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26/11/02 Chris MacClure I was raised in Moncton, and was wondering if any of my old friends are still there. I go back to the 1950's then moved to Montreal. my web sites are At the present time I am an artist and have a studio in Cabo San Lucas, Baja, mexico. Email:

29/08/02 I am looking for Betty wood maiden name Betty knox sister or maxine knox aronld who was in the year 2000 due to cancer if anyone knows her please have her contact me as we are coming there thankyou Email:

14/07/02 looking for this family line: william samuel geddes m. katherine mcconnell | herbert hartley geddes m. emma sarah ross | stanely geddes m. annice walker | alvin edward geddes all of kent county!!! Email:

12/07/02 Again I am asking about any information on my grandmother Josephine Gaudette, her parents were Ignace Gaudette and Matilda (Vienneau) both from Moncton area. My Greatgrandfather was a blacksmith in that area and they are both buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery. There is some family there because my Aunt and my cousin have visited there and saw the headstone. There was another name on the headstone La Salle. Does anyone know of these people I am desperately trying to do my genealogy. I will someday go to New Brunswick to check this out myself. Lena T. Mazza Gloshinski Email:

06/07/02 Hi, My name is Maureen Reddy (maiden name Teed). My Grandfather (Willis Teed) was born and raised in Moncton. My father (Jack Teed) and I are travelling to Moncton in September. We would like to visit the gravesite of Sr. Eva Teed who passed away last year, but we don't know where to look. We would also like any other recommendations for New Brunswick including places to stay. We will be visiting this area for two weeks. If there are any relatives reading this, we would also like t o get in touch with you. Email:

17/06/02 Ken Lutes Anyone know of him???? He lives in Moncton. Thanks a bunch Email:

26/06/02 My name is Lena Gloshinski originally from Massachusetts. My Grandparents on my maternal side were born in St. John New Brunswick Canada. My Grandfather William J. Powell, my Grandmother, Josephine Gaudette. My cousin has visited the grave site for my grandmother's decendents at St. Joseph's Church/Cemetery. If anyone has any info or the address for the St. Joseph Church so I can write to them please let me know. I appreciate any info you may provide. Lena Theresa (Mazza) Gloshinski decendant of Josephine Gaudette Email:

11/06/02 Hi there!!!!! Any one know a Ken Lutes of Moncton? If so let me know thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! Take care Email:

03.05.02 Researching "Dunn" family tree from Redmondville, NB.. 1851 Census shows Catherine Dunn, widowed, age 60 at time of Census. She entered the colonies in May 1831 Son, James, age 26 at time of Census, also entered colonies in May, 1831. No record of her husband. Youngest child, Catherine, born around 1839. Also, records show she also had a young child, Margaret Bridget, who would be around a year old who entered the colonies same date. Appreciate any information on this family. Perhaps s omeone might have a Passenger List which might show a husband, wife and two children with these names. Email:

17/04/02 Hello to my unknown distantly related cousins in New Brunswick, some from the Petit Roche area and some from the Miramichi, Moncton, and other areas in the southern part of NB. I am American and live in the West Coast. Some of my NB relatives were early French settlers and others were Irish/English Loyalists who settled there as pioneers after the American Revolution. I am trying to learn more about one particular branch of my family whose name is Mullin. I have information back to a n ancestor named Jacob Mullin, who was the father of John Foster Mullin (born 7 March 1827 at Washademoak Lake)and Sarah Mullin (born about1833). John Foster Mullin was my great-grandfather. The only information I have about his ancestry is his father's name; i.e., Jacob Mullin. If anyone has any information on this particular Jacob Mullin (such as place and/or date of birth, parents, spouse, siblings, occupation, residences, etc.) I would be very grateful if you would send me an e-mail with whatever information you could offer. Thank you very much and best wishes to all. I hope to visit NB in the next couple of years and this information would make my visit much more interesting. Thanks again. Marion Mullin Email:

31/03/02 Hello There: Just want to say hello,i am originally from Moncton, went to good old Moncton,High.i grew up on Robinson,St,Lower Main St,127 to be exact,i am now living in Windsor,Ont.since Nov,1964 and alway`s vacation back home,if anyone remember`s or know`s me please send me an e-mail,i also attended the old Aberdeen School.boy that goe`s back a few year`s,i am also in Ham Radio and i do keep intouch with a few of my personal friend`s in the Moncton-Dieppe area on weekend`s,well very nice to say hello to everyone,take care for now. Laurie Leblanc,VA3LL Windsor,Ontario. Canada. Email:

22/03/02 Hi I live in South East New Brunswick,Kent county.I'd like to hear from others who are or who lived in that area. Email:

21/03/02 My name is Darcy and I am origionally from Middlesex, New Brunswick. I graduated from JMA Armstrong High in 1993. I am currently living in Calgary, AB, and I would love to hear from anyone from back home. Email:

07/02/02 looking for jennipher ann labelle and chritopher brent labelle their moms name is kim johnson please tell them daddy wants to here from them. Email:

14/01/02 Looking for info on the following families:James Burke married Honora Burke. Honora came from Quaco and is connected with Denis Burke and others. Would like to correspond with anyone with an interest in that area. Also, Robert King who had son Robert King who married Honora Burke. These marriages would have take place around the mid-1800s. Anyone out there who went to Beaconsfield in late 60's- I was in Miss Boyce's class then Mr. Foster's for eight and nine. Graduated St. Vincent's 1971.Would love to hear from anyone from that era. Cathy Kirby Email:

11/01/02 Hi Im looking for a friend I have'nt seen in a few years.It would be really nice to talk to him. His name is Maurice Poirier from shediac if you know this person could you please forward, or let him know (Snoopy)is looking. thank you Email: sueEllen@net1plus


No entries on record for the year 2002.

Saint John

12/12/02 My grandmother died in the St. John asylum sometime between 1933 and 1934 and I have no way of knowing the date she died and where she is buried. Her name was Marie Alma Levesque (nee Savoie), the wife of George Levesque. I need to know where to go for this kind of information. I live in Campbellton and it would be nice to go to St. John and find the grave site. Thank you. Email:

30/11/02 I am trying to locate an Uncle who was put up for adoption. Was named Glenn at birth in Fredricton and taken by train by my Grandmother (Norma Aube) in 1945. We believe a Judge Taylor met her at the train and may have adopted Glenn who would have only been a few months old or arranged for him to go to the Protestant Orphanage in St. John. If any knows Judge Taylor or a family member I would appreciate a message. He may have grown up in the Rothsay area. He has two sisters that are very a nxious to meet him.Thanks, Debi Email:

30/11/02 Ijust found out three sets of grandparents were from Campobello Island,Sarah Parker Sarah Mitchell.Paul Enos.I have been looking for roots for a long time and I am starting to unravel,I can't seem to find info on my Dad Charles Alfred Smith b:12-25-1915,in St.John.His parents were CharlesA.Smith & Agnes Enos Smith Thank You so much wonderful site.Louise Smith Email:

30/11/02 Looking for parents/siblings of Mary Jane Cassidy b. March 17 1834 in Fredricton New Brunswick. She married Nahum Francis Foster. she died Sept 24 1920 in Illinios, USA. Also interested in any Fosters who may be in New Brunswick yet. Email:

27/11/02 Hello, my name is Jeremy Thorne. I grew up in Hampton N.B and Saint John N.B. I moved to Manitoba about 5 yr.s ago, if anyone knows who I am, wanna get ahold of me to talk - e-mail me back. Email:

22/09/02 I'm looking for a Harry Ring who would have been in the army back in 1959-1960. Also his buddy Sgt. Bob Mcdonald. Email:

20/09/02 Hi! I was in the NBPO Home from 1953 thru 1957. My name was Patsy Seely. Looking for old friends who may remember. Patty Email:

16/09/02 I'm David and I was in the New Brunswick Protestant Orphans home, Saint John, NB. I'm very interested in any information about it, and in making contact with others who had anything to do with it. I have an MSN Community Site set up for it - please email me for details. Thanks. Email:

16/09/02 Looking for info about a Tommie (Thomas?) Currie who moved to Saint John from Chatham probably during or after Second World War. He may have died and been buried here, perhaps early/mid 1960's. Thanks. David. Email:

15/09/02 Does anyone out there have any info on Mary Lucille Nauss or Lucille May Nauss(Nausse) She lived in Saint John in 1946 and is my birth mother.Am searching for her or any siblings I may have.I believe she was origionally from Nova Scotia. Email:

14/09/02 Hi I am looking for info on my Grandfather he was william G Sweet he was killed in the second world war. I dont have any pictures of him and I would like to have one to put in the paper here on veterans day in his memory. Or any info you may have he joined the army ther in saint john in 1940 and was killed in action in england in 1944. My mother is Vera Sweet Wilson.Thanks for any info Patricia nelson Oxford NC USA Email:

30/08/02 Hello Saint John! I'm trying to get an email address for Sheldon and Tania Estabrooks so I don't have to call them so late due to the time change. ps I sure miss Saint John. I was there for few months of each year from 89 to 92 Thanks Russ Teed Edmonton, AB Email:

26/08/02 My name Is John T. Regan. I am trying to locate the family of John Windle(Father), Mary Ann Windle(Mother), Rita Windle (Daughter) and Grace Windle (Daughter). John and Mary Ann married at St. Peter's Church in Saint John on December 08, 1919. At that time he lived at 112 Rockland Road in Saint John. His Father was Michael Windle. His Mother's first name was Mary. Mary Ann was married to my Grandfather Thomas Naylor Regan who was killed at the Battle of Ypres. At the time of her marriage she was living at 92 Rockland Road in Saint John. She died in October of 1948. Residence at that time was 39 Adelaide St. Saint John. My last contact with Rita and Grace Windle was in 1949 I have not seen or talked to them since. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Email:

18/08/02 Hello to everyone in St Martins New Brunswick, I wonder if anyone there remembers Margaret Geldart (married name) Margaret Brown she moved to Fredericton and then Moncton, I am a friend from Natick,Massachusetts looking for her. Her MOM may still live in St. John, Mrs. Geldart would be in her late 70's early 80's and Magaret would be approx 55, 56,57. If family is still in St John (because I know it is a little town) please pass on my Email address my name is Patricia Calzini (Hearn) Email:

08/08/02 Hi N.B. What memories. I live in Oakville, Ontario but I am still a Maritimer at heart. Saint John is my birthplace and I lived there until I was a teenager. Great people, very friendly. Happy to hear from anyone who remembers me. Alayne Casey Email:

08/08/02 Hello everyone I am just posting another message looking for info. leading to the where abouts of my birth father. His name is Albert James David Miller and he was married to my mother Judith Anne Flynn. So far I have had no leads as to were he is today and I would like to find him. But I must say the site has helped because of my last message posted a cousin of mine has found me last year and we have met in person and get along. I went back home to SJ NB. last summer and it was great although alot of things have changed it is still the same town. Anyways goota go now my daughter is getting into things. Have a great day and thanks to anyone who can help me out. Email:

04/08/02 hi all I live in Liverpool England and am trying to find relatives who lived in St John New Brunswick there name is Macillwraith I remember my uncle Eric living in a road called Hillcrest Road they had 3 children they will be in there 50s -60s I can only remember 2 of there names Thomas and Susan. I look forward to hearing from you much appreciated love viv Email:

25/07/02 I'm Looking for my birth parents. I was born in St John in 1950 with the name Robert Steven Lister. The adoption was handled by the New Brunswick Protestant Orphan's Home. If any body has any information on my birth parents or siblings please forward it to me via e-mail. Thank You very much. Email:

20/0702 Hello: I am looking for someone named Derek McLaren who I knew when I was in the New Brunswick Protestant Orphange in the mid 60"s early 70"s or any other people who lived there at around the sane time. Email:

15/07/02 I am looking for the birth mother and or father of my father. Possibly adopted in St John New Brunswick. I believe from photos he was adopted very young. Date of birth May 09, 1955. Not looking to stir up old wounds, nor pass blame, just seeking to learn my identity and family health history. My family is thankful for the life we have been given. Email:

13/07/02 Seeking history/any information on Ship Builders, John McMorran and ? Dunn of St. John. 1850's to ??? They built my great-grand-father's ship in 1860. 1st called the "Minnehaha" then re-named "Laura" in 1896/7. Ship ran aground? outside Limmerick, Ireland in 1903. thanks for any info., Email:

09/07/02 Just started my search for John Douglas Robertson -- my great grandfather born July 31, 1825 at Robertson's Point, Northend, St. John. One of his children is Jennie Elizabeth, born January 23, 1852 -- adopted by her Uncle Robert Reed in 1856. This is a mystery why Jennie was adopted. She went on to marry another Robertson, James Underhill. Until Jennie married she resided at Mount Pleasant (Reid's Castle) Please inform me of any information you might have. Thanks. Email:

27/06/02 Trying to obtain information about a John Windle and a Mary Windle (Nee Mary Regan, Mary Melia)they had two daughters Rita and Grace. Email:

20/06/02 hi my name is fred landry.i'am from saint john i left there 1970 moved to winnipeg manitoba if any body knows a fred landry e-mail me Email:

17/06/02 Hi, I was born in Saint John in 1970, moved to Hamilton,On in 1994. My name is David Cummings, graduated from M.N.H.S Along with my now wife of (7) years, Tammy McKay.I love to hear about my hometown. Email:

17/06/02 Hi, Someone looking for info on Florence Horsman,[nee Gudgin]. Send a message to Les. Email:


16/05/02 I'm from Sussex in England, but I used to live in Saint John (Dunn Avenue, Lancaster) when I was 8 or so (1957 to 1959). I have good memories of the town and would be interested in hearing if anyone has memories of what must have seemed a strange (and large - 5 children, but no car!) English family! Regards, Pete Knight Email:

11/05/02 Came from SJ to Ontario about 15 years ago. grad of Simonds High 1980. Was married to John Israel for short time. Have one son 20. Looking to hear from any old friends but am searching for Jamie Watts & John Brookins. If anyone has any info about these guys please email me a I still get to visit SJ every couple of years. Last time was for 20yr. reunion. Guys are all bald!! It was great. Maiden name was Shari Erb. Grew up at the cemetery. Hope to hear from you. Email:

03/05/02 Researching "Dunn" family tree from Redmondville, NB.. 1851 Census shows Catherine Dunn, widowed, age 60 at time of Census. She entered the colonies in May 1831 Son, James, age 26 at time of Census, also entered colonies in May, 1831. No record of her husband. Youngest child, Catherine, born around 1839. Also, records show she also had a young child, Margaret Bridget, who would be around a year old who entered the colonies same date. Appreciate any information on this family. Perhaps s omeone might have a Passenger List which might show a husband, wife and two children with these names. Email:

25/04/02 Hello, My name is Dennis Jackson. Born in Westbrook, Maine. Son of Harry B. Jackson, Jr. & Gloria Sanderson. My Grandmother, Celia Jackson (Wilson) was born in Woodstock, New Brunsiwck in 1894 I believe. I have lost contact with her family in that area. Does anyone know the Richie Family in or around Woodstock? My grandmother had many sisters from Woodstock. I would appreciate any information if possible. Thank you. Email:

24/04/02 Greetings from Boston, MA Hoping I may find some relatives in Saint John from way back in the 1800's. The name is TONER. Terence Toner was my GGGGrandfather. Sarah Toner was my GGGGrandmother who died and is buried here in So. Boston in the oldest catholic cemetery in 1844. She was born in 1804.I believe her daughter Ellen Toner was here also.Ellen was born in Saint John. Would appreciate any information. Thanks, Jude Email:

23/04/02 For Saint John and area. I would like to contact any Gillespie family. I am looking for information on Nathaniel who in 1871 was a millwright in Milledgeville, NB. Descendents please get in touch. Email:

14/04/02 I am researching the FINLAY'S in Saint John and would like to correspond with like-minded researchers. I would also like to hear from Finlay's and relatives with a Saint John connection. I've found some neat info. about the family past I can share. Email:

08/04/02 I am trying to trace my great uncle Bert Coombes' relatives, who would be based around Saint John, New Brunswick. My grandmother, his sister, Ethel May Loader (nee Coombes), lived in Wimborne, Dorset, England until her death some 18 years ago. There are relatives (Coombes and Loader) still living in Wimborne today. If anyone has any leads, or information they would like to pass to anyone in the local area (I myself live in Bournemouth), please contact me by email;I would be delighted to hear from you. Best wishes Martin Watts Email:

17/03/02 I was born in Saint John in 1929, at the Salvation Army Evangeline Maternity Hospital. Does anyone have any info on this, when and where it was located, etc. Email:

10/03/02 Hi there, I am looking for Timothy David Golden who lives or lived in Saint John NB, I really need to contact him concerning my son Zackery William David Golden. If you have any info. on this person please contact me it is very important. Just like to thank now for your help Email:

25/02/02 I attended Bayside Junior High School from 1986-1989. I'm looking for Tine Le, a classmate and friend, with whom I lost touch since junior high school. Any Bayside alumni out there who can help me? You would have known me as Becky(Rebecca) Peterson...I'd like to hear from you too!! Email:

17/02/02 I am trying to establish contacts with people who graduated from Simond's High school during the years 1869-1972. I was born in Saint John, lived ther for 20 years and travelled Canada obtaining several science degrees. Please contact me at Email:

14/02/02 Wondering if I have any relatives still living in the St. John area. Grandfather: George W. Hatheway Grandmother: Dora and subsequently Vangie Great Aunt: Jen Hatheway Father: Russell Hatheway Believe I have an Uncle George who would be about 8 years younger than I am. I was born in 1934. Email:

10/02/02 Howdy Folks! I am Marilyn P Cox (maiden name), born and pretty much raised in Saint John NB.. I miss my town all the time and I am constantly telling people of our History. I am proud to be a Saint Johner. I have 2 boys now 16.21. also proud to be who they are. because I strongly believe that Maritimers are extra special people. raise with good morals in the story of life. And it shows with a 21 year old getting baptised becaused he believes in himself and his upbringing,and then joins the Canadian Navy.Am e n. I always come back there to bury my family. I still have a few remaining,and there families..we never end!!! I miss you all Saint John ,,Stand Proud We All Do.. Any Ervin ,Cox,Haig,family out there ?? Affliates are: Burley,Cobham,Cormier,Osborne,Thompson,Martin,McKinnion.Branes,The End.Love to hear from ya all. Email:

30/01/02 Just popped into the site to see who has posted messages and such ... been away since Aug 8th , 1997. Re-located to Edmonton, Alberta and have missed my family, friends and home since. I am 67 days away from my MCSE/MCP Certifications ( Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer ) and will be home by June 1st, 2002. If anyone see this and recognises me ... please feel free to drop an Email to one of the 2 listed below, you can never have to many email buddies. Well, I hope that everyone is doing fine and hope to see you's all very soon. Eric Joseph Robichaud Email: or

29/01/02 My ancestry leads to West Saint John, New Bunswick in the first decade of the 20th century. My families name was Sharp(e). My great grandmother Adelaide Sharp(e)lived in the area and her husband's name is unknown to me, subsequently she married a Frank J. Knowles from Bangor Maine. May have been connected to the Stackhouse shipyard, as my grandfather Constantine Johnson, was a shipwright and ships carpenter. Looking for best 'guesses' as to cousins remaining and family traces. Email:

26/01/02 SAINT JOHN ARTIST - Lillian May Hall Hi Everyone! This is probably just a "shot in the dark" but I am trying to find anyone who might have a painting by "LILLIAN MAY HALL" She was my grandmother and sold her paintings for a "meagre" living in the 1940's. She resided in Saint John. I am sure there must be someone out there who still has one of her paintings. If you have one and would like to part with it, please contact me. BD Donald (Hall) Email:

22/01/02 I'm looking to contact Cindy Hatt,originaly from Gondola Point age 39 or 40,we are old childhood best friends.Thanks Rebecca Taylor nee Foley Email:

12/01/02 Looking for info on the following families:James Burke married Honora Burke. Honora came from Quaco and is connected with Denis Burke and others. Would like to correspond with anyone with an interest in that area. Also, Robert King who had son Robert King who married Honora Burke. These marriages would have take place around the mid-1800s. Anyone out there who went to Beaconsfield in late 60's- I was in Miss Boyce's class then Mr. Foster's for eight and nine. Graduated St. Vincent's 1971.Would love to hear from anyone from that era. Cathy Kirby Email:

11/01/02 Iam trying to locate kin of my uncle William & Ida Mcculloch whom lived on St. John St. in the 50s and 60s.Please contact me, trying to do a family tree.Thanks Harold Mcculloch Email:

{short description of image}

04/04/02 Looking for my adopted sister!Born in St.John,N.B. 1966-67. Birth name was Melinda. Please contact me Barb Kyle.

St. George

23/12/02 hi all the eastern Charlotte ATV Club Inc. meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Pennfield fire hall 7;00 pm .If You are concerned with the increase in regresteration fees and want a say in were it will go come out and see us..... Email:

05/08/02 Just wanted to say hi to all the Harris clan (lots of them) in St. George. And, to let them know that Wayne and I really miss all of you so much, and wish we were heading back there right now. Take care .. all our love and hugs, Wayne and Mary Harris (Whitehorse, Yukon) Email:

 St. Stephen

25/07/02 We are looking for our birth brothers and sisters. We were adopted and grew up in Saint John. Our birth names are Camille Emerson Makay and John Robert Makay. We were born in St Stephens, and believe our mothers name was Makay our fathers name may have been Smith. Any information would be a great help. Email:

25/05/02 Hallo again it is me maureen Beal Gray From Holland! I am wondering if anyone from the Grand Manan area would kindly scan a copy of Rene Boerboom and Maureen wanda Beal Grays wedding announcement that was in the St.Crouix newspaper about a week ago and email it to us at the following email address Thank you Very Much Rene Boerboom and Maureen Gray! Email:

13/02/02 I am looking for some of the people on Grand Manan Island that would know my mom and dad Heber and Lois Beal. I am 37 years old.. I was born On Grand Manan Island and would like to email some people from back there because I am living in the Netherlands now and I am very lonely sometimes... Thank you Maureen Beal Gray! Email:

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