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24/12/05 I am looking for anyone from new-brunswick living in winnipeg manitoba. Email:

09/12/05 I am looking for my brother his name is Ted Doussept he was born in Sudbury Ontario any information I could get would be good news Email:

07/12/05 my name is pauline cormier born june 13 1977 at george dumont hospital.I'm the daughter of therese cormier. my aunt melina had a special friend name norbert that has a sister in dieppe n.b with a child that has same biological father(roy poirier) as me he's unknown to both of us this child would be 28 yrs or 29yrs old .plse contact me Email:

02/12/05 Looking for half-brother (Todd Vye, name at birth) born in Moncton, NB on February 17,1974. Please, if anyone has any info contact me at: Email:

29/11/05 JMA Armstrong High School Salisbury. Class of 1986 20th Reunion. 20 years! I am collecting email and phone contacts and hope to organize something for Christmas/New Years 2006/07. Send me an email folks! Andrew Goggin Email:

18/11/05 Do you know this person? Click on the picture to enlarge. COPY AND PASTE THE LINK BELOW IN YOUR WEB BROWSER AND THEN CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO ENLARGE. Thanks. Send feedback to Email:

17/11/05 I am searching for descendants of Phocas LeBlanc and Antoinette LeBlanc who married in Cocagne 10 August 1885 - I am also searching for descendants of Laurent Henri LeBlanc and Delphine Saulnier. Phocas and Laurent were brothers of my grandfather Damien LeBlanc who married (1) Marie Genevieve Arsenault and (2) my grandmother Odille Doiron. I live in Massachusetts and go to New Brunswick every summer to do family research - I am so eager to meet my cousins, children and grandchildren of the above couples. I hope I hear from someone. Lucie LeBlanc Consentino Email:

08/11/05 looking for my birth certificate of registration Email:

25/10/05 ~WEDDING~ Hey everyone, I'm looking for a great place to get married in New Brunswick...preferably the Moncton area. If anyone has any ideas could they please e-mail me? Email:

19/10/05 SHAW, Richard William, Date of birth 29/03/1953. Last know addresses 24 Andrew Lane Moncton NB in 1993, and Saulter Avenue Moncton NB in 1996-1997. If anyone knows this person or his whereabout, tell him his daughter Danielle Chiasson is trying to find him. She may be reached at (403)870-4755 or feel free to contact me (Leda, her mother) at the email address included if you have any information that could help us locating Richard. Thank you. Email:

19/10/05 Hi, I'm getting married in July of 2006. We would like to get married in New Brunswick but we are from Nova Scotia. Does anyone know if there's a rule of some sort that may forbid that? Also, does anyone have any nice suggestions of places to get married. Thanks so much! Email:

11/10/05 Searching for any relatives who may know the history and / or circumstances of the McNamara family, possibly from the Rexton area. Brother born in 1956, adopted female born March 27, 1959 in Rexton. Birth mother born in 1936 may live in the Pacific Northwest. Grandmother died in 1989. Please help me locate any living relative to find closure and peace of mind. Thank you. Email:

03/10/05 Hi. My name is bob simmons Ilived in montreal,for many years. now living in the west cost I would like to find an old friend Harvey Cormier fron Monton N.b He moved from montreal to los Angelous california many years ago and worked for railway co, till he retired. his last address I had was 1650 Sargent Place If anyone knows of him as I would like to contact him or here about him if he is still in los angelos california please contact me at my email address thank you Email:

28/09/05 hi i lost a boy in george damata hospital jan 20th of1980 he would be 25 now i had it him and they stole him at the hostial any info emal me Email:

27/09/05 Does anyone know about "Miniatureland, Moncton, New Brunswick"? Email:

27/09/05 Hi! Iam looking for anyone who went to Sacred Heart school in Dieppe I went there in the 50's and looking for old friends thinking of Claudette Sallivan, Francis Guatreau, Tommy and Patsy Allain my name is Florence Leger(Babin)Ria Dickens and Jose Dickens they were dutch and lived on the Gauvin Road Also Bobby Gauvin and he had a Sister Theresa on Champlain street would like to hear from anyone who went there then. I never left here so I may be able to help you find someone through this g reat web site it is a great way to contact people good work Thank you !! Email:

24/09/05 Hi, I am looking for Leo Gauvin. He lived in the Moncton area in 1956. I met him in Fredericton, New Brunswick around that time. He gave me his airforce ring. My name at the time was Doris Mcfadzen. He was going to Florida to work with heavy equipment and wanted me to go with him. We didn't get together and I've been wondering where he is and what he is doing. I am a widow and my married name is Doris Ward. If anyone knows anything about Leo I would really appreciate it if you would get in touch with me at Thank You very much Doris Email:

23/09/05 im looking for jamie jardine he is my brother . he own's a hairdressing salon. if anybody talks to him tell him im looking for him. thank you kym jardine Email:

23/09/05 DO you know Matthew Little from 30 Trider Street Riverview N.B. goes to Riverview Middle School on Devere Road? Discretely tell Matthew I know he is trying to contact me and I will find someone to help us reunite. Love you with all my xoxo Thank you so much for any help you can give us. Email:

23/09/05 I am hoping that someone can assist me in finding my birthmother. I believe her name is or was Marjorie Kirkpatrick but she may have changed it since. My name at adoption was James Stuart Kirkpatrick but was changed to John Michael Langille. If anyone has any information, I would be most grateful. Email:

13/09/05 looking for my half sister born august or september 1944, mother lillian harrison, if anyone has any info please email me, my father and lillian have both passed away , and now there is no reason not to know. email me at thank you Email:

02/09/05 DO YOU KNOW THIS PERSON? check the site below for the picture and pass along to others, this person might be going by different names.

