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26/11/99 I am looking for a person named Nadia Derouaux. Any address or email. We are old friends who lost touch. Thank you. Email:

21/11/99 Greetings! I have just found out today that I am a descendant of Mary Elizabeth D'Ott, a full-blooded Sioux from New Brunswick. She would have been my great grandmother. Can anyone help me get in touch with the Sioux reservation there? I am very anxious to hear from anyone of this family and to contact the Sioux reservation there. Thanks so much. I live in Virginia, U.S. -Winnie Wickstrom Email:

15/11/99 Anybody from this area who has moved away from Atlantic Canada should check out Atlantic Canadians in Economic Exile at: Email:

21/10/99 Does anyone know where Charlo or Charlowe, New Brunswick is. I am doing genealogical research on my family Email:

15/10/99 We are looking for information on the flag of New Brunswick. Why the colors and symbols were used? Thank you for any information you can provide. Email:

16/09/99 Hello! I am trying to find information on my Grandfather's first wife and if she has any living relatives. Her madien name was Albina Pitre, later her last name changed to Roy. I would really like to hear from you, if your interested in family history. I believe she has a surviving sister living in Bathurst. Email:

I would like to find out more about emigrating in New Brunswick. I am from Romania. Thanks. Email:

16/08/99 I have always wanted to visit Canada. Thanks to Tammy Daily for pointing out all the reasons to see N.B. I can't wait to visit. Karen, Houston, Tx. Email:

28/06/99 What does New Brunswick have to offer for zoos and wildlife parks? Email:


18/06/99 Am looking for any or all info on Roy McAdam, Aide de Camp to a Lt. Governor sometime in the 1800's. Email:

23/05/99 Will be visiting home (Bathurst) this June 99, hope to see some old friends. Denise Kenney Email: Will be visiting home (Bathurst) this June 99, hope to see some old friends. Denise Kenney Email:

17/04/99 HI THERE I am manager of Cardigan Heritage Center which is housed in an 18th century wharehouse alongside a quay from which thousands of emigrants went to seek their fortunes in Cardigan, New Brunswick Canada. I am trying to find out information about the settlement of Cardigan, has its name changed and would anyone over there like to set up a link to us in Wales United Kingdom. Looking forward to hearing from someone who is interested in this period of your history. Email:

14/04/99 Looking for any and all info on TREADWELL, KENTER, LOCKE and HUDSON. Can anyone help? Email:

25/03/99 Am looking for any info on my grandmother eva marion lapointe --born march 1st 1919. was married to bernard dempsey of Jacquet river. any info greatly appreciated. Email:

16/03/99 MY NAME IS ALI HARRIZI.I AM MORROCAN.I AM LOOKING FOR A FRIEND WHO STUDIED WITH ME IN STRASBOURG, FRANCE IN 1982.HER NAME IS COLETTE GORDON AND SHE IS FROM NEW BRUNSWICK CANADA. I HOPE SHE READS THIS MESSAGE AND CONTACT ME. (Editor's note: This message arrived with no forwarding e-mail and normally this means the delete key but I thought, where the writer came all the way from Morocco, I'd put it on just in case it would have value to Ms. Gorden. If you come back to see this Ali, leave your e-mail and I will add it. Ed.)

10/03/99 My fathers name is Joe Hachey,brother of Claude Hachey from Paquetteville,If you know him tell to get on line with someone who has a computer so we can talk...Joe's son,,Guy Hachey from phoenix az.usa Email:

24/02/99 Hi. My name is Joan Hennigar I am looking for Sandra Pollock-Harquail[SAM] E-mail

19/02/99 Marine Engineer looking for crewing agency Email:

13/02/99 Salutation a la population du Nouveau Brunswick Spécialement a Jeannot Godin et Babara Doucet ainsi que Jean Guitar de Robert Vaillancourt Montréal, Québec Email:

30/01/99 Saw your website today for first time (Jan.30,1999) - looks great. I am looking for contacts and information on JACQUET RIVER area. Plan to go back there asap. Keep up the good work. Boz Email: VikingCamp@Aol.Com

22/01/99 Would you please post this question to all cities & towns in N.B. Iam looking for any information regarding and industrial accident that happened in Aug.19/45 at Connors Bros. in Blacks Harbour Where a young boy was severly injured. Any information would be appreciated. please contact Eric Brown at Email:

04/01/99 How do you make SUGAR PIE? My friends and I have been doing research on it and cannot find the recipe. PLEASE HELP!!!! Email:

