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29/12/05 Looking for information on the Legacy family. My great-grandmother was Mary Angelina Legacy (born in Bathurst, Gloucester, NB in 1877), she was married to Joseph Legacy (her cousin. Her father was John William Legacy (born 1840 in New Brunswick) and his father was Peter Legacy. This is where I have hit a dead end. Email:

24/12/05 I am from moncton n.b living in winnipeg manitoba. Please contact me if you are also a maritimer living in winnipeg. Email:

20/12/05 Hi my name is Mary Coffin I live on Fogo Island. If anyone out there knows me drop me a line cheers !!!!!!! Email:

19/12/05 Looking for information on William Comeau born in Bathurst, NB probably in 1934. Disappeared at five years of age. Email:

14/12/05 Looking for anyone from the jacquet river area. E-mail me at: Email:

14/12/05 Well I hope the Liberals are Happy My Aging 80 year old Father cannot fix his home because of personal feelings with Carol Burpee She has something against Mr Vanderknaap thats why they withheld the grant he qualified for my opinion N B housing only helps their friends they wont help Mr Vanderknaap because also he is 80 years old and she keeps whinning about I never Authorized it for that well if you want to get a loan dont go to nb.housing they will screw you!!! they expected him to live without water or rent a cheap room from them those room of nb housing should be condemned the inspectors are not inspectors they are idiots that dont know how to inspect a dog house Email:

09/12/05 Hi my name is Rolf Ballma, I lived in Dalhousie from 1964 to 1966, my parents were Bill and Lisa Ballma and we moved to Montreal in '66 where we were originally from. We lived at 799 Montgomery street and my dad worked for th C.I.L. plant and I attended Dalhousie High School(grades 1,2,3) this school ranged from grade 1 to 12 during the time I attended. When I try to research the school on line I only get the newer Dalhousie Regional High built in the early '70s. Can anyone tell me if t h is newer school was built on the same location as the old or is the old still standing? Is there any information available on line on the old school and also I'd like info and pictures of the Chaleur Inn where we lived for a few weeks when we arrived, I heard it burned to the ground in the '70s. Does anyone remember my family? My Dad Bill had a good friend named Lou Drapeau who died tragically in a car accident in '65 I think, and I know he used to frequent a place called Beezees in Dalhousie J unction. I don't remember too many names of the friends I had but I do have some of the fondest memories of my childhood from the time I lived there and I missed it terribly when we left. I would really appreciate any info available, thanks. Email:

09/12/05 I am looking for my brother his name is Ted Doussept he was born in Sudbury Ontario any information I could get would be good news Email:

06/12/05 In answer to Jim Gray's query, of October 9, relating to George Johnston Fairweather, we (the original researchers of those veterans of the American Civil War buried in Australia, including Barry Crompton, Bob Simpson and others) wish to advise all readers of this posting that the biography of Fairweather is adequately and correctly covered, in full, in the book titled CIVIL WAR VETERANS IN AUSTRALIA, from which Jim Gray appropriated the data, and is using this at his web site, together with much other data and copies of documents, many of which are copyrighted and have been used inappropriately (an example being one document from the Illinois State Historical Library, now known as the Abraham Lincoln Library, and who have shown an interest in the class action being taken against Gray). Mr. Gray was advised against using all the original research work by Virginia Crocker (editor of the volume mentioned above) as well as the president of the Brisbane branch of the Civil War Round Table of Australia, but has ignored all such advise, and chosen to continue his nefarious activities. Legal action is now in motion for his copyright breaches and misuse of data taken from the volume, several web sites, and from information given to him, in good faith, in the belief that he was only using all this paperwork and images as research material. Damages for this plagiarism will be sought, in full. Email:

25/11/05 I am lookuing for the ancestors of Arsene Chiasson and Emilienne Cormeir who were married in Rogersville, New-Brunswick around 1900, Can anyone help? Email:

25/11/05 Can anyone help me with a family member who used to live in Grand Falls.His name is John Watson-everyone called him Jack.His greatgranfather helped found Grand Falls.He had two sisters, LULU and Helen-never married.They lived up the street from the falls in the town.He also had 5 brothers. thanks Email:

18/11/05 Do you know this person? Click on the picture to enlarge. COPY AND PASTE THE LINK BELOW IN YOUR WEB BROWSER AND THEN CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO ENLARGE. Thanks. Send feedback to Email:

11/11/05 I am looking for information on the gallagher family. They have lived in bathurst all thier lives.I am a secret relative. Email:

03/11/05 Looking for grandson Zackery William David Golden. born Oct.31,1989 at the Saint John Regional Hospital. Lives with grandparents David and Jacqueline Golden. please forward this email address to him. Email:

03/11/05 I was surprised to see wild turkeys on your island when I visited last year in October....Had a wonderful time....enjoyed Old Sow...Bruce Email:

26/10/05 Can anyone tell me where to get some history of the Lanteigne family of Caraquet. My grandmother was the daughter of Jules Lanteigne and Christina Ferguson from Caraquet. Thank you Mary Email:

16/10/05 Any information about Dorothy Hyslop. Email:

10/10/05 hi i'm looking for anyone who would have information on family of the name mcconell in the caraquet region, apparently family ran a hotel near train station aroung 6th road wich burned down. the only name i have is archie mcconell thank you ghislaine plouffe Email:

14/09/05 I am looking for a Leo Breau, His from Bathurst NB,He worked in Cape Breton in the 1950"s He also lived in Toronto at one time,Can any one help me locate him or a Family member. He would be in his 70's,, FM,Leona Mae Vincent, If you see this name you will know who i am , Email:

12/09/05 hello i am orignally from juniper nb. attended juniper elementary school. would like to contact anyone that attended also. lost touch with old friends. also looking for an old catechism from those years. used to instruct in the juniper catholic church. married there in 1959. Email:

12/09/05 Hi! i am looking for info. on Charlie Hughes. The last contact we hade he was in Ontario Canada. He would be around 85yrs old. He lived in Bathurst in his early years then moved away. He was the son of the late Frank Hughes and Mabble Gosnal Hughes. Both from Bathurst N-B. Email:

10/09/05 My name is James Gray, I am an Australian-American, married to an Australian and living near Brisbane, Australia. For 30 yars I was involved in historical research in Florida and am now involved in building a memorial Australian website,, dedicated to all Australians who participated in the American Civil War and are buried in Australia. It has recently grown to include New Zealand as well. In doing so, I have uncovered one George Johnston Fairweather who was born in NEW BRUNSWICK and later lived in and died in Bowral, New South Wales, Australia and was buried in the Bowral Cemetery. He died, I believe in 1922 at 84 years of age. If he was indeed born in 1838 and was 84 when he died the 1922 date would be correct. I understand a marble headstone was finally erected in 1992. I had one source provide me with information that he died in 1980; which of course is impossible and his he a dstone I am told says 1908. So I am really trying to confirm the date of his death as well. I was told your group had information relating to George Faieweather that could be used in his memorial. I have little information on him, to prepare a memorial for him for placement on the website, and am in hope you or someone else can provide additional information relating to him, his life and/or pictures of him.. Any information at all would be a great help and would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, James Gray Email:

08/09/05 I am looking for information on my grandmother. Her name is Helene Carrier adapted daughter of German Carriere and Mary Hickey of Black Point Restigouche. She was married to Thomas Luke F. Doucet of Bathurst.They had ten children. She died on the 24th of February 1940. Her name sometimes appears as Lina, Helena, Lena. The last name has been spelled Corrier. Email:

02/09/05 DO YOU KNOW THIS PERSON? check the site below for the picture and pass along to others, this person might be going by different names.

02/09/05 Searching for my full blood birth brother, he was born on 25th February 1955 Toronto, His birth name is Robert Retford, I only found out about Robert about 3 months ago, I was also adopted at birth in 1956, my birth name is Dennis Retford. I have made contact with our birth family, and I have been made very welcomed back into family. My wife and I are flying from Australia, August 2006 to be re-united with birth family, so if anyone knows of my brother ROBERT, please email me, Thank you Dave Harding[Dennis Retford] Australia Email:

29/08/05hi i am looking for my grandmother and grandfather there names are Catherine burns campbell and alex leonard campbell i think there birth is in the 1910/1911 pls help i am trying to do a family tree. Email:

25/08/05 Hi I'm looking for any of my class mates of the class of 1980 from Bathurst High School . We will be having another reunion in the year 2010 and would love to hear from you Pauline @ Email:

22/08/05 A few years ago, I purchased a beautiful black and white drawing of an angel with a slight halo over her head. The drawing is signed by Helen Wrynn Saint Michael's Academy. I have been unable to find anything about this artist. I would estimate that the drawing is about 50 - 60 years old. May I ask you to research your files for any documentation on this woman. Thanks Norma Jean Rossely Email:

18/08/05 I am looking for any information Ian or Barry McKay from Cockburn Island and now residing in California. My dad is Doug MacKay who grew up with them on Cockburn Island. I am his daughter Debbie and would really like to get in touch with them.He has so many neat stories. Email:

05/08/05 Hi My name is Judy, and I am living in the Toronto Are. I am looking for a friend, His name is Ron, Who used to live in The Toronto Area. But he decided to move back to New Brunswick. I don't know his last name ,so i am probability barking up the wrong tree. He is a friend Of Bill W and Dr Bob. Weston Group. Hint if you are out their. I would really like to here from you. Email:

24/07/05 I'm looking for persons who knew were related to, Harold A. Chapman of New Brunswick. He was born in 1898. was married, had several children and went to the U. S. to work as a weather stripper. He had one eye smaller than the other and tilted a bit. Need any information I can get, Norman Lang Boston, MA.USA Email:

21/07/05 Please revise messagefor Shay Soule born in Bostn Mas to Lucille Walker 9/15/29 sent to Burlington Vt for adoption Winooski Childrens Home Society. Adopted by Leo Edward Little and Ruth Cobb Little Burlington VT given name Shirley Little/now Shay Soule Email:

10/06/05 O'HEARN FAMILY OF BARRYVILLE NB I am looking for information on the family of Joseph O"Hearn and Anne Marie Derocher of Barryville, NB Please send along information to Raya Light. Email: Email:

08/06/05 hi everyone just want to thank debbie from bathurst for locating our friends we spoke on the phone last night it had been a long time we really miss them once again thank you debbie Email:

05/06/05 Information on a car accident involving a young man named Scott Taylor - friends from Ontario looking for any information ... please help Email:

29/05/05 trying to get in touch with a couple of friends last known address janeville,n.b. there names are rachael and george craig i think rachel works in bathurst in lablaws or dominion. not sure anyone knows of there where abouts please have her email me rina / charlie Email:

18/05/05 Hi, I'am looking for my birth parents and as well a half brother all I know is that they are from a french speaking community in northern N.B. I have an identical twin sister and we were born on Jan. 04 1971 in Frobisher Bay N.W.T. Our mother is married to a R.C.M.P and our brother is 5 to 3 years younger than us. Our was married in 1972, and our birth father lives in the same community, or close by. If any one has any information could you please!! email us back at Email:

10/05/05 I am looking for information on my grandmother. Her name is Helene Carrier adapted daughter of German Carriere and Mary Hickey of Black Point Restigouche. She was married to Thomas Luke F. Doucet of Bathurst.They had ten children. She died on the 24th of February 1940. Her name sometimes appears as Lina, Helena, Lena. The last name has been spelled Corrier. Email:


17/04/05 Hi this if for the person looking for Mona Dempsey her father's name is Alfred and she is remarried to Claude Maltais. I am her younger sister and will inform her of your interest I will leave you my email address. I believe we might know each other. Email:

22/03/05 Hi my name is Don Arsenault i am looking for any family in Bersford nb my Grandparents are Edmond Arsenault and Agathe Aube. if u have any information can u please email me / thank you Email:

16/03/05 hi everyone iam from bathhurst and iam looking for my son tony kenny if any one nows him please contack me.. Email:

08/03/05 In doing genealogy, the 1901 census for DORCHESTER has a page of "college students". What college is this? Email:

05/03/05 I am looking for pictures from any newspaper, in Bathurst or surrounding area, of a fatal accident that happened on July 16, 2004. The driver's name was Michel Duguay, he was a hauling rolls of paper. Email:

28/02/05 I'm looking for any information about my family history. Some of the last names in the family are: Rideout, Pelkey, and Stoddard. All around the Florenceville area. Don't know much about searching this. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Email:

23/02/05 Hi i'm MANNY FERRER, from Sorsogon City, Philippines. I have a friend name Brenda Geneau who is from Grand Falls, New Brunswick..she is a Gospel Singer..What i can say is..New Brunswick is a very nice place. Email:

21/02/05 NB Family Research Genealogy group for people researching families in New Brunswick, Canada. We have lots of information, members willing to help and some offering look ups, links to the best genealogy sites for NB, on line, plus a lot more. A clean family site in a friendly community.Come join us today. Email:

21/02/05 hi.look for the couture from bathurst, my grandmother was clara couture married frank huard. Email:

21/02/05 Still searching for any info I can on my birth family. A large family of 11 kids (5 girls 6 boys) from New Brunswick. Here is the info I have so far: Name could be : BOILEAU, BEAULIEU, BELLEAU, BELYA, BELLYA or any other similiar sounding name. At the time of my birth in the mid 1950s'-One child was a teacher, two brothers were painters, two were factory workers and the others were still at home. My birth Mother was born in 1927 and was 5'3" tall w/blue eyes brown hair and moved to Montreal and worked as a salesclerk. No one knew she had given up a child for adoption except for one sister. Last I heard (2 years ago) she is still alive but may have had colon cancer. Her family was French Canadian -Her Father was a painter by trade and born in 1880. Her Mother was a housewife born in 1886 - If ANY of this sounds familiar, please do not hesitate to contact me at : THANK YOU! Email:

15/02/05 Hi, I'm seeking out an old friend by the name of Mona Louise Dempsey. Her father was Albert Dempsey of Durham Centre, NB. She married a Donald Harquail of Dalhousie. Anybody know anything about my friend? Please help! Email:

13/02/05 I am looking for my birth family in Bathurst, N.B. I was born Anna Lavigne, October 26, 1975. I was adopted at birth and resided in Tracadie-Sheila my entire life. My adoptive parents were the Grant family from the area. I would like any information on my birth family that is available. Merci Beaucoup. Email:

12/02/05 could you please tell me places that are just beautiful ocean side places to get married around the moncton or Bathurst area. All of our family would be coming from Tracadie Sheila area though so not too far from there. We currently live in Brampton Ontario but my fiances family is from Tracadie Sheila and i would love to get married out side by the ocean. Please help me Email:

12/02/05 i am looking for my father.....if you see this and you know my mother...e-mail name is cindy hawkins and my mothers is tine....please! Email:

09/02/05 Trying to find an Edward McFarlane who lives in Barrie Ontario Canada. I am a relative from Scotland. Email:

06/02/05 Just wondering if anyone has any information on the family of Joseph Boulay from New Mills. My grandmother was Geraldine Boulay and I believe they originated from Greenpoint. ANY info would be truly appreciated. Thank you, Anita (LaPointe)Thompson Email:

28/01/05 Looking for information on Russell`s from Belledune N.B. my gg grandfather john Russell married elizabeth Murray they had 13 children I have copys of 4 of their childrens baptisms they were baptized in Petit-Rocher N.B. on baptisms the surname Russell is spelled Rousselle. Would like any info on any of the children of john Russell & elizabeth Murray they married abt 1827 in Bathurst N.B. or Beresford N.B. their youngest son robert Russell was baptized jan,5,1857 Petit-Rocher N.B. my g grandfather. Thankyou all in advance Heidi Russell Email:

28/01/05 Bonjour! My name is Corrina, and I am writing because my family history dates back to here and all the way back to the first Acadians & French Canadian settlers of Quebec. I am researching many names, but as of now mainly doing "DAGENAIS"-of Quebec/Ontario "Legacy dit lagace etc..."-of NewBrunswick ??? and "Savoye dit Savoie"-NewBrunswick/Port Royal Acadia. So if anyone knows of any info that would be great! Au Revoir :O) Email:

26/01/05 April I got your Message I emailed you but just incase you may have changed your email my email is 2 hear from you soon Tisha Burhoe Email:

22/01/05 Hello; I am looking for any information on my birth mother. I was born Mary Hilda Duplessis / Duplessie feb. 20th 1957 at the St-Jonh's general hospital. Normal birth, no complications,I weiged 9 pounds 2 oz. My birth mother at that time was 20 years old and 5 feet 3 inches and cames from a french canadain background. Thankyou Lucie Theroux web site http// Email:

14/01/05 i luved this site! it took me a while to find the invention of the chocolate bar by arthur ganong. but i need a piece of info 4 french about when he was born. i need it 2 complete my project . thanx! Email:

01/01/05 Hi...I see a lot of people looking for accurate maps of NB.Well all 50 topographical maps of NB are available on CD Rom. Just look up "Etopo" on the net they are sold through a company called "Map Town" in Calgary..they have all of Canada covered.These maps are very accurate calibrated for GPS zoomable and viewable in 3D awesome! but a bit pricey.If u can not locate email me and i can send u the link. Email:


29/12/05 Looking for birth mother from Atholville NB her name is Patricia Dubé and she would have been born around 1949/50. Email:

27/12/05 hi my name is wilfred gerard lemay shannon. i would like info on my family tree i was born on april 8 1966 in delhousie my gran ma 'sname was marry shannon i am son of frances shannon i live in montreal quebec i would like to know also about my father who he was what he was like i know i have a lot of reletives in new brunswick i hope they could help me out for this search i am now 39 years old i have to know thes things so please let me know by my email or find my wifes phone number he r name is carole bourassa. to all my reletives happy holiday'si think of you all the time . Email:

29/11/05 Hi, I was raised in St.Arthur, near Campbellton, i moved to Toronto in 1965. My name is Marielle and i would like to find 2 girlfriends of mine from school. One is Cecille Levesque and the other one is Giselle Jolicoeur. I haven't seen or heard from them since we went to school back in the early 60's. If by some miracle you read this email, please contact me. Email:

29/11/05 I'm looking for my brother Joseph Martin from St.Athur who disapeared in 1968 soon after my mother passed away.He would be in his early 70's and his birthday was on July 10th. he was a lumberjack, he worked in the woods all the time. His nickname was 'Bis' or Ti- Bis. He could not read or write. If anyone have heard of his whereabouts or know him or know anything about him, could you please contact me. Also, maybe if someone from the Edmunston area might have heard of him. He worked in the South East. Email:

22/11/05 hi,im looking for any info on a jason boudreau,i last seen him in grade 3or 4.he would be approx.30-32 years old today.i think he lived up coutry somewheres-glenlevit,glencoe,dawsonville? Email:

22/11/05 I am looking for Birth Mother from new brunswick, name Paticia Dubé born 1949 or 1950 gave birth in Montreal in 1970 Email:

15/11/05 I posted a message before about my friend Cindy Murray, unfortunately I put in the wrong email, its I am still looking for her, her Dad's name is Brice and her sisters name is Lisa. Cindy and her family lived in Campbellton for years until they sold their home and moved to Moncton. I think her Dad worked for the CN Rail. So if you have any info, I'd be happy to hear from you Email:

06/11/05 salutations- je suis déménagé - aimrais avoir des nouvelles de infirmiere Elen Boucher - hospital de Campbellton-cordiales salutations- transmetre ce message a qui verra Helen Email:

01/11/05 Hi Still looking for information on my great grandparents John Martin and Margaret Demeau. Any help much appreciated New email address Faye Massey Email:

10/10/05 hello everyone in campbellton just want to say happy thanksgiving to everyone out there special my relatives uncle dub, may, hanky, sheila, bill, many, and of course all my cousins, and i only have one aunt left aunt olive luv you guys rina flanagan-young Email:

05/10/05 Hello, My name is Betty Ann Barnaby Diabo, I currently live in Kahnawake, QC, I'm looking for my friend, Cindy Murray, her family moved to Moncton a few years back, they use to live near the Campbellton Junior High School, I think her Dad's name was Brice and she had a sister named Lisa. Last time I head she was in Calary. If anyone knows any information about my Cindy, please email me at I really appreciate it. Email:

23/09/05 I'm looking for the family Firlotte from Jacquet River. there is somebody who will know were they came from Email:

08/07/05 I Love the New Brunswick people, always friendly and make you feel at home...... Sandi, Montreal, Quebec Email:

27/06/05 I'm looking for a friend, a Barbra Eagles who lives in the area Email:

16/06/05 THEODORE JARDINE Chatham Victoria County Northumberland ( married to Christine) had a child to MARGRET ANN HUNT child 's name is Irene Stella HUNT Jardine born 1900 any information please e-mail regards from Oshawa Ontario Gloria Email:

14/06/05 Hello, My name is Gerry Thomas, married to Faye Grant in 1962(still married). We went to the Campbellton High in 1958-60. Looking for info. on a Shirley Legacy or Joyce Barthelot. Anyone know what happened to them? We visit Campbellton often. We have six sons and six grandsons. We've been in Moncton for the past 25 years. Thanks for the great site. Gerry "T" Email:

05/06/05 hi there campbellton its me rina still thinking of moving home again. just saying hi to all of my relatives tommy,may,sheila,uncle dub.and all of my cousins hope everyone is in gooood health and by the way HAPPY BITTHDAY TO MY UNCLE DUB-COLBORNE LOVE YOU Email:

30/05/05 please help a ontario family from dalhousie nb single dad with 14 year old son both on the street in ontario cause of a marguerite diotte of dalhousie nd froding welfair for dads money!! we cant aford to take marguerite to court she is taking money from another family and put them on the street pleas help us and report on her to the campbelton un welfair frod Email:

30/05/05 im looking for my fathers half brother. i think his name is edgar lablance my fathers name was jr. flanagan last time we seen him was around 20 yrs ago i think he would be around 65yrs old now and he was living in campbellton if anyone has heard of him or speak to him please email me iam his neice rina Email:

29/05/05 looking for a long time friend of my mothers her name tlaine my mothers name jean flanagan somewhere in campbellton or on the quebec side would like to hear from her. Email:

25/05/05 Seeking info & relations of the following: is from Kempt Rd-Que and Campbellton NB.. Email:

15/05/05 I am looking for the name of my Grade 6 teacher for the school year 1968 to 1969. The class was in a building a few blocks from Andrew Street School (Adam Street at Aberdeen?). Other teachers I from that time are Mrs. Murray (Grade 3), Ida Culligan (Grade 4), Mme Allard (Grade 5), Ms. Sherwood (Grade 7), Mr. Duguay (Grade 8). Thank you! Email:

17/04/05 Hi Everyone! I'm trying to find out what happened to some of the people I went to High School. Trying to find Donna Dedam, Ghyslaine Barnaby, Christine Sorbey. etc. any info would be appreciated. Excellent site btw keep it up; I'm sure people really enjoy it! Email:

21/03/05 PARKER, John Patrick Kennedy or anyone knowing his whereabouts, please contact Gail Bowles @ Email:

20/03/05 Like to hear from anyone with interest to these families... Tooke, Tough, Swift, Hennigar, Smith, Hawes, Wilson, White, Stewart, Stamper, Haines, Hines, Oakes, Mosher, Miller, MCNeil, MCClearn, MCLean, Maranda, Main, Little, Lennox, Laffin, Knowlton, Keating, Gould, Gill, Dunn, Densmore, Demeau, Cannon, Burns, and Boudreau, and any varients. Thanks Email:

15/03/05 Moved from Atholville 1959. Now living in London, Ont. Making my first trip back home in July. Wish to contact Yvonne LeBourgue.Has a sister named Joyce. Was my best friend in grade school. My last name was McDavid. Only reply if you can help Email:

04/03/05 Hello, My name is Sarah Isaac and I am looking for graduates from SSHS 84, 85, 86. We are having a 20th High School Reunion on June 25, 2005, here in Campbellton. Email me if you went to school with us or graduated with us. Email: Email:

10/02/05 Hello,looking for informationon my g.grandparents family John Martin and Margaret Demeau, they lived in Dawsonville area. Any help much appreciated. Email:

13/01/05 Hi, Am trying to track my families history.Our last name is Chamberlain, and my grandfather Henry Denis Chamberlain was born in Cambellton. We are related to Charlie Chamberlain the fiddler, but that is about all we know.. my grandmothers name was Veronica Head anyway, if anyone has any info please drop me a line. Henry died back in 1958 and Veronica in the 1990´s Email:


09/12/05 I am looking for my brother his name is Ted Doussept he was born in Sudbury Ontario any information I could get would be good news Email:

22/10/05 FOX Andrew or Chris in New brunswick or Nova Scotia you were adopted in the 50s I believe and your father was Clifford. I would be your step sister in T/O maybe you have a different adopted name I want to know you, I've missed you forever Email:

11/08/05 If any one as information concerning a Lucy Ann Joncas who passed away in the last 1960's she was over 50 when she passed away from cancer. ie: brothers and sisters name, children, parents.. Any info would be very much appreciated Email:

08/07/05 For Mike Thompson 46', Hi! I am Christine 68' please reply re the Nelson Sisters thanks Email:

04/07/05 Hi my name is Maire Claude Mallet of Dalhousie, and I opened my own dance school at the age of 14 years old. This year 2005 will be my 14 year teaching dance, and I just love it!!!!If you are interrested in joining Septembers classes e-mail me and i will get back to you. I teach jazz, character, hip-hop, pompom, lyrical, rock and roll..... the age is from 4 years old to adulte classes. Come and join the fun. M.C. Mallet school of Dance in Dalhousie and Eel River Crossing. I just want to wish everyone a great summer, come and have fun during the bon ami, you will have a great time!!!!! Email:

04/07/05 Hi everyone, i would just like to wish a happy birthday to my dad Robert Mallet on July 3, and a happy birthday to my mom Ginette Parise Mallet on July 7. From their tow daughters who love them very much and could not ask for better parents!!!! WE LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD. Marie-Josee and Marie Claude xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Email:

31/05/05 Hello everyone i am looking for second hand furniture that you dont want anymore that you are throwing out or giving away please contact me if u have the follwing items to give away table and chairs, sofa and chair 2 end tables and a double bed and dresser Email:

30/05/05 PLEASE HELP A family on the street because of child support! A women in dalhouse nb named Marguerit Diotte Took a mike carter to court for her doughter christa christa does not live with her mom any more and mike carter and his son justin is on the street cause they cant aford to to live any more! marguerite needs to be reported on to the welfair for taking money from welfair elegal pleas help feed mike and his son for there money goes to campbelton new brunswick Email:

17/01/05 I'm looking for the name of the fish market in Dalhousie NB. on Renfrew, just down from the ESSO service station.Email address if possible or mail address. We were out there last sumer and had the best pickeld snails (I think).We couldn't find them anywhere else.Had a great time and hope to go back there again. Email:


03/12/05 Hello. I was born in Edmundston in 1966 and placed for adoption in Maine. My birth mother's name at that time was Louise MacIntosh aka Myrna Lovely Jones. If any one has any info please email. Thanks and God bless you, Doug Email:

10/11/05 I'm looking for any information and/or photos of Saint-Francois de Madawaska. Thankyou Email:

09/11/05 Im looking for relatives in edmunston Canada, their names are roger beuliua,micilene, John paul, they lived by the Boarder of maine and canada across from madawaska maine, they have moved since, my great aunt died about 17 years ago, my grandmother was kidnapped and taken to the states when she was very young. she was married to Harold Bassett. if any one knows any of these people please contact me, thanks Email:

16/08/05 Need info about the Lagasse family,all I know is Maddie Lagasse was born in Edmunston,Canada and married my gramfather Tillman Joseph Eddy Landry, and that they both died in Madawaska Maine. My father Percy,my uncle Tillman, Norman and there were others but don't know them. Need also to find out about the Indian heratage,Shediac Indian. Thanks for the help. Email:

15/05/05 Hi, Tammy Lee from Grand Falls, N.B.! We love you! Contact your dad in Edmonton or your grandmother (780-423-0042). Also, anyone knowing her whereabouts, please contact her grandmother, Mrs. Lee. If you want to, please e-mail her at Thanks! Email:

01/03/05 I was Wondering if you could help me I am trying to find my late fathers marrage lines and hid millatary records I need them Urgently he was married in the 1930's in Canada Email:

15/01/05 hi! my name is diane bosse,maiden name mother was reported missing in grand falls nb since august 03,2002(irene godreau)she was 77 at that time.anyone knowing any thing about her disappearance,please contact me! Email:


17/12/05 Hi Our Family Are Looking to Adopted a Adult Dog We Prefer Lab But Any Will Do. Email:

16/12/05 looking for my siblings there given names at birth were chyanne and clayton meiner my son was born 06/10/84 nd my daughter was born 08/11/85 would like to let them know that i am looking for them and would like to tell they have a brother and sister and would like to see them Email:

13/12/05 I lost my cat. His name is petey and he has grey fur with a white tuxedo type marking and white boots on his feet. I need to find him since he is my baby. Please help me!!! Email:

02/12/05 Are you single and still looking for that special person? If so, you're invited to attend one of our upcoming speed dating events! Sunday, December 11th Ages 25-35 Monday, December 19th Ages 35-50 Both events will be held at the Grill on York restaurant in Fredericton. Cost is $25. Don't miss out on this opportunity to meet other singles. For more information and to register please check out our website at Hope to see you there!! Email:

18/11/05 Do you know this person? Click on the picture to enlarge. COPY AND PASTE THE LINK BELOW IN YOUR WEB BROWSER AND THEN CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO ENLARGE. Thanks. Email:

29/10/05 searching for relatives of Claude Berpee Belyea & Ronald Belyea Sons of Robert Emery Belyea deceased. Berpee married Betty lived in Toronto had Kenny, ann, and Randy. I believe Ronald was a brother of the church?? My grandmother was Dorothy Rowntree(Belyea, Parent)I am Gloria Jean Belyea, Daughter of Robert and Nellie Belyea.Would appreciate any help you can give. Email:

27/10/05 Are you still looking for that special person? You are invited to attend a Speed Dating evening being held on Monday, November 21st, 7:00PM at the Grill on York restaurant in Fredericton. The cost for the event is $25.00. Don't miss out on this opportunity to meet other singles. For more information and to register please check out the website at Please pass this invitation along all of your single friends. You never know who it will reach, maybe it will reach just the right person for you. "A five minute impression can mean a lasting connection." Hope to see you there!! Email:

27/10/05 Hi! We are a newly hatching set of snowbirds from Grand Manan.We love to drive to Florida and take our time.We are wondering if there are any other snowbirds own an RV or vehicle of any kind that would like to fly down because they find the drive to much nowadays.27 yrs clean driving record,driving bus and leading tours for 27 years,own my own business and am bondable.We are looking forward to meeting with you!If anyone else knows of a friend or relative in need of this service please l e t them know. Thanks and happy travels. Email:

26/10/05 Hi, I have applied to emmigrate to Fredericton, NB and would love to hear from anyone with advice, tips and general views on life in NB. Am currently living in the UK and would love to talk to anyone who is interested! Email:


16/10/05 I was wondering, can anybody help me with my project? I chose New Brunswick because thhat is where my greatgrandmother was born, and I need to know some foods that I could cook and bring into my school! Thank you Email:

13/10/05 Where in NB can you go to get your class 1 license? Email:

07/10/05 Seeking a Nancy Cockburn born in St. Patrick, New Brunswick in 1823. Moved to Washington county, Maine. Email:

09/09/05 I am looking for Hip Hop classes for my 8yr old daughter in the oromocto, fredericton area... thank you Email:

31/08/05 Hello, I am looking for Linda Corrier from the Marysville area back in 70's. Does anyone know where she is now and how to get ahold of her? I grew up in Marysville in the late 60's and have lived here sense. If anyone has questions about the people from that time and location, feel free to drop me a line and If I can help I will. Jeff Mckeil Email:

25/08/05 Hi I'm a blegian guy looking for a lady named Jill Cochrane she must be about 37 or 38 years old, I met her 13 years ago in India.. I think that she's teaching in a primary school somewhere in New Brunswick. I know she was originary from Fredericton as her family. I would really appreciate your help Email:

19/08/05 Hi everyone i am trying to locate an old friend of mine we use to both live in SAINT JOHN NEW BRUNSWICK when we were younger.Well we moved and she moved to NOVA SCOTIA and i moved to ontario her name is LONNIE STEWART but she got married and i cant recall her married name.If anyone might have any info about where i might be able to get ahold of her would you please e-mail me i would really love to hear from her again any info would be greatly apptreiated Thanks.P.S. even a city would he l p thanks again. Email:

17/08/05 Hello my name is Alycia i am looking for info about my family the name is Carrier if anyone knows please let me know or at hotmail thank you Email:

31/07/05 Hi doing research on Dorcas Family tree and looking for any information or where we can find residents who lived on "sugar island" on Saint John River -Keswick Ridge NB the family settled here and left in 1800 due to the flooding of the river Email:

13/07/05 Searching for infomation on Henry White from Marysville 1783. Any family still living there please let me know. Email:

11/07/05 I would love to find anyone who new either Joe Rice or David Rice Joe Rice lived with Annie Carr(nee Donnelly) between 1956 & 1968 David lived in Fredericton in Brunswick Street & died in 1950. His friends included the names Doucet & McKay. They were both related to the Goodine family as their mother was Caroline Rice(Goodine) & all originated from Kingsclear / Springhill NB. Would love to find some info on my great uncles. Email:

06/07/05 Hi fokes I am looking for a couple of old friends, twins actually. Keith and or Karl Stewart, from the 60's. I believe they were from Lincoln NB. Email:

14/06/05 MLA'S forget it they all make promises they cant possibly keep then the goverment wonders why people wont vote I will never vote again nor will my foster father Email:

12/06/05 Looking for Erin Elizabeth(birthname), you were born in Fredericton,in Apr, 1977. You were adopted at birth, father looking for you, contact through, Email:

09/06/05 My Father needed a well we were turned down because the house was not worth it thats what N.B housing said the so call inspectors couldnt inspect a dog house we went to the MLA they guaranteed that we could of got some help again the MLA turned us down they lied what else is new after they guaranteed us you wonder why people wont vote well sir me and my father will never vote again im very disappointed they only help the rich and thats what Martin is for the rich my father had to get a well drilled we were out of water we only wanted a loan for the well we will never give up our home because N.b housing says its a dump well its notI think they need new managements retards can inspect houses better than they can sorry dont look for our vote from now on we will never vote again Email:

07/06/05 hi my name is yvette godin im looking for any info on my fathers family his name is conrad godin thanks. Email: yvettegodin@rogers .com

28/05/05 hi i am trying to track down patsy perry or her son christopher boucher from the moncton area.any info would be appreciated. Email:

23/05/05 JANICE HEPBURN Greetings from Saskatchewan. Back in the early 1960s I lived at the army base at McGivney, New Brunswick and had a friend named Janice Hepburn. We went to school at Stanley. Later she went to Fredericton Hign School. I would like to find her. I am told she still lives in New Brunswick. Thank you. Email:

21/05/05 hey all you guys in NB that know me. Email:

13/05/05 trying to locate if anyone knows how i can find her , please email me. betty Email:

11/05/05 still searching for David J. Niles who is from Fredricton, NB last address is Fredricton in early 1990's, but also had an address in Ottawa, Ontario. Anyone with information, even in the smallest amount, much appreciated. Thank you Email:

07/05/05 My Name is Jennifer Ann Raposo my maiden name is Gaundroue. I am 22 years old born July 26th 1982, 7:30pm in Fredericton. I have been trying to locate my birth father for the past 6/7 years. His name is Robert Lyons around the age of 50ish born around 1955. If anyone at all knows of any information that would be fabulous. I don't know much about him but I do know that he was tall , slender, and has nice teeth. my mom left with me when I was about 8 months old. Plaese any info would be g r eat. I know there may possibly be a few Lyons in that area but still anything at all would be great. Thank you in advance. Especially now that I have a daughter of my own it means even more to locate him. Sincerel, Jennifer Raposo Email:

03/05/05 Can you tell me what flights fly into the Fredericton airport? Email:

03/05/05 Can you tell me please in km how far Moncton is from Fredericton? Email:

02/05/05 Is there anyone that has access to old newspaper obits from the Marysville 1891-1902 Email:

02/05/05 My name is Jennifer Ann Gaundroue(when I was born it was Jennifer Ann Lyons -- as I've been told by my mother.). I was born in Fredricton but we left when I was 8 months old. My mother's name is Margaret Ann Gaundroue. The reason I am writing this is because for the last 10 years I've been trying to locate my father. His name was Robert Lyons. I was born July 26, 1982 at 7:30 pm. If there is anyone who can help me out with any information that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in a dvance Jennifer Ann Gaundroue ( i now go by Raposo as I was married in 2002 and have a 3 year old daughter.). Email:

I'm looking for my half sister KIMBERLLY LORRETTE who has 2 childrenthat i know of, ZOE and OLIVIA, she is married to a guy named BRYAN, any information would be apriciated. Email:

19/04/05 Looking for friends who went to Albert street junior high school in Fredericton with Donna Stokes in 1968-69 Email:

17/04/05 My name is Robert Wayne Thibeau (adopted by Philip Kenneth Thibeau). I was born July 14, 1951 at Fredericton, New Brunswick. I am attempting to find my biological father DANIEL TANNER, or any relatives of his. Email:

20/03/05 Like to hear from anyone with interest to these families... Tooke, Tough, Swift, Hennigar, Smith, Hawes, Wilson, White, Stewart, Stamper, Haines, Hines, Oakes, Mosher, Miller, MCNeil, MCClearn, MCLean, Maranda, Main, Little, Lennox, Laffin, Knowlton, Keating, Gould, Gill, Dunn, Densmore, Demeau, Cannon, Burns, and Boudreau, and any varients. Thanks Email:

14/03/05 I would like to know if you can help me.I lived in fredericton york co.I was born in july 11 1945 I think it was st. john reg.number is 1945-03-373462.My certificate say's birth place is Fredericton.We lived in the children's aid home from about 1949 approx to 1956 when we moved to the west coast vancouver b.c. What i'm looking for is my medical records that the city may have. If you can help me my name is terrance stephen sveinson.Bye the way the home was on woodstock rd. next to the army camp. Thanks I hope to hear from you. T.S.Sveinson My mailing address is 4635 canada way burnaby b.c. postal code is v5g-1k9. Email:

24/02/05 I was wondering if anyone had any information on a reunion this year for our 30th reunion from Nackawic High School . email if you know about it Email:

23/02/05 I live in Calgary ,, Alberta and my son needs to be dressed with any of N.B.'s attaires. COuld you pls suggest me one? Thanks so much. I am not Canadian and just have been over a year in Canada. Email:

30/01/05 FOR SALE: 10K mens trucker ring solid right through picture of a rig all gold payed 600.00 sale 250.00 reply 506-463-2753 Email:

23/01/05 George Everett Smith graduated FHS in 1956 Lived Douglas Avenue Fredericton Now lives in England Email:

29/11/05 Looking for children or grandchildren of Alexandre or Willy Thibodeau from around Riviere du Portage N.B. Alexandre and Willy were my uncles. Their sister Estelle was their sister and my Mother. She passed away on February 7th 1968 at the age of 53, in Campbellton N.B. Plese email me if you think we're related. It would be greatly appreciated. Email:

24/11/05 Am seeking information re Chatham Pulp Mills circa 1890-1920, particularly re a William Carr or William Wagon. Email:

18/11/05 My name is David. My late father was William (Bill) Henderson. Email:

28/10/05 I used to live at 15 Center Street in Chatham New Brunswick Canada. Does this street still exist? Al Email:

08/10/05 Looking for anyone who graduated from Upper Miramichi Regional High school in 1980. get in contact with me to catch up Email:

26/09/05 Hi my name is Nina Rousselle I was born on december 24 1986 in cambleton N.B. my birth mother was from Shediac N.B. and she had schophrenia i am now in miramichi if any lead to anyone in my familie please..... Email:

21/08/05 we are forming a committe to have a school reunion for the little carrolls crossing school house in carrolls crossing. we are looking for all the info we can get, from who built it, where is the school bell now, names of teachers, where we could borrow some artifax for the reunion next summer. if anyone could help I would really apreciate it, thanks moyra O'donnell-mccullough Email:

12/08/05 looking for information on Joseph George Ramsay born July 22 1891 in Barryville NB. He was Married to Mary Olive Ramsay (Malley ) June 5 1911 Joseph was Killed in Action September 22 1916 in Somme France . He had 3 girls Email:

29/07/05 Looking for some information on Ida Breau of Tabusintac - she has probably passed away as of now, but any information would be helpful. She was my grandfather's companion for over 25 years and they got separated when she became ill with alzheimers. Thanks, Andrea Williams (Hatfield) Email:

22/07/05 hi. my name is megan. my grand father was adopted and i want to find out who my great grandparents are. my grand fathers name was david butler. Email:

10/06/05 O'HEARN FAMILY OF BARRYVILLE NB I am looking for information on the family of Joseph O"Hearn and Anne Marie Derocher of Barryville, NB Please send along information to Raya Light. Email:

24/05/05 Anyone having any information on Josephine Duplessie last name known as Roy(husband Johnny) in 1958 and/or daughter Mary-Louise, last visited on Herron Road, Fredericton...its been a real long time, please contact son/brother Joe. Thank you! Email:

23/05/05 Need help locating birth mother Josephine Roy (husband Johnny)last visited 1958 Herron Road, Fredericton and sister Mary Louise born in Chatham. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks son & brother Joe Email:

19/05/05 Still looking for Brian Peterson formerly of Canada Street in Fredericton (late 80's) moved to Ontario and is now back in NB. Possibly around the Brantville area. If you know of this person please contact me. Email:

15/05/05 trying to locate if anyone knows how i can find her , please email me. betty Email:

14/03/05 Can you help me? I need some information about NB including full maps for example about old forgotten capms(Ringwaak camp) with fotos maps etc. Email:

06/03/05 I was born in york co. N.B. in 1950.I moved to B.C. with my new family when I was 13 so in 1964.THIS WAS A VERY BAD MOVE FOR ME. I was told that at 12 you are old enough to sign your own adoption papers does anyone know if this is true. Email:

05/03/05 looking for anyone who knows Regina(Hubbard)Goudreau,OR Robert(Gussy)Goudreau. Email:

04/03/05 This is a great place if the cops would get off the duffs and clean up the percription drug proplem I would never want to raise any kids there.And the cops have known for years about hte problem but have done nothing while the young kids have now hope or help Email:

02/03/05 hi...i need a guide ...a male between 46 and 55 to show me around july.....i'm coming from the states and would like a friend to talk to and share some time with......i'm female and in my late 40's.......... Email:

19/02/05 Looking for the players of a hockey team in the 1940's Gerrard Melanson and brother Joesph Phillip were playing. I have a picture, with coach and 12 players. hoping to research the players Email:

16/02/05 Looking for a Jeff Robichaud formerly (?) of Baie Du Vin. He is a breeder of Italian Mastiff dogs. I am looking to purchase a Mastiff dog. Email:

20/01/05 I am searching for my brother Thomas Mclean born on Oct 24 1974. He is 31 now.Please help adopted in the naashwaaksis area. Adoptee Register with Post adoption in fredriction 453 2949 Email:

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