January 06, 1999 at 14:48:21 (CST)

Cool site!!!!!! Put more info about geography
Sarah de Crescenzo <sarah_de_c>
Hershey, PA USA - Wednesday, January 06, 1999 at 09:20:54 (CST)

* 1001, rue Jean-Charles Cantin
Postal Code : G1Y 2W6
I would like to receive NB road map an city of Moncton
Renaud Paul *
Cap-Rouge, Qc Canada - Tuesday, January 05, 1999 at 15:11:17 (CST)

Nice place.

Roger Sarchfield <>
Ottawa, on Canada - Sunday, January 03, 1999 at 10:18:24 (CST)

Hello N.B.
Trent Greene <>
Grand Harbour, NB Canada - Sunday, January 03, 1999 at 09:44:49 (CST)

very nice indeed!
Little sister <>
Los Angeles, Ca. USA - Friday, January 01, 1999 at 12:19:18 (CST)

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