01/09/05 Hi. I am looking for information about Evelyn Leblanc. This was a long time ago but in the fall of 1944 or spring of 1945 she gave birth to a child. At the time she was married to a soldier but I am sure that her child is mine. If you know of her and where she is or her child I would like to hear from you. My name is Samuel Menaar and I was stationed in Moncton air force base during the war. Lost touch and never heard from her again. Email:

22/08/05 A few years ago, I purchased a beautiful black and white drawing of an angel with a slight halo over her head. The drawing is signed by Helen Wrynn Saint Michael's Academy. I have been unable to find anything about this artist. I would estimate that the drawing is about 50 - 60 years old. May I ask you to research your files for any documentation on this woman. Thanks Norma Jean Rossely Email:

09/08/05 My fathers birth name was JAMES EDWARD STEEVES, he was born in 1944-1945,and given up for adotion. If you have any information on who the birth parents are, I would like to here from you. Thanks. Email:

07/08/05 Hi,I'm looking for Carole (Comeau) Arseneault living in Moncton, New Brunswick. Bathurst classmates that lost contact in 1967. Email Email:

06/08/05 Hi my name is Leigh Culligan and I am originally from Jacquet River, NB...I have been looking for an old time friend by the name of Tracy Vienneau. I do believe she is married now and lives in moncton, NB. If anyone has any information or if she sees this message please contact me.. Email:

18/07/05 I am looking for any information on a Telesphore Arseneau who also went by Tex. He would have been born around 1927. I believe he had a wife named Jeanie and were married around 1945 in Moncton. Thanks Email:

15/07/05 Hello everyone . My name is Josette Poirier from Moncton . I have been residing in winnipeg Manitoba since 1978 but make it home every summer I would looooove to hear from someone in Moncton. hope to hear from you soon. Also thanks for the great site. Email:

15/07/05 I am looking for a old friend from parkton n.b Jean-Marie Gauvin who i think resides somewhere in the toronto area.Please get back to me with any information you have . Thank you. Email: joster@mts,net

05/07/05 Hi this is a long shot but I am hoping someone out there can help me find a family from the Moncton area. Their names are CHAPMAN there are 7 children Kenny, Michelle,Cheryl,Susan,Doug Jr,Linda Marie and Michael. I knew them when we all lived in THE CIRCLE. I have thought about them often since I moved away and lost touch in 1979. My maiden name is Sewell. Please contact me at Email:

01/07/05 I am looking for Arsenaults in the good old New Brunswick area. I move to NB from Holland in 1952 and from there moved to Ontario in 1953. My wifes maden name is, of course, Arsenault and she lived in Moncton, NB, on Mountain Road. Her father's name was Cyrus Arsenault, born in P.E.I. and his father's name was Leon Arsenault. All of Cryus's daughters and son moved to Ontario are all still living here. We are looking for any other relatives/friends and people who may have any historical info r mation. Please drop us a line if you like. Thank you in advance, Ted Fonville Email:

27/06/05 hi, was born in Havelock NB.Went to school in steeves settlement then to Petitcodiac. I have many relatives in MONCTON AND JUST LOVE THAT CITY. REV.JOHN W. DeWOLFE SR. Email:

21/06/05 Hi my name is Stacey Evinou and Im looking for an old friend of mine Renee Stanley. I went to Queen Elizabeth School in Moncton for a few years...back in 1988-1990. I was there for grade five and grade six. If anyone has info please email me at I believe she had an older brother named Adam. Thank you ! Email:

14/06/05 A native from Moncton and now living in Montreal...Quess what 90 degrees at 12:00 PM.Wish I was back at Parlee Beach...Hello to everyone and enjoy the Beach.... Email:

10/06/05 O'HEARN FAMILY OF BARRYVILLE NB I am looking for information on the family of Joseph O"Hearn and Anne Marie Derocher of Barryville, NB Please send along information to Raya Light. Email:

10/06/05 Moncton is hosting the 2006 Memorial Cup Junior Hockey Championship. We would love to come and experience the eastern coasts of Canada! Please provide dates and any information you may have at this time. Thank you! Brenda Hunting Kelowna, B.C. Email:

09/05/05 Hi. I am seeking information on the name of a Hospital or nursing home or perhaps it was a private home. There was (is) a large stone building at Magnetic Hill, where a Catholic nun Sister Elsie Green cared for a physically handicapped woman, possibly with the name Margaret E. Morrison 1923- ??. She is my grand mother. Any information about this would be greatly appreciater. Thanks D. Carson Email:

09/05/05 I am looking for Julia LeBlanc, of Moncton, NB., born May 19/59. She married and has (I think) 2 children and I believe she is either separated or divorced. She would be my half sister and she has already met my two brothers. I missed that opportunity.Her mother's name is Barbara S. Please contact me if you have any info. Email:

19/04/05 I'm looking on some history on my Mothers family. My Grandfather Joseph Francis Camille Boudreau born May 17, 1903 came from Moncton. He had 13 siblings. Mother: Evangeline Father: Timothy(?) Any information or a place to start looking would be appreciated. Email:

11/04/05 Looking for karen king of moncton new brunswick, born 1964-1965, she live in dieppe and went to elelmentary schoo there,she was my elementary school crush, still see her in my minds eye, does anyone know where she is? thank you, Victor Gautreau, now of Richmond, British columbia, formely of Moncton New Brunswick. Email:

01/04/05 Does anyone have old pics of Moncton??? I would prefere pictures from the early 1990's and older. Pictures from anywhere in Moncton would be awsome. If anyone could email me pic's or if you have a website please email the name of it. thank you everyone! Email:

20/03/05 Like to hear from anyone with interest to these families... Tooke, Tough, Swift, Hennigar, Smith, Hawes, Wilson, White, Stewart, Stamper, Haines, Hines, Oakes, Mosher, Miller, MCNeil, MCClearn, MCLean, Maranda, Main, Little, Lennox, Laffin, Knowlton, Keating, Gould, Gill, Dunn, Densmore, Demeau, Cannon, Burns, and Boudreau, and any varients. Thanks Email:

06/03/05 Hi, My name is Shaun Lingley and I am searching for my birth mother. Her last name was Leblanc and my father's last name was Jaillet. I was born May 12, 1979 and I beleive my mother was between the ages of 16 and 18 at the time. I was adopted to a family in Saint John. My birth name was Luc Leblanc. Please contact if you have any information. Thank you Email:

24/02/05 Still searching for any info I can on my birth family. A large family of 11 kids (5 girls 6 boys) from New Brunswick. Here is the info I have so far: Name could be : BOILEAU, BEAULIEU, BELLEAU, BELYA, BELLYA or any other similiar sounding name. At the time of my birth in the mid 1950s'-One child was a teacher, two brothers were painters, two were factory workers and the others were still at home. My birth Mother was born in 1927 and was 5'3" tall w/blue eyes brown hair and move d to Montreal and worked as a salesclerk. No one knew she had given up a child for adoption except for one sister. Last I heard (2 years ago) she is still alive but may have had colon cancer. Her family was French Canadian -Her Father was a painter by trade and born in 1880. Her Mother was a housewife born in 1886 - If ANY of this sounds familiar, please do not hesitate to contact me at : THANK YOU! Email: Email:

23/02/05 Hello everyone, I am looking for information on my birth parents. My name is dale kenny and I was born on May 13, 1977. My birth name is DALE WILLIAM LEBLANC. The information I now have is very limited. Only that I was born in Moncton. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Email:

19/02/05 My father and his brother, Joesph Phillip Melanson and Gerrard Melanson played hockey in the early forties, and I have a picture of a team. Can anyone help out with identifying the players. They grew up in Moncton with 3 old aunts. Email:

15/02/05 Actually it's a lot easier to convert from kilometers to miles by multiplying by .625... only one step! Email:

12/02/05 i dont know if you are in moncton but i am looking for name is Cindy hawkins my mother is Tina...i am looking for my real father i just want ot know more about you and who you doesnt have to be a father daughter relationship but i just want ot know. Email:

07/02/05 07/02/05 Would like to contact anybody who knew or was a buddy to Dody Mackay late 1930 early 40s. Email:

01/02/05 Hey, i heard some upsetting news about an old highschool friend of mine and wondering if it was true. If anyone knows if Roy Oicle is alive and well i would greatly appreciate the help. I had heard he was recently deceased. Any information anyone has will be great! Thank you. Email:

01/02/05Hi, I am starting my family tree any information on Heinrich Steif of Hillsborough or William Oran Smith of River Glade NB would help alot..thank Email:


19/11/05 Any info (maps, guides, comments) regarding road-biking/day-hiking between Sackville and Johnson's Mills/Rockport would be appreciated. (We are planning to tour the area next year sometime between May and October)Thank you! Chap & Alice Cronquist Email:

16/08/05 Born and raised in Port Elgin, N.B. Very proud to be a Canadian and even more so to be from New Brunswick. Raising my own family and going to medical school in the U.S. now, but miss home. One thing is for can take the boy out of New Brunswick, but you can't take the New Brunswick out of the boy!!! Jason Beatty Email:

26/04/05 Looking for any information pertaining to the whereabouts of (Roy) Gray Fowler formerly of Sackville NB who would be approximately 77 years old today. Email:

20/04/05 Looking to locate anyone who can fix the enamel on an old wood stove. Email:

28/02/05 I'm looking for any information about my family history. Some of the last names in the family are: Rideout, Pelkey, and Stoddard. All around the Florenceville area. Don't know much about searching this. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Email:

27/02/05 i have a 1852 single burner wood stove made in sacksvile nb any ideal how it ended in edson alberta Email:

Saint John


28/12/05 Looking for anyone who went to Loch Lomond Elementary School in East Saint John from 1986-1992. Just wondering what everyone is doing now. Email Lyndsay. Email:

23/12/05 I am seeking information of desendants Austin and Ada Baker who orginated from Semley Wiltshire // last known contact address 28 Wentworth Street. My Interest I am a desendant of Herbert Baker Austins brother Email:

21/12/05 Hi, I'm looking for a brother born between Nov1933-Nov1934 at tha Evangline Home in Saint John, adopted through the Prosetant Orphanges Home also in Saint John. Birth mother was Frances Amelia Carson from Saint John, would like to know you if possible,if not it is understandable. Email:

17/12/05 hi can anyone help me in finding my auntie called dolly her madam name was fordham my father was called robert william fordham but moved to england and married a lady called mary ward any help please Email:

16/12/05 I am looking for the family of one Q. Mary Mclaughlin from Saint John. Would have been there in 1982. If you can help, please email me. Thanks Email:


21/11/05 Searching for family members. My father was Kenneth George Sheehan, of Saint John. I have found out I have two half siblings. Barbara Jean Sheehan, and Randy Sheehan. I believe their mothers name was Jeanne/Jean. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Adrienne Email:

16/11/05 I am looking for information on a female child : Born: April 21, 1952 Placed for Adoption: January 31, 1953 Birth name: Donna Janes Birth place: Sydney, Nova Scotia Birth mother: 21 yrs old, from New Brunswick, Protestant faith Birth father: 26 yrs old, from New Brunswick, Irish decent, machinist Two full siblings, girls, known to be born 1954 and 1958 both were placed for adoption. Email:

17/11/05 Greetings from "Ocklawaha, Fl. Like many other visitors to your fair city, my husband and I were very impressed . We were welcomed by one and all, asked more than once Can I help you find your way. So plesant is your town and the residents. We found a delightful young man who was working at Steamers, near the cruise ship terminal, full of information and local color. I am Looking for the fur vendor that was selling at the terminal tent in October of 2005. If you knbow him please have him e-mail me. Thanks again for sharing your city. Email:

10/11/05 harry phillips, a sailor on hms glasgow which docked at st john in 1939 is trying to get in contact with hazel garnet. harry is sill alive and well at the age of 86 and still living in wolverhampton, england,.if you ,or anyone you know has any information on hazel , please let me know and i will pass the information on to my grandad. many thanks ian lem contact +44 1902 336219 Email:

08/11/05 Please do anyone know any information on Col. C.e.f Hubley, he is the director general of ASIP Association of Special investigators of police in saint john new brunswick, canada, please i would be very grateful in i could get his contact as i have been longing to contact him i dont know his whereabout if he's dead or living. please mail on this address Email:

03/11/05 I am looking for my Birth Mother and Father. Siblings also.Born, Kathleen Elaine Eveleigh, Nov.2 1955. Please e-mail I was born 11/02/1955 Born in Saint John,N.B. Possibly was at the NPBO orphanage for about 4-5 months. I was adopted by Donald Shaw and Muriel Rachel (Ferguson) Galbraith in St. John N.B Please call 307-875-4694 with any information Email:

29/10/05 Web site marvelous.Interested in my Grandparents birthplace.George H. Henderson and wife Margerite Splane. 1865 and 1870.Do not know the county. Email:

My name is Mike Akerley. My mom, Theresa Mona Durick was born at St Josephs Hospital and raised in the Orphanage close by. She was never adopted. She was a great Mom. She died in 1992. She never talked much about the orphanage except that it was run by Catholic nuns and she barely knew her mother from Halafax Nova Scotia. She was an un-wed mother and society was not very kind in the 30's. I would like to hear from people that knew her or her family. We have never met. Thanks, Michael Bruce Akerley Email:

11/10/05 10-11-05 recently learned I have a sister born 1959-63 at Evangiline hospital (home) in Saint John, spent very brief period in foster care before being adopted any info please contact at: Email:

29/09/05 I am looking for any information known about Samuel Elbert Keith and his wife Mary Ellen Nelson, Samuel was born in Millstream, N.B. in 1895 and served in WW1, while in Europe he met Mary who was born and raised in Scotland, married her and brought her back to N.B. Canada. They had 3 daughters. Samuel passed away in 1964 in Saint John N.B, any information would be appriciated. I am their great grandaughter and not much is known about them. Email:

29/09/05 Hi from the WEST, born and raised in Saint John for the first 19 years of my life, left home in Jul 64, joined the army and have only been back a few times in the 60's and 70's, living in Edmonton, AB Seeking any old school buddies. Email:

24/09/05 Hello to all the fine residents of Saint John. Used to live there many years ago. Trying to find information on Regionald (Reggie) Gale. If you have any would you please drop me a line on the internet. E-mail included. Thanks. Email:

24/09/05 I am doing genealogy for a family who lived on acadia and chappel street in saint john, what ward would i look for to find them in the 1911 census? thank you. Email:

13/09/05 hello just visited saint martins what a beautiful place, I am looking for info on the family of Robert Moore Ellis married to Catherine Barnes, i believe he was the son of William, if anyone has any info email me . Email:

13/09/05 looking for info on a James Brown married to Margaret S Bell 1862 in saint john, need to know their parents if possible. thank you Email:

13/09/05 Moved from Saint John with my daughter in 1998, one of the hardest decision of my life, no regrets now, I've been back 3 times, including this summer past. Miss the friendliness of Saint John and the people, unfortunately it is not the best place now for raising kids, what do they have to look forward to. Hopefully some day the economy will pick up. Good Luck Saint John! all beauty is in the east coast. Judith Smith Regina, SK Email:


10/09/05 Hello from Hamilton Ontario, I use to live in SAINT JOHN N.B.and I am looking for a JUNE OR JUDY (McLEAN) they lived on Charlotte Street in South End in the 1960's. I moved to California with my parents for 6 years, Connecticut for 30 and now I am in Hamilton Ontario. I attended King Edward,Prince Charles and vocational schools. My name is Marylou Lefurgey(maiden name). I lived in the South end and Sydney street, I would love to hear from someone who remembers me.....Marylou Email:

20/08/05 Does anyone know of Zackery William David Golden? BD Oct.31/89 Born Saint John Regional Hospital? Please get in contact,gone to school with him? Lived next door,down the street, Grandparents: David&Jacqueline Golden, had worked at a paper recycling center. Email:

19/08/05 Hi everyone i was brought up in saint john and moved to ONTARIO in my twentys well i am hoping someone might have some information i need.I am looking for an old friend of mine her name is LONNIE STEWART she got married and moved to NOVA SCOTIA and i cant recall her married name if anyone might have any information about her or her where abouts could you please e-mail me.We were good friends and would love to hear from her again.Greatly appreciated thanks. Email:

19/08/05 Hi i need to locate the father of my daughter for medical reasons.His name is BOBBY DOW alot of people call him dowie.His parents live on black river road and he was once married to joanne pie and has a daughter with her named susie I think and also has a son with a girl name gail I think he would be in his early twentys.For some reason his parents wont give me any info. BOBBY went to prison in 1981 although my daughter does not remember him because she was about 6 months old.Then I moved to Ontario but if any one can give me any info it would be greatly appreciated and I only need to find him for medical reasons.So any little bit of info would be of great help.Please e-mail me. Thank you & greatly appreicated. Email:

17/08/05 hi terry dargavel here anyone remember me please contact me. Email:

15/08/05 Hi, I'm a fan of Joanne Kennedy the country singer. I believe she origins from new Brunswick and has family there. Was wondering what happened to her. Met her years ago in Montreal when she did the Higher Ground album. Dave Email:

10/08/05 I am looking for any members of this team; the 1969-71 North End Senior Little League PALS, coached by Roy Hyde & Beaver Hogan. I would love to get a team picture, if such a thing exists. If anyone recognizes any of these names, please forward my email address to them, in the hopes they may have same: Jim Hyde, Bob Martin, Paul Curwin, Rob Fowler, Jim Bursey, Mike Morrell. Thanks! Paul O'Neil Vancouver, BC Email:

31/07/05 Hi looking for any infomation on the Dorcas Family going back to their arrival on sugar island in the saint john river -keswick nb 1800's. we are doing history on family tree Email:

18/07/05 I am planning a short trip to NB...looking to see the high tides and a one-day fly fishing trip for salmon....any suggestions on: 1) fishing guide; and 2) B&B accomodations to meet some other travellers.... JR 214-460-7060 Texas Email:

17/07/05 James Trainor born in 1803 in Ireland. Left the Port of Belfast in Aug.1833 on the John & Mary of New Castle. Arrived in St. John, New Brunswick. Traveled with wife Sally and children: Benny, John, Kitty, James, Patrick, Alley, Thomas and Edward. Lived in Canada for nearly 35 years before moving to Boston, Mass in approx. 1865. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark Trainor Email:

13/07/05 HI All what a cool site really interesting . I am hoping to find information on New Albert School in west Saint John I attened there grades 1 - 9 and have such fond memories of school,freinds and yes even the teachers. I was involved a lot in chior and we had done a musical at Beaconsfeild School and we took 1st place for choir competitions at Saint John High School ...anyhow with the school now being gone I find that I am wondering what ever became of the awards and things from the display cases an d also Mr Frank Ridout(principal) Mrs Hazen our music teacher, so anyone out there who would like to reminise about the school please contact me and if you happen to have anything pictures would love to share. Email:

13/07/05 Back in 1967-68 I stayed with a family called Bannion the father was called Wolfy and son Donald. I worked in the shipyard at on the St John Tugboats for a while. My name is Chris Harris. I would like to hear from any person who remembers me because I shall be visiting on the Queen Mary II in October 2005. Email:

05/07/05 adopted from ST. vincent catholic home for unwed mothers.BORN march 30/51. BIRTH NAME Esther Rosemarie Gallant. Would like any info on birth mother or father.Birth father was in armed forces. birth mother was only 18 Email:

03/07/05 looking for info on TAYS FAMILY from barnesville father morley mail delv -grand father samuel -blacksmith shop in barnewsville . mother grace rodgers- Email:

02/07/05 I am planing to see the Maratimes in the middle of Sept. I will be travelling by myself and want to see New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. What attractions are available at that time of year. I plan on two weeks but could be longer if I find enough points of interest. Email:

30/06/05 i am trying to find my family mother carmel wont tell me father was a police officer who was killed.I was born in 1967,name, ronald lee garnett. i dont want to interfere but i would like to ask some questions if at all possible thank you, Ron. Email:

27/06/05 I am trying to find information regarding a Mr. Robert T. Woods who I believe was involved in the Police Department in the late 1800s and/or early 1900s. My father had visited the St. John Police Station a few years ago and was told that a Detective(?) Bill Higgins of the Fraud Division was putting together a history of the police force in St. John. If anyone has any information about either Robert Woods or the police officer in question, I would really appreciate any information. Thank you. Email:

27/06/05 Hoping to find some old friends from the 60's. Pat Kyle, Pat Chatterton and Janice Haye from Saint John. Also, does anyone remember "The Fox", a local band. I heard that Hartley Goslin joined the RCMP. Does anyone know anything about AL Logan and the rest of the group? Email:

17/06/05 I'm looking for info re: Shirley Elizabeth Tennant born in 1936 and parted from parents Edward Frances and Minerva Pear (Marr) in 1946. She had a brother Douglas born in 1932.I need info for medical reasons. Any info, please. Email:

05/06/05 I'm looking for a nephew who was put up for adoption about 30 years ago. Birth year either 1968 or 69. Mother's Name Susan May and father's name Ricky Michaelson. Birth name was James Philip and was named after me but I never got to see him and do not know to this day if he is alive. Email:

29/05/05 Looking for any descendants of Mary Ann (Melia) Windle who married a John Windle on December 8, 1919. They lived at the following addresses in St. John 92 Rockland Road 157 Rockland Road 112 Rockland Road 39 Adelaide Street all in the city of St. John. They had two children Mary Rita and Grace. Mary Ann died October 15, 1948. I am a grandchild of Mary Ann's any information would be a help. Thank you. Email:

24/05/05 searching for information on twin boys born Feb. 2, 1982 in Moncton NB. Birth names were Stephen Paul and John Mark. Were given up for adoption and were believed to have gone to live in the Saint John area. Birth mother is looking for them. She has gone through the province and did receive a letter back from the adoptive father informing her that they wanted nothing to do with her. There is so much she wants to tell them about the reason they were given up. If you have any inform a tion about these boys, please contact me. Email:

if anyone knows how i can contact Nitesmystery, please email me and let me know . thanks, Email:

13/05/05 if anyone knows how i can get in touch with my friend, cyenthia currie, Nitesmystery. please email me back to my email. i lost contact with her in january . thanks, Email:

11/05/05 I am a great great grandson of Matthew and Jane Paul who came to NB from Ireland in 1832. They are buried at Fernhill. They had at least 8 sons and 1 daughter. Daughter,Jane married a "Ritchie". Any descendants in St. John? My name is Ken Paul. Email:

11/05/05 looking for lyn nugent 1967 Email:

11/05/05 I am looking for my birth Father. His name is Telesfore Arsenault, he would be about 76, lived in Saint John, NB, in 1950. I found my birth Mother, but she has been unsuccessful in finding any information about my birth Father. He worked for the large bus line in Saint John. Email:

09/05/05 I was born in St. John New Brunswick 13/08/1950. I was place in a St. John orphanage for adoption. My adoption records have me named as Vincent Joseph O'Halloran. I was adopted in 53 to Joseph F. and Alvina McKay, farmers, of Chatham, New Brunswick. I am searching for my birth mother. I want to thank her for a most incredible life. I have traveled the world, fought wars, and saved countless lives. In the event that she wondered about the son she bore, he is a very happy man. I would lik e to contact her. If any information is availabe, please contact me. Email:

07/05/05 Looking for a person named Théophile Arsenault born about 1927. Living in New Brunswick with wife in about 1950. Had nick name of Tex. Email:

02/05/05 Any on who knows the Bangs family with a son born around 1958 or 59? He may have been in Calgary Alberta in 1979-1980 Please contact me asap I am looking for any information that will help me find my birth father who may not even know I was born. Email:

02/05/05 Aberdeen public school in Saint John (abt 1930-1940-) anyone know a site or archives were i can research the "HUNT" family that went to the school? thank you from oshawa ontario gloria Email:

26/04/05 Looking for pictures of the Old General Hospital. I started my life there, and grow up in the north end. I went to Lorne Jr. High in the 80's. Thanks in advance, Candace Dean Email:

25/04/05 I am looking for the birth record of chales southworth pidgeon b. july 8 1863 dt john, NB Email:

23/04/05 In late March of 1952 or 1953,(I believe it was 1953) my mom, Viola Parent,(maiden name), was in a home for unwed mothers and gave birth to a daughter,whom she gave up for adoption. I'm interested in finding out anything about such homes in the early 1950's possibly related to a chatholic church. I have very little information regarding my mother's first daughter but i am determined to begin somewhere. I would appreciate any info., no matter how trivial. Thanks Email:

18/04/05 my name is charlie snodgrass,if anyone knows me,please email me.went to winter st and prince charles schools in early and late 60,s Email:

15/04/05 hello my nane is kevin babineau I was born in saint jonn 1969 to cordell cook and france corrors have a sister I"m look for here name is. Spring please email my address to here telling here in want to is meet one day or converse by email my name was kevin dwayne cook at birth thank you Email:

13/04/05 I'm adopted, born June 13th 1962 @ the Salvation Army Evengeling Hospital with a name left on a card "LAURIE LEE HOLDEN". I don't wish to bother anyone, just would really like to have a med. history for myself and children. If you think you know anything. Pls email me. Thanks so much. J. ;oD Email:

28/03/05 Hello, I am writing from Manchester, England to hopefully make contact with any relatives of a soldier of WW1 whose grave is at a cemetery near our home. The gravestone reads 43876 Pvt W L Hickey 13th Bn Canadian Infantry 29th Dec 1916 Age 21 Died of wounds. At the bottom of the stone it reads "Saint John, NB" He was born 4th August 1895. My father has took it upon himself to tend to his grave as I should imagine he has no relatives to do so as he is such a long way from home. If you know anyone who might be related to this young man then my father would be very grateful if you could get in touch and he will forward a photo of his grave to give some indication of his whereabouts. Thanks in advance. Joe Dodd Email:

23/03/05 Years ago, 1950s, I recall purchasing some fine footwear (work boots) from a manufacturer Palmer-McLellan. Can't find anything about this company. Believe their plant was in St. John,N.B. Would appreciate an email from anyone knowing the history of this workboot manufacturer. Thanks B. McLellan (Mississauga,ON) Email:

21/03/05 i was stationed at pennfield ridge in 192(?) with a lovely family made me feel at home there name was ingrahm - dawn & joan i was posted back to the uk with only two days notice so i was not able to say goodbye i wonder if the girls are still in SJ Email:

20/03/05 Like to hear from anyone with interest to these families... Tooke, Tough, Swift, Hennigar, Smith, Hawes, Wilson, White, Stewart, Stamper, Haines, Hines, Oakes, Mosher, Miller, MCNeil, MCClearn, MCLean, Maranda, Main, Little, Lennox, Laffin, Knowlton, Keating, Gould, Gill, Dunn, Densmore, Demeau, Cannon, Burns, and Boudreau, and any varients. Thanks Email:

14/03/05 Hello, for quite some time now I have a shopping list found here in Norfolk Va dated 9-11-1899 from St John N B S H Belyea & co Adelaide Rd North end Can anyone throw some light on this for me, would like to know of the history of this. thank you Rhoda P Email:

07/03/05 I am looking for any information on Mary Ann (Melia) Regan who married John Windle in December 1919. They had two girls (Mary) Rita and Grace. The last address I have is 39 Adelaide Street, St. John. This was a 1948 address. Any information would be appreciated. Relative from Ontario Email:

06/03/05 Still require information about Mary Ann (Melia) (Regan) Windle and daughters Rita Windle and Grace Windle. Known addresses are 92 Rockland Rd., 112 Rockland Rd. and 39 Adelaide (St./Ave./etc). Any information would be Helpful. John T. Regan Email:

05/03/05 can you help me find a dear friend,Cheryl Saunders.Maybe married to Dave (they would know Blair, Don ) Email:

05/03/05 Hi moved to calgary AB 14 years ago. Sure do miss home,looking for old friends from the lower west side (New Albert school.) Also from westfield and milligeville north high. Email:

04/03/05 My Father, Donald Bliss Grant was born March 31, 1930 and put in the New Brunswick Protestant Orphanage in March 1931. He was taken out of the orphanage to work on a farm in 1940. He was never adopted. I am interested in having contact with anyone who was there the same time and can remember him. His nickname was "Black Donnie". He was named this to distinguish between him and a red headed Donald. Any information would be appreciated. Email:

02/03/05 my name is matt creamer, I am an undergraduate student at the university of New Brunswick Saint John campus. i have been doing some local research and was wondering if anyone knew where i might find some information about hangings in Saint John or the rest of New Brunswick. even some archived local newspapers would be usefull. please e mail me if you have any information. Email:

12/02/05 Lived in Saint John most of my life then relocated to Vancouver BC...I'm looking for a childhood friend. His name is Kevin Briggs...we all lived in Garneet Settlement...his fathers name is Lawrence and his mother's name is Carol..his sister's name is Kimberly..last I heard he was in Kingston Ontario....I would love an e-mail if he has one, so that I can chat with him about the olden days. Thanks in advance. Email:

10/02/05 I am looking for siblings...... boy born 1955 me born 1957 in st-john.s ( MARY Hilda Duplessis , birth name ) boy born 1958 boy born 1959 Girl born 1960 Girl born 1961 Boy born 1963 Boy born 1964 Girl born 1966 Girl born 1967 Girl born 1970 I was born at The St-John's general hospital, mother was 20 at the time of my birth, she was born in 1937 , died 1993, was 5 feet 3 inches, and was from a french canadain family. As far as I know , we are 11, but maybe more. If any of theses dates ring a bell. contact me !!!!! I magine........I have 11 brothers and sissters...after all theses years of searching...WOW ! Lucie Email:

10/02/05 HI WORLD, Its Curtis Grren from the west side of Saint John N.B,now in edmonton alberta ,3 years ,and what a difference!!!I am married, have a beautful son and wife, but never forgetting my roots.Saint John is such a beautiful city when theres no fog ,or freezing rain.So many memories ,good and bad, to the bad memories ,beware, I will come for you ,i never forget, vengeful, yep, and to the good memories, you'll get your rewards threw Karma,and Tina ,I think of you often, if you find me, e-mail me, k, Email:

08/02/05 hi, miss all my friends in saint john,n.b. moved to b.c. 11 yrs ago. lost contact with everyone. please friends e-mail me. alice roshinsky (marr) Email:

07/02/05 Looking for Elizabeth LeBlanc. Were you born in 1948 and brought up by your maternal grandparents in Saint John?? Their names were Michel and Anna (McGrath) LeBlanc. If you were, then it's a good chance that you are my birth sister!! I was born to Doreen LeBlanc of McAdam NB. She gave birth to me on Feb 15, 1952 in Halifax, NS. She is currently living in Quebec and has married and changed her name. Doreen has had four other children, two boys and two girls. My sister and at least three U ncles (Doreen's brothers) are living in St. John, NB. Doreen has a sister who is also living in Quebec. Doreen never told anyone in her family about me, so therefore, you never knew I existed. If anyone has any information on my birth family, please email me!! Email:

03/02/05 Mutual Interests from Cape Breton Island in regards to the message posted by Jude Putnam, December 30/04. Get in touch. Let's Talk. The Hutchison's Danny & Lynn Email:

01/02/05 I am looking for information on a female child : Born: April 21, 1952 Placed for Adoption: January 31, 1953 Birth name: Donna Janes Birth place: Sydney, Nova Scotia Birth mother: 21 yrs old, from New Brunswick, Protestant faith Birth father: 26 yrs old, from New Brunswick, Irish decent, machinist Two full siblings, girls, known to be born Email:

01/02/05 looking for my birth mother sherii langille , i was born sept 23/83 in saint john new brunswick Email:

01/02/05 My friend MILDRED HELEN THOMPSON was born on July 20, 1944, at the Salvation Army's Evangeline Maternity Hospital in St. John. She was adopted several weeks later, but she is seeking information on her birth Mother/family. Please advise where the records might be. Thanks. George Johnson. Email:

25/01/05 I am looking for Linday Roy. She was married to the late James Ian Mcinnis in the early 80s. They were married a short time. Email:

22/01/05 Hello, I am looking for any information on my birth mother. I was born Mary Hilda Duplessis or Duplessi ( the adoption info varies ) the 20th of Feb. 1957. I weiged 9 pounds 2 oz and I was born in St-John's general hosptital. My mother was about 20 at the time. 5 feet 3 inches tall and had a french canadain background. She had a dark complexion. Thank you all info will be treated as confidentual. Lucie Theroux web site : http// Email:

18/01/05 HI, my name is Cecil Short and lived in St.John from 1948 till 1965 at witch time I moved too Belgium.My home there was on Curry Ave. I'd like to know if annyone that remembers me has an E-mail adress ? If so I'd like too comunicate with them. My E-mail adress is Email:

14/01/05 Tomonhji!!! is there anybody out there????Hello...lived in SJ,NB from 1965-68.went to Barnhill JHS...later SJHS..lived in Doninon Park...Best Buddies..Sandy Fraser..Gord White..Bernie..Pat..Malchum.......Debbie and Susan Morrison is there anybody still around or has everyone gone to other Planets???? Email:

12/01/05 I'm a proud New Brunswicker living in Australia. Looking forward to a return visit this summer to one of the greatest areas on earth. Richard Shannon of Saint John Email:

05/01/05 Hi I just came across a new site for the city of Saint John, everyone should atleast have a look at it. Email:

04/01/05 I was born in Saint John on 25 Nov 1947 at the Salvation Army Evengeling Maternity Hospital. I remained there for about a year and a half with my mother Mae Black, where she worked at the hospital to pay for our room and board which was the routine at that time. In the spring of 1949 Social Services placed me with Ernest and Edna Leach because my mother did not have the mental ability to care for me, My grandmother a widow lived in an old house and was already looking after three grown s ons and children of my mothers unwed sisters and could not cope with having any more children arround the house. My mother payed my borad at the Leach household for a few months and then was not heard from. My birth certificate states mother Mae Black, father was in the army. According to Social Services in New brunswick my father did not want to take any responsibility for me at all. My mother was 23 years old at the time of my birth so if alive she would be about 81 now. Looking for any fami l y still living. Email:

{short description of image}

20/12/05 What is the name and address of the active newspaper(s) in St. Andrews? Email:

23/09/05 still trying to get in touch my uncle teddy. i'm his niece rina if anyone nos where he is or where i can get in touch with him please let me no. if you no and he doesn't want anything to do with us. pleas let me no also i will understand.... this his brothers name was junior flanagan Email:

28/08/05 still trying to locatate my uncle teddy he has a brother name bunny and lawrence mother was ruth johnson from campbellton, n.b. iam his niece rina or maybe he doesn't want to no anything about us. Email:

27/03/05 I am searching for information on the living relatives of Grace Louise Bryant (b: Feb 23, 1934 in St. Andrew; d: Apr 26, 1998 in Creemore, Ont.). Her parents names are Carlton John Bryant and Winfred Mae Crichton, of St. Stephen. She has many siblings. Any information is greatly appreciated! Email:

18/03/05 Wanted: im looking for something to do Im looking for an old boat that I can fix up im bored big boats I like to work on fixing boneyard boats I cant afford very much must be cheap or give away thankyou Joe Bigras my phone 506-463-2753 Email:

St. George

16/11/05 St George drivers . The road is not yours . Wake up follow rules. STOP ? YEILD? Right of way. speed limits nothing matters but you right. In some cases road rage is jusitifed Email:

 St. Stephen

02/12/05 class of 1996 from st stephen now reside in vancouver bc great place but missing the people of st. stephen Email:

12/09/05 Hi, I am looking for my cat,he is a male short hair orange cat.Missing since Sept.3/05 He belongs to 80 Main St. St. Stephen.N.B. Any info...Please call.466-8338 466-3437 OR 466-6825 Thanks! REWARD! Email:

29/08/05 Jacquline or David Golden, grandparents of Zackery William David Golden please get in touch at this address or anyone knowing of them please send information Email:

14/08/05 Hi everyone. I really need some help. I met a a guy online about 2 months ago, said his name was Jason Franklin and that he lived in St. Stephen's NB! Said his parents had gotten a divorse and now he lived with his mother Dominique(who goes by Jeanne) Schwartz who owns a cleaning and contracting business. Jason and I became quite close and he said he was going to come visit me on Aug. 10th 2005. Well him and I talked none-stop all the time! even on the phone...well the 10th came and he d idn't show up, and he just began ignoring me. I searched and searched till I found a few more people who had spoken with this ''Jason'' before and the exact same thing had happened to them. Just curious if anyone knows anything about this ''17 yr old guy''(lord only knows if its true of not) or his mother Dominique(Jeanne) Schwartz? Please, if you know anything contact me. Email:

Hello from Washington State, USA. I am seeking relitives by the name of Hunter living in the greater St. Stephens area. My Great Grandfather was one William H Hunter. He was born in St. Stephens on Jan 5th, 1821. He married one Rachel Brown in Alexander Maine on March 13th, 1864. They had 3 sons that i know of. First was a Frances Albert Hunter, born Jan 5th, 1865 in Alexander Maine. @nd son was Thomas E Hunter, born 19 July 1868. Thomas was my grandfather. The third son wa s Guy Hunter. He was born sometime around 1875. They came west from maine to Washington state in 1901. Guy was killed in a logging accident in Quilcene, Washington State in 1903. Any information of records would be greatly appreciated. Raymond E Hunter 510 West Uncas Road Port Townsend, Washington 98368 Email:

03/06/05 I am looking for a piano instructor who is willing to teach adults. Please contact Anne at Email:

30/05/05 My mother is trying to confirm the birth date of her Aunt, Kathleen Gertrude Trainor. She was born in St. Stephens, but the 1930 US Census has an approx. birth date of 1891. My mother & her sisters thought it was 1883 or 1889. She died on 12/22/53 in Winchester,MA, but was buried in St.Stephens. Her father was John W.Trainor/her mother was Annie Russell. They would like to place a headstone at her grave. Thanks for any assistance. Email:

09/05/05 Calling on all of St. Stephen's drunken following of Stephen Caidwell. Let me know who you are and I will pass along the message to the world's greatest bar tender. After he drank all the bars in St. Stephen into submission. Email:

29/04/05 Please!!! Anyone who can help me locate my father in St.Stephen,would make my dreams come true. I have been looking everywhere on the internet,the problem is I don't know were exactly in St.Stephen. Please anyone who may come in contact with him or knows someone who knows him please e-mail me. His name is: Stephen Merchant I am his oldest daughter,I'm 28 and he's about 46 now I haven't seen him in 15 years. Please it's a small town and everyone knows everyone. Thank you! Email:


31/03/05 Hi : I left Fairvale ,N.B. when I was 13 - 44 years ago (moved to N.S.) I have recently spent some time with an old friend ; she and I spent years together as children swimming in the Kennebecasis River at the end of Ship Yard Road . My friend said that this was once a ship yard (not surprising - given the name!). I goggled this today and got "Titus yard launched sizable barques and schooners during the heyday of the wooden ships" . Wondering if any one has information further to this a bout the Titus yard? Thanks -Pam Email:

27/03/05 I am searching for information on the living relatives of Grace Louise Bryant (b: Feb 23, 1934 in St. Andrew; d: Apr 26, 1998 in Creemore, Ont.). Her parents names are Carlton John Bryant and Winfred Mae Crichton, of St. Stephen. She has many siblings. Any information is greatly appreciated! Email:

23/03/05 Are there any Hirds Or Marshalls left? I lived in St. Stevens until the beginning of my second grade. I am now 68, and reminiscing. A family saying,"We are related to half the town." My mother, Betty was not a favorite, but my father, Marshall E Hird was appreciated for his Ford tractor and logging set-up. He also used to groom the race track for sulky racing, and he rode an Indian motorcycle. If you recognize my brother, Richard or me, please email! I am lonesome in California. Sandy (Hird) Vetter Crows Landing Email:

18/03/05 HI! my name is stephanie clement i am from campbellton i am looking for my friend, his name is pete he works for the campbell amusements if any one knows exactly where he lives or if u know his email or anything please contact me i really miss him, hes my best friend!! Email:

09/02/05 i,m looking for mark smith of st.stephens n.b his mom,s name is sandra smith.i use to live in st.stephens till 1986 then i move away i really wish to hear from him thank you melissa johnston who lived at 3 oak street st stephens.p.s he can send a e-mail at Email:

28/01/05 Can anyone find any records of a John Osborne, born 1847, Milltown, Charlotte Co, New Brunswick, son of Thomas Osborne and Ellen Carmody. We cannot find anything further than his birthdaate and place. Email:


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