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24/12/03 Hi I would love to wish every one on this site and also to the ones that created it a Merry Chrismas.Happy New years and many others.Regina Thanks for this great site. Email:

08/12/03 I am seeking information on a Kitching family from New Brunswick. This is research my mother began way before she died. Actually for all of her adult life, as far as I know. Maud Kitching from New Brunswick, was my mom's birth grandmother. She married Joseph Carrier in the U.S. and their daughter, Orize Carrier, was my mom's birth mom. My mom never reached any resolution to her search. Guess at this point in life I have developed an interest in geneology. I did some research before m y mom died, but never found out where her mom or grandparents, etc. ended up. Any info. or leads would be appreciated. Email:

21/11/03 HI.Im Regina Hudon and Im looking for Mira Hudon. She resides in Red Deer.I would really appreciate if any Hudon members in NB could help me find her.Thank you very much. Regina Hudon. Email:

14/11/03 I'm looking for a birth sibling ....female.... date of birth, April 15, 1944 .... adopted at 2 months old ...any information at all would be a start... birth name Sandra Loraine Nauss . If anyone has any info about her or her whereabouts, birthmother & siblings are trying to contact. Email:

14/11/03 hi'their we are looking for a copie of all law journals as well of law books within the united states of america showing our writtings upon the civil rights acts from boston massachusetts and wasiington dc and virginia beach va we also wrote upon affordable housing as well of safer street anbd capitalized punchments as well of employment training and fair wage other than minimum wage Email:

01/11/03 Hi, We are looking for information on Francoise Rousseau. We'd like to know the place where she was born. We have her date of birth. Email:

22/10/03 Hi! I'm looking to talk to anyone that knows Charlene, Pierre,Chantal,Benoit,Isabelle or Mireilles Chamberlain in the Bathurst area. Please email me at - Email:

30/09/03 HI, I'm looking for anyone who knows a large family whose name may be Boileau or Beaulieu. One of the daughters came to Montreal in the 1950s and worked as a salesclerk. She had 11 brothers and sisters. I believe I may be related to them and am searching for any relatives I may have by that name. Thank you. Email:

25/09/03 My name is Heidi Russell I am looking for any info on a john russell Blair brn march 15,1823 in Bathurst N.B. Would love to learn who his parents were he is my gg grandfather we have all info on him starting from his marriage to margaret king Gibson..but nothing before his marriage other then he had 2 twin syblings that died in their teens while crossing a lake to pick up their father who was working on other side a storm came up and sank their boat..Also he had a brother named jacob wh o apperntly settled in Marysville N.B. and also a sister named mary.Would love any info on any of these 5 Blair children. apparently their mothers madin name is supposaly Russell. Email:

22/08/03 My name is judy thomas i am looking for my grandson Zackery david william golden.Born at saint john reginal hospital. Had been living with grandparents david and jacquline Golden on Broad street.Please contact me with any news at all please. Email:

24/06/03 Looking for any info on the Henry family. They moved to Dalhousie from Bathurst in the 30's or 40's I believe His first name was Amos,,, Email:

10/06/03 Hi there fellow maritimers: My name is Ken Macdonald . I attended Moncton high School from 1963 to 1966. I'm looking for old classmates or friends. E-mail:

24/05/03 HELLO! Great site! If Wendy Archibald, or anybody who knows her, formerly of Salisbury (mid 60's) reads this, PLEASE send mean email with any info. Many thanks! Email:


09/05/03 Hi there. I'm loking for any information regarding Parkton/Moncton from the 1950's-1960's. For example books, pictures, newspapers,,,etc. Both of my parents grew up in the Parkton/Moncton area( Cedar St. and Churchill St.) and they would sure love reminiscing about their younger years. I'm in Alberta so my search capabilities are limited so i there's anyone out there who has any info or links...please drop me a line. Thanks alot! Email:

07/05/03 I was born October 1970 to Alice Brooks. I was given up for adoption. I am looking for my birth father. If anyone has any information, please help. Her nickname was Shawnee, and she was from the St. MArys Reserve. Email:

06/05/03 Looking for info on Karen Joe-anne Tyo or Andrew "Butch" Pearce. They were a couple in the early 70's in Tornto, Ontario. Andrew's last known address was in Richtibucto, NB. If you have any info I would like to hear from you, Thanks. Email:

26/04/03 I am looking for my birth mother, her name was grace margaret hachey before marriage, from new brunswick, who had a son named gary who she gave up for adoption, looking for her or lost family e-mail me. anyone knowing her or other family members contact me. Email:

03/04/03 Hi. I searching for my father Andrew B. Pearce DOB: 05/29/53. His mothers name is Betty fowler or Betty Pearce. Last known to be living somewhere in NB. Email:

27/03/03 Does anyone know any information about Robertson's Point on Grand Lake? My ancestors lived there. I would like to find where the location is on the lake. Email:

10/03/03 Hi everyone I am looking for my husband's descendents. His grandfather's name was David CORMIER. He had two sons that I know of. One was CHARLES and the other was ARTHUR>Arthur was born about 1901 and charles in 1902 in Buctouche. David worked for J.D.Irving cutting trees. Email:

15/02/03 Hi folks, We are interested in moving to the surronding area and we were wondering about the fishing and camping and hunting around there.We are also looking to purchase some land approx.1 acre so we can build ourselves a little cottage.We would like to do this within the next 2 years.I would like to find out things about the area.You know stuff that you can't find out about on the internet. Email:

08/02/03 Searcing for line of Currey - NSW web search bought up this site as previous message left there. Please contact if you have knowledge of any sites on internet Email:

23/01/03 Where in New Brunswick is Keswick Ridge? Email:

22/01/03 I am seeking out the Employers and Job Seekers of New Brunswick for a project that could be the start of something great for New Brunswick. If they could please contact the e-mail below, I will give them more information Email:


22/10/03 Hi! I'm looking to talk to anyone that knows Charlene, Pierre, Chantal, Isabelle, Benoit or Mireilles Chamberlain in the Campbellton area. Please email me at Email:

10/10/03 hi..just had a look at the site very nice im yvette ouellette was born in campbellton still have half my family thier i miss campbellton...keep up the good work. Email:

01/10/03 Hello, I am looking for anyone that might have had contact with a Bernard Dempsey or his wife Jessie (Powers) from the Campbellton area back in the 40's or 50's. Email:

01/10/03 Hi My name is Gloria Demeau, I am looking for an old friend Jean Isaac. We went to school together and graduated in 1986. If anyone knows of her whereabouts could you please pass on my email address. Thank You Email:

25/09/03 Hi. I went to school in Atholville. My last year in high school (grade 10) was in 1960. Anyone from Atholville, please contact me. Thanks. Email:

24/09/03 Can anyone in Campbellton give me any information about a Pop Company that used to be there. I have a really rare gingerbeer bottle but I can't seem to find any info on the company Roy and Dramboise Gingerbeer. Would appreciate any info about this company Email:

26/05/03 Hello! Great site! Am a former resident of Tide Head (until the mid-1960's). Amomg my very best friends was the Sansom family from Argyle St. in *town*. If anybody knows the whereabouts of Joan, Paul, Susie, Dennis, or Mary PLEASE email me and let me know! I'd really like to hear from any or all of them. Many thanks! Robert (Bob) Parks Email:

24/05/03 Hello everybody! I found this site today and think it is a WONDERFUL idea. I grew up in Tide Head and still fondly remember so many good friends from the Tide Head - Atholville - Campbellton area. Great times playing hockey and baseball and having summertime beach parties. Would like to hear from/about anybody, especially the Sansom family from *town*, viz. Joan, Paul, Susie, Denis and Mary. Also, if Raoul McNeil from Atholville and his wife are still on the North Shore please get i n touch! Robert (Bob) Parks Email:

19/05/03 I am looking for Linda Lee who live on Lansdowne Avenue, graduated from the Assumption High School, Campbellton in 1957 and moved to Montreal. I understand she is married, but would like to hear how she is doing. If so would you please write to me. Email:

18/05/03 Looking for anyone that has information on relatives of Carrie Baskin from Campbellton. She gave birth to a daughter on Aug 13 1927 in St John NB. The daughter was left in an orphange and is now living in Ottawa.Ontario Email:

11/04/03 I am searching for information on my great father (JOSEPH LAVIOLETTE) WHO WAS MARRIED TO ELLEN DEMPSEY Sept 27 1880 Dempsey 1880 in Belledune, Glouchester, NB. BORN approximately 1851 in NB? I am trying to find his father's place of birth perhap Trois Riviers Quebec possibly founded Trois Riviers (Suer de Laviolette)Ellen Dempsey's parents were Patrick & Betsey Dempsey) Restigouche county NB. Any infomation would be greatly appreciated. Email:

03/03/03 Anybody have any digital pics of Campbellton or vicinity they would like to share? I lived in C'ton, graduated in 91 and now live in BC. Email:

25/02/03 Hello, I am doing research in genealogy & have found many names associated with my family tree. My mother's name was Evangeline (Boudreau) Fletcher. She was born Aug: 29/1932 d. June 10/1969. She was married to my father, Renault William Huntington b. Feb: 6/1926 d. Nov: 22/1953. My mother's mother's name was Lucienne Roy (my grandmother) b.Feb:23/1910 d. June 20/1996. My mother remarried years later to William Charles Fletcher, who is still living. My grandmother, Lucienne Roy had 3 other childre n by the last name of Huard. Bertha is no longer living, but Adrienne & Fracine are. I do not know the corect name of my grandfather, date of birth or passing-----Boudreau? I am researching at this time the names of Boudreau, Huard & Roy. If there is anyone out there who thinks that they may be related to these names, close or distant, please be in touch. My roots are also from the Gaspe. Thankyou for taking the time to read my posting! Have a wonderful & relaxing day! Joan Email:

25/02/03 Hello Once Again! I previously sent a message thanking everyone in reply to my posting---Does Tide Head exist? I was very haapy to hear that it does! Anyways, the posting that I sent previously, I think it may of got lost in cyber space! Oops! Ha-Ha! So I am sending another posting a very "BIG THANKYOU!" to all that wrote me back & informed me that Tide Head still does ezist. Thanks once again & may you all have lots of warmth & sunshine! Cheerio for now! Joan Email:

14/01/03 hi 2 all my friends felicia,jessie,amy-jo,amy,burce&craig,andre-michael,eric-ducet,eric.d,michael,coco,steven, zack,carlo,kevin.m,kevin,jenny-lee,julie,RYAN.C,josh.c,annik,jenny,alex,lisa,luc,sara.m,holly.m,holly,eric,jesse,sam,raina,mika,becca, and gina & my mom from:lynda Email:


22/07/03 Can anyone help me locate Karen Lapointe (when I knew her in 1976) of New Mills, New Brunswick. We were good friends when we attended the Dalhousie High School before I moved back to Ontario. Email:

12/05/03 I am new to Dalhousie and I am Mistress of Whispering Whind's Haven I am a Wicca teacher and I am looking for others of like mind. I am in search of others who would like to meet and get together,those of you whom are interested please e-mail me.Ps. write Wicca in subjest line when making contact.Name is Missty... Email: Taromoon

26/01/03 Looking for 'Christina Marie' Born June 17, 1958. Adopted Halifax, NS. May have brother (also adopted??). Possibly Red Hair. Birth mom is over 65 and wishes to locate. I am birth 1/2 sister. There are others (o: Email:


11/12/03 Hi, my name is Bernadette.I am looking for a recipe for mocha cake and frosting.I live in Ontario but originally from Grand-Falls,N-B.I would really appreciate any help.I here you have lots of snow. Email:

19/11/03 Hi this is Lucie Durepos, from Riceville/Woodstock, nb. I am married to ROger Durepos, from Grand FAlls N B When he very young, Roger built a Model Wooden Of the Titanic,,,At the time, he was about 10 years old, he is now 77 and was being taken care of by his grandmother and grandfather Dubé. Roger was sent to Saint- Basile (au Couvent)(convent) following his mom's death. Tickets were sold on this, to make funds fr Very well constructed Mastpiece and WHOEVER won this piece, took it with them . We think it might be in Maine now? Roger's dream is to find his WORK and be able to see it, before he becomes totally unable to do so. Roger is quite ill, now. This Model was about 2-3 feet in length, he thinks.. Please, Please.... if anyone has heard of, knows the owners, whereabouts of,this Memorable piece of Art created by a boy in the late 1930's,send an e-mail to Finding his WORK would be the Ultimate Gift for Roger.... We would certainly be ever grateful, to anyone who can enlighten us . Thank You and may God bless your kindness,everyone. Yours in Good Faith, Lucie J. and Roger Durepos Email:

23/10/03 Looking for LUCIEN PERRON or anyone knowing his whereabouts... He stood up for Don Reisinger at his wedding to Phyllis in 1956... They went to Edmunston Composite High Scool... he'd be about 70?... and I'd like to surprise Don by reuniting them. Email:

16/08/03 Could really use some help in finding an address I could contact to get info about my father's family who were born there. Thanks. Email:

04/07/03 Hi. I am Verna Pelletier, I was born and raised in Edmundston New Brunswick and moved out of the little city in 1985 fresh out of high school and am now in the greater Toronto area. I visit at least once a year and really enjoy myself there with all my friends and family. Unfortunately, when I try to tell Torontonians about the city, there's no way I can convince them to visit since there's nothing to do or see, except for maybe "pont-a-prime" party central - situated 20 minutes in t h e woods, impossible to find without the help of a local and how much fun was that when I was 18...ahhhh the memories...woohoo.... I'd love to hear from my fellow Brayons and Brayonnes......... SALUT ! Email:


27/10/03 Dear members, My son Kevin is doing a project in school here in Western Pennsylvania, USA. For his project, he was asked to focus on a particular part of Canada, he has chosen New Brunswick, any information that you could give us would be appreciated. He needs to know things like the bird, flower, etc.... but he needs to know unique information as well. He will be able to receive extra points with the most unusual FACTS that he can find out. He has to put together a portfolio. It is supposed to be like a visitors guide, that should be informative, colorful, etc.... and feature as much information as possible on New Brunswick. So if any of you are interested in helping , he would appreciate as much input as you see fit to pass along, Thank You for your time in advance. Vivian Email:

25/10/03 hi my name janet petley i am from blenhiem ont i married robert petley from minto newbrunswick his parents name is keith and rita if any body know robert and hi family please e mail meit Email:

20/10/03 Gidday from New Zealand, I am trying to contact Shelley Mcphee, She would be approx 34 by now. she was a good friend when she travelled to NZ about 18 years ago. any info appreciated, thanks Email:

22/09/03 ISO of SMITH (spelling may differ) Birth Family/Relatives for quite sometime now, from Minto/Oromocto area. I was born in '69 (babygirl)& was adopted at 4/5 months of age. My BParents initials maybe C.& S. If you know them, or are them, please email me. Thank You Kindly... Email:

13/09/03 My name is Tyler French,I'm looking for information on Gary MacKenzie who was born in Fredricton New Brunswick 1940.He later spent time in the Oshawa ,and Honey Harbour Ontario in the late sixties.Good friends with Yogi,Helen,and Wanda Phllips.Iwould like to meet him if possible Email:

19/08/03 I am looking for Cheryl Cleveland, I know she's married now and I don't know her married name. We grew up on a couple of military bases together. I've heard she may be a lab tech in Fredericton. I would love to hear from her! Email:

16/08/03 Looking for info on the Stafford family in the Marysville area. I can trace them back to a Robert and Elizabeth Stafford who came to Canada around 1830 and settled in Lepreau. Census records indicate Robert was born in Ireland in 1811. I would like to know where in Ireland he was from and what ship he came over on. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks. Email:

05/08/03 I am looking for information on who is taking care of the Cemetary for the Upper Keswick United Church Hall Built in 1873, in Memory of Grace & Tilley Bird, in New Brunswick. Within the past year the building & grave yard have been vandilzed. I would hope someone would be interested in preserving this historical sight. Hoping to here from you, Faye Peters Email:

28/07/03 I am looking for a friend that i meet at a street dance in Limestone ME. his name is Roger Gallagher had been stationed in NewFoundland I believe he is curntley living in Frediction NB if any one knows of him and has his Email could you please E mail me and let me know thank you for the help to find a lost friend Email:


20/07/03 I am looking for Mother and sister. They are registerd with the Kingscear band, Indian reservation. Mother's name is; Patricia Ann Moffatt Paul. sister name is; Genine Moffatt Allison. If anyone knows of where abouts of these two please e-mail me. Wes Wheaton Email:

09/07/03 I'm looking for information on my birth father. His name was Phillip Perry and he lived in Fredericton in the early 1970's. I was born in December 1973 and have never had the opportunity to meet my father or any of his family. If anyone out there knows him or any of his family I would really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks! Email:

09/07/03 I am looking for any information about my grandfather FRANK DALLA (DOLLA). He lived initially in Woodstock and then in McAdam and worked for CPR at the McAdam Train station. He was born in 1898 in Russia and died in 1964 in McAdam. I would appreciate any information that is available. Email:

03/07/03 I used to know two brothers by the names Brad & Phillip Perry in the early 1970's from the Fredericton area. Was thinking about them and wondering how they've been and what they are up to. If anyone know how I could contact them drop me a line. Thanx, Email:

22/06/03 Wow...browsing this site sure makes me homesick. Grew up in Oromocto and spent summers and holidays on Deer Island. Also lived in Saint John for a few years. Hoping to get home for a visit this summer. Anyone wishing to contact me and catch up, feel free. -Diana (Haddon) Lane Email:

19/06/03 hello, from B.C.moved away 10 years ago.miss the nice people. my name is lisa eatmon.looking for my 2 brothers. nick kelly.and clark eatmon.if anyone knows, please if you remember me ,same as above Email:

11/06/03 I live in Montana USA, but am thinking to moving to New Brunswick, or PEI, I've found two farms that I love, but would like to know what the growing season is like, I've been told that it's like Seattle Wash. lots of rain, not much real summer weather. Also, I have a child ( actually he's 20,) who is disabled,are there many programs for the disbled? Thanks Diana Email:

06/06/03 Hello, i'm from Ontario, and im doing a project for my geography class about Mcadam, New Brunswick. It's due on June 11th so if anyone has information I could use it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Email:

04/06/03 We are planning a trip to Fredericton in early August and would like to stay on the river in a facility with kitchenette. Any suggestions? Email:

20/05/03 I was born October 1970 to Alice Brooks. I was given up for adoption. I am looking for my birth father. If anyone has any information, please help. Her nickname was Shawnee, and she was from the St. MArys Reserve. Email:

18/05/03 I am looking for an old friend. His first name is Austen, he should be around 30-32 now....he was adopted and at one point lived off the hanwell road...he has a sister as well. If anyone has any inkling how i can contact him, please email me! Email:

04/02/03 My wife & I both come from the Fredericton area. Contacts welcome. We hope to return at retirement age. Email:

24/01/03 Hi, I am looking for information on birthmom born AUG.13,1954, she was a twin, and from the maritimes that's all I know.I was born on FEB.7,1975 in GUELPH.(girl)..can anyone help me? Email:

18/01/03 Wanted a nice lady for a lonely 47 year old guy that is looking after is father im a easy going guy lovable and understanding no special requirements needed im in N.B please reply thank you Email:

27/12/03 looking for Louise Michaud,Chatham went to school together I am living in wpg, MB my name Norma Green(Scott) Email:

27/12/03 Hi there, formerly of Chatham with roots all around the area, looking for any of the McCosh family members from Douglastown.Please email me at Email: looking for Louise Michaud,Chatham went to school together I am living in wpg, MB my name Norma Green(Scott) Email:

06/12/03 I'm Kevin Wight - from Newcastle, NB (Miramichi) and looking for old school-mates from St. Mary's, Harkins and Miramichi Valley High. I lived on Old King George Highway with the Muzeralls. Email:

19/11/03 Today is Nov. 19/03. The past summer I visited the Miramichi Bay area of New Brunswick. I stayed in the fishing hamlet of Hardwicke. Visited Fox, Bay du Vib and Egg Islands. These islands are uninhabited but for the animals/birds that live there. The eastern side of Fox Island is a three mile stretch of the most beautiful unspoiled beach one could ever find. You have to take a boat to the island, no bridge, and if you go be sure to take a lunch! Fox Island is only a km. off the s h ore from Hardwicke. At low tide you can wade to Egg Island which is not a game sanctuary of sea gulls, loons, ducks and other wild birds. Bay du Vin Island is heavilly wooded, once was live on, farmed and had a hotel. Oysters, clams & other shell fish abound around these islands. Breathtakenly beautiful is all one can say about these lonely isles. Look them up on a map depicting Miramichi Bay. Ralph MacDonald, PEI Email:

03/11/03 I am a photographer in Ottawa and have spent a lot of time in the Miramichi region the past few summers. I have taken many photos and would like to submit four for your consideration on your photo gallery. Email:

07/10/03 just looking to see if anyone knows the benoit family and if so e-mail me, just want to see how everyone is doing, also the shaddick family. I lost touch with all of them when me and my mom moved to red deer alberta so please e-mail if you have any answers Email:

02/10/03 I am looking for info on the High School my father went to. It is no longer around but was called Saint Thomas College or High School. If you know of a web site with info about this school please let me know. Thanks a million. Email:

01/10/03 Hello I am searching for a relative by the name of Bernard Dempsey, probably about 60 years old from the Miramichi area, or Campbellton. Also any relatives of them or Jessie Powers. Email:

30/09/03 30/09/03 HI, I'm looking for anyone who knows a large family whose name may be Boileau or Beaulieu. One of the daughters came to Montreal in the 1950s and worked as a salesclerk. She had 11 brothers and sisters. I believe I may be related to them and am searching for any relatives I may have by that name. Thank you. Email:

11/08/03 Looking for info. on james kitchen born 1853 married margaret mccormick 1874 she was born 1855 died 1883.Looking for names of james parents and where he is buried.appreciate any help thank you carol kitchen Email:

30/06/03 looking for information on my grandmother Muriel McCormick from New Brunswick. She passed away in the 1980's and she has a son who she gave up for adoption in the 1940's. His name was Eddie, and he is my father. We are searching for our lost relatives. Any information would be greatly appreciated :) Email:

07/06/03 hi i am doing my famyly tree savoie,from allarvilles,lameque,chippagan, robichaud,godin grand father luc savoie ,m,philonene godin Email:

04/06/03 Looking for information on the Currie family of Newcastle. Samuel Currie born 1795 in Scotland, wife Janet ? born in Scotland 1798. The two children that I have are John b 1824 and James b 1814 in Scotland. They arrived as a family in the province in 1824. This information is from the census of Northumberland County. Please place Currie in the subject area of the e-mail. Thank you Email:

19/05/03 looking for Jerry Foley or Danny Legrasely (not sure of the spelling), both are in their 20's and are from Miramichi. Jerry's family own a store called Papa Joe's. Any information on how I could get in touch with either of these guys would greatly appreciate it. Email:

15/05/03 Hallo, my name is Jerg and I am from Germany. I am searching for Janice Currie. In 1969/70 she was living in 30 pricess street, Chatham NB. Maybe you can help me. Joerg Email:

14/03/03 I was born in chathem on March 21 1967.Would like any information about my birth family.My name is paul brian j leblanc.I think my last name was Daige. Email:

04/02/03 looking for Jerry Foley of Miramichi who used to live in Reddeer alberta Email:

30/01/03 Hey im Trish and im from Ontario! I was just wondering if anyone has any info on summer festivals in Point Sapin and near by town?....if so pleasse email me and let me know where and when!!! thanks a bunch Email:

22/01/03 I am seeking out the Employers and Job Seekers of New Brunswick for a project that could be the start of something great for New Brunswick. If they could please contact the e-mail below, I will give them more information Email:

10/01/03 looking for birth mother mae black i was born 25 nov 1947 saint john nb mother was 17 at the time of my birth and would 72 now worked at the salvation army hospital at the time for my birth 1945/1947 i was placed with the leach family in saint john and was not adopted until age 18 in fredericton nb my given name was gerald wayne black Email:

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