Saint John, located in Canada, is the country’s oldest incorporated city, founded in 1783 by the United Empire Loyalists. It is home to Moosehead Breweries, the late billionaire industrialist K.C. Irving, and the Canadian Hockey Association’s Atlantic Centre of Excellence. Saint John has been recognized as a top business city by the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business Magazine and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. It also has the largest oil refinery and second largest bilingual workforce in New Brunswick. Notable residents include Walter Pidgeon, Donald Sutherland, and Louis Mayer, while the 1985 movie Children of a Lesser God was filmed there.

There is a rich history of various firsts and inventions from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Some notable inventions include the first dump truck by Robert T. Mawhinney in 1920, which featured a mast, cable, and crank handle system to lift and lower the dump box, and the first variable-pitch airplane propeller by Wallace Turnbull in 1927. The city is also home to many other firsts, such as Canada’s first incorporated city, first common-law market, first biscuit factory, and first chartered bank. Other notable firsts include the first public museum, first police union, first female Canadian Golf Champion, first female commercial air pilot, and first Miss Canada.

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