City Hall in Fredericton, New BrunswickThe old City Hall was built in 1876 and included several facilities such as the city office, council chamber, magistrate’s office, jail, farmers market, and opera house.The tower clock, donated by Mayor George F. Fenety’s salary, still keeps downtown businesses and customers in line.The Opera House ceased operations in the 1940s, and the Council Chamber was moved to the second floor.The City Hall’s Opera House functions are permanently depicted in a unique series of tapestries created by two local artists.Justice Building in Fredericton, New BrunswickThe Justice Building is located on Queen St. at the corner of York in Fredericton, New Brunswick, marking the beginning of the old Fredericton Military Compound.The Military Hospital was built on this site in 1827, and in 1875, it was removed to allow construction of the Provincial Normal School, which burned down in 1929.The building was later rebuilt, served as part of Fredericton High, and was eventually remodeled to house law courts and renamed the Justice Building.Several attractions can be found within the Justice Building, including the Gallery Connexion, School Days Museum, and Dance Fredericton studios.New Brunswick College of Craft and DesignThe New Brunswick College of Craft and Design is located next to the Justice Building in Fredericton, New Brunswick.Established in 1938, it offers Diploma and Certificate programs in various craft and design disciplines, making it unique in Canada.Studies may be undertaken in Clay, Metal, Photography, Fabric Surface Design, Textiles, Fashion, Native Arts, and Creative Graphics.The college also offers visiting artist workshops throughout the academic year.Soldiers Barracks in Fredericton, New BrunswickThe old Soldiers’ Barracks is located on Queen St. in Fredericton, New Brunswick.It is an 1827 three-storey stone structure built by the British Army to accommodate over 200 British soldiers.Today, most of the rooms in the barracks are home to the Province’s Archaeology Branch and its collections.Visitors can tour the site and learn about the history of the Military Compound.Guard House in Fredericton, New BrunswickThe 1828 Guard House is located on Carleton St. in Fredericton, New Brunswick.The restored Orderly Room in the Guard House looks much as it did in 1829 when it was first occupied by the 1st Battalion of the Rifle Brigade.Visitors can learn about the life of a soldier in an infantry regiment of 1828-1869 and the history of the Military Compound.Militia Arms Store in Fredericton, New BrunswickThe Militia Arms Store is the only wooden structure of the original four to be found on the Military Compound in Fredericton, New Brunswick.It was built in 1832 to house military weapons and ammunition for the Royal New Brunswick Regiment.Today, it has served several purposes, including as a Military Hospital and liquor warehouse.Visitors cannot tour the site.

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