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02/11/15 Stayed in a foster home in the early 70's in SHEDIAC. Foster family name was ARSENAULT. Looking to connect with others that may of had similar experiences with this family. Please contact me. Email:

01/10/15 Looking for Mary Donna born January 2 1962 in the Evangeline Home in Saint John adopted by a couple from NB adopted mother would be around 77 and adopted father 81 today. please share this message and help me find her? (she is my half sister) Email:

20/09/15 I have Adam Amos m to Ellen Evoy (Neilly) Craig and on a separate family from the same place in Scotland a Gilbert Amos, Sr. married to Margaret Ainslie Veitch who's son immigrated from Scotland to Galt, Ontario and was married to Margaret Turnbull. I am trying to make a blood connection between the New Brunswick Amos and the Ontario ones Email:

12/09/15 Looking for one Helena Albert from Moncton N.B.. Is about 72 years. Was a nurse in Montreal around 1967. Was my room mate back in 1968. Knew one Ann also from Moncton. Friends with the Montrichards. Email:

20/07/15 This message is for Paul Sinclair from Gary Doige. I couldn't get through on your E-mail. Email:

22/06/15 I'm looking for Tammy Mason who was the manager of Zellers in Moncton I've lost contact I need to talk with her, this is of a urgent matter, if any one knows her would they give me her phone# she maybe living in Moncton now Email:

14/06/15 BOILEAU Looking for a large family from New Brunswick by the name Boileau. Looking particularly for one daughter who was born in 1927 and moved to Montreal. She gave birth to a daughter born in the 1950s and put her up for adoption. She (Birth Mother) May have worked as a sales clerk in Montreal. As of 2014 she is still alive. If ANY of this sounds familiar please contact me at: Thank you! Email:

27/05/15 I am trying to find Gary Doige. I knew him in Alberta in the 80's and 90's. He drove for Greyhound in Fort McLeod for awhile.My name is Paul Sinclair and I used to live in Lethbridge. I now live in Utah. Email:

22/04/15 Hello, This web site is very interesting and informative. I have a friend in Canada, Doug Janes, looking for a former teacher and close friend, Debbie Thorne. Ms. Thorne taught at Harrison Trimble HS in the 1970's. If anyone knows Debbie and can provide me a way to get ahold of her that would be great. Thank you for your help. Email:

17/04/15 I am doing genealogical research on the Campbell family from McKees Mills and would like contact and information about Edward Chipman Campbell and any of his relatives. I am a great grand daughter. Email:

09/03/15 Looking for information regarding a birthmother from Ontario who came to Moncton and gave birth Jan.28, 1966 to a girl. Email:

08/03/15 Hello, my name is Perry Webb from the states {Penna.} looking for any relatives from the Martin family from Kouchibouguac. Email:

18/02/15 I wonder if someone could help. ANY information on this will help.I'm looking for someome to house a visitor for America who is learning about Canada . willing to do housworking like washing dishes ,washing clothes etc Email:

29/01/15 UK relative would love to trace Eileen (Murphy)(born UK 1947). Eileen married Douglas Moore. Children Sarah('68) & David ('69) born UK, and Julie-Anne Marie born 1972 Moncton, NB. Contact with Eileen or her children welcomed. Email:


20/01/15 Hi, I am looking for a woman Possibly named Grace Margaret Hachey from New Brunswick, who gave up a son named Gary. Born in Sydney Nova Scotia. Would like any info possible. Would like to know if there are any family out there. Email:

Saint John

01/12/15 I am trying to do some family research on my grandmothers side of the family. The main reason is for medical purposes. Her maiden name was Delahaye and her first name was Ann (middle name Florence). I believe her mothers first name may have been Maude. Any information would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. Email:

15/11/15 I am a member of clan Keith looking for info on clan reunion held in Aug. in St. Johns or Havelock,NB?? My sister & I would like to plan trip 2016 Any info would be appreciated Nancy Frohardt Email:

01/10/15 Looking for Mary Donna born January 2 1962 in the Evangeline Home in Saint John adopted by a couple from NB adopted mother would be around 77 and adopted father 81 today. please share this message and help me find her? (she is my half sister) Email:

09/09/15 I'm not sure this is the right place, but I didn't see a "Contact Us" link on the website. My name is Scott Rinehart, and I am looking for any information regarding the "Fundy Club" of the Blund which operated in Saint John NB from 1948 till itcreformed as the Saint John Chapter of the Canadian Council of the Blind around 1995. I may be reached at In particular I am most interested in: Our chapter's original Charter from 1948. Any club minutes from between 1948 and 1990. A list of Chapter Past Presidents, and years they held office. A list of Past Officers (Vice Presidents, Secreteries, Treasurers) and years they held office. Any vintage photos related to our chapter. Please contact me if you have any information no matter how much. Anything you can provide will be of assistance. Email:

14/07/15 Looking for a sister Marie bitz located in St. John's NB with a relation to a Karen lynn Jonson of camrose ab contact Email:

11/07/15 Looking for my biological brother. Born Curtis Joseph Bailey in saint john nb on may 13th 1978 to a carolyn bailey. I have information that he now lives in Ontario somewhere near a military base and he nows goes by the name of Jason. If anyone has any information at all please email Beth at Email:

22/06/15 if some one knows where tammy l. mason lives or knows her phone#maybe a realitve could help they can contact me by e-mailthis is of a urgent matter brian Email:

22/06/15 hello I,m looking for a lady Bernice newman maiden name Bernice moorehouse if any one knows her could you give her my e-mail thank you brian Email:

20/06/15 Hi All I am looking for some information about chat sites in New Brunswick, I am from the UK and have recently ( a couple of years ) been thinking of a lifestyle / location change now that my sons have grown up and flown the nest , I am looking for information about property , work , and generally life in New Brunswick. Any help would be appreciated. Email:

16/06/15 Hello; I am looking for any information on the Henderson Home in Saint John NB. It was a home for babies that were being put up for adoption. It was run by a man and wife with the last name Henderson. Any info would be great. Email:

08/06/15 Trying to find out where I can get birth record information on my father, he was a child at the Protestant orphanage in Saint John. He was born, Lawrence Bernard Gilbert, on November.21,1929. Email:

11/03/15 Looking for any family member of Kenneth William Munro. I am his daughter and found after his passing in 2000 that no one on his side new about me. Email:

06/03/15 Does anyone know David Knudson? Email:

23/02/15 Hi, we are looking for anyone who may remember a David Alec Mott or a Robert Alan Buckley born in Saint John May 23, 1938. May have been placed in an orphanage. This is my father in law and he has passed away and never disclosed any information on his entire life. Story goes he was born Buckley to a single mom and was placed in orphanage and his new birth certificate was in the name of Mott . Birth date same as the Buckley one but the registration on the Mott one was not done until 1946 ??? Can anyone shed some light on this mystery ??? Email:

26/01/15 Im trying to find my older half brother born with the name of Michael Joseph Wright(Bellino) born September 23 1973-1974 in saint johns New Brunswick at the General Hospital. Birth Mom Brenda Lee Wright Birth Father Michael Bellino (Bellini) Related by Father Michael Michael Joseph was adopted in to my grandmother side of the family in the years of 1976-1978 but don't know for sure. I have been trying to find my brother for over 15 years now with no luck if any one could help that would be great. Email:

24/01/15 Hi, I am Boney Mariya ,a Indian nurse. I want know some details about home care program in Saint John. Email: boneym.mariya3@

23/01/15 Hi Back in the late 60th I worked at a place called "Courtney House" on Broad Street. It was a home for rich senior ladies. I was wondering if it is still there ?? I am from Miramichi;N.B. I was 17 yrs old back then. My first job and first time away from home. You could see the ships on the habour.If you know off this place and have photos I would love to see photos of this place. Thank You & Have A Great Day. :) Email:

18/01/15 McDonald, Mary Agnes Born Aug 13, 1898, placed in St Vincent's Orphanage on April 1, 1901, then placed with McGowan family of Havelock, Kings, NB a year later Looking for birth mother Maud McDonald Email:

06/01/15 Is the New Brunswick Protestant Orphanage still standing? Would I be able to tour it? My mom and her 2 sisters resided there as children Email:

02/01/15 Hi, my name is Chris. I wonder if someone could help. ANY information on this will help. I have acetate records of Tommy Dorsey performing at the Saint John Forum. Early 1950s. The 30 minute event was to be broadcast over CFBC Radio New Brunswick. The MC at the show was CFBC's Bernie Curran(Jack Bernard Curran). Tommy Dorsey guests were Frances Irvin and Marv Hudson. His Sideman was Sam Donahue. There is mention of Bobby Nichols on trumpet along with (Ace Carol ? spelling of this person may not be correct). Here's my problem. I have searched everything on the internet from Dorsey in Canada,the maritimes,and Saint John New Brunswick. I searched for the Saint John forum. I searched all the above names mentioned. I've spent hours upon hours with no mention of this event ever taken place. Does this SAINT JOHN FORUM thats mentioned by MC Bernie Curran even exsist? If it does there is NO mention of it on the internet.(only information I could find was that it was a skating rink--but I doubt Tommy Dorsey would perform at a skating rink). The acetate records I have are a test pressings on Audiodisk Recording Blanks. Because I can't find any Information on this event or it's broadcast, I'm thinking it never made it to air. That being said, you would think having Tommy Dorsey performing In New Brunswick at the Saint John Forum (1951-52?) would be on record somewhere? If anyone has or knows anything about this event could you PLEASE get back to me. Many Thanks,Chris. Email:

{short description of image}

20/09/15 I have just found out that family came into New Brunswick from Scotland in June 1831. Any facts about what port in New Brunswick most of ships carrying passengers came into. I know the family settled in St. Andrews by the sea for a few years before moving into Ontario. thank you for any help or links, web sites, etc that is to offer. Email:

St. George

24/08/15 Hello, my maiden name is Hatt and I am very interested in talking to anyone from the Hatt family. My grandfather was Herbert Hatt born 1883 and great grandfather was Samuel Hatt born in 1840. Thank you for any info. Email:

23/08/15 Me and my husband are thinking of retiring in St George, NB. I am a Canadian but my husband is American. Is St George a good place to retire? Are there any good hospitals and things to do for two active retired couple? Thank you for who ever responds, greatly appreciated Joan and Charley. Email:

I'm looking for my mothers bith mother. I think her name is Edith Bliss and she emergrated from Middlessborough. The last time I saw her I was 4yaers of age I'm her granddaughter to the child she had adopped Valerie Spencer. Who I have no contact with her for almost 30 years. Email: Painter.c@hotmail


05/07/15 We are interested in a Whale Watching tour, do you have information on that. Please advise as I can't seem to get a proper site. THanks, Linda Dixon Email:

 St. Stephen

28/01/15 Hi there, I am looking for my birth family..I was born Feb. 10, 1973 and my birth name was Amy Nadine Young.. Any information would be greatly appreciated..thank you Email:

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