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26/12/04 I was just reading the messages and wanted to add my note. Nice to read of home and wish I were there. Wishing all the best in the new year. God bless George Patterson Email:

13/12/04 Hi I am still looking for information on some of the following people..Ian McKay, Lynsdey Muir, Amber Teehan and Eric Walker..Please if you are them or you know them..Please email me at my new address. Thanks Email:

08/12/04 My grandparents (Sidney and Ethel Rouse) came to Sussex around 1908 from England. They had 2 sons (Victor and Philip) and a daughter (Violet) in tow. While they were in Sussex, two more children (Winnifred and Marjorie) were born. My grandfather started a bowling alley on the front street (around 1910) - near the dairy, according to my father. It went broke and they moved their family to St.Stephen. My father stayed on until he was 16 by himself. He drove a milk wagon for a short time. My question-is there an archive picture on file of a bowling alley around that era and also is there any pictures of people driving the milk wagons where the driver may be recognized. Thank you for your help. Victor Rouse, Victoria, B.C. Email:

06/11/04 Alright. Seems to be quite the page for trying to Dig up old friends. My name is Evan Soikie (a.k.a. Evan Evans). I lived out in Sussex way from ABOUT 1988-1993. Grades 5-8. In fact the first Grade 7 class to the "new" middle school at the edge of town. So rather than list a bunch of names, some that I forget, maybe some of you will remember me. Drop me an e-mail. Oh and Lisa (Wilson), looks like you're pretty popular, as I'm the third person on this message board who wouldn't mind hearing from you. (15 years later and I still miss that town, want to move my wife and kids out there) Email:

01/11/04 hey, i was wondering if anyone knows what happened to Craig, Bill, and Robert Rouse from sussex. Email me back if you know anything Email:

30/10/04 Attention all 1970 graduates of Sussex High. We are now planning our (can you bellieve it) 35th reunion. Right now, August 5-7 2005, is the planned date and we would love to hear from all of you. You can g-mail me at or you can contact me, Debby (Brown) Whalen at (506) 433-4962. Looking forward to hearing from everyone. Email:

27/10/04 Looking for fun and learning great things? Then come join the 639 air cadet squadron in Petitcodiac. Every monday night at 6 30 at the Petitcodiac legion. Free to join and free uniforms. See you on monday!!!!!!!!! Email:

03/09/04 Sept 03/04 - looking for a mailing address for MR. WALTER TEEHAN of Sussex. Thank you. Email:

31/08/04 I am presently looking for my first love, I lived in Sussex NB appro. 10 years ago for one year. If anyone has contact with Carla Winchester from Sussex, please have her call Kevin at (905) 876-6405, I would just like to say hello & find out where life has taken her. Email:

25/08/04 I would appreciate your help in finding a street address or e-mail address for the Chamberlain Settlement. I live in Washington state on the west coast, so don't know which NB city the Chamberlain Settlement is attached. Thanks a lot. Email:


05/08/04 i am looking for old photographs of Norton, New Brunswick. about 1968-1974. if anyone has any they could share with me i would appreciate it. thanks. Email:

10/07/04 Hello! I will be in sussex in Agust and I would like to know, if there is any girls that would like to be my tour gides for my visit. I'm a Hispanic male 37. Email:

08/07/04 Hi all, I am desperately searching for any info I can on a large family from new Brunswick. Here is the info I have so far: Name could be : BOILEAU, BEAULIEU, BELLEAU, BELYA, BELLYA -Family was French Canadian -Father was a painter by trade and born in 1880 -Mother was a housewife born in 1886 -They had 11 children(5 girls 6 boys) -One was born in 1927 and was 5'3" tall w/blue eyes brown hair and moved to Montreal and worked as a salesclerk. -One was a teacher, two brothers were painters, two were factory workers and the others were still at home. If ANY of this sounds familiar, please do not hesitate to contact me at : Thank you Email:

04/06/04 Hello to those in Sussex - I am seeking information on the events for Saturday June 5th, 2004 where the Princess Louise 8th Hussars are having a "Key to the City" ceremony and the opening of their museum? Would some one with knowledge of the upcoming events please e-mail me at Email:

03/06/04 Hello New Brunswick. I live in Manitoba and hope that someone can help me with a special request. A very good friend of mine is originally from NB and misses her Sussex Ginger Ale, could someone help me to get somee to Manitoba. Thanks Email:

19/05/04 Hi, my name is Virginia Martin, I am searching for friends of the late Dean Martin who passed away in sussex on the 20th of March 2004, i would like to get to know his friends and his life in sussex Email:

03/05/04 I was wondering when the Giant Sussex Flea Market takes place. Would you please email me the dates? I looked through your site but could not seem to find any information on it. Thank You! Email:

07/04/04 I would dearly love to have a copy of the 1943 graduation class from Sussex High. I graduated that year and would love to show my great granddaughter a picture of that graduation class. They used to hang the class pictures in the school hallway. I would be eternally grateful if someone in the Susses area could take a snap shot picture of the original or could get a copy to me. Fred Frederick Roach 1651 Slater Ave., Kamloops, B.C. V2B 4K3 Email:

30/03/04 just saying hello Email:

21/03/04 We are a group of job seekers who are trying to network with other job seekers in order to expand our own network of contacts, to potentially open up new opportunities for work, and maybe even help out other job seekers to find work in their own fields. Our forum Email:

28/02/04 I am looking for information on a Carol Ann Currie. She is my birth mother but I never met her as she died in 1992 in Sussex. She is buried in or around the Canaan area. Her step-father was Harold Currie and her mother was Kathleen Currie. Carols best friend was Rilla Moss still living but will not give out any info until Carols mother passes on. It is apparrent that Carols step father is also my father. He was from Lake George and was a Maliseet Indian. If anyone has any info abo u t these people, I would love to hear from you. Also does anyone know what the Hospital in Moncton was called in 1961? I was born Brenda Lee Currie Sept,11, 1961. Carol grew up in the Canaan/Havelock area and was 45 when she died in 92. Thanks Email:

20/02/04 Hi Everyone: I am looking for my husband's birth family. His birth mother's maiden last name was Grady. Anyone with any info on the Grady's in New Brunswick please contact me. I was born June 13, 1973. Birth mother was born in 1954. Email:

16/02/04 I am looking for information on Benejah Northrup and more specifically on Stephen Joshua Northorp and Emeline Crowe. I have some information but need more or any on the Crowes of Cody, NB. Emeline and Stephen resided in the Springfield area of NB and in a place called Bull Moose Hill. If anyone can help, please email me at Thanks so much, Patricia O'Brien Email:

09/02/04 Looking for relatives of RONALD EUGENE FORGRAVE DOB 23NOV1941 know brothers Jimmy and Walter and siste Lois??? Email:

06/01/04 My mother in law is for the head of Mill Stream area. Her childhood home burnt down about a week ago. any info you can provide or anything in the KC Record would be appreciated Thanks Email:

04/01/04 Just wanted to say "HI" to my friends back home. Miss you all and hope to be back home to visit soon. I graduated in '96 and would love to hear from any classmates or anyone from Sussex!! Hope to see ya in '06. Oh---this is Cheri Card (now Brinkman)Take care and God Bless! Email:


14/12/04 Hi Mom, I was born Apr.26/67 St.Joseph's Hosp.Toronto,On.Received your letter of Sept.6/95.Please contact Adoption Disclosure Services Toronto.Contact Mehz @1-416-327-4730. Colin Email:

19/11/04 Please help "Old Braunschweig" and vote for it at this side: Email:

18/09/04 Hello, I am looking for a friend. His name is Martin Bakota. Can you help, please?Martina Email:

26/08/04 I am looking for a girl Evangeline Wade who came from Shediac New Brunswick or her brother Bill who I know lived in Toronto at one time. Evangeline travelled with my mother, Lucille Lummerding, in the 40s across canada and in the hamilton area please if you know this family or their whereabouts please contact me...Thanks Email:

29/07/04 I am searching for a listing of boat tour operators. My finace and I would like to be married on a boat but are having trouble finding any listings of such a service. If anyone could help us, we would sure appreciate it. Please send us any suggestions. Thanks. Email:

03/07/04 searching for the GRADY family who lived in New Brunswick in 1973. My birth mothers name was Mary? Grady who was born in Nov. 1954. She was in grade 12 while pregnant with me & came to NS to have me where her older sister lived. My birth date is June 13, 1973 (male). Please email me any info you may have. Birth mother's youngest sibling was male & would now be 38 years old. Any info would really be appreciated as I have been searching for years. Thanks Email:

29/01/04 My distant cousin is a genealogist and I receive search sites from her which are free and easy to use. If anyone is interested drop me a line and I will send them to you for free. I am sorry I do not read French, and the sites are in English, I have a world search tool on my computer which I just recently put on and will do searches for anyone, only thing I cant do is search in French. I love N.B. My brother and his wife visit there yearly. I havent in the past few years as I am unable to travel.

09/01/04 I am looking for an artist by the name of Susan Ryan. She was located in Madison, Wisconsin. Living in the Cherokee subdivision. Email:

02/01/04 Christy Lee (Spurrell), born November 28, 1986 - Edmonton, Alberta. Birth Mother Tammy Lee Spurrell resided temporarily at Woodside Ave, Edmonton, Alberta. Mother Tammy was from Doaktown, New Brunswick, now resides in Moncton, New Brunswick. She married a Terry Randall. I promised I would one day help her find her little girl... Christy Lee, We do know you were adopted by a beautiful, educated and loving couple in their early 30's. Your birth Mom was only 16 yrs. old at the time. If you read this or anyone else with information please contact me Gail Email:


22/11/04 Hello, My name is Caroline Basque. My family is from Tracadie and Val-Comeau. I'm trying To find pictures or any information about the families Basque and McGraw/Mcgrath. My grandfather was ALbert Basque and my granmother was Marie-Anne McGraw. Any info could mean something. Thank you very much. Email:

04/11/04 HI we are looking for any information on an area ARTIST who signed his painted wood carvings E NADEAU. we have one of a train and another of a moose. thank you for any help. Email:

29/10/04 HI fellow maritimers, i was recently home oct 19 to oct 27 had a great time.If anyone has any info on the cook family or Foster family from the hartland area please let me know. Email:

24/09/04 Hi There, I have a boyfriend in Blacks Harbour NB. He has a kayaking business. $50 per person in the summer. Just look for the sign The Wright Adventure on the way to Grand Mannan Fairy. You could see porpoises, seals, sea birds, and whales. If you would like to book a tour please contact He is a super tourist guide. Lots of conversation about the area. If you book a tour,tell him Tina gave you the information. Email:

22/09/04 looking for Deborah Dickson,(maiden) from Moncton (in the 70's) approx 50 yrs old now. call collect 3137245142, or e-mail Bill Orr Email:

09/09/04 Need birth information on: Chester Daniel Wallace, possibly born on 18 Jul 1882, Brown's Flat, New Brunswick. Parents: George and Ida (Gorham) Wallace. Any info appreciated. P. W. Lawler Email:

29/07/04 Hello: I am looking for an email address or a way to get in touch with Blue Royal Lobster Meat. Address is Blue Cove Group, ANSE-BLEUE NB EN252. I got their address off their can of frozen lobster meat. When I lived in Massachusetts I was able to buy their canned lobster meat for about $13 a can in the Market Basket supermarket chain. I now live in Florida and cannot get their lobster meat here. I would like to be able to have it shipped to me. Can anyone help? I'd really appreciate it. Thank you. Eileen Ubillos Clearwater, FL Email:

30/06/04 If any of my Craig relatives see this please get back to me,my parents were Earl and Margaret Craig,who moved to ontario Email:

21/04/04 I would like to contact with a friend is name Neil Vibert Miscou Island N.B. Email:

27/02/04 I've been away a long time. I miss the maritimes and people. anyone know the whereabouts or emails for (about 1968) Docile Chouinard - Campbellton thank you Email:

05/01/04 I am looking for my mothers birth certificate. Kareen Bartley Miller and or Coulter, born July 16 1934 in Charlo Montana. Email:


07/12/04 JOHN E.STEPHENSON, born in Ireland,abt. 1819, married AMELIA J. ROSS in Woodstock in 1853. Need info on both families. Email:

14/11/04 Trying to find my dad's old house. His parents, Wilfred Myles Clarke and Marie Elisabeth Anna Clarke(nee Harms) lived in Browns Flats and left in 1951. There was supposed to be an army base built next to their house. There weren't any street names back then. Email:

29/10/04 Hey everybody! If there is anyone reading this that is from out of atlantic Canada, or from another country, i'd like to have your feedback on what you think of our province/country,(i'm just curious as to what others think.) Thanks! GOD BLESS Email:

11/09/04 I finnish the University of Pharmacology in Romania and I'm looking for an equilizing test of language so I may practise this job in the United States of America. Email:

06/05/04 Im looking for somebody that knew MARIE KING who maried ARCADE LeBLANC I\in STe MARIE in 1901 E-Mail me if you do Email:

06/04/04 Is it possible to order Cole Tea over the internet? Email:

04/04/04 When is the annual horse pull competition in Harvey Station, please? Email:


24/01/04 What a terrific website!!! Well done!! I am currently looking for information on a Thomas and Julia (nee McGrath) LeBlanc who lived in or around McAdam, NB in the late 1920's. Church records reveal that their daughter, Maria Dorina, was baptized on Dec 29, 1929. Her godparents were a Mr. & Mrs. Dan Row. Thomas and Julia had a large family. Does anyone know where they may have settled? It is assumed that they may have come to McAdam to work the railroad, since McAdam was a booming railroad town at the time. I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide me on my search. Thank you so much. Email:

23/01/04 looking for info. on lawndale trubin news paper. it was in bissness in 1945 I would to get papers from that era thanks ted Email:



15/06/04 hi new brunswick im an acadian i live in montreal now but i still love to chat with my fellow pair i would like to hear from you Email:

10/05/04 we are travelling to NB this summer and are looking to move there primarily in a rural stting with a small acreage and can be in need of repair but not a trailer.the area around Grand Falls seems nice so this is one area we will be viewing we are semi-retired but still active. also is there a hunter and angler assoc. there? any help would be great. thanks. daryl Email:

07/04/04 looking for chrissy page of the perth-andover area,if anyone knows her,please e-mail at Email:

21/03/04 We are a group of job seekers who are trying to network with other job seekers in order to expand our own network of contacts, to potentially open up new opportunities for work, and maybe even help out other job seekers to find work in their own fields. Our forum Email:

05/02/04 Looking for birth mom or any relative. I was born on January 14th, 1975 in Grand Falls. Birth name is Sonia Pelletier. I am mulatto. If this rings a bell, PLEASE WRITE !! Many thanks Email:

28/11/04 i believe an ancestor of mine catherine glynn emigrated to new bruinswick in the 1930's from kilkenny ireland - any one out there able to help or think they have a connection?? this is for any area really. Email:

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