1604French explorer Samuel de Champlain visited the Saint John River
1631The first permanent European settlement was established by the French
1785Saint John was incorporated as a city
1785-1830Saint John was one of the busiest ports in North America, with a thriving shipbuilding industry
1785-1917Saint John suffered several devastating fires, including the Great Fire of 1877, which destroyed much of the city
1812-1814Saint John played a significant role in the War of 1812, with American forces attacking the city twice
1830-1860Saint John became a major hub for the timber trade, with logs from the surrounding forests floated down the Saint John River to the city’s sawmills
1867Saint John was one of the founding cities of the Dominion of Canada
1870The first train arrived in Saint John, linking the city to the rest of Canada
1880s-1920sSaint John’s economy shifted from shipbuilding and timber to manufacturing, with industries such as textiles, food processing, and tobacco becoming prominent
1960s-1980sSaint John experienced economic decline as many of its traditional industries struggled
1984The Irving Oil Refinery, one of the largest employers in the area, was built in Saint John
2010Saint John celebrated its 225th anniversary as a city

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