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22/10/12 In Moncton,N.B.,On Aug.31,1980.I gave birth to a baby girl.I named her Cheryl Marie Martin.I kept her for 2yrs.In 1982, I gave her up for adoption.I believe that she should know her birth moher.I ALSO BELIEVE THAT SHE IS LOOKING FOR ME.She is now 32yrs.old.If anyone could email me as to her whereabouts,Iwould be forever greatful,as I never had anymore children.I am 48 yrs.old now. this has always been my greatest wish.mariemartin Email: mariemartin

I had posted a add along time ago I was searching for me birthe son Andrew Telex Roy since then I have found him and my email is no long a good one the old email was my new email is Email:

06/09/12 I'm looking for a cours to keep me occupied. Like painting (art) or crosstick activity Email:

08/08/12 My mom lived in Moncton at 98 stead man street and her dad had a bakery there it was Bottles Bakery,my moms name is Joyce Bottle and is now 89 years old,any one remember it. Email:

08/08/12 Is there anyone selling Bluegrass CD's in New Brunswick? I thought some years ago that Russell Sawyler and his wife ran an online music store selling Bluegrass CD's? I'm looking to buy the 2005 Larry Rice CD entitled "Clouds Over Carolina" if anyone knows where I can buy it? Thank you, Gary White Email:

06/08/12 Hi there. Could you tell me if the poster in the front building w a zoo tour guide girl, is local or just a poster you guys chose? The lady with the brown wavy hair, it appears that my friend may know her and wonders if anyone could tell us more about the poster, location etc ... Can anyone help me ? Thank u in advance. It's the poster by the stuffed moose that's right after the cashiers. Email:

31/07/12 Looking for info on Walter Wilfred Gray born Moncton nb s/o Walter Gray and Marie Susanna Bourgeois. Stan Gray Email:

24/07/12 looking for Placidé Robichaud, age between 70 and 78 yeras old. I know she was a hairdresser for a long time in Moncton. gave birth to a little girl in 1954 or 1955. Email:

05/07/12 Please everyone this is to let you know I have found my birh son. the message says 14/07/99 Hello everyone in Moncton. I was born & raise in moncton N.B. have been living in Montreal que. since 1976, would love to get email from anyone from down home, my email is my name is Josie Goguen , I'm also searching for someone, by the name of Andrew Telex family name Roy, born september 28 1971, his name could be change, anyone knowing the where about of my birth son, Please Please Please Help me to find him ? don't forget ! I'm interested in having email pen pals from my home place, so please drop me a line anyone. thank's Email:

29/06/12 Good Afternoon to you all :) I would love to move to New Brunswick, but I am concerned with the flooding. Is it as bad as I hear? If so, what part of the east coast is the safest to live in when it comes to flooding? Email:

28/06/12 Resently I posted messages looking for a half sister found out could be a half brother it is either one or the other we are not sure. My dad was Clarie B MacDonald fr Windsor, NS. I also have a new email address. Any information would be appreciated. Christine MacDonald Shediac, NB Email:


15/06/12 Do my husband and I have to pay to get into Magic Mountain when we are just escorting our kids from prince edward island? Email:

06/06/12 Looking for a man named Roland Poirier or anyone who has information about his wearabout he was an employee at sumner tire Moncton in 1976 or 1977.He would have been in his early 30.He used date Therese Cormier and to be friends with Melina Cormier(now deceased) and her boyfriend Norbert Boudreau or Boucher..If you have any info please contact me.Thank you Email:

12/05/12 Looking for Craig Sampson who went to Merivale High School, Ottawa with my stepbrothers Robert and Richard. Craig worked at Industry Canada at the same time as I did and we would chat often. We lost touch and I am hoping he is well and happy. Cindy Email:

10/05/12 Hi I am looking for my biological father. I was born on October 24, 1968 in Moncton, NB my birth father had family ties to the horse race track in dieppe. My mothers maiden name was McCleod and she met my father at a dance hall. Last name could be Bernard. Any info would be appreciated Email: MTMC@NB.AIBN.COM

