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08/12/03 I am seeking information on a Kitching family from New Brunswick. This is research my mother began way before she died. Actually for all of her adult life, as far as I know. Maud Kitching from New Brunswick, was my mom's birth grandmother. She married Joseph Carrier in the U.S. and their daughter, Orize Carrier, was my mom's birth mom. My mom never reached any resolution to her search. Guess at this point in life I have developed an interest in geneology. I did some research before m y mom died, but never found out where her mom or grandparents, etc. ended up. Any info. or leads would be appreciated. Email:

21/11/03 I'm looking for information on Sussex Ginger Ale. Is there a website? Is it available in the US, if yes who distributes it? Email:

14/11/03 I'm looking for a birth sibling ....female.... date of birth, April 15, 1944 .... adopted at 2 months old ...any information at all would be a start... birth name Sandra Loraine Nauss . If anyone has any info about her or her whereabouts, birthmother & siblings are trying to contact. Email:

25/10/03 I am looking for some residents of Sussex and surrounding areas....Matthew Tabor...Eric walker...Lyndsey Muir...Amber Teehan...Lisa Wilson...IAn I have already found you...I really miss you guys....I hope you write if you get this... Email:

28/09/03 My mother Dorothy Devine (Smith) is from Ward's Creek area. She recently visited Sussex and had a wonderful visit. Thank you to all the kind hearted people who made her trip memorable. She has always spoke fondly of her town and we are all planning to visit one day.

27/09/03 I am looking for any information on DR. HUGH ALLAN FARRIS, from Queen's County, New Brunswick. I'm told that he would have been my great-grandfather. (My grandmother was born out of wedlock and was given up for adoption at birth. Her mother was Miss Clara Elizabeth Jamieson, also known as "Bessie" - a nurse.) I would love to receive any information that you could provide, most especially information on where I could obtain any youthful pictures of him or his family members! Email:

12/08/03 A group of NB Job Seekers have produced a report on the employment scene of NB from our stand point. This information, which has been forwarded to the government officials and others, is produced with the hope of improving the employment picture of NB. Any job seeker or employer wishing to look at this report, please contact the e-mail attached. Thanks! The Job Seekers of NB Email:

17/07/03 I am trying to locate a message I saw previously on the Sussex Message Board from a gentleman seeking the whereabouts of a former teacher from the Sussex area. I searched the archives at the NB Message Centre, but there are no postings between 17/11/00 and 10/07/02. Are they available? Email:

16/07/03 Looking for Sharon Ann born in Feb and would be around 35-36 yrs old. Lived with Falkners(sp) in Sussex and worked at Irving Restaurant in Sussex. May be married with twins . Our Family name is Sleigh and you were born in St.John NB. Mom Gladys and Dad Leonard we have lots of sisters and brothers. Love to talk to you --------- sister Marilyn Email:

15/07/03 I'm trying to locate Lorraine Cote from Juniper. would love to contact her. Lorraine, if you see this message,please contact me An old school friend, Huguette Email:

15/05/03 I am desperately trying to find some information about Springfield, NB. I have a letter that I found from 1948 and from the content of the letter, It would help to read the obituaries from May of 1948. It would be most appreciated if domeone could possibly direct me to a site with this type of information. Thank you, Ilona Email:

18/04/03 Brunswick is the best school i every known im so glade i went to brunswick this year this school is so important to me i just want to ask one question.I want to know why do we have to have principles. Thank you thats all i had to say if you have a question,comment, either a conseirn just come to Brunswic Elementary Email: #1girl@4life

22/01/03 I am seeking out the Employers and Job Seekers of New Brunswick for a project that could be the start of something great for New Brunswick. If they could please contact the e-mail below, I will give them more information Email:

08/01/03 Looking for family members of sherman tank crew of Princess Louise's 8th.Hussars killed in Italy in 1943-1944. My father brought back a pocket watch belonging to a friend who was killed, and he always wanted to return it to the family. Email:


30/12/03 Iam looking to meet someone from moncton or anyone from the maritimes who lives in winnipeg or close by.Please get back to me if interested. Josette Poirier Email:

12/11/03 I am looking for my birth sister that was born April 15/1944.Her birth nmae was Sandra Lorraine Nauss and she was adopted at the age of 2 months old out of the Saint John Orphange/Home for unwed mothers. Her birth mom's name is Lucille May Nauss and my birth name is Stephen Edward Nauss. I was born Aug/12/1946 and was adopted at 6 weeks old by a couple from Miramichi. I have found my other siblings and birth mom and I am hoping to find Sandra to make our family complete.My name now is A r thur Croft and I live in Miramichi. I think Sandra may have been adopted by a couple who owned a business. Email:

15/10/03 I lived with my family in Wapske, my name is Jesse Green, my parents were Harold and Edith Green. Is there a resident with a E Mail address that I can contact? What is the current population of Wapske N.B. I live in Vancouver, B.C. my E-Mail is below. Email:

22/09/03 ISO of SMITH (spelling may differ) Birth Family/Relatives for quite sometime now, from Minto/Oromocto area. I was born in '69 (babygirl)& was adopted at 4/5 months of age. My BParents initials maybe C.& S. If you know them, or are them, please email me. Thank You Kindly... Email:

09/08/03 I lost touch with friends Gerri and Brian White. I'm not sure where they live but last I heard they were living in the house that was used in the Anne of Green Gables movie. They have 5 children and Gerri worked as a teachers aide. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Email:

30/07/03 I am looking for anyone who has information about the Crabbe and Lewis families from Juniper. Any information would be appreciated. Email:

15/05/03 I am desperately trying to find some information about Springfield, NB. I have a letter that I found from 1948 and from the content of the letter, It would help to read the obituaries from May of 1948. It would be most appreciated if domeone could possibly direct me to a site with this type of information. Thank you, Ilona Email:

29/01/03 Desperately seeking Doreen LeBlanc, address in 1952 was listed as McAdam, would have been in Halifax for a short time in 1952. Anyone who knows this person please contact me as I have important personal information for her. May have been Dorine , but listed as Doreen. Email:

22/01/03 i am searching for my son born in october1955 not sure of date saround 2 or 4 birth name MARLON GEARLD TAYLORborn in Saint John bith mother name Violet Carol Taylor fax number 506 3886104 or call m e 506 8607582 i have ALS 9Lou Gerighs diease i just want to know u r ok before i die please get in touch with me i love u mother@n Email:

22/01/03 I am a female adoptee born FEB.7,1975 in Guelph,On,Canada.My birth mom was from the Maritimes and was born on AUG.13,1954.She had a twin,a brother who died in a car crash when he was 15,a mother who was hospitalized for 10 years with Tuberculosis, a father who died of obesity.She left for Ontario where a brother of hers was...does anyone have any information for me?? I know as well that she was french speaking,loved singing,fishing and bowling.She had another baby after I was born.Since r ely, Robyn Kawash Email:


05/11/03 I am seeking the name and background information of a small white church along the coast road in Stonehaven. It is a white building, surrounded by fields, with several war memoril crosses in the ground out front. A small cemetery is located behind it. I am a phtographer who took some photos of the churhc. The weather got nasty and I bailed out without getting the name of the church. Thank you, Christopher Fitzgerald, Massachsetts USA Email:


23/06/03 My grandfather is from Portage River NB. His name was Onesime Godin. He moved to Sanford Maine with his wife Mable Duprey. They raised 14 children. I'm looking for any of his family memebers there in NB. Please email me, I'd love to get more info on the family. Thank you. Email:

31/05/03 Lived and worked in Moncton in 1969. Loved the people, the culture and the scenery. Travelled extensively. Is Cy's Restaurant still there? Am coming home after a long time, and hope to retire there. It is the best part of Canada, and I am proud to have lived there. Miss it more everyday, and can hardly wait to visit it again this year in September. Looking forward to sharing my past experiences with my husband (who is English), and am certain he will love it as much as I do, and like me will want to return there and live there. Email:

05/05/03 we are moving to NewBrunswick hopefully, and need information on what would be the best way to find real-estate, homes with acreage, outside of real-estate agents.Would appreciate any and all info. We love the area,and hope to be there this summer. Thanks in advance,wndwalker. Email:

22/04/03 I am looking for my grandfather,McCue.Born approx.1890 in Mass.was deaf & worked at a shoe factory from 1932-1950's.Married a deaf woman had 3 children 2girls 1 son Email:

21/02/03 Check out Silver Fox Bluegrass, an awesome bluegrass duo from Restigouche, New Brunswick. Email:


08/12/03 I grew up in Petitcodiac,NB. came to 1950.Still miss my hometown.My parents surnames-Ayer and McCafferty.Like to hear from anyone who remembers my family. Email:

22/11/03 Looking to bring a night time adventure to St. Andrews, and surrounding area for the Spring - Fall 2004. Night Sky Tours provides guided tours of the night sky at a computerized 10" telescope by an Astronomer with 22 years experience. E-mail me if you're interested in attending one of my tours, beginning May 2004. Email:

05/10/03 Hello I am trying to find a town ,village By the name of GIBSON Please help if you can.. TKS Ralph Wightman Email:

09/05/03 I am looking for my birth father. He would have been an acquaitnace of SHAWNEE" from the St. Mary's Reserve in the early months of October 1970. If anyone has any info please let me know. Thanks Email:


30/09/03 HI, I'm looking for anyone who knows a large family whose name may be Boileau or Beaulieu. One of the daughters came to Montreal in the 1950s and worked as a salesclerk. She had 11 brothers and sisters. I believe I may be related to them and am searching for any relatives I may have by that name. Thank you. Email:

16/09/03 Is there any long term resident of Wapske N.B. with an E Mail address that I could Contact.My name is Jesse Green and I lived In Wapske with my parents Harold and Edith Green on or about 1935-1936 ,attended the Wapske School Grade 7 then on to Plaster Rock. Please Contact me by E Mail or letter. Addess is, Jesse R, Green 603-1985 Woodway Place Burnaby. B.C. V5B 4T4 Email:

23/07/03 My great-grandmother (Myrtle May Fountain-Looker) was from Deer Island and I am researching her family. I know she had a sister, Nell Fountain - Carisle. Any information or contact on Deer Island would be appreciated Email:


15/05/03 To Weeping Willow I would like to thank the Nation River Witch of the West for sending me best wishes. Bright Blessings From Missty Email:

22/01/03 I am seeking out the Employers and Job Seekers of New Brunswick for a project that could be the start of something great for New Brunswick. If they could please contact the e-mail below, I will give them more information Email:

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