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06/01/04 Looking for birth mother or brother. Birth mother was born on November 25th 1938. Daughter was born September 25th 1966 and name was Marie Karen Colpitts in London Ontario Brother was born in 1962 and lived with granparents Email:

01/01/04 Claudette:Iwas borned in Moncton 23-02-1945 and place for adoption.I amsearching for my family.i know that my mother still living in N.B.she is 82,was married and had 8 children.She know that i am searching but didn't respond yet.Please help me if you can. Email:

14/12/04 Were you born in 1948 and brough up by your maternal grandparents??? If you were, then it's a good chance that you are my birth sister!! I was born to Doreen/Dorina LeBlanc of McAdam NB. She gave birth to me on Feb 15, 1952 in Halifax, NS. She is currently living in Quebec and has married and changed her name. Doreen/Dorine has had four children. These are my siblings as well as the daughter she had in 1948. My sister and Uncle (Doreen's brother) are living in NB. Doreen has a sister who is also living in Quebec. If anyone has any information on my birth family, please email me!! Email:


26/11/04 Searching for my sister-in-law. Her married name was MONICA LYMBURNER, when married to IAN. Their children's names are MIRANDA & BRANDON. Possibly working as an EMT. Any info, please contact Kim @ Email:

11/11/04 I moved to the states with my best friend Shirley Harris in 1956. I got married shortly after and I believe Shirley moved back to the Moncton NB area. She would have been born Dec.2 1932 or 33.Her fathers name was Herb Harris and she had a sister Norma.The last I heard she was in El Pasco Texas. Barbara Email:

04/11/04 Hello, My name is Jenn Steeves. I am from Hamilton, Ontario. My fathers side of the family (most I have never met in my life) live in Cap Pele, Sackville, MOncton & Shediac NEW BRUNSWICK! My grandmother is Anna Steeves (mother of Doug, Maryanne, Doris, Jimmy, and others). If anyone knows them or has the last name STEEVES. PLEASE EMAIL ME HERE: thank you! Jenn Email:

28/10/04 Hello N.B.I grew up in Petitcodiac.Would like to hear from anyone who remembers the Ayer family.We may know each other. Email:

15/10/04 Hi my name is Katherine M Matthews living in the United States.I'm looking for relatives of my father Leslie G Matthews and any history on the family who was from the Moncton area. Email:

13/10/04 hello everyone, I have in my posession several "The Maritime Farmer" Newspapers dating back to 1930's. Also have a few of "The Shrine Magazine" dated back to 1927. I cannot seem to find any information on these items or find out their value if any. Please help!!!! Email:

12/10/04 My name is Florence Marie Claudette Maillet and I am looking for information on my grandmother FLorence Stella Marie Maillet 1927 1987 who died in a fall near her home in Moncton NB. According to records she was married to Donald Power. I am looking into getting a copy of her birth cert to find out more of my heritage. please send any info care of Email:

02/10/04 Does anyone know the wearabouts of Jeff Markey. He moved to Hamilton, Ont about 20 years ago. Lost contact with him about 12 years agao. Just wondering how he's doing. Email me if you know. Thanks Email:

24/09/04 Hey...I am a Vegan living in the Moncton area. I am interested in starting an animal rights group in Moncton. If anyone out there wants to join me, seeing as how I don't know any other vegans, please email me!! Email:

21/09/04 Still trying to find Deborah Dickson(maiden name). From Moncton in the 70's Someone must know about her. Call me collect 313.724.5142 or e-mail Bill Email:

18/09/04 Hi. My husband has been offered a transfer to Moncton (from Ontario). I am a teacher and would like to know how the job situation is for teachers before we make a decision. Thanks. Email:

10/09/04 searching for Deborah Dickson(maiden name).Lived in Moncton in the 70's.She is about 50 now. Email:

25/08/04 I am still looking for any info on a Deborah Dickson,from the Moncton area in the 70's.Her father worked as a department store manager in downtown Moncton during that time.She may have moved to the ottawa area at some point. please call 313.724.5142 or e-mail Bill Orr Email:

25/08/04 I would appreciate your help in finding a street address or e-mail address for the Chamberlain Settlement. I live in Washington state on the west coast, so don't know which NB city the Chamberlain Settlement is attached. Thanks a lot. Email:

24/08/04 Looking for long lost friend. Deborah Dickson,Highschool grad.1972,I think.Lived in Moncton around that time.I am an old boyfriend,would be grateful for any info as to her whereabouts. Please call me.313.724.5142 Bill Orr Email:

31/07/04 I am looking for imformation on Mrs. or Mr. Wm. Elli Larracey,of Humphrey of Irishtown,Moncton N.B. or anyone that knows of them,around 1960,they were foster parents at that time. Terry Leger Phone No:506-433-4057 Email:

17/07/04 Looking for information on Thomas and Julia (McGrath) LeBlanc family who lived in or around McAdam, NB in the late 1920's. They had a large family with Maria Dorina as one of their daughters born on December 17, 1929. Mr. LeBlanc may have worked the railroad in McAdam, NB. Any information on this family would certainly help in completing my family tree. You may email me at" I eagerly await your reply. Thank you. Email:

