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What's New in New Brunswick

Setting Up Shop in New Brunswick: Why the Business Climate Here is So Attractive

   While New Brunswick is great for new residents and vacationers alike, most people simply do not realize that this maritime province is also an excellent place to set up shop; in other words, for the entrepreneurs looking to establish a new business, New Brunswick is worth checking out.
   Stiff competition and a quality of life that is above average have created a business climate perfect for incubating success. Ambitious entrepreneurial spirits run wild in New Brunswick, attracting some of the best talent in various realms of study such as the arts, science, and of course, business.
   Why is New Brunswick a perfect business climate for new business owners? Well there are actually a number of reasons that make up that answer. First and foremost, the amount of natural resources available in this province is immense, ranging from fisheries, oil, forestry, etc. Tax incentives-such as the small business investor credit-are quite enticing to new business owners as it can mean a lot of money come tax time; especially if business owners plan to file taxes online. Of course, abnormally low housing prices and an overall affordable cost of living only adds to the attractiveness of the New Brunswick business climate.
   When the need to add new employees to the business payroll roster arises, one does not have to look very far considering the workforce available in New Brunswick is top notch. More than 80% of high school students' graduate, boosting Canada's graduation rate higher than that of most other countries. In fact, more than half of the workforce employed in New Brunswick has encountered some form of educational accreditation beyond high school; be it college, trade school, or some other form of educational training. If that were not enough, it is estimated that more than 30% of the workforce is fluent in English, as well as French.
   Because New Brunswick is indeed a maritime Province (and the largest one at that), that means it is located near the ocean. That said, the seaport there is closer to Europe than any other seaport along the United States coastline. Moreover, because New Brunswick has the advantage of a strategically-placed seaport, the trading with other airports and seaports-both international and regional-is superior.
   Business and New Brunswick go hand-in-hand with one another, offering the perfect climate for both the entrepreneur, as well as current and former business owners. With a workforce composed mostly of well educate college graduates, optimal tax incentives, and a seemingly bottomless arsenal of diverse natural resources, it should not be too hard to figure out why business owners find New Brunswick superior to that of anywhere else.

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