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04/12/00 I found this site very informative. I myself will be staying in Moncton,NB soon. I would appreciate any other links/sites with images of the Greater Moncton area. My fiancé will be working in Moncton. My stay there is estimated to be from 3-4 months. I would love to explore the East Coast. I have never been outside of Ontario very much. The further gone outside of Province was west (Vancouver,BC) I beleive that since I will be part of the East coast, that I should at least explore it as I may never get another chance. We leave at the end of December'2000 from Toronto,ON & will be in Moncton,NB till end of March 2001. I would greatly aprechiate anyone who could send me some info on Moncton. I am quite anxious to see the East Coast!!! :) Thank you for your time & consideration, Manon Email:

04/12/00 Hi thinking of NB as a possible retirement location(not yet...maybe 15 yrs down the line)would like some info on land purchase (all areas near coast) and being a retired American in NB...Thanks Email:

06/11/00 Could you tell me if there are any group in New Brunswick that are trying to get access of their grandchildren. I'm in Halifax and fighting alone. Need help desperate............need my grandchildren home with me. Court systems are wrong!! Please help, Nanny, Carol Anne MacDougall Email:

30/10/00 hi I am looking for an old friend and if someone knows the name is Lorrain Roy and Landry and Rita Leblanc the Wiley family. I would to find them well my name is May Rose. If some knows them I would them to write to me Email:

22/10/00 well would to find my friend hope they will find them i like chat wait them well there name is Lorrain roy and gary willey harld willey and if they no my name is May Rose Allain my email or venusallain@netscape.netwould like get from them bye bye Email:

17/10/00 would to meet new friend to talk to because i suit to live in Moncton i would to chat wait people from Moncton my icq is 66143840@pager icq my email is and my is may rose allain Email:

19/07/00 I'm looking for suppliers of Nova Scotia or New Brunswick Fiddleheads for next Spring. If you know of anyone or company that is in this business, please email me at Many thanks Jerry Lang Email:

30/06/00 I used to be in contact with Cindy Radford from the Riverview area about 10 years ago and was wondering if anyone knows her and could get her to contact me on e-mail. Many Thanks - Damien Tobin, Llangollen, Wales, UK Email:

10/06/00 Looking for my ancestors, my Great Grand Father was George Cuthbertson, my Grand Father was Maurice Cuthbertson, any one know the Cuthbertson"s please contact me. Brian Cuthbertson Email:

04/05/00 I was born in Moncton and attended school in Parkton area from grade 6 to 8, then Moncton High School (graduated in 1955). My maiden name was Plocar and I would love to hear from anyone who may remember me after all these years. Now living in B. C. Email:


05/04/00 Hello from Tampa. We would like to visit the warmest beach in NB.For 4-5 days in May, we plan on walking on the beach and enjoy a small We need a hotel and the name of the town. It can be a rocky beach, as long as it is warm. we enjoy good food and history. Thank you Aline Email:

04/04/00 I have been to the last two summer concerts in Moncton and, I would like to know if there is going to be a concert this year at magic Mountain, or Shediac? If yes I was woundering who was going to be playing? Email:

01/04/00 I think i have the wrong e-mail address for there such a thing as Email: (shirley)

25/03/00 My grade 6 class is trying to collect 2000 Postcards in 2000 Hours. We started March 10th and will finish June 1st. We'd love to hear from N.B. Students would enjoy a message about your hometown. Mailing address: Postcards 2000, Welborne Avenue Public School, 190 Welborne Avenue, Kingston, Ontario, K7M 43 Thanks Email:


10/02/00 Hi, I am looing for any information on a family name Killam. He married a Corey or Covey in Nova Scotia. They had three kids, boy, @ two girls. He died in 1951, in N.B. Mrs Killam was born in Havelock or ? in 1919. She has two sisters . Her father died of T.B. which he contacted at a hunting camp where he worked. Her mother was still alive in 1959,then she moved away in 1959, and came to B.C..with the two girls. The boy stayed behind with the grandma .I think he become a electric welder. If anybody can help me please email me, thank's. Cathy Email:


21/12/00 My g-grandfather's family came from Sackville. Where would I look up birth/marriage/land ownerships etc. for this locale? I presently live in Ohio, so I will have to do long distance research. Any help will be appreciated. Decendant of Charles Wesley George and Elizabeth Burpee through their son Clarence James George and Annie Runions. Thanks. Paula Email:

16/07/00 I was wondering if any of yous remember me Ray Boutilier I worked with Foundation Company at Mount A for ten years Had one wonderful time Time If any of you remembers me would like to have you E-mail me.I would be happy to return e-mail Email:

25/06/00 I am Glenn Ray and I descend from the Everett and Edna (Allen) Trenholm family through their daughter Annie Leona Trenholm Gardner. I have photos of Edna Allen and all of her Trenholm children that my grandmother gave me. Does anyone have a photo of Everett Trenholm? My grandmother told that she had one of her father, but when she tried to have it copied the photo company lost it. I also have a picture of a Minnie Trenholm and a Frank Trenholm. I also have a picture of John and Char l es Niles (twins) and Emily Niles. I will gladly make copies of the photos I have for anyone interested. I would love to come to the Yorkshire 2000 but am teaching summer school and am unable. Where can I get a detailed my that would show me where the Everett Trenholm family lived. Email:

Saint John

14/12/00 Hello Fellow SJers! My name is David Dolan. I was born and raised in Saint John and it is in my veins and it always will be. I moved to Kamloops, BC in 1994. I was home for a family wedding in Sept, '99 and was amazed at how the city has kept pace with the outside world. I've tried to find a radio station that broadcasts online to keep up with the latest SJ gossip but as of yet have not found none. Any suggestions? I graduated from University(ELectronics/Computer Systems Tech) here and Kamloops is "OK" but it'll never fill the hole that leaving SJ has left in my heart. I'm involved the Computer industry and I do advanced web design and digital graphics. If anyone can give me a lead to permanent work in SJ, I'd LOVE to come home again! All the best to all Saint Johners! If you know me, drop me line! I'd love to hear from you! Email:

09/12/00 Hi there. My name is Don Hall and I,m looking for an old friend who moved from N.Z to Rothesay 20 years ago.I would really like to find her.Would any resident there be prepared to go through the local phonebook and send me the addresses of like names? Regards Don Email:

05/12/00 My wife & I did some Genealogy research this October and enjoyed your city and the gracious people we met. My gr,gr grandfather owned a shipyard on the West side in the 1800's. Found his grave in the Cedarhill Cemetery. Have many more things to look up so I'm coming back next year. Your website has been extremely helpful in finding out info prior to our trip. Thanks! Burt Stackhouse; So Hampton, NH Email:

28/11/00 I am looking for a Painting of The Ship/Bark, "Agnes". She was built in New Brunswick in 1839,was owned by H.Pooley, London. Captained by R.Davidson(Also wondering what happened to her?) Email:

26/11/00 I was born and raised here in this city of saint john. In 1991 I married keith chamberlain we have a daughter together but later divorced in 1998. Now I met a new guy he's from here too his name is Mark Mcphee we plan to marry in the future. great little city will miss it when we leave to start our new life together. If anyone would like to contact me email me at Email:

26/11/00 Isabella Alice HOLE from Bristol, England married Charles Ishabitsher BROWN from Bruge, Belgium at St Johns, New Brunswick on 4 May 1915. Priscilla Lily HOLE from Bristol, England married Philip Leopold GRIFFIN from England at St Johns on 15 July 1905. Any family news or information would be appreciated. Judy, New Zealand Email:

20/11/00 I went to school in hampton high I would love tho here from anyone who attened in the graduating class of 1994. Will be retuning this summer and cant wait. All the best Stephanie Barker Email:

17/11/00 Hi! I am a graduate of Simonds High (87) and heard the school had a page where e-mail addresses of its alumni could be found...only I can't find it. If any such page exists, I would love to get in touch with some old pals. Thanks! Email:

13/11/00 I'm looking for Colleen Fawcett and her parents Johnny and Betty Fawcett. If anyone knows where they are please e-mail me. I miss them very much and want to know they're o.k. Email:

09/11/00 My husband & I lived in Saint John until 1960. We try to get back every summer for a week. We really miss home. If you know us, please write us. Great site. My maiden name is Gladys Ekstrom and my husband is Ken Ritchie. Email:

06/11/00 I am looking for Icelandic people in Saint John or anywhere in NB. and if there are any clubs of people who moved from Iceland. Iam interested to move to Canada and then Saint John. Email:

29/10/00 I am planning a new brunswick vacation this summer, my aunt and i would like to find info. on Cobb relatives that came there from Ireland in the early 1900's. Can you tell us about some interesting places to tour and stay. thanks, kathy mcdonald savaloja Email:

29/10/00 tracing michael donnelly/susanne kennedy family..married abt 1870ish/daughter anna born in 1876in st.johns,nb.he was my greatgrandfather..any help appreciated,thanks peggy buckley,pittsburgh, Email:

24/10/00 Years ago while I was visiting Cocos Island in the Galapagos, I came across a rock that had been stamped to read: JAs STEWAR_, ST JOHN NB, JULY th 21, 184_ 10 Mos (The blanks represent an unidentified letter/number. I took it that they remained on the island for 10 months, a picture is available). This rock has always fascinated me but I've been unable to locate any information on it. Is there anyone that can help me solve this mystery? Thank you - Jodi Email:

23/10/00 Now a days I am plaining to migrate to Canada from Pakistan. My first prefference to live in Canada will be St. John (New Brunswick) Due to low papulation & high chances to show my abbilities. Email:

19/10/00 Beautiful web page. Never been to St. John though I originally come from 20 miles north of Edmunston, in St. Francis, Maine. My ancestors come from your area and I am looking for any information on Taggett's from any time period. I would appreciate anyone sending me any information they have at Email:

08/10/00 Hello, I was born Edward Munroe. There was an adoption. I am looking for (not necessarily to contact) information on my natural brothers and sisters. Their names George, Ralph, John, Shirley ?? and Betty. Anyone who knows any (no matter how small) information. Please E-Mail me. I thank you in advance. Edward Email:

03/10/00 Looking for Pat Kyle, Janice Haye or Pat Chatterton. All went to Voc annex in the late 60's. Also, does anyone remember "The Fox"? They played the West Side Legion. Email:

03/10/00 Hello my friends in Saint John...I have been living in Hamilton Ontario since 1988. Looking for anyone who grew-up in Milford/Randolfe area (West Saint John). I went to Dennis Morris School, St. Rose's and finally graduated from St. Vincent's in 1984. I was home this summer and the city just keeps getting better! Oh one more thingIf anyone knows where I can find Jeff Hayward (west Sain John). I am looking for his email address. Miss Sain JOhn Muchly Cheers Vicki Lockhart Email:

28/09/00 Greetings !!! My name is Robert (Bob) Seberry. I lived in Saint John (North End) until I was 12. We moved to Toronto, so dad could find work. I and my wife (who is not from NB) visit "down home" often. We would like to move down / retire there. I lived on Acadia St,High St,Chapel St, and for a short time on Rockland Rd. I went to St. Peters Boys School. When I was 17, I worked at the General Hospital (orderly & stores) for about 6 - 8 months. Then I returned back to Toronto (I guess she broke my heart at the time). If anyone remembers me (my name) and would like to E-Mail me, I think it would be very interesting to chat in Cyber Space. I do remember a lot of names. But, my memories are still of 12 year olds. I did meet some old friends and updated to my age now being 56 years old. I eagerly await any response - no strings !!!! Just a chat through the E-Mail. On my visits, when we are out and about and introduced to younger people, I am always asking there last name and their Moms maiden name. Sometimes this is successful. Well enough of this chatter - for now and thanks --Bob.S. Email:

26/09/00 Is there anybody here who could go get a name for me in a cementary in Saint-John, please let me know I have the name and place, I'm looking for her parents names. Or does anybody know where I can get a list of those names, in Saint-John. Thank you Syl Email:

25/09/00 Hello I'm looking for some information on Neilly Franklin from England who was married to Hilton Henderson from Jamaica.And People who might know them. Any information would be appreciated. Email:

24/09/00 This is peter; I am trying to find my long lost cousin.His name is John Vasiliou.I would appreciate any information about John.Thank you Saint John. Email:

24/09/00 I'm looking for some information's on Neilly Franklin who was married to Hilton Henderson, the both lived in Saint-John and are buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery. I WOULD like to know the names of their parents. Email:

16/09/00 Can anyone help ? My mother was born in the st john area, she died in her late eighties a year ago. Her name was Florence Ann Ford and I believe her mother Eleanor maiden name was Hughes and somewhere along the line there were Mc Carthies !Her mother married Harry Ford who came from England and worked for the cpr Email:

09/09/00 planing vacation to St. John Sept 18 thru Sept 26 - I would like weather forcast for that period.-- Thank You; Bill Email:

09/09/00 Anyone remember me? E-mail me if you do. Anne Marie O'Reilly. Email:

03/09/00 Hello my name is Hank Jenkins and I'm in an intro to Canada class in college and I picked NewBrunswick as the place to give a one hour presentation about I'd like to know if anyone has any great stories about their experiences in NewBrunswick that they'd like to share with me? If so I'd greatly apperciate the comments. Actual interaction with a person or people would be much more revealing than anything I can get from a book. Thanks Email:

28/08/00 I will be on the cruise ship Victory, depat, N.Y. on 8/31/00, looking for things to do at port, have 2 kids 10yr.-12yr, this was a short notice, so no time to research! thank you! Gary N. Email:

21/08/00 I was born in Fairvale NB. moved to states while young. Am working on family tree, would appreciate any info. on James Humphrey {s} a farmer in French v\Illage, about 20 miles north of St. John He was father to 11 children, Thanks Email:

21/08/00 Look out for hockey stick toting men and women from all over canada this week, as the National Ball Hockey Championships hit Saint John. Thanks to the host hotel Delta Brunswick and various others accomadating businesses we the teams are expected to have a memorable time. August 21-26th. Email:

12/08/00 Wondering if anyone knows if there was a Dufferin Ward in Saint John back in the late 1800's? Know there is a Dufferin Parish in Charlotte County, NB. Have papers that say Dufferin Ward in Saint John. Could this be a mistake? Email:

05/08/00 I am looking for grads from Simonds Regional High School from 1965.My name is Linda Anne Fox and I graduated from there that year. Moved to Ontario less than two years later. Have been a journalist for 32 years -- the past 23 for The Toronto Sun, one of the three daily papers in Toronto. Would love to get intouch with anyone from SHRS from around 1963 to 65. I remember the winter carnivals and a boy named Cusack who was an air cadet. And Eddie Moore who took me to one dance. and all the gals in typing class! Email:

03/08/00 I am trying to locate a family called HORSMAN. They lived in St. John, NB in the 1950s/60s. I am researching my family tree -- they are related through Florence Gudgion Horsman. If anyone knows of this family or can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. Thanks very much, Pam Denton. Email:

02/08/00 I was born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick and in the 60's I attended Prince Charles Elementary and Prince Charles Intermediate School. My maiden name was Barbara Hall. In the late 50's I was in the New Brunswick Protestant Orphange Home. I had met a friend there and her name was Winnie Grey or (Gray). She has always been in my thoughts. I am now 52 years old. Here are some of the names of friends and students that I'll always remember and would love to hear from: Wayne Saunde r s, Diane Little, Donna King, Florence Henderson, Jeannie Shepherd, Anne Marie Collete. Some of my favorite teachers: Linda Hinds or Hynes, Mrs. Wiggins, Jean Dickson. There are many more I remember. Email:


22/07/00 Can anyone suggest a 1 day itinerary, for my daughter(27) and myself(Mom) in August, off the cruise ship Destiny. Thanks for your help. Sue from New York Email:

15/07/00 Several years ago I learned my actual genealogical line is Sinclair. And it appears my fathers ancestors orginated in Saint John NB. I am trying to determine where I can call or write for government and news paper archives for 1800 thru 1899. My wife and I are planning a vist to Saint John in 2001 and any suggestions on how and where to begin a search of government and church records would be greatly appreciated. Email:

14/07/00 We will be visiting St. John in September and would like info on decent motels to stay in and nice restaurants. Any additional "fun things to do" would be appreciated. Thanks. Email:

14/07/00 I just wanted to say Hi to old friens I had when I was a child living in Saint John. I now live in Ontario. Their names are Chrissy and Jackie Givens. Probably changed now but just to say Hi. I have many pictures of us in kindergarten. My name is Kim Gillen. Email:

11/07/00 Hi everybody; We are new students accepted to Univ. New Brunswick (Saint John campus). We are looking for 3 1/2 apartment near to the campus for first of August 2000, any help will be graetly appreciated. Yours M & H Email:

30/06/00 I was born and raised in SJ and graduated from SJHS in 1994. Just looking for old friends, so if the name sounds familar email me. I am currently living in Calgary. Email:

26/06/00 One of my ancestors is Andrew Chase from St. John, N.B. One of his sons, James is my great grandfather. James moved to northern Wisconsin and married Mary Chase. I would love to know more about Andrew Chase and his ancestors. Thanks Sincerely, C.J. Gernt Tennessee Email:

23/06/00 Please advise where I can get a guide for the city of St. John. We will be visiting soon and would like info on the area. Email:

20/06/00 Hi, I lived in SJ for 20 years, recently uncovered and disproved an old myth. But now I have to figure somthing else out. There was supposably a grave buried on an island by my house, The island is hard to get to but me and a friend made it out and found a tombstone but it wasn't of the person who people said it was. and The tombstone was huge and overgrown looked ALMOST like a stump at first Glance. The name on the tombstone is Alexander Conacher, and he died in 1885. Im guessing by the size and type of stone the tombstone was made out of he must have been someone important or wealthy. Im just wondering who he is and what he did. Alexander Conacher, Ireland, died here in 1885..There is a poem engraved in the tombstone to but I can't make it out. Curiously, Chris Archer Email:

17/06/00 Hello all. Will be moving to Saint John fall-winter of 2000-2001; would like to know if anybody can tell me exactly what communities/locations the so-called "Fundy fog belt" runs through. Thanx! Email:

16/06/00 I am a graduate from the class of '78 Simonds High in Saint John. Just wondering if anyone else here is from Simonds or from Redhead. Please email me. Email:

16/06/00 I live in Perry Maine and recently found an old bottle that has written on it, REGISTERED (JAMES READY) BREWER, SAINT JOHN N.B. and on the back, it says THIS BOTTLE NOT FOR SALE. The bottle is the old green glass and looks as if it may have been sealed with a cork when in use. I would like to know is anyone knows anything about the Brewer or maybe the history of this brewery. Thank you James Wilson Email:

10/06/00 Will be in Saint John July12 off Carnival Destiny.Where can we go for lunch and drinks. Thanks. Email: Miltphyl @

05/06/00 will be in your fair city 06/12/00 untill 06/16/00 my wife is on business but I want to play golf while I'm there could you suggest some nice courses in and around Saint John thanks Marty Email:

04/06/00 I have two grand uncles who were home boys from the UK, came to New Brunswick in 1906, Gagetown. They were on a work farm in Nauwigewauk, Kings County. I have been unable to get any records of their indenture -- can anyone tell me where archival records might exist in your fair province? Jackie Email:

03/06/00 I'm looking for some old friends who I haven't seen in 20 years Particularly Roy Joesph Carr Jr. as well as his parents. Any info would be greatly appreciated.\ Thanking you in advance. Email:

03/06/00 Attention Simonds High Grads of 1991. Next summer we will be celebrating our 10 year reunion. We are hoping to be able to contact as many grads as possible later this summer. If you are a 1991 grad, or know someone who is, please forward your name, address, and phone # to Look forward to hearing from you, Shirley Withers 1991 Grad Class Prez. Email:

31/05/00 Hi! My friend and i are planning a trip to the Eastern Provinces, and one of our must see places is Saint John. Could anyone please help me out and send me a name of a campground in the area - we are camping on this trip. Thanks a million! Email:

26/05/00 We plan on visiting new brunswick on our way to Halifax, NS In July. we want Information about the ferry to nova scotia. There is going to be 5 R V's caravaning to your area. Any information of interest would be appreciated. Email:

23/05/00 I will be visiting Saint John on a cruise on Thursday, June 15. Are there any whale-watching expeditions available from the port? Thank you. Email:

16/05/00 After 15 years of research, my book, "The Fennells Of Manister, Co. Limerick, Eire to Sussex, NB Canada--1840" will be published June, 2000. It describes how pioneers, "Big" John & Nora Fennell with eight children, sailed from Erin and carved out a farm on White's Mt. in 1840 along with many other Irishmen who arrived before the famine. It is an Irish and Canadian historical, genealogical review of the many hundreds of families that grew from their arrival and where these folks are today. It is a hardcover (8.5 X 11) book and Limited Edition which has over 300 pages and over 200 photos, both old and new! P.D. Fennell Orlando, FL Email:

15/05/00 Hello! My name is Xiomara, and I presently live in Ottawa,Ontario. I used to live in Saint John,NB for about 1 year, back in the year 1992. I really enjoyed the town, and I think this part of Canada has the most fliendliest people in North America, so far I know. What am looking for is, if anyone could possibly give information on my friend Ursula Mcdonald, she was a very wonderful person with me and my family, we all love her very much, she helped us a lot while our staying in Saint John, thi s lady is from origin German, and she is the most amazing person i ever met.She had a grandson by the name of Ralph, a daughter name Judy, and a son-in-law name Mikel, they were also wonderful people, if you have any information please contact me at: Email:

10/05/00 Flying into St. John's June 17th and need to know directions from Airport to Howard Johnson Hotel. Will have a car rental, but could not find distance, etc from airport. Have a few days to myself and would like to know if any whale expediditions available. Will be in St. John June 17-21. Thanks! Email:

08/05/00 Did St.John have immigrant ships eg SS Montcalme? enter into a local pier in approx., 1926. My father arrived from Ireland and I am trying to trace his history. If you can direct me please,I would be most grateful to you. Thanks Email:

03/05/00 Having grown up in Hampton in the 50's and 60's and attended Netherwood and Voc, I would love to talk to any school mates and old friends. If you're out there please write. Heather Cameron Email:

21/04/00 Hello, We will be in the Saint John area in September we need any and all information that you have on historical sites, festivals and anything of interest along with a local map of your area. Please send to J. B. Hebert at 615 marceaux (Pvt.) Road, Kaplan, La. 70548. Thank you in advance for your help. Joseph Email:

06/04/00 I was wondering if you had any information on Clifford Skinner. He is being honoured in April at the annual Polungo days. Email:

31/03/00 I will be in Saint John July 22-27. On Sunday, July 23, I would like to be able to visit museums, arts and crafts displays, and cultural events. What do you suggest? Bob Coppedge Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA Email:

21/03/00 If anyone knows me, please drop a line. Brian Cuthbertson (Cuppy) E-mail:


19/03/00 Leni Parker,Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict, plays the character of Da'an: If you knew Leni Parker when she was growing up and would like to add some personal trivia about her or what it was like to live in Saint John from 1967 to 1987, we would love to add your comments to our web site. You do not need to be a greater writer! We are just looking for some warm personal remembrances. FANSTATS Email:

17/03/00 hi. I am trying to find family/ I believe my mother is remarried.Lived in ST. John. and had a son mamed Gordon. a daughter called Nettie. Have not seen parents since a very small child. Raised in foster home. any info will be appreciated.Thanks. this means so much to me. contact me please.. Email:

17/03/00 visiting the web site for Saint John was almost as nice as coming home for a trip. I grew up in Mispec and later moved to the Fredericton area My husband and I live in B.C. But we still think of saint john and the maritimes as home. Email:

14/03/00 I found your site because I was checking exactly where Saint John, New Brunswick was due to seeing an item in the Rootsweb Obituaries of someone who appears to be connected to my family. I wonder if there is anyone out there who knows this person or family - TRAFFORD, Alice Dalziel (BALFOUR); 75; Manotick ON; Saint John E-T-G (NB); died 1996-3-22. My grandfather was George Dalziel Balfour and my father Stanley Dalziel Balfour. I think Alice Dalziel Trafford nee Balfour must be a daughter of one of my grandfather's brothers and would love to contact the family. Can anyone help please? Thank you. Jennifer Balfour, PO Box 3717, Wellington, New Zealand Email:

13/03/00 SEARCHING -- HORTON I'm searching family history on SIMPSON (my father's family). At Mr. Horton of Saint John did quite a bit of research on my Simpson connection. He owned a luggage and leather shop, with his sons I believe, in Saint John. Our family lost contact with him in the 1970's. Trying to locate him, his family and/or the research he completed. Anyone with any knowledge of him or his family, I would love the information and help with my search. Lauraine Simpson, Charlottetown, PE, Email:

03/03/00 Anyone interested in contacting Edith Crowe may E-mail me. Old friends or family Edith Email:

24/02/00 Am searching relatives or any information on my father's family. He was Thomas Laurence Simpson, born 1909 in Saint John, NB, the only son of Thomas Edwin Simpson and Laura (Patton) Simpson. My father spoke of aunts/uncles and counsins on both sides of his family but I have no names. He may have had an uncle Robert Simpson and cousin Freddy Simpson. His mother, Laura was daughter of Georgiana (Seely) Patton and Thomas Patton. I believe my fathers family had been in Saint John for m a ny years. Stories from my father are vague but I believe both he and his father were quite active in the YMCA and maybe other civic activities. Thomas Edwin Simpson, I believe, worked for wholesalers - Hall & ??. They were also quite involved in tennis & tournaments. Anyone with information I would love to hear from - either on the Simpson or Patton side of the family. Email:

22/02/00 I have discovered that my great great grandfather was born in St John's New Brunswick around 1832, name Michael Thompson. I am looking to find out more about him and his family. Email:

19/02/00 Anybody who remembers Paul Gaede(1951-!966),please give me a shout! I moved to the N.W.T. in "66"and would like to contact old acquaintences.Saint John is still the best! Email:

18/02/00 Hello Saint John! I am looking for a site on Saint John High School, specifically about a reunion that is supposed to happen in July(?) Thanks for any information. E. Haeber, former resident Aldergrove, B.C. Email:

16/02/00 Simonds Middle School is looling for informationon the history of Simonds Parish and Simonds, the trader. Email:

10/02/00 I am looking for information about St. John's Jewish community around the turn of the century (last). My grandmother's name was Topkins, and she married S.K. Cohen. I believe I still have relatives up there. Any leads appreciated. Email:


07/02/00 Knorr Family Reunion, Sunday Sep 3,2000 Where; St Luke's Anglican Hall at Hoyt, NB Registration at 2 pm with a donation to help pay for the use of the hall. Jakob Knorr B 1816 Germany and his wife Christiana b 1815 made application to come to America in 1854. Their children: John William, Jacob, Henry, Charles, Rosana C, and Mary. other connected families are: Allingham,Ash,Bastian,Brooks,Byers, Carr,Charlton,Fromm,Gates,Gordon, Hoyt,Kingston,Lakeman,Magee,Maxwell, McCracken,McKeqague,Miller,Phillips, Pike,Powers,Shanks,Shipton,Sinclair, Smith,Stairs,Straight,Sutherland, Ross,Trewin,Ward,Watson,Wilson &Wooden.;for further info contact: Ruth Knorr, Hoyt 506-687-4482 or Lorena Sinclair,Toronto 416-292-8289 Please come with family stories, and pictures that you would like to have included within the Knorr Family Archives. Please attach a return address on the back, in order that we can return your originals. Email:

04/02/00 will be visiting st.johns on cruise end of june.only have 1 day.need recomendations on what family of 4 should do or see.2 teenage daughters.thanks richard mumpower Email:

04/02/00 Hi fellow new brunswickers. I just found this site today and I am looking for any information I can get on my birth family. Back in 87 I was put up 4 adoption in Ontario, since then I have found my mother but lost contact with her. Her maiden name is Judith(judy)Flynn and my fathers name is Albert James David Miller. My parents are divorced but I still wanna meet my dad and I want both of my parents to know that they are now grandparents of a beautiful little girl. She was born Sep t 17/99. When we were a family living together we lived in the west end at 154 rockland rd. I have a younger brother and sister who are her in Ontario with me. If any of this sounds familuar to anybody in sj/nb please e-mail me with any info that you have it would be greatly appriecated. If you know anybody and they have had or still do have contact with anybody in my family please tell them about the birth of my daughter and ask them to keep there eyes/ears open for my parents were abouts. Oh and please give them my e-mail addy so they can get in touch with me. TYVM! ps. I was born november 5th/76 Email:

19/01/00 In Saint John, what does a red door on a home mean? A blue door? I understand it has to do with the availability of the young woman living within. My wife and I were in your lovely city in October aboard the Splendour of the Seas. We'd love to return Leon Fleming San Antonio, TX Email:

19/01/00 Hello to all my family and friends in Saint John. I have been living out here in Victoria BC for the last ll years. Its now time to come back home. See you in the summer of 2000. Carolyn (shaw) Email:

18/01/00 Hi to all back home. It's always nice to hear from old friends and acquaintances so if you're ever in the area (Toronto), feel free to look me up...and if you're not in the area, email. Joanna Lawrence Email:


13/01/00 We are a christian family from B.C that would like to come to St Johns this summer.My husband would be working at the oil plant for a couple months.Would anyone like to trade homes for the summer? Email:

12/01/00 looking to contact Mr. Earl Dalton, (his phone/ email address please) thanks S. Lalonde Email:

09/01/00 Looking for where my gggrandfather, Charles Morrison was buried. May have been at Cedar Hill Cemetary with his wife, Margaret and son, Charles, in St. John. They lived on Mannawagonish Road, Lancaster, St. John. My father visited there in 1923. Charles probably died between 1871 and 1881. Thanks! Robert E. Morrison Email:


03/01/00 Hi! I am looking for information about an ancestor of mine whose name is Edward Parris. He married a woman from Ireland named Isebel Foster. I know of at least one daughter, Rebecca (middle name perhaps Ellen), who married a man by the name of James H. Merrey. If you have any information on this family, please e-mail me. Jane Email:

03/01/00 HI SAINT JOHN!!!!!!!!!!! I have lived n East Saint John all my life, graduating from Simonds High School in 1985.Would love to talk to some old school friends.It seems the older we get the more we lose contact. Email:

02/01/00 Vocational School/HarbourView High School, reunion 2000 July 14th and 15th. Please see our page for info and pictures. Email:

02/01/00 Hi my name is John Cootes I am 55 years of age and live in Rochford Essex England UK. I am intersted in St John as my mother (who is now 92) tells me about her Uncle Arthur who used to write to her. Arthur emigrated to St John from London in the early 1900's. Sadly my mother no longer receives her yearly Christmas card from St John as both Arthur and his and his son Herbert have now both passed on. Anyone who might remember a Arthur or Herbert Jones, I would love to hear any news abo u t them and their lives in St John New Brunswick. Your Internet site has been most interesting .. If anyone wants to reply please contact me Thanks Email:

{short description of image}

23/06/00 Would you please send me information on Campobello Island tours to see Roosevelt's home (I have no car). Christine Fradgley 60 Cartier St., Apt. 406 Ottawa, ON K2P 2E1 Email:

30/10/00 I would like to receive as much information as possible about St. Andrews by the Sea, because I would like to buy an old home there in the next couple of years. Any real estate information would be wonderful. Thank you very much. Email:

Hi, my name is Debbie Cachia, and I am looking for information on my mothers family. Her name is Jeanette McLauglin, she grew up in St. Andrews,she was born in 1943, and I would like to hear from anyone who knew her, or any info on any reletives that still live there. So feel free to e-mail me, I`m her youngest daughter, and I live in Harcourt Ontario. Thank you very much. Email:

St. George

21/01/00 can anyone tell me the names of any christian churhes in St. george and do they have any contact site on the net ? Email:

 St. Stephen

12/12/00 Does anyone know of a MaineCoon cat breeder in BC Email:

27/11/00 When are the rinks in St. Steven and in St. Andrews open for public skating. I couldn't find it anywhere on the web. Email:

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