08/07/04 Hi all, I am desperately searching for any info I can on a large family from new Brunswick. Here is the info I have so far: Name could be : BOILEAU, BEAULIEU, BELLEAU, BELYA, BELLYA -Family was French Canadian -Father was a painter by trade and born in 1880 -Mother was a housewife born in 1886 -They had 11 children(5 girls 6 boys) -One was born in 1927 and was 5'3" tall w/blue eyes brown hair and moved to Montreal and worked as a salesclerk. -One was a teacher, two brothers were painters, two were factory workers and the others were still at home. If ANY of this sounds familiar, please do not hesitate to contact me at : Thank you Email:

08/07/04 Am looking for family 'DesBarres' possibly residing in Sackville area. Email:

06/07/04 I am looking into the death of my brother Allan Norman Burnett, about 1990 in Shediac, shot to death by who? when? Trial file numbers and info of any of his family like girlfriend at the time and any children by him. Info will be confidential. Thank you. Email:

23/06/04 I am searching for an old friend I used to work and room with in Saint John..she was from Shediac.. name D. Poirier...worked at N.B. Tel.with her.....any infor please write me... Email:

19/06/04 Hi,my name is Julie,I know its a long shot, but would there be some Allain from the 50s still living in Rexton, just wondered i had some Allains Friends,in Rexton. Julie. Email:

25/05/04 To Sonia looking for the musician you met on line. Don't know if I can help as no info was given. Post again with vitals and I might be able to help. Glad you like my home province! Email:


19/04/04 I am looking for a friend if he could get in touch with me his name is George Ahearn email me! Email:

18/04/04 im looking for a man whose name is terry.hes from moncton.hes works for the law enforcement.the guy im looking for is on incredidate.neither one of us seem to be able to contact the other.can you help me? Email:

23/03/04 Hello,I am a 28 year old single mom of two residing in moncton.I am currently searching for my biological family last name burke.I was born April 17,1976.I was put in a foster home then Gladys Chapman told my biological mom that she had suitable parents to adopt me..She then told foster care that she changed her mind and went through the adoption privately.My adoptive grandmother Neta Craig went to pick me up at my biological grandmothers house.My birth name was Tanya Louise Birth and a t adoption was changed over to Sherri Ann Macdonald.The adoption order was finalized on March 14,1978..I want to be able to fill the missing gap in my heart and know who i truely am in life..Mom if your out there please contact me at this address Email:

20/03/04 I am looking for the parents of Flora McDonald. Flora married James Sample in 1880 in Moncton. Any help much appreciated Ann Email:

20/02/04 Hi Everyone: I am looking for my husband's birth family. His birth mother's maiden last name was Grady. Anyone with any info on the Grady's in New Brunswick please contact me. I was born June 13, 1973. Birth mother was born in 1954. Email:

14/02/04 What city or town on your website map is " Boundary Creek " closest to. My great ancestor Joseph dit Beausolie Broussard is from this area and I plan to visit there this August during the Congres Mondial in Nova Scotia. Do you have any other historical info about Joseph and his family? Or can you refer me to a book or website with this info. Thank you, Cheryl Broussard Perret, Lafayette, Louisiana. Email:

13/02/04 My name is Leonard W born 12/55 to EDith Grace Pauleene? OLSON OR Ohlson olhson i am not sure of spelling of maidon name, She died on or about 76-78 in windsor Ontario,She had 6 children Joyce leonard david robert leah and johnny. She also had a sister in or around toronto Ontario ( irma Perkins) with 2 sons Jimmy and Scotty Any one with any information on my mother and her familly PLEASE EMAIL ME AT ( to much in my life Thank you Leonard Email:

09/02/04 I am a qualified Administrative Assistant looking for work in the Moncton area. I am having a problem finding work because I am not bilingual. Can you help? Email:

31/01/04 We are looking for some friends that moved to the Moncton area, we have lost contact and we have moved also. I would greatly appreciate it if you could find us their phone# Their name is BOB McGee, spouse Marianne. They use to live in Ok Falls,B.C. They also have relatives living around there. My e-mail is Email:

24/01/04 What a terrific website!!! Well done!! I am currently looking for information on a Thomas and Julia (nee McGrath) LeBlanc who lived in or around McAdam, NB in the late 1920's. Church records reveal that their daughter, Maria Dorina, was baptized on Dec 29, 1929. Her godparents were a Mr. & Mrs. Dan Row. Thomas and Julia had a large family. Does anyone know where they may have settled? It is assumed that they may have come to McAdam to work the railroad, since McAdam was a booming railroad town at the time. I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide me on my search. Thank you so much. Email:

20/01/04 Searching for my mother's long lost father Edward Cormier,who once lived in Campbellton and had my mother with Cora Wade in 1942.My mother is Carol Ann Wade.Edward is believed to have been born about 1910-20.Anyone with info please contact or you!! Email:

11/01/04 Hello everyone.I am from Moncton now residing in Winnipeg I would like to hear from anyone who knows me from cocagne Buctouche st-marie or Moncton.It is so nice to have this site.Hope to hear from someone soon.Josette Poirier. Email:


25/12/04 I am looking for Canadian relatives. My granfather was Ernest Victor Fowler who married Catherine Coyne from Ireland/Scotland. Grandfather a member of Victoria Hockey Team Champions New Brunswick Hockey League 1913-1914 known as "Shorty". He had a sister named Nellie Beatrice and beleive brothers named Burnett Peter, Edward James. I think their parents were Edward Henry Fowler and Etta Sarah Chapman (maybe Etta Sweet Chapman). I think that Edward James Fowler may have been married to Ve r a Marjorie Bell. I have names of Henry Walson Chapman and Olive Brundige who had a child named Etta Maud Chapman. Anyone who can help with any family info contact I am in Columbus Ohio. Email:

07/03/04 Hey there. I am hoping to help me half sister find her birth father. We have narrowed the search to a fellow named Homer LeBlanc (Possibly Omer). He would be between 53 and 58 years old today (2004). We beleive he grew up in or around Memramcook, NB. He moved to Hamilton, Ontario around 1967/1968 where we believe he boarded in a home with an Eleanor Musgrove and conceived a child with her daughter Linda Musgrove (Butler). He soon after moved back to NB without knowledge that she w a s pregnant. If there is anyone who has any knowledge about this man, would you please contact me. Sincerely... Email:

09/01/04 need info on enamel & heating products ltd kozy # 33 stove circa 1300 Email:

Saint John

31/12/04 Hi yall,my name is Bill McGrath ,i was born on feb.19/1967i awas addopted in saint john,i believe my birth name was goldenand i believe my birthmother worked at the admarial bettey resteraunt any information would be greatly appreached i can be reached at Email:

30/12/04 I am looking for my birth son, his aname is Jeffery Fanjoy and he was adopted in Rothesay, NB. He was born 12/28/75 in Flin Flon, MB. He was placed for adoption in Saint John, NB. in 1976-77. If anyone has any information on contacting him it would be so greatly appreciated. Kindest Regards, Jude Putnam Email:

27/12/04 I am looking for my half sister. She was put in an orphanage in St John N.B sometime between 1937 and 1940. Her name was Margaret Ann Trainor. I just found out about her this weekend and an anxious to find her. Email:

21/12/04 hi everyone,im looking for my birth parentsand or any relitives,i was born in Saint john on Feb/19/1967 and any imformation of a resterant/bar thatuse to be located at king quare any help would be appriched Email:

17/12/04. Hi I am looking for Michael Lacelle from St. John. Visited Galway, Ireland in early '90s. If anybody knows him tell him Galway sends greeting and best wishes. Thanks. Email:

12/12/04 Hi, my mother who passed away a few years ago after settling here in England was born in Saint John.My grandmother Eleanor Hughes married an Englishman. Her father was a Charles Edward Hughes and mother Susan McCarty. grandmothers brothers and sisters were Florence,Gladys,Walter,Charles,William.Roy. I beleive an Eleanor Hopkins in Saint John (maybe Keith Court) to be a distant relative. Can she please E mail me please. I know some relatives to have married Crane and Fillmore Email:

06/12/04 Does anyone know John Bishop who used to be a DJ there for one of the local radio stations back in the mid 80's? If so, have him contact me.An old friend now living in Northern Ontario for the past 15 years. Email:

06/12/04 Looking for Cheryl ( Green ) ? I know she married again, don't know the last name now. She lived in the Millidgevile area back in around 1985. I did two charcaol portraits of her children,( two girls - baby pictures ) and not long after they were stolen, would like the chance to do them again. Have been away for awhile, and living in Ontario. If anyone knows her, please get her to e-mail me, It's been bugging me all of these years, that they were taken and never replaced. Thank you. AL. Email:

06/12/04 I was searching the Saint John site, and noticed under your bulletin, that on Dec 1st Symphony New Brunswick played. I am looking for an old friend, he sings tenor and his name is Paul Bustin, maybe you can contact him for me and get him to e-mail me, Haven't seen him for about 17 years. I used to live there and have family there,now residing in northern Ontario. Great site! AL. Email:

06/12/04 Hi there, My name is Monique Pellett. I am looking for anyone who knows Timothy David Golden from Saint John, New Brunswick. I am also looking for anyone who knows of his family there. Zackery William David Golden, David Golden, Jacqueline Golden, Tanya Golden and Tina Golden. If you have any idea who they are please contact me. It is very important. Thank you all. Email:

01/12/04 I live in Devonshire, west UK. My home is in Dawlish a few miles west of EXETER. I am reading a book about the Port of Teignmouth that is three miles west. the Book was published in 1976 by a local publisher and printer in Teignmouth THE BRUNSWICK PRESS. Wondering if the firmstill existed I "put it to GOOGLE" No references turned up. BUT!! what delights were revealed! Thank you all in NEW BRUNSWICK in CANADA. Oh yes and this reminded me of the very long ties that TEIGNMOUTH had with LABRADOR and Canada in the fishing of COD. A happy Christmas to all. Mr Jesse Bridge. (age 81) Email:

01/12/04 Hello, I'm looking for any information about my Grandmother, Melanie Cormier, born in New Brunswick or PEI around 1888-89. She married Hercules Joseph Guillet in Farmingham, They and settled in New Bedford, Mass. Any information would be greatly welcomed. Thank you, Sue Email:

28/11/04 Looking for information on George Samuel Beckett ( The watch and clock repairman) from Bloomfield, NB. Doing research for his neice on local hereos. Email:

25/11/04 Hi, Great website! I am looking for Jeff Fanjoy. If anyone has his email or mailing address, I would greatly appreciate it! Cheers, Jude Email:

23/11/04 Anyone knowing the where abouts of zackery william david golden,bd.oct.31,1989 in Saint John Regional Hospital, please e-mail me at Email:

17/11/04 Looking for Heather Diane (nee)Kirby. I have a message for her. Email:

17/11/04 Looking for Orville Herbert Mason.Does anyone have his number? Email:

14/11/04 Trying to find my dad's old house. His parents, Wilfred Myles Clarke and Marie Elisabeth Anna Clarke(nee Harms) lived in Browns Flats and left in 1951. There was supposed to be an army base built next to their house. There weren't any street names back then. Email:

13/11/04 Who were the parents of Coleen Sylvia George, married about 1950's to Francis MacNeil. And did they have any children ? Email:

13/11/04 I'm searching for boy born in 1972 in St-John would've been adopted (not sure when)mother's name is Susan LeBlanc from Dieppe NB. mother and boy were redheads. I know it's a long shot but he is be half brother and family has been uncooperative.! please e-mail me... Email:

11/11/04 Looking for a possible Elsie or Elsa Comeau, 1950 gave birth to a girl named Carol Ann on Christmas day 1950. Not much more to go on except possible grandfather name A. Comeau in 1961 or 62 would have been about 42 to 45 years old. Email:

10/11/04 Hey it's been ten years since i moved away i miss the city and family,can,t say i'm sorry i moved as the city has not been doing so good.Any one who remembers me say hello.I live in Toronto now.I miss the slow pace of Saint John.But hey. E-mail:


27/10/04 I have been in ont. for 2 months now and i am missing saint john so much can't wait to get back. Email:

22/10/04 Hello everybody, I am researching my Family Tree and am trying to find the whereabouts of my great Aunt Euphemia(Effie) SERGEANT (nee COSTER), and/or her descendants, who moved to Saint John from Glasgow Scotland with her husband Joseph in circa 1924.Euphemia was my mother's(Margaret Smith (nee GRAY)) aunt. Euphemia and Joseph had, I believe, two children - Evelyn and Rita. Rita had three children of her own, Blair, Shirley and Ian. The only address I have is 20 McNeil Street, Saint Joh n If anyone reading this can give me any further information, I would be most grateful. Regards Derek Smith, Solihull, West Midlands, United Kingdom Email: Email:

19/10/04 I am wondering if anybody could tell me how to get an old newspaper article from 1977. I am looking for an article on the 1977 St. John prison fire. Email:

18/10/04 where is rockwood court. I heard it has changed it's name. I used to live there in the fifties. I remember there used to be big hills behind the last apartments. Ialso used to walk up the big hill to Trinity school and go skating at lily lake. Email:

13/10/04 hello everyone, I have in my posession several "The Maritime Farmer" Newspapers dating back to 1930's. Also have a few of "The Shrine Magazine" dated back to 1927. I cannot seem to find any information on these items or find out their value if any. Please help!!!! Email:

13/10/04 We arrived by the cruise ship, Grand Princess, on Wednesday, October 6, 2004. What a pleasant surprise to be greeted with a rose and a lapel pin for my husband. Later, we heard the story about how the tradition began. Just know that the rose was a lovely decoration in our tiny cabin for the rest of teh cruise. Thank you for your hospitality. Our visit was to short. We do hope to visit again. Email:

11/10/04 name is Valerie King I am 22 and from Miramichi..I am looking for info on my birth mother..I was born on February 27, 1982 in St. John, NB..I have knowledge that my birth mothers name is Carol or Carolyn parents that adopted me also adopted my real brother who Jason..our names before adoption were Jennifer Lynn Bailey which was me and Jason Daniel Bailey..he is deceased now..I also heard that we have 2 other siblings possibly named Jamie and Julie..I want some info an d if anyone has some PLEASE e-mail me.thanks Email:

08/10/04 I jumped ship in st john early 1946 .I met wonderful pals there, I've forgotten their names but not their friendship.They lined up work for me as alongshoreman .I was detained & deported. It was avicious winter. My name is Jack Ruxton,Iwould love to renew their friendships. Email:

06/10/04 How many kilometers would it be approximately to drive from Antigonish, NS (outside New Glasgow) to Saint John? Email:

03/10/04 This site is a great idea! I am searching for a very close friend whom unfortunately I have lost touch with . We went to riding school together in Fredericton at The Royal Road Riding Stables. She lived just outside St. John. Annelli Morrison her name is and she worked in the Pumpkin Patch. The last time I heard from her she was managing a stable in a resort hotel in the Arab Emerites. If anyone knows her and where I might contact her I would be forever grateful as I love her like a si s ter and miss her very much. Hope someone out there can help me. Thankyou Email:

30/09/04 I would like to wish zackery david william golden bd.oct.31.1989 a early birthday greeting from friends and family.mother-monique, grandmother-judy, aunts-melissa, mendoe numerous cousins please forward message with much love and miss you dearly. Email:

28/09/04 I am searching for information for the October 17, 2004 St. John Culinary Festival and am amazed it is not listed in your web site. Heard it announced on CBC this morning and did not catch their contact info. Why is it not here??????? Email:

28/09/04 We are looking for all the descendents of John Talmadg Brown and Maria Emma Myett (Brown, Bartlett, Hodgson, Fynn and Lee)to join us at a family reunion to be held in St. Martins on July 30/31 2005. Come and enjoy meeting and getting to know other members of the family in the true friendship and hospitaly that is so New Brunswick. Email:

22/09/04 I was born 1933 in Saint John NB. Placed in orphanage in 1936. Searching for paternal grandparents John Elward married to Agnes Robichaud.any info will be greatly appreciated. Email:

21/09/04 Hi, I was born and raised in Saint John, lived on Park St Extension and went to Princess Elizabeth School then onto Vocational until 1961. Worked in the area for a few years then joined the army in 1964, retired in Edmonton Alberta now since 1997, work as a civilian for the Military now. Hoping to find some of my old school friends. Ciao for now and hope to hear from someone soon. Email:

17/09/04 Does anyone in Saint John area have old residential directories or similar for early 1900's to 1915 which they could check for me. I am trying to find out where our Grandparents lived during that period,their names were Richard and Laura M Yates. they emigrated to Montreal in 1903 and moved to Saint John but I dont have exact date, they did eventually return to Montreal. Laura Yates was a Music Teacher. As we live in U.K. Any help would be much appreciated. Email:

16/09/04 Hello, I am Pilar Torreblanca and I am from Argentina. I visited this site while I was looking information about Walter Pidgeon, an actor who I admire very deeply. Here I found a very interesting and original biography with unknown anecdotes and parts of personal interviews that make it invaluable. However, I have a doubt and perhaps someone can dissipate it: accordingly to this biography he went to Hollywood in 1926 with his wife, but, in that time he was widower, wasn`t he?. And anoth e r question I have is Why some biographies say he was born in 1897 and another in 1898? I mean, Why that controversy?. Well, forgive me my curiosity and the irrelevant questions product of my young enthusiasm before the possibility of knowing a little more about "The Gentleman from Saint John". Thank you for your time and patience, cordially, Pilar Torreblanca. Email:

16/09/04 hi,I am fr. Saint John now living in Calgary A.B. Miss home lots!You can take the girl out of the maritimes but you cant take the maritimes out of the girl! looking for a long time friend Tisha Burhoe. Tisha if you see this email me pls miss you! Email:

09/09/04 I was born (1959) and raised in Saint John and left in 1980. I live in Calgary,AB which I love but I do get homesick and am a true Maritimer at heart always. I grew up in the North End of Saint John and went to Crescent Valley Elementary, Princess Elizabeth Jr High and Millidgeville North High School. I am planning a visit home in Sep 2004. If anyone remembers me,(as Sharon North), drop me a line. I would love to hear from you. Email:

04/09/04 Hi, We are looking for our brother who was adopted in New Brunswick. Information says his name is Micheal, lives in Saint John, and is 59 years old. He has throat cancer. We are his birth family, and we are searching for him. Anyone that might know him, please contact us at 705-653-3413 Email:

03/09/04 I have recently moved back to Sussex N.B, am trying to find receipt for green tomatoe Chow Chow, used to make it years ago. Can't find the receipt anywhere. Help Email:

03/09/04 Hello,I am looking for an old friend.His name is Martin Bakota. Can you help? Martina Email:

30/08/04 Do anyone know where I can order wedding invitations from, at a reasonable price.. I am from Saint John area. Thanks, Email:

28/08/04 Hi, I am looking for a woman in her late 40s that may use the name Linda Mcinnis or Linda Roy. She married James mcinnis in the mid 80s. This was a short marriage of about a year. Last know residence was saint john. Email:

looking for grandchild mothers initials D H -child was born in August 1970-73 grandchild was adopted a far as we know.

