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22/12/10 Looking for Cloude Couture of Bathurst new brunswick, call and leave message I will call back. joe Guitard- 604-477-9987 Email:

13/12/10 I am and have been trying to locate any info regarding a baby that born to Juliette Nadeau in new Brunswick Baby born maybe late 40's or 50"s I have just recently found out that this was a great family secret. I would like to connect with sibling. Boy? Girl? I have No more info at this time. I am excited to meet you. Email:

15/10/10 I been looking for Dannial Guemond of montreal, he work at centreal Tabacco with me my name is william telephone 604-477-9987 Email:

13/10/10 HI, I'm looking for anyone who knows a large family whose name may be Boileau or Beaulieu. One of the daughters came to Montreal in the 1950s and worked as a salesclerk. She had 11 brothers and sisters. I believe I may be related to them and am searching for any relatives I may have by that name. Thank you. Email:

04/09/10 Hello everyone. I am looking for information from anyone who has moved to St.Stephen,St,.Andrews or Nova Scotia. I live in Ontario and am looking for a less stressful way of life. I am a retired female. Email: irenka,

07/08/10 I am seeking information on my Grandfather who was born around the 1890's, in Bathurst, NB. He was Acadian and possibly Native descent. His name was George Joseph Boudreau. He met my Grandmother in D'esscousse, Cape Breton, and married her. They then moved to Sydney NS as he got a job at the Steel Plant. He died between 63-64. He was married to Agnus Gertrude Langlois. I have been searching for awhile for his history and my Mom has little memory of his life. Please if anyone knows anything contact me. Email:

13/07/10 I am looking for information on Arthur Frenett from Petit Rocher born June 1917 and died Jan 1992 I would like to know a little about him and a picture as well I am his daugther and I never knew him. Email:


30/06/10 Hi: My name is Laurie Leblanc i am originally from Moncton,N-B.I have been living in Windsor,Ont.for over 45yr`s now,in Moncton i lived at 127 Robinson,St,lower main.I have been in Ham Rdio almost 50yr`s now and was very active in Moncton,i also went to the old Aberdeen school and also good old Moncton High,if anyone remember me please feel free to send me an e-mail it would be really nice to hear from you,thank`s. Email:

03/05/10 I am looking for my birth parents. My name is Bernard Guitard. I believe that my birth mother's name is Stella Bernard of Rogersville. I will be 42 years old this year. Any information that you can share is most appreciated. Email:

31/03/10 info on the brig edwin out of westport co mayo ireland 1859 Email:

17/03/10 Looking for Cecile Arseneault (maiden name)Originally from Chatham, lived in Fredericton during the late 70's possibly longer, may have moved to Moncton area after marrying. Email:

02/03/10 Is it possible to get birth records on births at the old hospital in Bath New Brunswick? In the process of many moves , i have lost hospital records with names,weight, time of birth ect. I have two daughters born there when i lived in Juniper. Thanks for any help you can provide. Huguette Email:

22/02/10 My grand father was peter cassie from four rds NB. He owned a lobster canning factory during the depression. I would like to know anything I can about the family. I never met him or my grandmother and would like to know if anyone remembers them. Email:

31/01/10 I am looking for any relatives of "Mulheron " from Glasgow Email:

13/01/10 hi im ed mccarren from woolwich maine .My kids(through my wife)have ancestors in new brunswick a sydney p.fayle and wife margaret born in ireland in 1818 settlep in Carleton,Kent,new Brunwick Thet had a son/ amoung other children,named Davis im 1847. It says native american in the 1861 census.Any have info on these people? Thank you Email:


01/12/10 I was raise by the nuns from 1959 till the covent close at that time I was fifteen , I love Campbellton so very much I always love going back to see all my friends , My name is Sharon Poirier , but now it is Sharon Fiala , I would truly love to find someone who knew my father his name was Arthur Poirier he served in WW2 Email:

13/10/10 HI, I'm looking for anyone who knows a large family whose name may be Boileau or Beaulieu. One of the daughters came to Montreal in the 1950s and worked as a salesclerk. She had 11 brothers and sisters. I believe I may be related to them and am searching for any relatives I may have by that name. Thank you. Email:

26/08/10 Hello there everyone! My name is David R. Guitard and I am living in this crazy little city of campbellton trying my hardest to achieve what I know is out there for me! I am from Belledune, NB though, my parents being Nick and Pauline Duivenvoorden and my siblings; Derek, Scott, Anika and Karlee! I am so proud of them and love them so! That is besides the thrill of watching my nephews grow up! Here it is and I am working so hard and pushing something that not everone believes I can achieve, but I sing for a reason of expressing my inermost feelings and turmoil and I believe that I am still here for a reason. There is no way that I will give up because of someone else not having the faith! You have to believe that every blessed thing comes with time! It is just a matter of how much time it will really take! How much pain do we go through before it shows its beautiful face! I should have become the man I am a long time ago and I would not have all of the indiscetions and unbelief in me and what I have to say! That is also the belief some people have in me and my music becoming what I know it can become! Thinking about it I have survived a traumatic head injury and have finished a professional CD that has such profound deep meaning of what we all dream as a people! Here in Campbellton and I am ready to bring this further! I need help to do this! A label behind me, a distributer, a manager who can bring all of this together, something to happen so my carear can explode and become something great! I want to sing for all those people out there who believe in themselves! Believe in me and what I can achieve! And what I am going to sing about!! Email me, love my music, be my friend. Hopefully all three! Will talk to you later!!! D Email:

29/04/10 I am trying to find pictures of my Grandfather. Earnest Harold Dow, born Feb. 24, 1897 in Port Daniel. Married Greta Flowers Jan. 14. 1916. Died Nov. 20, 1923 in a logging accident. Email:

12/04/10 I'm looking for a family tree of my father's family. He is Curtis Ingerville originally from Barachois Quebec. He married my mother, Isabelle O'Connell of Campbellton NB. His family originally came from Guernsey. I was fortunate enough to find a distant cousin via the internet who had a family tree back to the 1600's but my computer crashed and I lost all of this information. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. - Nancy Email:

02/02/10 I am looking for my fathers birth family. He was born Jan. 4, 1960 in Toronto Ontario. He name at birth was Joesph Terry Guitard. He mothere's name is Yoland Guitard. I know that she was born in Campbelton NB than moved to Toronto. I know that she as a few children who were giving to other members of the family. Don't know anything about his father nothing was ever found. If you know of this person please let me know what you can or where I can find her ir his brother and sisters. THanks Lisa Email:


10/10/10 im looking for anyone who went to school in 1960 i was in grade one teachers name was mrs stuart any one out there get in touch with me my name rina flanagan email is any pictures i would love to see or hear from Email:


13/10/10 HI, I'm looking for anyone who knows a large family whose name may be Boileau or Beaulieu. One of the daughters came to Montreal in the 1950s and worked as a salesclerk. She had 11 brothers and sisters. I believe I may be related to them and am searching for any relatives I may have by that name. Thank you. Email:

28/06/10 hey guys its been a while whent down home three years ago to bury mom Frances Shannon, in Jacquet river. I miss the place so much I live in Montreal and would sure like to go back home one day maybe soon. Love New Brunswick I was born there and I'll go back one day. Keep writing on the site its nice to hear and read all your messages. If anyone knows or knew me please email me. Email:

09/03/10 Looking for Nancy Foster from Dalhousie, I'm from Jacquet River Email:


12/12/10 I am looking for my fathers mother who she gave up at birth. Her name was grace margret hachey (we believe) born at the salvation army in sydney nova scotia, would like to know if she is still alive or if there r any siblings, ANY info would b greatly appretiated, also would like to know if she married and what her new name is thnx Email:

13/10/10 HI, I'm looking for anyone who knows a large family whose name may be Boileau or Beaulieu. One of the daughters came to Montreal in the 1950s and worked as a salesclerk. She had 11 brothers and sisters. I believe I may be related to them and am searching for any relatives I may have by that name. Thank you. Email:

13/10/10 HI, I'm looking for anyone who knows a large family whose name may be Boileau or Beaulieu. One of the daughters came to Montreal in the 1950s and worked as a salesclerk. She had 11 brothers and sisters. I believe I may be related to them and am searching for any relatives I may have by that name. Thank you. Email:

03/03/10 Thinking about a friend of long ago,Gil Morin from Edmunston N.B.He was a RCMP officer and I knew him when he was stationed in Pictou N.S., in the fifties. Email:


14/11/10 Hi,I was born in Minto, NB, have been living in London, Ontario for the past 20 years, miss the down home feeling, the friendly people and the great scenery. Any friends from Minto would love to hear from you, maiden name was Heagney Cheryl, want to say a big HELLO to the good old Maritimes. Email:

23/10/10 I love New Brunswick, this is the best place of the world! Andrew (from Russia) Email:

19/10/10 Hi just arrived from England with my husband and three children, are there any Brits Club to meet other people from the UK in Fredericton. Tracy Labron Email:

19/10/10 Looking for birth mother, I was born at Vicotira Public Hospital, on Woodstock Rd. in Fredericton on 31 January 1957. I believe her name was Suzanne Hayes (assuming that is the spelling) she would have been in her early 20s, she wasn't able to keep me. I was adopted by a couple. Would like to know of her family. Please email me...thank you. Email:

06/10/10 what kinds of things peoples in New Brunswick interested in? Email:

24/09/10 I am looking for any information on my Grandfather. his name is LLOYD NEWTON GODDARD,he was born in salsibury NB on jan.9, 1923. My family doen't know much except that he was raised on a farm and his father died, his mother sold the farm when she remarried. My Grandfather was mad that she sold the farm and left and never returned ( so the story goes) I have requested a registration for his birth, but have been rejected unless I can give them the information on his parent(s)place of birth place and given names (s) If anyone out there can help me or even give me some iformation where I can maybe find the info, i am looking for I would be forever grateful.. thank you...Onalee Email:

08/09/10 The divided highway through NB makes it a real drive through province. What a shame. Try to get off and travel some of the old road along the St. John River. Many of the small places do not allow hotels to advertise, so if you end up looking for a place to stay in the dark, good luck. Email:

27/08/10 hello im sending my message from england wondering if you could help dad is from n.b have never met him but have exchanged letters i last wrote to him about 2 years ago but havent had any reply is ther anyway i can find out if he is still alive? his name is russell curry mouth of keswick fredricton new brunswick i am his son Email:

16/08/10 My NAME IS SAM CARR, i WROTE A MESSAGE TRYING TO FIND ANY RELATIONS TO TRY TO CONNECT TOWARD A FAMILY TREE, Stan is my rela name ( Sam) is a nick name. I have changed my e mail, My Fathers name is Cecil Carr. Email:

04/08/10 After reading all about New Brunswick, I came to the conclusion that it would not be a bad idea to move there from Toronto for a permanent residency ! I wish I could be there soon. Email:

17/07/10 Dear Fredericton New Brunswick my ndp Peter Kormos said it time to close down all the children's aid down including Fredericton New Brunswick or any where else in New Brunswick all around Ontario canada because a boy got killed in well and Ontario Canada and another young boy got put under the children's aid in Hamilton Ontario Canada with canacer and would never get him treatments until the father went through channel 11 news in Hamilton Ontario Canada and I want my great nephew Austin Smith & his half brother to come to my oldest nephew Jason Smith from Fredericton New Brunswick under the social development children's aid to well and Ontario canada or Niagara Falls Ontario Canada the children's aid make my family very very upset because their refusing to turn over my great nephew A Smith & his half brother Gabbin because the mother lost them both Email:

15/07/10 I am looking for an old friend, Carolyn Gorlick, who lived in F'ton in 1960's. I think she moved to Ontario about 1965-66 with her Mother. My name is Barbara (Booker) Rees. Any info would be appreciated. Email:

06/07/10 Hello my name is Rosemary Barnes, born 26th March 1962 in Fredericton. My dad was in the Blackwatch (Canadian Army) and we lived at 12 Lawfield Drive, Oromocto. Behind my house was a family, also with dad in the Canadian Army, their family name was McClellen, my friend was Jackie, my age, and she had an elder brother Dougie and a younger sister Shelley. I have often wondered what happened to my dear friend. I now live in England and have the most wonderful memories of my child hood. Although I live in England I am extremely proud of my birth country and hope to visit one day in the near future. Email:

02/07/10 i am searching for my half sister. her mothers name is Christine and my fathers name is Donald Scott. my father lives in Bristol, England and i live in Preston, England. he met Christine in the late 70's early 80's and you were born. Christine runs/ran or owned a drug store in New Brunswick...if anyone has any information at all PLEASE email me. Email:

Looking for any information I can find regarding David Lifford, born 1945 in, NB. His father was David Paulin, born in 1905 in Caraquet, NB. His mother was Helen Hurley of NB. Would like to find out more about David Paulin in particular...we don know his years...1905-1965 and that he worked for the CNR in 1947. Can anyone help fill in blanks. David was not raised by his parents. Email:

29/05/10 To M Tooley. Fircoe Court, Fredericton. From George Barker in Ringwod Hampshire. Your cousin Suzette in Poole is not computerized and needs your telephone number to keep in touch. She said your email address looked like and I tried to email for her but it was rejected. Perhaps she couldn't read your writing! Email:

25/05/10 My name is Thuy. I have a plan to immigrate my family to NB. from your website, I realized that I love NB's natual and I believe that people in NB are also friendly.I want to have friend net-work with all of you and hope I can visit NB soon. Cheers, Thuy Phan (from Viet Nam) Email:

23/05/10 Looking for "Dave". Was in the military I believe Armed forces (Navy) but posted in Calgary AB in 1969 at Sarcee. From the Maritimes. Owned a 1969 orange Super Bee in 1969. Short stature, dark hair and liked to shop at the Bay in Calgary. Email:

19/05/10 Searching Patrick (1833) and Rosanna (1833)McDonald born in Ireland lived in Fredericton, NB. Any info. Email:

06/05/10 SEARCHING for biological parents, my birth name was Gabrielle and my TWIN sisters was Amanda. We were born October 11th 1990 at the Fredericton Hospital. We do not wish to disturb your life, we just simply like to know if you're out there and if possible get to know you if you'd like. or even a picture, just to see what our parents look like would touch our hearts greatly. PLEASE contact me if anyone has any helpful information. Thank you. Email:

01/05/10 Looking for siblings (or descendants thereof) of my grandfather Victor Paul Mitchell who was born in 1929 to Morley Mitchell and (we think) Grace Harris. We are pretty sure Victor Paul was the youngest of 9 kids (not positive of any names except Carol) and know he was born in Marysville, NB. Searching to complete genealogical information but am open to connecting more than that. I will certainly share information and/or photos. Email:

Francis Ross T Maquapit Lake (Red Lake) 30 years here and 4 kids Kayla Carpenter Tyler Francis Clinton Francis Cody Francis Email:

08/04/10 Born in fredricton in 1966 to Felix Charpentier and Patsy Shean(spelling). Looking for my birth mother Patsy. Please send me an email if you know anything about Patsy. I'm told she may still live in Fredricton and area Email:

17/03/10 Looking for TD Regent Mall employees Fredericton, that worked there from 1979 - 1980 I have some names: Cecile Arseneault (from Chatam) Joyce ? (Teller/Accounts) Bonnie Thibeault (Accounts) Cindy Murray (Teller) Mike ? (Management Trainee) Linda ? (husband Rob) Kate Westman (married after Dan Levert) located - sadly passed away summer 2009 of cancer Our Branch Manager was Doug Goss, and was replaced by temporary Colin someone from the Downtown branch. I quite at the time because I was promised a transfer, and when it came in Doug unfortumately was forced into resigning, and Colin took over, the call came and he refused to transfer for then )-: Colleen (?) now deWinter worked as Personnel Officer, she lives in Sussex as well as me. If anyone knows these people call they email me at: Would love to touch base again. Email:

11/03/10 Looking for a "Paul ", born Mar.27,1969 at Victoria General hospital in Fredericton. If any of this sounds familiar please don't hesitate to reply. Email:

21/02/10 I'm looking for old photos of the former Marysville Jail / town garage in the 1960s' .... I lived directly across from it but have no photos. I've searched in Fredericton, N.B , Canada history but with no luck... Email:

23/01/10 My name is ryan fitzpatrick and I am looking for my sister CANDY NASH. She may not even know that I exist. The last that I heard, she lived in frederickton junction. Her mother's name is Sharon. Anyone with information please contact me. 905 730 0324 Thank you Email:

26/12/10 I am looking for an old friend, whom used to live on the old king george highway area in the miramichi Email:


25/10/10 I am looking for Paul Dorion, Dorien, Dorian. He had a brother named Louis. He was born in the late 30's and came to B.C. in the mid 50's. Email:

25/09/10 I"m looking for A Mr.Al Arsenault from Chatham Head New Brunswick. I am the daughter of Linda Bush, and Al arsenault. I was born Oct 1966, my name is Shelly Ann Bush. Al met my mother in 1965 in Rexdale,Ontario. Email:

26/07/10 Have been looking into my Canadian geanology and have found that my grandfather was John Joeseph Robichaud from, Chatham, New Brunswick.He was stationed in England during WW2 & returned to Canada with my grandmother Phyllis together with my mother Carol.However she then returned to England pregnant with my uncle David. I know that he had close family in the area & may have remarried & am very keen to hear from anyone related or with any family information. Email:

30/04/10 Born in Saint John General Hospital on 8/11/1948. Have a partial copy of my birth certificate. Where do I get an "official" replacement copy? I now live near Los Angeles. Cruise vacation, Port of Call after 50+ yrs was SJ. Tour bus "stopped by" my childhood home at 248 King Street East. Got a picture of it. I was 9 when the family moved to California. It is and always will be my birthplace. My Home Town. Email:

26/04/10 I am looking for information on Captain John Murray who came to Canada with his family. Ex British navy , and was Master on a few ships around NB, PEI, NFLD, & NS. Lived in Botsford Co. Email:

07/04/10 Hi I'm looking for my Father whom I've never met Sydney Jardine I was raised in Quebec by my mother He had one daughter that I know of.If anyone has any info please contact me Email:

17/03/10 Looking for Cecile Arseneault (maiden name)Originally from Chatham, lived in Fredericton during the late 70's possibly longer, may have moved to Moncton area after marrying. Email:

08/02/10 I am searching for a old friend Bill Coughlan who lived in Newcastle in the 1960's 1970's then moved to Saint John.He was a drummer in my band in the 1970's.If you have any info on his whereabouts plesae email me,thanks so much. Email:

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