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03/11/11 You should have pictures showing the meaning of the incredible number of informational road signs that are obscure to visitors. We never did figure out what the fiddlehead fern meant. Email:

24/10/11 hey. my band has gotten together, and we would like to play at one of the festivals. we wanted to choose yours because new brunswick is so beautiful and we love visiting. hope to be their soon for some music. leave me a message :) Braydon Wiswell Email:

15/10/11 when do you guys close for the winter? Email:

11/10/11 I am trying to find a Mary Plocar. This was her maiden name. She is a relative of my aunt's as her maiden name was Plocar also. Mary would have graduated about 1955 or so at Moncton High School. My aunt would like to talk to her as she believes this was her Uncle John's daughter. Have a nice day. Lois Andrews Email:

Hi, I'm looking for some information about my dad. His name was Raymond Rennie Chandler, born in 1946 Moncton N.B he had 2 brothers and 4 sisters. He was placed in an orphanage near shediac I believe, when he was 6. If anyone has any information or new my dad please contact me. Thank you! Email:

23/09/11 I would like to see pictures of the old shediac convent run by nuns. one side was boys and other side was girls. they also looked after old people on the second floor. any pictures would be appreciated. Email:


13/08/11 For genealogy, looking for info on Maude MacNevin, born in Moncton in 1884, and her parents etc. Married Fred M. Snodgrass and moved to USA. Thanks! Email:

18/04/11 Hello: My name is Laurie Leblanc,i`m originally from moncton,i resided at 127 robinson,st.lower main,attended the old aberdeen school,now living in Windsor,Ontario.If anyone remember`s me or know me please e-mail,i am also in ham radio for over 50 year`s,thank`s . Email: VA3LL@SYMPATICO.CA

16/04/11 Ronald Joseph Gauvin born April 6 1967 in Westmorland County.Foster home in Allardville and adopted in Dalhousie to Emile Gauvin son of Camille Gauvin. Looking for biological family. Email:

09/04/11 Looking for information on a Luke Commeau married to a ? Cassie, probably around 1870- 1880. Their daughter, Josephine married a Thomas Nixon (1904) in St. Bernard's parish in Moncton. Tom Email:

19/03/11 Looking for a boy, born Sept.10, 1972 in Moncton. Name at birth was Derrick James Babineau. Wondering if he had an okay life, how things turned out for him. Email:

06/03/11 Hi my name is Peter Parris i attended moncton flying school in 1978, i am trying to locate many friends i made during that year. Two names come to mind Cathy Wilson and Terry Leblanc. if anyone knows how i can get hold of them please email me. Wilson would be a maiden name for Cathy if she is now married.. Email:

03/03/11 Are you my Brother, adopted and born during 1952?? My birth Mother, english protestant, brn eyes dark hair, grade 6 education, enjoyed dancing and skating, did labour work was 21 at my birth, so today she'd be about 77. Birth dad then aged 37 would be 93 now, then 5' 6", slight build, blue eyes and light hair. He had 3 brothers, 27,31,34 so today that's 83,87,90. I believe have a brother in Moncton born in 1952. Back in 1973 I was told he drove an ambulance for the City of Moncton. Not much to go on but if your born in 1952, adopted and ambulance driver you could be my brother. Hope to hear from you. Email:

03/03/11 Good morning My name is Claude Sirois 5512 Duval St Sherbrooke Qc ca j1n-4k5 i send in you a e-mail because 6 years i loan Carolle goudreault 6 thousands dollars to open her own chop to cut hair ans i been waithing for my money and she desaper , now she is around NB no way i can't find her she must have a hair cut salon if you can help me please i have the papers at the law office in Grand Falls NB i live there for 12 years, if she don't want to pay me what i see if you find her and don't want to pay me am going to do citoyend arrest and go to jail because that what she deserve she,s around there ,tell her if you find her to give me a call at 819-864-7578 and if i don't hear from her she is going to jail, that women is no good she borrow money from any body and never pay 6 tousands dollars is lots a mooney, am under desability i don't have any money , can you please help me,,,,,,,God will bless you and the othere who help and i promesse you one thousand dollars for who can find her ,,,thank you and have a good day..Please help ....Claude Sirois Email:

28/02/11 I am looking for my mothers family. Her name: Alice Mamie Steeves, born in New Brunswick and I was born at Moncton Hospital in 1945. Thank you. Email:

17/02/11 Looking to find old friends from the sixties from Shediac/Moncton area and NDA: Maria Hebert, Phyllis Richard, Robert O'Brien, Bernice O'Brien, Jeanne d'Arc Landry, possibly to hook up on Facebook. All female last names are maiden names. Can anyone help? Email:

07/02/11 I am looking for long lost relatives Shirley, Carol,Gerald & Philip. Their family name was Gailbraith. Children of Joan & Lawrie Gailbraith. Email:

29/01/11 i am looking for an old friend in moncton n.b. her name is tena wood nee wilbur.really miss her. Email:

26/01/11 I was born on August4th, 1970 at Moncton City Hospital...looking for biological father who was married at that time (but not to my biological mother) and had 2 sons. I would like to make contact with my two half brothers. Email:

10/01/11 me and my huban grewup in parkton moncton .n.b.we both went to st henry school.both we have 19 years apart each other.never seen him young so did my girls.his name is johnny caissie.angus caisie and helen son.he was on cedar his wife geraldine.thank you.god bless Email:


02/12/11 hens the next midnight madness in sackville NB?? Email:

26/01/11 Hi My name is Sue Crossman I went to Ogden school in sackville from 1969 to 1970 I am looking for Ricky Wood who went on my bus to holy rosary school from wood point if you have any info email me at Thank you Email:

Saint John

20/12/11 I am endevoring to compile my family tree on my grand parents side Siles Rice of St John married Georgie Mott. they had two children hazel may rice and ina rice, hazel may rice married william cannon from england. any help will be much appreciated. sincerely richard allan cannon Email:

18/12/11 I am looking for information on a Mr. William Breathwick Scarcliff. Was alive and active in 1933. Birth / Death / Occupation. Thank you. Email:

12/12/11 Hello My Name is Hannah I am in 7th grade, In Rapid City South Dakota and we are learning about New Brunswick. Do you guys have dog sledding there? I have a husky. Is it chilly there right now? Please right back! -Hannah of South Dakota Email:

30/11/11 i,m searching for my daughter who was born at the hospital in new brunswick,she was adopted, her birth name would have been murray,i would love to meet you and see you again,its been 50 years,i hope to hear from you soon,also looking for you is your brother david whos living in trenton ontario 613 965 1934 Email:

28/11/11 Hi I'm wondering if anyone remembers Eatern Textiles that was located in the city of Saint John. I believe it closed in 1949. Any info on this business and or pictures would be most appreciated. thanks so much Betty MacDonald Email:

11/11/11 In thanks to all who fell, and to those who carry on the torch.
   The rain is softly falling, like the tears that we all share, In remembrance of others , who showed how much they cared. They gave their lives to keep us safe, and asked that we hold strong, In holding up the torch for love, and right all that is wrong Think of the many souls today, who carry on the fight, And send them courage from your heart, so they may hold it tight. The enemy who walks this earth , plants hate , and greed , and lies. But it, will never win this fight , no matter how it tries. For we are many old and young , who love shines in our eyes. We know the price our dear ones paid , we still can hear their cries. They know we're thankful for their fight, and happy when they see. We take a moment in our lives to remember WHY we're free! Love will win eventually , I know that to be true. We must not ever give up hope ,for love will see us through. Donna Spangenberg Email:

03/11/11 i was looking to find and old friend went to school with his name is greg muise Email:

02/11/11 I am searching for a lady by the name of Cheryl Green (then her married name but separated)she has two girls at the time of mid 1980's..she lived in the Millidgeville area...and I did a charcoal portrait of her two children...the portraits were lost...and I would like to contact her with regards to the portraits...if anyone knows Cheryl..could you kindly let me know...thank you. Email:

13/10/11 MURRAY,,,I,m looking for a sister who was born in new brunswick,and my aunts daughter ,they were both born at the salvation army home/hosp, they were both put up for adoption at birth. Both mothers lastnames were murray.i,m not sure of the years,but between 1958 to 1962,,mothers first names would be wilma and shirley..To my sister,your brother in trenton wants to meet Email:

05/10/11 S.N.A.P in New Brunswick Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests
For many years we have heard about abuse in the Catholic church by priests and staff members and volunteers within the church. The church has made many statements about how they are investigating each case. Well this is not how is is and I’m going to share a bit of my personal story then get back to the bigger picture at hand and that is the children that are still in risk now.
My parents raised us to go to church every Sunday, and we did growing up, not missing a mass. When i turned 11 I asked if I could serve the alter, and I did from that day for many years after that. I use to serve most marriages in the community and spend many time in the church.At around 12 I was aproched in the church by a knight of Columbia (also a usher during mass) to join the Columbia Squires (junior knights). This group meet once a week in the community center ( run and owned by church ) , also on Sundays the Knights hosted bingo and the squires did many different jobs within the bingo. We held many fund raisers to make enough money to go to sands pits in Prince Edward Island. We did that year make enough money that year to go and 13 or 15 squires and 5 knights to supervise us all went down and rented cabins. The first night out came the booze and man there was alot, all supplied by the Knights, one of the squire’s father was a knights so it was no big deal. Well at 12 it does not take to much to get drunk and I go report it to the knight in charge ( was drunk 2 ) and he took me into the “ Knights cabin “ where he continued to fonded me. One of the other knights walked in and just walked backed out and shut the door. And this time it only went that far, but was just the start of many years of forced drinking and abuse by this knight.
Here is the 2 problems , the Knights won’t kick him out.. and the church will not stop him from going to the SUNDAY FAMILY 11:30 mass , and the reason given was that “””NO ONE CAN BE TURNED AWAY FROM THE CHURCH”””” this was giving to me by one high priest and one bishop. I find this appalling and I feel something has to be done about it . As I was trying to fight with the Church and its officials and the knights and there officials in charge of these kinds of complaints they have gave me NOTHING in writing and allot of calls telling me that they are investigating it. This was 4 years ago when I first started complaining and calling and emailing trying to get answers. The abuse that happened to me happened in the church itself and in the center ( owned and ran by church anyways ) . Both sides want to blame the other side to delay any kinda responsibility for what happened..
After 4 years I have joined a group called S.N.A.P and have agreed to be the leader for the maritime provinces and to get meetings in all those maritime cities, towns, and villages still suffering from the abuse that happened to them years ago and to get the message out there to the children not to allow it to happen and to report it to the police every time.
I have spoken to many treatment facilities and spoke in many meetings to understand the severity of the situation and many of the staff have the same response, sexual abuse is is higest reason people get into there addictions. There are many self help groups that do great work working with the addiction but unfortunately there is no where for abuse victims can go as a group to discuss how to deal with the abuse and what resources there are available for them.
In other cities across Canada and all over the world there are S.N.A.P weekly groups available and have shown to do great work with the survivors of abuse. I am asking for everyones help in this effort, no matter how big or small. Were looking for office equipment, gently used p’c’s if possible, chairs, tables and any kinda monetary contribution possible for flier printing and meeting hall rentals. Thank you for your time. Dave Mantin S.N.A.P New Brunswick leader phone and fax 1-888-241-0095 home 1-506-214-2131 Email:

03/10/11 Coming to Saint john Canada 3rd of November to visit my Father in law Colin Tulip,sister in law Joanne and hubby Sean and last but not least brother in law Sean....Bring it on.....Terry from Billingham England. Email:

30/09/11 My name is Carole Fox, my father was Clifford Andrew Fox. I am looking for David Clifford Conroy his birth name was David Clifford Fox. David posted on here 2 years ago and I only found it now. Email:

29/09/11 Looking for David C Conroy re: Clifford Andrew Fox contact Email:

29/09/11 What is the entrance fee for St. Martins/ Fundy trail? Email:

27/09/11 Looking for a potter named Jack Burke who had a pottery at the lower end of Kingston Peninsula near the Millidge Ferry Email:

10/09/11 Hello everyone, my name is Lesley Jackson (nee Danville) - I am tracing my family tree and have located someone who I believe is my Great Great Grandfather. He was a Seaman and was registered under the name of George Frick Denvill in a Cornish (UK) Census in 1881, where it says this person was born in St John New Brunswick circa 1852 - I believe he is George Frederick Danville, married to Eliza Anne Benbow of Falmouth, Cornwall. They then moved to Hull, East Yorkshire where they both died very young ( 33 & 38 respectively) their children going to the workhouse/orphanage) Are there any Danvilles in St John, New Brunswick that anyone knows about? I would be grateful for any information as I have hit a brick wall in my search Many thanks from Cambridge, UK Email:


29/08/11 Hi Any one know of Lyn Nuggent met her in 1968 in St John she would now be mid fifties? Email:

24/08/11 Input: i am looking for information on purley alexander stevens he was in britain during ww2 he used to live at 94 sherriff st there in st johns can anyone help?my name is sue and im researching for my friend terry roberts Email:

23/08/11I'm Ronald Davies last name could be spelled diffrent,,,in 1965 I was born in Toronto father may have worked here in Toronto,and was living on Sherbourne Street in a rooming house,,,,he worked here and went back east every father Ronald Davies would have had a wife name Pat Davies,they may have moved to Toronto, but dont know...I believe he would have been born in the 40s....when you grow in life and find out your father isn't your father, it makes you wonder if your real father even knows about if your from this area and know Ron Davies and his wife Pat ,I would like to hear from matter what the reasons are and the secrets you all lived with,I exist and I have a right to know who you are..I have a right to just a peek,,,,the secrets are out,,and Ronald I know you know I exist,as you have met me when I was 6..your not my uncle your my father. If you know this family, I'm dying to meet my father,and I hope he,' still alive. Email:

13/08/11 Hi there, Where is the best place to showcase my artwork? In a church or school? Email:

13/08/11 Looking for info on Charles Snodgrass and Eliza Cunningham Snodgrass (both b. Ireland, that's what i'm tracking), who gave birth to Fred M. Snodgrass 11/6/1877 in St. John. Fred earlier married Maggie Linton in Hampton 1900. Thanks! Email:

10/08/11 Greetings from UK.I am trying to trace decendants of William Millan born 1901 Orkney County,Scotland Sailed St St John,s from Greenock,Scotland on the Montrose 19 Mar 1927.Are there any Millan,s in New Brunswick or Canada. Email:

24/07/11 Is there any way you could give an e-mail address for Lighthouse Bird Feeders? I found what I believe was the place I'm looking for on a Quoddy Loop page with an e-mail address, but it bounced back. We had been on vacation and purchased a West Quoddy lighthouse bird feeder and have had it in our yard for a few years. The squirrels have pretty much done it in and we would like to replace it with another original. I would like a price list from them. Thank you for anything you can do or any information you can provide. Email:

31/05/11 My family and I are from the West Coast close to Vancouver and we are thinking about moving back east.....could you tell me why Hampton, New Brunswick would be the best choice? Also, what is your weather like?? We love the outdoors, lakes, ocean, trails to walk the dog and historical sights to venture to. Also, could you recommend a great elementary and high school? Any suggestions? We have an 8 year old, 11 and a 14 year old. Email:

14/05/11 I'm coming to Canada in August 2011 from USA to seek out my roots...Does anyone know the Colwell or Fairweather family? Clarence Colwell, born approx 1900 Ethel Fairweather born 1900 Thank you Email:

12/05/11 I am looking for information on the Evangeline home on Sydney street. My father was born there and need info Email:

19/04/11 Hi All Visit For Lots Of Pic's Of Saint John Email:

16/04/11 My parents were both born and raised in Saint John. It is their 40th wedding anniversary next month. They are renewing their vows on the same day they got married 40 years ago. At the reception I am planning on doing a slideshow of their life together. I am having trouble locating photographs from their teens and 20's. My parents met while working at "Green's" restaurant and they both attended Vocational High School. I would love to have pictures from both of these places. Green's restaurant no longer exists and I can't find any info about it. Can anyone help me??? Email:

13/04/11HIGGINS/KYLE FAMILY Looking for family and genealogical information on Nathan Higgins and his Wife Sarah Kyle. They were both Born in St. John, NB and moved to Cambridge, MA in the late 1890's with their children. Nathan Higgins was the son of Nathan Higgins and Sara(h?) (Campbell??) Nathan Higgins (Sr.) was born in Massachusetts in 1840's. Nathan Higgins (jr.) and Sarah Kyle are my great Great Grandparents. Thanks, Renee Email:

05/04/11 Would like to talk to friends who graduated from Ketepec Junior High , St John , New Brunswick in 1974- grade nine grad. I believe I still have the class photo. Email:


02/04/11 I believe my father was adopted from an orphanage in Saint John NB in 1952. I would like to know if anyone knows how to obtain information about an adoption, my father is now deceased and I am just looking for genealogy information. Thank you! Email:

28/03/11 Dear, I have ?'s too, I am a grandchild of Wilfred and Hilda Merrick.... What info are looking for? Get in touch via e-mail address.. hope to hear from you soon. Email:

10/03/11 Hi, I am hoping somebody who might know a Catherine McLaughlin who had a child and placed her for adoption in 1923 might be willing to contact me with whatever information they might have on my Mother's birth family. My Mother was baptized Mary Margaret McLaughlin on August 31, 1923 (birth date was August 12, 1923). Her only sponsor was an Annie Tebbo (not sure who this lady is) and it was at the Cathederal of the Immaculate Conception by a Rev. Roy M. McDonald in Saint John, New Brunswick. I have my Mother's baptismal certificate but no birth certificate. She is deceased but told us that her earliest recollection was being in a crib in the orphanage and looked after by Nuns. I believe she was between 2-3 years old when she was adopted but I don't even know what orphanage she was in. Her adoptive parents were the DeVillers from Yarmouth Nova Scotia. We have no adoption papers so unsure if the adoption were ever completed. Her children would love to know all about her Irish heritage and would be so grateful for any assistance anyone could give us. Thank you so much and I am praying someone contacts me. Email:

07/03/11 hi looking for my father ron davies born in newbrunswick ontario...woould have worked in toronto in the 60s and lived in a rooming house on sherborne street..his wifes name would be pat..if anyone knows him please contact me Email:

03/06/11 I am looking for information on some older girl's baseball teams from the mid to late 50's the teams were called Macy's Majorettes, Marcus's Majorettes or the Bye for Now girls - If anyone has any photos especially I would be very interested Email:

28/02/11 Having a GIRL Time Cruise in JUNE in 50's. What would you suggest for sightseeing and FUN????? 1 whole day @ Saint John. Email:

21/02/11 I am looking for members of the Crockett family who lived on Sydney St. in St. John's. Parents: Harry & Lizzie; children: James, Harry, Bruce and Catherine. Email:

19/02/11 Jeannine Morton David in Saint John NB looking for Romeo Poirier Email:

14/02/11 I am working on my family tree and have discovered that my Great Uncle, Charles Buckman, emigrated from England to Canada. He was born c.1909 in Hastings, East Sussex, England. He left for Canada from Southampton on 11th December 1924 on Steamship Marburn, docking in Saint John. This is all I know of him. I don't know if he was married when he went to Canada or if he married at all when he got there. I also don't know if he had any children. If anyone can help I would be very grateful. Ian Buckman. Email:

26/01/11 I am looking for someone from the family of James Howard Cassidy who was in the military during 1940's. All I know is that he was from New Brunswick. I am hoping someone will contact me with this information. Email:

22/01/11 I am searching for relatives from St. John. Their name is Crockett. Parents were Harry and Elizabeth. Children: James, Harry, Catherine, Bruce. Any information about this family would be appreciated. Rose Press Murphy Email:

12/01/11 Been trying to get some info about a St.Vincent's Convent on Cliff St. in St.John N.B. Canada, where my mother was raised during early 1920's..She came to U.S. I think in 1924. According to a letter from a Sister Olive at the convent in 1929 my mom was baptized in Holy Trinity Church ..Do you have any info on that church during that period....Would dearly love to get some info....My mom was a very special woman who was so good AND so loving that surely those who raised her were very good to her. Her greatest wish was to get some of her background before going to the orphanage at about age 2..According to Sister Olive her name was Marie Agnes Clark..She has been gone many years now ..But I would dearly love to fulfill her wish . Thanks, Carol Email:

12/01/11 My name is Jacques Gallant from Moncton, N.B. I am looking for my relatives - son and daughter or their children of my uncle Edward Gallant dob 23 April 1895 born in Mont Carmel , PEI. Uncle Arthur Edgar Gallant first wife Bertha age 20 along with his 2 month old daughter Rhoda died in the Halifax explosion in Dec 6, 1917. He remarried July 1st 1919 to Gladys Irene Starrett from Stewiac , NS. Had 2 children. Moved to Saint John N.B. in 1922. He died in an industrial accident at age 50 , in Dec 12 or 13 ,1945 at the Saint John dry dock. He was a boiler maker. He is buried in Summerside PEI.In the obituary from the french newspaper the Evangeline 27 Dec 1945 - the article mentionned his 2 children - son Arthur of east Saint John and daughter - Mrs Lawrence Mofford. The article does not mentionned his wife Gladys. I have vague information that they might have moved to Victoria B.C. These would be my only relative on the Gallants side. Anyone with any info. can call 506-383-1137 or Email:


{short description of image}

02/10/11 I am looking for a woodcarver who carved a wooden tray I just purchased. Carved in wood on back : Possibly: G C Parker St Andrews NB Canada. It is a lovely tray and I wondered if he was a local woodcarver. I have searched everywhere on the net for information on this artist.It could possibly be "Parrer" Thank you so much for any information.The tray looks vintage. Josie USA Georgia Email:

13/09/11 Hello to all in friendly New Brunswick. I am now living in Ontario and am thinking of moving out to St.Andrews N.B I found an anzing housethat I have fallen in love with, but the only one thing I need to know is I do have two teens a son 19 and daughter 15 my son will need to attend a colledge and my daughter loves dancing she so I want to continue her passion. Can anyone give me any info about St. Andrews I have been a few times years ago and like it alot. I also here that the water is the warmest in Canada and that they get the most sun shine though out winter....well I'd be greatful if anyone can give me som info....thanks a ton..cheers! Email:

04/08/11 Any descendants of Ronald, Lottie and Sherman Lord of Lord's Cove, Deer Island, N.B. I have a small History book with these names written in it. I think Ronald used it in school. The book is:Public School History of England and Canada. N.B. edition. Prescribed by the Ed. Dept. of N.B. copyright 1902. None of the users wrote any dates of when they used it. My guess is sometime in the early 1900's. I would like to return this book to any family member who wishes to have it, esp. if anyone is doing a family genealogy. The book is in pretty good condition. Sincerely, Bud Hand, Belfast, Me. Email:

St. George

15/05/11 Hello, I am looking for the parents of John George Scott of Pennfield, Charlotte Co., he was born abt 1821 and in `1845 married Phoebe Hanson of St Patrick. I have followed them from Charlotte Co., to NH to Ft Fairfield, Maine, but cannot find John George's origins. Thank You - Phil Matthews Email:

 St. Stephen

24/08/11 Looking for McGregors, Ronnie, Garnet, Lisa all are cousins to kenny Daigle/ from St. Stephens New Brunswick. Email:

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