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16/11/01 I was visiting your NB website - Oh what a lovely job you did - It's nice to visit my hometown on the net. I also have a picture of Grand Falls on my desktop. I'm originally from there. I left for Ontario in1969. My son-in-law wants to go visit someday. I hope it's soon. He will love it ,I know.BYE BYE .A BIENTOT.BERNADETTE Email:

26/02/01 Lived in Riverview, 1971. I was around 15years old when I moved back to Nfld. I have been trying to contact some old friends from back then but no luck thus far. If your out there Debbie Little or Debbie Campbell, I would love to hear from you. Daphne (Mercer) Earle Email:

20/02/01 Hello fellow monctonians, my name is Chris MacClure and left Moncton some time ago, I live in Cabo San Lucas Mexico now. Please write or visit. I am 58 this year 2001. Email:

16/02/01 On sept 14 1942 a young man by the name of flt.sgt. g s bickerton from upper sackville was shot down near my former hometown in Holland. He was killed and is burried in Amersfoort central cemetery. Many years ago I contacted his father b.o.bickerton and promised to take care of the grave. So I did. At the same time, in 1964 I penfriended a girl from Moncton who knew mr bickerton. I forgot her name. I still visit the young man's grave from time to time. I would like to hear from the girl, now about 50 years of age from Moncton. Email:



03/04/01 I just found this web site and love it.I was born in Sackville and want to move back. My Dad was Pat Gaudet, I saw a couple of names that I knew who are now living in Alberta, Hi to Sackville and Dorchester Email:

19/01/01 Interested in communicating with anyone who attended Regional Memorial High in Port Elgin 1959-1962. How many of us still aroung?? Email:

Saint John

27/12/01 Hello everyone, I am from Saint John but living in Miramichi presently. I went to School with a girl named Donna Snodgrass and haven't seen her in nearly 40 years. Anyone that has known her contact Pat MacKenney (Shannon) at Email:

24/12/01 I am from Bathurst N.B I lived in Saint John for one year in college.I went to EBCI and graduated in 1994. I would love to hear from anyone who graduated that year. Marsha (Jacques) Fraser Toronto, Ontario Email:

08/12/01 This is cool finding a web site from my home town St.John New brunswick. I moved away 4 years ago and miss the city alot!It would be nice to chat with martimers! Calgary is far from home and and news is nice to hear.E-mail me! Email:

14/11/01 Hi everyone, Very nice site. I lived in saint john many years ago. my name is Allan Stevens (allie) if anyone remembers me please mail. Email:

10/11/01 I was born in Saint John, but grew up on Fairmont drive, just off of Lakeside Road. I now live in England but will always consider Hampton to be home. I was able to return home for a few days this past summer and it was lovely to see that the town has been able to grow and expand but still maintain that "little town" feel. If anyone remembers me, I'd love to here from you. (KV grad class of '90) Beverley D. Simpson

01/11/01 I was born in Fairvale, NB yar 1920 move to US as a baby, I am checking for my family tree, my Grandfather was James Humphrey{S} lived on a farm in what was then known as Model Farm on the rail road, he married Mary Elizabeth Chamberlain, had 11 children. If any one can help identify I would appreciate it. Email:

20/10/01 What a wonderful site! I am a descendant of the Maxwell clan of St. John, and I was curious what it was like. Now I wish I could see it for myself! Thank you so much; it makes me feel closer to family I never knew. Email:

15/08/01 TRYING FOR THE SECOND TIME. does anyone have any information on AUDREY M. HOLDER who used to live at 94 Waterloo St. St. John N.B. way back in 1943. I was a Radio Officer in the Merchant Navy, but now retired at the young age of 74. Email:

11/08/01 Hello Saint John. I was born and raised in Saint John and lived there until I joined the navy in 1988. I graduated from simonds high school in 1988. If any other grads see this then feel free to say hi. Jamie Sheffar sends Email:

03/08/01 whilst serving in the british merchant navy i visited your town on several occassions and met some lovely people,especially the HOLDER's mr and mrs and Audrey from Waterloo st. the period was 1943 to 1950. I ofte3n wonder where they are now? ian m DUFF. holders from waterloo st, Email:

13/07/01 Writing to find out information on my biological father. Born in St. John on September 13, 1944 to a woman named Gladys Ellen Sullivan no father name given. Childs given name was Wayne Morris Sullivan and was adopted by William Herman Hird and Margaret Isabel Hird on July 4, 1945. Childs name was changed to Colin Frasier Hird. Colin was than raised in the USA. I would like to try to find Gladys Ellen Sullivan if she is still alive. Please help if you can. Would also appreciate a w e bsite of how to get in touch with office of births and deaths in st. john in new brunswick canada. Email:

18/06/01 Trying to obtain information about a John Windle and Mary Windle. Married at St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church Saint John New Brunswick in 1919. Email:

06/06/01 Looking for family with the name of MURRAY, in 1774 John Murray moved from Rutland Mass. to St John I have lot's of history to share with his decendents. Email:

03/06/01 I am trying to locate descendants of a Morrison family that lived in St. John, New Brunswick, at least in 1833. The parents were George and Elizabeth (Walker) Morrison, and they had several children Robert was born in St. John in 1833, Then Jennett (may not be spelled correctly) in 1837, George in 1840, John in 1844 and Matilda in 1846. George and Elizabeth may have originally come from Scotland, although this is not certain. Robert was my great- grandfather and I know his line - I'm hoping to find information about his parents and/or siblings. If this matches information from your family tree, I would love to hear from you. Roberta Rinde Email:

24/05/01 I am looking for information on the Andrews family. My grandfather was Leonard Andrews, he had two sons Leonard and Ernest and one daughter Marjori. My father was Ernest Andrews who died accidently in 1949 when I was one year old. Ernest had three children, Linda Andrews born 1946, Karen Andrews born 1948 and Gail Andrews born 1949. I would like to research the Andrews family and would appreciate any information available. Thanks, Email:

05/05/01 Searching for Birth Mother I was born November 30,1951 St.John, New Brunswick named Sheila Elaine Macdonald Do you have information? Email:

12/04/01 I am looking for Edwina Sparks that lived as a foster child of Edith MacDonald in Loggieville in the 1960's. Edwina lived in Saint John about 12 years ago and was married. She was on the ambulance brigade.She had a sister Lorraine who died in 1970 in Moncton. Edwina you have a neice who is looking for you - Lorraine's daughter Kimberley who was given up for adoption in 1969 in Moncton. Please contact Parent Finders at the email listed Email:

12/04/01 Does anybody know of information on an old friend, Joan Boucher? She graduated from Saint Vincent's in 1975. Thanks Email:

27/03/01 Christine Boucher and Wendy Sharpe are looking for Lisa Breen originally from Saint John New Brunswick. Attended Universite Sainte-Anne in Nova Scotia and later moved to the west coast. Would love to get in touch with her, we miss our friend. Please email me at Email:

22/03/01 I am looking for any family information available on Vincent DuJong who was posted in New Brunswick in 1959. Email:

07/03/01 We were trying to track down pic's & info on the old vocational school as well as the old general hospital in Saint John, NB but didn't have any luck. If anybody has web site's where I can find same, pls. forward me what you have!!! Thanks so much. Brian Email:

19/02/01 Could any of your readers help me to trace friends who lived at 52 Tilley Avenue, Rockwood Court, Saint John New Brunswick until 1979 as I have lost touch with them. The father's name was Robert Clark - he was a teacher and one of the sons was Gordon who played professional ice-hockey I think. Thank you very much From Anne Smillie nee Duffy of Glasgow, Scotland. Email:

09/02/01 I am Looking for Information on my grandmother she was one of the Mahaney Quads born December25, 1923 I am doing a doc. on all of the quads and i would like as much info as possible. Please email me if you have any i mean any info at all. thank you very much Email:

04/02/01 Looking for childhood best friend- Lisa Brittain/Conrod- also known as "Bubbles"- She has siblings with last names Becky and Debbie Shephard, Krista, Sean, and Shelby Conrod- Her parents are June and Jim Conrod. Last known place of residence was Lethbridge AB. Any info. is appreciated. Email:

29/01/01 I have been putting together my scapebook from my visit to Saint John. I can not figure out one of my pictures. What is the pyramid shaped monuement that can be seen up by the Saint John 2000 sign? We visited the monument and I also took pictures of it from the ship. I would like to label the moneument in my scrapebook. Thank you Email:

12/01/01 I am researching my Irish Catholic family from St John NB starting in 1842 and would like to find living relatives. THe names are as follows: KERR/CARR, McFADDIN, MCGILVRAY, ELLIOTT, BOYLE, ROBERTSON, MORRIS, KELLY, MURPHY, HENNESSY, MORRISEY, MCELROY, and more. THe towns of Indiantown and Portland NB are mentioned in obits and letters. Any leads contact Liz Lovell at email. Email:

{short description of image}

21/07/01 Was there a famous speed skater by the name of frank garnett many many years ago? Please if anyone knows we would appreciate any info. Email:

25/02/01 Hi,I grew up in St. Andrews and still have family living there. I would like to get in contact with anyone who graduated in 1977. I am Teresa (Mitchell) Sutherland and I have lived in BC for the last 11 years. Look forward to hearing from friends. I love this site. Email:

St. George

24/12/01 greetings from Indian, Marvel and Thrumcap Islands! All islands where my ancestors lived. We still own Marvel Island(less than 2 acres) where my grandfather was born. we visit each year. Beautiful islands Margaret Kay Email:

19/07/01 Yours is a beautiful web-site, especially as I plan next week's trip "home" to St. George and L'etang. Your pics are almost as wonderful as my memories.Thanks. Marion Clark Dannert Currituck, NC US Email:

26/03/01 Hello there! Originally from Back Bay N.B. would love to hear from anyone there. I now reside in Hamilton, Ont. Hope To Talk To Ya Soon! Email:

26/02/01 Hi, my name is daniel wayne welch and i am in the first grade. I have been looking at facts of your country. This information is very interesting and will help me in my classroom homework. I will be sharing this information with my classmates. Thank you for your information I will have a sleepover there next week. My mom and me will swim there at New Brunswick. I play Hockey with my teammates. Good Night for now and Thank you once again. Daniel Email:

 St. Stephen

24/06/01 Does anyone know if the Anglican church (St. Anne's, I think) in Welshpool, Campobello, is going to have their tea this summer? We visit Maine and New Brunswick every year, and we enjoy that tea a great deal. It's usually in late Jule or early August. We'd really appreciate any information. Email:

31/03/01 Hi, My grandparent's where both from the St. Stephen area. I am looking for all Coffey's and Crompton's from the New Brunswick area. Email:

21/02/01 I am searching for my brother Thomas Mcallister(birthname) born in 1974. He is 27 now Please help adopted in the naashwaaksis area Adoptee Register with Post adoption in fredriction 453 2949 They will help if the can Email:

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