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   Site list is alphabetical, Cities and Towns first, then general areas. The top row divides the sections into three pages to avoid interminable scrolling. The second tier lists the individual areas found on that page. The clickable table below saves scrolling. Left click on the Region/City/Town name at the start of each Message area to come back to the top. More areas can be added if the need arises. Don't forget we have a chat site; you can leave messages to meet distant friends for a conversation. The method of dating will be day/month/year, i.e. 04/01/99, with the date appearing at the beginning of each message.

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16/12/00 Would love to hear from any SPINNEYS perhaps there is relationship out there. I have lived in Saint John for about 40 years Being retired, my wife and I do a bit of travelling. Email:

13/12/00 PAULIN family from Caraquet area. My name is Scott Paulin, I'm looking to get in contact with family members in New Brunswick. Email:

11/12/00 I am Trying to trace the History of my sirname Knorr. Where it originates from and maybe some relations. How many people have the same sirname as myself. Email:

04/12/00 Hi thinking of NB as a possible retirement location(not yet...maybe 15 yrs down the line)would like some info on land purchase (all areas near coast) and being a retired American in NB...Thanks Email:

27/10/00 lived in west bathurst from 1943-1962, went to leblanc high have a brother lorne. Graduated st.thomas high school in 1963, lived in Moncton 1963-1980. In calgary since 1980. Would like to here from anyone that thinks they might know me. Email:

03/10/00 Rose Franklin married Tom Wilsom in CHATHAM , Rose was from England and they didn't have any children , if you knew someone by this name please let me know. Email:

03/10/00 I am trying to find an english written book ,with pictures,of Lameque,N.B.from 1915-now.This is for an 85 yr,old lady that was born there,Thanks Email:

28/09/00 I am trying to locate any relatives of Dennis "Dinty" Kane. Kane was borne in 1868 and left NB for Alaska in about 1923/4. He left two sons in NB area. Our investigations have to do with a special dog and collar as noted on our web site at and a Newfoundland story about the SS Ethie. Any information would be appreciated. Email:

26/09/00 Hi: I was born in Lower Knoxford Carleton county.Maiden was Craig am searching for relative My fathers name was Earl Craig his parents were Roy Ernest Craig and Ethel May Hanning.Would like to hear from any relatives Email:

30/08/00 I would like to hear from any one in Bathurst who may know any of Adlor Lavigne`s children please e mail any information I am a long lost cousin from Detroit Email:

23/08/00 My name is Patrick Stever and I am interested in making contact with any other STEVER in the maritimes. Email:

24/04/00 any info on ship owners Leonard & Co Captain T.Leonard, Captain J.Wilson. And the Brig Edwin Construction 1832 in New Brunswick Port of registry Harrington, England Email:

05/04/00 Hello from Tampa. We would like to visit the warmest beach in NB.For 4-5 days in May, we plan on walking on the beach and enjoy a small We need a hotel and the name of the town. It can be a rocky beach, as long as it is warm. we enjoy good food and history. Thank you Aline Email:

25/03/00 My grade 6 class is trying to collect 2000 Postcards in 2000 Hours. We started March 10th and will finish June 1st. We'd love to hear from N.B. Students would enjoy a message about your hometown. Mailing address: Postcards 2000, Welborne Avenue Public School, 190 Welborne Avenue, Kingston, Ontario, K7M 43 Thanks Email:


24/02/00 I am interested to find out about Bathurst, What is in the town, hospitals, types of schools, etc? We may be moving there. Email:

13/01/00 The Bathurst High School Community Access Center invites you to see what we have to offer. Our aim is to provide the Bathurst community with affordable access to today's technology and the tools necessary to learn how to use this technology. Our experienced and friendly staff can help you: become computer literate; navigate your way around the World Wide Web; create your own personal E-Mail account and/or website; create charts, graphs, and databases; update your résumé; search the In t ernet for job opportunities in your field; become a Microsoft Office User Specialist; and so much more! We also offer a variety of courses. Introduction to Computers, IntroNet (Introduction to the Internet), Learn Microsoft Windows 95, Learn Microsoft Word 97, Learn Microsoft Excel 97, Learn Microsoft Access 97, and Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 97. Best Regards, Lori Kathryn Gravestock, Manager
PHONE: (506)547-2753
FAX: (506)547-2923
CENTER LOCATION: 640 King Avenue Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada
MAILING ADDRESS: Bathurst High School Community Access Center
c/o Bathurst High School
P. O. Box 710
Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada
E2A 3Z6
Attn: Lori Gravestock