17/08/04 lived in saint john all my life drifted a lot but always ended up back looking for email address for st.john the baptist church on broad st. any help would be thoughtfully appreciated.nice site a lot of peoples names ring old bells have a G-DAY Email:

15/08/04 i am looking for any information or pictures or websites that anyone has on the mahaney quads born in 1923 december 25 there names were:edith may, edna, john, christine mahaney...anyone having information or pictures or anything please email right away please Email:

15/08/04 I am trying to find my husbands gggrandfather. Robert Colwell.He married Mary Haycock on Dec. 27,1845 acording to an entry in the St.John N.B. Courier They had a least one son Alfred. I have no idea what part of New Brunswick they lived in.Any help would be wonderful. Thanks, Janet Colwell Email:


12/08/04 I've come across this website and I it. I see alot of you are looking for family members. I am a skip tracer. I would like to assist you he locating your family. I tried to email some of you but getting a message. NOT FOUND. I look forward to hearing from you. Email:

12/08/04 In the late 60's, I was a sailor on a British ship (the Trollpark) that loaded forest products from your great town, and I had a girlfriend, called Carole Martin and I believe she lived on King Street, of course she might be married now, under a different name, but I have always remembered her, and especially the site of her waving me goodbye from the dockside all those year ago, anybody can through some light on this or who might know where she is, please contact me. Alan Godfrey, my name then would have been Alan Cohen Email:

08/08/04 I came to this web site to learn more about the area that my boyfriend calls home. I'm in Florida and would love to come up to see him in Moncton someday. If any of you know Shane that has a booth at the Market in Saint John on Sundays tell him Amanda misses him!! Thanks! Email:

04/08/04 Some time ago we visited Saint John - in the Market listened to Frank Smith playingand video taped him. We bought a wonderful tape from him and have since mislaid it over the years. We wrote to address on cassette box but it came back unknown. We live in North Wales so would be pleased can anyone help to locate him or has information about him. Email:

03/08/04 i was born in st john. went to winter st. school and prince charles. lived on st paul st and south end. if u remmber me ,please send me an email. Email:

25/07/04 From Neal Thomas, Southampton. My mother was born in St John in 1912. When she was alive she used to sing " To a mansion in a city came a couple old and grey"and "Wont you come over to my house and play" I have tried to track these songs down but have been unlucky Email:

19/07/04 Hello, I am looking for an old friend Randy Gallant. His parents names are Lynn & Paul. They used to live outside of Saint John. If anyone can help me, please help me. Email me at Email:

18/07/04 hello, my name is Letange Nadine . If there are others with the name LETANGE in New-brunswick they can contact me. Thanks Email:

14/07/04 I was born and raised in Mispec Saint John New Brunswick family is still there...graduated from Simonds High School 1974..miss my home town....Also the smells,friendly people and the salt water of Bay of Funday. I go home every maiden name was Shannon. I wonder if we are having a 30th class reunion this year for the Simonds High School 1974 graduates...if so could someone e-mail me..thanks Wendy Forbes Ont Canada Email:

08/07/04 Hi all, I am desperately searching for any info I can on a large family from new Brunswick. Here is the info I have so far: Name could be : BOILEAU, BEAULIEU, BELLEAU, BELYA, BELLYA -Family was French Canadian -Father was a painter by trade and born in 1880 -Mother was a housewife born in 1886 -They had 11 children(5 girls 6 boys) -One was born in 1927 and was 5'3" tall w/blue eyes brown hair and moved to Montreal and worked as a salesclerk. -One was a teacher, two brothers were painters, two were factory workers and the others were still at home. If ANY of this sounds familiar, please do not hesitate to contact me at : Thank you Email:

08/07/04 I have been absent from this City for the last 18 years and even though I miss the people, Saint John at the time was stuck still on the Loyalist way of living. I've read some of the messages on this site and for what I can see, nothing has changed with only adding "drugs" apparently infesting Saint John. Too bad, I'm not sure why Saint John has never grown into a more modern and fun place. Probably because the people there are still stuck in the past. This is 2004, about time the city woke up and got with it. Email:

30/06/04 My wife and I are motorcycling to New Brunswick on July 30 and 31st. We are interesting in attending a motorcycle event while we are in the area. Do anyone know of one and what is the best way to find out about ralley's in New Brunswick? Thank you Email:

29/06/04 Hi my name is Brandi and I work for the Alzheimer's Society. We are currently looking for people to help with our door to door fundraising campaign. Please email me as soon as possible if you can help, the campaign starts in October. Please help it is for a great cause, Thanks Email:

27/06/04 Frances Stronach I will be coming home in July/04 Hope to see all the great things I enjoyed as a young girl in Saint John even though it has changed a great roots are there... and the memories are what we have to hold onto..See you Bob,Den,Donna...and maybe I will be lucky enough to bump into some old friends of mine.....would love to hear from anyone who knew me... went to the Vocational School there and worked at the N.B.Tel.Co. for 3 years before moving to N.H. Email:

26/06/04 My husband and I recently visited St. John on a cruise ship and wanted to tell you what a wonderful city you have. Although beautiful and interesting we were most impressed by the people we met who were overwhelmingly friendly and helpful. On the ship we had been told that you were all so friendly that you'd even invite us to lunch. My husband, always the jokester, asked every local we met what time was lunch. After their initial shock, not a single one refused to feed us. Although we didn't take anyone up on it, we felt that each and everyone of them was sincere. We even had a local resident whom we met at the reversing falls insist on giving us ride back into town. We explained we hadn't seen the movie yet and she insisted on leaving to run a few errands and then returning to give us a ride. I can't think of anywhere else we have been and had that kind of experience and we are pretty seasoned travellers. So, St. John, NB, give yourself at pat on the back for a job v e ry well done and you can bet we'll be back by car for a longer stay in your wonderful city. Email:

24/06/04 How long is the transit distance on the Belleisle Bay cable ferry? Is it still billed as the longest cable ferry in the world? Email:

23/06/04 Am trying to locate a M.Buck in Saint John..old friend..used to work with her at N.B.Tel. in the 50,s. You can write to me at .... Email:

21/06/04 I will be visiting my home town in July....always love to go home. Seeing family and visiting some of my old haunts...hope to see you all then..Fran Stronach Email:

23/05/04 To whoever is doing the Saint John website. Lily Lake has NOT had lifeguards in years. Does this site get updated regularly ?? Email: - Apparently, the answer about the updating is - "Yes")

10/05/04 Hi, I am looking for an old friend her name is Krista, D. Mckay, I really miss her and would like to get in touch with her and her daughter. I want to talk with her if anyone knows her or any has any information about her she lives in saint john, please get in touch with me thank you kathleen Email:

09/05/04 Hi. My name is Richard Phillips. Born in Saint John 1940.Attended St.Peters Boys School in North End. Graduated from St. Malachys in 1959. Any one out there I knew.Would like to say hi. Email:

06/05/04 Hello to all my cousins,aunts and uncles of the Kirkpatrick and Seeley families..Also a big hug to my Grandmother...I miss them all dearly..Love Cindy in Powell River BC PS Please email me, would love to hear from you all.... Email:

28/04/04 Born 1953 St John New Brunswick. Will be visiting to find my roots (parents divorced). Does anyone know where I can see a 1953 St John phone book? Email:

23/04/04 looking for info on birth family i was born april 16 1958 as stanley douglas vantassle in the New Brunswick Protestant Orphans home any info would help Email:

19/04/04 Growing up in Saint John was a great time for me...I learned so much form the eclectic group of people I shared my friendship with..In no other city in this world will you find people as caring as those in this beautiful port i am a resident of Gagetown, NB and find myself missing Saint John and all of its people and beauty...As a result i visit on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis...Saint John and its people are the kind of things you never forget...things as small as the "c i ty market" and "kings square" are things that are missed most....hi to everyone who knows me....Jennifer Hammond (Spragg) Email:

18/04/04 Hi, John Clarke, what are u up to? Still remember my trip around your province in 1979 - great time and it would be great to hear from you. Alan Clarke, Liverpool. Email:

18/04/04 I want to know if there is going to be a 30th class reunion for the 1974 graduates of Simonds High School, need to know in advance because out of province....please let meet know....thanks Email:

03/04/04 (Lavigne) Hello I was born in Saint John NB may 7 1974, My birth name given to me was Christopher Joseph Lavigne. If any one out there knows of my birth mother or birth father please help me. Email:

31/03/04 Hello Saint John N B Looking for some cousins here there last names were spelled Duplessis or Duplessie or Duplacey there names were Tommy and Toney and Stanley grew up with them in sunny side NB went to Archibald school I moved away to ont My Name is Bonnie Duplessis if anyone knowes them can they please email me thanks New Brunswick!! Email:

30/03/04 I am trying to find information on someone from Hampton there are a few names, Bruce Rupert, Thomas Smith, Pam Doucet, Kim Laird, Heather Tait (Rupert),if you know of any information could you e-mail me. Email:

29/03/04 Anyone have contact information for Pam Vincent, last known to me to be from Saint John. In the mid-eighties she worked for Saint John Shipbuilding. In the late eighties she owned a wonderful Bed and Breakfast in Saint John. I've lost touch and would love to become reacquainted. Please e-mail any known information. Thanks! Email:

28/03/04 Anyone knowning the whereabouts of Ronnie Rollins/Rolands (sp?) from Renforth approx age 47 attended Simonds High School last known location BC and/or Darrel Crandlemere aka Darrel Talor approx age 49 attended Simonds High School last known location New York - please contact us - good friends looking from them. Email:

24/03/04 I am looking for any pictures of the mahaney quads or any information you may have...anything would be great or even relatives of the mahaney quads anything at all Email:

21/03/04 We are a group of job seekers who are trying to network with other job seekers in order to expand our own network of contacts, to potentially open up new opportunities for work, and maybe even help out other job seekers to find work in their own fields. Our forum Email:

15/03/04 I'm looking for Daniel Boisvert. I believe he may be my half brother but unfourtunately the members of his family I've talked to have been uncooperative. His mother's name is Lousa, sister Jolene and brother Denis I think. I need to know Daniel's birthday and his weight at birth to go any further. Any help would be greatly apprieceiated. Sincerely Paulette McKay Email:

15/03/04 My sister bought a beautiful old dresser with hanging mirror, the woodwork is gorgeous and the way the mirror hangs is unique. The top drawer say's LORDLEY & HOWE, SAINT JOHN, N.B. we can't find anything on the maker, does anyone know of a web page from Saint Johns where we might be able to look up Lordley & Howe. Email:

03/03/04 i was born in st john nb in 1955 and went to winter st. school and prince charles school. loking for anyone that remmebers me.old friends..charles snodgrass Email:

01/03/04 I lived in Rothesay in 1966,an American looking for a peer,Charles W Saunders. We went to Rothesay Regional High School. Any info would be appreciated. Email:

27/02/04 seeking Heather Thompson from Campbellton (Brookside) The last time I heard of her she moved to St. John. thanks, Email:


06/02/04 Hello, My name is April Curran, I am from Saint John...I am currently looking for a fellow classmate....Her name is Dallas Gunther...If anyone or her should see this message please email at Email:

24/01/04 CHASE--I have been able to trace my ancestors to a Abraham Chase b.1760 in England. Need death date, marriage date and children if any. Email:

13/01/04 My aunt is looking to find out if she has family in Saint John. She knows little about her birth mother, only that she was a Pitre and later, after my aunt's birth, married an Arsenault. My aunt was born on April 31, 1939, at the Saint John General Hospitla,father's name Stanley Perry. If anyone has information please contact me. Email:

05/01/04 Hi, I lived in Saint John for 22 years, then moved to Nova Scotia in 1973, my name was Linda Holden, I am looking for a girl I went to grade school with her, her name was Judy Macgagy (maybe spelled wrong) then she married Dale Allen had a child then divorced, lost tract of her after that Email:

02/01/04 My name is Dave and I am seeking some shipping information for the RMS Tunisian also called the SS Tunisian. It was supposed to make a trip to St.John N.B in Nov of 1919 but all the records for that voyage are missing. Of course that is the one I need to do some family history on. Does anyone know anything about that trip? My aunt was burried at sea on Nov. 9th from her about two days out of England. The National Archives of Canada told me that is the only microfich they can't find o n her! (of course) Thanks Email:

{short description of image}


14/08/04 Wondering if anyone know the whereabouts of Jeff Markey. From McAdamm area but moved to Hamilton, Ont. Lost contact with him about 12 years ago. Just curious how he's doing. Email:

28/01/04 We visited Ministers Island in Sept. While there we were told of a movie being filmed there. We can not remember the title. COuld you help? we had a lovely time in New Brunswick. Thank you for your help. Email:

St. George

24/09/04 Hi There, My name is Tina. I live in St. George NB. I would love to hear from anyone out there that is from the same area. I am actually in search of a job right now. If anyone has any information on any job in the area, please email me. I have a list of qualifications in Administration, Management, Customer service and more. Email:

10/08/04 Found info on St. George, brings back alot of good memories! Anyone remembering me (Francie Galliah), drop me a line, I'd love to hear from y'all. Email: maberlymokie@hotmail

 St. Stephen

29/09/04 My mother, Thea Backa, of Little Lepreau passed away last February. She has recently been interred with her mother and father in the area of Durham Ontario. Her writings were discovered by my sister following her death. I will provide copies of these to any local organization that is attempting to illustrate or chronicle examples of the first hand experience of senior abuse and hopefully work to end such it. To the friends of my mother I offer my sincere thanks for the love and care sho w n by them. They were her greatest comfort. Email:

17/07/04 Looking for information on Thomas and Julia (McGrath) LeBlanc family who lived in or around McAdam, NB in the late 1920's. They had a large family with Maria Dorina as one of their daughters born on December 17, 1929. Mr. LeBlanc may have worked the railroad in McAdam, NB. Any information on this family would certainly help in completing my family tree. You may email me at" I eagerly await your reply. Thank you. Email:

16/06/04 Dear Sir, I am from India. My Son Name Suraj Rawat he is 12 year's old is suffering from mentaly retiared or distrub. I know from some reliable resourse that you have a treatment for this. Please mail me what charge for this treatment and upto what time this treatment could be possible Thanking you M.S.Rawat India Delhi Email:

07/06/04 Hi, were trying to find my birth father, his name is Peter Landry, he was born between 1950 and 1955. My name is Michael LeBlanc, my mother's name is Gloria, I was born in Moncton General, on July 26 1975....any information in helping me locate him would be so much appretiated!! Thank you ;) Email:

05/05/04 Your site does have a great deal of interest and insight..Could anybody relate to a Miles family in "Blacks Harbour"..Re...Val or brother Enous.These gentleman were formally from Cape Breton and were companions of mine in our younger years..Thank You...Robert Taylor...St.Catharines..Ontario. Email:

06/02/04 Hello, My name is April Curran, I am trying to locate a old friend that i went to school with a few years ago..Her name is Dallas Gunther....If anyone knows her that reads this message please contact me at Email:

05/02/04 Does anyone remember Joseph Robichaud from St. Stephen He was born in June 1951. Would love to hear from you Email:

09/01/04 We are seeking our retirement home in the St. Stephen area and would like to know a free web site to view listings in that area. Prefer private sales. I would appreciate any assistance. Thank You Email:

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