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Town of Hampton, New Brunswick
Town Logo-Hampton, New Brunswick

The Dutch Point Park Trail System-Hampton New Brunswick
Dutch Point Park-Hampton, New Brunswick   The Dutch Point Park Trail System includes 700 meters of new trail which travels throughout the Park and along the Ossekeag Creek which is a part of one of the most diverse wetlands in the Province, the Hampton Marsh. This trail system includes a 100' boardwalk to accommodate high water, various look-out sites, rest areas and a scenic pond. These trails assist in preserving the Hampton Marsh and surrounding area to ensure its survival and habitat for wildlife.

The Kingston Trail System-Hampton, New Brunswick
    The Kingston Trail begins in Hampton and makes its way via Route 845 to Kingston. Here you will find one of the oldest churches in New Brunswick which was founded in 1787 by Loyalists from Connecticut. Also there is a museum in the basement of the MacDonald Consolidated School.
    From Kingston the trail follows Route 845 towards the Gondola Point ferry and on to Westfield. This portion of the trail treats you to the spectacular scenery of the lower Kennebecasis River. You will pass, but not travel on, the Gondola Point ferry, where Captain William Pitt invented and first introduced the cable ferry. Drive through pleasant country communities such as Clifton Royal and Moss Glen which were centres of shipbuilding in the 18th and 19th centuries. Eventually you will come to the Westfield ferry, the first of three cable ferries you will cross.
Fishing on the river-Hampton, New Brunswick    After crossing the St. John River at Westfield, you will turn right and follow, for a short time, Route 177. At a short distance from the ferry you turn right onto Route 102. This is the St. John River Road. You will travel this route until you reach Evandale.
    This section of the trail offers a view of the St. John River called Long Reach. It was probably this section of the river which gave rise to the term the "Rhine of North America". Most of the Loyalists who settled this area in the 1780's were from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
    Just past Brown's Flat you will notice an island covered with pines. This is Caton's Island. In the 17th century traders and fishermen from France used it as a base of operations. In October 1611, the first recorded church service on the St. John River was held by a Jesuit missionary, Father Baird. The Island gained its present name in 1765, after two traders from Philadelphia, Isaac and James Caton gained land in the area.
Ferry Crossing-Hampton, New Brunswick    A short distance from Caton's Island you will see a sign for Oak Point Provincial Park. The park provides picnic, camping and swimming facilities. Located adjacent to the park is achurch built in 1790 by Loyalists from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
    Your second ferry ride will take you across the St. John River at Evandale. Here you will find one of the few remaining riverfront hotels. They were popular spots for the many people using the riverboats in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
    After crossing the Evandale ferry your trail takes you along the northern shore of the Belleisle Bay. The rolling hills and blue water make for a relaxing drive. It is only a short distance to your third and final ferry ride. This ferry takes you across the picturesque Belleisle Bay. After crossing, you will turn right and return to Hampton where our quaint bed & breakfast, quiet restaurants and helpful businesses are waiting to be of service to you.

Pickwauket Mountains-Hampton, New Brunswick
Pickwauket Mountains-Hampton, New Brunswick   Legend says these mountains are the Giant Glooscap who laid down to rest and sleep before crossing the Kennebecasis River to fight the Ossekeag Indians. It is said the Indians put a sleeping potion in his drink and he has never awakened from his sleep. It you look at the hills from the top of the Highlow Hill on route 100 you can see his outline.

St. Pauls Anglican Church Cemetery-Hampton, New Brunswick
   This is a Loyalist Cemetery with plenty of old head stones. The old walkway the Loyalists used to get to church from the Kennebecasis River where they tied their boats is still present.

Heritage Homes-Hampton, New Brunswick
   The house currently owned by Stuart Ruddick and his wife Kay was originally owned by Gilford Flewelling of the well-known G & G Flewelling Manufacturing Company. Some residents of Hampton may still recall the days when the sawmill and match factory stood at the foot of St. Andrews Street on the waters edge. In the early years of the Industrial Revolution it was customary for factory owners to build their residences close by if not over looking their places of enterprise.
   The building was constructed around the same time that industry began here in the year 1862. Now that those days of heavy industry have passed Hampton by, a peaceful silence has returned to this corner of the village. The factory is long since gone, but the Ruddick home remains as a testimony to the success of those early entrepreneurs.
   The house is beautifully furnished with fine antique furniture. The grounds are an enriching addition to this gracious home.

One Room School House-Hampton, New Brunswick   Nestled among the shady hills of Hampton, the Lakeside Schoolhouse invites you to take a step into the past and visit our 19th century, one room schoolhouse. Browse among timeless and traditional New Brunswick crafts in an atmosphere reminiscent of a simpler time...
   In the spirit of these bygone times, local crafters combined their talents, time, and hard work and established "the Lakeside Schoolhouse Craft Co-operative" in 1992. As a non-profit business, the schoolhouse depends entirely on the participation and co-operation of its membership. Our goal is to make available to you a unique variety of quality crafts, at excellent value, and to continue in a co-operative effort to promote local artisans.
   The Lakeside Schoolhouse is located just down the road from the Hampton Golf Course on the Lakeside Road of Route 121 (Main St.)

For more information on the Town of Hampton be sure to check out the official town site @ Town of Hampton

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