05/01/00 I would like to hear from anyone in in newcastle, or Tabusintac who has any information on the Price family my grandfather was Jacob B Price who owned a harness and shoe repair shop in Newcastle. My grandmothers name was Jessie Victoria Conners,Ibelive she was from Chatam area. any information would be wonderful, any books or anyone doing research . Email:


30/12/00 I am looking for any information on a typical Christmas Eve and Day in Northern NB around 1915, from a child's point of view. Any grandparent memories you could share would be appreciated. Also any info on logging in the Madawaska Valley around 1925. Thankyou from a Frederciton gir. Email:

06/11/00 Hello Campbellton, I will be arriving by train on thursday Nov.8th in Campbellton from Ottawa. I'm there for four days and looking to meet friends and company,as well as touring the town If your up to it,contact me at Thank you very much! Michael Email:

09/07/00 I will be visiting Campbellton the first week of August (driving up from Connecticut). Having trouble finding specific activities for my family. We have two children -- 2 and 3 1/2. Any suggestions? Also thought that whale watching would be a wonderful experience. Is it possible to view from the beach? Where is the best place to go? Thank you for your help!!! Email:

28/06/00 Any one in the Campbellton area. Im looking for an e mail or web page for Aroma International on Water street Campbellton New Brunswick. If any one can help me I would appreciate it. C. M. White

28/06/00 I am interested in finding out who the Real Estate Agent is located just to the left of the T on the right side of the road after passing he Lupine Lodge. I know the agent is female. I believe there is a small gift shop next door (a home business). Thanks. Email:


14/12/00 My name is Daniel Cook and I was born in Dalhousie in 1972 and moved away in 1989. I now live in Prince George B.C., if any body remembers me please e-mail. Email:

06/11/00 I am seeking information on my mother's family. her name was Carr (Helen/Girlie). The family lived in Boisetown. Email:

09/03/00 You've done a great job with your site. I'm originally from Dalhousie and been away since 1968.Sure would like to hear from old schoolmates. Gerry Poirier, Whitecourt,Alberta Email:


25/09/00 Hey fellow NB'ers! Love the website. I grew up in Ste Anne and went to CDJ AMSormany and ecole Cormier. Live in New York now but get very homesick would love to hear from anyone up there. Grand Falls or Edmundston. A bientot mes amies,,,,,,,;) Email:

03/09/00 Hello my name is Hank Jenkins and I'm in an intro to Canada class in college and I picked NewBrunswick as the place to give a one hour presentation about I'd like to know if anyone has any great stories about their experiences in NewBrunswick that they'd like to share with me? If so I'd greatly apperciate the comments. Actual interaction with a person or people would be much more revealing than anything I can get from a book. Thanks Email:

13/07/00 I wish to correspond with any member of the class of 1954 from John Caldwell High School. I am a former Graduate of that small class of 9. We will go from their. Maiden name was Ouellette. Email:

14/04/00 Where is Frsnk Hennessy from St. F.X. He didn't show up at the reunion. Email:

26/03/00 I'm searching for my birthmother. She gave me birth June 30, 1945 in Quebec city. She declared was secretary then & from Edmundston. She would be about 77 y.old now. We have reasons to belive she's still alive. Who is N.B. is interested to help in a case like that. We've been searching for many years now and before it's too late, we need to find. Please ! N.B. is a wonderfull place, we go to Lameque 2-3 times a year, my husbad is from there. Very cordial people ! Muriel Email:

24/01/00 Can anyone in Edmundston area tell me how can I find out if there are any chalets for rent near Mont Farlagne. Thank you very much. Email:

08/01/00 I received a "E" mail from Michael F Freeman. (Rennee Cuffley)from Ohio,Rennee is orginally from Plaster Rock. I tried to reply to the letter but it kept being returned as address incorrect.If you see this message perhaps you would try again. Andrew Email:


29/12/00 Hi, I grew up in McAdam, and graduated in 1973, I would love to hear from anyone who was a graduate of MCHS. I now live in Fort McMurray, Alberta, and still get lonesome for New Brunswick. My maiden name was Young. Email:

24/12/00 Hi, I'm looking for an old friend named Patricia Kennedy. She would be approx. 30 years of age, and was last known to live in Fredericton. She had family living in Minto, and a younger brother named Doug who I believe joined the military. Her father was also in the military, and she spent several years in Lahr, Germany. Please contact me with any helpful information. Thanks, Bob Emery Email:

29/11/00 I have a magazine from the New Brunswick Travel Center dated 1935.In it are pictures, some in color, of your beautiful province including the trip of Queen Elizabeth I and her husband. The magazine is in mint condition. If anyone would like to purchase this magazine, please respond to - Email:

19/11/00 I have just received from a dear friend a New Brunswick, CA 32-page magazine published by the NB Govt.Bureau of Information and Tourist Travel showing your beautiful province. D.W. Griffiths was the Director. The magazine was published about 1939. John B. McNair was the Premier and there is a message from Hon. F. W. Pirie. Also, of importance, are two pages celebrating the arrival of King George and Queen Elizabeth. If you know anyone interested in purchasing this magazine, please telephone or email me. Telephone # in US (717)832-3085. Thank you. Email:

19/11/00 French is the alter ego of English. In Canada, French and English are truly two sides of the Canadian loonie (=dollar). Interested? If so, visit : Email:

10/11/00 My mother was from Boisetown, the family name is Carr. Her father was Arthur. I am trying to connect with family members to learn of the family history for myself and my children. Thanks. Email:

07/11/00 Would someone (Wayne Burley?) in the Heritage Branch please contact me regarding returning this clock, pictured on P. 94 of H.G.Ryder's book, to the province? Thank you, R. G. Cooper. Email:

02/11/00 DAVENPORTS IN FREDERICTON AREA?--I'm looking for information about Davenports who settled in Parish of St. Mary's, York County, NB in the 1870s. William Davenport (born in Ireland ca. 1840) married Mary Ann Young (born in Ireland ca. 1845). William and Mary Ann both traveled to Australia (not sure whether together or separately), and their first child, my ggrandmother Catherine Anne Davenport, was born there 17 August 1865. Her brother William Henry was also born in Australia ca. 1867. T he Davenports then boarded a ship ca. 1870; a third child, Eliza, was born at sea during this time. Circa 1871 the family settled in Parish of St. Mary's, York County, where two more children were born--Alice Maud and James Albert. Catherine, William Henry, Eliza and Alice Maud all married in NB and must have extensive relations there by now--I have their spouse's names and some children's names from the PANB. But my ggrandmother Catherine Davenport Arnold died in 1916 when my grampy, Frederic k Hayward Arnold, was only 12--he lost contact with her family at that point, and we don't know their background beyond the above. If anyone connects to this family unit, I'd love to hear from you. Please let me know, and thank you! --Nessa Burns Reifsnyder, Mount Desert, Maine, USA Email:

26/10/00 Hi my name is Jerry Brown and i lived as a child in the Marysville N.B. area in the late forties and early fifties. I attended Alexander Gibson Memorial School and lived on Morrison St. I moved to Ontario in 1960. I would like to hear from any old friends. Email:

28/09/00 My gg-grandparents (name McDonough) immigrated from Ireland and settled in Sheffield, NB abt 1850. I would love to talk to any decendents of Bartholomew McDonough who live in or around Sheffield 1850-1930. Email:

22/09/00 I will like to have a 1.- "Rivers map of N.B" 2.- "Mountain names/map of N.B" 3.- Manufacturing/Industry information 4.- Fishing information Thanks. Email:

19/08/00 Hello! I recently discoved my paternal granfather was born in Kingsclear in 1877 and I am not 50 yet...He died in 1933 and I missed knowing about him or where he was from. He served in WWI and returned to the Yukon breifly where my father had been born in 1910. My sir name is his "Searle" and my grandfather was George Robert and his mother was Jane Smith. Does anyone know any Searle's? Can anyone point to information on "Kingsclear?" Thank you for your consideration! Sincerely, Paul A. Searle Shandon, CA USA Email:

14/08/00 I am looking for an area in NB that is similar to Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts...It is a village...I found it one day on the web site but can not locate it now..We will be traveling to NB in Sept. and would like to visit..Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. Email:

07/08/00 Hi! I'll be travelling through the week of August 14 to 27th. Firs stop is Shediac (2 days)what would you visit and do for those 2 days. On to PEI, then Lunenburg, & Fredericton (what are the sites to see in Fredericton)? Then on my way back home via New Hampshire. One night stop in Gorham. Any comments? Thanks hope to hear from you soon! Email:

03/08/00 My great grandmother was Henrietta Douglas who married Abiathar Camp of Jemseg. She died in 1904. We have searched for Henrietta's parents for 30 years. Her children were Ester Lauretta Camp Springer; Alma A. Camp Dykeman; Ida May Camp Currie; my grandfather, George Leslie Camp who married Bessie Colwell; Pearl Camp(unmarried); Count Councillor Camp who married Millie Gunter; Bessie Camp Titus. If you are related in anyway please contant me. Irene Camp Holms. Email:

23/07/00 Hello..My name is James Walker I live Courtenay B.C. and just found that my Grandfather was born in Penniac York County about 1839/40 he was the son of Robert ,Mary Walker who we think came from Irland about 1830.his brothers were James.Robert,George,Frank,and sister Sarah Grandfather name was John Matthew Walker any information would be a great help Email:

28/06/00 Will be visiting the east coast in August. Leaving from Ottawa, would like info on the best way to get there, accommodations,food, shopping. Looking forward to an early reply. Email:

10/06/00 Visiting Fredericton July 2k from Key Largo, Florida..small bachelor apartment for single gentleman..central location..visiting relatives..testing the waters! Jim Dixon,39 Pompano Av.Key Largo,Florida,33037,USA. Email:

03/06/00 born and raised in N.B but left in 1970 to live in B.C.I always say you can take the girl out off N.B. but you can not take N.B. out off the girl.One off my favourite places I recall from my childhood memories are of Campobello Iland.Is one of the most beautiful places in the world.I have only returned twice but hope to spend alot off my retired years in N.B.We need to promote N.B. as most westerns believe when one says they are from back east one means Ontario.Let us change this. Way to go N.B. J.Day Email:

31/05/00 Hi! My friend and I are planning a trip to tour the Eastern Provinces, we were just wondering if we could find out about some campgrounds in New Brunswick. We're camping, and it's hard to find campgrounds. Just thought I'd ask in here. Thanks a million! Email:

18/05/00 My name is Dean Hallett and I live in Florida. When I was very little I used to visit Dean Hallett in Hartland with my parents. I remember Dean had a bizzillion kids (most older than me) Just curious if any are still around. Dean Email:

09/05/00 Good morning everyone. I am moving to Gagetown and looking for anyone living in that area. Lisa Email:

04/05/00 Our neighbour has a painting dated 1888 by artist G.T.Taylor. Apparently the artist lived in Fredericton and had been taking photographs for "Field & Stream" Magazine. They would like to know if anyone has any information on Mr.Taylor that would be available. thank you Bob Vanderaegen Email:

01/05/00 Attention F.H.S. Grads from 86' & 86' Summer School. The NB site should be used for us to keep in touch. Maybe a "Where are they now?" column anyone that wishes to particpate is welcome. Email:

29/04/00 Hi " I'm 59 born in F'ton. grew up in Woodstock. Been gone fourty years but go back every year sometimes twice. Would love to correspond with someone near my age in F'ton or woodstock. Yes I can still spell Fredericton, I can even spell Meduxenekeag . So there. Ther's no heaven on earth but N.B. is close as you will get. Email:

14/04/00 Was wondering if someone could give me the height,location & name of the highest waterfalls in the province.I've already tried NB Tourism but never had a reply.Thanx in advance, Gilles Roy Email:

14/03/00 I was born in Woodstock NB 46 years ago.Only lived there 2 years! Anyone recognize my name, drop me a line. We live near Canterbury, Lake Skiff. Rick Foulke Kempton, PA USA Email:

27/02/00 hi, am looking to take a Business deploma course in Fredricton, are there any comunity colleges in the area other than the main university. Am looking for the names of these institution, that I may sned for some info. Thanks Email:

20/02/00 would like to be in contact with old school friends from oromocto senior high 68-71 Email:

21/10/00 My GGrandfather was baptized inBlackville 1868, his sister in Renous. The name is McGinnis. Could you send me a list of Catholic churches in those 2 town that MAY have some information Email:

03/10/00 I'm looking for any informtion's on Rose Franklin who married Tom Wilson and lived in Chatham, If anybody could give me some informations on them please do, I think they didnt' have any kids and both are now passed away. Email:

24/09/00 I'm looking for more information's on the people who came from England on a ship in Chatham in 1909. Any records or lists of them or names. Email:

22/09/00 Hello all in the Miramichi. If there is anyone who might have some info on late 1700 early 1800s around the Pokemouche Tabusintac area, I am desperately in need of help to find an ancestor. David Hennessy marr. to Margaret Hagarty. If anybody knows even a snippet of info it would help SO much. Thanks for the opportunity to write this. Email:

27/07/00 I am looking for family history of the Keenan and Cavanaugh's Jeremiah Cavanaugh married Sarah Keenan in 1910. Her parents were Margaret and Michael. His parents were James and Mary. Any information would be helpful Email:

10/07/00 My wife and I will be spending one night in St-Basile and then traveling on to the Confederation Bridge the next day. CAA has suggested taking the TransCanadaHighway (#2). I was thinking about taking the #108 from Grand Falls onto Chatham and then taking #11 or #117 south to the bridge. What's the two routes like in regards time, driving difficulty and scenery? We will be going down at the beginning of August. Ian and Jan Email:

14/05/99 Is there a garden club in the Miramichi? Thanks for any info you might have on this. Email:

13/05/00 This one of the best sites I have seen so far! I'm returning down home this summer for a few weeks. I can't wait. I'm also bringing a friend along for the trip. I know she will have a great time. Can't wait to see every one. It's been a while. If any what's to chat send me an E-mail. Blaine C. Email:

01/05/00 Sivret- Looking for siblings, brothers of Anita,Denis,David (given up at 2yrs) Brian (givin up at 3yrs to the same family) one died in a house fire when he was very small late 50's early 60' maybe named claude anyone with any info on this family please email me... Email:

29/04/00 hi, I am orignally from juniper nb, left there in 1964. sure miss it. would like to correspond with other nb'ers. attended juniper elementary. still have family there. my maiden name was godin. my dad was from portage river Email:

25/03/00 As an expatriate of the Mirimachi we are interested in the retirement community we saw advertised on the weather channel. We would like to know which part of the city it was built in. Many thanks A.S.Peterson

24/02/00 Hi, I'm Tracy and I'm interested in chating with other people from N.B. I am from the Miramichi and still visit family down there. Feel free to e-mail me and chat. Email:

07/02/00 Looking for an Ella Scott, who was once married to Austin Stairs. Believe she went to the Chatham area. Would like obtain added info for my family tree. Lorena Email:

15/01/00 can anyone help? i'm interested in renting a home for just 7 days on the east coast around Miramichi to Moncton area. This is for 2adults and 2children dates 7th August '00 Email:

15/01/00 If anyone has a picture or two of of log jams on the Miramichi river from around the turn of the century or later please contact me. Your help would be appreciated. Bill Carruthers, Fredericton Email:

04/01/00 I am trying to locate family members. My Mother, Evangeline Ann Grattan had one brother, John, and several sisters, Lynette, Ariel, Rita, Carey. My Grandmother's name was Emma, she was from Aselin, France. I believe my family may be in or around Quarreyville. If anyone has any information on this, I'd appreciate hearing from them. Email:

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