J'ai toujours aimer le Nouveau- Brunswick. Ma famulle et moi est notre notre première place pour nos vacances. Si le Québec se séparre nous allons propablement s'établir au N.B We love you all. Paul Huart Email:

Hi I am from Jacquet River. I now live in Montreal, I would like to write to someone from around that area. Email:

hi my name is fred landry i live in winnipeg manitoba i have cousins in bathurst. they are the duguays. there names are jerry or evet or claude.who ever read this can you find out if they have a coumpter.and are on the internet to e-mail me.thanks very much. Email:

Hey, I live in Maple Ridge BC . I have always wanted to check out NB. I also have a very good friend that lives in NB. I think in the town of Petit-Rocher is where she lives. Her name is Genevieve Arseneau. If there is anyone who would like to talk to me or know Gen. Feel free to email me. I like getting email.. James James W <> Maple Ridge, BC Canada


16/09/99 I am looking for desendants of Albina Pitre, her married name was Roy. Any one with interesting information, please e-mail. Email:

28/07/99 I graduated from Campbellton High School in 1968. Anyone from Mrs. Andrews class from 1968. Would like to hear from you. Wanda (Borden) Ackeral Email:

21/07/99 Hi There Anyone out there that went to high school in Campbellton and graduated in 1970. If there is drop me a note would love to hear from you Kaltha (Borden) Hoard Email:

14/06/99 My ancestors lived near Campbellton. Edward C. Mann and his wife Mary Ann Firth. They lived on Mann's Mtn. in the 1800's. Does Mann's Mtn. still exist and are there still any Mann's living in the area? Email:

18/05/99 I am trying to find information about my grandfathers family. That is my mothers father. Harold Manley Wallace who married Dorthy Rosslyn Weston on Nov 4th 1917 in England. He was in the Royal Canadian Army, and came from Cambellton. I have some pictures of him and his home. Would be very pleased for information, or how I could find out. Regards Paul Adams England Email:

Hello Campbellton and Bathurst. My Name is Arven Duguay and I live in Brampton Ontario. I was rasied in Atholville and Ihave Family in Campbellton. I have brothers by the name of Eddie and Lenard which lives in Campbellton . If there is anybody who wants to communicate with a Duguay which live in Brampton Ontario. Email me at Regards, Arven Duguay. Email:

hello everyone from campbellton my name is sylvie berube i now live in Greenwood NOVA SCOTIA i miss home alot you can't beat the hostpitality of campbellton see ya Email:



23/10/99 Does anyone know where Charlo, NB is? I am doing research on my ancestors. Email:

24/08/99 My genealogy research has led me to Dalhousie. Am trying to confirm the July 1863 residency of Duncan Mac Iver in Dalhousie. Can anyone give me point of contact for accessing Dahousie records, e.g., directories, tax lists, etc., from that period? Appreciate your help. Tom Jones Oakton, Virginia USA Email:

16/08/99 I was born in Dalhousie in 1970 and moved in 1981. If anyone remembers me, I would love to hear from you. Linda Comeau Email:

25/03/99 Am looking for any info on my grandmother eva marion lapointe --born march 1st 1919. was married to bernard dempsey of Jacquet river. any info greatly appreciated. Email:

Planing on visiting Dalhousie next Summer.My Greatgrandparents lived therein the 1800's.My Grandfather John Albert Currie was born there.Are there any Currie;s living there now?Best regards. Email:

I am situated in Point La Nim,between Campbellton and Dalhousie I have to congratulate you on such a wonderful job one of the mysteries you did not write about is the Chaleur Phantom and that once a year it is still seen burning in the Bay Of Chaleur Our Chaleur area Campbellton to Bathurst has just submitted a bid for the "Chaleur Canada Winter Games 2003" to the Council of the Canada Games Council the committee were here and will give us their answer before the year 1999..just a bit of news to add to your wonderful page. I also invite you to visit our site.. our picture rippling is also on the Restigoushe River.. good luck. Email:


10/11/99 Do you wonder what the Mojave desert is like and what Death Valley is like? Ask me I live close to it and I am a native of Siegas nb . Love it here. He, pas de neige a noel... J'etait etudiante a l'ecole polyvalante en 1972. Marie Odette Hall Email:

30/10/99 I'm searching for JOHN FRANKLIN HOYT b. 1864, New Brunswick; m. Sophia unknown; migrated to Seattle, WA in 1888. Email:

22/10/99 My son is doing a project on NewBrunwick but I can not find all the info he needs -coat of arms and the provincial flower -Royal Canadian Mounted Police a)thier Motto b)colar of uniform and hat c)when they were organized d)thier jobs -sports and historical background -exports and imports of the province -endanger species Please contact Email:

15/03/99 : I am researching McKinley family info. I have a Mary Richardson, born late 1800's married to a Gordon McKinley. They lived in New Brunswick,Canada, mainly Lower Woodstock. Gordon worked at Fraser Pulp Mills. Gordon died in the around the 1970s, I believe, although I could be wrong. Mary died in the 1980's in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. I would love more information on Gordon's siblings, ancestors, etc. They have a son, Bob and a daughter Majorie; but I don't know where they are. Thanks for any help you can provide. Email:

Hi, I'm looking for a friend who has travelled out that way. She is in the Grand Falls/Edmunston Area but we have lost touch. Her name is Joanne Lawrence and she has a little boy ( about 16 Months old) named Austin Rustin with her. If you know her can you get her in touch with me. You can check my web site for her picture at Email: just_callme_

I am a native of New Brunswick resettled in Florida. VI have some relative sin Bathurst, but most live in Edmundston. Haven't been to NB since 1993. Corinne Knapstein <TCKnapstein> Pompano Beach , FL USA

I am retracing family history and have some information about a Turtlotte from New Brunswick who married Michael Kyle back in late 1800's. Michael died in early 1900's and his wife moved back to New Brunswick to be with family. Does anyone know where I could research more information in New Brunswick?


26/12/99 If the Lord Government wants to promote small business in New Brunswick, it is recommended that they simplify the tax system. New Brunswick could be made the best place in Canada to start a small business simply by changing the tax laws. Did yu know that there hundreds of different forms that a small company could be required to fill in. My recommendation is to make all payments to the Federal and Provincial governements one simple payment, such as a straight percentage of gross revenue, say 12% of gross, to cover everything from income taxes to unemployment insurance NO big handouts to multinationals. Big companies can arrange their affairs so that they can get money offshore without paying tax, this way the money stays in New Brunswick. Email:

22/12/99 Class of 1992 Woodstock High School. Is there anybody remembering the exchange student from Germany? Please contact me:

14/11/99 Hello! I'm from Thailand. I want to study in NB ( MBA program ) and I am interested in U of NB . I knew that U in canada is very difficult to enter when compare with USA. I like to study in canada but i'm afraid that I cannot pass the requirement because my GPA is only 2.57 and I 'm not take GMAT yet. My First TOEFL score is 500 but I plan to take TOEFL again on Jan. I really want to study MBA there. Can anyone reply me how ? Email:

12/11/99 Hi, I am very interested in the Jonbenet Ramsey murder and would like to inform others with the same interest to a new website I found very interesting. E-mail:

31/10/99 Does New Brunswick have casinos? If not, how many hours by road from Fredricton is the nearest one? Email:

20/10/99 Do you know JANICE HEPBURN who used to live at McGivney when she was a girl, and attended school at STANLEY and later FREDERICTON HIGH SCHOOL ? Email:


25/09/99 I am 11 years old. I am studying Canada for a school report. I would like to know what life is like in New Brunswick. What do the kids do for fun. What are your schools like. What activities do families share together. Email: I am 11 years old. I am studying Canada for a school report. I would like to know what life is like in New Brunswick. What do the kids do for fun. What are your schools like. What activities do families share together. Email:

07/10/99 I was looking fro information on the NB flag. What the colors repersent? The reason fro choseing a lion and a boat. Also any other information you can provide. Email:

26/09/99 In preparation for a conference on mental health to be held in Miramichi, we invite you to take the CHEERS project ( Wil-Burn Humour Type Test. How Funny do You Think you Are??? Email:

21/09/99 I reside on Vancouver Island, BC and am visiting Oct.2,99. My name is Susan Stoddard, and looking for old school friends or aquaintances. Been awhile since I have been home. Lost contact. You should have Florenceville on here too. My e-mail address is and I would love to hear from someone that is from the town Centreville to the town Glassville area. Thanks Sue Email:


12/08/99 Hello, My husband and I are wanting to move to New Brunswick. we have no idea where, as we have never been ther, and we will go whereever we can find a job. I am a very qualified Dog Groomer. We are in great demand out here in B.C. Please give us some info on the area. We already have heard that the economy is the pits. It is here too. Email:

28/07/99 My grandfather was born in the town of Fredricton Juction or Blissville. His name John Alexander Matthews If ther is anyone in that area with the sur name MATTHEWS.Iwould like to hear from you!!!! Email:

07/07/99 Lois in Calgary sent me a response to a query I posted concerning the Currey/Currie family from Gagetown-Fredericton area. I have lost your Email Lois please write back! Email:

30/05/99 looking for birth parents & siblings born nov,25 1959 perth victoria,co new brunswick birth name was dale allen charette my adopted name is dale alan redding Email: dreddingsr@excite .com

27/05/99 Please send a big HELLO to my cousin, Mr. Sherman Nielsen, 113 Hemlock Ave, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Thank You. Email:

25/05/99 I am looking for information regarding the name of the local newspaper. My father was a resident of New Brunswick and he recently passed away. I'm really not sure what area of New Brunswick he lived in but his last name is La Porte. If you have any information for me, I would appreciate it. Thank you Email:

24/05/99 My ancetors setteled the town of Blissville many years ago I am wondering if anyone with sur name of MATTHEWS still live in that area? Email:

18/05/99 If George Hubbard of the New Brunswick Lung Association should happen to see this message, drop me a line. If there is anyone who should happen to know George and may know his email address, drop me a line to let me know or let George know that I'm looking for him. It would be greatly appreciated. Email:

13/05/99 Hello: I am originally from Sussex and I am looking for anyone in cyberspace who gradulated from Sussex High School in 1953. Give me a shout. Bev Alexander Email:

04/05/99 Chestnut Canoes interest me as do those of other wood and canvas canoe builders. The canoeable waters, rivers and estuaries of New Brunswick also interest me, as well as maps and canoeing guide books, and the like. I would appreciate a response from someone with such interests or info. Email:

03/05/99 I'm looking for a New Brunswick company that buys Ground Hemlock boughs (Taxus Canadesis) Email:

26/04/99 I am looking for Frank PAUL, a police officer with the Fredericton Police Service. Email:

24/04/99 Hi, I would like to find the answer to the following question; According to municipal laws, if a committee is formed of five duly elected members and a mayor and one resigns or dies, does the initial quorum remain? Jean-Yves Deschênes E-mail:

02/04/99 i am looking for an old friend i once knew, his name is maynard heustis. if anyone knows where he is please let me know thanx. barb. Email:

01/04/99 Hi, We are the Robinson's from Canton, Georgia. In l982 and l983 we had a travel club from Fredericton visit us. It was from Mr. Ken Scott's class. Anyone who may have been in that group, give us a message. We still remember what a good time we had and what swell kids you were. Mary Frances and Charles Robinson (Atlanta) Email:

25/03/99 I am looking for a map of the Town Of Hartland, NB. If any are available for viewing please post. Email:

15/03/99 : I am researching McKinley family info. I have a Mary Richardson, born late 1800's married to a Gordon McKinley. They lived in New Brunswick,Canada, mainly Lower Woodstock. Gordon worked at Fraser Pulp Mills. Gordon died in the around the 1970s, I believe, although I could be wrong. Mary died in the 1980's in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. I would love more information on Gordon's siblings, ancestors, etc. They have a son, Bob and a daughter Majorie; but I don't know where they are. Thanks for any help you can provide. Email:

06/03/99 Looking for descendents of loyalist Joshua Currey settled in Gagetown - Waterborough area. I am a descendent through the Richard Currey [s] line. Please email me! Email:

05/03/99 Thank you for making these messages possible. Isn't the Net great!!! I am stuck in landlocked South Dakota so I envy your proximity to the ocean! I am researching the company named "Maritime Black Foxes, Ltd." I only know the company name, possibly located in the city of Fredericton, and that the company was viable in 1913. Can anyone tell me what became of this company? Or the names of any contact persons who might be able to help my research? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!! Email:

17/02/99 Can anyone tell me how the town McGivney got its name and where the founders came from (did they come from County Cavan?). Thanx Carole McGivney Email:

14/02/99 I went to Minto Newcastle Consolidated school 1958-1962, then returned to England Iwould love to contact anyone else who also went. At that time I was 11yrs old and lived at Newcastle Creek fist then on Lake Rd. Email:

28/01/99 George and Margie Macleod, James St. Fredericton have finally figured how to use this thing (a little bit) so contact us at wayne and marg Email:

21/01/99 My husband and I will be traveling to Fredericton in April. We would love to know the best directions from Chattanooga, TN. Thank you. Email:

06/01/99 Hi, retiring back to NB. Need some brocheures on Real Estate markets in Fredericton and Sussex areas. Can anyone help? TY Email:

Looking for ancestors of Thomas Morris,Wife n/o Ellen Murray.(Fredericton Area) Son George Morris, wife n/o Isobel Booth of St. John. Thank You, Elizabeth Morris Wokich Email:

Would like to talk to anyone from Minto,NB who knows either Laurie Bartels or myself Kim (Lefrancois) Bartels.Please drop us an e-mail if you knew us. Email:

Hi, my name is Ron Lagasse I was born in Minto n.b in 44. Lived there till 58, moved to saint john n.b. then moved to London Ont in 67. Would like to hear from people living in Ont.from Minto. Email:

Hi folks. I am from Fredericton and have lived in Toronto for a year now. I'm still very home sick. It's true what they say you know....Toronto is a great place to visit. Most maritimers usually go back home. Well that's where I'm headed next summer. I'm moving back. Although this was a great experience for me, "there's no place like home." See you soon, Shannon Email:

Always go home in summer,always love it and brag about it when I come back here.Love to hear from any other people from P-A or F'Ton. Linda Campbell Peterson <> Charlotte, N.C. U.S.A.

14/05/99 Is there a garden club in the Miramichi? Thanks for any info you might have on this. Email:

22/11/99 Does anyone have an e-mail address for Festival-by the-Sea and The Mirimichi Folk Festival(Susan Butler)? Thank you....Kent Fiddy Email:

14/11/99 Hi there ,now living in Nanaimo B.C ,would like to hear from anyone in Newcastle area Email:

24/10/99 Looking for Info about PETER B. WRIGHT AND ELIZABETH LEDDEN ABOUT 1840 in Chatham NB Are there marriage records for then and birth records for children? thanks Gerry Email:

06/09/99 I am looking for info on the Mullaly's of NB. I am the great grandson of Lawrence Mullaly (died 1880) and Margaret (Morgan) Mullaly (died 1899.) They are buried in Newcastle NB. They were married in Studholm - Sussex in 1864. Margaret is the daughter of William Morgan and Sarah McCollough from Tipperary Ireland (emigrated to St John NB in 1847). I believe Lawrence Mullaly is the brother to Johanna Mullaly, who married John Breen in 1855 in St John, and had two dauhgters, Mary Breen a nd Bridget Breen. I believe Lawrence aka Laurence Mullally was born in Tipperary Ireland in 1829 to Edward/Edmond Mullally and Mary Ahearne. His siblings were Martin Mullaly born 1822, James, Timothy, Johanna, and Michael born 1837. A Michael Mullaly died on Partridge Isle in 1847 age 9. Email:

21/08/99 Searching for my Birth Mother. I was born on April 15, 1956 at the Moncton City Hispital. My birth name was Ruth Joanne Williston and my birth mother's name was Grace Williston. My adoptive parents were Wallace and Katherine Biggs of Sunny Corner, New Brunswick. My father was the principle of North & South Esk High School in Sunny Corner. I beleive that my birth mother was from the Miramichi area and possibly a student at the High School. Anyone who can help me in finding my birth mothe r so I can let her know that I am fine and that she has three beautiful grandsons, please call Brenda at 506-387-8068 or E Mail at Email:

08/06/99 Im looking for old friends who lived on the military base from 1980 - 1987. My husband and I attended J.M Craig in Chatham between 1985-1987. Hoping to organize a reunion. Please contact us....Jenny (leppard) and Jeoff Bedore. thanks! Email:

02/06/99 I'm looking for a person by the name of Joanne Wedge she use to live in the New Castle , Chatam erea. She is maybe maried today Please if someone know that person contact me please. Email:

18/05/99 Looking for information on Doaktown. Population, recreation facalities, church, housing-rent or buy. Industry Email: jeansj@nf.sympatico

24/04/99 I would like to know where I can write to obtain information about the birth of my GGGrandfather PETER B WRIGHT and my GGGrandmother ELIZABETH LADDEN who it shows were born in Chatam, N.B. in about 1820-1825. Appreciate your help. Gerry Wright Portland OR USA Email:

10/04/99 The name of a person I can contact regarding the Miramichi Energy group of young people who put on a fantastic show. I would like to see it again this summer when I am traveling up there. Please send any info you have regarding them. Email:


08/02/99 I'm looking for info about the history of Middle Island. When I was growing up, we heard stories about how they used to send poeple with some dealdy disease or other to the island, presumably to die. Is this true? Any more information would be appreciated. Thanks. Email:

01/02/99 I enjoyed browsing your New Brunswick website but I am searching for Golden Retriever dog breeders in your province. Can anyone help me out with e-mail addresses or web site addresses of breeders? Thank you Debby Currie Email:

Hi I was born Denise Marie Sivret Around Saint John, Mother-Leola Ward(maiden name) Husband Harold Young, from Marimachi area now. looking for 6 Brothers, 4 sisters, were adopted out or lived with relatives. Please put an end to this 20 year mistery

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