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New Brunswick Cuisine and Recipes

If youv'e come for our seafood, you won't be disappointed!

Lobster Plate    From the Bay of Fundy to the Baie des Chaleurs, we can offer up some of the finest (and freshest) seafood available. You'll notice a distinctive taste to our Bay of Fundy lobster. Some say it's because of the depth and chill of the water. But lobster is just the tip of the seafood iceberg that you'll find here.

   Bounded on three sides by the sea and bordering on the rich fishing grounds of the Northwest Atlantic including the gulf of St. Lawrence, and Northumberland Strait. We are blessed with seasons for everything from arctic char, salmon, haddock, trout, sole, crab, clams, and blue mussels which are available year round.

Seafood Fingerfoods    And our Bay of Fundy scallops are as plump and juicy as the lobster.

Oysters are harvested from the beginning of September to the end of November with the supply being most abundant on the Acadian Coastal Drive.     If you're travelling along the Acadian Coastal Drive or in the Edmundston area of the River Valley Scenic Drive, unique Acadian dishes will be among your many menu choices.

    Some of the names of the dishes will be unfamiliar, but your taste buds will devour Poutines Rapées (a mixture of raw grated potato, cooked potato and salt pork formed into a ball, simmered, Served with brown sugar or molasses).

Fiddle Heads   If it's greens you want go no farther than New Brunswick. A delicacy for which New Brunswick is known, is fiddleheads. Found throughout the province along river banks, the fiddlehead is an ostrich fern which is picked just as it emerges from the ground. The taste of fiddleheads has been compared to a cross between spinach and asparagus, but for New Brunswick the taste of this crisp vegetable is synonymous with spring.

   Fiddleheads are traditionally cooked in boiling water until tender crisp, and presented with butter and a sprinkle of vinegar. They are often served with poached salmon, and boiled potatoes.

Potato Fields in Drummond, NB    Speaking of potatoes, New Brunswick is also potato country, as you'll note when you drive along the River Valley Scenic Drive from Grand Falls/Grand-Sault to Woodstock. You'll see farm after well kept farm of top quality potatoes for which the province is justifiably famous. The wealth of the potato crop was how international food processor McCain Foods came to set up their first plant in New Brunswick, which still serves as their world headquarters.

    Or how about Fricot a la Poule (chicken cooked with summer savory, potato and dumplings.) Try Fricot aux Coques (clam stew) or a traditional Tourtière (pork pie).

   For dessert, Sample a Poutines à Trou, square pastry filled with cranberries, raisins and apples, or best of all try a New Brunswick Maple Pecan Pie made from our very own maple syrup.

Our Markets in New Brunswick
Old City Market in Saint John, NB

   Many New Brunswicker's make a weekly jaunt to a traditional farmers' market for fresh fruit vegetables and meat.

    Visitors will love the jovial atmosphere and the friendly people they meet at "the market". Farmers' markets are found in comminutes throughout New Brunswick Friday and Saturday are common market days and while some markets operate from spring until fall many are open year round.

    Markets are a great place to find homemade baked goods, beans and fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood as well as unique works of local crafts people and artisans.

   You'll also discover many roadside markets on your travels across New Brunswick Keep a watch for roadside stands, especially in berry season!

   If you'd like to try some great down east recipes be sure to click on the recipe link below .

Maritime Recipes - click for more!

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