Chow Chow


Green Tomatoes - 12 cups/3 litres
Onions, diced - 6 cups/1.5 litres
Green Pepper, finely chopped - ½cup/125ml.
Red Peppers, finely chopped - ½cup/125ml.
Salt - ½cup/125ml.
Vinegar - 4 cups/1 litre
Water - 3 cups/750ml.
Pickling Spice - ½cup/125ml.
Sugar, white - 2 cups/500ml.


Wash, stem and dice tomatoes. Add onion and peppers Sprinkle with salt. Cover and let stand several hours or over night.
Drain brine from vegetables. Rinse well. Place in large kettle and cover with vinegar-water mixture.
Put pickling spice in cheese cloth bag. Immerse in vegetable mixture. Cook over medium heat until vegetables are soft and clear. Add sugar to taste. Continue cooking for one hour. Remove spice bag. Pour into sterilized jars.
Number of portions: 6-8