19/04/12 We need help. I live in the elmwood area and i have notist a lot of garbage on the streets. I live on ward and there is many side streets that are full of trash.There is one spot on the way to ower playground it looks like a dump site, i am afrad to even let my children walk on the grass for the fear of needles or glass it makes moncton look bad. The propaty is marked privite and you can tell it has not been used in a wile but it still needs to be cleaned up. The amount of glass and other dangrous things around there is hatefull i would be willing to help with the clean up for the well being of my fellow nabours but will need help from you as well it would have to be a group thing hope to hear from you soon. Thank you Mrs. Wanda Arsenault 19 Ward st. Email:

10/04/12 Im from Bombay,India, your sites are very interesting when you are looking to find people/friends/ neighbours etc....likewise i'm looking for the Guy who chatted with me from CFB, Halifax, Nova Scotia March 2011. Joseph Po2 - RCN. He is one of 10 siblings. Miss you Joey! Nyrina Dos Remedios Email:

08/04/12 BOILEAU Looking for a French Canadian family called Boileau. They were a large family. Eleven children (6 boys-5 girls) The father was born in 1880 and a painter by trade. The mother was born 1886. Some brothers were painters, one sisters was a teacher, others worked in factories. One sister born in 1927 came to Montreal in the 1940s. She gave birth to daughter and gave her up for adoption. Please contact me if you have any info. Much appreciated! D.Cote Email:

27/03/12 Hi my name is sharron Cormier I was born July 18th1986 in thunder bay my mom was Bonnie Cormier I have been told. That my fath is a man named Michel from cape pele who used to have a best friend name Paul brun my mom was 25 at the time and had a little boy by the name of rj I know it is a little strange but I'm just lost and I need to know as I need a medical history for my son who has some health problems I understand that u have no idea that I even exist as my mom left before knowing that she was pregnant if it helps at all Paul Michel and my mom Bonnie used to hang out at the legion in cae pele any information would help thank u Email:

10/03/12 I'm looking for a friend I only know his date of birth, and his name, his birth city is Moncton, he is with the Royal Canadian Navy and haven't heard from him for almost a year!!! Email:

08/03/12 Planning for a Douthwright reunion next summer August 3, 2013 looking for any missing family members to contact me if you would like to meet your family. Email:

27/02/12 Anyone know Joseph Bourque, of Moncton? He has a bank account that was turned over to the Bank of Canada unclaimed balances, since it hasn't been touched since 1980. He -or his relatives can claim it by going to the B of C website, and following directions. here is the link, or you can google Bank Of Canada Unclaimed Balances, and click on the search link, enter the last name and follow directions. Email:

27/02/12 Anyone know of a Helen Leger, who used to live on John St. Moncton? She has a bank account that has been turned over to the Bank of Canada Unclaimed Balances. You can claim by going to their website and following directions Email:

21/02/12 Hi, looking to contact a commercial gaspereau fisher to buy lobster bait from this spring. I'm from pei and don't know the area. email is thanks Steve Email:

29/01/12 Looking for informatiopn about a General store in New Brunswick known as M.B.LeBlanc General Store. Likely in Kent County in the first half of the 20th century Email:

10/01/12 Looking for my brother who was placed up for adoption when he was born sept 21 or 22 of 1982 in moncton, nb, given name before adoption was Brian, dont know what it could be now. don't know what hospital,my parents names are Deborah matchett and Brian Guitard. Any information would be greatly apperciated Email:


10/07/12 My name is Linda Darlene Gallant, DOB on August11,1950 at Sackville Memorial Hospital and then fron there with my parents Blanche Izetta (Smith) & Fredrick Oscar Joseph Gallant. Home was Ogdamill RD, Saskville, NB At the present time I am seeking information on a possible twin sister or brother, or there could be a sibling born 9 months later than myself. I have been looking since the age of thirteen. I would appreciate any information anyone could provide for me. I can be reach by phone 506-532-6161 Shediac, NB Email:

27/04/12 To Dr.Potma Irene Weldon Nancy Rice Holly Rye hi from calgary guys I sure miss ya, regards Allen Pettigrew Email:

28/02/12 My sister and brother-in-law will be moving to New Brunswick later this year. We will be hosting a "New Brunswick Send off" in two weeks for them...any idea where to purchase a cake pan in the shape of New Brunswick? Or, a pattern on how to make one?? Anything would be extremely helpful!! Email:

18/01/12 Seeking information on Roy Gray Fowler, son of Charles and Alma Fowler of Aulac, NB. Siblings were Margaret, Nellie, Sadie, Donald, Lester, and others. Please contact by e-mail, Email:

Saint John

31/10/12 I'm looking for any relative of Joseph l. mcgovern born july ist 1922 in n.b. He died July 28 2012in florida --Tampa bay --Would like to speak to Lisa Goguen or other relative Tel no. 1-909-206-7381 Email:

28/10/12 I'm serching for irene gollarz. where do I find her adress and phone number? Email:

26/10/12 My name Graham Wheeler and I live in Gloucestershire,UK. At a recent auction I purchased a quantity of old stamps, amongst these stamps were a collection of letters from a Mr R Hugh Bruce, father of Captain Andrew Bruce. Mr H.Bruce appears to be a partner in Armstrong, Bruce , 167,Prince William St,St John.(Circa 1940’s) Capt. Bruce was serving with the 10 Bty 2 Field Regt Canadian Central Mediterranean Regt. and was captured in northern Italy in 1943. The majority of the correspondence is from Mr H Bruce, and some penned by Capt.Bruce which appear to outline his daily life at the front. The letters cover in general a period from 1937 to 1950 and reveal a lot about the social life of St.Johns during that period. If this correspondence is of interest, or you know of the Bruce family, and they would like the correspondence sent to them, I am quite prepared to forward the letters,at no cost . I have endeavoured to contact the geneological society but have not received a reply. Kind Regards, Graham Email:

29/08/12 i am looking for kathy and john gallant. they moved out east more than 10 years ago from ontario. they had two dogs, lady and muffin. we may be coming out east in 2013 and would be nice to see them. Email:

06/08/12 I am looking for my half sister.. I dont know how old she is but my dad was 20 when she was put up for adoption in new Brunswick, and he is now 62 .Birth name is Shannon. My fathers last name is Whipple. Email:

02/08/12 y great grandfather sailed on a ship that was built by McMorrin in 1860, Named Minnehaha and owned by McCorkell of Londonderry N.Ireland. I have researched this vessel and am looking for information about the builder and, or, building of the ship. Email:

19/07/12 I have been searching for Mr.P.J.Vincent,came from England and taught at Princess Elizabeth School in 1957.He greatly influenced my life,he gave me a great love of literature and poetry,as a result I have been able to write many things.Would love the chance to tell him this.If anyone has any info.I would be grateful to receive it.Many Thanks. Email: REID.M67@GMAIL.COM

08/07/12 My mother was in an orphanage in the NB area for most of her young life. I am looking for information on that orphanage. I recently heard from a family member that she was abused there, along with many other's. I also heard that there was a court trial( aprox. 15yrs. ago) for those who were abused and a settlement was made by the Catholic church in those charges. Although my mother passed away a few years ago, I am interested in this case. Anyone with any information on the name of the orphanage or a date of the trial please contact me. Thank you. Sincerely, Domenic Disciullo Email:

26/06/12 I am looking for an address for SEA Side Rest. in St. Martins NB. I would like to send them a picture I took last month while on vacation there. Could you be of any help? I have had no luck using the yellow pages. Email:

28/05/12 Hi My name is Annie and I'm in the UK. I have been doing some work on my family tree and wondered if anyone can help me fill in my grandfathers missing years! He was sent over to Canada as a 'home child' (an orphan) at the age of around 14 in 1909. His name was Tom (Thomas) Cutler dob 1895. I then loose track of him until he joined the 55th battalian Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1922. On his sign up papers he lists his address as Rest, St Johns, New Brunswick with a lady called Ada Stirling. Is anyone over there able to shed any light on my dilemma please Email:

17/05/12 Birth mother looking for son. ABOUT BIRTH MOM: Race:Caucasian First Name: Shirley Middle Name: Jean Last Name: Suley Maiden Name: Lavigne Birth Date: Aug 24, 1937 Height: short Hair Color: brown Eye Color: brown Was 21 when she had a son and put him up for adoption in 1957/58 in New Brunswick. Shirleys parents names were Margaret and Leon Lavigne. Lavigne may be spelled Levine on birth certificate. The family lived in Saint John New Brunswick at the time of the pregnancy. Email:

16/05/12 IS there SNAKfish in N.B. and can you eat it. Email: ladybetty3

10/05/12 Hi, I am trying to trace the whereabouts of Maria Bernadette Vickers & family. She used to live in 162 Kennebecasis, River Road, Hampton, New brunswick but has probably moved since. They are Polish and came from England @ 13 years ago. She has possibly remarried. Any leads appreciated. Email:

30/04/12 I am trying to trace my family.Irish decendents.James Louis Shannon,St.John or anyone related.Believe he was in the military during World War11.Stationed in Cornwallis,N.S.and/or Halifax.Contact Wanda Email:

24/04/12 Hello, soon will be visiting your fine city of Saint John. Will be there for a brief time a weekend only. Was wondering of someone could make a recommendation of a great seafood place to eat, something casual. Also places to go in the evening maybe listen to some east coast music? Pub type places. Thank You Email:

24/04/12 I would like some information on artist Ray Butler and how do I find some of his work now that his web site is not maintained? Any help would be apreciated Email:

23/04/12 Input: this is a website my husband made. It is about the wiggins home for boys and also the new brunswick protestant orphanage...he was in both places and saw there was a lot of interest in bothe areas....we hope this site is helpful to anyone looking for information...thank you Email:

10/04/12 Hi, I was wondering when and where the starving artist event is being held. Thank you Email:

09/04/12 Looking for parents. I was born July 25,1954. My name before adoption was David Wayne Colpitts.My mother stayed at the Salvation Army home for unwed mothers in St. John. I was adopted at 11 days old. Email:

08/04/12 im looking for my partners father his name is/was purley alexander stevens his last known address was 94 sherriff street,st john ,new brunswick.canada his mother was an english girl called nora other half is a war baby born 26.january 1943.please e mail me. Email:

06/04/12 Hi I'm looking for my birth parents my family name was Conley I was born in 1966 I was adopted from the General Hospital Saint John NB reply to e-mail thanks Email:

02/04/12 Stars of Pop are possibly coming to Nova Scotia between august 15-17th, 2012, wondered if anyone would be interested in hosting this show in New Brunswick in this same period of time, to make it worth them coming to the East Coast. the show features tributes to Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, rihanna, Lady GaGa, Britney, Miley Cyrus, etc., just to give you an idea..if you are interested, we are located in Southern Ontario and willing to bring the show to the East Coast Email:

30/03/12 Looking for my birth mother or father. Birth name was Elaine. Adopted April 1950 when only a few days old by Clifford Dunham from Saint John Orphanage. My dad does not have further information regarding the adoption - birthdate could be April 23, 1950. I can be contacted at

16/03/12 Hi Looking for info on general hospital birth records for the year 1966 looking for birth mother name not known adopeted right out of the hospital please reply. Email:

05/03/12 March 10, 1962 I'm Looking for my birth parents. I was born in St John in 1962 with the name Daniel Gordon Wry. The adoption was handled by the New Brunswick Protestant Orphan's Home. If any body has any information on my birth parents or siblings please forward it to me via e-mail, it is regarding medical history. Thank You very much. Email:

27/02/12 Mary Mclaughlin left a fairly large bank account, which hasn't been touched since 1982. If you know of her , or her relatives, who may want to claim, google "Bank of Canada Unclaimed balances" , click on "search" ( about 3rd paragraph on page) and then enter the last name in search box and follow directions. There are quite a few inactive bank accounts. One of my friends found one she had forgetten after her husband died, and she moved from their town. Here's the link Email:

24/02/12 I'm looking for information on my grand mother her maiden name was Pearl Norma Crosby. She was born in either yarmouth Nova Scotia or Digby september 1 1908 she had 3 brothers Rick Crosby, Carl Crosby and Sinclair Crosby. And 2 sisters Ester and Ruby Crosby. We have no information on who their parents were. Any help would be so much appreciated.She moved to Saint John New Brunswick and married William Sweet. Thanks in advance. Email:

24/02/12 Hi i am looking for information on my great grandmother. Mary Dykeman she married george sweet. and they lived in Saint john N.B. my Great grand father George ran the ferry from st. john to nova scotia for many years.Anyone with any information please email me thank you in advance sincerally Isabel Hughes Email:

22/02/12 just ' every one...especially our familys...friends..and our lost loves miss you all...from victoria bc...patsy and family...Ervins...Coxs..Cormiers... Osbornes...etc... Email:

21/02/12 Hi, looking to contact a commercial gaspereau fisher to buy lobster bait from this spring. I'm from pei and don't know the area. email is thanks Steve Email:

15/02/12 looking for any information on my birth mother, I was born october 17th 1963 at the Evangeline Home in Saint John New Brunswick,Female and weighed 7lbs 13ozs and its stated my mother was one of 7 children and my father was a married man and she worked in a trade as did her father and my birth father was her employer and my birth mother was 18 at the time of my brth Email:

14/02/12 Looking for John GILBERT b. 1829 -1832 New Brunswick, according to cencus records. D. Bracebridge, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada 1899. He married Charlotte DWYER b. 1843 and died 1925. Would have married early 1860's. LOOKING FOR MARRIAGE AND PARENTS AND sIBBLINGS. Email:

07/02/12 hello everyone - someone smashed the windows in my car at the Save Easy Parking lot in Hampton at 2:00 - 2:20 in the after noon Monday the 6th - some young guy with dark brown hair an a blue hoodie- if anyone knows who this could be please contact Email:

06/02/12 Hi there my name is Mike Adams, and I am actively searching for my brother. His name at birth was John Paul Gallant. He was born at the Saint John General or St. Joesph's hospital (still haven't got all the details of birth location) in 1974. He was given away right at birth due to bad family arrangements and a 16 year old mother, who in those times was frowned upon for pregnancy so early young. I am seeking this person out because he is my step brother, but not just to call him brother but just to know him. I really have no idea where he may be at this time but the internet has done stranger things in the past. I just hope that his family past on to him that he does have a biological mother in all fairness. John if you are out there or read this message please contact me. If there is questions I may have answers. If your wondering what your true blood is like I can show you. It would be an amazing pleasure to meet you someday, I just hope that day comes and it is not to late. Email:

04/02/12 My great grandfather and great grandmother immigrated from Ireland perhaps with their parents or were born in Saint Johns. Rachael Donely/Donelly (born 1840)then immigrated to Fort Fairfield,Maine according to the 1960 Maine census. She married: Garrett Moran (born 1827) they lived all their lives in Castle Hill, Maine. How can I find out both their Irish backgrounds? Birthplace and their parents who probably were born in Ireland? I can find nothing about their history in the U.S. Thank you for any help you can provide. Patricia Woods Email:

31/01/12 I am an artist from Rothesay and although my work is very respected I find it difficult to find gallery space and would appreciate info with regard to available space. I am also a qualified portrait artist for the Senate in Ottawa although I have yet to procure one of the commissions. Thank you Donna Berry Email:

31/01/12 Hello my name is Claudette Drouin my mother side is Simpson I am look for Ronald Simpson he will be 61 this year , Well he is my brother his date of birth is April 22,1950 i have no other information other than he is my brother born in saint john newBrunswick . Email:

24/01/12 Hello All, my name is Good boy , im going to NB soon , im lopking for some1 who can give me some info when i reached there... Im 23 from Persia. Hv a nice day.:X: Email:

19/01/12 Lived in Saint John in 1980-1984 looking to find old friends April Haily ,Sandy Blair like to hear from you. Email:

09/01/12 hi, I,m searching the last name Murray..looking for children adopted from the st johns salvation army hosp or hospital for un wed mothers in late 50s and 60s searching 3 murrays 2 boys one anyone searching this name murray,,,,maybe shirley murray Email:

{short description of image}

09/19/12 Looking for a beautiful, quiet write, paint... Bay of Fundy island? Harbour view. Watch the Grand Manan ferry go by! Email:

St. George

04/06/12 I was just woundering if the fare is no longer from grand manan to blacks. Email: Area in question: St_George

 St. Stephen

12/01/12 Bought a home in St Stephen, wondering what the job market is like out there? And is there any single men out that way? What kinda weather you get on that coast, from the west coast here.I know it is different there.Are the poeple friendly? Anyone can help? Drop me a line or two. Thanks Debra Email:

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